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AUDIO: Randy Cunneyworth | Carey Price | Mike Cammalleri | Josh Gorges

Write this down and take it to the bank:
P.K. Subban and Lars Eller will be in uniform on Opening Night of the Canadiens’ 2012-13 season.
Randy Cunneyworth won’t be behind the bench.

Add one more fearless prediction: Pierre Gauthier won’t be the team’s general manager.

Christmas has come early for Jacques Martin. Fired last Saturday morning, Martin has spent the week watching his team plumb new depths of suckitude.

Hey, good thing the Canadiens don’t have to play that stifling Martin system. Freed of the shackles they endured under their former coach’s defensive system, the Canadiens have scored six goals in four games.

They’ve allowed 17.

With P.K. Subban eating hot dogs in the pressbox, Chris Campoli played 20 minutes. He was minus-3.

Hal Gill, Raphael Diaz, Tomas Kaberle and Yannick Weber took turns being embarrassed by the Jets, a bubble team that managed to lay a greater pasting on the Canadiens than the Cup-contending Bruins and Blackhawks did.

With Lars Eller a healthy scratch, Louis Leblanc played centre … and was one of the few forwards who distinguished himself – in only nine minutes of ice time.

The Canadiens best line – David Desahrnais, Erik Cole and Max Pacioretty – were on for three Winnipeg goals.

During a four-minute power play, the Canadiens had exactly one shot: a 100-footer by Campoli. The Jets’ penalty-killers had three shots on Carey Price.

In the RDS studio between periods, Denis Gauthier replayed an amazing sequence that exemplified the Canadiens’ ineptitude in their zone:

Kaberle trips over Diaz. Plekanec and Moen ineffectually wave, with one hand on their sticks, at the Jets forecheckers. Price’s stick gets loose and skitters off to the corner, where Diaz retrieves it … with a Jet unattended in front of the net.

Keystone Cops Meet The Aristocrats.


On L’Antichambre, Gaston Therrien’s video clip showed Blake Wheeler steaming past Gill at the blue line with three Canadiens watching the action at a distance. Campoli moves over late, Wheeler scores.

“We’ve got young guys and have to address a few things,” Cunneyworth said after the game, explaining why he scratched Subban and Eller.

But what’s a lame-duck coach going to do with older guys who are underachieving?

Will Mike Cammalleri, Andrei Kostitsyn and Tomas Plekanec dress for the Dec. 27 visit to Ottawa?

Of course they will … if only because the team doesn’t have any healthy forwards to displace them. And the cupboard is bare in Hamilton.

At a certain point in the RDS telecast, Pierre Houde said the game would be the Canadiens’ last visit to Winnipeg this season.

This would seem to preclude – pause while everyone laughs till they piss themselves – a playoff match-up.

I have nothing to say about the game.

Y’all saw it. Your beloved hockey team did not compete, and they got their butts kicked.

That’s five losses in a row, matching the L streak that ensued after the Canadiens first visit to Winnipeg, a 5-1 win on Oct. 9.

Seems like a long time ago, eh?

So much has happened since: the ongoing Andrei Markov melodrama, injuries to Scott Gomez and Brian Gionta, the acquisition of Tomas Kaberle, the sacking of Martin, the language debacle …

And now three progressively more dispiriting losses under Cunneyworth.

Some stats Tweeted by Arpon Basu: 3 wins in 14 games, over that time outscored 45-31 (not counting SO “goals”), outshot avg. 31.9-26.1, PP 6-for-61, PK 45-for-52.

You’d have to go back to Guy Carbonneau’s fateful western road trip to find a time when things looked this bleak for the Canadiens.

What – shoirt of Bob Gainey parachuting down behind the bench again – can they do to turn this mess around?

Bag skate on Christmas Day?


Would you trust Gauthier to make a deal?

I don’t think so … not after the general manager set up Cunneyworth to fail, thrusting him behind the bench for road games against the league’s two top teams.

No time to practice. No time to install a Cunneyworth System … if there is one.

Meanwhile, back in Montreal, enough political sewage hitting the ventilation system to ensure Geoff Molson has a brown Christmas.

The good news?

No Canadiens games till Tuesday.

I’m gonna have a beer and plan my 11th-hour Christmas shopping.


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  3. puck face says:

    what is wrong with these idiots ? Cunneyworth is just filling in until he gets fired at the end of the year and they know very well that during the summer the habs will pick the best ( or worst ) of whatever french coach is out there. but i suppose it’s right to protest in the face of a guy that has done nothing to deserve it. good job douchebags

    • issie74 says:

      And Stu Cowan,thinks we should go back to Carbo,the same Carbo who hasen’t had a job since he blew the Habs gig,the same Carbo who hid in the tunnel until the National Athem was finished,the same Carbo who we are probably still paying and by the way wasn’t he on a five game loosing streak prior to the Dallas game,that Carbo.

      Please NO,not again.


  4. andykirstein says:

    Trade Subban?
    Is everyone nuts?
    Last time we panicked and moved a great young d-man was summer of 1990.
    That guy went on to 19 more years and a hall of fame career.

  5. duffy says:

    I would like to thank this team for the very nice Christmas Present it has given it,s fans, 5 Embarrasing losses in a row. Have been a fan for 45 years and this without a doubt is the worst state of affairs this team has been in ,Right from TOP TO BOTTOM.

    • habinkam says:

      You need to think back a little harder especially seeing as how you’ve been a “fan” for longer than i have been alive. It’s the media circus and these stupid french politicians (i am 100% french before anyone freaks out) who have nothing better to do than stir the pot of a ship hanging over the edge…. It’s not a tragedy or disaster big deal 5 losses life goes on no? And just to prove a point i BLEED red white and blue born and raised in that great city where as i grew that torch flame grew with me.
      My point being…. hold on let me get Carey for this RELAX. we tank the year so what we get a high pick, we play better more hockey to watch this spring even better! So some heads will roll on our roster and in management YOU PEOPLE asked for it. Those hated guys like PG JM gomer gio cammy all of them are probably leaving or being traded. Why is everyone on this site so un happy do you think we will never win again that someone in management wont soon get it right figure out this new young mans game that has seemed to perplex Montreal staff at times. OUR habs will rise again we will hoist lord stanley, with Mr. Price in nets.
      It’s just a bad season guys and while most of you may be jumping off this ship, i’ll be tuning in 3-4 times a week just like i always do to go right down with this ship… Like a True Montreal sports fan does.
      Go Expos!!! hahahaha

      Happy holidays to everyone who makes this site what it is posters and editors alike… Let’s all go hug our kids and remember just how fun hockey is supposed to be.

      • Rocketnewfy31 says:

        Hey buddy, I have been checking this website out for the past two years straight every single day and have never bothered to set up an account. but when i saw your post I had to reply to it. I am from Newfoundland I have been a huge habs fan my whole life and like you I bleed the rouge blanc et bleu. It tears me apart that the team is having such a rough patch right now but like you said they will get through it. but i two will be on your side and theirs while the ship sinks and we will RISE TOGETHER.


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