Carving Kovy a new one on national (okay, Toronto) TV

The TSN guys were all over Alex Kovalev for second-guessing Guy Carbonneau’s late-game coaching against the Panthers.
“Mad Mike” Milbury (anyone else notice how difficult it’s becoming to distinguish the hockey show from Monday Night Raw?) had a simple message for Kovy:
“Shut up and play.”
The TSN panel – Milbury, Glenn Healy and lonely voice of reason Bob McKenzie – were unanimous in their opinion that the Carbo-Kovalev marriage can’t last much longer … and Kovy’s the one who shouldn’t be buying green bananas.

They have a point.
Kovy is off to a great start this season; but much as I think he may be on to something in his evalution of the kindly old coach, an NHL hockey team is not an anarcho-syndicalist collective.
As McKenzie pointed out, the Canadiens “have a good thing going” with a core of talented young players.
The team won’t let its bright future be jeopardized by public criticism of the coach.
McKenzie predicted Kovalev would be out of here if he as much as looked at Carbo sideways.

We’ll see.

(And please excuse paraphrasing of what was said. I can’t watch those guys unless I’ve had a couple pretty solid hits of Jack Daniels.)

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