Another L for Habs .. and a stinkeroo against THEM!


β€’ POSTGAME AUDIO: Mathieu Darche | Peter Budaj | Brian Wilsie | Scott Gomez | Jacques Martin

β€’ PREGAME AUDIO: Coach Jacques Martin | Brendan Gallagher on facing Bruins’ Milan Lucic | Aaron Palushaj | Andrei Kostitsyn | Nathan Beaulieu | Morgan Ellis

What’s the Jacques Martin mantra?

Goaltending and special teams.

Peter Budaj was, to put it charitably, ordinary.

And Boston penalty-killers outscored the Canadiens power play.

The result: An ugly 7-3 pasting.

Over/under suggestions:

β€’ Carey Price starts

β€’ Months till Brendan Gallagher makes the team

The cuts can’t come soon enough.


  1. SmartDog says:

    Damn cold has me up again! Drat.
    So here’s my chicken soup infused view of things Habs after watching that poop-fest:

    1. Budaj. I liked Auld and can’t see the Budaj as an upgrade. (I said that in July, not just tonight.) Maybe Budaj will turn out for the better, but listening to him after the game he seems MUCH more skilled at deflecting questions than pucks. (And he’s not going to beat Lang for saying “you know” but he’s giving it a try.) I wish he would stop saying “we”. “We” didn’t let in 7 goals. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still plugging for the guy, you know.

    2. Wilsie. Who is Wilsie? Where did he come from? Does he sit next to Skilsie?

    3. Gallagher vs. other rookies. Man, Gallagher’s game is forged in fire and steel. Awesome to watch. He treats every shift like it’s a chance to go out there and score. What’s amazing is that that’s so rare. Most of these other guys – their games look like their forged in folded paper and rubber bands. You can only do so much waiting for the right wind and a good trajectory to give you a path to the net. Sometimes you actually have to make sh$t happen. Watch Gallagher.

    4. Palushaj. Yeah, he’s probably going to stick with the club. Why? Because he’s playing just good enough. Since his only competition is Gallagher, and Gallagher is both young and small (even if way better), we get the #2 guy.

    5. Gomez. Sounds like Gomez not only worked in his fitness, he took some PR lessons too. Glad he’s not being so casual and jokey all the time. Joke all you want when you win and when things are going well. Pre-season or not, a 4-goal loss is not a time to joke. Nice also to see him pumping Gallaghers tires. Which is just what Gomez might be doing when this kid hits his stride in the NHL.

    6. Darche. Did Darche play? I see him in the audio. But did he play?

    7. Kostitsyn. I’ve always been a fan of Kostitsyn. And I’m pretty sure he’s going to go the way of his brother. Even in pre-season he gets shafted, making this trip to Halifax with a mostly AHL team to get pounded by the Bruins. No Plekanec, no Gionta, no Ellis, no Patches, just Gomer to play with. AK deserves better.

    8. Injuries. So what is it about this team that even before the puck drops about a third of the guys are hanging you in the clinic. I’ll tell you what – and this comes from what happened in the Koivu years. You take a team that is just a bit smaller, and a bit less tough, than the average NHL team, and you ask them to play bigger and tougher than they are – and you get a lot of injuries. Enthusiasm is great.

    9. Cole. You know that rhyme… “Old King Cole”… kept thinking about it tonight. Dunno why. “Old… Cole”… can’t figure it out.

    10. Martin. You have to know that “twitchy” went into this game expecting a blow-out. A mostly AHL team playing in front of a back-up goalie with a poor NHL record, up against the Stanley Cup Champs with an NHL-heavy roster, after a night of deep fried clams with that yellowy tartar sauce and JF Lovely’s awesome fries, followed by a stroll down the dock to Cows for ice cream and then a few rounds of Barret’s Privateers at the lower deck with a few pops to go with it… uh, sorry. Homesick a bit.

    11. Beaulieu. What is that in French – beautiful sumpthin? Place? Well, this guy is in a beautiful place – being about the best defenseman (next to PK) on a team that’s supposed to be stacked with NHL calibre D-men. Ya know who’s not in such a beautiful place is about six other guys – the millionaires he’s showing up.

    Ho Hum. I know it’s only pre-season. It would be nice to see something to get excited though besides two kids that for their own sake shouldn’t be brought up yet.


    Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

    • CharlieHodgeFan says:

      I have to agree – other than Gallagher and Beaulieu, the young guy show has not been intriguing. It has just shown the gap between the AHL and NHL.
      I still think Budaj is an upgrade, but it’ll take some hockey to show if I’m right.
      It will still be good to see the real team after the cuts. It is time.

  2. The Cat says:

    The habs will sorely miss Roman Hamrlik this year I think.

    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  3. kungpowchicken says:

    Listen to the kungpowman when he says, chill Les Boys….chill.

  4. Marc10 says:

    I felt bad for the fans in Halifax. That was a weak effort from a poor man’s AHL Team. You expect the loss, but the lack of effort, that’s not on. Time for JM to send some if the kids home.

    It’s pretty obvious we could a guy with size, speed and two helpings of nasty on the 4th line to play with Moen, Darche or White. That guy isn’t in the org chart and I don’t know if he can be found in what remains of the free agent pool.

    Whatever happened to that tall Franco center JF Jacques of the Oilers? Is he still around? If he could get a Darche heart transplant, he could be the ticket…

    Kyle Turris wants a trade out of Phoenix… Hmmm…

  5. Josh says:

    “Palushaj is playing himself right onto a bus to Hamilton, as is Willsie. Engqvist will get a longer look.”

    “3P Break Other than Gallagher, Gomez, Yemelin and Palushaj, a massive no-show.”

    So which is it, Boone?

  6. Timo says:

    Yawn…. more of the same. Perimeter pussiness 2012 here we come. Sad that even among the “up and coming” there are many pretty skaters and nobody to drive to the net and wreck havoc. As a team Habs will continue to be a bunch of pushovers in 2012.

  7. steeveedee says:

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  8. slychard says:

    KORDIC!!!! Ah! THX dude.

  9. slychard says:

    Hey Tony Mc Scrap…get off this thread and go back to beantown threads, really. Beleive me that your hero Marchand will have a very hard season as a marked man from every team in the league after watching him constanly spray goalies after the play (big no no if you never have played hockey in your life) so, he’ll become close to useless this season. scraping himself off every board in the league. Yeah. Go to scrapville

  10. Da Hema says:

    Folks: there is a reason why newspapers and websites do not even bother putting up pre-season “standings.” When the Habs ice four rookie defencemen, plus a no-name backup goaltender, it should not come as a surprise they would lose.

    As the wise Carey Price once said, “Chill.”

    And for all of you extolling the “virtues” of the Boston Bruins, let’s see how well they do this year after losing their league-office booster, Colon Campbell.

  11. slychard says:

    Chorske. Yeah. Knew I had it wrong but hoped no one would call me out on it. The guy who died of a cocaine overdose, (not to sound so cold, but it’s a fact) was gonna say the name was a metaphor for thug players to cover my &ss but, really, that that would be the ultimate low in decorum.

  12. el heffe says:

    i wonder if the same arguments about lack of size will be as frequent in April when the Habs win the Northeast. Or more likely the same posters calling for bigger forwards will be praising our speed, powerplay and transition game. Just a guess.

    Charge it to the Underhill’s.

  13. slychard says:

    Hey DUDE, really, relax, the bruins won only because of daddy Campbell. Yeah they did. Admit it. He resigned after they made it to the cup final, remember?Honestly d’you think they would have gone as far GOONING it up as they did with another disciplinarian at the helm other than daddy? Really? Really? F with a major F’n F DUDE. NO! They should have had Chara banned for what he did nevermind suspended. That was the beginning of the end for the rest of the teams. Yeah they are ok but not cup winner caliber in my mind. Jesus I’m going on but I really hate this year’s cup winners. They got it by default. Asterix all around boys !!!

  14. habsolutely416 says:

    i didnt watch the game but from reading some of these posts, it sounds like the habs got roughed up a bit. earlier, i posted about michael blunden getting every opportunity to make the final roster and as the days go by, i think he probably will. the habs dont have much muscle on the team at all and wether blunden outshines everyone else or not, i have to think 1 of the final roster spots are his…

    ill be in the slot πŸ˜‰

    • Number31 says:

      Only people who got roughed up were Henry and Thornton disco dancing in each others faces and even that’s a stretch. Other than Gallagher, the rest were under-20 year olds realizing the speed is a bit much for them at the moment. Oh and the blue line is harder to hold when you’re not used to making such quick decisions. Never mind what felt like 10 posts they dinged…

  15. Pucking Masshole says:

    Destroyed the Habs just like in the playoffs…

  16. The Dude says:

    If you want to have no size restrictions on the Habs or any other team I’m fine with that,but if you have a lot of small players you HAVE TO PROTECT THEM !”Unless they’re all related to Stan Johnathon.” Time and time again the Habs put together a good team with some of the smallest players in the league ‘Forwards and Defence” and half way through the season *BAM* everyone’s freaking injured! It’s STUPID and it hasn’t done Jack for the last 20 years.The management has to round out the team and make the puzzle fit”something they suck at!”for any system to even have a chance.And though you can say NHL hockey has changed over the years “and it has”it’s STILL N.H.L. hockey and you build a team on that game ,like Boston did…period !The results for 20 years are in= ZERO Stanley cups for the best Hockey club in the world which coincides with 20 years of small,soft teams for Les blue,blanc et rouge.And the young guns coming up ,lots of smaller players”DD hurt lots lately ,Gomez just recovered ,Cammy missed how many last year, Spach and Markov’s always hurt and on and on….it doesn’t work!!! Again ,who won the Stanley Cup last year….A tough ,well rounded ,well sized,talented ,fast team of A$$HOLE’S called the Boston Bruins that don’t back down or take No for an answer! That’s the mold for a cup run!

  17. slychard says:

    Oh drop the whole argument about fighting. Who cares. We have no Nilan or Chorske type player on this team AND or WILL we ever have one untill this management wise up or heal their broken hearts and pride after the BGL fiasco, or, untill his embarrassing buy-out ends next season. Untill then enjoy your mushroom burgers everyone.

    • Tony McLean says:


      You have two choices: Break Chara’s nose and win or grab your ankles and lose. There are no other choices. Make a choice.

    • el heffe says:

      We’ve heard all the “we’re too small, not tough enough” arguments. Now here’s what will actually happen. The Habs powerplay by mid-season will be so lethal, the best it has been in years, which will cause teams like Boston, Philly etc.. to re-evaluate thier approach when playing against us. The coaches of these and all other teams will be writting on locker room white boards in big bold letters DO NOT TAKE PENALTIES AGAINST THIS TEAM.

      Charge it to the Underhill’s.

  18. Propwash says:

    So, the consensus is, Hockey should be played like pro wrestling but the puck is the middleman between two warring factions. Do I have it right?

  19. CDH says:

    I was there to witness the game this evening…very, very disappointing πŸ™

  20. riddler says:

    What thephuck is “Billy” hockey ?

  21. riddler says:

    Oops. Steelers are marching.

  22. riddler says:


  23. habitantpeasoup says:



  24. riddler says:

    Sorry. Tied. 20-20

  25. slychard says:

    Really Bill? I took it as a negative when I read it, but now that you pointed me in another direction then… I digress, it’s been a long stressful day for me. THX

  26. riddler says:

    Btw. The Colts are actually beating the Steelers!

  27. habitantpeasoup says:

    Just pre season, give lawson another shot tho, that was bad.


  28. riddler says:

    Who was that guy in Philly years ago who took up space in front of the net and scored all kinds of goals. Anyone remember?

  29. HardHabits says:

    I don’t want to see goons on the team or one-dimensional players that can only fight. I would love to have a player like the Rocket, or Lecavalier, or Inginla, that can score goals and bring it, or Pronger, Chara, or Robinson, that can police the D zone with authority.

    The idea that Henry is the answer is ludicrous though.

  30. riddler says:

    Don’t think goon is the player we’re looking for.
    A Cam Neeley John Leclaire type guy tough in front of the net and ready to go when needed.

  31. slychard says:

    What does that mean? “months before Gallagher makes the team?” really, sometimes I wonder about the reporting on this site

  32. Curtis O Habs says:

    Has Ryan White been playing? Is he Injured?

  33. HH, what you’re talking about isn’t what Prohabs and Pat S are talking about. They’re talking about a talentless good to deter other teams. It’s been proven empirically that this is a BS notion. Not everything is about balance, some things are about correct and incorrect.

    • ProHabs says:

      I am talking about a talented goon (like Probert or Mcsorley as I mentioned below). I want someone who can repond to Thornton when he does something stupid to Beaulieu. I don’t want to have a small player (like Palusha or Dumont) on the fourth line. I don’t want a soft Spacek as our 6th defenceman. Fourth line and 6th defenceman should be guys that can play but also send messages when they have to.

      • pat s says:

        ProHabs–don’t eaxplain. People like Andrew don’t like that blue collar hockey so when you start mentioning toughness is needed they automatically jump and start calling it goon hockey. We are suffering in Montreal right now b/c most hab fans want this play nice billy hockey and montreal’s management is appeasing them.

        • HardHabits says:

          @ProHabs and pat s: Read my posts below and let me know if you agree or not. Thanks!!

          • pat s says:

            HardHabits–I read your posts and I agree with most of them.

          • ProHabs says:

            Agreed HH. I would like to have a Shawn Thornton, Adam McQuide type player on my team over a Palusha, Spacek. That is what I picture a fourth line, 6th defenceman being.

        • “The Habs organization has had last year and this whole off season to address this and do something about things like that and have refused to do anything. Unless of course Alex Henry is pencilled in to make the team.”

          This is the point that started the thread. You decided to move the goalpost and make it a different argument. Unless of course you think Alex Henry is a talented hockey player that will single handedly turn the Habs into a “blue collar hockey team”.

          • ProHabs says:

            It is obvious to anyone who follows the Habs that Henry will not make the team. He is a career minor leaguer. If he was going to make the show, he would have made it years ago. That was my way of pointing out PG and JM have not addressed the issue of someone taking care of guys like Shawn Thornton.

          • Yet Henry played today, and fought Thornton, yet the cheap shot still happened. So…. What the hell is your point?


      • Mark C says:

        Boston has what you want to a T, yet how come that team gets cheap shoted as much, and maybe even more than other teams?

      • Those kinds of players are either so rare they’re almost impossible to find, or they’re not good enough to justify making the roster over better players who aren’t fighters.

        Even if your false idea that fighting or fighters prevent cheap shots were true, there was not a single player on the market this offseason that fits your description that would make the Habs roster. Not a single one.

        • HardHabits says:

          Andrew. I think he is saying blue you are arguing against ultra-violet.

          • Read his initial comment, saying Alex Henry. That’s what I’m talking about. He’s saying blue NOW because ultraviolet got slapped out of his hand.


          • HardHabits says:

            Good one!!! πŸ˜‰

          • ProHabs says:

            What are you talking about Burkie. I haven’t changed my stance at all all evening. You just get so frustrated when someone disagrees with you that you start insulting people (like you did to pat). You think you are a know it all, you must be related to that other Burkie in Toronto.

          • Prohabs: 1)Berkshire, not burkshire.
            2) Yes you have, you started out saying a fighter would make a difference (Henry), then you switched to saying a talented fighter (those don’t really exist).
            3) I don’t care if someone disagrees with me. I do get frustrated when someone thinks anecdotes are equal to evidence, or an opinion is equal to analysis. Both of which you and Pat S are guilty of tonight.
            4) Pat S either insulted, used an ad hominem attack or a strawman in every comment made towards me or about me until I called him dumb. So sue me.
            5) “You think you are a know it all” ad hominem
            6) “You must be related to that other Burkie in Toronto” ad hominem. Also it doesn’t make sense since he would support your foolish position. Now who’s insulting? Sorry if I can’t help being condescending, but your argument is just terrible.


    • HabinBurlington says:


    • ProHabs says:

      Andrew, Yzerman’s knees being shot were not a result of cheapshots. Do you not remember Bob Probert. If anyone even gave Yzerman a dirty look, he would rip their head off. Players in the NHL feared Probert so much that they wouldn’t even think of touching Stevie Y.


        Now tell me. Did McCarty jumping the guy retroactively stop that cheap shot? Did Probert or McCarty’s reputation prevent it? No. Because it’s a myth. That took me 5 seconds to find. Yzerman was a victim of several knee-on-knee collisions that would have ended many a player’s career.

        • ProHabs says:

          Holy Cow Andrew. Yzerman played 20 years. I am sure he took a couple of shots during that time.
          In the video you found, Probert was not on that Detroit team. Also, that hit wasn’t at his knees so I don’t think it shot Yzerman’s knees.

          And finally and most importantly, do you really think that Dan Keczner really enjoyed playing the rest of that game after he did that to Yzerman. He probably played the whole game looking over his shoulder and was probably hurting for a week when that game was over.

          • Did I say that specific clip was on his knees? No I did not. I said it was a cheap shot. What you’re failing to understand is that it doesn’t matter if the player gets beat up after. The action is done. cheap shot artists are a dime a dozen. Even if that guy never touches Yzerman again, someone else will because no one cares that McCarty jumped him. In fact, I would easily go so far as to say that if that player never tried to hit another player like he hit Yzerman there, his career would be over. The idea that retaliation prevents initiation is so backward I find it hard to believe anyone could rationalize the idea.


      • Propwash says:

        So you get a toughguy who takes a cheapshot at another toughguy for that one game, gets suspended for possibly the rest of the season, then what? Hire another tough guy to wash rinse and repeat?

  34. youngwun says:

    So when do we start to see the plecs cole cammi ….gio gomer pax.. Andrei dd eller if healthy lines??

  35. Ian Cobb says:

    Sid the kid is going home. Career is over.!

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Ian, you have that information confirmed? There is an update on Crosby on TSN saying he participated in practise and everything is still progressing well.

      Edit: Here is the link I speak of.

      • Ian Cobb says:

        No! I just know that he is done, even if he does not. Once the brain cells have been calcified there is no come back!

        Unless he wants to be in a wheelchair or deceased from the next hit.

        • ProHabs says:

          Then how come Horton, Pacioretty and many other concussed players are back playing.

          • Ian Cobb says:

            They did not receive a second concussion or hit to the head until all the calcium slowly left the neurons.

            It can take a long or a short time, depending on how much potassium leaked out of each cell that was damaged and the void was filled with calcium.

          • Everlasting1 says:

            As will David Perron.
            Ian is being a tad melodramatic, but a loss of such a talent as Crosby would be a blow to the league. Though some in Habland would feel fortuitous πŸ™‚

            When the Hebrew scouts investigate the Promised Land of Canaan and return to discourage the other Hebrews from entering it..”We saw the Nephilim there (the descendants of Anak). We seemed like grasshoppers in our own eyes, and we looked the same to them.” [Numbers 13:33]

            “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

        • Ian, you should probably refrain from such predictions. Crosby’s recovery is actually going very well.

    • Ian Cobb says:

      So the cuts come tomorrow and the real work begins getting this roster firing on all cylinders. Only 10 days until the real deal.

      A ton of work to do yet, getting this club up to NHL caliber . Lets just see what these coaches can do, putting things together, because they sure have enough talent on the ice.

      Between the pipes look awful shaky though.

    • Trisomy 21 says:

      You’re wrong. Crosby is going to play, and I predict it will be before the new year. I don’t understand why you insist on slinging your garbage around here and state it as fact.

  36. pat s says:

    I have the best sleeping pill in the world, you do this and all your insomnia will disappear—watch my habs play hockey–I have been watching their exhibition games–no hitting, no fighting, no intensity, no hatred, no anger good old fashioned pretty boy hockey–I wouldn’t pay 5 dollars for their games right now—the only guy I like watching is PAC(awesome player)

  37. ProHabs says:

    Mr. Boone,
    Don’t get upset about Thornton giving a shot at Beaulieu. The Habs organization has had last year and this whole off season to address this and do something about things like that and have refused to do anything. Unless of course Alex Henry is pencilled in to make the team.

    • Name one time a fighter has prevented a team from having to suffer cheap shots? Name ONE. It doesn’t happen. It makes a nice narrative but in essence it’s a ****in’ fairy tale.

      • pat s says:

        But at least you don’tget bullied, sure lets keep going with this pretty boy hockey. The habs are good in getting our players bullied and hurt. Keep supporting that library hockey.

        • Except you still do. The Bruins have been the toughest team in hockey for several years, yet they’ve suffered major cheap shots to Savard, Bergeron and Horton, among others.

          • pat s says:

            But they don’t get bullied like we do. And they won cup using their toughness. They control the boards like no other team. You don’t like that syle of hockey, that is ok, but don’t crticize people that do b/c it is the best system. You keep supporting this play nice Billy hockey that we have in Montreal.

          • You see this is where your argument just gets stupid. “You don’t like that style of hockey” when talking about board battles? That’s now what you were talking about. Stop moving the goalposts. You and Prohabs were talking SPECIFICALLY about a fighter to deter cheapshots. NOT about hitting and board play. So until you can get your own argument straight and remember wtf you’re talking about, later bro.


          • pat s says:

            See Andrew, just by your comments I know you have no idea what blue collar hockey is about. I’m not moving the goal posts, it all comes in a package. I always said we need more of a blue collar team, which means players that hit, control the boards, get in your face, play with hatred and yes drop the gloves if needed. Find one of my posts where I say we need only goons on the team–go ahead . Your way out is by putting words in my mouth. Like I said, keep supporting that play nice Billy hockey. You can’t accuarately read what I say b/c you get emotional —it is so obvious.

          • Pat, seriously. Get your crap together and make a coherent argument. I’m not against physical hockey, I’m against wasting a roster spot on a fighter who has zero positive impact on a game.


          • pat s says:

            Andrew—just admit it, you like european play nice billy hockey–just admit it–i have no problem saying i love canadian, hard hitting drop your goves when needed hockey

          • I’ll admit I think you’re dumber than a bag of hammers.


          • nunacanadien says:

            Big difference, as you could see, the Canucks got hammered by Charra. Cheap shot for cheap shot and it cost them the cup, cause hey, Boston had Charra!

      • HardHabits says:

        1976. Habs versus Flyers. Stanley Cup Finals.

        It’s not about not suffering cheap shots. It’s about lessening them or having a deterrent.

          • Habifax says:

            I would say all the cups in the 70’s are relevant. But it was a different game then.

          • HardHabits says:

            It is relevant. You’ve heard the expression about history repeating itself.

            It’s just balance Andrew. The way the NHL is wired it helps to have big players that bring that extra grit. Look how much Philly hurt when Pronger went down. Same for the Bruins if they lost Chara.

            I am not suggesting Henry either. I will say that if the Habs had a true heavy weight on the back end who could skate and drop them like a Robinson, a Chara or a Pronger the Habs would be a way better team. It’s not always about dropping them either. Even Chicago had Byfuglien who was locked horn to horn with Pronger. Take Buff out of the picture and the Black-Hawks have a harder time winning if it doesn’t tip the hand in the favour of the Flyers altogether.

            I think where the Habs are hurt is by being small in numbers and thus unable to retaliate other than cheap shotting back. Then the bigger team pounds the crap out of them. Sound familiar?

            What you are saying is valid and I respect your desire to see the game played cleanly and within the rules. One of the major wild cards in sports is officiating and hockey has a penalty box specifically because players breaks rules on a regular basis. Penalties aren’t a fantasy stat for nothing. Fighting in the cramped quarters of NA hockey has always been the great equalizer.

            You are a hockey blogger. I can only recommend that you take a more balanced approach and not ad hominem the argument by rendering it to the category of narrative or fiction.

            I am against fighting in hockey. I prefer Olympic hockey since the NHL players have been allowed to play and prior to that the World and Canada Cups. I especially enjoy the WJC’s. It is specifically because there is not just no fighting but because of it there is a higher level of intensity and play in those competitions. I only wish the NHL does something to address both the fighting and cheap shots and thus produces a more exciting product.

            However, until that day comes, the best position to be in is to be able to kick ass and not need to. The most noble position is to only use that posture in a defensive mode. However, not being able to can lead to vulnerability and it could easily be argued, that potentially opens the door to injuries.

          • That’s exactly what I’m saying. That era is no longer relevant to today’s game. And there weren’t many talentless enforcers on good teams then either.


          • HardHabits says:

            If you are saying only a one-dimensional player than yes I agree.

            But if you are disregarding the can drop’em element as a an influential factor altogether then I am categorically and respectfully disagreeing. I wish it wasn’t so. But in today’s hockey it is still an element that can be part of turning the tide in a game or be a factor in terms of the extent of dirty play. I want the Habs to have heavy weights that can either score or patrol the blue line with authority, that other teams don’t want to drop them against. Those players can be a deterrent to cheap shots.

            Not eliminate. Lessen. Mitigate.

            I still want speedy smurfs that can score and flashy defense-men that can skate and make outlet passes while not getting burnt in their own end. It’s about balance.

        • Habifax says:

          When Larry took on Shultz it turned it all around. The era of the Broad Street Bullies was OVER.

        • pat s says:

          absolutely–you are completely right on this

      • Propwash says:

        Slap Shot mentality

      • ProHabs says:

        Do you ever remember Yzerman getting cheap shot playing with Probert. How about Gretzky when Semenko or McSorley played with him.
        I just don’t want to hear people (Boone) complaining about other teams players (like Shawn THornton) every time one of our players gets cheap shotted. It is the fault of PG and JM for not addressing an obviousl need.

      • Habifax says:

        It wasn’t a fairy tale in the 60’s and 70’s and part of the eighties. Now there all throwing high head shot type hits.

      • The Dude says:

        I can come up with lots of time’s but you’ll just argue your beliefs back so screw it. OK …HERE’S A COUPLE .The Gretzky Oilers team that had Seminko to protect they’re best players….it worked wonders! Pierre Bouchard and Larry Robinson’s beat down of Dave Shultz….changed the whole series.

      • Trisomy 21 says:

        What a silly thing to say. How would we know if the presence of a fighter stopped some goon from gooning it up? we wouldn’t know because it’s not like Cooke ever says “you know what I was going to really clobber Gaborik from behind but I didn’t because Boogard was dressed.
        Think of it it”s like saying how many times has a ‘beware of dog’ sign deterred someone from breaking into a house? Go ahead and name one. Must not happen. Don’t you see your false logic?

        • Not at all. What you would need to do is look at teams who employ goons, and check if the rates of injuries on those teams were higher or lower than those who don’t employ fighters. It’s called a testable theory, but fighting proponents don’t like those because they would rather make their arguments based on emotion and perception, both of which are utter crap when it comes to evaluation.

          In fact a lawyer in Toronto who happens to be a Leafs blogger did a huge study on it last season, and it turns out that teams with fighters end up with more injuries to their team as a whole and star players. Fancy that.

          • Trisomy 21 says:

            I don’t know if I trust a lawyer, let alone trust one’s ability to conduct an accurate study. But you said to name an instance. If we’re talking theory sure, I’m all for that, but one instance where it occurs is impossible to pin point

          • Already you’re starting off poorly. If you’re going to question my logic, then at least be logically consistent yourself. If the data is all that’s being displayed, which is all the study was, then there’s no reason to question the conductor of the study. All he did was take raw data accessible to anyone willing to go get it and compile it. You’re free to fact check it, I linked to his study in an article before the preseason.

            The request to name one instance was an attempt to show the rarity in which anything can be observed to fit the paradigm being put forth by Pat S and Prohabs. Unsurprisingly they failed spectacularly.


          • Trisomy 21 says:

            The lawyer thing was supposed to be a joke. Lawyer jokes get it? haha. However look at all scientific research, just because a study is done doesn’t mean they did it all accurately. So the study showed teams with more fighters have more injuries, does that mean that the fighter is getting injured and that counts towards the team? are they getting injuries from falling awkwardly into the boards or are they being attacked?

            Sorry AB but I don’t trust that study. Boston was 2nd lowest in man games lost to injuries last season and they were in second for fighting majors! Dallas is another great example. And then if you look at some of the other teams who have a high number of man games lost due to injury and high number of fighting majors, you can look at it as the people brought up to replace some of the injured players are just deadbolts who feel they need to fight to contribute.I forget the name of the guy in Pittsburgh who was a perfect example, but they did some airtime on him during the 24/7 series, maybe you can remember.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      That is where having Ryan White and Travis Moen in the lineup is supposed to be helping us. Their energy should feed the rest of the team to play bigger.

    • Mike Boone says:

      Hey, maybe they should make Laraque play the last year of his contract. Because that worked out SO WELL and everyone was safe during the four minutes per game that BGL was on the ice. What BS!

      Mike Boone
      Hockey Inside/Out blogger
      Gazette City columnist

      • ProHabs says:

        As much as Larocque didn’t do his job, having him in the lineup made a big difference to how the other teams played against us. Other players have admitted just that. Listen to Wade Belaks interview with Melnick on the Team 990 (the one he did a week before his death). He makes it pretty clear how different it was to face the Habs with LaRock in the lineup.

      • Habifax says:

        The only players I would say, in my 45+ years watching the habs, that would stop any cheap shots against the team would be John Ferguson and maybe Chris Nilan. I will throw in Larry Robinson as well although he hardly ever dropped the gloves when he did people noticed.

      • HardHabits says:

        Mr. Boone. If Laraque did his job like he was paid to do we’d be singing a different song. To the detriment of the Habs and their fans BGL went vegan and became a pacifist during his tenure as a Hab. Not to mention his claims that the coach held him back.

        In retrospect it was a worthless move and hurt the Habs more than it helped.

        I don’t want to see goons on the team or one-dimensional players that can only fight. I would love to have a player like the Rocket, or Lecavalier, or Inginla, that can score goals and bring it, or Pronger, Chara, or Robinson, that can police the D zone with authority.

        The idea that Henry is the answer is ludicrous though.

  38. HabinBurlington says:

    So I didn’t watch the game and haven’t read the posts have just read the TSN summary of the game.

    Firstly, feel bad for all our loyal Hab fans in the Halifax area who paid good money and outnumbered the Bruin fans. It is exhibition, but these fans shelled good money (which Montreal Season Ticket Holders do as well) and it was also their only chance to see the team. Too bad they didn’t get to see our team and too bad the team they saw evidently played poorly.

    I will hold fast on my mantra that this is preseason and doesn’t matter, having said that, our regulars better be ready for the start of reg. season, because our Coaching staff and Mgmt are telling us they will be. I don’t say this like I know better, but rather they have chosen to dress the league mandated min. NHL regulars virtually every game, that tells me/us that these games are more important for asssessing future talent than setting precedents for this coming season. I am okay with that, provided the team is ready is all.

    I think they will be, but it just flat out sucks that we are losing games meaningless or not. Just hate losing is the bottom line.

  39. riddler says:

    Don’t think that are demands on cuts. Just reality.
    Don’t think Price looked “solid” yet.
    I believe he will still be our best player This year tho.

  40. HabFanSince72 says:

    Peter Budaj had the 66th best save percentage in the NHL last year.

    The previous year he only played 15 games.

    The year before that(2008-2009) he had the 59th best save %age.

    Below 0.90 each time.

    But yeah he’s going to be alright.

    • since1988 says:

      I’m not going to say he will be good, but i remember reading somewhere that the Avs never had a full time goalie coach. So if this is the case maybe there is a chance he can improve slightly.

      β€œI savour it every day, sometimes before practice I’m skating around and I’ll look at the logo on my jersey – I’m playing for the Canadiens!”
      – Mathieu Darche

    • How about we calm down the reactionary hyperbole here eh? Budaj has obvious problems, yet so did Alex Auld. As a pro Budaj has never had a goalie coach, now he has a good one. He also played behind one of the worst teams in hockey the last several years.

      • HabinBurlington says:

        Andrew I don’t disagree that having a goalie coach will help him, but that is hardly an excuse for a veteran of years in the NHL. It is more telling of how cheap Colorado is. Hopefully Budaj has the talent, I thought early in his career he showed promise. But he has played plenty of NHL games in his career, either he is a good goalie or he isn’t. I think he is and I think a goalie coach will help him. But he can’t be held on a crutch because of a previous team’s choice to cut costs.

        • If you talk to professional goaltending gurus, it’s actually a pretty big deal. Goaltending is a constantly changing field that requires adaptation all the time. Little things that were off in Budaj’s game 3 years ago are worse today because he hasn’t had anyone coaching him to correct them. Fortunately almost everything that’s weak about his game is a fairly simple fix. If you have twitter, check out @thegoalieguild and ask him about Budaj. He’s watched him for years and thinks he could be a very good goalie.

  41. AK_PK_Usay says:

    Many have asked me how to spot a bad armchair analyst?

    While im no expert, i have some quick tips:

    1: when the team loses a meaningless exhibition/preseason match, they DEMAND cuts and to IMMEDIATELY field the full roster. To hell with rookie development, any win is a win, despite it costing us long term

    2: They feel 1 line + 1 more top 6 forward surrounded by juniors should be competitive, that 1 forward is even expected to shine with said 2 rookies or out of position, or ELSE..

    3: Price plays a solid game with abysmal rookie D leading to poor stats, said stats get POSTED REPEATEDLY

    This also applies to identifying trolls more or less

  42. HardHabits says:

    I am sure hoping the Habs are lowering expectations with the intention of exceeding them because regardless of the “excuses” they haven’t look good for any length of time this pre-season.

  43. Habifax says:

    I was at the Game too. Seemed to be about a 60 – 40 split in the fans in the Habs favor. Not a great game the B’s had way more NHL guys in the lineup so it looked tough from the start. But it is exhibition so a chance to see some youngsters at inflated prices. Booty looked bad but I not going to worry about this game at all. Hilite of the night was the 50/50 that was over 15 grand. No I didn’t win. This game means diddly squat.

  44. Propwash says:

    Know what? I’m not that upset about the loss at all

  45. Neutral says:

    it won’t be 7-3 when the Habs ice their real team. this is good training for the kids, Boston will be lucky to make the playoffs this year.

  46. novahab says:

    Its preseason no bigger.It is time for the cuts and JM to get this team ready for the Leafs. JM work on passing wow they still suck at making a pass and picking one up.

  47. novahab says:

    Just got home from the game and Budaj was bad real bad. The two kids look good wow Gallagher is special he should of had 3 goals tonight. That little idiot Marchand took a shot at him late in the game.

    • RGM says:

      Earlier too the little maggot stuck his stuck up between Kostitsyn’s legs after the play. This prompted me to say, “There’s Brad Marchand being a douchebag.” Entire row laughed.

      GO HABS GO! 2011-12 is our year!

  48. j2w4habs25 says:


    Carey Price #31

  49. LL says:

    Didn’t the Leafs win all their pre-season games last year?

    Just sayin’ as they say.

  50. RGM says:

    Just got home from the Metro Centre. Lost but who cares? They practically iced a full NHL squad – we had 2/3 of an NHL forward line and a lot of good young kids getting introduced to the Habs/Bruins rivalry. Budaj did not look good on at least 3 of the goals from my vantage point – how did they look on TV?

    Gallagher can speed like nobody’s business. The kid has the moves and was a real bright spot out there.

    Chara was booed lustily almost every time he touched the puck. Homeboy Marchand got a few cheers and the place got a bit silly when he scored. I did not spare an opportunity to voice my displeasure with the little maggot.

    I got a couple tweets from friends that they saw me & the Mrs. during the second intermission. We had the “Bring Down Boston” sign with RDS highlighted. If anybody can take a screencap from the game, that would be greatly appreciated.

    There were TONS of Carey Price jerseys outside. Far and away #1 in the hearts of Haligonians. I had my Cammalleri jersey, FWIW, and he was solidly in second place, with PK coming in third. A few Gionta jerseys here and there, a couple of Koivu, and even one dude in a barber pole Kostitsyn!

    That’s my quick thoughts – like I said, even with the loss we had a ton of fun.

    GO HABS GO! 2011-12 is our year!

  51. nova scotia vees says:

    Well, for $84. lower bowl and $64. for the upper, this was such a waste of money. Exh. games should be really cheap. I had a Press pass and wouldn’t go.
    But, I am PROUD of my fellow Nova Scotians for BOOING Chara everytime he touched the puck. Never forgive…never foget.

  52. HabFab says:

    Brian Wilde in a tweet out with some fans;

    I know MTL loves its #Habs but I hope you don’t love your Bulldogs, cause they’re going to do 100s of different kinds of sucking this year.

    Just compare previous year’s top Dogs to this year’s. A PK, a DD, a Patch higher level of player than this lot. #timewilltell

    The best #Habs prospects won’t be in HAM this year.

    Who stops the pucks at McIntyre/Sanford level? Who scores goals if/when Palushaj/Trotter are here? Hammer me in Dec. That’s prediction today

    And yes, Serious and Kevin from EOTP are involved.

  53. Habitant in Surrey says:

    so ? …WHAT does this PRESEASON tell Us ?
    …maybe ? …their prospects are ‘better’ than Ours ? …maybe ?
    …OR, maybe not

    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

  54. durocher says:

    I sympathize — to a point — with the idea that this is pre-season and these games are meaningless. The problem is that, if we accept this argument, it’s hard to stomach why other teams, who are also playing these meaningless, pointless games, are playing much better.

    If we were winning 10-0 in these games, yes the same mantra would apply that these games don’t count for anything. But we would at least be encouraged by the play of our squad relative to that of the opposition. When we lose, and by a bad margin to a rival, and have been losing, why isn’t it okay to express the opposite emotion or observation of discouragement?

    I just don’t see this as an either-or situation — either we accept it’s pre-season and don’t care much, or we overreact and go crazy.

    I think there is appropriate room for some concern based on what we’ve seen, but of course the world won’t end and the sky won’t fall on account of these games.

  55. Habitoban says:

    I know it’s pre-season, but is this the best that of these guys can come up with when they are competing for a job? How much more listless would they be if they actually got a job in the bigs! Terrifying.

  56. thrashhab says:

    ugggh! even though its preseason, still stings to lose to the BOOins!
    all hail st.patrick

  57. HabFab says:

    Interesting tidbit from Ellis made the 44th player we have dressed in the exhibition games so far.

  58. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …I’m curious once more …can You let Me know whether anyOne has mentioned yet that this is only the preseason ?
    …just curious is all

    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

  59. HabFab says:

    “sigh” Better then 8-1 and a beat down “sigh”

  60. Seps says:

    Its funny how people are all ripping on budaj and saying where is Auld, when last PRESEASON I remember someone by the name of Alex Auld getting lit up while having to listen to “Carey” chants in the crowd


  61. Michael says:

    Seriously though, how can anyone possibly give a damn about this?

  62. Toe Blake says:

    Forgive my bad memory, but didn’t I once say “preseason is for hippies?”

  63. timothy13 says:

    Wow, another terrible preseason for the beloved Habs. What can Price call his performance this time? Should we all just ‘chill’ like he said last year. I don’t know the preseason is about testing the waters with new players, granted, but it is also about BUILDING CONFIDENCE! Yet the Habs have always been about doing things the hard way and they must enjoy being humiliated because it happens several times each season. How many times were the Habs shut out last season? How many this season will they be shut out again? Can this squad score goals, skate, check, regroup in tough games, get great goaltending, check some more, bounce back and really play with conviction…..okay, the season is still a one and a half weeks away but the worry has already set in and I wonder how bad they can suck? Gad, I hope and pray not!@#$#$#$$#*(*(&?????!!!

  64. LL says:

    Poor Budaj, welcome to Montreal.

    • j2w4habs25 says:

      trade him back for alex auld! lol

      Carey Price #31

    • jo_maka says:

      I think he has Halak on speed dial.

      I for one would rather have the losing streak now than down the stretch. Montreal really is an operetta, you gotta love it πŸ™‚

      I think Diaz, given enough game, will prove better than LJV. Yemelin is trying something different it seems for every game. He was up front a lot today. Blunden is decent so far, he could be the dark horse for the 13th forward race. Palushaj will get a nod in case of an injury, not before.

      Gallagher, Beaulieu, Avtsin, Dumont. The future looks good.

      As for Budaj, he’ll soon realize that getting under that bus is the only Habs tradition more important than pretending to parler le francesssse.
      Open-mindedness is not a skull fracture

  65. j2w4habs25 says:

    isn’t it fun losing to the Bruins 7-3 in the pre season? πŸ™ 1-5 and one more game tomorrow. Interesting.

    Carey Price #31

  66. SeriousFan09 says:

    One more pre-season game of watching the future of the team, than we see the real team I imagine.

    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.
    SF09 on Twitter

    • punkster says:

      I’m getting a kick out of seeing these kids both the ones who step up and the ones who look nervous. They make mistakes, they learn from those mistakes and maybe, if they keep learning, they’ll get their shot at a roster spot one day. From this group of 25 or 30 we’ve seen so far we’ll likely see one or two of them called up during the season. Hopefully no more than that.

      ***Subbang Baby!!!***

  67. olematelot says:

    Wow, people sure are quick to throw certain players under the bus based on a meaningless preseason game. Preseason means absolutely nothing, nothing at all. It’s the time teams fill out their rosters, nothing else.

  68. riddler says:

    Ok. Water under the bridge.
    Make cuts. Settle down and get serious.
    Still. Would have liked to c more physical play from the young guns tonight.

  69. I hope tomorrow is the last time we see all these AHLers/ junior players in the pre-season. Habs need to work on their top 3 lines chemistry too.

  70. habsfan0 says:

    It’s just the pre season. Doesn’t concern me at all. What DOES worry me is this:
    Jacques Martin: 30 years NHL experience:0 Stanley Cups.
    Pierre Gauthier:30 years NHL experience:0 Stanley Cups.

    “What’s Past is Prologue” William Shakespeare.

  71. otter649 says:

    Get used to it I believe Budaji signed for two years……

  72. punkster says:





    The season that PREcedes the regular season.

    The season that allows us to PREview some of the future players.

    The teams PREpare, play their vets sparingly as a PREcaution, should not to be used to PREdict the coming season nor to PREcipicate thoughts of jumping off a PREcipice.


    ***Subbang Baby!!!***

  73. Danno says:



    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  74. Danno says:

    How many times have Habs hit the post tonight?

    Wasn’t it four?


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

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