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Alex Kovalev had a request for the horde of cameras, microphones and notebooks surounding him in the winning dressing room.

"Don’t ask me about Ovechkin," said the Russian sniper, whose 22nd goal capped a 4-0 Canadiens win.

"Talk about our team. We played great."

He had a point. The Canadiens got a solid effort from all four lines, the defence was outstanding and Cristobal Huet was brilliant, earning his 15th career shutout with 35 saves.

Ovechkin – OK, we have to talk about him a little – had four shots. But he was controlled in one-on-one situations by Mike Komisarek and Josh Gorges, both of whom contributed to a team defensive effort.

"I know he’s scored a lot of goals, but we do our job and it doesn’t matter who they have on their team," Kovalev said before he declared a moratorium on Ovechkin assessment.

Kovalev was impressed by Canaadiens’ effort in the second period, which has tended to be a team weakness this season.

"We’re learning from the past," he said. "We had a good second period, played 60 minutes and it paid off."

Kovalev said he may have sustained a broken thumb, but "I still have four fingers left."

Canadiens scored two power-play goals, one shorthanded and another at even strength. Kovalev said the team has taken "a long journey to get to the point where the guys are more confident with the puck."

"Sometimes we have to dump and chase," he added. "But I see a lot more guys who are comfortable, moving the puck around, making passes and making plays.

"When you have to skate hard for 60 minutes, you can get tired annd make mistakes. If you control the puck 60, 70 per cent of the time, it’s definitely a lot easier to play the game."



  1. teamplayer says:

    yeh the problem about the radio is that i cant hear much b/c its on my laptop

  2. Bean says:

    teamplayer it’s not quite as fun as watching it, but you can listen to the game online at just click the Listen Now link in the upper left-hand corner. The CJAD commentary isn’t half bad and the audio feed is really smooth.

    (Teach, hahaha, I warned ya, one of those days. The CJAD option might be one for your friend too, no?)

  3. teamplayer says:

    patty, i tried that link man and it aint working, the usual my p2p nhl i usually go with doesnt have the game either. This is good news though, cuz games i’m not able to watch are always outstanding for habs fans.
    can everyone keep me upto date unless there is another online link to watch the game?

  4. The Teacher says:

    Sorry, the internet! haha

  5. MatttheHabsFan says:


  6. Keith says:

    I take it Dandy’s sitting again same line-up as last game?

  7. teamplayer says:

    yeh its was run as part of a bunch of commercials, ya know the ones that “our part of our heritage”

  8. Bean says:

    Teach, the Net as Rogers SportsNet, or the Net as in the Internet?

    (forgive me, it’s been one of Those Days!)

    I can tell you it’s not on Sportsnet East, but I’m not sure if/where it’s being streamed online.

  9. PattyBoy31 says:

    youre in luck…maybe, i’m doing a first time try at streaming it, i have to go to hockey so my computer may crash and itll get cut off but its the best i can do…

    password = brandy

  10. The Teacher says:

    Anyone know if the Habs game is on the Net tonight? Have a friend who would like to know.

  11. TheCharles says:

    No coverage on TSN. Looks like it’s CJAD for me again :-(

  12. 24 Cups says:

    Habs-Kat – Based on your definitions, there will be quite a few Eeyore’s on this site if our Habs don’t win tonight:-)

    The Original 24 Cups

  13. 24 Cups says:

    Naila – True love travels down a gravel road. Hopefully, your long standing affection and dedication will be rewarded with a 25th Stanley Cup victory.

    The Original 24 Cups

  14. Keith says:

    Thank God the “show” is back on after the All Star Follies from the weekend. I think it’s time for the Habs to put on a home winning streak starting tonight 😉

  15. 24 Cups says:

    This guy is a defenseman who plays like a forward for half of the game. And we’re not talking Dandy here!

    The Original 24 Cups

  16. Naila Jinnah says:

    1998 was the year I fell in love with the Habs!

  17. 24 Cups says:

    Melrose is a distant cousin of Glenn Healy. It’s no wonder he’s dropped his prediction of the Rangers winning the Cup and he’s totally dreaming if he thinks San Jose is getting past Detroit or Anaheim.

    The Original 24 Cups

  18. nightmare_49 says:

    Plek A – Yeh, but that’s not fair , cuz Kovy probably told you that , you are Habs Inside/Out’s personal “Insider” lol.

  19. Moey says:

    Thanks guys, dopey ole me. But I do recall reading that Winnie was an actual pet bear of a Canadian solider in the 1940’s. He was named after Winnipeg. When the soldier shipped out, Winnie was put in a zoo. Okay enough of that.

    Are we winning tonight? I say Habs 5-3.

  20. G-Man says:

    You got that right, DYCSoccer17. Love to see all the great predictions by the “knowledgable” hockey people being flushed down the tubes. First, Brian Wilde on CTV in Montreal said 12th for the Habs. Last Saturday, he ate crow live on tv, acknowledging what the whole management team and the players have accomplished so far. Now, Melrose. If only we could believe like Melrose, except with a happier ending.


  21. Habs-Kat says:

    Tigger is bouncy and always seems to be excited and happy. Eeyore, on the other hand, is dull, gloomy, depressed, and pessimistic.

  22. Mattee. says:

    Eeyore is known to be a little bit of a pessimist whereas Tigger is happy, springy and all in all optimistic. basically…:)

  23. G-Man says:

    Wouldn’t it be more fun to be Piglet, Mike? That way you can stutter wh-wh-when the Habs take 2 tonight. :)


  24. Moey says:

    Okay Mike, I’m a little thick today, I don’t get the Winnie the Pooh reference.

    Anbody care to explain?

  25. Mattee. says:

    As much as I love the habs, I cannot help but enjoy Ovechkin’s game. That guy is fantastic and you can tell that he loves the game for the game. “Money’s money”.

  26. Mattee. says:

    I hate the wait between one game and the next, or even worse; one season to the next.

  27. Plek-Andrew says:

    Plek-Andrew said Brodeur’s old ass would choke. he did.

    Go plek-Andrew!

  28. Mattee. says:

    “Wikipedia is the best thing ever. Anyone in the world can write anything they want about any subject, so you know you are getting the best possible information.” – Michael Scott, The Office.

    I Heart “System.”

  29. MatttheHabsFan says:

    Trades and free agents are an important part of it. I think Ian does make a relevant point that building within is of utmost importance, especially in the salary cap era. Look at the Wings, and even the Sens. Zetterberg, Holmstrom, Datsyuk, Lidstrom, Alfie, Spezza, Heatley (acquired for Hossa who they drafted). Building a dynasty is done through the draft (Detroit), not through free agency (NYR). Give the kids a full year to develop and hopefully the team will become legitimate contenders. At that point, if there is a logjam of high-end prospects who will not have a spot on the team, trade one or two for that missing peice. I can see such a situation potentially developing at D for Montreal. We have a tonne of excellent young D, and maybe in a year or two we can turn that into a scoring winger, or whatever the need may be at that time. For now though, I hope Timmins, Gainey and co. continue to build from within.

  30. Habs-Kat says:

    Ack, I hate the wait between game time and getting home after school.

  31. MikeL says:

    Saying that nobody is going anywhere and that there will be no trades….well i think that’s a bit premature. The trade deadline is about a month away…lots can happen between that time. I’d say there is little to no chance of Ryder finishing the year here.

  32. nightmare_49 says:

    If i remember correctly ,mate , everybody was writing about Brodeur’s magic and the winless streak against the Devils before that game , i could be wrong ,

  33. DYCSoccer17 says:

    I don’t know if anyone saw this on or not, but Barry Melrose has updated his Stanley Cup picks. Before the season started, he picked the Rangers to make the Cup Finals. He recently changed his mind:

    I hate these sorts of jinxes. What happened last year after the main stream media started talking about us? Oh yea, we went in the tank. I hope that it doesn’t happen again this year, although I wouldn’t be too surprised if it did. Koivu needs to take a page out of Kovalev’s book (this year) and he needs to start leading on the ice.

  34. coutNY says:

    Except against the Devils…

  35. Bouleau noir says:

    Drafting and players developpement are but parts of the whole enchilada,… trading and free agents aquisitions are equally as relevant… its all about getting more successfull results than the contrary with any and all of them.

  36. nightmare_49 says:

    Everytime HI/O siters start beating their chest about our Habs we come up with a bummer.

  37. drecha says:

    I don’t think it is possible for “Big O” to get tired. I am sure he will be primed tonight.

    The tank is full, now let’s map the route for the drive to 25!!

  38. Ian G Cobb says:

    Sure hopes he sneaks into one of Komiseric”s thunderous knock downs.

  39. Ian G Cobb says:

    O darn! RDS only to-night, I’ll have to go out to watch this WIN,!

    Sure hope the Big O is tired from playing all-star.!

  40. Ian G Cobb says:

    I think we will blow them right out of the water tonight. The Big O will get his point to-night, but we will beat them by 3.

    Also this team will stay together, nobody is going anywhere, and for sure we won’t be bringing any one in to upset this chemistry. We have the horses now to get us deeper into the playoffs than most folks believe.

    Some of you are making up these wild fantasy trades. I suppose it is just another way of enjoying. But remember the day of the cap and developing your own is the new reality.

  41. roadrunner says:

    Habs have better goaltending and defence than Washington. The offence still hasn’t peeked in my opinion. The Canadiens have a bad habit of playing at a lower level against weaker teams. Not sure but I think alot of the losses have come against bottom feeders. With all the young guns coming up through the system, it’s really hard to tell how good this team is.

  42. MatttheHabsFan says:

    I think Mike was referring to Gainey’s comments made in his mid-year review press conference. Since that time I think Pleks and Laps have both picked up their faceoff %, and Chips with his 43% ratio is now in the minors. I saw BG’s comments more as a wake-up call to some of the guys on the team of how important he feels this aspect of the game is.

  43. Mike says:

    hes going to hire perrault and ask him to coach our boys instead of play? what? lol jk

  44. arcosenate says:

    win or lose, the way these two teams are playing, it should be pretty entertaining. i have a funny feeling saku is about to pick his game up a notch in the second half. anyone see the comment by gainey that the only change he would make is to pick up a face off specialist?

  45. howtathor says:

    Who’s Toby? I think the Komi/Marky duo can shut down Ovetchkin and co. tonight. Their defensive game is a bit lacking so hopefully we can put some points on the board. Time to turn the home advantage around!

  46. mbplekfan says:

    Anybody heard how Dandy is taking the news?

    He will demand a trade by the weekend, unless bob has already told him it is coming.

  47. Mike says:

    The keys to this game will be skating hard, puck possesion and TRAFIC IN FRONT OF THEIR NET. This is a major issue that the habs tend to forget.

  48. drecha says:

    Thank god hockey is back!!! I am geeked for the game tonight, I would like to see them get three points out of the home and home series, but I would settle for 2. This team is no longer the Crapitals of old, Boudreau has this team firing on all cylinders, so they better not take them lightly, we also know how primed Ovechkin gets when playing in Montreal, so the first goal is key in this one. Hope you all enjoy the game!! Should be a good one!

    The tank is full, now let’s map the route for the drive to 25!!

  49. JF says:

    I’d be satisfied with a split against Washington, more than satisfied with 3 points. Since Bruce Boudreau took over, they’ve become a very good team, and I think they’re poised to take the lead in their division. As for Ovechkin, he has to be the most exciting and dynamic player in the League. That being said, if we can minimize his impact, get behind their defense and create traffic in front of their goaltender, we have a good chance. I just hope the all-star nonsense will not have caused us to lose any of the momentum we had gained in the last couple of weeks.

  50. mprdft says:

    I believe goaltending depth is one of the reasons he cited even.

  51. HabsFanInUSA says:

    Me too… Melrose said last season, on December 28, that he thought the Habs would win the East. I’m sure we all remember how that turned out.

    But, on the bright side, if Huet were to get injured this year we wouldn’t be relying on Aebischer down the stretch. That can only help.

  52. mprdft says:

    On, Barry Melrose picked a Sharks v. Habs Cup Final. That disturbs me a little, but also interesting.

  53. RH says:

    Six Degrees of Seperation? How about the guy who does Eeyore’s voice,(Peter Cullen), being from Montreal? Huh? Huh? Is this out of left field or what? BTW, I got that info from Wikepedia so, it COULD be wrong.

  54. Rugger says:

    3 1/2 hours to go, this break is way too long. Move it to after the season like the NFL. No one watches that one either.

  55. likehoy says:

    i’m just taking a look at it statistically…

    season 1 he had an overall point total of 45 points in 78 games…

    season 3 every single fan was ready to run him out of town…if he gets 45 points we will yet again run him out of town…we are fickle…look at the treatment that half the forum gives koivu…i’m seriously just trying to make a point that anything can happen and we shouldn’t just jump on the bandwagon this year then next year say “I told you he would suck.”

  56. The Teacher says:

    Key point. “This season”

  57. doug says:

    this guy is not vlad malakhov. i think he’s turned the corner and will be a leader as long as we treat him like one. burying hard feelings from last year is not easy to do – and he did it after his discussion with gainey, etc. both sides were mature and the habs have benefited from a wise g.m. and a coach/star player who are willing to forgive the past.

  58. The Teacher says:

    So far. you must forgive the scepticism.

  59. doug says:

    skepticism – it’s spelled with a “k”, as in “kovalev”, teach 😉

  60. likehoy says:


    so far lets recap kovalevs 4 seasons with us

    season 1..3 points in 12 games ==> bad year
    season 2…65 points in 69 games ==> good year
    season 3… 47 points in 73 games ==> bad year
    season 4…on pace for 75 points in 82 games ==> good year

    season 5…looks like crap

    on again off again. so if this pattern is any indication…kovy’s going to have an off year next year. Trade the guy :) jk

    don’t jump the gun and sign this guy to a huge extension…komisarek and higgins need huge extensions…kovalev needs to be like selanne and dedicate himself to us and re-sign for 1 year deals so he can maintain his level of production. PLUS over 35…if a player retires…his salary counts against the cap NO MATTER WHAT…every single year of his contract.

  61. mrstewart61 says:

    It can be spelled both ways. 😉

  62. The Teacher says:

    That’s what i had it at originally, but the stupid red line made me doubt myself!!!



    I’m a skeptic about this whole spell-check stuff. AHAHA

    Red lines, red lines.

    Mr. Stewart is right, both ways are correct.

  63. Cousin Al says:

    Bad call, Likehoy. Your season 1 (12 games) was far too short to pass judgment and he was excellent in the playoffs that year. In season 3 (last year) he played for a rookie coach who mistreated him and, he played hurt all year, yet never used it as an excuse for his lack of production. He is the perfect player/leader to complement our team’s youth over the next few seasons.

  64. teamplayer says:

    i dont think your right. if we sign him for 10 yrs and he retires after 1 season, we dont get hit with 9 seasons against our cap. I believe the only way we would get hit for those 9 seasons is if he retired due to an injury

    p.s. im not saying sign him for 10 yrs cuz thats just ridiculous

  65. teamplayer says:

    where are these red lines for spell check that youre getting?

  66. likehoy says:

    “When a player aged 35 or older signs a multi-year contract, his average salary is counted against the team’s salary cap during every year of the contract, even if the player retires before the contract is up.”

    that’s the official rule according to

  67. zamboni says:

    “Kovalev said the team has taken “a long journey to get to the point where the guys are more confident with the puck.”

    “Sometimes we have to dump and chase,” he added. “But I see a lot more guys who are comfortable, moving the puck around, making passes and making plays.

    “When you have to skate hard for 60 minutes, you can get tired annd make mistakes. If you control the puck 60, 70 per cent of the time, it’s definitely a lot easier to play the game.”

    That is the biggest reason why this team is doing much better, puck possession and control.
    Now who on this team doesn’t fit the mold?

  68. Chorske says:

    Seriously, the camparison with Malakhov made below doesn’t stand up. Kovy has been playing his ass of every night. He always shows up. He plays hard, he skates circles, and look at him sticking his upper body in front of that Poti shot. Sacrificing the body for the play and then playing with the pain.

    I can’t begin to say how impressed I am with the total turnaround in attitude, team spirit, and work in general. I don’t think this is a one-season thing. Like others have commented before me, it’s clear that he’s repurposed himself, committed himself.

    Either way, he is a treat, and I can’t blame him for being pissed that the focus is on Ovechkin, rather than the Habs. The Habs don’t get much respect: we’re below the Leafs loss on the sports page at and not even on the front page at this despite shutting out a streaking, hot, talented team.

  69. teamplayer says:

    on trade topic: glen sather is trying to get rid of malik. whats everybody think of this player, he is a ufa after the season would cost .950 against the cap, good defensive defensemen, great shootout move, but has been scratched a few times this year and is not happy at all in new york.

    sather is looking to get a top 4 defensemen for him???? which is insane for a ufa whose having a horrible season, just wondering what would you give up to get him or should gainey try to get him next season for how much?

  70. 24 Cups says:

    I wondered about Malik too, mainly because of his size. But there is something definitely wrong with this guy and how he’s not fitting in with the Rangers, both on and off the ice. And this is with a team that is desperate for some good defensemen. O’Byrne will be back in a few weeks. So the question would become who would you sit to make room for Malik,. Streit? Gorges? Boullion? It won’t beO’Byrne because he would have to go back to Hamilton to open up a roster spot for Malik. I think we should pass.

    The Original 24 Cups

  71. Chorske says:

    Sorry about the quadruple post of this yesterday, folks. My computer had issues.

  72. Bouleau noir says:

    The narrow north-american rink, the dillution of skills du to expansion and the permissive hooking mentality of the pre-NewLNH standard all combined in creating a monster with two heads,… the trap on one side and the dump and shase on the other…. ” the greatest game on hearth ” !…. absolutely not.

    Then came the New Regulations,… on one hand it made the trap an innefective and porous strategy with no futur and on the other it allowed more of the skillfull but “undersized” young players to be promoted from the minor to the NHL.

    CAR and BUFF were the first teams in the East to fully explore the offensive potential of the NewNHL while the CH had remained conservativelly driven,… the re-signing of Pierre Dagenais by Gainey and overuse of old formulas (trap + dump and shase) by Julien are but two examples that can attest to that.

    Last year despite the change of coaching upon entering our second season in the newNHL,…. our game worsonned while our dysfonctionality when on increasing… were was our speed ? our creativity ? all that was was left of our team towards the end of that season was a bunch of players that had zero confidence with their puck handling habilitys.

    I think the CH were poised to do better then they did upon entering the newNHL,… they already had the solid creative and skillfull elements with the Koivu’s, the Kovalev’s, the Ribeiro’s and had a pletoria of newNHL approved talents landed to them by the previous organisation (Andre Savard),… Plekanec, Higgins, A.Kostsitsyn, Komisarek, Perezhogin…. I think that our organisation has failed to provide this group of talents all the supportive and strategic elements they needed to shine at a brither light during our first two seasons in the newNHL.

    Despite the reluctance and the hurdles, our players habilitys and confidence with the puck have managed to progress,.. ” a long journey ” as said Kovalev,… he went on defiling the ‘dump and shase’ scenario as a counterproductive stategy and an hindrance against the better alternatives that the passing and the playmaking habilitys is able to provide a team,… this lecture by Kovalev needed be heard…. for the good of hockey and that of our franchise in particular.

  73. likehoy says:

    missing the game tonight…but my friend’s got front row tickets right in the corner…i expect him to be banging the glass every time someone’s grinding in the corner…haha.

  74. Chuck says:

    Tell him that’s really annoying.


    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  75. Lee_D says:

    I’ll be way up in the whites tonight! Then I’ll be there next Thursday to see our Habs *knock on wood* beat the Laughs!


  76. Les-Habitants says:

    These are big games, especially against a hungry, dare-we say playoff team?, washington squad…
    then there’s the game against ottawa next week, which will be a HUGE statement game…maybe not as big as winning against new jersery (like Boone suggested, i’m still riding that high a little bit), but with the Habs now officially trying to catch them, and ottawa trying to maintain they are still the gold standard of the east, it’ll be interesting…

    You may be Eeyore, but I have a great feeling about the habs. Pre-Allstar hockey is done, it’s time for the real stuff. Go Habs Go

  77. Xtrahabsfan says:

    Sean Avery for Ryder?

  78. Cable Guy says:

    why would any team want ryder?

  79. likehoy says:

    i’d do it in a heart-beat

  80. MatttheHabsFan says:

    No thanks. We don’t need that pest messing up team chemistry and bringing negative attention to the hockey club.

  81. howtathor says:

    need someone who can score a la Tanguay or Hossa or JP Dumont.

  82. Rugger says:


    Glad to see you are not feeling good about tonight’s game – The Habs do better when you think they won’t.

  83. likehoy says:

    west coast note

    tsn fantasy rates craig rivet as the norris candidate from the SJ sharks and rivet is playing an integral part in their run for the playoffs. But I don’t miss him and his blunders.

  84. J.T. says:

    Which says something about the depth of San Jose’s defence, which in turn is why I expect them to be shopping for D at the deadline again this year.

  85. J.T. says:

    Pin that tail back on, Eeyore. Our guys won’t win every game between now and April, but they’re a good team. It won’t be easy, but our team isn’t easy either. As much as some of us fear playing Ottawa, or Jersey or the Rangers or the Caps…other teams fear the Habs just as much. I’m not exactly Tiggerish, but I’m a fairly contented Pooh so far.

  86. Bouleau noir says:

    Good question CG,..

    Ryder is UFA this summer,.. teams ready to spend for a rental need production NOW,.. not next year.

    Ryder is riding on the worst season of his carreer and has nothing to offer this year…. things might change and I shure hope it does because he is not going anywhere and we definitly could use some additional fire power for the last chapter of the season.

  87. MatttheHabsFan says:

    With Ryder struggling the way he has, being an UFA makes him more valuable then if his contract extended through next year. Want team would want to take a risk on him for $2.9M next year based on his production this year. Not all fans outside of Montreal hold such a low opinion of the guy, he is after all a two-time 30-goal man. Supposedly Dallas has had some interest in him…that being said, rumour sites are wrong 99% of the time.

  88. showey47 says:

    2 french refs tonight i hope cage rattler doesn’t see this because we will not hear the end of it.

  89. Chorske says:

    Whoa, that’s a chippy game between the Rangers and Hurricanes. Avery, 27 penalty minutes on one play. Not bad.

  90. showey47 says:

    ah crap i just thought of that

  91. The Teacher says:

    Boone, the former first line was reunited last game.

  92. showey47 says:

    how come our fourth line gets more scoring chances than saku’s line?

  93. Shawn S says:

    I didn’t realize it until maguire said it. But we are just a fantastic passing team. Just tape to tape. Beautiful to watch.

  94. the_vipah says:

    Wow some sick pressure by the Habs right now. Could easily be 3-0.

    Passing, skating and hitting. We look like a hockey team.

  95. the_vipah says:



  96. The Teacher says:


    btw, All you have to repeat to rattle-head tomorrow is that two French referees did not call an obvious penalty that prevented a sure goal.

  97. MikeL says:

    Anyone else notice the adjustment Huet has made to open laned shots? Instead of going down in the butterfly, he now plays it almost like a traditional stand up goalie. I think this is a great adjustment that he has made as a result of letting in long shots in the past.

  98. Keith says:

    Man, RDS showing Komi just destroying Ovechkin :-)

  99. showey47 says:

    not sure about that call sergei tries to throw a hit and semin tries to jump to get out of the way. Did anyone see sergei throw a knee that i missed?

  100. the_vipah says:

    Wow dive number two by Semin.


  101. showey47 says:

    its funny how semin sold that he was hurt but was out to start the powerplay

  102. Chorske says:

    Arggh, BEGIN. Repeat from NJ.

  103. the_vipah says:


    Dont dive you stupid little bitch.

  104. MikeL says:


  105. NLhabsfan says:

    That hurts especially after that FAKE dive!!!

  106. Habs-Kat says:

    I’m speechless.

  107. Chorske says:

    The real deal. I continue to be impressed.

  108. showey47 says:

    there is some justice, nice goal

  109. Steiner says:

    are these really my canadiens!?

  110. Chorske says:

    LOL, who was it wondering whether Sergei was ready to play at the NHL level?

    Oh, yeah… that was ME. I stand corrected.

  111. Chorske says:

    Yeah, I keep worrying someone is going to pinch me.

  112. the_vipah says:


    Complete domination.

  113. linp says:

    Go Habs Go!!!

  114. MatttheHabsFan says:

    why oh why do i have an exam tomorrow…sounds like im missing a good one so far

  115. teamplayer says:

    finally koivu! he’s all about the 2nd half, thats why im holding onto him in my pool

  116. Habs-Kat says:

    Home ice advantage is back :)

  117. Chorske says:

    Begin redeems himself. Just like in NJ… he should take a bad 5 on 3 penalty every game.

  118. MatttheHabsFan says:

    good call…

  119. Sehs says:

    the trend continues, as long as i stay clear of precious HD hockey and just follow hio, theres an endless stream of goals.

  120. the_vipah says:

    To the people who were saying that Huet is not a #1 in this league.

    Get a clue.

  121. roadrunner says:

    speed kills…

  122. HabFab says:

    AHHHHH!!! I am stuck eating dinner for my 1 year anniversary at my girlfriends house!! We are listen to it on the radio, but I keep getting in trouble for not paying attention to her!
    Why tonight has to be the 29th of January I do not know!
    Thank you Mike for blogging the games, I can feel like I am kinda almost watching this!

  123. Chris says:

    Its alright. Everybody gets the odd mulligan. :)

  124. drecha says:

    That is how a team should play at home! Great first period, but let’s not let up, these guys have the skill necessary to stage a comeback. I really enjoyed that period, but it the dying seconds they seemed to let up a bit, that cannot continue into the next period, they have to come out with the same fire they came out with in the first. Enjoy the rest!!!

    The tank is full, now let’s map the route for the drive to 25!!

  125. NoTinFoilCups says:

    Hey Sergei’s got a mean streak, love it, hope it rubs off. Maybe he’ll line up Ovy for a body slam. Somebody needs to put the guy flat on his arse.

  126. Moey says:

    Mike was right about the shootout in the Atlanta game being life changing for Huet. He’s been solid as a rock ever since. It’s like the whole team has had an epiphany. Long may it last.

  127. drecha says:

    It has only been one year with your girlfriend, I am sure you were with the habs much longer!! Where is your HEART really?

    The tank is full, now let’s map the route for the drive to 25!!

  128. Shawn S says:

    Cmon Kovy! Hopefully he can just walk it off. HE looks to be in alot of pain though.

  129. Chorske says:

    Just the one?! I was also calling for Carbo’s head as recently as December.

  130. drecha says:

    Hope it is not broke!
    The tank is full, now let’s map the route for the drive to 25!!

  131. the_vipah says:

    Huet saving our asses in period # 2.

    Probably annoyed he wasn’t in the all-star game.

  132. Steiner says:

    they’re moving so fast i dont even know whats going on anymore.

  133. the_vipah says:

    This is probably the best game I have ever in my entire life seen Kovi play. Wow.

  134. drecha says:

    Please do not remind me! I wanted to drive to Montreal and kick his a$$ that day!

    The tank is full, now let’s map the route for the drive to 25!!

  135. Keith says:

    I’m sold on the New and Improved Kovalev this season. I was ready to see him go after last year. I’m glad he proved me wrong. Amazing turnaround.

  136. yathehabsrule says:

    words heard on CJAD tonight: Beaver, Semin, shot, Johnson, kosTITSyn, Ryder, “pounds it”…. If I had an audio recorder that could go the whole game I could really have fun editing!

  137. drecha says:

    The tank is full, now let’s map the route for the drive to 25!!

  138. Habs-Kat says:

    Ooo, Brent Johnson with absolute larceny!

  139. linp says:

    One player we can do without. It is Ryder. He has no emotion and he is not physical. Simply put, he is useless.

  140. teamplayer says:

    hey mike, why they boo the kiss-cam winners? was she that ugly?

  141. Habs-Kat says:

    We don’t get many of those calls in our favour :)

  142. Chorske says:

    Let’s get another one, lads.

  143. Sulemaan says:

    Another goal. Please.

  144. teamplayer says:

    i think you mean 50 shots and counting

  145. drecha says:

    Huet is in the ZONE tonight!!

    The tank is full, now let’s map the route for the drive to 25!!

  146. drecha says:

    Johnson has settled in aswell
    The tank is full, now let’s map the route for the drive to 25!!

  147. Moey says:

    I can’t believe those friggin fans at the Bell Centre are booing Ryder, even when we’re doing well they find something to boo about. Bunch of idiots.

  148. NLhabsfan says:

    I agree….!!

  149. drecha says:

    Then they wonder why nobody wants to sign there.

    The tank is full, now let’s map the route for the drive to 25!!

  150. Derek says:

    Definitely an intense game. Keep is up Les Boys!

  151. Gooner says:

    And he is not playing that bad. he picked up an assist on the power play goal and has made a couple of hits

  152. whitecat says:

    I agree too

  153. VladIsMyDad says:

    Freaking love Huet.

  154. Chorske says:

    I triple the motion. I HATE the booing. It is cheap and mean and stupid.

    Seriously, best fans in the world, in every respect EXCEPT that one.

  155. whitecat says:

    I love Mikes’ typos during a game ….thank God for spellcheck for the Gazette column LMAO :)

  156. Chorske says:

    Hmm, your man Metropolit is sitting on a game winning goal over in Boston.

  157. howtathor says:

    What a display!!! Sound defence, speedy offense, man that Kovy is amazing! and the supporting cast ain’t too shabby…and the award goes to….Cristobal Huet (Hoo – Wet)

  158. Derek says:

    Not to be a pessimist or something… but I’m hoping Dandenault gets back in action and latendresse sits…. Lats hasn’t been good lately at all.

  159. Moey says:

    Shame on you, the poor guy has a speech impediment :)

  160. drecha says:

    All four lines are giving it their all tonight!! This is a TEAM no hot shots, no hogs, speed passing and pressure, I love watching this team this year! It has been too long since I have enjoyed this team like this! Enjoy the third everyone!

    The tank is full, now let’s map the route for the drive to 25!!

  161. Sulemaan says:

    They need to clamp down on the shots in the 3rd period like we did against the Devils not too long ago.

  162. whitecat says:

    my biggest wish Kovalev isn’t seriously injured :S other than that it’s all good ! GO HABS GO!

  163. showey47 says:

    powerplay boys, get the pleky line out there and lets put this one to bed

  164. Habs-Kat says:

    One of Higgin’s biggest strengths is his ability to turn on the jets at any given moment and shift momentum in his feet. His skating is awesome.

  165. drecha says:

    Last nail in the coffin?? Please!!

    The tank is full, now let’s map the route for the drive to 25!!

  166. RS says:

    Maybe it’s time for Gainey to say something about that. You know, sure the fans pay their money and Ryder is struggling to score BUT the guy is trying out there.

  167. MPWRD42 says:

    Although we’re allowing quite a few shots, Huet is seeing everything and we’re doing a good job of clearing the slot and front of the net (of both bodies and rebounds). Keep it up boyz.

    p.s. My first post – glad to be aboard. I’ve been monitoring the boone blog most of the season and finally decided to join!

  168. Shawn S says:

    Probably not many raptor fans in the house, but :O @ that shot by anthony parker. Crazy!

  169. showey47 says:

    why doesn’t anyone want to shoot the puck?

  170. Habs-Kat says:

    I’ll catch it on TSN tonight 😉

  171. drecha says:

    I hate to sound greedy, but another goal would be wonderful!

    The tank is full, now let’s map the route for the drive to 25!!

  172. Shawn S says:

    They have my attention now because the game is in OT. Otherwise my eyes are firmly planted on RDS. I feel like im cheating on a gf.

  173. drecha says:


    The tank is full, now let’s map the route for the drive to 25!!

  174. HabFab says:

    Knock on wood Jinxy McJinxerson!!!

  175. showey47 says:

    its not being greedy, like myself you probably haven’t forgotten the nashville game

  176. drecha says:

    I thought that was just a nightmare!

    The tank is full, now let’s map the route for the drive to 25!!

  177. Habs-Kat says:

    I just switched 😛

  178. Habs-Kat says:

    Our Canadiens look pretty good when they play 60 minutes of hockey.

  179. showey47 says:

    kovy line just dominates every time they are on the ice. i wish koivu’s line would play the same, the only time that line plays in the offensive end is on the powerplay.

  180. drecha says:

    I love Plucky’s line! Nobody can stop them!!

    The tank is full, now let’s map the route for the drive to 25!!

  181. Habs-Kat says:

    It looks like game over now, six points down. But much crazier things have happened in the sport of basketball.

  182. Moey says:

    Love Kovi tonight, full of pi#s and vinegar!!!

  183. Chorske says:

    I dunno, I’ve heard the whole ‘fans pay money’ argument but it doesn’t wash. I can’t imagine why we think that spending 200$ allows you to behave like a mob. I get booing a team, I think, but booing one guy sucks.

    I like to think we’re classier than your average hockey crowd, but maybe I’m thinking back to the days when the bottom 30 rows at the Forum were populated by folks in suits.

  184. Moey says:

    You’re bang on, now it’s inhabited by the trailer park boys.

  185. Shawn S says:

    yep game over. I guess we owed them one after mo pete broke their hearts last year. Back to the habitant.

  186. P St. Pierre says:

    Ahh, just got home from work. Looks like Les Canadiens are on a roll again. I love the Pleks line, they move the puck so well.

  187. linp says:

    Ovechkin passes to Kovy. LOL!

  188. Habs-Kat says:

    Team Russia’s gonna be good in 2010 😉

  189. MPWRD42 says:

    Interesting stat – Habs are second in league in total team hits. They are no longer the soft team they used to be in past years which was always a knock on them (guess we can thank Komisaurus, Tom the Bomb, and Begin leading the charge in that respect)… plus they have great speed. Luv watching this team!

  190. Chorske says:

    Thanks for that. I saw a great Komisaurus montage on one of the video sites, if I find it I’ll post it. He has absolutely SMOKED a few guys.

  191. P St. Pierre says:


  192. MPWRD42 says:

    I agree with Boone’s comment regarding Koivu’s line in our own end – I get nervous as they seem to spend too much time getting bottled up in there (Ryder is especially too soft in his own end). Nevertheless, the line is starting to come on offensively – Koivu is playing better and Higgins is working like a demon (my only complaint with this line is that Ryder seems to have gotten complacent since being promoted back up and isn’t working as hard as he used to – put SK back there!)

  193. Habs-Kat says:

    They do a lot of stick swivelling and standing around in the defensive zone. Very weak.

  194. zamboni says:

    He’s only there till trade deadline , if we’re lucky to ship him by then, great for us, if not, he’ll be dropped from the first line.
    He’s truly a weak link almost on any line, I’d be surprised if he even dresses up after the trade deadline, (baring miracles).

  195. P St. Pierre says:

    I like S. Kostitsyn at the point on the second wave. He has great vision and knows how to pass. Actually, I just love the kid’s all round game. He’s got an edge that is nice to see for such a small player.

  196. Chris says:

    Yikes…he’s listed as 5’11” and 196 pounds as a 20 year old. I don’t really consider that especially small, especially if you consider how solidly built he is. He was a horse in the OHL, and never looked particularly small on the ice. But the edge IS an added bonus…he was only starting to show flashes of it in the OHL when he went to play with Hamilton, but he was also pretty busy putting 130+ points on the board. :)

  197. drecha says:

    70 shots and counting!

    The tank is full, now let’s map the route for the drive to 25!!

  198. Chorske says:

    LOL, no, but these are pretty good! I’d prefer “AC/DC” over the “titanic” music in these videos, tho. But there are some HUGE hits on this. I’ll try to find the link and post it.

  199. MatttheHabsFan says:

    oh wow…i had the volume off…ac/dc makes a lot more sense

  200. The Teacher says:

    Hahahaha, he knows we love to see him hit tucker. He MUST!

  201. MPWRD42 says:

    Whole team has played well, but 1st star has to be Huet – great saves, hardly any rebounds (and we clear the few there are).

  202. MPWRD42 says:

    p.s. outside of the 5-3 we gave up, the team has been incredibly well disciplined tonight – barely any penalties… I don’t have a count, but have we had to kill any since the 1st?

  203. MatttheHabsFan says:

    Nope. Good discipline

  204. showey47 says:

    they should play lapierres line instead of koivu’s to finish the powerplay, they have played alot better tonight and deserve it. Even the fourth line has played better and created more scoring chances than saku’s line/

  205. the_vipah says:


    Koivu scored.

    Why slap him in the face by playing the 4th line.

    Luckily you aren’t the coach.

  206. Moey says:

    And like I said folks, somebody always finds something to complain about.

  207. Habs-Kat says:

    I’ll tell you what, the Canadiens have really made apparent the Caps’ youth and inexperience tonight.

  208. MatttheHabsFan says:

    But i thought we were young and inexperienced too? I guess we are just a little better:)

  209. Habs-Kat says:

    Bruce Boudreau doesn’t look like he has much presence behind the bench.

  210. drecha says:

    ET LE BUT!!

    The tank is full, now let’s map the route for the drive to 25!!

  211. Shawn S says:

    Asketh and you shall recieve.

  212. Keith says:

    YESSSS!!!! Another one in the books. Great team effort!!



    Come :-)

  213. linp says:

    Can I say the word shutout now.

  214. drecha says:


    The tank is full, now let’s map the route for the drive to 25!!

  215. HabFab says:

    okay I am going to say it without fear of jinx…SHUTOUT! so happy he got it. Always so close…

  216. Keith says:


  217. Chorske says:

    FORTY shots?!

  218. TheCharles says:


  219. drecha says:

    40 to 35
    The tank is full, now let’s map the route for the drive to 25!!

  220. showey47 says:

    habs wins and laffs lose in regulation, i love it and sundin is whining to the ref along with tucker

  221. RS says:

    He’s been doing something right (maybe not tonight).

  222. NLhabsfan says:

    Love the way Ovechkin: was checked tonight.

  223. PattyBoy31 says:

    sorry guys about the streaming link. I just got in, and my browser had crashed again, but I’ll try to get it working good for next game if anyone wants me to.

    but HABS WON!!! so that makes up for it!!!

  224. RS says:

    Leafs, Rangers, Islanders all lose. Nice.

  225. MPWRD42 says:

    Awesome game – let’s give ’em some of the same Thursday nite.

    p.s. Anybody notice Samsonov scored again tonight? Then again the better question is – does anybody care? :-)

  226. Forlando says:

    Great game by Huet…one question: when do you guys think Carbo will play Halak?

  227. doug says:

    That was 60 minutes of perfection. Didn’t watch the first period as closely as the last two but I can’t think of a single screw-up. Started off just where they left off last week. Two dominating wins and the comeback of the millennium in there last three – what a team!

  228. RCMP486 says:

    Did anyone see Hamrlik seem to angrily push his way out of the celebration crowd? This and Mike’s comment froom a couple of weeks ago about him telling someone in the locker room to f’ off concerns me. We don’t need another locker room cancer.

    Anyway, great win by the guys tonight! I can’t wait to put ourselves to the test vs Ottawa!

  229. RCMP486 says:

    Did anyone see Hamrlik seem to angrily push his way out of the celebration crowd? This and Mike’s comment froom a couple of weeks ago about him telling someone in the locker room to f’ off concerns me. We don’t need another locker room cancer.

    Anyway, great win by the guys tonight! I can’t wait to put ourselves to the test vs Ottawa!

  230. MatttheHabsFan says:

    Important win tonight, especially when you consider that the Sens, Flyers, Canes, Bruins, and Pens also won.

  231. TheCharles says:

    I don’t even care about the laffs. Does Toronto even still have a hockey team? As far as I’m concerned our real competition is the other team in Ontario. I have a thirst for first 😉

  232. PattyBoy31 says:

    password: brandy

    can anyone just tell me if its working so i have something to work with for next time?

  233. Chorske says:

    I don’t need all 20 guys to like each other. I just want them to win. I’m assuming guys in pro sports tell each other to f*** off all the time.

  234. doug says:

    Who were the three stars tonight?

    Mine are:
    1. Kovalev
    2. Huet
    3. Plekanec

    Perhaps in the reverse order. . . couldn’t believe how dominating the “second line” was tonight.

  235. habsfan2442 says:

    I did see that also.. Looks like josh georges stick hit him in the face .. I love dvr..

  236. MatttheHabsFan says:

    He told a fan in Tampa to f-off, not someone in the locker room…

  237. The Teacher says:

    Before everyone blows their tops. We have the same amount of wins and losses as do the Phoenix Coyotes.

  238. Chorske says:

    OK, I totally have no problem with that. 😉

  239. MPWRD42 says:

    Huge game by Komisaurus again tonight – 5 hits and 5 block shots – a perfect 10! This guy is the unsung hero every night (by unsung I mean he hardly ever gets one of the 3 stars, but we all know how valuable he is!)

  240. P St. Pierre says:

    3 stars were

    1. Huet
    2. Kovalev
    3. Plekanec *

    *I’d give an honorable mention to Mark Streit, he had a pretty decent game as well.

  241. teamplayer says:

    yeh it started got to view the pregame and it had good sound and picture, so if you could get that going next time or every saturday night(im usually working and only have my laptop infront of me) it owuld be greatly appreciated from this guy

    but like i said everygame i miss is always a good game for habs fans

  242. doug says:

    Good call – that’s all it was. An immediate reaction to getting a stick to the face. . . he was the first guy to the group to congratulate huet then got it in the face and gave the youngster Georges a little “watch your frigging stick!” totally normal reaction.

  243. teamplayer says:

    if only phily couldve lost to la, that wouldve helped nicely

  244. doug says:

    thanks, guys. i guess i agreed with whoever voted!

    agree that streit was probably fourth. . . begin looked good tonight as well.

  245. RH says:

    Are you sure about that?

  246. TheCharles says:

    When is the next Olympics? 😛

  247. RS says:

    OTL are not the same as losses.

  248. MatttheHabsFan says:

    RCMP…get your evidence straight;)

  249. P St. Pierre says:

    If Hamerlik did get a stick in the face, that would explain his reaction at the end of the game. This guy has a slight temper (which is good) and he probably was a bit ticked off that Gorges wasn’t more careful with his stick. However, I wouldn’t worry about this causing a long term problem. He seems like the kind of veteran who would shake the whole thing off within a half hour or so.

  250. sidhu says:

    We also have one less win but three less losses (according to how you count losses) than the defending Cup Champs.

  251. doug says:

    and he certainly isn’t a match for your man dipietro in the looks department, habs-kat 😉

  252. teamplayer says:

    and phoenix has as many wins as san jose does (2nd place in the western conference) … and toronto would be dead last if it werent for those overtime loss points.

    just saying they still count and we dont have a great shootout team

  253. Moey says:

    Why do I keep having this stranage feeling that I know you from somewhere?

  254. P St. Pierre says:

    I agree. Begin could be a star in any of the games he’s played since his return. I love the guy.

  255. RS says:

    Then again, the Rangers, Islanders and Leafs lost. I’m still worried about making the playoffs, not jockeying for position in the top 8.

  256. TheCharles says:

    working now. Let me know if you do it next game. I’d really appreciate it!

  257. Y says:

    Maybe you do
    The internet is a vast place 😉

  258. PattyBoy31 says:

    I will, and I found out the problem with my system, its something to do with flash and my video card needing updating, should be working by then! I’ll post in boones blog and i’ll probably create a thread at in the habs forums for any games i’m going to be doing

  259. Moey says:

    That’s my boy, you had me at hello.

  260. The Teacher says:

    Yes they are 😉

  261. Sulemaan says:

    me too please.

  262. zamboni says:

    There you go

  263. showey47 says:

    well that makes it a great game now, lol

  264. Habs-Kat says:

    Et voila, monsieur. Its a great game.

  265. MPWRD42 says:

    and there you have it!

  266. Chorske says:

    I think it makes sense. When the game is in the bag, rest up your elite guys. Also, it would SUCK dead pigs to lose a Koivu or a Kovalev, in the dying minutes of a blowout, to a meaningless freak injury. Plus that 4th line hasn’t been a defensive liability lately.

  267. showey47 says:

    i’m not complaining, i’m stating is a fact saku’s line was bad defensivly tonight. They spend most of their shift in our own end. I’m happy for saku for scoring but that line is just not clicking. If you also took the time to read mikes blog and other posters comments you would of noticed that i was far from the only one saying the same thing so give it a rest drama queen. It is also disrespectful to put your top 2 powerplay units with 2 mins left in a 4-0 game, someone like you should know all about disrespecting since its about the only thing you contribute to this site.

  268. RS says:

    Komi with 5 hits, 5 blocked shots. Gorges plays 18:15, that’s more than usual and blocks 5 shots. People have been on Lats, but he had 4 shots in about 10:00 of ice time.

  269. doug says:

    Latendresse looks slow on an otherwise skating team. don’t know if he can keep it up with just hands.

    ryder, who i’ve defended all season, does seem to be getting to the point that he needs a change of scenery. send him out west! don’t need to see him torture us 4-8 times a year.

  270. sidhu says:

    Great overall game – Pleks had another quiet but productive outing, S. Kostitsyn scored a pretty goal and was willing to throw his weight around, Captain K has look more engaged the past few games, the D was solid.

    Generally, this looks like a very confident team (Ryder perhaps is the most notable exception). I’d like to see what Halak has, but hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

    Blockbuster trade involving the Sharks! To SJ: Jody Shelley, to CBJ: a 6th round pick in the ’09 draft

  271. MatttheHabsFan says:

    Strong answer to the Ducks getting Selanne

  272. RS says:

    I really thought they were going to trade Shelley and a minor league goalie for Lecavalier.

  273. RS says:

    Different situation than in NJ, but that was another nice 3rd period.

  274. TheCharles says:

    God please resign Kovy to a nice deal. I wanna see him end his career with the CH on his chest. That is what I call leadership!

  275. RiverviewCanadien says:

    I’ll second that one

    I hope he didn’t break his thumb, oh well, he can still score with the other 9 healthy fingers

  276. sidhu says:

    Completely agree – he plays hard in all situations, has an undeniably positive attitude this season, is a great mentor for the youngsters, and is loved by the crowd. Montreal needs a player to keep the fans on the edge of their seats.

    I think his comments reflect the level of confidence the team has – the team played well regardless of who was on the other end. I’m curious to see what BG does by the trade deadline because I think we’re close to making a serious run this year.

  277. Cousin Al says:

    Agree 100%. After this season, Gainey should tear up Kovalev’s contract (one year left) and give him a new one for four years. That way, he’ll be with us for three years beyond the length of his current deal. He is a Hab now, wears the CH proudly and should also be wearing the “C.” Can’t take the “C” away from Koivu, of course, but what about a co-captain arrangement for as long as Koivu is here?

  278. Ian G Cobb says:

    Wow ! did Kovalev ever dangle to-night, he looked like big Jean Beleveau dancing with that puck. I posted that we would blow them out before the game. But a shutout also, thats iceing on the cake for sure. Now that Alfredson is out of action, we have the best line in the game to-day.

    This was the first game that we played 60 min. of first class hockey. And that Georges is the real deal, fantastic poise for a kid and one play in the 2nd made me into an instant fan of him. Just a great game, from start to finish. And another plus, T.O. looses to the Blues.

    No trades needed here, we have all the horses that we need now thank you very much.!

  279. sidhu says:

    I share your enthusiasm with respect to how well the team as a whole has played, but I’m not sure I’d go so far as to say that trading a struggling player is out of the question (see e.g., Ryder). If the right trade is there and it will improve our team for little cost, I think BG should do it rather than sit on his hands.

  280. MatttheHabsFan says:

    No kidding about Gorges eh Ian? shifts against Ovie and the Caps come away with nothing.

    I have read your posts for quite some time about this team not needing to make trades and i have posted something similar over and over. Dont trade away our future for one “peice” to the puzzle. Let’em play and let’s see where they can go!

  281. MatttheHabsFan says:

    “I still have four fingers left.”

    HAHAHA ~ This guy is unbelievable. I am so glad that Kovy’s back at his best.

  282. P St. Pierre says:

    Alex Kovalev has been so good this year, both on the ice and in the dressing room with the media. His leadership qualities may have taken a while to develop, but they certainly seem to be shining through this season. When Carbonneau made him the captain versus the Rangers in December, he said that Kovalev “hates to lose more than any other player on the team.” That is a very important comment regarding his committment to the franchise and the fans this season.

    I really hope that his beautiful season continues, not only for the team’s sake, but also for his as well. He deserves the limited recognition he’s received this season and hopefully he can deliver this team into the playoffs. If they could ever make any kind of run, I know who the Canadiens’ playoff MVP would be.

  283. Ian G Cobb says:

    Nice that we did not send Kovalev packing when he was floating last year. Everyone was calling for his head but management knows these guys inside out.! Wonder where I heard that before.

  284. showey47 says:

    I agree also, we have 3 lines that are playing well but koivu needs an elite right winger. The team is playing very well but finding that one player who can really compliment saku and higgy would put us over the top.

  285. likehoy says:

    kovalev was virtually an immovable object even if they wanted to move him. 4.5 million a year with 2 years left (as of last year when we wqanted him gone)…that’s a risk on a fading player.

    Ryder is different… 2.95 million…only 1/3rd of his contract left and UFA. Easier to move for sure.

    Markov was supposed to be traded to atlanta years ago for the rights to draft kovalchuk…but he’s still here, funny how those things work out…so it won’t be for the lack of trying if Ryder is still around town. Ryder has limited future for our hockey club because of his lack of skating ability and defensive polish. Scoring goals is his forte and if he’s not doing it…makes it all the easier to part ways with him.

  286. nightmare_49 says:

    Very good point , Mr. Cobb.

  287. sidhu says:

    The analogy between Kovalev and Ryder is misleading because Ryder is a UFA at season’s end, whereas Kovalev was not a UFA last year. Ryder will be packing his bags anyway when our season is over.

  288. Sulemaan says:

    I still have four fingers left. Priceless.

  289. Chris says:

    Sharing the “C” out with Kovalev would be an insult to Koivu. Despite Kovalev’s turnaround, Koviu remains the heart, soul and face of the franchise. People put far too much stock on putting a letter on the front of somebody’s jersey when they play well. Koivu earned his captaincy years ago, and nothing would please me more than the day when that is no longer questioned. Kovalev is playing fantastic and has been a great mentor for the Russians on the team. Higgins seems like he has been a great leader for the younger non-Russian players. Hence they are doing a great job as alternate captains. Add in Komisarek stepping up in the leadership department, both on- and off-ice, as well as the more subtle leadership of Markov and Hamrlik and this team is doing fine in that department.

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