About last night …


I thought the wheels would fall off after Toronto humiliated your Montreal Canadiens 6-0 at the Bell Centre.
It didn’t happen.
The Canadiens went to Florida and beat the Lightning and Panthers to launch a five-game winning streak.
I thought the wheels would fall off after Pittsburgh lit up the franchise goaltender in a 7-6 win.
It didn’t happen.
The Canadiens began their longest road trip of the season with a bitterly fought come-from-behind win in Boston.
Then, after stumbling against the Islanders, the Canadiens reeled off wins against Carolina, Tampa Bay and – with ease on Sunday night – the woeful Panthers.
The team travels back to Montreal on Monday with wheels firmly attached and motor humming on all cylinders.

Two games past the halfway point of this short season, the Canadiens are in first place in the Eastern Conference.

They’ve won nine games on the road.

Their defencemen have scored 17 goals – most of any D corps in the NHL. P.K. Subban has 18 points in 20 games.

Carey Price leads the league with 13 wins. His backup is 4-1-1.

Thirteen Canadiens have at least 10 points – more than any other team in the league.

The road trip included stellar performances, on different nights, by three forward lines.

The Canadiens won in Florida with Peter Budaj in nets and without the services of Brandon Prust, Rene Bourque and Raphael Diaz.

Something is happening with this team.

And the question is: What now?

On L’Antichambre Sunday night, Guy Carbonneau suggested Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin should start to think big … like 25th Stanley Cup big.

“It’s not every year you have a chance to win it all,” Carbo said. The former Canadiens coach thinks the team’s current GM might consider accelerating his development plan. Perhaps Bergevin should tweak his lineup with a trade or two.

You don’t have to be a L’Antichambre panelist to recognize that our first-place Canadiens have a couple holes to fill:

• A rugged forward would relieve Brandon Prust of having to deal with the Milan Lucics and Colton Orrs of the league.

• The defence is undersized, and that could be fatal in the course of a seven-game playoff series.

Like his team, Bergevin is riding a hot streak. He hired Michel Therrien, signed Prust as a UFA and added Francis Bouillon and Colby Armstrong. Bergevin set the tone for the season by sending Scott Gomez home before the abbreviated training camp began. In consultation with Therrien, Bergevin kept two rookies, Brendan Gallagher and Alex Galchenyuk, with the big club.

The GM’s most recent move was trading Erik Cole to Dallas for Ryder and a third-round draft choice this June. After a brief banishment to the pressbox, Ryder has filled in admirably for Bourque on the Tomas Plekanec-Brian Gionta line. And the draft pick increases the Canadiens’ inventory to six choices – a first, three seconds and two thirds – in the first three rounds of what is being touted as a vintage draft.

The stockpile also gives Bergevin some assets in piecing together a trade without compromising the core of a winning team.

There is no urgency to act. Having successfully completed a difficult road trip, the Canadiens will enjoy the annual Rookie Dinner (financed by Messrs Galchenyuk and Gallagher) in Florida then fly back to Montreal on Monday. There’s a home game against Ottawa on Wednesday and then a visit to New Jersey. The following week includes two home games against Buffalo bracketing another visit to Long Island.

March ends with back-to-back visits to Pittsburgh and Boston, then a home game against the Rangers.

Will the Canadiens still be in first place by then?

After two wrong calls on the wheels of the Stanley Cup Express, I’m leery of making any more predictions.

Carbonneau’s comments reflect hoary NHL wisdom that dictates when a team has a legitimate chance at the Cup, it’s incumbent on management to beef up for a deep run because, as Carbo said, you just don’t know when the chance will come again.

I love what I’ve seen from the Canadiens this season. Therrien has pushed all the right buttons. The team has talent, energy and, as exemplified by Brandon Prust, the heart and cojones that were too often conspicuous by their absence in recent seasons.

Can this team beat Pittsburgh or Boston in a seven-game playoff series? How about Toronto or Philly?

Chicago? L.A.? Anaheim or Vancouver?

I dunno, peeps. Let the Commentariat chew over the match-ups.

But isn’t it fun, 26 games into the season, to be having this discussion?





  1. HabinBurlington says:

    Ryan Clowe appears to have taken on a Mythical God like status here, could he perhaps supersede Zenon Konopka?

    • kempie says:

      Is there any reason that people think that Clowe might be available? Have I missed something? I like him, but I like a lot of guys in this league.

      • HabinBurlington says:

        He is presently not being loved in San Jose, granted he does have the fortune of playing on a line with Gomez currently.

        • Mr_MacDougall says:

          I think it is the percieved availibility of Clowe. He has size, can score when playing with top talent. He is a physical player, that would be good for depth.

          But at what cost?

          Any deal that gives up picks/prospects for UFA players is a move in the wrong direction. The 2013 draft has the potential to be “one for the ages” with the amount of picks the organization has..

          • Lafleurguy says:

            Wouldn’t it be nice to have a decade or more like the Red Wings have had (and appears to be at an end)?

            “May you live in interesting times.”

        • Lafleurguy says:

          SJ hasn’t even gotten to a finals with Clowe (is he still in his prime?) and overlook the fact that the GGITR* has outscored Clowe.

          “May you live in interesting times”


    • Sportfan says:

      He’s passed Marleau Neil and Penner thats for sure, I think he’s close to passing Konopka


    • krob1000 says:

      He is a plus 27 in punches landed and has directed 146 punches towards the opponent…once his punches landed percentage catches up to his historical average he will be punching at a far better rate. Besides we all know goals are overrated and scoreboards are a mirage to fool the casual fan into thinking someone won a game…suckers. Only we in the know understand that punch count is what really counts.

      • Lafleurguy says:

        This is funny! But seriously, did he fight any of the West’s heavyweights?

        “May you live in interesting times.”

      • HabinBurlington says:

        Great post Krob! What is the name of this statistic you use, instead of a plus minus is there actually two names. Ali and Tex Cobb. If you are a positive punch you are Ali and if you are negative you are Tex Cobb?

      • 2mins4lookinsooogood says:

        Spot on krob … wonder what the corsi and fenwick rankings are for Clowe throwing punches left handed on alternate tuesdays in the offensive zone … gotta be top three I bet.

        “Don’t crush that dwarf Alex Henry, hand me the pliers”

  2. commandant says:

    A look at Edmonton’s trade deadline UFA rentals today


    Go Habs Go!
    Check out Top Shelf Prospects, my Team by Team prospect reports

  3. Habsrule1 says:

    Granted, this team is looking good, but I refuse to get excited until Timo tells me he’s on board.

    Go Habs Go!!

    “Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.” – Sam Pollock

  4. Hobie Hansen says:


    March 11, 2013 at 9:32 am


    Lets talk seriously about who this team should add. Ryan Clowe and Doug Murray? would that get the job done? how bout RJ Umberger and Jarred Boll?

    That is exactly what the Habs have to do!

    Take White and Armstrong out and put in Umberger and Boll.

  5. Lafleurguy says:

    Sorry to butt in on all this talk about the Panthers game last night, but who was the goon Ryan turned down a fight offer with? did he get as much ice-time as Parros? and would Florida be willing to trade him?

    “May you live in interesting times.”

    P.S. Editorial privilege would allow Boonie to rename this thread “About the Playoffs.”

    • secretdragonfly says:

      Goon’s name is Yonkman – has played 5 games, no points and 11 penalty minutes. I’ll pass, thanks.

    • Phil C says:

      Yonkman. Huge defenseman, 6’6″, 253 lbs. I don’t think he could take a regular shift though.

      The guy I thought that played well for the Panthers was Strachan. 6’3″, 215lbs, right-handed shot, willing to drop the gloves but is not a great fighter. He has fought McLaren in Toronto this year. He played 20 minutes last night and finished even with two shots and two hits. Not bad. He is a UFA so he would be cheap depth. I would still rather O’Bryne.

  6. joeybarrie says:

    So we have proved, so far, that we are in fact a contender. In a short sprint season we have exceeded even our potential last season without the injuries. The additions and culture changed and we are finally where we wanted to be, a top 5 Eastern team.

    Carbo is right. If you got a shot, take it… We arent ever going to be able to get 6 consecutive top 5 draft picks like Pittsburgh, or 3 top number 1’s like Edmonton.

    Kaberle has a place in the NHL. He had a productive season with us last year, and there is no way he cant be part of a package. But we will need to make the right move.

    I hope MB is FULLY looking to make the Finals…

    But keep in mind… There is a lot of hockey left to play…

    • Habfan10912 says:

      I understand what your saying but I want my GM to have a plan and to stick to it. I don’t mind trading a spare part or two to help the club in the playoffs but leave the core and picks alone please.

      • commandant says:

        One of the bigger mistakes of the Gainey regime was overrating the performance of the 2008 team and trading picks and prospects to get Tanguay, and Lang in 2009. That set us back.

        The team can’t make the same mistakes today. Small tweaks and keep building via the plan (youth and draft).

        Go Habs Go!
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      • joeybarrie says:

        Picks I can go either way depending on the trade… the 25th pick isnt top 10.
        As for the idea of having a plan and sticking to it, I agree with the idea of course that any GM must have a few plans. And the goal is the Cup. If you have a chance, you take it. Its that simple, cause what happens if you plan doesnt get you where you already are again?
        It isnt easy to stay up top, just cause you have a plan.
        This season reminds me of when Carbo was coaching in 07-08. We had 7 players above 50 points. But didnt have the grit to beat both the Bruins and Flyers. We still need that solution.

  7. commandant says:

    I would not give a first rounder for Clowe, a guy who has less goals than Scott Gomez this season.

    Go Habs Go!
    Check out Top Shelf Prospects, my Team by Team prospect reports

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      No way a 1st rounder.

    • Body_of_Price_Repels_You says:

      I believe it would be a 1st + a mid-level prospect at least. He is very similar to Gaustaud but with a higher offensive ceiling. SJ don’t need to move him so the price will be high.

      Someone will pay it but I agree the Habs shouldn’t at this stage.

      • Mr_MacDougall says:

        Andrei Kostitsyn has equal size, better speed, better scoring, punishing hits, PP potential, better shot and he cost Nash a 2nd???? 1st plus a prospect is OUTRAGEOUS for a player having by far the worst offensive season of his career.

  8. Hobie Hansen says:

    WOW. Is all I can say about this team this year.

    David Deshanias has proven me wrong, this guy can flat out play. Line mates help but this guy can play with whoever he’s sent out there with.

    And Eric Cole, not to be rude, but who needs him! I’ve seen Michael Ryder battling in the corners and along the boards the same amount as Cole if not more, since he’s been here. Ryder’s got 9 points in 7 games with a couple of beauty deflections last night.

    And man oh man, Subban is disgusting good! I don’t think he has anything to worry about. He’ll have the Canadiens writing up up a massive contract when his current deal is done. He is playing out of this world.

    And Michel Therrien, We’re not worthy, we’re not worthy!

    • adamkennelly says:


      Lets talk seriously about who this team should add. Ryan Clowe and Doug Murray? would that get the job done? how bout RJ Umberger and Jarred Boll?

      • bel33 says:

        I still remember Umberger playing so well against the Habs when he was with the Flyers.
        I don’t mind your suggestions of him and Boll.
        Probably be a lower cost than for Clowe.
        Still wouldn’t mind a big tough D for the playoffs.

    • Habfan10912 says:

      Wow is a great way to describe it Hobie. Old School below said while trying to figure out how this team keeps winning, “I see the smurf’s flying around, getting bumped off of pucks, cross-checked out or the blue paint, knocked down, etc…” But the son of a guns keep getting up time and again.
      I’ve often thought that the talent level for teams is so close that effort is often the deciding factor between two points or none. I can’t think of too many nights when you could say that this team did not provide effort or didn’t out work the opponent. I think that’s our answer and the coach gets a huge amount of credit for that.

  9. Garcia129 says:

    Any thoughts on making a move for Ryan Clowe? He’s one of those rare guys who can play up and down the line up, score 15 – 20 goals, and fight. I feel it would reduce the strain on Prust.

    I know he’s not scoring this year, but that seems to be an anomaly, and perhaps the asking price would be a bit lower. He has 268 points in 417 games, including 101 goals. He’s a UFA and likely to get 3-4 mill per year. With the Sharks only having 13 players under contract next year and just over 10 mill in cap space, they’re going to be hard pressed to resign him unless they clear cap space.

    I’m thinking Weber and 2nd? They’re probably looking for a forward since they have 5 D signed for next year, so perhaps someone like Bournival or Avstin and a 2nd? I don’t like the thought of giving up Bournival, and Avstin may never make the NHL. Not sure what we would need to give up.

    Just throwing it out there for discussion. Given SJ’s cap situation, i wouldn’t be surprised if Clowe got moved. I just hope he doesn’t end up in Boston… Someone has to make sure the Boooruins don’t get him!


    In Price we Trust

    • 24 Cups says:

      Assuming Bourque is fit to play, who does Clowe replace in your line-up? If everyone is healthy, then Prust knocks Armstrong or Moen off the 4th line. Clowe would then have to knock the remaining player out or replace the inexperienced Galchenyuk for the playoffs. If he does that, then why did the team keep Galchenyuk around?

      I don’t think Clowe can come to Montreal to just be insurance. Not when you consider what you might have to pay. Someone is going to possibly land Perry for the playoffs. Maybe even Iginla. If that happens, then the other contenders will fight over Clowe. That raises the asking price.

      • Garcia129 says:

        I hear ya. And largely agree. Prust would have to play a diminished role. However I think that’s the point. I honestly don’t know what kind of minutes he used to play for the Rangers, but I would guess it’s not the 18 he’s been playing the MTL. He could probably stand to play a few less minutes given the intensity of his play, and the condensed schedule. I wouldn’t mind Armstrong out of the line up, and these days, it seems Moen isn’t competing.

        As for why we kept Galchenyuk and the possibility of him seeing a few nights in the press box, I don’t think anyone envisioned the Habs competing for first in the NE or the Conference. Expectations have shifted (whether we want them to or not), and I assume they will want to capitalize on their situation. I anticipate a rebuttal involving the mismanagement of young players development, and I agree. Just trying to make the best of a GOOD situation.

        You may be right in terms of the asking price getting driven up. If the asking price jeopardizes the future, no deal.
        Any thoughts on who would land Clowe if we were not potential suitors? Anyone but Boston!!

        In Price we Trust

  10. habfan53 says:

    Bruins play 3 of their 4 games in hand this week, including tonight against Ottawa and 2 games against the Penguins

    Like the DODGERS “Wait till next year”

    • 24 Cups says:

      I just checked the Hab schedule. They have some back-to-back games as well as a 3 in 4 nights in early April. All in all, it’s pretty good. The next two weeks are light which gives the team some time to recharge. Budaj should get 3-4 more starts.

  11. HabinBurlington says:

    After this season, Alex Ovechkin has 8 more years at a 9.538million cap hit with an actual salary of 10 million for most of the remaining years.

    That salary warrants the 50 goals a year he used to produce not the present 35 goals per season along with his mediation skills with the referees.

    • Lafleurguy says:

      I didn’t know Ovie meditated. Thx for the info Burly.

      • LeHabfan13 says:

        That’s what money will do. When you have it. You don’t have to work anymore. That’s exactly what Ovie is doing.

        The suckers who game him the money. Too bad. Ovie is not the only one.

        • Habfan10912 says:

          Interesting theory. I wonder if it could be as simple as that? I really think that’s what contributed to Gomez’s drop off as well. Put a few million dollars in my pocket and I bet my attitude changes, eh?

    • Habfan10912 says:

      A drastic drop off in his play. What the heck has happened? I attended a Caps game in Washington 3 years ago and he owned that town. He even put on a show during warm ups flying around the ice and displaying that lazier shot of his. The crowd loved him and he had so much energy. Now? It’s incredible and sad to see his play.

      • The Jackal says:

        He’s being over-coached.
        There is too much focus on having Ovi play a specific system instead of letting him play his game.
        In other words, they are not playing Ovi to his strengths – he is is not being used well.

        • Lafleurguy says:

          Are we talking about the 30 year-old Guy Lafleur?

        • Habfan10912 says:

          I kind of thought that originally myself but three coaches over coaching him in a row? At some point you need to look internally, no?

          • The Jackal says:

            I’m sure they’ve talked to him and he is trying to buy into whatever system the next coach brings, but Ovi is like PK in a sense – let him play. Reign him in but don’t have the leash too tight.

            Maybe Ovi and the other coaches did not have chemistry. Boudreau knew Ovi and they worked well.
            Hunter left after one season and had D first system. The Caps are not a D first team. They are playing an exhaustive style that stifles their forwards and Green. I think the should run and gun more, but then again they lack the D strength and goaltending.

            They should try a Habs-style system.. but let Ovi be Ovi. He still blows D coverage in a D system.. at least when he is scoring it more than makes up for it. I’d focus on building a strong back end that can support Ovi’s forays and D lapses.

      • Lafleurguy says:

        Tons of internet ink has been expended on Ovie, so I will refrain from contributing to cyberspace environmental degradation. My question to you J., is, did you wear Habs-gear to the game and how many other Habs fans were in the arena? 🙂

        “May you live in interesting times.”

        • Habfan10912 says:

          I did in fact wear my Habs gear and I was in a sea of red although of a different team. They played the Sens that night and the fans around me warmed up to me when they saw me cheering for the home teams. Besides the Bell Centre, it was the most vocal building I’ve been in. A very lively place and not artificial like so many other rinks today.

      • Cal says:

        Spacek in the 2010 playoffs has derailed Ovechkin’s career. Ovie should learn more than 1 move, though.

  12. HabFanSince72 says:

    Many recent Stanley Cup finalists got a major contribution from players acquired at the deadline.


    Boston: Peverley, Kelly, Kaberle (their top scoring d-man).
    Pens: Hossa (not the year they won the cup), Guerin, Hal Gill.

  13. JF says:

    I doubt Bergevin will be making any decisions based on our absolute domination last night and the huge success of the road trip. He’ll wait until close to the deadline and then possibly make a move to add a bit more toughness. But I can’t see him tampering with the core of the team or giving away high draft picks or key prospects for a rental. If a package including one of our three second-rounders could net him a big, stay-at-home, crease-clearing defenceman, he might do it. But I doubt the player would be anyone whose name has been tossed around here.

    As for adding a big name like Perry or Ovechkin, I can’t see that happening, nor should it. Bergevin’s moves over the summer show clearly that he’s following the path most of us have been advocating for years – building through the draft and turning to free agency and trades for depth and character players.

    Besides, how often has the addition of an impact player at the deadline produced the desired result? How often has the addition of a big name free agent really helped? More often than not, important depth players are given away in such deals, team chemistry is disrupted, and the impact player eventually ends up failing to perform to expectations. There is also salary cap management to be considered. Bergevin will make a big move only if the right deal can be done without mortgaging the future.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      I also think if he brings someone in, it will be a player who is “known” to either MB or MT from their previous lives.

    • Kelectro says:

      I completely agree. If a move is made, I imagine that MB will continue his long-term approach. The Ryder move was a smart long-term move too, even though he’s in his last year. I can’t see us, nor do I want us to get a rental. I like the build that’s already underway.

  14. Yup, I’ve been cynical and negative, especially since I was at the blow-out in Long Island last week with my family, leaving the Coliseum with thousands of other Canadiens fans with our heads down.
    Like Boone, I don’t get how they keep winning. I see the smurf’s flying around, getting bumped off of pucks, cross-checked out or the blue paint, knocked down, etc…
    Then I see scoring like we haven’t seen in a long time. From everywhere. One night, one line, the other night another.
    I see the defense crapping out with Pittsburgh, Toronto and the Islanders.
    I see Price being very average or worse and still winning because his team is scoring goals.
    Yet we keep winning! I like it, but I watch games with one eye open expecting the balloon to start deflating as quickly as one would when you release a helium balloon and let it fly all over the room. So are we winning, pundits of HIO, because we are playing crappy teams, or are we truly finding ways to win with spirit resolve, etc…?

    Promote the Youth, Support From The Veterans and Remember the Heritage!

    • Habfan10912 says:

      A very good description of how I to wait for the shoe to drop as well. I think its called learned behavior. It’s not our fault. I blame JM. 🙂

  15. krob1000 says:

    Crosby on pace for 142 points over 82 games…..considering his slowish start tot he season that is phenomenal. Not since Mario haave numbers like that been put up….I hope he continues to put points up at the pace he is.

  16. 2mins4lookinsooogood says:

    Please no more ” tough guys when Toronto and Boston send out their goons” talk. Toronto already traded Brown, and with Frattin, Back and Lupul coming next, they are going to be hard pressed to get away with keeping McLaren and Orr in the lineup.

    Boston just saw what “gooning” did last game – how’d that work out?

    As for the “crease clearing defenceman”, consider that unlike previous years, the Habs don’t spend hours in their own zone, desperately trying to stem the tide with guys cycling and shooting at will. You play better with the puck, you are not trying to cross check your way out of trouble.

    Would I like to have a large physical right handed d-man – sure but the need is not nearly as high as it used to be and the fake parity of same confernce play means the cost is way to high … unless you want to take a chance on Komisarek with the leafs splitting the cost a la Armstrong.

    Did it get awfully quiet out there? 🙂

    “Don’t crush that dwarf Alex Henry, hand me the pliers”

  17. goalie29 says:

    brief banishment to press box? when was ryder in the press box?

    “I can’t hear what Jeremy says, I’ve got my two Stanley Cup rings plugging my ears”

  18. The Cat says:

    I dont get this talk of getting big name goal scorers like Ovi and Jagr, habs’ offense is fine. 8 wins by 3 or more goals -tops in league…maybe some gritty no-namers needed for tight divisional matchups and tight playoff games.

    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

    • Habfan10912 says:

      Cap management is a big consideration here as well. Ovi to me is a huge mystery as he;s now on his third coach he;s about to get fired. I’d be very cautious about taking on him AND that salary. I had my fill of prima donnas the last couple years. AK, Kovy, and my favorite Scott “good in the room” Gomez.
      MB and MT have also made it clear that they like character guys. Ovi does NOT fit into that mode unless you only count what he does in the offensive zone.

      • Lafleurguy says:

        Ovie looked silly with his reaction to the highstick he took to the face last week. Surprise, surprise…..Don Cherry commented on it on Coach’s Corner but no spoiler alert here….you’ll have to look it up to find out if Cherry’s comments were complimentary or not.

        “May you live in interesting times.”

        • Habfan10912 says:

          Morning Andrew. How did you know I don’t watch Cherry. 🙂

          • Lafleurguy says:

            Greetings Jim! Carl Edwards finished fifth!
            Answer: cause you have Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter to watch instead of the Don?
            Notice how the posts are just pouring in this morning, but all after 8 AM. For me daylight savings should start in April. 🙂
            “May you live in interesting times.”

          • Lafleurguy says:

            Answer No.2: Because the biggest Dick of a Don you have to watch is Trump?

            “May you live in interesting times.”

      • HabFanSince72 says:

        Scott Gomez wasn’t a primadonna. He just couldn’t play the game anymore.

        And AK27 may have been a primadonna but he gave us a lot of good times. People only remember his last season when he was 35 years old.

        The only problem with Ovie is his contract. If he was on a more manageable cap hit (say $6.6M) I would happily give up our entire first and second round picks for next year (all 4 of them) plus Rene Bourque.

        • Habfan10912 says:

          Gomez often let his man go in defensive zone coverage just as Ovie does game after game. AK? Although he was once was of my favorite players, he often took complete games off and never played up to his potential. Kovy? He did give us some great times. . Ovie? I think there’s more of a problem with him then his contract. His play has drastically dropped off and drastically is probably not a strong enough word. My definition of primadonna is probably incorrect but character guys they are not. That’s probably what I should have said.

    • Lafleurguy says:

      The comeback wins have also been unexpected and marrrrrvelous. Due to balanced scoring and the highest scoring defense core in the league.

      “May you live in interesting times.”

    • CanadienBoy says:

      Perry want like 6.5 mil funny how Pac got more pts so far this year and cheaper,if we got anuff small d that can step in and out due to injury and we keep winning why change anything

    • Marc10 says:

      Say Bourque doesn’t come back by the playoffs… You’ll want to add a forward.

      – UFA
      – Experienced cup winner
      – Skilled
      – PP specialist
      – Can pass, can score
      – Can still skate
      – Already has chemistry with our best center
      – Wants to play in Montreal
      – Iconic mullet

      As long as he fits into the “team first” concept, I’d let the man have one last crack at the cup.

      • CanadienBoy says:

        Let say u get a stay at home big D ,who do u sit and Diaz come back now what ,we have the highest scoring team D in the league today ,go tto like that .

    • Chris says:

      I’m actually firmly in the “stay the course” division.

      I just find it amusing when we toss out trade proposals where we grab other teams’ top young stars. It isn’t going to happen.

      The kind of players you can get is a rental, like Regehr, or a star with baggage, like Ovechkin.

      So if we’re going to propose stuff that isn’t likely to happen, we might as well go big. 🙂

      • 2mins4lookinsooogood says:

        Ha Ha Chris, well said, Too many seem to forget that the other teams will want our best young players in return and not Weber and Kaberle !

        “Don’t crush that dwarf Alex Henry, hand me the pliers”

  19. thehabs21 says:

    No one seems to be talking about Prust, is this suppose to be a long term injury?

  20. Thomas Le Fan says:

    Well, sure, if we can get Perry or someone of that calibre for Kaberle and a bag of pucks, I’m all for it. Otherwise slow and steady wins the race. This team is a lot of fun but I’m not sure we are legitimate contenders and mortgaging the future, if we are not, is not a wise thing to do. We will be better next year. Draft size and, um, pace Birkie, truculence. Go Habs!

    • Habfan10912 says:

      I’m with you. Even if we are a legitimate contender we have a very interesting core group whose best years arguably are ahead of them. I think cap management comes into play here as well. Some of these youngsters, PK, Gallagher, Galchenyuk, Emelin will be looking for some hefty raises in the years to come.

    • Lafleurguy says:

      Perry is very intriguing, cause if things don’t pan out, he’ll be unrestricted in the summer. Anaheim will ask a lot for these valuable circumstances, sort of the best-of-the-best expiring contracts. Then again, Anaheim is in an equal position to the Canadiens for a Cup run so may decide to keep this “expiring contract” and the high-skilled player attached to it.

      “May you live in interesting times.”

  21. HabinBurlington says:

    So Last Night was also the Rookie dinner, at least the two Gally’s didn’t have to buy any booze at dinner given they are both under the legal drinking age in Florida. 🙂 Nice of the team to help keep the bill lower.

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      Oduya for a 2nd and a 3rd is the type if deal I would go for. You get help right away and a regular for the next seasons if you can sign the player.

      What a steal that was for Chicago. Oduya is one of their top shutdown players.

      • HabinBurlington says:

        That is the one deal that stood out to me as well. Of course the Gaustad deal stood out as well, but for much different reasons.

        • 24 Cups says:

          Zidlicky to NJ was also a good deal in the same way.

          Some tradeline deals really make a difference (Butch Goring) but most have little impact. It’s strictly about depth.

          Right now the Habs have two Dmen that fit that role – Kaberle and Weber. Maybe, just maybe, Pateryn might come in at #9.

          Up front, the team has White and Noke. Maybe Dumont or Leblanc.

          So the question becomes will your rental be an upgrade on the four guys just mentioned?

  22. Stevie.Ray says:

    Habs prospect Magnus Nygren (I know right, who?), our 4th round pick from 2011, wins the top defenseman in the Swedish Elite League award. He is signed on to play another year in Sweden but Habs are apparently interested in bringing him over.

    He had 13 goals, and 32 points in 51 games in his second full season in the SEL.

    Another gem brought to you courtesy of one Trevor Timmins.

  23. krob1000 says:

    How impressive is Ottawa? their leading scorers…Alfie and Turris have a whopping 13 points each….the Habs in contrast have ELEVEN guys with 13 or more points. It is quite amazing the way they are finding ways to win without their big guns…

  24. Greg says:

    I’m not a fan of trading for big pieces anymore than I’m a fan of making a big free agent splash. They both cost too much. If the goal is to mortgage everything at a stanley cup run this year, then let’s go after Corey Perry and Byfuglien. I thought the whole Bergevin plan was to make this team a contender every single year. I don’t remember the Red Wings making big deadline moves of UFA splashes. Draft well, acquire undervalued pieces when they become available (e.g. Michael Ryder).

    Get better slowly, but surely.

  25. The Cat says:

    I think what the habs do without Prust the next few games might dictate what MB goes after besides a D-man. The prospect of finishing 4th and facing a division rival in the 1st round is very likely.

    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  26. 24 Cups says:

    Ryane Clowe has not scored a goal in over one calendar year. I believe it was March 9, 2012. Assuming everyone is healthy, who do you sit down? Galchenyuk? Moen or Armstrong?

    In terms of the defense, the same question applies. There is no way Therrien is going to sit Bouillon. That leaves Gorges or Diaz. Who would a new player replace?

    Any new incoming player who probably be a depth player who knows they would automatically sit as injury insurance. They would not really upgrade the team in any way. Trading for a signed player means you are bumping someone out of the lineup. Not sure how that would go down right now. The price would also be much steeper. Assets such as a 1st rounder, Tinordi, Beaulieu or Collberg might come into play.

    Right now, there are five teams that are out of the playoff hunt. They are Calgary, Florida, Tampa, Buffalo and Washington. Those are the rosters that probably bring in depth players at the deadline.

    No rentals, no more “muscle”. Just let it ride. Huge dividends now and in the future. A few depth guys for 3rd or 4th rounders is fine by me. But that’s about it.


    • Greg says:

      Bingo. Agreed 100%.

      Maybe package a Weber and one of our 2nd rounders for someones 1st rounder? Is that insane? Add a 3rd in there?

    • Marc10 says:

      UFA Ds on teams not making the playoffs:


      1) Visnovsky (Islanders)
      2) Mark Streit (Islanders)
      3) Robyn Regehr (Buffalo)
      4) Ryan Whitney (Edmonton)
      5) Marek Zidlicky (NJD)

      And then there’s Ryan O’Byrne (Colorado) and Scott Hannan (Nashville)

      Point being… There isn’t much out there on D. Hmmm….

      • jon514 says:

        I would love to see the habs pick up Regehr … provided he’s healthy. I wonder what the asking price would be. We need a “stay at home” type who can (and will) clear the net if we have any hope at a deep playoff run.

    • Lafleurguy says:

      Like Greg, agree with you. Remember how Nashville thought Gaustad/Kostitsyn,A./Gill would push them over the top while they still had Ryan Suter; but also remember they gave up a 1st, 2nd, and a 5th for those three “depth” guys.

      “May you live in interesting times.”

    • Old Bald Bird says:

      With so much bigger D help almost ready on the farm, I would really hesitate to bring in another guy unless we really swap out, like Diaz for a bigger guy. I think Diaz is terrific and would be tickety boo for many teams and could possibly give us a very useful player in return without clogging the pipeline from the farm. I would even consider moving Gorges for the right return. Although I suppose, when it comes down to it, I’d move anybody for the “right return”, but I Just can’t fathom what that might be for some guys — like PK for example.

  27. CharlieHodgeFan says:

    It appears PK needed a little tough love, and less indulgence. This season, he’s playing within the team, and look at the results. People enjoyed watching him get carried away by his own enthusiasm on a hopeless team last season. Some liked Kovalev doing a similar thing with similar teams.
    PK is still a young player and I don’t see him using monumental talent to become a footnote like Kovalev has. He has engaged his intelligence over his desire to have fun and show off, and PK playing smart hockey is devastating. It is fun to watch.
    A better person? Nah, he was okay to begin with. A player shown limits and how to focus within them? A guy who has learned a (big) role? A player who is growing from skillfull coaching? I think that’s what we’re seeing.
    After the clown show we had gotten used to, the new Bergevin/Therrien era sure looks good. Martin seems to be the only ex-coach too bloody boring to be hired by L’Antichambre.

  28. Lafleurguy says:

    Michael Ryder smoothly and unobtrusively pots two goals. Always been his way. Going to leave the dead horse alone (not going to beat it) so the comparison I’m going to make is how two goals from Ryder have a quiet sound whereas two goals from Brendan (the former no. 73) have a lot of crash and bang.

    “May you live in interesting times.”

  29. Chris says:

    1) He needs a change of scenery.
    2) He needs a team with a solid leadership core.
    3) I truly believe he would thrive in Montreal.
    4) I believe he could be had cheaper than many think.
    5) Tomas Kaberle would have to go the other way for this to work, so that the Habs still have a buyout if it doesn’t work. (And it would still take MAJOR guts on the part of Molson to pull this off).

    But there is a point-per-game, power forward winger that is out there on a bottom feeder. He has demonstrated excellence in the playoffs in the past. He’s clearly wanting out of his current situation based on his lacklustre play.

    Alexander Ovechkin. 🙂

    Now, I am off to put on my flame-retardant suit before going to work.

    (For the record, this almost certainly wouldn’t happen. But it intrigued me, because I don’t think Ovechkin has forgotten how to play hockey so much as I believe he has basically quit on the Capitals, a la Jagr.)

    • The Cat says:

      Hes too important, too much ‘The Man’, it would affect the team negatively IMO

      [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

      • Chris says:

        He and Markov are great friends, so I think his transition to the team would be easier than we think.

        And Subban is too much ‘The Man’, but he thrives in Montreal. Some times you need a guy that wants to be ‘The Man’. In Montreal, he could be Guy Lafleur without having to worry about being team captain or being looked upon to provide leadership.

        Ovechkin is not a leader. Neither was Lafleur.

        But Ovechkin IS one hell of a goal scorer. Even in his ‘bad’ years, he scored 32 and 38 goals. I’d take that. 🙂

        I just think that Bergevin is clearing money up for some big move, and most of the big stars are locked up long term. He’s got his eye on somebody and I keep wondering who it might be.

        • The Cat says:

          Subban and Lafleur werent brought in though.

          [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

          • Chris says:

            My point is that Ovechkin is currently miscast. He is not a leader, and he knows it more than anybody.

            Let him do what he does best, score goals (and for the love of all that is holy, put him back to the left half-boards, where he was devastating, and keep him off the point!).

            Ovechkin can fit in. He just needs the right environment. He’s wasted in a non-hockey market.

            I’ll be the first to say that it is insane to believe that Bergevin is targeting Ovechkin because of his personality. But I am increasingly certain he’s targeting somebody big. And I would rather it be Ovechkin than Lecavalier. 😉

    • Gerry H says:

      Bold suggestion, Chris, and I agree that it is less crazy than it seems at first blush. At the end of the day, though, I think The Cat is right. I don’t think Bergevin and Therrien would risk the team’s chemistry on such an out-sized player/personality.

    • Lafleurguy says:

      Also, his worst games would have us pining for Alex Kovalev…..in his bad games!

      “May you live in interesting times.”

    • Marc10 says:

      Well it would revitalise Montreal’s night life… but no. Wouldn’t happen.

      How bout Jagr in Dallas?

      • Gerry H says:

        Absolutely! I was going to raise Jagr. He and Pleks have incredible chemistry. The move would have very little impact on the team’s future (so long as the price is not too steep), since he is UFA at the end of the year, I believe. It would likely mean dropping Prust to the fourth line, which would doubtlessly bring that piece back to life.

        If Dallas continues to swoon, he could probably be had for not much more than one of the Habs’ 2nd rounders. The only concern would be whether Nieuwendyk would answer Bergevin’s call after the shagging he took on the Ryder/Cole deal.

        • Marc10 says:

          I’m thinking as a depth move and PP specialist.

          Big body, skill, veteran, leading active goal scorer in the league, wants to play in Montreal… and yes, plays with Pleks!

          If Bourque doesn’t come back, it would be a natural fit… and he can still skate!

    • habstrinifan says:

      I totally agree with you… I would love Ovechkin here…. AND I think he will go crazy with joy and enthusiasm playing here. And he will fit in. I use dto have the same feelings re Iginla but that ship has sailed.

      I dont know though that WSH will part with Ovechkin until it is too late for his career.

    • Strummer says:

      Watching him play yesterday you can see he has boatload of talent and could do well on a well-run team.
      The contract however would be toxic and could totally handcuff a team if things didn’t pan out with him and on that basis I would decline.

      “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”

    • Cal says:

      Hahahahahahahahahahha! My laugh of the day. His contract is something Leonsis regrets. Let it stay that way. Ovie is a one man show who sulks. Let another sucker- Sather?- take him.


    • Mike Boone says:

      Wow! Wouldn’t that be fun? Team chemistry doesn’t concern me as much as the $$$, but I’m with Chris: Ovie would shine in Montreal.

      Mike Boone
      Hockey Inside/Out blogger

      • Cal says:

        Not certain if Ovie can go from “All me all the time” to “All team all the time.”
        Besides, the Habs have stars that are all playing well. Pleks, MaxPac, DD, Eller, Prust, Ryder, Gallagher, Gionta and Prust have turned the Habs fortunes around. Let’s not forget what the Habs D has done this season, too. Markov and Subban are becoming lethal on the PP. Hell, even Boullion showed quite the nose for the net yesterday, blasting 2 in. Price and Buddy are doing great. The coaches are getting the most they can out of everyone. Why futz that up?

      • twilighthours says:

        Also agree. It would be all good, and good fun, but the salary is too much of a risk

    • HardHabits says:

      If you’re gonna think, you might as well think BIG!!

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      If Washington put Ovechkin on the market he will command a huge return.

      • Chris says:

        No doubt.

        But on the flip side, how many teams can take on that salary commitment. I think that shortens the list, and therefore the return, considerably.

    • 2mins4lookinsooogood says:

      It never hurts to dream Chris. that’s for sure and I would love to see him with the Habs but it is the short to mid term that would kill us.

      At a 64.3 mil cap next year (but it will go up) and raises starting to pile up for DD, Eller, Emelin etc and the Captain still on for another year – the money loooks difficult, to say nothing of the prospects/players.

      “Don’t crush that dwarf Alex Henry, hand me the pliers”

  30. The Cat says:

    It’ll be interesting to see how the habs do without Prust the next 2 games. Not minimizing the last 2 games cause theres no gimmes, but TB and FLA are nothing.

    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  31. Lafleurguy says:

    First time I ever strongly agree with something Guy Carbonneau said.

  32. Chris says:

    Evander Kane – 5 years, $5.25 M
    Dustin Byfuglien – 3 years, $5.2 M
    Wayne Simmonds – 6 years, $3.975 M
    Fedor Tyutin – 5 years, $4.50 M

    I think some of you are targeting the wrong type of player. The above guys are not going anywhere. They have all been locked up long term recently by their respective clubs. If any of those guys were to be moved, an equivalent but young star would have to go the other way: Galchenyuk, or Subban or a huge package of prospects and picks.

    Prospects and pics haven’t proved anything, so they cost you more if that is all you are going to be willing to part with. So Montreal will avoid those types of players.

    I think the list of players would be more like the following:

    Robyn Regehr – UFA, $4.02 M
    Stephen Weiss – UFA, $3.1 M
    Greg Zanon – 1 year, $2.5 M
    Ryan O’Byrne – UFA, $1.8 M
    Tom Poti – UFA, $2.875 M
    Jeff Schultz – 1 year, $2.75 M

    Under the dreaming file, because the cost would be prohibitive:

    Jarome Iginla – UFA, $7.00 M

    The problem with this season is that there are very few teams that are already out of it. In the East, only four teams are not within 3 points of a playoff spot: Washington, Tampa and Buffalo are all 7 points out, while the Panthers are 8 points out.

    In the West, Colorado and Columbus are 4 points out, Edmonton is 5 points out and Calgary is 6 points out.

    • Cal says:

      Of all those examples, the only one I would shoot for- depending what’s going on around the 28th of March- is Regehr.
      It’s fun to speculate on trades, but this is the only need the Habs have and Pateryn MAY be the guy (for now).
      Losing Bourque has been quite the blow, yet the Habs roll on. If Bourque can come back, there is no need for a forward. Keeping fingers crossed in the hope he can get back this season.


    • Stuck_in_To. says:

      I’m nitpicking but, in the theoretical discussion of being x points out of a playoff spot, equalling the total points of the 8th place team only lands the out-of-playoff team the berth IF they had more wins.

      Since the team has to catch the 8th place team, and necessarily has less wins at this point, don’t they have to pass the other teams point total? In other words, Edm. is 6 points out and Cal. is 7 points out.

      One point is not much to make up over the remaining games but eventually everyone runs out of road.

    • Hab No Fear says:

      Add Steve Ott to the list at 2.95ml one more year after this .

  33. wildwilly says:

    I would knock on Winnipeg’s door and see if what they would want for Evander Kane or Dustin Byfuglien. They both had issues last summer… The asking price would be high but who knows?

    • GrosBill says:

      I would love to see Byf in a Habs uniform, I remember saying that when he left Chicago. But can’t see it happening, Kane either for that matter unless we would be willing to trade the farm.

  34. BJ says:

    Email from a friend Marc last night: “Ryder with his 100th as a Hab…on the pp from PK…2-0…Took almost 6 years…and we were hard on Gomez!”

  35. crabvader says:

    Really gotta think about the undersized d-men.

    We need more ruggedness during the playoffs. Guys who can reallt bulldoze the front of the net and give the goaltender a chance at a save.

    It always gets worse during the playoffs; it is a different beast. To make it, I believe we need another top 6 forward and a top 4 d-man who can get his nose dirty.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love, LOVE the effort our team has dished out this year. I would just hate to see our guys get ragdolled in the playoffs after giving such a valiant effort during the season.

  36. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …great ALN by Boone tonight …yup, this is a most exciting season

  37. Timo says:

    Guess everyone’s in bed. GOod night folks.

    Go Habs!

  38. H.Upmann says:

    If he is willing….. Dominic Moore? The more I think about the Cole trade, the more I think it was brilliant.

    There must be a Coyotes player we could trade a 2nd rounder for………

  39. Smiths Falls Habs Fan says:

    I read a post on the last blog about how Ryder is a “defensive liability” because he’s a -1. If you get most of your points on the PP your +/- doesn’t change. -1 suggests he ISN’T a defensive liability. Just sayin’
    Some people have no idea what they\’re talking about. I\’m probably one of those people…

  40. billylove says:

    Trade talk? Sure, it never ends. If nothing develops, I’ll take my chances with the current roster. I think we’ll do better in a long playoff series than many think, even against the b’s and pens. We have pace and it can wear on teams trying to keep up. Pick a matchup, I like our shot against all of em. This team is solid and it could get scary good!

  41. Timo says:

    Just finished watching the game. Man, Panthers are woeful… That being said still a solid win. A bit of a let down in the third for a few minutes, but finished them off and for a change this game was never in doubt after the second.

    Mikey Ryder was pretty impressive tonight, I thought. Cause a few turnovers, never let up on a play, kept battling. Good for him. Let’s see if he can keep it up.

    Should we start the Moen-White-Armstrong goal watch? Will any of these guys ever score?

  42. Marc10 says:

    Les Boys are playing very well. They’re moving their feet and giving other teams fits. Jersey and Ottawa showed last year that you can dress a competitive team even if you’re ‘rebuilding’.

    I like the discipline of this team. And watching PK turn into a genuine All Star is great.

    If we’re going to go poaching, I’d look at teams with cap issues under performing like the Rangers (if they slide), Philly or Dallas.

    We need a Scottie Hartnell type. Big, scores, is a pain for Ds and goalies. A character guy you’d hate to face night in, night out.

  43. Bardya says:

    18 points in 20 games for PK.

  44. jedimyrmidon says:

    Even though the Panthers have a ton of injuries, the worst PK and the worst record in the league, it’s interesting that you would never have known that the Habs were playing a back-to-back game equivalent to a 7pm one night then a 5pm start the next.

  45. Rad says:

    Subban has matured over the past 2 seasons. He is more serious now, even thoughtful, in this brief interview after tonight’s win. We are witnessing the coming of age of a great young player.


  46. habstrinifan says:

    Big thank you to Monmick for your response with that french phrase. And it finally makes sense ‘literally’ . Thank you.

  47. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    Can’t stay awake anymore. Thanks everyone for another fun discussion. Thanks also to twilight and Mac for pointing out my Malone games played omission.

    One final point. I think MB will wait until the March 26 and 27th road games against Pitt and Bos to decide on whether to make a major move or not.

    “You’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

  48. Les-Habitants says:

    People mention Ryan Clowe, but I don’t think the player is to be had: SJ is right in the thick of it, and even if he hasn’t scored a goal he does a lot for that team.

    So, do you go after Morrow, and would the Stars really trade their captain? Or do you dare to dream bigger…I almost hate to write this here, but could Iggy be someone we could target?

    Bahh, I’m riding too high after this latest winning streak. Time to get some sleep and think with a clear mind in the morning.

  49. Boomer says:

    Gonna be interesting to see what moves MB will make. If any are made. I just hope the Habs 1st round pick and calgary’s 2nd round pick aren’t touched.

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      Me too…

      “You’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

    • jmsheehy19 says:

      no way they move the 1st unless it’s part of a larger package that gets us someone that fits in longterm.

      Like player x and our 1st for player y.

      Bergevin doesn’t seem the type to overpay for a rental.

    • Habilis says:

      Agree. I know Iginla is available, I even think he would help us. But surely both those picks would go, along with a prospect.

      No thanks.

      • jedimyrmidon says:

        Oh man, would not want to see the 1st round pick go for Iginla who is 35 years old, and who is a UFA.

        The only reason to give 1st rounders for rentals is if one is reasonably certain of making it all the way. Otherwise, you better be getting a player back for a number of years and who isn’t about to retire.

    • Bill says:

      The Habs first rounder and the Flames 2nd rounder could wind up being pretty close together. One is definitely dispensable.

      Picks are great, but remember the purpose of them is to get a good player. If you can turn the pick into a good player right now, it’s sometimes a very good idea.

      Full Breezer 4 Life

  50. Habilis says:

    Winning on the road, winning back to backs, winning pretty, winning ugly, winning the games they should, winning games they shouldn’t, winning despite injuries.

    They just keep friggin winning!

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but the Habs playing this well makes the rest of the NHL games even better for me. I’m really looking forward to watching the Sens/Bruins game tomorrow night. Go Sens, for a night.

  51. hab fan in leaf jungle says:

    Is Hamrlik in the last year of his contract with the Caps and is there a chance of bringing him back because if you pro rate his contract for the remainder of the year he can`t cost that much.

  52. Phil C says:

    I think Subban, Markov, Emelin, and Diaz are untouchable.

    That leaves Gorges and Bouillon. You may find bigger players, but good luck finding one with a bigger heart than those two. I would pick up a big right handed shutdown defenseman as an upgrade on Weber and Kaberle; in other words improve the depth on D rather than mess with the roster. Maybe a guy like O’Byrne for a 3rd rounder.

    Dance with the one that brung you.

  53. Mr. Biter says:

    Love to get a big tough forward and a big mean d-man but where do we play them? We would need them for a deep playoff run but unless we trade choices (or Kabs) and I don’t think as trade bait, Armstrong will fetch what we need. Also don’t seem to see any posters wanting to get rid of Gionta anymore.

    Mr. Biter
    No Guts No Glory

    • Seps says:

      I would trade him based on size and playing style. However his intangibles through leadership are crucial, especially with Cole gone now.

    • Bill says:

      The Habs’s needs are very specific. They need a big, natural LW who can score, and they need a a big, crease clearing D-man who can play the right side for decent minutes.

      Whom do they replace? The weakest links I guess.

      Full Breezer 4 Life

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      Good point. If the Habs obtain a player who is top six forward or top four defenseman, a regular has to go…there is just no room. If the player is a bottom six forward or bottom two defenseman, a forward can sit or Boullion sits.

      Hypothetical question: If the Habs bring in another top 9 forward, can you see a scenario where Chucky sits? I can’t see how he stays in the lineup unless another top 9 forward gets dealt in the exchange.

      “You’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

      • Seps says:

        You can’t sit him, he is our future.

        • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

          That’s what I was thinking too. Trades rumors involving top 6 forwards need to be thought out more like Mr. Biter is suggesting.

          “You’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

          • Seps says:

            I agree. Not sure why people are talking about scoring though, I don’t think we need anymore scoring, but any of Moen-White-Armstrong could go for some tougher players to step-in when Boston and Toronto send out their goons. The only response we have is Prust and he can barely survive against Lucic, but trade Gionta and a 3rd for a guy like Chris/Anthony Stewart and we get significantly tougher.

        • jedimyrmidon says:

          Agreed. There is no way that Galchenyuk will sit. He is part of the team, and that means a lot – you can’t just interchange players like spare parts. I bet the team would react quite negatively if one of their teammates were abruptly traded at the deadline.

      • yodasvoboda says:

        I think Bouillon has been one of our best D. Tons of smart plays in our end, quick passes on the break out, and good on second line PP. He won’t clear the crease like a bigger d man but he’s smart, can move the puck, and plays with heart. A player like that sends a good message to the rest of the team.

  54. calvee123 says:

    Well hopefully they will get into the playoffs and not be worn out, and be ready to battle hard.

  55. hab fan in leaf jungle says:

    BTW what ever happened to Ian Schultz who came with Eller from St. Louis? He was supposed to be a real tough kid. Also, where is Nigel Dawes? He had great hands which he used in scoring a sweet S/O goal in his first game as a Hab.

  56. Seps says:

    Want a tough, useful RW who could maybe play LW… how willing would the Flyers be to deal Simmonds? He could be worth a 2nd, and possibly a solid prospect, judging by the Richards trade.

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      Young with a contract. This is a case where you have to give up top prospects and/or draft picks.

      “You’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

    • jmsheehy19 says:

      he’s developed since that trade. And even then some people were surprised the kings were willing to move him.

      He’s a first and top prospect or #2 or #3 dman.

      • Seps says:

        Would you be willing to do it though? He would add big-time toughness on the front-end.

        • jmsheehy19 says:

          If the price is say a 1st and Beaulieu/Kristo/Leblanc/Ellis/etc. I’d probably do it.

          But not if they wanted Colberg or Tinordi.

          EDIT: and I’d be hard pressed to move a roster player with as good as the team’s been playing. Especially since they’d likely want gallagher, Gorges, Emelin, or Diaz.

          • jedimyrmidon says:

            1st AND one of the Habs’ top prospects (Beaulieu, Kristo, Leblanc)?

            That’s a steep price. Don’t get me wrong, he has scored once 30 before, but if that’s what you give for an emerging forward, what would getting Corey Perry take? I think Perry nets a 1st, and a top prospect, and a roster player (assuming he signs with whatever team he is traded to).

          • Bill says:

            You think Tinordi is better than Beaulieu?

            Full Breezer 4 Life

          • jmsheehy19 says:

            Not necessarily better, but I think Tinordi fills a hole more so than Beaulieu.

            If we lose Beaulieu, we already have Subban and have Dietz and Thrower not crazily behind him.

            We have no one on the team or in our prospect pool that replaces Tinordi. I’d say Ellis or Patyern are the two closest, but not close enough to make him expendable.

            EDIT: Jedi, Simmonds is signed at (even if his development plateaus) a very reasonable contract for years to come while Perry will almost certainly test the market, so you’re paying for security as well as strengthening a playoff run. Actually I’d say we’d probably have to add something else, like a mid pick or prospect. But it’s a moot point as he’s not being moved.

  57. HabinBurlington says:

    Love the team, hope Bourque heals well and I think Pateryn looks even better a week from now. No big trades for me, maybe a tweak or 2.

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      Pateryn got 12 minutes tonight so he is being eased in. Hopefully he can stick around for a bit.

      “You’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

  58. habsprophet says:

    Although Montreal is in 1st right now, in terms of winning pct, I believe the Bruins are ahead of them, having played less games. In the event the Bruins overtake the Canadiens in the standings, then the Canadiens would flip to fourth, setting up a first round playoff match up of Habs v Leafs

    If you can’t find it within yourself to stand up, tell the truth… you don’t deserve to wear that uniform

    • Mr_MacDougall says:

      Embarrassing the Leafs would be fun!

    • Bill says:

      Habs-Leafs in the first round would be awesome. I hate playing, like, the Hurricanes or some nobody team. The Leafs would be a tough opponent with their offence, but it would be fantastic hockey.

      Full Breezer 4 Life

      • Mr_MacDougall says:

        Plus the Game 6 3rd period giveaway by kessel leading to Gallagher turning Phaneuf inside out for the go ahead and series clinching goal would be awesome!

        • Bill says:

          It would be the kind of series you love if you win and are crushed if they lose, high stakes, the only way to go. The Habs have enough veteran leadership to smooth the jitters, though, so I’d say Habs in six.

          Full Breezer 4 Life

    • jedimyrmidon says:

      Habs vs. Leafs? Would be an exciting matchup for sure….

      BUT. I cannot stand the thought of the Leafs making the playoffs, eliminating the Habs in the 1st round and then Leaf fans bragging about it as if they had made the playoffs in the past 7 years.

      Also, the Leafs were playing dirty against the Habs. Their gameplan was to take runs at them and perhaps injure them. In the playoffs, where health is paramount, I wouldn’t want that kind of battle in the first round.

      If the Leafs make it, they should face Boston/Rangers in the first round.

  59. Sportfan says:

    Every night we get someone different contributing its great!


  60. krob1000 says:

    So that one dimensional ryder fellow now has 7 assists…but he’s a shooter, he’s got two goals..both deflections…but he’s only a shooter. His forechecking has directly led to 3 goals he did not get points on…but he’s a shooter. He has 6 pp points…and has helped rejuvenate a pp that was struggling…all this despite DD’s line being the first pp unit when MT given a choice. I am very happy with that trade….the fact we get a pick and two less years of Cole is an incredible bonus….I can tell you this much…there is no way Cole has 9 points in his last 7 games if he stays.

    PK has been simplifying to perfection…where is the guy who used to fire clappers 6 feet wide? where is the guy who used to get all of his shots blocked and think he needed it going 100 mph to be worthwhile? He has taken some time to reflect and as much as MT deserves credit I suspect watching Markov and Diaz from home on tv early and playing with a healthy Markov has worked wonders. Also notice how on the pp now when they plant Ryder in the slot….Markov drops down…Ryder commands respect in that spot…when Markov drops….then it frees subban at the top with a ton of trafffic…now that he is making smarter plays and just getting pucks through some magical things are happening.

    BRendan Gallagher …everyone is trying to compare this guy to guys off other teams…he is modelling his game after the perfect role model..as Patches did with Cole Gally is doing with Gionta. I am not sure how many remember but that is how a younger Gio played…always in front and always a nuisabnce but with lightning quick hands and an ability to shoot from any position and get shots off in tight.

    Emelin is now comfortable with the NHL…look out…he is a keeper and now that he gets the game over here is a solid minute eater out there with some serious upside offensively.
    Bouillon…lol…poor guy..scores a beauty picking the top corner and gets carried away and tries it again…easy Frankie…easy.
    How about those heavyweights in Florida…home ice so they have the matchup, the big lug on d gets 4 minutes as white takes a couple for the team….Parros attempts to skate around the ice a couple times a period..no thanks.

    Galchenyuk still very timid….but Eller and Dumont both sticking up for the kid…as are all of the players…must be a likeable kid. He looks uncomfortable at times and is veering in tee wrong direction quite often….both on the forechack and defensviely..he needs some serious work away from the puck defensively. His confidence is down and he is turning down shots…keep shooting kid…3 months ago he was playing 17 yr olds…now he is on a first place nhl team getting top 9 minutes…hang in there.

    PLeks and Gio…you know what you get there….same goes for Markov. Exciting also to see how aggressive MT is on the walls with the d in the o zone…we will give up some odd man rushes but all in all it is working against the teams with weaker d.

    • HardHabits says:

      I mentioned Cole’s numbers below. I also agree with pretty much everything else you said.

      Ryder’s problem when he got to Montreal was he wasn’t skating opting rather to float and be a spectator. He eventually got benched and had time to reflect on what was expected of him. The goal that stood out was the goal Plekanec scored from Markov as it was the result of a turnover forced by Ryder, a sign that he was buying into the system.

      As for Subban, as of late, he is playing with a high level of intelligence and vision to go with his athleticism, he’s keeping it simple and he’s less prone to making those potentially disastrous high risk low reward moves.

      • krob1000 says:

        I suspect the forechecking system is a little more aggressive in Montreal…he also rotated linemates..but definitley got caught not moving his feet. It is tough to do that..and requires conditioning too…conditioning the rest of the guys have at this point but he was probably left to do his own thing in Big D….steal of a deal

        • Bun E. Laroque says:

          Ryder just needed to acclimatize to his new team. There is always an adjustment period. The trade looks great to me. Ryder is a more complete player now than he was in his previous stint. I think he will score big goals in the playoffs.

    • LizardKing12 says:

      Great post! I’d just like to throw my two cents in as far as Galchenyuk is concerned. You might disagree with me but I found that he was excellent defensively and away from the puck when he was playing center, it was actually one of the biggest strengths of his game and the reason why he and gallagher were leading the team in +/-. I do agree though that he is a bit lost without the puck now that he is a winger but I think it’s to be expected, Eller plays much the same way on the wing without the puck and he’s probably one of the best defensive forwards on the team when he is playing center. As far as being timid goes I don’t really see it, he goes hard into the corners and has taken a lot of very big hits only to get right back up. He doesn’t play an overly physical game but hasn’t struck me as timid, just my opinion! I agree with everything else you said though.

      • krob1000 says:

        The position thing is very true…and the Eller analogy is great too. He is gliding in for loose pucks, hesitating..on the defensive side ndn for loose pucks unless he has obvious body position. He is not yet comfortable taking the space defensively and is veering away or hesitating and not being a factor on many forechecks. The positioning thing you mention makes sense too though as the center often reads the inital pressure but I do find him timid. That is not a knock…would be if I was still saying it 2 years from now…he is adjusting but there is absolutely some hesitation and I have seen more and more of it of late. I admittedly watch some Habs more than others…I watch all of the centers as I play center and I am naturally drawn to them…I watch Glachenyuk and Ryder as they are favourites around my house…as are Subban and Price. I always try to pay attention to forecheck systems and angling/trapping tendencies as it allows me to see plays develop once i figure out the intent.
        Galchenyuk is not forcing guys as everyone else is at times….and is definitely veering away …he is making it up by backchecking hard but the pressure is coming more from
        Prust/Dumont and Eller…which is why we are seeing Galchenyuk be the first guy back more often and Eller getting caught slightly deeper at times.
        The position thing is huge though…as it was for Eller…now that he is at center he is producing with rookies and grinders and limited pp time…pretty impressive and definitely a factor with Galchenyuk
        We are huge Price fans but my 4 year old said something funny today…he says how come the other teams score more on Price than Budaj Daddy? lol….I told him he just hasn’t seen enough of the games.

        • LizardKing12 says:

          Thanks for the breakdown, that was a great analysis of Galchenyuk’s game. I understand what you mean now by playing timid and I agree. Like you said though it is not a knock on him unless he doesn’t grow out of it which I fully expect he will.

    • hab fan in leaf jungle says:

      Emelin is no spring chicken. Why did they not bring him over sooner? Hre was drafted a long time ago. He’ll be over the hill in a couple of years. Do the Habs have any other gems hiding out in distant places around the globe?

      • krob1000 says:

        they tried if the stories are true…he didn;t want to come over…but when they finally brought him he was in the discussion for best dman in KHL…but it is a diff’t game over there and last years suckfest allowed him an opportunity many european players don’t get ….a pressure free chance to learn the NHL gmae

      • monmick says:

        He needed a lot of convincing to come over. He was adamant about not wanting to start in the AHL…

  61. hab fan in leaf jungle says:

    Get Patrice Bordeleau from the Avs to take on the Lucic/Chara and Orr types and bring up Alex Henry from the Dogs to clear the blue ice. Would he have to pass through waivers? He is a big boy and he is used to the system and the overall philosophy of the Habs organization. Go Habs Go all the way to Cup no. 25.

    • Mike Boone says:

      Alex Henry is not an NHL player

      Mike Boone
      Hockey Inside/Out blogger

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      Lucic and Chara do not find goons…that’s Thorton’s and MaQuaid’s job.

      “You’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

    • krob1000 says:

      why…so we can give them two points and maybe win a fight or two? I’ll take the wins and respect the guys who do stand up to them win or lose the fights….
      Every time I turn on a tv or radio I hear of “bullying”…I never hear or see any of the so called experts advising kids to call a bigger bully….I have more respect for the guys who take their lickings and keep playing the game and trying to win without backing down…I will admit I get caught up in fights when they happen like everyone else…but I also realize they don’t have the effect that most think they do…there are very few players in the NHL who can be intimidated…if they were easily intimidated they would not be there.

    • ebk says:

      Like Bordeleau as a french deterrent to the bull____ that happens from time to time but Alex Henry, no thanks.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Alex Henry has left the bldg. he is in Europe.

  62. peasoup says:

    Habs are goin to the east final. That much is almost a guarantee, there is no team in the east that should scare us in a playoff series. Whether we can finish off the run is another story (some good lookin teams in the west)…but I truly think this is the year where the Habs have a crack at Lord Stanley

    • Bill H says:

      The Eastern final almost guaranteed? Whoa there. Ever heard of an upset? We are more than half a season from the Eastern final. Things can happen.

    • hab fan in leaf jungle says:

      Nothing is guaranteed. Ottawa is a pretty solid squad in spite of injuries and New York Rangers are grossly underachieving and we may run into Boston or Pittsburgh sooner than later. The Pens are firing on all cylinders and the Habs (I’ve loved them for almost 60 years) are not on par with those two. We have better goaltending than Pitts. though you couldn’t tell from the last game but their shooters are DEADLY. They make you pay for every mistake with agoal. Boston is like a dirty version of the Islanders of the 80s.

  63. HardHabits says:

    Points per game watch. Michael Ryder has 9 points (2 goals, 7 assists) in 7 games with the Habs. Erik Cole has 1 point (1 goal, 0 assists) in 4 games with the Stars.

    That trade is looking like unreal at the moment.

    Habs are currently ranked 8th by Hockey Prospects. Last season they were like 20th.


    As for trading prospects for rentals I don’t think it’s a foregone conclusion.

    I wouldn’t say there are any untouchables in the prospect pool, however any player as projected as being able to fit into the style and system being put together would be better to keep than to let go.

    I’d rather not see more rentals for prospects in a trade. Better to give up as little as possible in such a scenario. Better still to trade a player as a rental and get a prospect, pick or both in return. If a trade is to be made, better for a player who will fit a long term plan. However, it is better to gauge whether or not a player fits in long term when being developed through the farm system.

    The choice about giving up prospects for an active player is where pro scouting comes in. So far the buying out of Gomez and trading Cole for Ryder are looking like slam dunks.

    I am sure that they are weighing possibilities but I am also sure they are aware they are dealing from a position of strength. I think being patient and waiting for the right deal is the way to go and not move unless something meets the criteria.

    • Stevie.Ray says:

      This will probably be Ryder’s last chance to cash in big on a new contract. He’s playing like he wants it.

    • Bill says:

      These things have a way of evening out. Cole is a quality player. He will find his game.

      But he’s not a Hab anymore and Ryder is, so lets hope this weird trade works out well down the road for the Habs!

      Full Breezer 4 Life

      • hab fan in leaf jungle says:

        I was thrilled when they signed Cole but the first thing I said to my friend was that I love Cole but the Habs would regret the length of the contract. Ditto for Gionta even though he is a great guy and a decent captain. I wish they could have kept Saku. Let’s use Ryder’s performance to our advantage as he showcases himself to the league and then let someone else sign him to a bloated contract through which he will float again till the end. Go Habs Go!!!!!

  64. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    Can’t believe posters are asking for Ryan Malone. Even to the extent of offering major prospects and 1st round draft picks. He is an aging power forward who’s 33 years old with two years left @4.5 million. He is not hitting, not fighting, and only has 5 goals. Malone is 11th, ELEVENTH, on TB for hits. Even BENOIT POULIOT has more hits.

    Clowe may not have goals but he has been exceptionally physical (too much in some cases). Malone has not been at all. No way MB trades for him…

    “You’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

    • Bill says:

      Don’t need him to be a superstar. Two years at 4.5 million is not a big deal, considering the Habs lack depth at LW, especially of the physical/scoring variety. I prefer a Malone precisely because he would be around for a couple of years. If you want to look at some stats and say he’s useless, okay, but to me he was the best player on the Lightning against the Habs. We could surely use a big LW who is willing to park his butt in the face of Rask or Reimer in the playoffs. He’s the ideal pick-up, and I wouldn’t flinch at giving a high pick and a solid prospect for that.

      Carpe Diem! We can build for the future next year and the year after that.

      Full Breezer 4 Life

      • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

        The hits stats is one of the few statistics that speaks the truth. If you’re physical, nobody stops you from hitting. There is no way he should not be top three on that team for hits. The only way I would consider trading for him would be a contract for contract deal like Bourque ,for example.

        “You’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

        • twilighthours says:

          Didn’t he miss a bunch of games? Too lazy to research but this would explain totals

          • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

            I stand corrected. Sorry about missing that. Still would not give up a 1st round pick and a major prospect for him. Looks to be injured every year as well. Like I said, I would consider a contract for contract deal but not high draft choices and prospects.

            “You’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

          • Mr_MacDougall says:

            Louis Leblanc, Travis Moen, 2nd rounder?

          • Bill says:

            DDO, why wouldn’t you give up a little draft pick and a prospect for the exact kind of player the Habs most desperately need? You act like Malone is a stiff! He’s definitely not.

            Full Breezer 4 Life

          • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

            What Mr_MacDougall is suggesting, I could go with. Beaulieu/Tinordi and/or first round picks…no way. Malone is not a stiff but he is declining. His lower body injury this year raises questions about durability. At least Cole was durable and MB still got rid of him. I don’t see MB trading for aging veterans with contracts.

            We have to look at something else…where will he fit in the line-up? Like Cole, he would be slated as a top 6. Who does he replace? I like trading Bourque and picks/prospects because Malone can take Bourque’s place. Chemistry is a huge issue in a late season addition.

            “You’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

        • Mr_MacDougall says:

          What if that player has only played 12 games? and has 5 goals…

      • Mr_MacDougall says:

        I second that. Picking up an expiring contract is what robs an organization of depth.

        I am not dure what prospect, I’d have the 2 young D off limits (in a deal for Malone). I think he brings a Brandon Prust type of punch with better scoring.

    • FunkyCrabChairNF says:

      Hallelujah. I thought I was crazy and was keeping my whacked-ness to myself.

    • ffenliv says:

      There’s no way Pouliot is out-hitting anyone. They must be changing how they keep stats.

      Trip and fall into the boards? Well, he did ‘hit’ the boards.

      Fall over and hit the ice for no reason at all? He ‘hit’ the ice, too!

      I keed, I keed.

  65. AceMagnum says:

    The cameras used to be close to the ice in the Forum too.

  66. Cable Guy says:

    Did anyone else notice the great camera view of this game? The players and ice seem much more close then at the Bell Center. Found games played in Florida better to watch because of this. IMHO

  67. Rad says:

    We are good, but we are not Stanley Cup good. Not yet. But with Marc Bergevin at the helm, we will get there.

    • Bill says:

      The Habs have a great mix of veteran leadership, talented youth, terrific depth, balanced scoring, speed, grit, talented defencemen, and great goaltending. They are as Stanley Cup ready as any other team. Obviously it would be a battle and the odds are long, as the odds are long against every team winning it all. But right now something is happening and they have to try to ride that wave!

      Full Breezer 4 Life

    • LizardKing12 says:

      I know that this isn’t the year that we were supposed to make a run for the cup but we are in prime position to make a run and sometimes you have to seize those opportunities even if you weren’t planning for it.

      The Habs are currently the 5th highest scoring team in the NHL. They also have the 5th best goal differential at +18. We have an elite goalie, as the season goes on PK is getting closer and closer to being an elite dman, and we have arguably the most balanced offense in the NHL. We are also 7th in the league at 5-on-5 scoring which is great come playoff time because teams who live and die by the PP often can’t cut it in the playoffs.

      I understand that this was not supposed to be our year but the way this team is playing we are making it our year. If MB brings in a solid stay at home d and another Prust type forward this team will make some noise in the playoffs.

      • Mr_MacDougall says:

        Valid points. But how much future do you mortgage to make a ‘run’ ?

        Tinordi? Nate B? Picks?

        • Bill says:

          My answer to you is yes.

          Full Breezer 4 Life

        • LizardKing12 says:

          I don’t think we have to mortgage much of the future to fill the holes we have on this roster. When Bourque gets healthy we will have a log jam of top 6 wingers, with the amount of depth we have on offense we have no shortage of guys who can put the puck in the net. Bergevin will not need to go out and sell the farm for Jarome Iginla. What he will do is probably trade one of his 2nds and possibly a third along with one or two decent prospects to bring in a stay at home physical dman and a rugged fourth liner in the mold of Prust (or possibly more of an enforcer). Small moves can be made to bolster the team for a run without selling the farm.

      • twilighthours says:

        Point of information: pk is already elite

        • LizardKing12 says:

          you know what I can’t really argue against that. I love PK and I think he’s been unreal this season! If he keeps up his scoring pace he will be in the Norris discussion

          • Bill says:

            He certainly should be. He does it all. Every team would kill to have PK, and we’ve got him. It’s a thing of beauty.

            Full Breezer 4 Life

      • Empty Calories and Male Curiosity says:

        Great post, in addition to all that: The Eastern Conference is uncharacteristically weak this year. Pittsburgh and Boston are the only teams that we would be underdogs against in a seven-game series if the playoffs started tomorrow.

        Anything can happen. But 2013 is starting to feel like a magical year.

  68. naweed235 says:

    It’s good to see a confident fan base at this point of the season for a change. It’s refreshing to see that we have a good shot at making some serious noise in the play offs this year and adding a few key pieces between now and the deadline can definitely give this team that extra gear needed to go all the way. On that note, a realistic option is Ryane Clowe who is an UFA at season’s end but would probably require sending a 2nd rd pick + a prospect such as Leblanc their way.

    • Mr_MacDougall says:

      The only way the team should give up a single asset for a UFA is if the think they can sign him. The Habs should not be in short term mindset despite their recent success. Their window of opportunity is just starting to open, plan on peeking in 2 – 3 years not this spring.

      As for Clowe, I’d welcome his addition, but who would he be replacing? Bourque is a far better scorer than Clowe, Gallagher and Ryder aren’t going anywhere. Prust has to be slotted on the 3rd line. Gionta and Patch have RW locked up. That leaves Galchenyuk and Eller, unless you plan on adding Clowe strictly for depth and flexibility to drop guys down to the 4rth line.

      • twilighthours says:

        I will definitely pop back in for a look 2-3 years from now

      • LizardKing12 says:

        I disagree, this team is firing on all cylinders and has an opportunity to go the distance. It isn’t always the best teams that win the cup and sometimes you just need the stars to align. The habs are playing excellent hockey and deserve to have some reinforcements brought in for the playoff run.

        Bergevin has plenty of assets that the team can afford to part with for some rentals. We have 6 picks in the first three rounds of this years draft and had 4 in the first 3 rounds last year. We also have a ton of defensive prospects (Pateryn, Tinordi, Beaulieu, Ellis, Dietz, Thrower, Nygren etc.) and parting with one or two wouldn’t kill us considering PK, Gorges, Emelin and Diaz are all likely going to be with the team long term.

        As for Ryane Clowe he would definitely be a big addition to this roster. Bourque is not a far better scorer than Clowe. Bourque has scored 0.27 goals per game over his career and Clowe has scored 0.24. Clowe also brings a lot more to the table than Prust. Don’t get me wrong I love Prust but Clowe is on average a 20 goal 50 point player who is 2 inches taller and 25 pounds heavier than Prust and can fight more or less anyone in the league. Prust would drop down to the 4th line and Clowe could fill his shoes and then some on the 3rd line.

  69. twilighthours says:

    Random thoughts:

    -that Subban fella is one heck of a player

    -but even better is this “Sidney Crosby” that people are talking about. He’s some good!

    -Looks like Aaron Palooosheye has found a home in Col. Good on him.

    -How’s ol’ Yakapov doing out in Edm?

    -people were calling for a big tough 2nd line LWer for a cup run. We’ve got one – he just needs to get his concussion right.

    -I think we need a D man more than anything. I can’t figure out which of the top 6 will need to sit/go, though.

    -I like bread and butter

    -I like toast and jam

  70. habstrinifan says:

    The team as it stands may beat those teams on any night but in a long 7 game series will have difficulty. Make a couple changes and we will definitely be on PAR… AND EVEN BETTER.

  71. ebk says:

    Montreal is now only 14 wins short of last year’s season total. Wow!

  72. cunningdave says:

    And a big thank you to Trevor Timmins (and Gainey!) for building a team we can cheer for that is home grown, through the draft. Next year, throw in Tinordi and Beaulieu, and we can almost forget the horrible draft years of the 90s.

  73. Stevie.Ray says:

    What do you think it would take to get Clowe? Or Malone? Or a similar player? Would a second round pick and Thrower do it? Or would we have to give up a roster player? Bourque?

    I don’t think we should have to sell out to get a player like that.

    • Whatever says:

      The worst time to make a trade is when the team isn’t doing well and it looks like a panic move. When the team is doing really well there are an awful lot of untouchables. Decisions, decisions.

    • Bill says:

      1st rounder, plus either Beaulieu/Tinordi or a decent roster player.

      Full Breezer 4 Life

      • Mike Boone says:

        Too expensive for Clowe. Pass.

        Mike Boone
        Hockey Inside/Out blogger

      • Da Hema says:

        Bill! For the first time in 25 years, the Canadiens have a pool of talented young defencemen coming up the stream — and you want to move them!

        Sorry, but to me that is folly.

      • monmick says:

        The only way it would cost this much is if Ryane Clowe came with Dan Boyle stuffed in his hockey bag…

      • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

        1st rounder and a previous first round pick for a rental with ZERO goals?….hahaha!

        “You’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

        • obrien says:

          Maybe thats the price he will fetch.

          No way a good GM pays that price.

        • Bill says:

          Clowe is a good player, and like Malone, he’s a tough LW who scores from the dirty areas. In other words, the kind of player the Habs need. Laugh if you wish, but that’s the price. Might be worth it, might not be. But tell you what, if they did it, and won the Cup, it would sure be worth it.

          Full Breezer 4 Life

          • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

            If the Habs did that and they won the Cup…I would carry you on my shoulders in the parade..

            “You’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

          • Bill says:

            Ooh, I will remember that, DDO!

            Full Breezer 4 Life

      • jmsheehy19 says:

        No way that’s the price. Malone comes with too big a contract and Clowe is good but not 1st and top prospect good.

        Unless there’s a bidding war, they aren’t going to get a 1st AND a bluechipper. Iginla will likely get a 1st, 2nd, and top prospect. If someone pays that much for Clowe or Malone they’re nuts.

        • Bill says:

          Have you watched the last few trade deadlines? It’ll happen.

          Full Breezer 4 Life

          • jmsheehy19 says:

            Well if Gaustud can get a 1st, then anyone can. And Feaster is still GM in Calgary, so they’ll surely be buying since everyone in the universe thinks they should be sellers.

          • jedimyrmidon says:

            Habs shouldn’t try and emulate the Preds with Gaustad. Buffalo came out like bandits on that trade.

      • jedimyrmidon says:

        That’s a scaaaary scaaary trade.

        Is Ryan MacDonagh forgotten around here?
        A guy like Tinordi is EXACTLY what the Habs need. Leadership, grit, a huge frame, mobile for his size, can move players. Do not trade him.
        Beaulieu: smooth skating, puck moving defenseman. At this point, less valuable than Tinordi, but has a ton of potential.

  74. Habs_Fan_In_San_Diego says:

    First in!

    Another great game by the Habs… and Ryder: 7GP, 2G, 7A.

    That Ryder-Cole trade is looking more lopsided each day. Pure larceny by Bergevin.

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