An undeserved point

The winning streak ends at the ACC.

Good news: a point.

Better news: Andrei Markov not injured

Kessel: Miss … just, post

AK46: Goal, five-hole

Kulemin: Goal

Gomez: Save

Mitchell: Backhand goal

Gionta: Save


  1. Shiloh says:

    Been a Habs fan since 1962 – that won’t change. Halak is the one we should keep, however.

  2. jbroderi says:

    Found the answer about Joe Bowen and his holy mackinaw stuff, pointless and dumb as i suspected.


    “Do the day and let the day do you” JB

  3. likehoy says:

    man, reading that “your call” crap on TSN makes me want to renounce hockey.

    – Team Halak V.S. Team Price…Montreal Canadiens Fans are similar to 14 year-old Girls going through Puberty.

  4. jbroderi says:

    When he scored that garbage goal, his first as a leaf at home, I thought the announcer soiled himself, he was so excited.  Just a question,

    What the hell is a makanah, as in holy makanahhh!!


    “Do the day and let the day do you” JB

  5. ooder says:

    3 -2 ottawa.

    dang… i am not watching the game but is Lehtonen a complete sieve or is dallas that bad?

    the only thing that makes me feel better is that smug little sob Ribeiro is sinking with the team


    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  6. andrewberkshire says:

    Always with a sour look on his face, in the process of putting down binoculars.

  7. andrewberkshire says:

    Can’t kill a penalty to save their lives.

  8. Exit716 says:

    How many shots of WC Fields err I mean Burke in the ACC press box tonight? I say at least six to 10.


  9. duckie says:

    Or every time they talk about Luca Caputi like he’s the second coming of Gretzky

  10. SeriousFan09 says:

    “Promising young talent” is also a good one. Not that they haven’t been playing that catchy little tune like they’re a Top 40 station for the past few years.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  11. Trots says:

    It’s HNIC and the usual double-header. Time for a new drinking game. Every time, any of the talking heads mentions Brian Burke, drink a beer. Guaranteed you will be blotto by the end of the first game.



  12. J.J. of Turku says:

    I’m watching same game… Damn 2-2…

  13. ooder says:

    my god dallas is beyond useless!!!!


    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  14. Harani says:

    Shit! 2-2. Jason F. Spezza!

    “I gotta a feeling…that tonight’s gonna be a good night!”

  15. ooder says:

    2-1 dallas


    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  16. avatar_58 says:

    I just saw a guy walk by my apartment wearing the rocket’s jersey. You see? This is what happens when the habs go on a tear – the fans aren’t ashamed to wear their gear!


    Maybe I’ll go for a walk to tims wearing my cammy or roy jersey…..

  17. jbroderi says:

    Dallas tied it up!!  blingity blang!!


    “Do the day and let the day do you” JB

  18. jbroderi says:

    haha, it is a cute little bum though, hopefully without poop in her bloomers!!


    “Do the day and let the day do you” JB

  19. camel_larry says:

    Lol, exactly what I was thinking.


    Go Habs Go!

  20. SeriousFan09 says:

    That’s a poor choice of words when you have that particular avatar…


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  21. jbroderi says:

    poop, 1-0 ottawa


    “Do the day and let the day do you” JB

  22. Jbird says:

    I was thinking he would certainly get in a fight.

  23. camel_larry says:

    anybody know what station(s) are airing the game today?


    Go Habs Go!

  24. SeriousFan09 says:

    Giguere went ahead and compared the young players on Toronto to those of Chicago, Washington and Pittsburgh, and he’s close… well actually I’m not going to waste my time saying how horribly wrong the comparison is except there isn’t one guy on the Leafs roster fit to be the stick boy to Crosby, Ovechkin or Toews.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  25. The Kid says:

    got a little pregamer for ya. Might be a little dramatic but still accurate

  26. Danno says:

    As much as they suck, the Leafs are still way too overated.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  27. jbroderi says:

    big night for O’byrne! 


    You heard it here first!!


    “Do the day and let the day do you” JB

  28. DearyLeary says:

    I’ll be at the ACC, should be a blast to see the Maple Laughs get plastered in their own barn.

  29. Aybara says:

    I’m actually hoping for it to be the OT winner.. Anything to get the Leafs higher up in the standings!

  30. jbroderi says:


    If you mean Jo-anne’s quick and tasty, then yes!!  Never ate there yet though.  Jo-anne is still quick, but she doesn’t look quite so tasty anymore!  (just joking)

    “Do the day and let the day do you” JB

  31. ooder says:

    ak46 is so talented it’s not even funny.

    i dunno what always takes him so long to get it going.

    maybe meds from his epilepsy… who knows.


    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  32. SeriousFan09 says:

    In favour of that, also if that’s when they put in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd insurance goals.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  33. joeybarrie says:

    Sorry i responded, I just realized you are a Leafs fan who signed on to HIO today… The Leafs were supposed to SURELY OVERTAKE US this season…. Look what happened. I mean teams like Tampa, Carolina, and Anaheim have a Cup in the last 20 years and you guys dont in twice that….  Poor Sundin wasting his WHOLE CAREER. I see the Leafs improving every year, problem is that they suck so bad 10 years of improvement might FINALLY get them in the Playoffs……………………….

    HA AHA AHA AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA  Its so nice to see us do well, and the Leafs suck so bad. All is right in the World….

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  34. Chuck says:

    I’d be happy if the game-winner came about halfway through the first.  :)


    Cheer for the crest on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back.

  35. SeriousFan09 says:

    Last time Andrei played the Leafs, he scored the OT winner :) I’m hoping for a repeat performance, not in OT of course, but the game-winner would be cool.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  36. ooder says:

    personally i am expecting a big night from the k bros.

    SK74 usually plays pretty well against the leafs

    and AK46 is due for a big night


    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  37. joeybarrie says:

    Its a long shot……

    BUT if we beat them both times we play them, it becomes not so far off…

    But then what will everyone who thought we would never make the playoffs think.  Besides, with no injuries this season, I think we would have already done that….


    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  38. Caper says:

    Is the Quick and Tasty still in existence? Best clams and fries.

  39. joeybarrie says:

    Well its a good thing your a Habs fan for life then….

    Gomez is a genius. We are lucky to have him, you need to forget his contract. Hamr is up next season. And by the way, this season he has earned every penny of that contract. He has played more than any other player in a CH this season and he is not 27 years old. Spacek has also been very good for us and well worth his cost, have you not seen his plus minus, and he has played the 3rd most of all our players.

    Besides, Phaneuf, Beauchemin and Kaberle equal to 15 million and Spacek, Gomez and Hamr are 16 million.

    How can you say these contracts are strangling us, but Burkes are not????

    Finger 3.5 million

    Komi 4.5 million

    Phaneuf 6.75 million

    Kaberle 4.25 million

    Beauchemin 3.8 million

    Schenn 3 million

    Their 6 defenders are costing them 26 million a year. With Kessel at 5.4, they have to have 12 players under 24 million a year. Max 2 million each.  GOOD LUCK GETTING TOP LINES OUT OF THAT…

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  40. jbroderi says:

    that would give the Habs 96 points, sabres have 13 games left at 84 points, which means that they can only get 11 points, or go 5-7-1

    that is reasonable, but even with that record, we still might fall short (unless the habs beat the sabres twice in regulation, which means they would have to go 5 -3-1.  doable, but even if we get 6th, we will pound the piss out of em)


    “Do the day and let the day do you” JB

  41. Caper says:

    5 games the next 8 days I believe. Having Cammy back Monday would be a great way to make an attempt at that 9-2 you’ve noted. It can be done but it won’t be easy.

  42. HardHabits says:

    “The greater danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.”

    – Michelangelo

  43. ooder says:

    oh, ya i did.

    I thought you meant 9 -2 to clinch a spot.

    in order to get into 3rd you are probably right


    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  44. ooder says:

    i know  what you mean…

    and i disagree about the 9-2…

    beacsue the teams beneath us are playing terrible hockey


    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  45. joeybarrie says:

    Wait…So Halak is NOT the backup already???  Im confused.

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  46. joeybarrie says:

    It’s nice to see Halak get so much support… He will need it when the bandwagon goes the other way soon enough. Tell me, will you still be a Habs fan when we trade Halak?

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  47. Fansincebirth says:

    They should have done this for the Laps hit, the way Ferraro was going on and on and on about….

    “Without the strength of the past, the team may face a choice – to win, or to be French-Canadian?” — Ken Dryden

  48. Fansincebirth says:

    I hope O’B doesn’t try to take on Orr. Orr will kill him….

    Hopefully the Loafs will come to play hockey, not put on a goon show.

    “Without the strength of the past, the team may face a choice – to win, or to be French-Canadian?” — Ken Dryden

  49. jbroderi says:

    as soon as Burke was hired, he near broke his neck to get Nonis under contract, quite a capable GM in his own right. 

    Looks as though Burke might have the big mouth, while Nonis does most of the work


    “Do the day and let the day do you” JB

  50. ooder says:

    yes the leafs have won the apst few games, but did any of you guys see them play defense????

    we thought we had it bad at the beginnign of the season.

    if any of the teams had any sort of finish the leafs would have been creamed 12 to whatever they scored.

    all we need to do is capitalize on the chances that are sure to be there


    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  51. SeriousFan09 says:

    I’m concerned it will go like last time, score a couple of early goals and then sit back. They need to take it to the Leafs for the entire game, Leafs will want to spoil the playoffs for us even if that only includes hurting our top players. I sense O’Byrne may scrap tonight.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  52. ooder says:

    oh Burke promised???

    nevermind lets just pack up our bags and move to a different division then.

    let’s see a huge portion of thier cap is tied up in komisarek, beauchemin, phaneuf and kessel.

    they have no depth (thier ahl team is the worst in the entire league).

    hamrlik is gone or signed cheaper the season after next. 

    the leafs couldn’t achieve much with Sundin. And he was 10 times any of the players you just mentioned


    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  53. Caper says:

    You can’t be serious. Over taking us ? With what? Check the Marlies and their prospects. Look at the money they pay their D. They’ve givien up their first round pick for the next two years. teams are locking up potentisl UFA’s so the cupboard will be bare the next few years. Unless they make a smoking deal using kaberle, they have a very long way to go.

  54. vaya_ says:

    the leafs play well on saturday nights. i’m a little worried we’ll come out flat expecting an easy game. i’m not at all a negative person, but i just have a bad feeling about tonight. prove me wrong habs!

  55. SeriousFan09 says:

    Have you seen the free agency list for July 1st? It’s full of over-the-hill types and few strong players, there will be a bidding war among all teams seeking scoring forwards and Burke will end up having to overpay, especially when he reps a team that hasn’t seen playoffs in 5 years. Burke promises a hundred things a season and comes through on five of them, but he talks so much, some of his predictions comes true so he comes off as a genius. He is a better PR Man than a GM.

    I saw parts of NJ, that was more to do with NJ playing poorly than the Leafs overwhelming them and it took them to the shootout to beat Yann Freakin’ Danis.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  56. camel_larry says:

    Hee hee!


    Go Habs Go!

  57. camel_larry says:

    in my opinion, BIG game today. No idea how it’s gonna turn out, but I’m thinking match Markov + O’B with the Kessel line, and we’re set.


    Habs Go!

  58. JD_ says:

    Wow. Just caught this on the newswire.

    I can’t believe how much truthfulness is pouring out from players’ mouths these days. It’s a refreshing change.


    March 19, 2010 – CWP (Anaheim) – The fallout from Anaheim Mighty Duck James Wisniewski’s dirty hit on former teammate Brent Seabrook of the Chicago Black Hawks on Wednesday night continues, complete with an escalating war of words involving the coaches and executives on both sides.

    Wisniewski, for his part, is having none of it and has come clean on the incident that triggered the whole controversy.

    Yeah, I tried to kill Seebs [Seabrook]. I’ve never actually murdered someone but I’ve often thought about how much fun it would be to try and, let me tell you, it was even more of a thrill than I thought it would be,” said Wisniewski during an exclusive interview last night, further adding, “Truth is, if I had followed through with my stick on his throat, I probably could have finished the job. I’ve been reading some pamphlets I found on the internet, you know, about ninjas and stuff, and they talk about crushing the trachea and stuff and I really thought I nailed it. Oh well, next time.”

    During his research, Wisniewski noted the effectiveness of the “Dance of the Tiger Claw” technique and looked to adapt it to situations where he’d also be holding a stick. “The hockey stick gets in the way a bit but gives you extra leverage when you go after a guy,” noted Wisniewski, “you know, when you’re looking to seriously injure him or just kill him outright. The stick actually helps. The carbon fibre ones aren’t as deadly as the wood ones, but I have to use the carbon one cause, you know, I’m still supposed to be playing hockey and I shoot better with carbon.”

    Seabrook was able to quickly recover from the murder attempt, but remained bewildered at Wisniewski’s behaviour through the whole incident, noting “He [Wisniewski] was all ‘Die! Die! Die!’ when he came at me, his eyes had gone blank and his lower lip was bleeding. I think he bit it.” When asked about Seabrook’s comments, Wisniewski confessed, “Yeah, I was totally out of it. Just before the game, I downed a 40-pounder of wood alcohol in the parking lot and smoked a lot of meth. A lot,” further adding, “When I get in the mood to kill, I need that extra dose of adrenaline to, you know, wake up the dragon.”

    I’m hoping the suspension will give me some time to improve my technique. I bought one of those wooden training dummies, you know, the same one used by Bruce Lee. I put a helmet on it and am working on stuff,” said Wisniewski, confidently adding, “I figure I can probably take a couple of guys out before the season ends. So, you’ll want to tune in.”

    Tune in, indeed. It goes without saying that everyone’s going to be watching the first Ducks game with James Wisniewski back on the saddle, cause it’s clear he’s going to want to do some more “dancing with his tiger claws”.

    Wisniewsky is currently serving an eight-game suspension for the Seabrook hit.

    – 40 –

  59. jbroderi says:



    Burke promises a lot of things, even tavares, but he is a walking contradiction most of the time

    i do believe he is a good GM, but I think his arrogance and stubborness to admit a mistake will no doubt cap of his ability to do a whole lot in the short term. 

    “Do the day and let the day do you” JB

  60. Chuck says:

    Wait… does that mean the Halak is the backup?


    Cheer for the crest on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back.

  61. jbroderi says:

    obviously they have some good players, but they don’t have the talent to keep winning, let’s be honest.  And their future might be good, but with all the money spent on D, they will have to bring the forwards up from within, and that puts a lot of pressure on bozak stalberg, etc.  Without a first round pick for 2 years, they are still a couple of years away for really competing for the cup, at best.  A lot can go right for them, but i wouldn’t put money on them being that great in the short term.


    Montreal does have money issues for sure, but at least we have some form of a nucleus in forwards..


    “Do the day and let the day do you” JB

  62. Habscore says:

    Halak gets the start, it’s official (Ckac)

  63. Chuck says:

    Toronto doesn’t have a squad that’s capable of playing consistently well over long stretches, but they too have been playing well since the Olympic break and hav stashed away some W’s. They’ll definitely be bringing it tonight; Habs should win, but don’t be surprised if it’s not an easy one.


    Cheer for the crest on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back.

  64. Habscore says:

    I’m surprised the LAffs are putting the supposed “Monster” in nets…I guess it’s a good thing for us..

  65. hab lifer says:

    I would hardly call a team wth Phaneuf, Beauchemin, Kaberle an AHL team.

    In fact I watched the beat NJ and they looked damn good. watch out for the leafs in 2 years as they will surely overtake us. Burke has promisedto wign snipers come July 1st and with their D they will be formidable.

    as fas the habs are concerned, the contracts of Gomez, Spachek and Hamrlik are like a noose around the team. habs. as a result I don’t see this team improving until 2012.

  66. Shiloh says:

    Don’t mind Price getting a start – gives Halak a nice rest going into next week. If Price has a great game, we win and the value of both of our goalies continues to rise (I’m sure we will move one prior to the draft). If Price has a tough start, maybe that’s to be expected – he’s sat for quite a while. He definitely needs some minutes.

  67. Caper says:

    Seems like people are expecting the boys to lose. BS. We’re kicking a– and going to keep rolling.

  68. jbroderi says:

    There seems to be a lot of negativity about this game, that we might lose, it doesn’t matter.  IT DOES MATTER!!  If we lose to this bunch of AHL, ECHL bums, then all the prior optimism on this site might be called into question.  Yes, they will come out hard, but we haven’t earned anything yet either, so I say this is 5 to 2 Habs!! 


    “Do the day and let the day do you” JB

  69. jbroderi says:

    On a seperate note, does anyone here think Dean brown and Gary Galley are the most unbiased announcers?


    “Do the day and let the day do you” JB

  70. jbroderi says:

    This may be the leafs play-offs, so I think if we can come out hard and get a quick 1 or two in the first, we may be able to slide it in cruise control.  It is always a good game when these two teams play.

    7 in a row sounds good to me. 

    I think at some point, Price does need a start 1 or 2 before the year is out.  Halak is the number one guy for this year, but waiting for him to lose, and then putting price in will only heat up the debate and send the wrong message to Halak. (that message is basically, you are only in if you win, if you lose, then it is all up in the air again)  Put price in a game after halak plays well and wins, and no matter how well price plays, halak goes back in the next game.

    That is how you treat your number one, and if something happens down the stretch, then Price will have a little action under his belt and he can step up admirably.

    “Do the day and let the day do you” JB

  71. ed lopaz says:

    there are plenty of backup goalies who are riding the pine these days – price will get a start, I predict,

    but 2 things have to happen beforehand – BOTH,

    1) the current winning streak has to end = no coach will change goalies in the middle of a winning strerak unless he wants to coach the Douglas Hospital Volunteer Beer League team

    2) The Habs spot in the playoffs is locked

    so that way there is no confusion and price gets a game in.

    that’s the solution for everyone.


  72. dpthehabsfan says:

    An undeserved point


  73. Captain aHab says:


  74. Exit716 says:

    Once again playing down to the level of the opposition.

    Christ, the Oilers and Leafs both go to shootouts.


  75. Jbird says:

    They played horrible and they got a point.  I remember not that long ago games like that that would not have been close.  won’t have three days off until the 1st game of the playoffs – and they won’t play the leafs there. 

  76. Habbu says:

    The dream team of HNIC are estatic……………ooooohhhhhh the Leafs win another one!! 

  77. Exit716 says:

    OMG, the Leafs, the future is so bright……….

    Damn CBC is so biased.


  78. Vid says:

    lackluster effort by the habs.  Halak was shaky in the shootout.

    They’re better off using Markov in the shootout than Gomez.

    So what’s the head to head record for leafs vs habs games this season?

  79. Big Ted says:

    Waiting for to parade the headline of the game story as its cover-article.

  80. Matt_in_TO says:

    Great, I’m sitting here in the ACC waiting to leave and now have to withstand dumb comments from the leaf fans as I wait for my train.

    – Member of Team Price

  81. Exit716 says:

    Make the world a better place, punch Don Cherry in the face.

    Did you know that Kadri is a Canadian kid…a Canadian kid…a Canadian kid…

    Ron McLean needs to have his face punched in as well.

  82. HABdriven says:

    AK46 plays a lousy game and is the only Hab to score in the SO.  Gionta is the only Hab that really shows up tonight but misses in the SO.  Laffs didn’t deserve to win this game, but neither did we.  So we will take the point and move on up!

  83. andrewberkshire says:

    Our record is 3-1-1 against the Leafs, they’re 2-0-3 against us. Both teams have collected 7 points from the series.

  84. Larry says:

    They didn’t play their best but I am not too upset. They got a point on the road and have had a good run. The Leafs are playing well of late and have nothing to lose. They were loose and killed some key penalties and  deserved what they got. Some big games next week will tell.

  85. coachdoug says:

    Sorry bro…been there done that at the Verizon Center and the RBC…

    “Vive le col roulé! Le système, C’est le col roulé!”

  86. doug says:

    After long layoff off night Habs return and steal a point, and Bruins lose more ground in top pick race. I can live with that. I want 6th not 5th and Leafs to win every game until last one against us and Bruins to squeak in in 8th and get sweeper by Caps to lower their own pick. Markov off tonight. Still would have won save for Halak being beat in SO after amazing game (and how about Lapierre in SO and stop Gomez/Pleks given they are playmakers- check Laps’ stats, Jacques!)

  87. hab lifer says:

    Halak is not good in shootouts. He needs more practice in that area.

    And I would give 2 #1 draft picks for Kessel. Burke is 1 smart cookie. next to Ovechkin,Kessel is the best scorer in the league.  Burke is a genius for snatching a star like him.  I love Kessel, he’s a real superstar and habs have none!

  88. Harditya_CareyPrice says:

    Didn’t like the Habs effort tonight. Disappointing. My stupid neighbour is laughing his butt off.

  89. Keith says:

    Back over them with the zamboni lol!

  90. ooder says:



    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  91. SeriousFan09 says:

    Brian Burke Won the Cup in Anaheim did you know?

    That’s like saying my dad built his house when all he did was repaint the upstairs rooms. Built nothing, parachuted in and Getzlaf/Perry were not drafted under his regime.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  92. doug says:

    hmmm… tough position. respond with total cups, recent cups, or current standings? nah, just a polite smile.

  93. Habbu says:

    Yes have a lottery, sell tickets, winner gets a free shot on each of them, think of the millions some charity would reap.

  94. mrhabby says:

    we get 1 point..not great but not bad. we lose the game by not scoring more on the PP….time to move on…were still playing well.



  95. doug says:

    Has amazing record in SO’s this year, tho

  96. Chris1138 says:

    I’d rather have Cammy. He’s a sniper like Kessel, but brings his game more often.


  97. habsfaninboston says:

    Isn’t he 9-3?

  98. ooder says:

    go away!!! your team is dead last in the east and will be for a while.

    halak hasn’t lost a single game this year in a shootout… that includes against RUSSIA in the olympics.

    your leafs decide to play hockey in march lol.

    btw your pathetic “team” had mats sundin, who is 10 times the player kessel ever will be and couldn’t do anything.


    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  99. Harditya_CareyPrice says:

    Kessel is a really good player, definitely up there with Semin. But, I would not compare him to Crosby or Ovechkin at all. And by superstar if you mean a goal scorer, then I guess Cammalleri’s a waste?

  100. mrhabby says:

    check halaks record in shootouts?

  101. Dave Stubbs says:

    Halak in shootouts before tonight: 28 saves on 34 shots, .824 percentage, 9-2 won-loss record. He’s OK in shootouts.

    Dave Stubbs
    Habs Inside/Out
    Sports Columnist/Feature Writer, Montreal Gazette
    • On Twitter:

  102. coachdoug says:

    Can’t wait until Cammalleri returns to the line up…Maybe he can wake up AK46 out of his scoring slump…

    Tough week next week…we’ll see what we are made of…

    “Vive le col roulé! Le système, C’est le col roulé!”

  103. ooder says:

    man it seems that ak46 is getting the breezer treatement.

    everytime he does soemthing good everybody turns a blind eye.

    hwoever the vultures are out the second he does something bad.

    you guys are aware that he jsut game back from knee surgery right?

    he really needs to get into shape, let’s stop being so hard on the guy aright…


    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  104. Habitant in Surrey says:

    Hey J.J. …did You hear Don Cherry giving Love to Teemu Selanne ?

    …One of My personal BEST Hockey Players too J.J. for almost 20 years now ! …wasted in Anaheim …would have been A Legend as a Hab 

    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

  105. oshawahabsfan says:

    Have you watched the team this year, that certain injured player coming back next week is a lot better than Kessel. There’s no way to justify that trade at all, why are you trying?

  106. matraque says:

    Man this team is the worst in the league.

    -JM have no idea what he’s doing

    -Halak sucks

    -Gauthier should have moved

    -It’s Price’s fault

    I’m I missing something?


    Komisarek: 0 – 4 – 4 (-9)

  107. ooder says:

    guys this loser is a leafs fan… jsut let him enjoy his little late march victory..

    we aren’t the one losing out on a first over all pick


    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  108. hab lifer says:

    Kessel missed the first 2 months of the season and has 31 goals. not too shabby.

  109. ooder says:

    guys let’s take a collective deep breath…

    soemtimes the goal just don’t go in for you…

    MTL forechecked great and created a ton of oppurtunities….

    the defense was also very good.

    some night the puck will bounce of the boards past a stunned goalie and there will be an easy tap in goal.

    other nights the puck will lie in the blue crease and refuse to go in.

    that’s hockey


    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  110. Rob D says:

    Well. they played a listless game for most of the hitting..passive and lost a lot of battles for the puck. Gomez can either be the best player on the ice or the worst from shift to shift. He makes some wonderful passes and then follows it up with one in the skates that make you wonder what he saw happening. AK..the enigma..I just don’t see the fascination wtih this guy. He looked hungover LIke Kovalev, more talent that you can shake a stick at but it’s rare to see him play a complete game. A few complete shifts is all I am asking. Maybe Pouliot will be the gamebreaker we need. He made that unreal pass on the 1st goal by Gionta..incredible hands.

    I listened to the CBC broadcast with a couple of Leafs fans and even they werr laughing at the hype over the “new Leafs” and the “new look” and the glorious future in store.. I mean, Craig Simpson? JUst ask them for a job. Don’t be shy. YOu don’t need to BS the nation with that line of patter about this incredible team in B&W you’ve apparently been watching…lol…

    I was thinking this might be a down game and they didn’t seem to have any jump from the start. A point is a point. I’m happy with that considering the effort they gave which was sub par to say the very least.There was one point where I thought “Hmmm..wouldn’t it be nice to see PK roaring down the boards and finding someone wide open for a goal” It’s the kind of game where a talent with speed like Subban can change the momentum fast. All in good time..

  111. hab lifer says:

    my leafs? I hate the leafs but facts don’t lie regarding Kessel.

    Are you angry because I love Kessel. he has a tremendous shot and so much talent.

  112. Clay4bc says:

    The “D”…


    Don’t argue with an idiot; people watching may not be able to tell the difference.

  113. ooder says:

    and has no idea how to backcheck, or how to play consistently…


    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  114. matraque says:

    Oh yeah…

    Man our D is like the worst in the league…


    Komisarek: 0 – 4 – 4 (-9)

  115. Danno says:

    Put this one behind us. Focus on beating the Sens on Monday and moving up to fifth place.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  116. HABWARRIOR says:

    Hey Boone:”An Undeserved point”?What???The game coulda gone either way.They won in a shootout.We absolutly dominated the last 10min and O.T when it matters….crunch time…..It was NOT undeserved…They DESERVED the WIN.

  117. Harditya_CareyPrice says:

    – Why is Bob Gainey still an advisor? FIRE HIM!

    – CAR-BO!

    – Desjardins would have played better

    – Cammalleri should have played tonight, even if he had to bring crutches with him while playing

    – We need Guillaume

  118. oshawahabsfan says:

    Haha yeah, say what you want about Gainey, he wouldn’t have been stupid enough to trade three high draft picks for Kessel. The laffs even figure out how to screw up tanking!

  119. HABWARRIOR says:

    All of those statement u just made are soooooo wrong.Think before u type.

  120. Keith says:

    Abe Hefter talking to a delusional laff fan named Boris. So where’s Natashia lol?

  121. Y says:


    But there is one glaring contant – Hall Gill screwing over Halak at least once a game for a bad goal – See TB (pass to Stamkos), Boston (Parking himself in front and bloking all known light in the universe) and tonight (smacking Halak in the head)

  122. mrhabby says:

    we have bigger fish to fry..i could care less about the laffs. big week coming up much more imp than writing about the leafs.

  123. Led says:

    Pathetic effort. They played with the attitude of some “homer” posters here; just show up and we’ll win. They lost to a team full of “AHLers and ECHLers”. No excuse for it, unless of course you buy into the injury or long layoff excuses. Funny that those AHLers Kulemin and Bozak formed 2/3 of the best line on the ice tonight, while another AHLer scored the winning goal. The Leafs will be better next year and if we don’t get our collective heads out of our a**es we’ll be looking up at them soon enough. However, I’m sure we’ll still have lots of excuses.

  124. Harditya_CareyPrice says:

    lol bud I don’t mean it, I am just being sarcastic. It’s the type of stuff a troll would say haha

  125. Harditya_CareyPrice says:

    Halak didn’t play bad at all, he was a BIT shaky in the shootout, but this is the first time he has been shaky in a shootout. Give the guy a break. 

    He stopped 32 of 34 shots. Don’t know how that cost Habs the 2 points. Our PP was brutal.

  126. gumper says:

    The refs are all against us. The Roy trade set us on the highway to hell. Our forwards are all too small.

  127. Mr. Biter says:

    Jusy got back fron ACC and definatly did not get  my $200.00 worth from the Habs. Lots of Habs fans there but stuck in the midst of lesf fans who were allright. But we played terrible, lucky to get a point (thanks Gomer & Gionta), but having said that we are now tied with Ottawa. We seem to play to the level of our opposition which today was brutal. Monster was not great but stopped 2 of 3 in shootout so we lose. Off to Jack Astor’s for a victory/ loser cigar and a few drinks. Leaving the Habs jersey in the Royal York. God even the lights in this hotel suck so forgive any spelling errors. Fly back to Wpg. tomorrow morning and hope for better things next week.

  128. ooder says:

    dude you praise them to high heaven and have yet to say one positive thing about the habs since joining this forum


    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  129. Ian Cobb says:

    I know we have a better team than we showed tonight, and I still say
    we are going to surprise a lot of people this year in the play offs,
    but I am not to happy with our game tonight.

    We played half
    ass and were fortunate to get half the points. Power play was a
    disaster tonight. We all know what our team is capable of doing on the
    ice for 60 minutes, so what happened to them tonight? Just no sense of
    urgency and passion. After all we are playing the worse team in hockey,
    so we leave our A game home?

    We have to pick it up. My biggest
    beef is with Jacques Martin. The way he did not get line 3 and 4 into
    the game enough. I would have used the 3rd and 4th line on the power
    play the way that was going. And not burn out the top two lines as he

    Oh well we lick our wounds and get ready to take the Senators at
    home with 4 games in 6 days. Going to be the deciding week for our
    whole season.

  130. ooder says:

    yaaa… but his hoffamn pose is well worth it


    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  131. joeybarrie says:

    I disagree. I think we deserved this point. This game SUCKED on both ends. I missed overtime and the Shootout. But we (I take it back) them. We outhit them. Maybe we didnt deserve 2 points, but neither did they.

    When we win more faceoffs we seem to do much much better. Tonight we looked sluggish, and we should have had more with out 4 days off.


    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  132. showey47 says:

    say what you want about mab’s defensive liabilities but he alone probably would have won this game for us with all our PP chances tonight. I wouldn’t play him defence but i wouldn’t have a problem sitting laps or pyatt down and give mab a spot on the 4th line. Sucks to lose to the leafs but we have 13 out of 14 possible points in our last 7 games. I also think i would have picked benny to shoot instead of gomer. Scott did score on his first 2 shot attempts back in early october but i don’t think he has scored since.

  133. ooder says:

    the perfect snipe by kessel? please our other goalie has let in much much worst ones then that.

    halak did what he had to do this game….


    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  134. Mr. Biter says:

    If your talking about the 2nd goal he was so far over to one side of the net Boone could have scored. I’ve posted that even though we have won 6 in a row some were not due to goaltending but good play by the team which by the way did not show up  tonight. Watch for Price to play 2 ganes next week and we go forward from there either with Halek (right now#1 goalie) or Price if he regains his confidence. THis week wil tell lots about this team

  135. Ian Cobb says:

    Halak kept us in it and saved our bacon more than once tonight. He was the only one that played 60 minutes tonight.

  136. Mr. Biter says:

    Need to make room for MAB regardless if he is a defensive liability.

  137. ooder says:

    Lapierre will sit


    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  138. HABWARRIOR says:

    Agreed one every thing u say bro,but i’d also like to see SK74 get a shot at the shootout….he’s got nice hands.

  139. Mr. Biter says:

    Laps or Pyatt good call.

  140. Ian Cobb says:

    This is where PK will make his mark next year Showey. He has a rocket and he gets it on net.

  141. HABWARRIOR says:

    my bad,sorry bro.

  142. ooder says:

    when MAB comes back I want to see Laps in the pressbox…

    the guy has no physical presence… ya once in a while he will crash into the boards and make a big noise or wtvr…

    but never has his physicality changed a game. and that’s not a good thing for a fourth liner. He doesn’t even use his speed to his advantage.

    Pleks was more physcial tonight.

    MAB is not physcial either, but that bomb from the point will deffinately help


    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  143. ooder says:

    does PK have a good shot?

    I haven’t seen him play much so I don’t know if he has a shot or is more of a playmaker ( aka Markov) from the back end


    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  144. Led says:

    OK, now that I’ve got my rant out of the way. It’s ok to lose but please at least show up and try to win for more than 5 minutes of the game. If this team really is what they appear to be after the Olympics then I’m not worried. However, this was just another in a long list of missed opportunities this season to stick the knife into the Sens/Flyers/Bruins a little deeper.

  145. Matt_in_TO says:

    So far the heathens are behaving themselves. Funny thing happened as I was leaving the ACC onto Bay, Hughson and Simpson walk past me. Before I could say anything to them they were through the doors and into the crowd. Came that close to being able to tell those homers a few choice words.

    – Member of Team Price

  146. smiler2729 says:

    It wasn’t Halak’s fault, it wasn’t the team itself that only got a point, no, siree, this extra point was lost cuz the Laffs play BOOOOOORING hockey and induce ya to sleep. What a snoozefest, the Leafs lulled the Habs into la-la land and manage 2 freaking goals and then grind us into a shootout, the sports equivalent too watching a car wreck or an old lady slipping on ice, I mean, fun to watch but IT AIN’T HOCKEY…

    whatever, f*ck I hate the Leafs and CBC’s LEAFS NIGHT in CANADA

  147. Led says:

    It’s the good teams that play that way that worry me. What if Washington or Buffalo find out that with the run n’ gun they can’t beat us but they can trap us to victory. That would be so disappointing.

  148. smiler2729 says:

    The Sens/Flyers/Bruins are sticking the knife into themselves…

  149. ABHabsfan says:

    If you think the second goal was soft you must be a helluva goalie. That shot goe sin on prety much any goalie. I am no fan of Kessel by any means butg sometimes good shots go in. Habs have to score more than 2 goals against the worst defensive team in the NHL. Looking forward to having Cammy back. PLeks, AK46, Pyatt line has nothing to offer in the last few games.

  150. Danno says:

    Three weeks and ten games to go. The Habs schedule looks favourable.

    H= Home A= Away:

    Next week: Sens (H), Sabers (A), Panthers (H), Devils (H).

    Following week: Hurricanes (H), Flyers (A), Sabres (H).

    Last week: Islanders (A), Hurricanes (A), Leafs (H).

    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  151. showey47 says:

    not really sure what school you excelled in math but i’m almost positive 31 doesn’t come after 27. I’m also sure 12 games doesn’t mean 2 months(its more like 4 weeks). Actually cammy,gionta and benny all have better goal/game ratio’s then kessel does

  152. Led says:

    I’m not in favour of MAB as a 4th liner but I have to agree with you regarding tonight’s game. He probably would have made a big difference. 0 shots on a 4 minute PP is unacceptable.

  153. Exit716 says:


    Nice writing by David Shoalts of the Globe.


    David Shoalts

    Globe and Mail Update

    Jonas Gustavsson kept his own winning
    streak going Saturday night to break two others – the Montreal
    Canadiens’ and Jaroslav Halak’s.

    The Canadiens and their goaltender Halak came into the game looking to
    extend their winning streaks to seven games but were stymied in the
    shootout by Gustavsson. The Leafs’ rookie goaltender stopped all three
    Canadiens shooters to extend his personal winning streak to five games
    and give the Leafs a 3-2 win, their sixth win in their last seven NHL


    Really, David.

    I guess you must have been napping when Andrei Kostitsyn scored on the Habs first attempt.

    Man that’s pathetic.

    Was he even paying attention?

    Deadline or not, that’s a pretty major error in a major daily.

    Doesn’t he have an editor to catch this egrigious error?

    That makes Shoalts look like some third rate weekly newspaper editor in small town Canada.


  154. smiler2729 says:

    Nothing but sunshine out of any Leaf’s azz to the Toronto media…

  155. king ddd says:

    is it jus me or is benny slowing down a bit, other than that awsome pass on giontas goal, he didnt seem like the benny weve seen b4.. ne ways thats the way i see it but please tell me i am wrong

    .::moen & georges for co-captains::.

  156. Led says:

    Yes, thankfully. Still no reason not to do our part and stick it in a little deeper. This game was a snoozer, disappointing and not very entertaining.

  157. Exit716 says:

    Most of the Globe’s Leafs coverage might as well be penned by the MLSE PR Department.

    The fact Shoalts missed the first goal on the shootout is inexcusable.


  158. Danno says:



    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  159. smiler2729 says:

    No, the whole team looked slow cuz Toronto plugged all lanes of play… is that good hockey or just a crap team? I choose the latter.

  160. Jbird says:

    Yep.  10 out of 17 goals this year are on the PP.  PK is going to be great.

  161. SeriousFan09 says:

    17 goals so far this season, most ever by a Dogs D-man, he’s got a bomb and he can use it, I saw it at the Bell Centre when the Dogs played Binghamton.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  162. Ian Cobb says:

    He has a cannon and it is accurate. He just set a record for goals for a defenseman in Hamilton this year. Not bad for a 20 year old rookie.

  163. smiler2729 says:

    Ever notice the Habs seem to play up or down to their opponents’ abilities? We play the Sharks or Caps and it’s a dynamic Montreal team, play the Leafs or the Oil and it’s a plodding dull effort…

  164. Jbird says:

    AHHH Man!  so close.  You need to work on your mouth/eye coordination and react faster.  😉

  165. showey47 says:

    It’s killing me to have to watch gorges on our PP. I love gorges,but not on the PP. He is perfect right where he is as a 3rd pairing dman.

  166. Ian Cobb says:

    This guy does not watch the game. He missed AK’s goal in the shootout. I think he missed a lot more than that tonight.

  167. ooder says:

    that’s great news guys :)


    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  168. showey47 says:

    read above cammy,gionta and benny are all better goal/game shooters this season and are all plus playes,unlike kessel.

  169. Chuck Chuck Goose says:

    Looks like they edited the website to make the correction…….but yeah, that’s pretty bad

  170. Big Bird says:

    Couple of cents from the peanut gallery:

    (1) Halak played okay
    tonight and had no chance on the Kessel goal.

    (2) Gionta keeps
    going and going.  Great seeing him, Gomez and Gionta together.

    Plekanec and (to a larger degree) A.Kostitsyn will benefit greatly from
    the return of Camalleri.  I’ll leave it at that.

    (4) S. Kostitsyn
    had a pretty strong game tonight.  He made some very good plays and is
    maturing as a player.

    (5) I think Gill and Gorges played an
    inordinate amount of time tonight.  I don’t know about their TOI time
    but they seemed to always be there.  Gill frightens me when he tried to

    (6) I expected more from Darche and Metropolit tonight. 
    Didn’t see it but maybe I’m being unrealistic for 4th liners.  Lapierre
    should sit to fit Camalleri.  Yes I’d still play Pyatt before Lapierre. 
    But since our PP stinks, I’d stick Bergeron in for Pyatt.

    (7) I
    found Harmlik to be awful tonight.  How many more seasons do we have to
    pay him $5M per season?  I don’t want to judge him based on one game but
    he hasn’t impressed me of late.

    (8) Leaf fans will be
    insufferable at work on Monday.  Le Sigh.

    (9) In spite of all the
    aforementioned,you know how you can tell it’s the 1st day of Spring? 
    The Habs are still in the playoff hunt and the Leafs are shining up
    their golf clubs…again.  😉

  171. Led says:

    I was going to comment on your post above about clogging lanes and slowing us down but something I was going to add fits here as well. I think your probably right, a team lacking proven NHL talent and a lot of young players played a boring defensive game all the way to a win. Not trying to start an argument but these are the types of excuses we use when we lose. They figured out how to beat us, as many have. Credit is due. We have to develop a way to win this type of game. Since the Olympics the team has shown a fire that was sadly absent tonight. Hard Habits has commented about how teams that play loose and open with us find themselves in a battle while hitting and trapping teams tend to shut us down. I agree because to me that seems the most logical reason we beat some good teams and lose to lesser teams. I think the Sharks saved their game against us once they figured this out. I don’t know the answer to immediately fix this, I just hope that everybody doesn’t catch on and employ this strategy against us or else it will be a very quick and boring playoffs.

  172. smiler2729 says:

    It’s how the Leafs bore and beat the Devils on Thursday night… it’s tough to skate on sludge, it’s a style that crap teams use but if this were a 7 game series, the Leafs’d be done in 5 playing that way

  173. arcosenate says:

    Just happy if Markov survives? If the Habs keep playing the way they have the Leafs don’t stand a chance.

  174. RS says:

    Honestly, I’m with Boone on this one. It’s not just Markov that I’m worried about. No injuries please.

    This is the one game cup final for the Leafs tonight at home on HNIC. Plus the Leafs are playing well right now, with speed, some toughness and enthusiasm (obviously way too little, way too late!). I’d be really surprised if the Habs manage to win this game. I’d be much less surprised to see the Leafs win in a blowout.


  175. joeybarrie says:

    We will destroy the Leafs tonight. 6-2, or something close to it. We have endured our share of misery, and it’s clear sailing from here on out. Talk about a playoff run. We are the team that can upset any in the league. It’s coming on 10 am and I think its going to be a beautiful day…….

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  176. joeybarrie says:

    Oh yeah, Before the Olympic break maybe YOU were looking at a Lottery Draft pick. I was not. I knew it all season. We just needed time and healthy bodies. I can’t tell you how many times people said i was crazy, stupid and worse just because I believed we could be 4-6th in the East, and Top 5 next season. Close is good enough for now. But we will see a GREAT Habs team down the stretch. And if anyone goes down, I say we Get BOB himself to lace up and prove to you what he can do ON the ice as well as OFF…

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  177. mrhabby says:

    pot a few to start and play full 60 minutes. no doubt the leafs will come out and forecheck the hell out of us

    we have to gain the neutral zone and keep on skating to be sucessful.

  178. Chuck Chuck Goose says:

    If our boys can keep perennial Hab-killer (at least before this season) Phil Kessel at bay, along with his kid cronies Bozak and Stalberg, a victory should be no problem at all.  My guess is Phaneuf will lay a decent check on someone in the first 5 minutes, then put his invisibility cloak back on for the rest of the game.

    Just searched Craigslist for a last-minute ticket for the game tonight, but (to nobody’s surprise) the asking prices are a little steep.  If there’s anyone reading this looking to get rid of one at or around cost, feel free to e-mail me at chuckles3 –at– gmail

  179. Caper says:

    Lord I hate the Leafs. My wife is a Leafs fan and tells me she is putting a Leafs jersey on our 1 year old tonight. Brutal. Oh well, can’t hold her for a while.  Tense night in the house. Oh and I’ve taught my daughter to saysHabs. When I show her a Leaf’s fridge magnet she says “yuch”. Priceless!! It feels so good. GO HABS GO!!

  180. joeybarrie says:

    I know some people in social services who might want to have a speak with your wife, should she be endagering your child tonight with hazardous clothing. Remember Caper, you are in a safe place here. Come to my house, bring your daughter she can watch the game with us. I will send my wife to deal with yours… Just let the pain go Caper, just let it go…

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  181. jbroderi says:



    do she do other types of child abuse??

    “Do the day and let the day do you” JB

  182. jbroderi says:

    agreed, I just don’t like the thought of giving price a start to punish halak for a bad outing. 

    lets hope it goes on for, I don’t know, say 27 more games??  hahahha


    “Do the day and let the day do you” JB

  183. llwillia says:

    I had a chance to get tickets to tonight’s game; I turned them down! I couldn’t stand watching or paying to watch the Leafs. Besides nothing good can come of this game. If the Habs loose it will be aweful… if they win then it’s releaf (!). I’ll enjoy the game in the comforts of my own home in HD and only 1 idiot to content with… myself! Go Habs Go!

  184. Caper says:

    You’re crazy llwillia. I live 1/2 hour west of T.O. Can you still get those tickets? I’ll take them off your hand.

  185. Spoons91 says:

    well you know that habs-leafs games are always intense… also if we win, it only gives us even more pride over the laffs. But like someone said earlier, this is the leafs’ stanley cup haha.

    follow me on twitter —

  186. EricInStL says:

    I would start Price tonight and keep Halak ready for the Sens + Buffalo.

    Figure Toronto is going to go all out and we basically will be looking forward to Ottawa and Buffalo.

    In Guy Boucher I trust.

  187. Caper says:

    Thank you all for your support. Think of me tonight and perhaps a prayer would be helpful to get through the ordeal. In the end I know that I will be able to turn to her and say “LOSER”. Even at 1, my daughter won;t wish to be associated with this.

  188. ricardamundo says:

    Just back from week in New York and saw Habs game live on Tuesday night. Rangers are not a good team and if Lundqvist hadn’t been spectacular the Habs would have blown it out. The Rangers had a lot of opportunities but they just kept messing them up and not even getting a shot on goal sometimes. As limp as their offence was, their defence was really bad. They would cough it up without much pressure. For a team that needed the points badly, the Rangers weren’t really playing with much heart. Except for the idiot Avery. Like Boone said, he can play hockey though. What would he be like if he focussed on the game instead of all the jackass behaviour? The fans didn’t like Gomez much and it was fun in the stands. Sat just below RDS booth and yelled up to Brunet who responded with a wave. Lots of Habs fans in the stands! And the ice was bad. The puck was bouncing all over the place, even in the warmups. Not a good game but a good outcome. 

    Tonight should be entertaining. Either the Leafs will make a game of it and keep it close until folding late in the game or we’re going to blow them out early. Against the Rangers, we were able to move the puck well and I think it’ll be the same against the Leafs. All depends on their goaltending. Oh, and our powerplay looked pretty good against the Rangers in terms of puck control so knowing the Leafs, they’ll probably take a few dumb penalites so maybe we can get out to an early lead.

    We’ll check in again later.

  189. SeriousFan09 says:

    OH man, Canes beat the Penguins with .9 seconds left in OT!



    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  190. likehoy says:

    not as bad as canada choking with 3.6 seconds left against norway last night in sledge hockey

    – Team Halak V.S. Team Price…Montreal Canadiens Fans are similar to 14 year-old Girls going through Puberty.

  191. andrewberkshire says:

    Woooooo! Dallas ties it! Man does Ottawa ever suck!

  192. ooder says:

    it’s a battle of two teams that are going nowhere fast


    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  193. ooder says:

    4-3 dallas!!!

    please please let them win this one.

    they already effed up against philly


    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  194. Ayan_SB says:

    Dominic Moore was on the FAN 590 Toronto yesterday talking with Elliotte Friedman and Don Landry.

    Among other funny things, he said:

    “Sergei likes to joke around in his own quiet way and Markie’s sort of a whole new level of quietness”

    “When I first showed up, he (Markov) introduced himself, and Hal Gill was nearby and joked ‘that’s the last thing you’ll from him all the rest of the year'”

  195. ooder says:

    haha nice.


    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  196. Habscore says:

    Hahahahahaa! good stuff! I love my boys :)

  197. jbroderi says:

    F*CK YEAH!!


    “Do the day and let the day do you” JB

  198. ooder says:

    we can dream can’t we


    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  199. ABHabsfan says:

    … on a beauty goal, Benn from Neal. I would love to see either of those guys in a Habs uniform.

  200. Ayan_SB says:

    James Neal’s a 22 year-old power forward in the making.

  201. SeriousFan09 says:

    NHL Gamecentre Live is going to offer as part of their services, or as a standalone subscription package, the option to watch classic NHL games like the 2003 Heritage Classic, the 1975 Montreal-Red Army New Year’s Game and one that stabs a daggar into the hearts of Habs fans, the 95 Game against Detroit, Roy’s final game as a Canadien. Extra details here

    It’s 5$ a month for those of you who are non-subscribers such as myself. NHL is already setting up a complaints line to deal with Toronto-area subscribers complaining about how they don’t seem to have any games in colour where the Leafs win.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  202. joeybarrie says:

    7 in a row……Rhymes with Jaro…. Go Habs Go.

    “We lived in three places – the school, the church and the skating rink –
    but our real life was on the skating rink.”


  203. Ayan_SB says:

    So I see Nicklas Backstrom’s an RFA this year. He’s really become one of the elite centremens in the game. I can see a team trying to steal him away with a crazy offer sheet, unlike Penner, he’d be worth it.

  204. SeriousFan09 says:

    Caps will give him what he wants, they’ve been negotiating this year already but have had a hangup. I believe the sticking point has been term, the Caps want him signed as long as Ovechkin is (2021) but his agent is gunning for a 6-year term so he’s still well in his prime when he is available to go to free agency. See what happens, but I suspect Backstrom will be signed for a Capital well into the future.



    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  205. ooder says:

    5-3 baby wooohooo


    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  206. camel_larry says:

    AW YEAH!

    Dang, Ottowa PP…


    Go Habs Go!

  207. HUDSONHAB says:

    5-3 Stars + Philly lose + Habs win = 5th place.


  208. Ayan_SB says:

    Yeah I’m sure the Caps see Backstrom as integral to the team. His chemistry with Ovechkin is undeniable. He had 69 points his rookie season, 88 his sophomore, and already has 87 points this season with eleven games to go. Oh and Backstrom’s only 22 years old.

    So, if the top 3 is Ovechkin, Crosby and Malkin, do you think Backstrom’s good enough to be #4?

  209. SeriousFan09 says:

    He’s certainly starting to look like it!


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  210. Ayan_SB says:

    Hmm, that’s what I’m thinking too. In that case, the best four players would be on two seperate teams?


  211. ooder says:

    in a salary cap era, it’s nto as bad as it seams.

    but yes… it is a tad unfair ins’t it 


    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  212. ooder says:

    please don’t use the word intergral *shudder*….

    i don’t want to associate applied advanced cal with hockey 


    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  213. ooder says:

    thanks showey, i tried to catch the game yesterday but atdhe refused to play the game for me


    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  214. camel_larry says:

    If the habs win tonight, we have an even goal differential. Win by more than one and we’re in the positives.


    Go Habs Go!

  215. Habscore says:

    Plz! Plz! Plz ! Habs gotta win it tonight!!!!

    Mr. Boone please jinx it!! or unjinx it…i don’t know….ayayayayyy

  216. ooder says:

    5-4 dallas…. spezza just scored


    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  217. likehoy says:

    the crosby goal heard around the world is hilarious! the different languages is unbelievably funny cause everyone’s super into it and i’m sure they have no idea who sidney crosby really is.

    – Team Halak V.S. Team Price…Montreal Canadiens Fans are similar to 14 year-old Girls going through Puberty.

  218. showey47 says:

    funny to see ribeiro complain to the ref about someone else diving,ah well stars win good for us.

  219. Ian Cobb says:

    It being the last time this year that we see the blue leaf. They
    have their golf clubs in the trunk of their cars. There is not a thing
    left on the line for them to play for except to put on a show for their

    Orr will have two fights tonight, but with who? And they
    play a chippy game. We must play disciplined and use our speed out
    there tonight. Play our game and we walk out with 2 points. Get caught
    up in the retaliation stuff and we will be in the box all night.

    with our heads up and our feet moving out there and use our great
    speed, the last thing we need is injuries again. Just get our two
    points and get out of town.

  220. SeriousFan09 says:

    2nd to last Ian, our final game of the season is against the Leafs.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  221. ooder says:

    we see the leafs one more time Ian… to close out the season


    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  222. likehoy says:

    team990 interviewed ribs a couple of weeks ago after he got that nasty throat injury and they said “some people though you were diving, but you would never do that right mike?” with a bit of hesitation ribs replied “no of course not”

    – Team Halak V.S. Team Price…Montreal Canadiens Fans are similar to 14 year-old Girls going through Puberty.

  223. Habscore says:

    Wow! That video of Sid yelling “Iggy” in the Olympic final, really gives me goosebumps..Great game, great time!

  224. coachdoug says:

    Almost perfect day down here in the south…skated for two hours this morning with my son and a few other coaches…

    Left the rink and it was 75 degrees…little yard work…getting the steaks ready and chilling a few cold ones…

    Habs vs Laffs HNIC…doesn’t get much better than this!  Well the Habs gotta put it to the Laffs…then it’s prefect!

    Go Habs Go!

    “Vive le col roulé! Le système, C’est le col roulé!”

  225. darcy1 says:

    Murray Wilson was on XM radio a little bit ago — i just caught the end of the interview – he thinks PG should resign & keep both Halak & Price into next season unless there’s an offer that “blows his [Pierre’s] socks off”… Also said that once they hit free agency, they will have the right to choose where they want to go, but until then they are the habs property.

  226. Ian Cobb says:

    Oh thats right, my bad

  227. AH says:

    Grabovski, Phaneuf, and Orr..let’s hope we can get through this game without any of those 3 pulling any stunts. Those 3 have me really worried, they’ve all got nothing to lose, and would just love to sink our ship!


  228. HabFab says:

    Thought it was nice up here…52 degrees…thanks for the reality check!!

  229. ooder says:

    is Orr really a cheap shot artist though?

    this guy just fights, but i don’t think he plays to injure


    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  230. coachdoug says:

    I miss the hockey in the Northeast but the snow and cold I do not miss!

    “Vive le col roulé! Le système, C’est le col roulé!”

  231. Stooof says:

    years ago i kept dreaming that grabovski would center the k bros for one potentially dynamite line in the habs future.  i was hoping the coach would just throw the 3 together on the 3rd line and let them develop together long term.  alas.  grabs dealt away.  oh well. 

  232. coachdoug says:

    Habs just need to play their game and not get sucked into that tonight…I know JM feels that we don’t need an enforcer but we don’t even have anyone who can fight…

    Habs are kinda like that skinny guy on the beach with the hot chick…gonna get a lot of sand kicked in our faces…

    Let them get the penalties and we’ll use our PP to get our two points and get out of there…

    “Vive le col roulé! Le système, C’est le col roulé!”

  233. GrimJim says:

    No but he could Lucic (or Carcillo) someone. The Leafs are the trifecta of hockey stupidity: Grabs is a cheapshot artist, Phaneuf is a headhunter, and Orr is a beatdown artist.

    Someday they will actually have hockey players…

  234. light_n_tasty says:

    Pfft…it’s currently a balmy 33 degrees here in Winnipeg and it barely snowed at all last night.  Welcome Spring! How I have missed you!  I’m also grilling steaks, and I don’t even have to wear a toque.  BOOYAH!

  235. coachdoug says:

    I find if you drink enough beer you can always feel like grilling steaks no matter how cold it is!  

    Like the matching avatar…well done!

    “Vive le col roulé! Le système, C’est le col roulé!”

  236. showey47 says:

    anyone else watching the dogs game lose their video feed?

  237. darcy1 says:

    the video isn’t working for me….

  238. Chuck says:

    I can’t get it up, either.

    The video feed, I mean.


    Cheer for the crest on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back.

  239. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …IIIGGGYYY !!! …wow, thanks for this Mike

    …My son and I just listened to the call in different languages …We both had irrepressible smiles …The Feeling reminded to Us how sweet that moment was

    …how often do you pick up a Players voice so distinctly from the ice ? …Sid must haved screamed, not yelled …It was also a great play by Iginla to react so quickly and backhand it exactly where Sid needed it

    …ALL those languages seemed as joyed We beat the Americans as We Canadians

    …My fav was the Korean, but too bad the Punjabi call was not included …wonder if they went into a Bhangra Dance ?

    …Go Canada ! …go, eh ?

    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

  240. darcy1 says:

    i let the video load and after 5 mins it finally started playing. quality isn’t bad, no lagging..

  241. SeriousFan09 says:

    It’s working again for me now, but I missed Ryan Russell setting the team’s record for most Short-handed goals for a player in their career, with 7.

    Boucher’s squad is rewriting the team record book faster than they can reprint it.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  242. ooder says:

    what’s the score?


    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  243. SeriousFan09 says:

    1-1  now,  Ryan Russell with a shortie I missed.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  244. Josh says:

    And Ottawa keeps on losing: Gotta love it”

    And look who has 0 points in the 8 games since the break, our old friend, the Lazy Russian.

  245. habs001 says:

    we should just enjoy the run the habs are having and hope they do well in the playoffs…but lets not put unrealistic expectations on the team…a lot of hab fans on this site and other site think the habs will win the cup…we all would love to see this but we have to look at some facts….how many times has a team that finished 14th or lower in the  standings won the cup…injuries have been a factor but looks like we will have at most four twenty goal scorers…are we deep enough in  d that can stand four rounds of playoffs( 3 of our starters are in their mid 30s)….while boston is having a bad season in reality they have played better than we have vs the rest of the nhl as we lead boston by 4 points having played one more and the reason we are ahead of them is that we have dominated them…the fans that think this team will win the cup should ask them selves if this roster was any of the other teams in the nhl would they even say that this team is a cup contender….i would love to see the habs win the cup but i know that even if they win it this team would be among the worst cup winners in the last 40 years…

  246. darcy1 says:

    1-1 after 2

  247. ooder says:

    thanks guys…

    man i wanted the maarlies to get pasted by teh dogs


    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  248. SeriousFan09 says:

    Got 20 minutes left for a 3rd-period scoring blowout I’d say.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  249. topher5468 says:

    Hey, I was just wondering, do the Leafs have a site like this one for their fans. I would love to hear what they are saying, just for fun of course. 

    “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

  250. G-Man says:

    Dogs tie it 2-2, then Subban blows a tire in the offensive zone a minute later and it’s 3-2 Marlies. Dang!

  251. SeriousFan09 says:

    What a sequence by the Dogs to make it 3-3!


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  252. ooder says:

    the dogs tie it up./… nice

    how is the game btw.. are the dog playing well and their goalie is good?



    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  253. G-Man says:

    3-3 with 7 mins left-Glumac with Dogged persistence. Now 6 mins to go.

  254. HabLion says:

    Anybody know who the refs are for tonight?  Also, those who usually post the ref pairings, where do you find that out?

  255. G-Man says:

    Wiping out the Marlies, but their goalie MacDonald is playing very well.

  256. SeriousFan09 says:

    Desjardins is having a pretty good game in nets, Dogs are ruling the offensive zone but each mistake they made has basically cost them a goal so far, unforunate but that’s how it goes sometimes.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  257. showey47 says:

    dan o’rourke and tom kowal

  258. SeriousFan09 says:

    Dan O’Rourke and Tom Kowal, go to, go to the preview of tonight’s game, click on game reports and choose Roster report in the future.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  259. ooder says:

    thanks for the update guys


    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  260. darcy1 says:

    i just have the game on in the background while doing stuff & haven’t heard anything about max-pac… checked the and he’s not on the game sheet. anyone know why isn’t he playing?

  261. HabLion says:

    I thought I heard shoulder surgery or shoulder injury…not 100% sure though.

  262. Keith says:

    HNIC got a Russian babe, Larionov, cool!

  263. SeriousFan09 says:

    He’s had injury trouble since he went down to Hamilton unfortunately.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  264. coachdoug says:

    It’s Igor’s daughter…think she’s been doing Pens games…

    “Vive le col roulé! Le système, C’est le col roulé!”

  265. Matt_in_TO says:

    Sitting centre ice behind the benches. Price has a new mask to go along with the new white pads.

    – Member of Team Price

  266. Bill says:

    It’s funny to see that at this point in the season, the Habs have just one player in the 60 point range, one in the fifties, one in the forties, and even only ONE in the thirties!

    • Pleks – 65pts
    • Gomes – 51pts
    • Cammalleri – 48pts
    • Gionta – 37pts

    Everyone else in the twenties and below … granted that injuries have played a role here, but only Pleks is having what you would call a banner year … and isn’t it something that a 70 point season is a banner year now??

    Full Breezer 4 Life

  267. SeriousFan09 says:

    Dogs are going to the SO, again…

    Look for Subban’s SO move, it’s crazy.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  268. HabLion says:

    What was the final in the Dogs game?

  269. SeriousFan09 says:

    Sure it’s not his older one? He has flipped between it and the flaming aces one this year.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  270. coachdoug says:

    Boo the Laffs for all of us at home watching on TV!

    “Vive le col roulé! Le système, C’est le col roulé!”

  271. Matt_in_TO says:

    Looks like it’s a new one but I’m 20 rows up.

    – Member of Team Price

  272. Stooof says:

    i remember i saw some vids of grabovski and sergei playiing together in the wjc on team belarus. they made some sick plays together. 

  273. darcy1 says:

    thanks guys

  274. Jbird says:

    Sad to see Brendan Shanahan be a Bettman Robot.  Loosing respect for him every minute I hear him.  Olympics needs to be “more comfortable for the players” he say’s.  Huh?  I did not hear Sidney complaining. It’s “not about dollars and cents.”  OK Garry – I mean Brendan. 

  275. SeriousFan09 says:

    They lost in SO, Dogs couldn’t get one past the Marlies goaltender and the Marlies ripped the first two past Desjardins, so no Double Victory for the Habs today unfortunately.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  276. G-Man says:

    Shoot out loss. :(

  277. Exit716 says:

    Didn’t they change the rule about screening goalies after Avery did his thing with Brodeur in the playoffs?

    Shanahan is just a bagman for the NHL.

    Whatever Shanny.

  278. SlovakHab says:

    lost 3-4 in a shoot-out

  279. SeriousFan09 says:

    Ugly isn’t it? I really thought better of him than to do this.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  280. Jbird says:

    They say that the Avery penalty was unsportsmanlike – so it was not a new penalty and not a rule change making it happen overnight. Now, is taking a guys head of not unsportsmanlike??  What a joke!  At least we did not have to hear Brendan somehow defend Pheonix.. . . . . 

  281. hablifting says:

    Future Hall of fame Brendan Shanahan making sense in matters of hockey VS. Hall of Fail jbird slinging the usual HIO slop.

    Not a difficult choice on whom to lose respect for there.

  282. hablifting says:

    Of course taking a guys head out is unportsmanlike, I mean it’s so obvious these guys are doing it on purpose.  ….

  283. Jbird says:

    With pleasure!

  284. Matt_in_TO says:

    The ACC ice crew screwed up the ice cleaning. There’s a line of bad ice from the red line till just inside the Habs blue line. They are trying the scrap it.

    – Member of Team Price

  285. J.J. of Turku says:

    Made a few bets tonight… We win 5-3, 5-2 or 4-1… kling-kling-kling!


  286. topher5468 says:

    Love that Retro Habs/Leafs spot on CBC

    “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

  287. J.J. of Turku says:

    A perfect song for that too…


  288. SeriousFan09 says:

    Anyone else want to punch Phil Kessel in the face more and more every time they see his face?


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  289. J.J. of Turku says:

    Hands would get dirty…


  290. Habscore says:

    GO HABS GO BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  291. SeriousFan09 says:
    ‘Rusty first period: To be expected.
    Too much time off this week.’

    Boone Reverse Jinx officially in action folks, you can thank him later.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  292. topher5468 says:

    I don’t want Burner fighting with Orr, Much like Laperriere, I think hes just to experienced, Maybe next year for Burner 

    “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

  293. andrewberkshire says:

    I want Sergei to fight Grabovski.

  294. andrewberkshire says:

    I think it might worth it Jarno!

  295. J.J. of Turku says:

    …Hmmmm…. Good point, Andrew… :)


  296. dpthehabsfan says:

    Gotta come out hard tonight – not even give the Leafs a scent of winning. Can’t take this game lightly.

  297. topher5468 says:

    wouldn’t mind seeing that, its a long time coming

    “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

  298. SeriousFan09 says:

    Screw the sideshow of non-fighters, rather see Sergei strip Grabs of the puck and score.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  299. andrewberkshire says:

    Pretty sure this is their first time playing against each other since then, Sergei has been in Hamilton or Grabovski has been injured for the rest of the games.

  300. andrewberkshire says:

    Sergei can score, first, then fight Grabovski right after.

  301. TOEmastro says:

    then an assist for the Gordie Howe!

  302. andrewberkshire says:

    Sounds perfect.

  303. Exit716 says:

    Hey look it’s what’s her name from the Ben Mulroney Karaoke Hour, I mean Canadian Idol.

  304. Exit716 says:

    Where’s Carbo?


  305. king ddd says:

    all the country announccers went crazy over the crosby goal especially the french one, they were even more excited than the canadians… jeez the its sad to see the US hated by all the world..

    ps. no disrespect to the americans

    .::moen & georges for co-captains::.

  306. Keith says:

    Halak saved our bacon right there!

  307. J.J. of Turku says:

    Did I just see 6 Habs on the ice?


  308. TOEmastro says:

    Prayers for les boys tonight, stay healthy!!

  309. SeriousFan09 says:

    CBC orgasming over Dion Phaneuf, saviour #514 for the Laffs.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  310. Keith says:

    laffs are sooo stupid! I love it!!!

  311. andrewberkshire says:

    Healy really wants to blow Phaneuf. Phaneuf has 4 assists and is -1 in 15 games with Toronto. He’s not the reason they’ve been playing well.

  312. TOEmastro says:

    you mean #416

  313. Keith says:

    Lucky laff bastards!

  314. SeriousFan09 says:

    Thrashers 2-0 over the Filthy Flyers so far.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  315. PrimeTime says:

    just joined….any injuiries yet??? My biggest fear this game.

  316. Habscore says:

    ATL 2- 0 PHI !!! Whaatzzzz!!

  317. Habscore says:

    ATL 2- 0 PHI !!! Whaatzzzz!!

  318. zamboni says:


    #514 was the traitor.

  319. Keith says:

    Healy is such an ass! Not giving any credit to the team at all, only Halak. True, Halak has been a huge part but come on!

  320. andrewberkshire says:

    Liveblog is dead tonight Boone. Drum up some controversy!

  321. topher5468 says:

    Stretch passes are just missing

    “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

  322. andrewberkshire says:

    Aside from the Anaheim game, Halak has been very ordinary during this win streak. For the first time this season we haven’t NEEDED amazing goaltending.

  323. topher5468 says:

    Great pass by SK , Georges needs to shoot the damn puck

    “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

  324. PrimeTime says:

    if we get down a couple the Nancie’s will be out. Right now they have nothing to say.

  325. Keith says:

    OB and Celine Dion Phaneuf are gonna go one of these days.

  326. Nick_Habs1 says:

    Halak has gotta keep his rebound control in check tonight. Leafs are getting some second chances because juicy rebounds.

  327. Exit716 says:

    Ut oh. First camera shot of Burke. Gauthier leads 2-1 right now.


  328. TheMock780 says:

    Comparing Gustavsson to Fleury? A bit of a stretch

  329. SeriousFan09 says:

    First pan to Burke in the press box, everyone drink!

    And Heel in his mouth compares Gustavsson to Fleury, how appropriate he compares overrated goalies.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  330. Gormdog says:

    The problem with Gill is that he goes textbook move every time… Everyone on the ice sees it comming.

  331. topher5468 says:

    AK looks so slow

    “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

  332. Chris1138 says:

    Habs are too nonchalant for my liking.


  333. PrimeTime says:

    Halak is a much different goalie than the start of year. Confidence? Coaching? Sure is nice to have….has won me over.

  334. Gormdog says:

    Worse offensively (at the moment!): OB or Komi?


    Better shot: Cammy or Kessel


    Rather have run your PP: Markov or Kaberle


  335. Big Ted says:

    Quite an embellishment from Phaneuf there.

  336. Bryan says:



    The Habs are making me Bi-Polar.

  337. Big Ted says:

    Kulenin smacked Halak in the face! WTF!

  338. andrewberkshire says:

    Gill did.

  339. Chris1138 says:

    Saw that coming a mile away. I hope that lights a fire under the Habs. They are fully capable of winning this if they pressure Toronto.


  340. andrewberkshire says:


  341. Nick_Habs1 says:

    yep…….his weakness

  342. ooder says:

    he got hit in the head by Gill’s stick (that sound’s dirty)


    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  343. Gormdog says:

    Suprised no 2 on Laps there!

  344. PrimeTime says:

    actually i’ve noticed his rebound control is getting better.

  345. Nick_Habs1 says:

    The team has been good the last 6 games. Dude…everyone knows Halak gives out rebounds…..give your head a shake man.

  346. zamboni says:

    The team only sucks in front of the other flawless goalie, the one who doesn’t play much.

    Oh I forgot, you have a crush on him.

  347. punkster says:

    Urban legend.

  348. andrewberkshire says:

    It has been. His puckhandling has gotten way better too.

  349. Keith says:

    Gill is an achille heel sometimes.

  350. PrimeTime says:


  351. zamboni says:

    There comes the naysayers again.
    Let’s gang up on Halak, it’s the only chance we have of making someone else be important.

    Some true fans.

    Gio scores, yes!

  352. Exit716 says:

    LMAO. Craig Simpson praising the Leafs to high heaven and Gionta scores on a weak backhander.

  353. Chris1138 says:



  354. VJ says:

    Et le but!!!! Gio!!!!

  355. SeriousFan09 says:


    Leaves Gustavsson’s jock hanging from the crossbar!


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  356. TheMock780 says:

    Momentum has completely gone the other way…………until the Gman turns it right back. Great backhand, poor goaltending.

  357. Keith says:


  358. PrimeTime says:


  359. Habscore says:

    What A GOaLLLL!@!!!! Holy guacamoleeeeeeeeeeeee

  360. andrewberkshire says:

    Woooooo! Gio is so clutch!

  361. HugeHabsFan says:

    Gotta love Gionta!!

    ……….. “Thank you Cammy for making my day even more amazing!” I STILL BELIEVE. I WILL ALWAYS BELIEVE.

  362. Danno says:

    Another gigantic goal by our tiny giant – Giiiiiiiiiiiooooooooooonta!


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  363. Bill says:

    Haha, last minute goal is a backbreaker … could Hughson and his buddy sound less enthusiastic???

    Full Breezer 4 Life

  364. Big Ted says:

    Nice touch pass. And another point for Scottie… hopefully that line holds it up and the Pleks line gets a boost from Cammi’s return soon.

  365. Gormdog says:

    I love it when the Habs get bounces against the Leafs. Normally they are few  and far between…

  366. Keith says:

    Salvaged that period pretty quick huh?!

  367. Big Ted says:

    NCAA fans… Kansas is going home!

  368. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …Our Biggest Little Man …helps Me understand Jersey’s success

    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

  369. SeriousFan09 says:

    19% of Gionta’s career goals are Game-Winners, nice to have a clutch guy on the roster.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  370. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …19 % ??? …are You sure ?

    …if so, that’s unreal

    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

  371. SeriousFan09 says:

    Holmstrom’s about the same in Detroit, Koivu’s 20% career as well.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  372. Gormdog says:

    Wow. Was about to say exactly what Cherry is saying right now. No more fighting for Jerome for his own good!

  373. punkster says:


  374. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …wish there was a way Saku can come back to join this group …He would fit right in

    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

  375. topher5468 says:

    Every time I see the OV hit it looks worse, WTF was Cherry saying, at least Maclean was clear

    “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

  376. Gormdog says:

    Hey Don – How ’bout them Habs?

  377. Danno says:

    The CBC HNIC gang remind me of something I have in my tool shed. A leaf blower.



    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  378. zamboni says:

    Nice summary of the coach’s corner.

  379. zamboni says:

    Replays show otherwise.

  380. andrewberkshire says:

    Most myths are rooted in reality of some sort!

  381. punkster says:

    But not necessarily accurate realities Andrew. This particular one always bugged me because there are no stats to prove that Halak allows more than most. He plays behind a team that is notorious for not pouncing on rebounds and clearing them. Prove or disprove that one now :) All that to say I don’t buy it the same as I don’t buy that Price has a weak glove hand.

  382. andrewberkshire says:

    I think JT mentioned in her blog the other day that Halak leads the league in saving the first shots, but gives up more rebounds than most goalies. As for whether or not statistics can show it or not, SoG is a good stat to check, as I’m pretty sure Halak faces consistently more shots per game than Price, largely due to rebounds.

    Every goalie gives up rebounds, but Halak’s problem is deflecting them right into the slot, whereas other goalies that are as skilled as Halak direct them to the corner, or cover the puck faster. Clearly the opinion is formed by viewing games however.

    Price has a weak glove hand to the extent that he doesn’t break in his gloves enough (this is a guess by me) and the puck bounces out often before he can close the glove. Price’s biggest problem is focus though, not his glove.

  383. andrewberkshire says:

    He got hit in the head after he’s already let out 2 rebounds, but I digress.

  384. ooder says:

    digress all you want my friend


    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  385. andrewberkshire says:

    I think I’m done digressing now haha.

  386. 21BIGGionta says:

    I LOVE GIONTA….IMO next habs captain..or markov

    “Goaltending is a normal job, sure. How would you like it in your job if every time you made a small mistake, a red light went on over your desk and 15,000 people stood up and yelled at you.” -Plante

  387. SeriousFan09 says:

    Even with a win, no ground gained on the Sabres tonight for the Division, leading the Panthers 2-0 right now and shots are 21-8 for Buffalo.

    Ovechkin scores his 45th to tie Crosby once more in the race for the Rocket Richard, I have a feeling it’s going to be down to the wire with those two.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  388. Les Habitants says:

    Leafs are good for something!


    The last time the leafs won the cup it was still just a bowl!!

  389. Big Ted says:

    Pleks takes it to Phaneuf. Liking the way he did that.

  390. Habscore says:

    Ha!! Phaneuf

  391. Big Ted says:

    Leafs got a quick whistle… Halak doesn’t catch the sme break…

  392. Exit716 says:

    Nice, the puck is loose at the Monster net and it’s blown dead. Meanwhile seconds later, the refs try to will the Leafs to score by not calling an obvious freeze by Halak

  393. Chuck Chuck Goose says:

    Did I see that right?

    Are they playing a MARLIES game on CBC tomorrow?!?

  394. SeriousFan09 says:

    JM, try AK on the back end for 1 single F***ING SHIFT!


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  395. twilighthours says:

    Nice shift by 3rd line.  Dominic Moore rocks.

  396. topher5468 says:

    Is it me or does the PP look out of sync, SK really playing well though

    “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

  397. SeriousFan09 says:

    AK on the 1st wave right point, SK on the 2nd wave right point, what’s the worse that could happen?


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  398. longtimehabsfan says:

    I don’t speak French but I switched to the RDS feed anyway.

  399. Nick_Habs1 says:

    2P 14:50:

    Man, HUGE rebounds off Jaro

    Bonne….dont say that because the Halak BFFs will acuse you of being pro Price.

  400. topher5468 says:

    Spatch got away with one there, should have been interference

    “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

  401. Habscore says:

    Was it Gomez that yelled :” WTH was that?” when he got hit on the boards?? lol

  402. zamboni says:

    I know it’s going to take another 10 games before AK46 gets back into the groove, but is it only me that thinks that he hasn’t turned on the after-burners lately? he looks slow out there.

    I don’t get him, when he wants he can zip by anybody.

  403. SeriousFan09 says:

    Wee bit of goaltender interference there, didn’t know that penalty was actually called on Montreal goaltenders.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  404. coachdoug says:

    Nice…The PP needs to cash in now…

    “Vive le col roulé! Le système, C’est le col roulé!”

  405. Keith says:

    Bunch of crease crashing laff lol!

  406. doogmac says:

    3-1 atlanta over philly

  407. PrimeTime says:

    nice pass AK

  408. coachdoug says:

    Dion chirping with Plek…what a candy ass

    “Vive le col roulé! Le système, C’est le col roulé!”

  409. twilighthours says:

    Man I love Plex this year.  He’s got the right amount of scrappiness.

  410. Bryan says:

    That PP is awful :(


    The Habs are making me Bi-Polar.

  411. doug says:

    I really love Pleks – I hope we can sign him and 5M no longer seems like overpaid albeit over-budget

  412. Nick_Habs1 says:

    Wait for Cammy and MAB to come back next game.

  413. Chuck Chuck Goose says:

    How is this game still tied?!? Habs are ALL OVER the Leafs

  414. doug says:

    That’s exactly what prompted my post. Heads to traffic and afraid of no one.

  415. coachdoug says:

    I wish AK46 would wake the f*ck up…he is in a walking coma…we really need him to start scoring…Sergei looks way better right now…move him up with Plek and put 46 with the pluggers

    “Vive le col roulé! Le système, C’est le col roulé!”

  416. ooder says:

    best players so far…

    ak46 and markov


    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  417. Mattee. says:

    Not sure what Hughson is talking about – I have not seen four consecutive shifts of leafs pressure. That was one and a half, maybe.

  418. Keith says:

    Unfortunately, this laff team is starting to play like Archie Bunker Burke’s team. Tough to play against.

  419. dpthehabsfan says:

    Wake up Habs! Wake up!

  420. habs001 says:

    martin poor at adjusting non functioning pp…markov looks slow and mistake prone today…

  421. Mattee. says:

    Question, how much of the cap do the leafs have invested in their defence?

  422. doug says:

    You find that topic interesting? Really? Really??!

  423. SeriousFan09 says:

    New element to CBC HNIC drinking game, Drink every team they mention “Momentum-Changing Shift”


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  424. coachdoug says:

    Metro is gonna bag a goal tonight…his line is working well…

    “Vive le col roulé! Le système, C’est le col roulé!”

  425. Keith says:

    OMG we’d all be smashed by now lol!

  426. coachdoug says:

    We need that so someone can have a “monster” game…

    “Vive le col roulé! Le système, C’est le col roulé!”

  427. habsfaninboston says:

    Not according to CBC. 

  428. Nick_Habs1 says:

    Read below…..thx.

  429. andrewberkshire says:

    He’s being payed to boast about the Leafs.

  430. PrimeTime says:

    Scrapy game against a “can do nothing else but scrap” team. Hopefully skill will win in the end.

  431. topher5468 says:

    Habs don’t seem to have any of that dire emotion, its almost like they think this game is not important to thier playoff push becaue its against the leafs who are not playing for anything. Lets go boys, pick it up

    “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

  432. Chris1138 says:

    Bang on


  433. coachdoug says:

    Wraparound = Lattendresse

    “Vive le col roulé! Le système, C’est le col roulé!”

  434. Mattee. says:

    Last good wrap around goal? That’s gotta be the great Latendresse non?

  435. SeriousFan09 says:

    Not Sex Offender face!


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  436. Mattee. says:

    hahahhaahahahahahaha! LMAO! I will never forget this.

  437. Chuck Chuck Goose says:

    man I hate that guy so much

  438. Bryan says:

    Bah.  I hate playing the Leafs.


    The Habs are making me Bi-Polar.

  439. TheMock780 says:

    Ugh. Habs just can’t cash. Can’t fault Halak on that one

  440. Keith says:


  441. PrimeTime says:

    CBC just came

  442. Y says:

    Looks like the streak dies at 6

  443. SeriousFan09 says:

    Can we decline the PP and go 4-on-4 instead? We do better there.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  444. Bryan says:

    4 minutes!  Come on guys!


    The Habs are making me Bi-Polar.

  445. Keith says:

    Now it’s time for a pp!

  446. Gormdog says:

    Wow. If we can’t muster anything of note here, it’s becomes really hard to justify not having MAB on that other point.

  447. coachdoug says:

    Laps draws the penalty…comeone PP 4 minutes

    “Vive le col roulé! Le système, C’est le col roulé!”

  448. Exit716 says:

    Ut oh. It’s now 2-2 in GM camera shots.

    Nice LG plug there.

  449. longtimehabsfan says:

    Gill too slow in reading that.  Pleks had his man.

  450. Bryan says:

    My god, I know Cammi and MAB are gone… but that PP is pathetic!


    The Habs are making me Bi-Polar.

  451. TheMock780 says:

    PP has been garbage tonight. All that perimeter passing. Can someone just take it hard to the net please?

  452. andrewberkshire says:

    Why is it that only Toronto ever seems to care when we play against them? Every single game against them this year we’ve been soundly outplayed. What a joke.

  453. 21BIGGionta says:

    Sergei should be on the PP over Hamerlik..

    “Goaltending is a normal job, sure. How would you like it in your job if every time you made a small mistake, a red light went on over your desk and 15,000 people stood up and yelled at you.” -Plante

  454. ooder says:

    well we haven’t been soundly outplayed this game.

    quite the opposite… just a lot of rust and lack of finish.


    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  455. crabvader says:

    Nobody giving it a second effort tonight except for Metro.

  456. SeriousFan09 says:

    I don’t care how many times I’ve said it, PUT KOSTITSYNS ON THE DAMN POINT!

    Hamrlik does nothing back, or Gorges for that matter.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  457. coachdoug says:

    At least I have Mike “NBC Cherry” Milbury to look forward to between the period…

    “Vive le col roulé! Le système, C’est le col roulé!”

  458. hab lifer says:

    habs look horrible. zero offence.

    and can’t the habs decline their next PP?    in total disarray, just pathetic!

    habs will lose tonight. leafs just look superior.

    If this is the habs offence we’re stuck with, it’s very depressing.

    whatever happened the wide open style? I miss it. better not count on anything higher than 7th place if this is the way habs will play.

  459. TheMock780 says:

    I’m pretty sure he played the point on the PP in junior for London, I don’t get why they never give it a shot

  460. crabvader says:

    To me, both teams look like garbage tonight.

  461. hablifting says:

    Hard to disagree.  Pouliot has the talent but clearly needs his ass kicked on a regular basis to actually fulfill it.

  462. andrewberkshire says:

    We’ve been on the PP for a long time in this game, it should be like 5-1 by now with how many turnovers the Leafs give us.

  463. twilighthours says:

    I’d really rather they didn’t.  

  464. coachdoug says:

    Timo…JM needs you in the locker room for the pep talk…been missing that with all these wins…:P

    “Vive le col roulé! Le système, C’est le col roulé!”

  465. andrewberkshire says:

    But Toronto actually is garbage. Looking like garbage is the best they can do.

  466. habs001 says:

    this is the type of game that shows that the habs are a middle of the pack type of team and with about 6 major upgrades they can be a cup contender…beyond markov on the pp the rest of our d men on the pp are too slow and just do not have or lost any offensive skills…

  467. SeriousFan09 says:

    There’s the Timo we all know!

    I am right ***ing tired though about these miserable lazy **** efforts against the Maple Leafs, why can’t we just beat them down like we should for once, over 60 minutes?


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  468. crabvader says:

    The only goal we scored was one he should’ve saved. We haven’t had ONE legit shot at scoring.

    Maybe Sergei’s in the first but that was a tuck and not a shot haha.

  469. nickster13 says:

    I bet theyre getting a good talking to in the room about effort and bouncing back in the third. Im betting we will tie it up soon enough! Have a little faith guys, a third of the game is left still!

  470. smiler2729 says:

    I’m sorry, I like Elliot Friedman BUT that interview with Gionta was IGNORANT, asking him about what he thought about Toronto’s line of Kulemin, etc… and the Monster… so sick of the Torontoccentric pukefest

  471. twilighthours says:

    I must be watching a different game than Timo and his ilk.  I see a MTL team that is clearly the better team but just looks rusty.  Passes and shots just aren’t quite crisp.  Toronto has had very little in the way of chances, regardless of the shots.  The PP is just a symptom.  I think this game could easily end in a MTL win.

  472. crabvader says:

    Yup! It kills me that our guys lower themselves to that position though.

  473. SeriousFan09 says:

    What can it hurt? Sergei can handle the puck and pass better than either of them, AK can blast the puck better than anyone we have on the point.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  474. crabvader says:

    Carbo did last year.

  475. linp says:

    Our PP has no one-timer. WTF.

  476. Keith says:

    But we do have a better record head to head though. They did blow us out in November.

  477. twilighthours says:

    It’s a better question than the old standards: What do you need to do to get it going?  or  What do you need to do to score on Gustavsson?

  478. TheMock780 says:

    You can bet that the suits upstairs at CBC come up with those questions

  479. coachdoug says:

    Andre would have to drag all that life support equipment that’s keeping him alive during his coma that he seems to be in…

    “Vive le col roulé! Le système, C’est le col roulé!”

  480. Gormdog says:

    Hahaha…. Come on man you crack me up, you’d hate the Caps during every game they’d lose, too.

  481. twilighthours says:

    I recall SK on the point on the PP last year on the western road trip.  I believe he was directly responsible for 2 SHG against.

  482. ooder says:

    it’s true… we are missing MAB adn Cammy but still.

    this is one of the worst PK teams in the league


    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  483. ooder says:

    so lets never put him there again because of a bad game last year?


    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  484. andrewberkshire says:

    We have a better record, but we only have 6 points out of the 4 games played so far, they have 5. They’ve lost 3/4 games and got 5 points from us. That’s ridiculous.

  485. SeriousFan09 says:

    Wasn’t Pleks total garbage last year as well? Sergei is a different player this season.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  486. andrewberkshire says:

    Me too.

  487. Gormdog says:

    Oh man… You had so little to complain about that you’re really pathetically grasping as straws with your comments/jokes/criticisms… At least be funny if you’re going to be pointless.

  488. andrewberkshire says:

    Exactly, we have no excuse. As far as I’m concerned we should just have Markov continually blasting shots through with two guys in front of the net to tip pucks in or bash in rebounds.

  489. twilighthours says:

    Exactly.  Never again.  Not him, nor his children, nor his children’s children.

  490. Danno says:

    Forget the cynicism and negativity. We just need to put in a decent 20 minute effort to win this sucker. Seven in a row and fifth place is in reach.

    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  491. Fansincebirth says:

    Fearless prediction

    4-2 Montreal

    “Without the strength of the past, the team may face a choice – to win, or to be French-Canadian?” — Ken Dryden

  492. SeriousFan09 says:

    CBC taking about 15 minutes tonight to talk about the Bruins, this is the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, right?


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  493. Danno says:

    CBC = Cherry’s Boneheaded Chatter.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  494. longtimehabsfan says:

    If I’m JM I start the 3rd with Metro’s line on the PP

  495. Gormdog says:

    Hey whiners, and haters, and negative nancies:


    Go away. We really had a blast here for those 6 games. Injury riddled season, NO ONE thinks they are going for the cup, all-but-qualified for the playoffs with 10 games left… Lighten up!

  496. hablifting says:

    Stop telling people what to do. 


  497. Danno says:

    Hey, anything can happen if you make it to the playoffs…


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  498. crabvader says:

    Pouliot needs to shoot the damn puck. They all do. But Pouliot NEEDS to shoot the damn puck.

  499. SeriousFan09 says:

    Can we get Ovie to come in and give a seminar to that for AK and Pouliot?


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  500. Big Ted says:

    Pouliot’s game is going to the net and cashing in on feeds and rebounds. He doesn’t need to be shooting from way out or dipsy-doodling with the puck. If he starts hitting and taking the energy towards the goal he’ll be ok.

  501. Big Ted says:

    The first 5 minutes of the 3rd will set the tone for the outcome of the game. even if we don’t score on this PP, we need to be much more aggressive and up the pressure. Gotta start by putting doubt in Toronto’s mind.

  502. Rob Maguire says:

    Hilarious joke on CBC’s Satellie Hotstove: “He wouldn’t want to play in the KHL. That would be like working with Mike Milbury every night.”

  503. Gormdog says:

    Did you see his pass on the Gionta goal? Or do you close your eyes whenever the Canadiens make a play?

  504. twilighthours says:

    “Waste of space” – Irony!

  505. crabvader says:

    Guys, it’s GREAT that we won 6 in a row and I believe it will be 7 after tonight… but lay off people that are venting!

    We went from playing solid hockey these past 6 games to playing LIKE the LAFFS tonight.

    That is unacceptable.

  506. habs001 says:

    for the playoffs we need ar least one more d that can skate and provide offense..

  507. ooder says:

    not a very good feeling about this one.

    things just simply aren’t going thier way… the bounces aren’t there.

    maybe i am wrong, but good things must come to an end i guess


    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  508. AH says:

    1 point out of 5th place, and some much needed breathing room, and boy does it look like JM sure has them fired up huh? Playing an absolute garbage team in the leafs and here we go again, no jump, no fricking offense, absolute garbage powerplay, etc., etc., etc. Let’s not kid ourselves, If they make the playoffs they’re gone in the first round, why?; they’re fighting for the playoffs and if they can’t CRUSH garbage teams like Toronto and Edmonton when you NEED to, then forget about beating a NJ, or Buffalo, et al. in a 7 GAME SERIES.

  509. punkster says:

    This place is amazing. A couple of so-so periods and the seppuku crowd comes out to play. “WE’RE DOOMED”. “THE END IS NIGH”. “THIS TEAM SUCKS”. And of course the goalie camps are gathering for a pitch battle to be fought later this evening no matter what the outcome of tonight’s game. People living small lives need to manufacture controvery at every turn.


    Look on the bright side. I dare you. Come up with a positive observation about this team tonight. Like this:Pleks plays like a trooper; strong, focused and dedicated.

  510. longtimehabsfan says:

    AK46 is due.

  511. zamboni says:

    What a pathetic crew CBC has,
    Is there any worse hockey mind, or lack of (if you can call him that) than Milbury?

  512. ButJohnnyLovesHockey says:

    I wouldn’t be cheering Plekanec on tonight. He’s been pretty bad.


    Pouliot and Gomez have been playing great well though.

  513. crabvader says:

    I can’t wait for Cammy and Bergie to come back and spark some life into this PP.

  514. TheMock780 says:

    Gomez line is having an overall off game tonight. Rusty?

  515. HabFanSince72 says:

    The good news is at least we can put the silly idea of us going far in the playoffs behind us.

  516. crabvader says:

    We’re dumping and nobody is going after the puck! Where is the logic in that?!

  517. andrewberkshire says:

    Good backcheck by AK46!

  518. zamboni says:

    OMG, SK74 on PP

  519. SeriousFan09 says:

    I must be having a hallucination, is that Sergei on the PP?


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  520. HabFanSince72 says:

    Absolutely. Gorges cannot play on the PP.

  521. andrewberkshire says:

    This game has absolutely zero impact on our playoff chances.

  522. ButJohnnyLovesHockey says:

    What a burtal play by Hamrlik. How can somebody be so decent defensively but so inept offensively?

  523. coachdoug says:

    Too much perimeter play…I guess size does matter sometimes

    “Vive le col roulé! Le système, C’est le col roulé!”

  524. habs001 says:

    if gorges plays half your pp you will never score on the pp..markov looks terrible today

  525. andrewberkshire says:

    They’re the only line that’s scored.

  526. longtimehabsfan says:

    Too fancy.  Somebody blast one.

  527. crabvader says:

    How many point shots actually get through? MAB please.

  528. HabFanSince72 says:


    It does however tell us something about how good we really are.

    Not very.



  529. Chris1138 says:

    Ugly ugly ugly


  530. Keith says:

    Why do we always play so shitty against this team? It just baffles me.

  531. Danno says:

    This game is like a sh@t sandwich and every minute is another bite.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  532. crabvader says:

    Keep Metro, Sergei and ummm… AK46 on the ice for the rest of the game.

  533. Mattee. says:

    Somebody please gag Healy with his tie.

  534. SeriousFan09 says:

    Leafs players and fans hate Montreal and want to win, but it seems only Canadiens fans hate Toronto and want to win.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  535. HabmanSanDiego says:

    Fearless prediction..–>

    if MTL does not score on the PP at the start of the third, they will lose.

  536. andrewberkshire says:

    Actually it doesn’t. It tells us that just like the rest of the year we play to the level of our opponents.

  537. J.J. of Turku says:

    Why is Pyatt on the ice at almost every other shift?


  538. Keith says:

    With p*** sauce on the side.

  539. Keith says:

    Exactly! Some of them rooted or played for the laffs.

  540. topher5468 says:

    you mean poo

    “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

  541. HabFanSince72 says:

    Actually we’re not even playing to their level.

  542. andrewberkshire says:

    Right, so one loss erases the last 6 wins. Typical nonsense.

  543. crabvader says:

    Nah, we have Cammy 😛

  544. ButJohnnyLovesHockey says:

    Pleks has been more than disappointing since the Break.

    I guess it was Cammy that made him.

  545. AH says:

    Timo!..frickin hilarious!!!, and come July 1, he’s going to become the NHL’s 5 million dollar girl! LOL.

  546. Gormdog says:

    Can’t help myself. I hate the fact that Habs fans have the reputation of being the absolute worst bandwagoners. Why can’t people, you know, relax with the hate.

  547. longtimehabsfan says:

    Stop dumping the puck in.

  548. SeriousFan09 says:

    Observation: We haven’t stomped the Leafs since we’ve had a Captain.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  549. RudeMood19 says:

    we didn’t win a cup with that captain either buddy before you take that illogical route.

  550. twilighthours says:

    My computer’s about to die and the atmosphere on HIO is so bad tonight that it isn’t worth me going to get the power cable.  A bid good evening to Berkshire, Doug, most of the rest of you.  To the negative nellies, go hug your wife/kid/dog/whomever… 

  551. andrewberkshire says:

    Have a good night!

  552. zamboni says:

    With all his flaws, MAB is irreplaceable?
    PP is at best ordinary without him.

  553. crabvader says:

    Tonight, the H in CH stands for heartless.

  554. Bill says:

    It’s Toronto: score some goals. Lots of time …

    Full Breezer 4 Life

  555. SeriousFan09 says:

    I said A captain not Koivu himself, no one seems to be there to get the guys really hating the Leafs.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  556. longtimehabsfan says:

    We need a lift here.  Somebody make a play.

  557. zamboni says:

    Honestly, I expected the Habs to struggle against the Leafs tonight.

    As good as we’ve been lately, we still have a hard time when the opposition has both speed and toughness even if the skill is not top notch.

    We saw it against Edmonton

  558. andrewberkshire says:

    Edmonton has toughness? Funny because all they ever complain about in Edmonton is the small forwards they have and lack of team toughness.

  559. crabvader says:

    JM should just have everyone shoot pucks at the net next practice.

  560. coachdoug says:

    Laffs D is forcing us to the perimeter…even then we are getting man-handled…no one wants to pay the price tonight…

    “Vive le col roulé! Le système, C’est le col roulé!”

  561. Habsfan_jay says:

    9 minutes to get one goal. Just one goal. Totally doable, but not they way they are playing right now. 


  562. Nick_Habs1 says:

    So do you think MAB, Cammy and Price start next game????


  563. TheMock780 says:

    Ottawa loses and the Habs just don’t seem interested in taking advantage. You can bet that Ottawa’s going to play desperate on Monday so cranking up the effort level for the last 8 minutes here would be advisable.

    What is it about these games where the Leafs always play their hardest but the Habs rarely do?

  564. hablifting says:

    Uhhg Ak is so bad.  Kovy without the lights out skill.

  565. coachdoug says:

    K Bros with Plek…might as well

    “Vive le col roulé! Le système, C’est le col roulé!”

  566. Chuck Chuck Goose says:

    Decline penalty

  567. shootdapuck says:




    “The three stars as selected by Red Fisher of the Montreal Star:
    1st star: Henri Richard
    2nd Star: Doug Harvey
    3rd Star: Jacques Plante

    Final score Detroit Red Wings 5 Montreal Canadiens 3″

  568. Gormdog says:

    Here comes the goal that erases all the harsh comments tonight. I can feel it.

  569. Habbu says:

    Why ‘tank’ against these guys?…why?…………….. so g.d. frustrating to watch…so many of them ‘gliding’ instead of ‘striding’ 

  570. coachdoug says:

    Hockey Gods want us to get a point…c’mon PP

    “Vive le col roulé! Le système, C’est le col roulé!”

  571. Big Ted says:

    Must-score PP

  572. Keith says:

    See, laffs are stupid, ha,ha! NEED a pp goal!

  573. vic says:

    I like the  way theam caame out fired up.Standing aroung noy skating no forecheck what the hell happens to them.


  574. Big Ted says:

    Maybe Gomez Gionta can get one in

  575. Big Ted says:

    And there it is…

  576. andrewberkshire says:

    Gio does it all!!!

  577. SeriousFan09 says:

    Brian Gionta, Montreal’s version of Jordan Eberle.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  578. Gormdog says:

    Callllled it!

  579. Chuck Chuck Goose says:

    THANK YOU #21!!!

    Atrocious PP gets a shred of redemption

  580. Mattee. says:


  581. Bryan says:


    MUCH better PP!


    The Habs are making me Bi-Polar.

  582. longtimehabsfan says:

    Good things happen when you shoot the puck on net.

  583. habsfaninboston says:

    Gio to the rescue!

  584. topher5468 says:

    Habs better not fart on the ice because you know whats coming

    “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

  585. crabvader says:

    Shweeeet. Guys woke up with this PP. Both units were pretty good.

  586. coachdoug says:

    Ha Ha!!!! The hockey Gods will not allow the Leafs to win…

    “Vive le col roulé! Le système, C’est le col roulé!”

  587. zamboni says:

    You didn’t see how Penner was creating havoc?

  588. Habsfan_jay says:


    GO HABS GO!!

  589. Big Ted says:

    Now we know the refs are looking to give the Leafs a PP, so we either need another quick goal or really disciplined play.

  590. Danno says:

    Another gigantic goal by our tiny giant — Giiiiiiiiiiioooooooooooonta!


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  591. PrimeTime says:

    How does Schenn leave Gio alone in the slot like that???

  592. Keith says:


  593. J.J. of Turku says:

    Finally!! How sweet is that?


  594. Bryan says:

    Come on guys, at least get the point to tie Ottawa…


    The Habs are making me Bi-Polar.

  595. andrewberkshire says:

    No settling for one point!!

  596. zamboni says:

    That goal energized them.

  597. Big Ted says:

    Get Gio and Gomez back out there. Now is the time to strike again.

  598. Keith says:

    And the laffs are tired. Time to get the go ahead! timeout figures, smart move.

  599. ooder says:

    cbc: “and Gionta has a pair”.

    yes… yes he does!


    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  600. Bill says:

    There ya go. And one more FTW …

    Full Breezer 4 Life

  601. Danno says:

    Le tour du chapeau for Gionta. Now that would be sweet!


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  602. Chuck Chuck Goose says:

    I know it’s been said many times tonight (and this season in general) but AK46 has been completely useless.  I don’t know the guy so I don’t wanna say he has no passion left…….but seriously, he has no passion left

  603. topher5468 says:

    I am totally shocked AK did not get a penalty for that hit from behind

    “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

  604. crabvader says:

    Why? No boarding. Checking from behind…maybe…

  605. Xtrahabsfan says:

    Ha . laff’s think they can get past Halak with mins left , Yeah Rite !

  606. topher5468 says:

    because we have got all the calls tonight, I didnt think it was a penalty

    “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

  607. coachdoug says:

    JM keeping the firewagon going…not sitting on the tie…I like it!

    “Vive le col roulé! Le système, C’est le col roulé!”

  608. Keith says:

    Important faceoff!

  609. Big Ted says:

    How sweet would a goal be?

  610. Chuck Chuck Goose says:

    Another trip to Habs/Leafs OT

  611. Keith says:

    How many OT’s does this make? 4?

  612. Big Ted says:

    Alright, take the 1 in the bank and now a shot at 2. Big point up for grabs given the Ottawa loss and the Flyers losing.

  613. crabvader says:

    Gomez + Gio = OT win.

  614. Habbu says:

    C’mon boys let’s win this with a flukey one….in off Phaneuf’s head

  615. ooder says:

    for every great play that ak46 does.. he follows it up by a stupid blind pass.. and then another great play 

    let’s hope he scores now…

    cuz overall i think he had a good game


    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  616. Captain aHab says:


    Win in OT or on the SO and the Laffs can’t try to goon it up like they would losing 5-2 in the third.

  617. SeriousFan09 says:

    Canadiens are perfect against the Loafs in extra time this season, but given JM’s tendency to use lousy SO guys in the first wave…


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  618. coachdoug says:

    If we win this one get out of the building before the cops show up…

    “Vive le col roulé! Le système, C’est le col roulé!”

  619. Big Ted says:

    Call your GWG scorer… Plekanec.

  620. docketrocket says:

    The difference between AK 46 and Kovy is Kovy has the odd good game.

  621. merch says:

    Jim Hughson uses that term a lot. One time he used it in reference to Kessel… it was fantastic :)

  622. Chuck Chuck Goose says:

    Imagine an OT winner from O’B…..that’d be sweet

  623. SeriousFan09 says:

    The lazy plays in this game…


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  624. PrimeTime says:

    was there a whistle?

  625. Y says:

    Not another SO…

  626. Keith says:

    Shootout, but a point at least. Pretty good game. Need the bonus point!

  627. andrewberkshire says:

    People are so hard on AK46. He hasn’t been amazing but he hasn’t been nearly as bad as people here like to pretend. We’ll see what happens when Cammalleri comes back.

  628. hab lifer says:

    Kovalev is a star and AK is anothing piece of sh#^&*()t.

  629. Bryan says:

    Not saying let up, but we need something tonight.  Ottawa lost, and Philly’s down 2…


    The Habs are making me Bi-Polar.

  630. SeriousFan09 says:

    Filthy Flyers lost to ATL!


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  631. dpthehabsfan says:

    Interesting that JM chose SK over AK in the OT. Thoughts?

  632. SeriousFan09 says:

    One played much better than the other.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  633. PrimeTime says:

    AK too many turnovers tonite

  634. coachdoug says:

    Because the real AK46 has been abducted by aliens…or the Belarus KGB

    “Vive le col roulé! Le système, C’est le col roulé!”

  635. coachdoug says:


    “Vive le col roulé! Le système, C’est le col roulé!”

  636. PrimeTime says:

    iI say it goes 6 shooters per side

  637. SeriousFan09 says:

    We’ll go that far to win because Pleks and Gomez aren’t good on SO, but JM uses them anyway…


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  638. J.J. of Turku says:

    Nice, I don’t have to go to bed yet… :)


  639. Y says:

    Canada holds on after a valiant comeback by Korea to claim wheelchair curling gold!

  640. Keith says:

    Come on Jaro!!!

  641. Big Ted says:

    So far so good… now let’s score.

  642. SeriousFan09 says:

    YES! Nothing for Kessel!


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  643. Keith says:

    Hit the iron!

  644. andrewberkshire says:


  645. coachdoug says:

    AK46 lives!!!

    “Vive le col roulé! Le système, C’est le col roulé!”

  646. Big Ted says:

    At least he got one in now!

  647. SeriousFan09 says:

    Why does Gomez keep getting SOs? He had 2 straight, then has gone for 0 for 6!


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  648. zamboni says:

    Oh well, we got a point.

  649. Keith says:

    F*** I HATE THE LAFFS!!!!!

  650. Propwash says:



    Goalies in Montreal have two roles, netminder and scapegoat. 

  651. coachdoug says:

    At least we got the point…Miracle that we got that…PG looks like he needs a steak…

    “Vive le col roulé! Le système, C’est le col roulé!”

  652. ooder says:

    aaa man i hate losing to the ULTIMATE losers


    “I like what I’m seeing right now,” assessed Markov. “We’re not perfect, but we’re trying to be.”

  653. Bryan says:

    Terrible move by Gomez… bad goaltending by Halak on the 2nd goal.

    Ah well, a point’s a point…


    The Habs are making me Bi-Polar.

  654. andrewberkshire says:

    Gionta should have used his usual deke.

  655. Xtrahabsfan says:

    It’s official….Gomer and Gionta suck in shoot outs !

  656. SeriousFan09 says:

    That’s just ***ing wonderful, I am tired of this team’s sad-ass efforts against Toronto this year. Goaltending has to save them each game they win.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  657. PrimeTime says:

    Oh well….1 point is better than 0. AND NO INJURIES!!!! WooooooHoooooooo!!!

  658. longtimehabsfan says:

    Tough point to lose.

  659. floatingineather says:

    during our many PP opportunities, my puke was being blocked by my hernia

  660. crabvader says:

    Loss to the Maple Leafs.

    Please don’t tell me to stop being negative.

  661. SeriousFan09 says:

    Gionta 3 for 5 this season buddy…

    Gomez is lousy though, Pleks right with them, at least JM didn’t use Mr. 12% on the first 3, shows he’s learning something.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  662. Big Ted says:

    The Habs should not be proud of their effort tonight. Yeah they got one point but against the worst team in the East you need to make sure it’s not even in doubt, even if it’s the Leafs. Now the Ottawa game becomes a must-win in regulation. Hoping Cammi and Bergeron are back for this one. Would sit Lapierre for sure. Pyatt vs. Darche is a bit harder. AK46 gets 2 games to prove he can re-gel with Pleks/Cammi and if he doesn’t show more energy I’d stick him in the pressbox for a game or two.

  663. Keith says:

    So humilating losing to that organization.

  664. coachdoug says:

    Note to JM…use SK74 in the shootout next time…he’s got some moves…

    “Vive le col roulé! Le système, C’est le col roulé!”

  665. PrimeTime says:

    Parade on Yonge St. tomorrow!!

  666. SeriousFan09 says:

    Gomez’s SO % is at 25% this season, it has to go down to about 12% (Pleks) before he considers taking you off for someone else.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  667. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …I think You gotta give some credit to the young Weedz too …they are raw, but have speed and spirit

    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

  668. PrimeTime says:

    Somehow I don’t think their feeling to proud.

  669. hab lifer says:

    that organization will better than the habs in 2 years. you’ll see.

    heck the habs can’t even beat them now.

  670. andrewberkshire says:

    It’s not just this year. We’re about .500 against the Laughs since the lockout.

  671. Keith says:

    I sure hope your wrong buddy, but I fear it could happen some day.

  672. SeriousFan09 says:

    I would credit them if they’d played us hard and won because we were trying.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu.

  673. Danno says:

    It’s an institution, not an organization.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  674. mrhabby says:

    MAB plays monday…cammi plays wednesday.

  675. showey47 says:

    leaf fans have been saying that for decades,yet it never happens.

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