It’s a word I learned watching movies and listening to my Italian friends.

It means “Enough!” – and the exclamation point is added because “Basta!” is usually shouted by someone who has about as much as he/she can take.

The generally agreed-upon facts:

In 2005, the Montreal Canadiens did not draft Anze Kopitar. They drafted Carey Price.

In 2007, the Canadiens did not billet Price with an older and more mature player, like the Penguins did with Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin. They let the future of the franchise live on his own, in Old Montreal.

This summer, the Canadiens traded Jaroslav Halak and kept Price. Then they signed their number one goaltender to an entirely sensible second pro contract, terms of which leave no hard feelings on either side of the deal.

Price will be under enormous pressure this season.

He’ll be playing in front of fans with vivid memories of the goaltender who took the Canadiens to the conference final last spring.

To start the season, Price will be playing behind a D lacking Andrei Markov.

These are the facts, of which we are all aware.

And this is the near-term future:

By the end of October, the Canadiens will have played 11 games.

If they are 2-9 and poor goaltending has been responsible for the losses, permission granted to rant about how the team should have drafted Kopitar or bunked Price in the rectory of Mary Queen of the World or kept Jaro or offered Price $1 million for one season.

But until then, all together now, good and loud:



  1. chelios_24 says:

    we’re real fans. we don’t accept the BS the habs management throw in our face. They messed up years ago when they drafted this goalie. Instead of just admitting they made a mistake they keep on trying to fool us more.


    I” a real Habs fan and I don’t accept this. My family and I are season ticket holders…. we have  right to say. We have  righth to not be happy. I will not be brain washed by the habs brass or the media. I make up my own opinion.

  2. chelios_24 says:

    Boone…he’s so non chilant…he’s got no sense of urgency…he looks like he doesn’t want to be here…and I’m sorry he looks horrible in goal..

    Boone… say the truth…don’t BS us like Gainey and Gauthier…you can’t fool us Montreal fans.


    I say: Price..basta di essere brutto…il tempo e ora de prendere uno espresso et allora essere bravo in the nets!

    in other words..PRice take a few espresso before each game to wake up.

  3. RetroMikey says:

    Forget about the word basta Boone, we are going to have a tough season when most forecasters pick us as ending up in 7th or 8th in the East. 

    And that is with a healthy lineup.

    And have we really improved?


    Ahhhh marone!  marone!  I say!


    “We will win the Cup one day only with ? in the nets “

  4. Thomas Le Fan says:

    People don’t know how to be loyal anymore. October? I don’t know why they don’t just wait til it’s over and declare themselves fans of whomever wins the cup. We went beyond enough ages ago. What his name’s gone. **** him and the other 29 teams. Go Habs!  

  5. deuce6 says:

    I think the entire room has enormous pressure on them, not just Price..Do we have the leadership to be able to handle the scrutiny the media/fans will bestow upon them if Carey lets in a weak one in TOR? Time will tell..

    We need our vets to step up and shroud Carey and help the kid along..Keep his spirits up..Call it “babying” or what ever, but you have to admit, he is the most talented player on the team, but a little fickle between the ears..We subside that part of his game, and we have a future HOFer on our hands, IMO..

    We can’t run the kid out of town, he has too much potential and upside..We need to let the kid grow WITHOUT criticizing, bashing, bullying him…Let the room deal with it.. 



  6. HardHabits says:

    All this after Boone came out and declared Price the undisputed numero uno last season when he had that one good moxy mojo stretch. Now after all is said and done he’s making out like a bandito claiming he was in Halak’s corner all along.

    Shameless attempt at driving up the hit counter. I love it BTW. Nice that you’ve taken a page out of HH’s How to Kick the Can and Stir the Hornet’s nest in One Fell Swoop.

    Watch. When Price brings us a Cup (along with the necessary and usual cast of supporters) he’ll say he knew it all along.

  7. CharlieHodgeFan says:

    Boone, in all the howling, tooth gnashing, distended bloodshot eyeball lunacy that HIO has been all summer, very few posters have mentioned Kopitar. I have a worrisome feeling that 1,878,678,976 posts about Price/Halak are going to mutate into just as many about Price/Kopitar now.

    Thank you.

  8. habs-hampton says:

    I think you missed the point.  He needed some guidance. There’s a reason that most universities make it mandatory that 1st year students live on campus in residence. They’re generally not mature enough to make good decisions living on their own for the fists time… and these students are usually poor and anonymous.

  9. nightmare_49 says:

       Naturally, Down Goes Brown has the inside transcript of how the negotiations panned out.


  10. Xtrahabsfan says:

    Last year proved we picked the wrong Goalie this year …I find it very bi-polar,unless your building a team to play the Globe-Trotters. I find this move to replace Halak with Price for the same amount of dough remarkably misguided ,kinda like inserting HST to a Country in recession!Now as a fan of Les Tricolour I demand that this gamble be certain or HEADS MUST ROLL!

  11. Mattyleg says:

    …And Pedant of the Year goes to….

    Boone means “without guidance”. I don’t think Chipper would have kept Carey on the straight and narrow.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  12. Chorske says:

    Surely you boys don’t think you’re drinking off the same shelf as pro hockey players. 😉

  13. Number31 says:

    He wasn’t living on his own…most of the time he had a roommate (Chipchura) and other players lived in the same building…

  14. ebas12 says:

    Uhhh, regardless of magnitude, a negative can’t be greater than a positive… Or, like… Yeah… I dunno, good try?

  15. LA Loyalist says:

    Do you mean Lemmie Squat who played for the California Golden Seals?


    “To failing hands we’ve passed the torch.”

  16. Mike Boone says:

    Cool! Now I’m quadrilingual

  17. Dansolo says:

    As long as the Candiens can score some goals while Price is on the ice, everything should be fine. If I remember correctly, most of the games that the Canadiens lost while Price was in net, they scored a very low amount of goals almost every time.

    Carey Price is not a bad goalie, at all.

    This is a good hockey team we have this year.

    Its gonna be a good season.

    And I can’t freaken WAIT!!!!

  18. topher5468 says:

    Very well said Mr Boone. I myself believe in Carey Price and just want him to play well. I am a habs fan first and whom ever is our goalie, well then I will believe in him and my team. Lets go 

    “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

  19. Shiloh says:

    If we accept that one side of your inequality is a negative quantity (Price), then it could be valid. Otherwise, you know squat.

  20. rocketsglare says:

    Enough with the speculation. Carey Price is signed and is our #1 netminder. So let us get behind this

    young man and support him.

    By the way Boone, “Basta” also means “enough” in Spanish.





















  21. habstrinifan says:

    Least you lived in Montreal! I was there one weekend and I pee blood!

  22. scrowe21 says:

    hahaha…how many LA games have you watched?

    ——–If you play nhl10 for xbox360 add me – scrowe21

    My spinorama shootout goal with Cammy

  23. Snipes says:

    Price > Kopitar.  

    end of story

  24. LA Loyalist says:

    This is all on Bob Gainey. Remember the great story on HIO a couple of weeks ago about the Big 3? What struck me (and this is typical in hab history) is how carefully they were nurtured and brought up, coached in Nova Scotia, handled like immature adults with TONS of talent. 

    Management dropped the ball with Price and it’s a shame. When Peter Svoboda first came over here (I think) he lived with Serge Savard (correct me if memory has failed).

    I’ve lived in old Montreal as a young man and am reminded of it every time I pee blood (I’m kidding) but geez.

    Can Price recover? My guess is 70% yes. And it will be damn sad if he doesn’t, because I see Kopitar fairly regularly here in LA with the Kings and he is a STUD and can skate like the wind.

    Like I said, this will weigh on Gainey’s rep if it doesn’t work, and we’ll be in a world of hurt with little cap room or negotiating leverage.


    “To failing hands we’ve passed the torch.”

  25. scrowe21 says:

    If they are 2-9 and poor goaltending has been responsible for the losses, permission granted to rant about how the team should have drafted Kopitar”

    We could go 11 and 0 in October and I’ll still rant about how we should have drafted Kopitar…..god thats depressing.

    ——–If you play nhl10 for xbox360 add me – scrowe21

    My spinorama shootout goal with Cammy

  26. Mr.Hazard says:

    Too bad we “couldn’t afford” Halak, eh? BS, that was.

    “We didn’t give up and we are not giving up.” – Jaroslav Halak

  27. pic1983 says:

    Halak is signed for FOUR years at $3.75million/yr.  Price is signed to TWO years at $2.75million cap hit. 

    A) in a cap world, $1 million is quite significant.

    B) if Carey falters, his cap hit and contract length are no big deal, where if Halak turns out to be a one hit wonder, his 4 year deal and $3.75million cap hit DO become a big deal.


  28. fofe510 says:

    “By the end of October, the Canadiens will have played 11 games.

    they are 2-9 and poor goaltending has been responsible for the losses,
    permission granted to rant about how the team should have drafted
    Kopitar or bunked Price in the rectory of Mary Queen of the World or
    kept Jaro or offered Price $1 million for one season.

    But until then, all together now, good and loud:



    Really?  You’re giving him until the end of October?  Wow.  This really is a harsh town.

  29. Chorske says:

    I’m willing to go as far as December before making up my mind.

  30. Mike Boone says:

    Yeah, October is probably an overly short leash. But this is Montreal …

  31. avatar_58 says:

    I seem to recall quite a slide heading into the playoffs where Halak lost quite a few in a row. Course my arguement is HE didn’t lose them, the team did. However he obviously wasn’t helping with softies and shootout losses.

    Point being this team needs defensive and offensive work. We need more guys to do what Plekanec did – point per game. We need more defenseman to do what Gill and Gorges did in the playoffs – play goalie, block those shots.

    If we keep seeing them held scoreless in the thrid…..I’m sorry but it doesn’t matter who’s in net. It really doesn’t. One softy, 400 softies – without at least TWO or THREE goals chances are they will lose. Bank on it.

  32. Chorske says:

    Huh- to heck with October. You’re only as good as your last game. And on some days, your last shift.

  33. LA Loyalist says:

    Let’s start out by crushing the Leafs in our first game.

    Trouble is they will probably start Giguere who will be quite motivated.


    “To failing hands we’ve passed the torch.”

  34. fofe510 says:

    You know you’re a journalist, right?  You have the power to influence the public in this regard.  If it’s an overly short leash, SAY SO!  Don’t fan the flames by telling everyone they can attack the guy after one month!

  35. Mike Boone says:

    Yeah, like everyone is hanging on each precious word of my advice as to what they can do and when they can do it. It’s just opinion, man. Not the law of the land.

  36. Chorske says:

    My post was meant to be ironic- but I agree, it’ll be a heck of a game. :)

  37. g says:

    sir yes sir!!

    “Long before I ever wore the jersey, I wore the jersey.” Dryden

  38. HabFanSince72 says:

    Price on strike?

    posted by Mike Boone at 16h44 EST on Aug 31


    A more positive take on “striking” Price

    posted by Mike Boone at 6h18 EST on Sep 1


    Price, Price and more Price

    posted by Mike Boone at 6h41 EST on Sep 3


  39. Propwash says:

    It all comes down to this….

    The ends justify the means. Im waiting till the end of the season/playoff time to decide whether or not Price is a bust. I see the glass half full this season, and it’s very possible this could very well be his breakout season. Im not expecting him to have perfect stats, and neither should anyone else. Bad goals happen all the time to every goalie out there. But to throw Price under the bus this year when the team loses any games is simply ludicrous, and if fans boo when Price’s name is called on the home opener, they’ve cemented themselves as lowlifes as far as I’m concerned.


    Goalies in Montreal have two roles, netminder and scapegoat. 

  40. JD_ says:

    Fans don’t boo their own players.

    People boo their own players.

    (And there’ll be people at the Bell Centre for the home opener.)

  41. JIMVINNY says:

    Coming from this site’s #1 inciter, this editorial kind of makes me chuckle. 


    Just kidding, Boone.  I know you’re just doing your job.  And based on the web stats posted recently, you’re not doing too bad at all.

  42. Mr.Hazard says:

    Good points, although I think it is already far too late to consider labelling Halak a “one-hit-wonder”.

    “We didn’t give up and we are not giving up.” – Jaroslav Halak

  43. nick says:

    Halak had a great season last year, no doubt about that.

    With that said, in the 4 seasons Halak has played with Montreal, he’s played a grand total of 101 games. 45 last season, and 34 the year before. Until he (or Price for that matter), play a couple seasons of 60+ games… We won’t really know how good these kids are.

  44. Greg says:



    “I lined up next to him at a faceoff, looked over and said “Hi Rocket”. All he did was growl.”

    -Gordie Howe

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