Another shutout for Martin F. Brodeur

That’s his eighth in 51 career starts against the Canadiens.

Brodeur kept New Jeresy in the game through an early onslaught that included three Canadiens power plays. Then Zach Parise took over with a natural hat trick (two of them on power plays.)

Brian Gionta completed the 4-0 rout, beating Carey Price during a bizarre two-man New Jeresy advantage.

Another night to forget in New Jersey, where the Devils treat the Canadiens worse than Tony Soprano treated his mistresses.

At least they got dinner.



  1. P St. Pierre says:

    Mike, in total agreement. Latendresse really seems to fit in with the first line. He’s playing a hardnosed, aggressive style, which creates room for Higgins and Koivu. He’s great in front of the net and he is hard to knock around because he’s so big. I still think he’s going to be a real impact player in the future, as long as he keeps playing hard.

  2. Chuck says:

    You knew that a call would go in their favour sooner or later.

    “Vote Saku for All-Star… or little Timmy gets it!!!”

  3. P St. Pierre says:

    Price really is a huge goaltender. Langenbrunner didn’t have a chance.

  4. P St. Pierre says:

    Scarey Carey moment.

  5. Chuck says:

    Oops… might have spoke too soon! 🙂

    “Vote Saku for All-Star… or little Timmy gets it!!!”

  6. P St. Pierre says:

    I can’t believe this game is still 0-0. This pressure is great to see and if the Canadiens really want it more, they can win.

  7. Chuck says:

    You’ve got to love the way that Carey handles the puck on the powerplay. He shortens up their transition by a few seconds and keeps the other team back on their heels.

    “Vote Saku for All-Star… or little Timmy gets it!!!”

  8. Ali says:

    Higgins fluffs beautiful Koivu pass, #1340032

  9. Chuck says:

    Great chance by Higgins!

    “Vote Saku for All-Star… or little Timmy gets it!!!”

  10. Ali says:

    best pressure of the season?? WHAT A SHIFT by Pleks, Kosty and Kovy

  11. Ali says:

    im going to play the devils advocate and ask a blasphemous question:

    given that we have Jaroslav Halak and Yann Danis in Hamilton, and Huet in the pro’s, would the Canadiens be better off or worse off if we had drafted Anze Kopitar instead of Price?

    Would the tandem of Halak/Huet have been much better/worse then Price/Huet?

    also, given the market for goaltenders in the NHL, we can’t really expect much for Huet, given that Anaheim literally had to give Bryzgalov away, and Huet is a UFA at years end.

  12. Ibleedbleublancetrouge. says:

    He replies with: “Had we gone with that philosophy we wouldn’t have picked up the Halaks, Sergei Kostitsyns and Gabrovskis of this world”

    Timmins is right on the money.

  13. Ibleedbleublancetrouge. says:

    RDS is talking about how Timmins and questionning his reasons for not picking Quebec players.

  14. KamiDave says:

    That and I think my wife would like to be spared another night of me screaming at the television.

  15. krob1000 says:

    Markov is on our top defensive pairing playing top minutes against the other teams top units. Our 5 on 5 play has suffered and as a result the guy who is most often on the ice as a member of whichever 5 man unit is struggling is unfortunately Markov. Plus/Minus is a misleading stat at times. It can be thought of more of a team stat than anything. Guys who play big minutes on teams that struggle 5 on 5 will have bad plus /minus stats. Obviously there are exceptions and soemtimes the stat is valuable ( I am sure teams employ a video guy who probably rates them differently…or at least they should). Markov is going to be a Norris trophy candidate this year (I predict anyway).

  16. Ed says:

    Mike, I was not sure what you meant about Markov, so I checked it out. It is hard to believe that he was a minus in every one of the last 7 games, going -2 in one game, and -1 in each of the other 6 games. Maybe he has had an injury all along which had something to do with this. He has been a plus player over his career with Montreal.

  17. TommyB says:

    I hear ya, but come on, where’s you sense of adventure? LOL

  18. TommyB says:

    LOL…von, if you have to explain it…….

  19. Ibleedbleublancetrouge. says:

    I’d prefer not to go into cardiac arrest tonight, thanks.

  20. Dan23 says:

    The Habs are in tough, that’s for sure. It would be nice to go to a shootout again, just to see the goaltender duel…

  21. Moey says:

    Bold prediction – Habs win it 3-2

    Kovy, Koivu & Ryder score.

  22. Ed says:

    This is not really relevant except for the “F” in Martin F. Brodeur and the Gazette’s own Mike F. Boone. Newfoundland’s 2nd premier was Frank Duff Moores. Ray Guy, a local satirist, referred to him as F. Duff Moores.

    Let’s hope that Brodeur is less than exceptional tonight, and that the Canadiens can get more shots on him than they usually do. Also, Price will need to play another strong game.

    GO HABS GO!!!!

  23. teamplayer says:

    my hands are up in the air!!! i’m a glass half full guy

  24. von says:

    I believe the “F” thing is translation for “f$%&in.” It obviously has nothing to do with their real middle names.

    Mats F. Sundin, Derek F. Roy, Erik F. Cole…

    Thats my interpretation at least.

  25. krob1000 says:

    My guess is because he is so f’n good against us!!

  26. Brain of J says:

    Mike Boone

    I know your getting a kick out of the full name but really… How stupid does this look

    Joseph J.O. Plante
    Douglas N. Harvey
    Jean K. Beliveau
    Bernard J. Geoffrion
    Howard W. Morenz
    Joseph H.M. Richard
    Guy D. Lafleur
    Richard W. Moore
    Yvan S. Cournoyer
    Joseph H. Richard
    Serge A. Savard
    Kenneth W.Dryden
    Lawrence C. Robinson

    Please let the Bruins stick to this nonsense

  27. HabsGO says:

    Price will outplay Broduer. Lantedresse needs to be in his face all game long. Chris Higgins will score couples in front of his relatives from long islands. Yeah, couple goals by defensemen on screened shots. Go Habs Go

  28. Ibleedbleublancetrouge. says:

    ummm this is going to sounds stupid… but why is it Martin F. Brodeur? His middle name is Pierre… anyone care to enlighten me.

  29. krob1000 says:

    Brodeur is having a slow start but seems to be coming on as of late. The goals against Dalls were ugly but did you see some of the saves. I tend to agree with J.T. and that Brodeur is a goalie who has mastered all that can be mastered as a goalkeeper. He needs a heavy dose of traffic and shots fired from all directions. He is also somewhat vulnerable it seems this year and last down low. He used to have lightning fast feet but it only makes sense that they would be the first to go as a goalie ages.

  30. Cable Guy says:

    As much as this will be a hard ass game to win imagine if we do. Imagine if Price outplays Broduer. It would be like Broduer passing the torch to Price.

  31. ebk says:

    just readjust your hab goggles and say repeatedly…
    Brodeur sucks, Brodeur sucks, Brodeur sucks

    eventually you might believe it too.

  32. snowdonsteve says:

    Yep… Brodeur’s a real choker… 2-3 stanley cups, olympic medals… i dunno… that’s not what i call a choker !!! More regular seasons wins then montreal last 5 golies put together !!! i hate the devils almost has much has i hate the leafs but please Martin F. Brodeur is far from a choker. i migth have a bad game every two-three month… but that’s rarely against the habs

    Brodeur’s always all pumped up by the montreal media … i think that’s why he performs so well against the habs!

    i hope we win… but i also hope that i don’t fall asleep due to a left wing lock showdown !!!

    Go Habs Go

  33. RetroMikey says:

    3-0 Habs

    Price gets his first shutout!

    “We will win the Cup only with Carey Price in the nets”

  34. Ali says:

    i hate Martin F. Brodeur, but I have Brian F. Gionta in my pool, so if the habs lose, it better be because he has a good night!

  35. Ibleedbleublancetrouge. says:

    I knew the moment we started talking plus/minuses Sheldon Souray’s name was going to come up.

  36. Ibleedbleublancetrouge. says:

    There it is, Thanks Dan.

  37. Vecs says:

    I hope that stat is misleadng. Markov didn’t look like his usual self against he leafs. He made some nice plays but he also made a couple sheldonesque plays. The entire habs D looked flat footed. Hopefully it was just the crap ice at the ACC.

  38. Mike Boone says:

    I’m with you, krob. Markov plays big minutes and is always out there against the opposition’s top forwards (at least if Carbonneau can arrange it that way). The stat is misleading. Top plus-minus defenceman in the league this season is Bruce Salvadore of St. Louis. He’s plus-14 … and I’ve never heard of him. Nicklas Lidstrom, who’s great, is plus-13, tied with Doug Murray of San Jose and Filip Kuba of Tampa bay, neither of whom will be Norris finalists. We’ll see Karel Rachunek, who is plus-12, tonight in NJ. Stéphane Robidas is plus-9 and the immobile stiff Derian Hatcher is plus-8.
    O the other hand, larry Robinson was career plus-730. (Bobby Orr is second at plus-597). In 1976-’77, Robinson was plus-120.
    Of course, his supporting cast was a bit better than Markov’s.

  39. Les-Habitants says:

    I just got back my voice from the game against toronto, lol!!
    Geez, whats wrong with winning a game in a blow-out??? Remember those games, they were fun to watch too….not that it’s likely to happen against Martin “I own the Habs” Brodeur.

    Still, if we haven’t won in such a long time we’re due….right?

  40. von says:

    Just helping out some of our fellow/slower posters haha

    It’s ok guys, it’s friday right 😉

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