Cancel the panic

Gotta love .500 hockey. 

And what’s more entertainiong than 30 minutes of garbage time.


  1. Chorske says:

    Fair enough. There is perhaps more going on behind the scenes here, a deeper message that needed to be sent?

    There is the additional problem of when to play Weber. Who do you bench instead of Subban? Gorges (who has been more reliable IMO, but perhaps we can hash THAT out over beers)? Spacek?

  2. longtimehabsfan says:

    On the other hand, was really impressed with Taylor Hall. 

  3. Gormdog says:

    I’m now looking at this not only as a message to PK, but also a message to Weber. It’s one thing to sneak into the lineup it’s another to play in the place of your (arguably) best healthy defenseman. Weber will be really pumped and it has been a long time since we’ve seen him take a regular NHL d man shift.


    Maybe his D game has improved. From what ive read it’s more his O game that keeps improving but… Ya never know. I would like to see him play a couple of games in a row with a stay-at-home partner he can get used to and THEN pass judgement on his potential worth as an NHL player.

  4. longtimehabsfan says:

    Exactly.  A lot of guys played lousy.  At one point in his own end all Gill had to do was pass it over to the opposite d-man but instead turned into traffic.

  5. andrewberkshire says:

    The fact that there were 23 games between big mistakes for a rookie who’s been asked to shoulder a heavier load than planned? Not at all. The only defenseman who’s been more consistent this season is Hamrlik. I see no reason to significantly weaken our roster over one bad game. Seems to me that Martin is overreacting as much as many of the posters here last night.

  6. Chorske says:

    Disagree. The fact that the same mistakes were made 23 games apart actually kinda makes it worse, no?

  7. MikeMcLaren says:

    Yes, their fans are nice… all three of them!

    The Meadowlands is nothing compared to the dangers of Newark though.  The big complaint was that you couldn’t get to the Brendan Byrne / Continental Airlines / Izod Arena by way of mass transit.

    Well, they sure fixed that!  Yet still fans don’t show up.  Some of this is in jest.  I’ve been to three games or so in the new arena and as long as you walk fast from the train station to the arena, you’ll usually live to tell about it.

    But as for fans not coming to games?  Seriously, check out and see how much tickets are going for to tonight’s game.  I’m just mad I didn’t wait until today to buy tickets!

    I went to a game during an ice storm in the old arena.  One section literally had TWO people in it.  Amazing.


  8. Chorske says:

    What in the world makes you think that JM is not talking to PK constantly about his positioning and puck movement? Why do you assume that PK is getting hit with a tree trunk? If anything, he’s been treated with kid gloves.

    JM’s coaching style may not be to everyone’s tastes, but the one thing you can say is that he has been 100% crystal clear about his expectations wrt puck support, positioning, and two-way play. When the team plays to that system, they are rewarded with wins- even when they don’t score more than 2 or 3 goals- the genius of the system is that it is tailored to a team that really doesn’t have any big name natural scorers, allowing them to compete on any given night against high powered teams like VAN or PHI. But the key to the system is that EVERYONE has to buy in, including (especially) the young, inexperienced guys like PK. I think this is exactly the right time to be sending PK this message. He was off-program last night, not for the first time. This will do him some good.

  9. andrewberkshire says:

    Chris, the loss against Tampa was 23 games ago. I don’t think it’s even relevant.

  10. Chorske says:

    Put it this way. You have a probably-NHL-ready but seriously underutilized dman in Weber who needs to get a game in every now and then. You want to play him against  astruggling opponent so he can find his legs, so he isn’t coming in cold against teams like Philly or Detroit. NJ seems a likely candidate.

    On the other hand you have a budding superstar D man who brings an amazing offensive game, but whose lapses have been directly responsible for two overtime losses in games we were winning. I’m thinking of the Tampa loss, which was a carbon copy of last night’s game (but against a stronger opponent, mind you). I have no problem with giving the kid time to think. It won’t be any more than one game, anyway.

  11. Wops says:

    And CBrady12 that really doesnt know his hockey since Byfuglien was brought as a D-man before being transfer as a foward after. Huge difference. He had NHL experience.Same with Streit…


    And I think we can agree Big Buf is an exception at 260lbs

  12. JD_ says:

    Whatever it is you think PKster is sayin’, and however it rubs you, he is quite explicitly not tellin’ you to STFU.

  13. likehoy says:

    subban will have 55 other games to bounce back with

    he gets 1 game to think about it

    I think the trade off is fair.

    - Gomez is holding down the suck button

  14. byrneoNL says:

    I don’t believe the concepts HAVE to be mutually exclusive. I guess I could have edited to say “Dont’ just bench him – Coach Him.”  I don’t believe that benching him is more effective than coaching him. Benching is basically caveman coaching. Hit him over the head with a tree trunk, he’ll get the message. “Bad plays are bad for team You sit now!”

    PK should have been chewed out, and see his minutes reduced. Kicking him out of the lineup tonight, a back to back game, I think is poor decision making. PK has legs. Hammer, Spatch and Gill do not. Gill makes more mistakes per game than PK, and Spatch makes almost as many as Gill. And neither have the legs to recover from their errors. Weber has legs, but he’s still not nearly as valuable as PK 99 periods ouf of 100.


  15. Chorske says:

    Lurch, I ABSOLUTELY agree.

  16. andrewberkshire says:

    I think it was very clear from last night’s audio that Subban understands he made some bad mistakes. As for giving him the same “status” as Spacek, I could care less about being a veteran or a rookie, Subban has been the second best defenseman on this team since Markov went down. Only Hamrlik has been better. Inserting Weber, to me, is a ridiculous over-reaction.

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