Canadiens win soap opera

After watching Mats F. Sundin tie the game with seconds left – and score in the shootout – the Canadiens pick up two hard-fought points when Carey Price makes his 46th (43 in regulation and OT) save of the game on Jason Blake after Andrei Kostitsyn beat Vesa Toskala.

Alex Kovalev scored twice in regulation time – including a third-period go-ahead goal that looked like it would stand up – and once to start the shootout.

What a game!

Jacques Demers said he has never seen a 20-year-old goaltender play with greater sang-froid than Carey Price … and ol’ Jacques has seen some coldblooded goalies, including his beloved Patrick Roy.

Ice time: Bryan McCabe: 35 minutes

Andrei Markov: 27 minutes.

Zamboni driver: 40 minutes


  1. J.T. says:

    I don’t make predictions. Predictions are for people who end up getting rocks thrown at them.

  2. Mike Boone says:

    Paul Maurice is very witty.
    I hope he always has a job in the league …. just for the one-liners.

  3. likehoy says:

    agreed, Glenn Healy is the reason I don’t watch TSN

  4. Y says:

    Oops! I meant Sweden-Belarus

  5. leafs67_andcounting says:

    Price will eventually get his doors blown off, but I don’t see it being tonight.

  6. krob1000 says:

    YOu forgot the part whereHealy jumps in to replace them takes a puck in the mouth and is rendered speechless for the first time ever. I actually think I might like Glenn Healy if he had a puck in his mouth… bad can a guy with a puck in his mouth be anyway?

  7. The Teacher says:

    What’s with all the worrying boys and girls!!!

    Let’s have some faith!!!!

    A lot depends on the first goal of the game. If we can get it, we get that extra jump in our legs.

    We also need to start winning face-offs. If we keep on losing them, it won’t bode well.

    That being said. Here are my predictions.

    Koivu takes a step up tonight
    Toskala and Raycroft are BOTH pulled.

    Habs win 7-2

  8. krob1000 says:

    You may be right but Raycroft or Toskala could do a better job with a microphone or in a press box as a g.m.

  9. likehoy says:

    i’ve said it once and i’ll say it again…

    Glenn Healy can put on a pair of pads and be a better goalie than Raycroft and Toskala, and that’s not saying much.

    But I’m with Boone on this one…Healy for Laffs Team Pres lol

  10. Girth says:

    You obviously don’t know me… I’ll let you rephrase your query.

    Perhaps give us your predictions…

  11. NLhabsfan says:

    I believe Montreal will break it open in the second it leafs goalie doesn’t stand on his head……lot of frustration on the leafs part if they are loosing.There will be fights. Ya know Montreal does have some pressure as well on their side.It will be an entertaining game for sure.

  12. nightmare_49 says:

    Carbo is being praised in the La Presse the last 2 days, see what i mean.” The Latendresse Syndrome”. Press before Team.

  13. Dan23 says:

    Ah, Toronto, anything to distract attention:

    “There was some levity at the Leaf skate yesterday, though, when the subject of some other critical remarks came up. Guy Lafleur, who is supposed to be an ambassador for the Canadiens, ripped into his team last weekend, saying the Canadiens are nothing but a team of fourth-liners.

    Given his position and the team’s position — the Habs were a lofty fifth in the Eastern Conference before Tuesday’s games — this raised more than eyebrows in Montreal. Someone asked Leafs head coach Paul Maurice what he thought about Lafleur’s jabs.

    “If you can get all four of your lines to play with a fourth-line mentality, that would be good,” Maurice said, and then he smiled at the large media contingent from both cities.

    “And we thought we had it tough,” he added.

  14. Matt_in_TO says:

    I will be there tonight cheering on the boys in person but I must admit I don’t have as good a feeling as I did when I went to the game two weeks ago. I have faith in Price and that the boys will come out with something to prove. Perhaps this will be the game that Ryder finally throws that monkey off his back.

    If not than I’m in for a long night in enemy territory.

  15. Kilgore Trout says:

    see you there!

  16. ganderhab says:

    Our boys need to move their feet enough to draw some more penalties. If there is one parallel from last season and the last 5 or 6 games it is the inabilty to make other teams take bad penalties. Last year we had the top powerplay, but we had the second fewest pp opportunities in the league. As for the line changes, Lats played well down low in Higgins spot last year with Ryder and Koivu. They cycled the puck like dogs. Higgins isn’t interested in cycling this year and is trying to beat guys one on one, that is why that line is struggling. Ryder back with the first line by the second period.

  17. RiverviewCanadien says:

    I agree we may be outshot in the first, but barely. The Habs will not let them outshoot them like the last game (almost doubled), which we did win (atta boy Komi). Why is everyone giving up on them so fast. So they had an off month, but not a terrible one, but to say nothing good will come out of tonight’s game is not fair. They are trying a couple of new lines tonight so lets just sit back and enjoy the Habs deflating the Leafs, maybe McCabe will even score one for us tonight as well…5-3 Habs win (5th goal empty net by Koivu)

  18. MAB the HAB says:

    IMHO the key will be getting the first goal. I concur that the laffs will come out firing and trying to show a little bit of pride, but once that initial energy and adrenaline wears down the Habs must pounce and get the first goal.
    I am amongst the many that believe that this year’s edition of the Habs are overall stronger than last year’s – except in one key department: the ability to come back. Last year’s strong start was largely due to strong play at the end of the game, being able to mount a comeback and ‘steal’ a point or two.

    Unfortunately, this year’s team has been unable to mount or finish off a comeback (see, eg, @ Buffalo last Friday). That edge/character/cojones built from coming back seems to be lacking this year…hence the importance of getting the first goal.

    Score first tonight, get the crowd out of it, then proceed to score again…and again…and again…


  19. 24 Cups says:

    A lot of teams can set the world on fire for the first 10 minutes of a game but very few can keep it going for an extended period of time. Leafs are one of the worst defensive teams in the league. Weather the original storm and then take advantage of all the breakdowns the Leafs inevitably will provide. If we can’t beat the league’s bottom feeders then……

  20. Les-Habitants says:

    ….i am so freakin’ jealous, on you being at the game where komi scored on a breakaway in ot and that you are at this game.

    it’s not fair. Ah well, RDS-HD won’t be that bad. It’s on TSN too, but if I even hear/see Glen Healy I’m switching to RDS for the rest of the night.

  21. Revolution No. 9 says:

    Should be a great game with two rivals hungrier than any plastic hippo. I’m going to race home to watch the last two periods.

  22. saskhab says:

    You’re assuming the Leafs are a team of pride and character by saying the shots will be 12-2 after 10 minutes. I’m not sure we can assume that anymore. They used to be, but now they don’t seem to have that going on anymore. They appear to have given up on their coach.

    If that’s the case, lucky us. But we have to expect they’ll be passionate and desperate.

  23. Erik says:

    Ill be at the game tonight and I am pumped GO HABS!!!!

    Last game I saw them at the acc was awesome KOMISAURUS!!!!

  24. von says:

    Whats with all these predictions of the Leafs scoring 5 goals on Price? Maybe your all confused between the two goalies? Five goals on Huet would sound reasonable, especially vs. the Leafs, but this is Carey Price. The franchise.

    The only way he’s letting in 5 is if the Habs put in an effort such as this past weekend.

  25. krob1000 says:

    Thanks….I guess Darth Vader is Luke’s father too.
    I guess I’ll just watch something else then.

  26. Les-Habitants says:

    Yah, the Leafs will be coming out of the gates like doomsday is on the way, but I don’t forsee the shots being 12-2. The Lafs have no confidance, and will be playing afraid of making a mistake. The Habs need to come out hungry and take them out, pointe finale!

    J.T.: Leafs…drafting????? When JFJ gets fired, MSLE will not hire a qualified replacement (Glen Healy…..PLEASEEEE) who will promptly make a ‘big splash’ and trade away whatever draft pick they have.

    That said, Stamkos is going to be an elite player in the NHL for years to come. I’m not sure how Tavares has been able to over-shadow him, cause Stamkos is dynamite.

  27. Y says:

    My bold prediction:

    Laffs 5 – Habnots – 2

    Sundin Claus and his elf D.F Tucker will pot 3 early goals on Monsieur Price (Ooh la la)

    This will lead to our French friend Mr. Huet to take over goalkeeping duties

    With a slight fire under their feet, Pleks will score 1 early in the 2nd off a breakaway.

    With the ACC in shock at what they’ve just seen, Koivu will win his first faceoff of the game, dishing it to Markov who will then get checked from behind by Mr. Mccabe. On the ensuing powerplay, the cube will wire one from the right point past the Salad. 3-2 Laffs

    With momentum on their side, the Habnots will have some very nice sequences deep in Laffland but as always their finishing will be maligned by either a) a post b)a befuddled great pass c) overskating the puck.

    With the Laffs surviving the 2nd period onslaught, they will finally wake up and rally to the cause of their coach.

    Midway thru the 3rd we get to see Sweden-Ukraine all over again as F. Kaberle will somehow get one by Huet from 70 feet out.

    Last goal will be an empty netter.

  28. RGM says:

    5-0 Habs is what I’d like to see. Wings for everybody at La Cage, C. Price’s first shutout, and a decent beating of the hated Leafs that will compel MLSE to remove their “mistake” from office.

  29. howtathor says:

    We need a strong start from our new first line. Lats has to live in the slot and rely on the speed of Koivu and HIggins to get the puck to him or have him screen Toskala. Ryder should be in good hands with Dandy and Chipper while the Pleks line is no problem. They can skate circles around the Leaf’s overpraid underachieving defence. Our fourth line has to be the most savvy group of veterans I’ve ever seen. They won’t give up many bad goals and will create general havoc in the Leaf’s zone. We owe them a little payback for last year. Now’s the time to exact revenge. GO HABS! LEAFS SUCK!

  30. saskhab says:

    That sounds fair.

  31. Plek-Andrew says:

    Guys, you can predict all you want but if you’re not Plek-Andrew, your voice is not heard lol. Yes Boone, that means you too :O

    Carey Price is gonna have his most horrible night of the year so far. In fact, I seriously think he’s gonna get pulled. If not, the leafs are scoring at least 4 goals on him tonight. That’s what I’m feeling.

  32. J.T. says:

    If you’re wrong, do we get to throw rocks at you?

  33. Alex Leduc says:

    I can very much see this as another close game, which could go either way. And i dont think anything good is going to come out of tonight. If we beat them then for us we beat one of the weakest teams in the league, and for them its closer to rock bottom. If they beat us, then we are really in bad shape, and maybe we need to start looking at some changes on the forward side of the bench.

    I agree with Boone, the shots will be 27-2 after 1, but the score will be only 1-0.

    And my leafs fan x-girlfriend who will be at the game in TO will surely be texting me every time the laughs score.

  34. krob1000 says:

    Swami?? Say it ain’t so …..have your propaganda defences been compromised?? Are you a double agent?? There will be a Hab on the icy knoll (top of the circle) who does JFJ in tonight. Price will be credited with the act but it is he on the icy knoll who will deliver the fatel blow.

  35. Dan23 says:

    McKenzie is one of the few (if not the only) at TSN who I actually take seriously. His MWF commentary on the Team 990 in the morning is equally great, and I imagine forces him to keep tabs on the Habs more than he might otherwise.

  36. Y says:

    To hell with rocks, I want to fire some scuds

  37. Dan23 says:

    I’m predicting a one-sided game tonight, and that’s all I’m predicting.

  38. Girth says:


    Monsieur Price has a huge break-out game.

    HABS: 4 (with one empty net)
    Leafs: 1 (Late in the 3rd – on a rebound and lazy back checking, again)

    3 Stars:
    1. Price
    2. Kovalev (2 Assists)
    3. Latendresse (1 goal – Game Winner)

    Any thoughts?

  39. The Ian Cobb says:

    If the HABS retain the slightest semblance of PRIDE, they will pound the maple out of the Leafs

    MIKE–see what a vocabulary i have now.!

  40. J.T. says:

    There was an interesting defence of the Habs from an unexpected source last night. The TSN panel was talking about Lafleur’s comments, and they asked Bob McKenzie what he thought. McKenzie said, “I don’t think the Canadiens have four fourth lines. I think they have four second lines. And that’s the best thing I can say about any team in today’s NHL.” Now, I think calling the Smoke and Chipchura lines “second” lines at the NHL level is a bit of an exaggeration…as was Lafleur comment. But I thought it interesting that McKenzie spoke up in the Habs’ favour. He generally knows what he’s talking about.

  41. RiverviewCanadien says:

    Well, it may not be over if we don’t get the first goal, but we do lack finishing. I believe we are one of the only teams that in the dying minute will allow the opposing extra attacker to score on us and force OT, and when we have the extra attacker, it usually results in an empty netter.

    As long as we are still up after 2, we have a good chance of winning. I don’t think we have a good record when losing after the 1st or 2nd period.

  42. von says:

    As much as the Leafs have a lot to prove, so do the Habs. After Lafleurs roasting, this is the game to come out and prove him wrong. Actions speak louder than words.

    They need to keep up the pace early on, and things should fall into place. Lets stick it to ’em tonight!

  43. Sehs says:

    I think you’re right and the easiest way to prove that is to look at our win % when trailing after 1 or 2 periods. You guessed it, a big fat 0 (as shown on the main page). So getting the first goal helps because it increases our chance to be leading after 1 etc…

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