Another L for Habs .. and a stinkeroo against THEM!


POSTGAME AUDIO: Mathieu Darche | Peter Budaj | Brian Wilsie | Scott Gomez | Jacques Martin

• PREGAME AUDIO: Coach Jacques Martin | Brendan Gallagher on facing Bruins’ Milan Lucic | Aaron Palushaj | Andrei Kostitsyn | Nathan Beaulieu | Morgan Ellis

What’s the Jacques Martin mantra?

Goaltending and special teams.

Peter Budaj was, to put it charitably, ordinary.

And Boston penalty-killers outscored the Canadiens power play.

The result: An ugly 7-3 pasting.

Over/under suggestions:

• Carey Price starts

• Months till Brendan Gallagher makes the team

The cuts can’t come soon enough.


  1. TommyB says:

    In an effort to try and keep up with the bouncing puck at HIO, I have moved this post up to the next thread. GRRRRRRR

  2. HabinBurlington says:

    Team Toughness, I can understand why a few posters were making the comments they were yesterday regarding the desire to have a bigger/stronger/tougher=NAG lineup.

    I do think PG has addressed it somewhat for this coming year, and I think he will continue to address, I suspect many wish he would do it faster while others don’t believe there is a need.

    If I look at the roster which should be on the ice to open the season versus the lineup we had on the ice in Game 7 versus the Bruins I do see some obvious changes.

    In adding Cole, Maxpac, Emelin we have 3 players that should be able to provide a physical presence. Cole and Maxpac will most likely be split amongst the top 2 lines creating some traffic in front of the net and getting some checks in the corners.

    Our 3rd line which we haven’t seen as a result of Eller still rehabbing will have decent strenght with Eller/AK combining with either DD or Darche.

    Our 4th line which we also haven’t seen with White rehabbing a minor injury (hopeful it is minor) should provide much NAG as will include Moen/White and somebody.

    So while PG has slowly started to address the need for players providing physical play (not fighting per se) I can understand why some want more. The problem is trying to do so quickly and possibly at the expense of taking highly skilled players out of our lineup.

    I am hopeful and confident that when we ice our full squad this team will more than hold its own. My concern is if we lose 1-2 of these grittier styled players we don’t have the depth in this area to backfill. Currently our depth in young players is talented dmen and talented forwards and not so much in NAG players. This is exposed when we play many of our youth versus other teams who have fielded either more NHL ready players or if they happen to have more depth in the NAG styled players.

    I am not against PG continuing to make this team tougher, but am not prepared to start taking talented players out of our lineup just to add muscle. The additions must be able to skate with the team and help improve our 5 on 5 scoring.

    Sorry for long ramble.

    Does anyone know yet what lineup is being iced for the Boston game in Montreal?

    • G-Man says:

      The “I-told-you-so” crowd is out early this year. Never mind that it’s the pre-season and the team is still evaluating players. Never mind that there hasn’t been a single game with more than 10 Habs starters. They are all suffering from Pre-Season Exaggerated Desires. Yup, they are PSED and not afraid to display it.
      The puck drops for real on the 6th of October. Don’t get your panties in a knot until then.

      Expect the team that played Saturday night, with a couple changes.

    • Uwey says:

      I keep hearing people talk about DD or Darche playing the wing with Eller & Andi, but I would like to add, that Ryan White is being completely forgotten here. This kid plays the boards well, goes to the dirty areas, could create enough havoc on the ice & in front of the net, to be very effective playing with AK46 & the Young Dane, an element neither of the other two can bring.

  3. Garcia129 says:

    I was at the game in Halifax last night and caught the warm up. Not sure if Gomez has been working on his shot in the off season, but is snap shot looks a lot harder than the muffin he had last year. Maybe it just looks faster in person?
    A few thoughts:

    *Gomez and Gallagher were by far the best for the Habs.

    *Beaulieu’s looked good for the most part, but had some rather large errors that ended up in the back of our net. He had a little Subbie spinorama on the beginning of a rush, in the defensive zone. Pulled it off nicely.

    *Kostitsyn was largely invisible, except for a few cannons from the point on the PP. That said, he got burned a few times also.

    *Chara is a mutant, and I booed him heartily every time he touched the puck.

    *Budaj was terrible. Hope he’s just getting his timing back. Otherwise it will be another 72 start season for Carey.

    *I know everyone is comparing Gallagher to Gionta, but to me, the way he skates, carries the puck, he looks more like Cammalleri

    In Price we Trust

  4. habstrinifan says:

    I will say it NOW. And soon I will be proven RIGHT OR WRONG.
    I hope I am WRONG but…..

    Based on the pre-season display on the ice, it appears that there is lacking an infusion of initiative and direction from the coaching brainwave to design/upgrade the offensive strategies of its charges, veterans and prospects.

    Based on last season’s statistics which left this team among the bottom 5 in the league for offense and which made the 2010-2011 a frustrating one to watch, the coaches should have had it as their prorities for the SUMMER to come up with solutions.

    Timo’s description of the players skating around looking pretty but achieving NIL is right.

    I may be wrong. And I hope I am. But in my opinion the coaching staff is failing the talent right now. Not the other way around.

  5. Garcia129 says:

    Hab fan in Halifax here.
    I was having a bite to eat in downtown Halifax yesterday evening, and Lucic and bunch of his cronies came and had dinner at the restaurant I was eating at (Wooden Monkey). He was nice enough, and smiled over at me when I gave him bit of “booo” as he walked up to the restaurant. I was on the patio, and a friend of mine and his son (both Bruins fans) walked by, so I told them Loch was inside. His son, 7 years old, went and got autographs and said Loch was really good about it as they came back out. Just then, Tim Thomas walked by, so the boy took off after him looking for another autograph from one of his heroes. Tim didn’t even look over, mumbled “no autographs” and kept walking. He wasn’t even dressed for the game last night (Lucic either) and he still didn’t have the time of day. I’d understand if there was a mob after him, and signing one would mean having to sign them all, but it was just 1 little 7 year old boy. What a jerk

    Gotta give props to Loch here, but Timmy T is every bit as fat and douchy as he seems on TV.

    In Price we Trust

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Interesting story, I would have thought based on perception that it would have been the exact opposite.

      GLad to hear, it doesn’t matter what Lucic does I can cheer against him, and now this is further ammunition along with Thomas’s stupid comments regarding PK after playoffs for me to despise him. Oh who am I kidding, stick a Bruin jersey on Mother Teresa and I am hoping someone checks her in the corner.

      • Garcia129 says:

        HA! Agreed, I will still hate on anyone wearing anything resembling a Bruins jersey. I was surprised that the players not dressed traveled with the team (given that the are likely still carrying 35 or 40 players) Maybe something about team unity? Anyone know if the Habs do this as well? Wonder if PK, Cammi, Plex and the like were in town too.

        In Price we Trust

      • terrier92 says:

        If Mother Teresa donned a Habs jersey St Peter would be giving her the boot.

        God Bless Hockey and the Boston Bruins

        Go Bruins

  6. cuzzie says:

    What was the price range for tickets in Halifax?

    Stay Thirsty My Friends!

    • Garcia129 says:

      i bought mine the day they came out. half way up the upper bowl on the red line: $70 after transaction fees. I think scalpers were getting 150 + for tickets outside before the game.

      In Price we Trust

  7. How many regulars were in the Bruins lineup last night in Halifax? Also, Can HIO provide updates on all injuried Habs players? Is this the final game tonight before cuts are made? It would be nice to see what the Habs can do with their starting lineup before the start of the season.

  8. Miltie01 says:

    I can see where the whole tough guy/goon topic came up once again. HH and Berkshire and others represented both sides. All I know is that when Glen Metropolit says in an interview that players like Pleks and Gionta are lobbying the management to get such players….I start to think it is what we need to do.

    Tough guys don’t necessarily stop cheap shots or injuries. What they do is make the skilled guys more comfortable on the ice, allowing them to play their game. It may be hogwash in your mind, but it isn’t in our skilled players mind……and they are the ones on the ice.

  9. SmartDog says:

    Damn cold has me up again! Drat.
    So here’s my chicken soup infused view of things Habs after watching that poop-fest:

    1. Budaj. I liked Auld and can’t see the Budaj as an upgrade. (I said that in July, not just tonight.) Maybe Budaj will turn out for the better, but listening to him after the game he seems MUCH more skilled at deflecting questions than pucks. (And he’s not going to beat Lang for saying “you know” but he’s giving it a try.) I wish he would stop saying “we”. “We” didn’t let in 7 goals. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still plugging for the guy, you know.

    2. Wilsie. Who is Wilsie? Where did he come from? Does he sit next to Skilsie?

    3. Gallagher vs. other rookies. Man, Gallagher’s game is forged in fire and steel. Awesome to watch. He treats every shift like it’s a chance to go out there and score. What’s amazing is that that’s so rare. Most of these other guys – their games look like their forged in folded paper and rubber bands. You can only do so much waiting for the right wind and a good trajectory to give you a path to the net. Sometimes you actually have to make sh$t happen. Watch Gallagher.

    4. Palushaj. Yeah, he’s probably going to stick with the club. Why? Because he’s playing just good enough. Since his only competition is Gallagher, and Gallagher is both young and small (even if way better), we get the #2 guy.

    5. Gomez. Sounds like Gomez not only worked in his fitness, he took some PR lessons too. Glad he’s not being so casual and jokey all the time. Joke all you want when you win and when things are going well. Pre-season or not, a 4-goal loss is not a time to joke. Nice also to see him pumping Gallaghers tires. Which is just what Gomez might be doing when this kid hits his stride in the NHL.

    6. Darche. Did Darche play? I see him in the audio. But did he play?

    7. Kostitsyn. I’ve always been a fan of Kostitsyn. And I’m pretty sure he’s going to go the way of his brother. Even in pre-season he gets shafted, making this trip to Halifax with a mostly AHL team to get pounded by the Bruins. No Plekanec, no Gionta, no Ellis, no Patches, just Gomer to play with. AK deserves better.

    8. Injuries. So what is it about this team that even before the puck drops about a third of the guys are hanging you in the clinic. I’ll tell you what – and this comes from what happened in the Koivu years. You take a team that is just a bit smaller, and a bit less tough, than the average NHL team, and you ask them to play bigger and tougher than they are – and you get a lot of injuries. Enthusiasm is great.

    9. Cole. You know that rhyme… “Old King Cole”… kept thinking about it tonight. Dunno why. “Old… Cole”… can’t figure it out.

    10. Martin. You have to know that “twitchy” went into this game expecting a blow-out. A mostly AHL team playing in front of a back-up goalie with a poor NHL record, up against the Stanley Cup Champs with an NHL-heavy roster, after a night of deep fried clams with that yellowy tartar sauce and JF Lovely’s awesome fries, followed by a stroll down the dock to Cows for ice cream and then a few rounds of Barret’s Privateers at the lower deck with a few pops to go with it… uh, sorry. Homesick a bit.

    11. Beaulieu. What is that in French – beautiful sumpthin? Place? Well, this guy is in a beautiful place – being about the best defenseman (next to PK) on a team that’s supposed to be stacked with NHL calibre D-men. Ya know who’s not in such a beautiful place is about six other guys – the millionaires he’s showing up.

    Ho Hum. I know it’s only pre-season. It would be nice to see something to get excited though besides two kids that for their own sake shouldn’t be brought up yet.


    Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

    Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

  10. petefleet says:

    If you went to the Metro Centre last night expecting that line up to win, well, you are dillusional. Here’s what I saw while hoping for a win.
    1. Budaj sucks. He showed absolutely nothing to make me think he was an upgrade to Auld. Nothing.
    2. Gomer played a great game. If he plays like that all year, he may get back to 50-60pts.
    3. Gallagher played awsome again. He hit the post at least twice and had some other good chances. Checked Chara too.
    4. AK46 was left waiting all night. His line mates were no where near what he’s used to. He did play well when he had the puck.
    5. Cole was absolutely invisible. His timing was way off. Couldn’t pass, couldn’t accept a pass and didn’t hit a thing. Very slow getting into the paly. Oh, Erik, back checking is something you have to do in MTL.
    6. Palushaj should make the team over Engqvist. The latter was a no show again and Palushaj was all over the ice. He made some great plays that paid off.
    7. Yemelin…not feeling the love here.
    8. Beaulieu must be getting tired. JM has played that poor boy 4 of 5 games. He is a gem. He is going to be great, soon. Definately needs one year in Hamilton, like PK, and then get him in the lineup. Fun to watch.

    I didn’t say you were lying, I said I don’t believe you.

    ***Habs Forever***

    • SmartDog says:

      I agree with this. The Cole I saw last night is the same guy I’ve seen in games with Carolina (that weren’t against the Habs). He’s a bit of a floater sometimes… just what we don’t need. I mentioned this once during the lovefest when he was signed and got crapped on. Red flags if you ask me.

      Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

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