Liveblog: 0-for-Cunneyworth

With their 5-1 loss in Chicago, the Canadiens are winless in three starts under their new coach.
And they play again in Winnipeg on Thursday night – against a team fighting for a playoff spot.
Good tee times available in early April.


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  2. HABZZZ says:

    Well things cant get much worse for this group. But before the obvious happens I would like to say thanks to Cunneyworth for trying to change the culture of this team. He will go out and be one of the better coaches in the NHL in the future and we once again will be watching a coach take another team deep into the playoffs that we let go. Last night showed that frustrated or not this current group minus a few don’t care anymore and are just putting in the minutes. I never thought we would see the day when a Montreal Canadians team would just go out and tank but that is exactly what we watched. No passion from the players means for the most part they have given up. Molsons only hope for the future is to relieve both Pierre Gauthier and Bob Gainey from ANYTHING related to this team. The trades that Gainey made will cost you to remove but they are useless to you anyway so get some PR from it and buy them out now. Growing up and watching the Canadians in the old forum with the posts in your way brought back a lots of good memories for my Habs but this constant intrusion from the Nationalists (separtists ) has taken its toll on all of us Habs fans as well. Not one of you stood up when they were for sale but you all want to run things after someone else purchased them. We were once a team that most players dreamed of playing on and now have become a team that players fear being traded to. If all of these Francophone players in the NHL believed as you do they would be playing for the Canadians but they don’t want to be part of this circus that you create year after year so the team is at a disadvantage when it comes time to recruit new talent. So the time has come to make up your minds as to the future of this great franchise. Do you want a winning team that we can ALL be proud of or do you just want to further your own cause and have this team flounder for the next decade or two ? For those of you that say that this is part of your heritage and that is why you create this atmosphere please think for a minute. The NHL is about winning and making money and none of that can be accomplished with your vision of the Habs. The money come from the sales of tickets and memorabilia and that takes a huge fan base to make that happen. I live in Vancouver now and have taken more then a few shots for my HABZZ licence plates but I proudly display them where ever I go. But this has caused me great concern with all that you seem to stand for because it’s not the team that you are worried about but your own selfish ideals. I might have more Habs gear then any of you but I put my team first and you should be doing the same. I will await the end of this season to cheer my team on and if you all still want to turn this into a anglo/francophone issue I will be posting with all of my Gear for sale and remove my HABZZ plates for you guys to step up and maybe purchase. The Montreal Canadians sell a lot of products all across north america and that helps with the bottom line but you are losing us all very fast so you better get your wallets out and put your money were your mouth is. GO HABZZ GO !!!!!

  3. It’d be nice if Les Not-So-Glorieux could get their mitts on Scotty Bowman as a consultant for the next few years. I’m sure there’s a way for les Canadiens to lure him out of Chicago.

    He’d PROBABLY bring in Pierre McGuire as the GM though.

    • foghorn11 says:

      montreal canadiens havnt had a good draft since andre savard left he should be the savard as gm gauthier has got to go aqnd go now pk suban has to sit a couple games to learn not to give that chicken st backhand pass that has turnedinto 2 goals at crucial times in the game in the last 4 games penalty killing how many draws have the canadiens won in there own end 2 and hal gill gave the puck away both times for goals i cant take it anymore the molsons boycott id gainin big steam in wesatern canada and will continue to do so as long as gauthier is there merry xmas to all suffering habs fans who deserve a lot better than they are getting

      t lett

    • foghorn11 says:

      there is no intensity in the habs game and when you have travis moen as a top six forwarsd your team is in deep doodoo

      t lett

  4. SnowManHabs85 says:

    Are we getting the 1st overall pick this season? A merry xmas gift or an embarrassing season?

    “Responding to the media , or playing to the media, or listening to the fans is the quickest way to start losing” – Sam Pollock

  5. zooziff says:

    The problem here is Geoff Molson. When the team was purchased from George Gillett there should have been a house cleaning then. I agree with another poster that Pierre Gauthier should have been relieved of his duties. Geoff Molson should place a call to Serge Savard and find out if he would act as interim GM. Savard can conduct the fire sale. My fear is that Gauthier will keep his job and then hire Patrick Roy as coach (which I’m fine with). The problem is you can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear.

    People complained about Jacques Martin who has over 600 victories in the NHL. Well here’s a news flash, what has Pierre Gauthier ever won as a GM in the NHL? Guess who was hired as Director of Professional Scouting for the Montreal Canadiens in 2003? If Gauthier had done a better job running the scouting department Bob Gainey would not have been forced to sign so many UFA’s a few years ago.

    • blazend says:

      Where is the heart on this team? Eveyone is coasting! We’re only a 4 game winning streak away from being right back in the thick of things and this team has already given up.

      We were talking deep playoff run this year! How does that change so quickly? Granted, the Smurf UFA signings have been a bust (except for Cammi’s 2010 playoff sucess) but the team needs to keep fighting for the logo on the shirt! Where is Gionta’s leadership when we need it most? Why is Yemelin in the stands instead of developing on the ice? Why has Cammi given up? Is Gomez back in Alaska? Why does Darche get more ice time than Eller?

  6. doug19 says:

    How many goals did we score in the last 4 games? Offense is the same but defense falling.Saw Higgins drive to the net and score his 10th for Canucks.I am from BC may have to switch to Canucks for the rest of the season. Five minutes of Canucks is more entertaining than 3 periods of Habs. And tell me is Nikolodian an upgrade from Lappiere? I don’t think so. This habs team was better 5 years ago.By the way Merry Christmas to Jacques Martin from PG.Money for nothing and your kicks for free.
    I guess all of us Martin bashers may be having crow for Christmas!

  7. Mr. Biter says:

    Is it just me but ever since the language issue has surfaced we have sucked. In the future try to get a anglo coach or asst. coach. Why come when you will never be able to become the head coach. I am also quite sure there are some anglo only players who right now don’t give a Rat’s ass and are playing to get traded. Also wait till next year and see what we have to pay for players. When you hear the hate the french announcers and newspaper reoprters seem to have vs. RC which will filter down to the anglo players and future players who may be offered contracts. This is tearing the franchise apart.

    Mr. Biter

  8. kempie says:

    I hear there may be a French-speaking coach available soon. “Waiting for Boucher” Act 1, Scene 3.

  9. mike3131 says:

    Man are we terrible. So frustrating to watch! I am a faithful and optimistic fan, but the team hasn’t looked this bad since 2009. Management dug this team into the hole it is in right now going back to this off-season. I can tolerate the poor drafting over the years, I can tolerate BG’s rebuild, I can even tolerate the Gomez trade.
    But what I cannot tolerate is the fact that we had a chance to become a much better team this off-season by making the right moves. There is absolutely no reason why we couldn’t have kept Markov AND Wiz, especially given the rise of the salary cap. In addition, PG didn’t even let Wiz know about his disinterest in resigning him. Instead, we threw $5.75 M/yr at Markov and his knee of glass letting Wiz walk along with the 2nd and 5th round picks (I was okay with letting go of Hamrlik if we could’ve found a replacement).
    PG could’ve build a big tough 4th line. He didn’t.
    PG could’ve kept Wiz and keep Markov for cheaper and short term. He didn’t.
    PG could’ve acquired a reliable, hard-hitting defenseman (I’m thinking Cory Sarich, Shane O’Brien). He made the effort to bring in Emelin, but he’s stuck in the pressbox eating hot dogs on most nights.
    I hated JM, his “Systeme”, his monotonous demeanor and his playing offensive players on the 4th line and pluggers in the top 6. He should’ve been fired in October so we could’ve hired Muller. Instead, PG trades away Trotter for nobodies and brings on another big long-term contract in Kaberle. Only now did he FINALLY fire JM.
    And now we have this whole debate on what friggin language the coach has to speak. I have no interest in getting involved. All I will say is we need a coach that can light a fire under these players’ @$$es and get these underachieving millionaires to WIN, even if he speaks Chinese. I read some comments on RDS articles and the passionate French fans feel the same way.
    Enough of playing Weber and Diaz instead of Emelin! Enough of putting Moen on the same lines as Pleks, Cammy, Gomez and Gionta! Enough of playing Darche over 8 mins! Enough putting Campoli and Weber on the ice in the last minute when we need a goal!
    We could easily have been a top 4-5 team in the East this year. Instead, the Leafs are better than us! The Sens are better than us! The Panthers are better than us! The Thrashers are better than us! I forgot that we came within one goal of knocking out the SC Champions***.
    Something must change. But PG obviously won’t make a good trade and the Molsons obviously won’t get rid of PG and we obviously won’t hire a unilingual coach even if it is John Tortarella or Dan Bylsma. I am a young fan, but I have never felt so hopeless about this organization.

  10. Un Canadien errant says:

    My buddy and coworker Mike played for the Dawson Blues in the late ’80’s when they were really putrid. Mike was a small shifty forward with the physique of an Alfie Turcotte. He also had a big mouth, a really funny guy who could be pretty caustic and not know when to shut his yap. I could imagine what he would be like to have on a team, seeing the crap he used to pull at work. His coach tried to put this rookie in his place right at the start of the season by not playing him. He didn’t dress for most of the first 10 games or so, and when he did, he was mostly stapled to the bench. During a game when they were losing big, he whined to his coach that he should send him on the ice. “I’d understand if you were benching me and we were winning, but what are you saving me for?” He didn’t get much icetime in the next few games either, but his point seemed valid when we were talking about it.

    I thought of Mike’s travails tonight while I watched Chris Campoli flat on his stomach trying to defend a two-on-one, while I watched Hal Gill chugging down the ice barely yet barely moving compared to Viktor Stalberg, and while I watched Tomas Kaberle’s disgusting lack of effort on the 5th Chicago goal. Haven’t we seen enough already from these gentlemen? Meanwhile, we have a 23 year old and a 25 year old defenceman who are part of the Canadiens’ future sitting in the pressbox. Mr. Weber and Mr. Emelin must be on the ice, they cannot do any worse than Mr. Campoli, and they will improve by playing, compared to Mr. Kaberle and Mr. Gill who are on the downslope of their careers.

    P.K. Subban is his own conundrum. He is immensely talented and will eventually be an excellent defenceman, but right now his mind just isn’t right. He makes mental errors, he’s lazy on many plays but then expends effort on needless individual plays. The problem is that there isn’t enough talent and experience on the blue line to reduce his icetime accordingly. That is, it we’re still hoping to get into the playoffs. If we throw in the towel and this season becomes a training camp for next season, however, we need to pull in the reins on Mr. Subban, and for there to be a reckoning.

    There is no rivalry between the Hawks and the Canadiens, and it showed during the game. There was little intensity or emotion, and it almost looked like the Canadiens might lull them to sleep, but in the end we could kind of tell that Chicago had two or three extra gears that they could shift into when needed. Ultimately though, they managed to beat us at cruising speed. When they celebrated their third period goals, we didn’t see great joy or relief, just the satisfaction of a job well done, like a tradesman who puts in his hours and inevitably succeeds.

    We may be in for a long fishtailing end to the season. As I contemplated the horrors that may befall us, I wondered why Bob Gainey wasn’t asked to take up the interim coach position and offer some stability and credibility to our team, which it is sorely lacking now.

    How about it NHL? No fighting, just hockey?

  11. Mr. Biter says:

    And i’m paying $120.00 to go to tomorrow night’s game. Money would have been better soent at oriental Massage spa. At least there I’d get a “happy ending”

    Mr. Biter

  12. boonie says:

    I have a karmic gut feel that Slats will give us a first rounder for Cammi at the deadline.

    Of course, I’ve been thinkg Ryan Miller to Tampa for the past couple of weeks and I’m still waiting.

  13. SBAH says:

    What this team needs is a, ummm, hey where’s the beer!

  14. Norm0770 says:

    All indications so far are that the Habs are in fact not a playoff team. Firing Pearn didn’t change it, trading for Kaberle didn’t change it and now firing Martin didn’t change it.

    If I were Geoff Molson I wouldn’t wait until the end of the season to get rid of Pierre Gautier I would do it now. I don’t think he has been a horrible GM, but he is definitely in panic mode. He is desperate to try and save his own job and as such I wouldn’t want him making trade deadline deals in an attempt to make the playoffs.

    Protection of draft picks and prospects (what little there are at this point) and young talent is tantamount to the future success of les Candaniens. Rash moves at the deadline could further damage the team for years to come. The Habs should definately be sellers unloading as much as they can and piling up picks in the process.

    Gill for a 3rd: yes please. Gomez for ANYTHING: sure. Cammalleri, Gionta, and Markov should be on the table tooif anyone is willing to take on thier contracts.

  15. Timo says:

    Wow, team lost what now… 5th straight and not even 1000 posts. Talk about suckitude rubbing off 🙂

  16. rogieshan says:

    Maybe Georges Laraque did know what he was talking about after all. The apathy is plain to see.

    Has Captain Gionta even spoken publicly since the coaching change?

    It’s looking worse for Gauthier every day.

    Did I hear correctly on antichambre? Bob Gainey should come back down and clean house?

    • Timo says:

      I hope if anything, Molson has enough sense to never ever let Gainey make another decision regarding this team. And most importantly never listen to what’s being said on LA.

      • DorvalTony says:

        Why is Gainey still here then? What’s it say on the door to his office? Why does he make road trips and sit in the press box? What’s he get paid, what’s he doing?

        “Okay, everybody take a Valium.”

  17. HardHabits says:

    Go tee, eh!

  18. Just A Guy says:

    I think most of you guys are on to something, this site was much better when the only thing we bashed were irrelevant things like Gomez, Halak and JM’s ears.

    Now we have the team generally sucking, a weak D corps, snake-bit forwards and the upper management seeming paralyzed by perceptibly immovable contracts that extend long enough to make a mess of up and coming players’ bids for more money.

    And now for the number one question, this is Price’s last stint as an RFA, does he really want to be a hab for the rest of his career (given the current state of affairs)?

  19. Timo says:

    Habs have turned into one big yaaaaawn.

    I will follow Shiloh’s example and read a book. Maybe I will learn something (although chances are slim)

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