About last night …


We take you now to the media scrum outside the Canadiens’ dressing room after their Shootout loss to Buffalo.

“What are the odds,” Patrick V. Hickey asks, “that the goaltender will be in the room?”

Consensus: 10-1 against.

But we were wrong.

As the cameras, microphones and notebooks swarmed around Max Pacioretty,  whose stall is just inside the door, Price could be spotted off in the distance.


While Pacioretty continued to answer questions and TSN’s Michael Whalen moved on to Brian Gionta, Price rose from his seat and spat out: “F— off!”

To no one in particular.

Maybe to himself.

The next sounds were the crash of equipment being thrown around where Price had gone, the hallway leading to an area that is off-limits to the media.

We could hear him yelling another F-bomb later.

The goaltender was not happy.

And why should he be?

Price was left hung out to dry during the eight-shot bombardment with which Buffalo began the third period. You couldn’t fault him on either of the goals that tied the game because snipers like Jason Pominville don’t often miss wide-open chances created by a dominating forecheck and confusion among defenders in red jerseys.

You knew that if Buffalo popped an early one in the third period, they’d be right back in the game.

And you knew after yet another inept Canadiens’ power play, the Sabres would be stoked by their successful kill and come hard for the typing goal.

Which is what happened.

Postgame opinions differed on whether the Canadiens had been excessively passive in defence of their 2-0 lead.

Some players seemed to think so, but their coach disagreed.

“They just wanted it more,” P.K. Subban said. “Shift after shift, they kept coming in waves. And we couldn’t answer back.”

Erik Cole, who was on the ice for both Buffalo goals, suggested it might have been “better to go at them, push the puck forward, get in on the forecheck and do the things we’d been doing.”

Jacques Martin said, however, the Canadiens didn’t plan to sit back and protect their 2-0 lead. When Buffalo cranked up the pressure, Martin said, they were able to take advantage of “youth at the back end.”

After playing a team-leading 8:49 in the first period, Jaro Spacek took a heavy hit from Paul Gautsad and was done for the night after two shifts in the second period.

Spacek had been paired with Alexei Emelin in a patchwork Canadiens defence ravaged by the absence of Andrei Markov, Chris Campoli and a late scratch, Hal Gill.

Once Spatcho went down the blueline corps was reduced to Josh Gorges, sophomores Subban and Yannick Weber and two newcomers to the NHL, Emelin and Raphael Diaz.

Gorges and Diaz were on for Pominville’s goal, Subban and Emelin for Roy’s. The inexperienced D were sadly overmatched against Buffalo’s top line: Roy, Pominville and the ever-dangerous Thomas Vanek.

A positive from the game: The Canadiens have a clear-cut top line … albeit one centred by a guy generously listed at 5’7″ who wasn’t drafted and spent a season playing in the ECHL.

But David Desharnais is flanked by thoroughbreds: Cole and Pacioretty.

Cole had five shots on goal and continues to display speed and intensity that speak to the pride and competitiveness of a player on the wrong side of 30 who’s signed a big contract.

Max-Pac is on pace for 39 goals. His comeback from what we all thought was a life-threatening injury is nothing short of remarkable.

Let’s hope Pacioretty didn’t use up all the recuperation karma, because the team desperately need a healthy Andrei Markov.

The Canadiens got a power-play goal by Cole and it was a thing of beauty: a one-timer off Subban’s seeing-eye feed.

But the PP ranks 26th in the league. Tomas Plekanec is lost at the point. and no one has the hard- accurate shot we used to see from Sheldon Souray, Marc-André Bergeron and James Wisniewski.

Because the power-play is so weak, opponents tend to take liberties. Displaying a mean streak that was not on display against Boston when Milan Lucic tried to kill their franchise goalie, the Sabres slapped the Canadiens around pretty good, taking three penalties for slashing, two for roughing and one for cross-checking.

As usual, Canadiens’ infractions were of the pussy-ass variety: two trips, an interference and a goaltender interference on Cole – like they weren’t gonna call THAT after what happened to Ryan Miller.

Oh, the home team took one roughing call – on noted hooligan David Desharnais, who hooked up with fellow Smurf Nathan Gerbe.

Gaustad, who was on the ice wjhen Miller got nailed and did nothing, had seven hits. Patrick Kaleta was his usual annoying self.

There wasn’t much in the way of push-back, although Emelin had five hits and played a solid 16:31.

Suggested topic for Commentariat ranting:

Lars Eller played 11 minutes.

Scott Gomez played 18:25, including four minutes on the power-play.

All together now, inspired by Carey Price: F————————-!

•  •  •

The loss was the first this season in a game the Canadiens were leading after two periods.

• In Phoenix on Saturday, the Canadiens were outshot 10-7 in the third period, lost their 2-1 lead but won in OT

• On Nov. 4 in Ottawa, they surrendered a shorty to Zack Smith and were outshot 16-4 but hung on for a 2-1 win.

• Against Boston on Oct. 29, the Canadiens were outshot 12-3 in the third period and surrendered a goal with less than a minute to playbut got an empty-netter to win 4-2

• On Oct. 26 against Philadelphia, the Canadiens outshot the Flyers 12-4 and got two third-period goals to win 5-1.

• In Winnipeg on Oct. 9, the Canadiens took a 2-0 lead into the third period, were outshot 14-6 but won 5-1


  1. arcosenate says:

    The Gomez ice time versus Eller is plain stupid, just forget about the money and play Gomez the time he earns, which is less than what Eller is earning. Gomez is pretty much done, he coughed the puck up alot and can’t make a decent pass anymore, he never had a decent shot so it’s not like that’s going to improve. he’s a perimetre player now which is not how anyone scores in the NHL these days, sit him.

  2. I’m still scratching my head on why Cole knocked into the goalie in OT… i was just ranting about Luchicken….at least we know shanny isn’t suspending anybody who runs goalies. unless it’s another boo-ins excemption…


  3. petefleet says:


    For the love of god people, get a hold of yourself. There were alot more positives than negatives last night despite CP’s reaction to the loss. I’m sure his frustration will spur them on to a victory on Wed and Thurs.

    As for the small vs big team arguement. If the NHL, Shanahan et al get their collective heads out of their as*es and suspend those who deserve suspensions under the new rules, all will be right again. Watching Shanahan’s explanation of why Lucic didn’t get suspended was also nausiating. He couldn’t even look into the camera. He kept looking up and to the right as if rolling his own eyes at himself. Pathetic. The bully owners have spoken and S h a n a h a n is just another way to spell Campbell.
    Don’t get frustrated with the Habs and their management just yet, it’s the NHL that is the problem.

    Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.
    ***Habs Forever***

    • Ron in Ottawa says:

      What is it with some of you guys. You refuse to see that the habs are:
      a- simply not that good
      b- are out-mangaed and out-coached
      c- a and b
      As long as you keep making excuses and blaming the league, the longer the money keeps rolling in and the owners don’t have to do anything.
      Wake up

  4. t1tan5 says:

    Watching Gio play last night was extermely frustrating. It seemed like he could not receive a pass for his life. On many occasions, the pass was crisp and accurate, but Gio just couldn’t reel it in. On top of that, he whiffed on a golden opportunity in the slot near the end of the game. I just don’t understand how his hand-eye coordination could have deteriorated so quickly. This is the guy who scored that unbelievable bat-in goal against the Pens only a few years ago.

  5. PureGuava says:

    The last three games have been practically unwatchable. Aren’t overtimes, and shootouts supposed to make things more exciting? I can’t watch and keep supporting a team that continues to send out Scott Gomez for shifts that the young, and more reasonably priced men on this team deserve.

    I’ll admit it, I am an Eller fanboy.

    Some thoughts?
    Why does he get no pp time? why does he get no wingers? As far as I can tell Eller’s a better player than Gomer or DD, so why is he playing less? Is it because he isn’t making 8 million dollars, or because he isn’t undrafted and french?

    …i know some of you gasped at that last part, but take away Max Pac from DD, and you’ll just have a 5’7 nice story.

    “Of course I’m crazy, but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong.”
    – Robert Anton Wilson

  6. jrshabs1 says:

    I love the fact that the media is calling out the Habs for being the #1 wuss team in the league. It’s an embarrassing time to be a Hab fan if you are a proponent to tough hockey. The NHL is a man’s league played by big strong tough men. The Hab’s brass, it would seem have forgotten that. I think management believed too much in the “new” NHL post lockout. Changed the team into a small fast club and hoped the NHL would enforce it’s new holding/clutching/interference policy. Sad! Times have changed and the NHL has become a hybrid of old NHL, but, it’s still played by big tough men who’ll punch your face in or run your head right through the boards or in your case the stanchion. I think that 3 of our little guys have to go. Teams need these players just not in en-masse, and they could bring back some useful return.

    Go Habs Go!!

  7. Tony McLean says:

    Gaustad should be suspended for his cross check to the face of Emelin. I assume Shamaham will do the right thing. Right after he trips an old lady and kicks a cat.

  8. eric says:

    Third period stat. We had ONE even strength shot on goal

  9. Ali says:

    can Gomez please get injured again?

  10. habbernack says:

    Last year gomez 37 pts. 7.5 mil
    Gionta 46 pts. 5.5 mil
    13 mil 83 pts.

    ability is what you’re capable of doing.
    attitude determines how you do it

  11. Arrow77 says:

    I don’t think Price was pissed at his teammates (although he would have some reasons to). I think he was pissed at his shootout performance: he faced four shooters this season and they scored four times! He’s not having a bad season but he is slumping as far as shootouts go.

  12. Tony McLean says:

    That’s what happens to a team with the likes of Gio, DD, Weber, Gorges, Diaz, Spacek, Gomez, Palushaj et al. They had Mara Wiz and Sopel and let all three go, believing pacifism would triumph. They still believe that. What ‘policeman’ did they get in the off season? Emelin’s gotten shabby treatment and Blunden’s been cast aside. A 2-6 preseason and below .500 in the regular season.

    Newsy, Hainsworth, Mantha, Cleghorn, Toe, Bouchard, Rocket, Harvey, Beliveau, Pocket, Cournoyer, Gainey, Carbo, Damphousse.

    • NCRhabsfan says:

      What a silly comment. How do you turn their off-season moves into “believing pacifism would triumph”. Mara and Sopel played very little and were let go because they weren’t good. Wiz was let go because he was too expensive for what he provided (although there is no question his big shot is missed). Even with them the Habs were not a physical team. I think they thought they were going with youth, speed and skill, not deliberately opting for pacifism. Emelin is as or more physical than any of the players they let go. They added a big forward. They signed White to a one-way contract.

      A bigger problem is that, whether coached to do it or not, this team has no killer instinct when they get a lead. Perhaps it’s because they struggle so mightily to score goals, so when they get up 1-0 or 2-1, they subconsciously start trying to protect the lead rather than extend it. They didn’t lose last night because they weren’t “tough” enough, they lost because they stopped playing to win and started playing not to lose.

  13. pierre lapuck says:

    Blah Blah Blah! Weber is not ready to play defense in the NHL. Neither is Diaz. Want proof=past 16 games or so. Pleks is lost on the ice at least half the time he’s out there. They may or may not need an upgrade at coaching but they for sure need an upgrade at defense.

    • Arrow77 says:

      You do realize that with Spacek gone, there were FOUR defensemen missing last night, right? I don’t care who’s coach or who’s GM, if you have that many injuries at the same position, you’re in trouble.

      • --Habs-- says:

        Understood! But when your sitting Emelin to play Diaz who is getting pushed around like a toy doll. Last night in the 3rd period he recovered from a goof then went along the boards and 3 times tried to clear the puck through players! I don’t get it!

  14. --Habs-- says:

    Martin thinks we’re stupid! His comment “Jacques Martin said, Canadiens didn’t plan to sit back and protect their 2-0 lead”
    REALLY! You don’t send the likes of 1 player on the forecheck for 20 minutes and you call that not sitting back and protecting a lead. If that’s the case Mr Martin you as the coach do have the right to tell your players lets start putting pressure on the Sabres in their end, something that kinda worked for you for 2 periods until you decided to pull the forecheck back! For 2 periods the Sabres couldn’t stop Pac, DD, Cole line if they tried. 3rd period I could have stopped them all by myself If I could put on a Sabre uniform. At least don’t lie to the fans Jacques! We’re not stupid and as a whole we do know the game as well as you do, maybe some even better. And remember this! We will be the judges of your future here in this city, Not Mr. Molson nor Mr Gauthier. They’re just along for this ride! And as of right now I will start your demise by saying this! As of right now Mr Burke is a better manager than Mr Gauthier and Mr Wilson is a better coach than Mr Martin no doubt about it. And I can also tell you this! Nobody but Nobody fears the Habs right now. This is where its at. All we need to do is play 1 period against the Habs and if all else fails we can push them around if need be. Can you imagine if Lucic did to Price what he did to Miller. I will bet the Sabres will get their revenge! Its not about revenge I know! But its nice to think if an enemy fires a missle at you you can at least pick up a rock and throw it back at them. John Ferguson and Chris Nilan where are you? Not the biggest boys on earth but had hearts of lions.

  15. Ian Cobb says:

    Now we know why we had so many rebellious players that moved on. There will be more if this coaching continues! A lot more will not resign here at the end of this season.

  16. DearyLeary says:

    I told my dad that Eller would be the first on the chopping block when Gomez got back. He didn’t believe me.

    If I can predict what Martin is going to do, other coaches can too. He is the epitome of a square peg/round hole coach.

  17. The Pickle says:

    Who the hell designed this powerplay? I have NEVER seen a worse design for a PP in my life. The defensemen are way too far apart. They have both point guys angled off towards the boards, so the shots come from awful angles. They have players playing positions not suited for them (Plekanec on the point, Pacioretty along the wall?). It’s the most easily defendable PP of all time. The 4 PKers can form a box that completely covers all the passing and shooting lanes. The result is we try to pass through players and turn it over for an easy clear. Or we flip it over a PKers stick and it bounces over Diaz’s stick and out. And the point shots are so predictable. Work it high, tee it up slowly and Weber one times it right at a perfectly square goalie whos had 3 seconds to set himself. I watched 30 seconds of the OHL vs. Russia junior game and saw a PP setup that blows ours out of the water.

  18. The Pickle says:

    Habitant in Surrey, would that really be a concern for you, that while you were taking off hockey gear women and “potential gay” journalists would be around? Ridiculous. You may make a valid point about restricting access a little more, but your reasoning is a joke. These people are professionals, not little children giggling at the sight of a man in his underwear. Also, your capitalizing of every 2nd word makes your posts unreadable.

  19. sherburnehabfan says:

    Why was Plex first in the shoot-out? He played 24:26 min, had 20 faceoffs , played on the PP and PK. He was on the ice at the end of OT, was in the box for two min. The last two games he went off the ice injured for a couple shifts. JM may want him on the shoot-out but have him go third so he can rest for 5 min. He looked gased in the shoot-out. Is there anyone else to take a shoot-out attempt?

  20. --Habs-- says:

    A lie! They don’t sit back and try to protect a lead is a lie! When there is absolutely no forecheck executed its called sitting back. What does Martin think that Hab fans are stupid like fans in Miami. Mr Martin let me tell you something! Some of us have been watching the game as long OR longer than you! And just because you wear the crown doesn’t mean your a good king! And again! As for Emelin he was our only D who hit anyone on the ice last night, when he played. WHen he had the puck he made some passes. Last night I saw Diaz cough up the puck 3 straight times in the 3rd period while he was being tossed around like a sac of potatoes, and they sit Emelin! Martin is a looser albeit his record all created in Ottawa and he screwed that up as well for the Ottawa fans!

  21. HardHabits says:

    2 wins 7 losses at home.

    I see very little to be excited about this season. It’s going to be a struggle for this team just to make the play-offs.

  22. RetroMikey says:

    I don’t like the nucleus of this team, we are too small, too weak on D, too soft, and way too overrated by our fans.
    Not surprised we lost to a hungrier team without Miller in the nets.
    Folks, we are just an average team.
    Time for Gauthier (and Gainey at his side) to finally realize his team cannot go far in the playoffs if they squeak in.
    Trade Gionta, Gomez, Cammy and yes Plekanec for bigger players.
    We will not win a series if we do play against the Leafs if you compare the two rosters.
    Big is better and we are oh so small!
    The pain of us Habs fans suffering year after year has to stop!
    To Habs management and the front office……wtf are you doing to our once proud franchise??

    “We will win the Cup one day only with ? in the nets “

  23. Welks says:

    I would not blame the D-men on Pomminville’s goal. Dias was attempting to move the puck to the right when Cole picked his pocket behind the net and promptly turned over the puck on the left hand boards. While Cole was out of positon down low and on the wrong side of the ice Pomminville set up in the area Cole should have been covering and fired a one timer. So how can JM blame the young D when his veteran forward was the one to blame on that goal. I think Cole played a great game overall but that one mental breakdown caused the goal.

  24. HardHabits says:

    Right about now the Gomez-Cammy-Gionta acquisitions seem utterly pointless.

    The best thing about this team are the kids. Although Cole looks awesome. I think Cole looks awesome because he refuses to buy into JM’s garbage game.

    JM sucks. His line combos suck. His penchant for over-playing players sucks. His penchant for over-playing veterans sucks. He is a defense first minded idiot who only has his job due to the fact that he can barely speak French and Halak.

    Bring on Markov. Put the whole healthy team back on the ice. No matter. They will drop like flies playing the System.

    I can’t wait until this year is done and Martin is gone. Hopefully Molson throws out the rest of the unholy trinity.

  25. HardHabits says:

    The System = injuries

    • Ian Cobb says:

      Correct HH. We are done watching entertaining and quality hockey with this fool behind the bench.

      Martin might have a hard time even getting out of town alive if he does not step down soon!

  26. isirota1965 says:

    I watched the game from beginning to end and you could see the team playing completely defensively in the third period. That’s the coach, not the players. It was only a matter of time before the Sabres tied it up, and once they did, you knew that the Habs were going to lose no matter what happened the rest of the way.

  27. JF says:

    Last night was hugely disappointing, and I was ready to echo Price’s sentiments at the way it ended. It’s frustrating to watch the team play so well through two periods, only to collapse in the third. But, with only one seasoned vet in the defence corps, there are bound to be mistakes. There were a lot of positives, including Price’s play (until the shootout – whatever has happened to him in shootouts?), Cole’s speed and drive, Pacioretty’s hands, Desharnais’ playmaking, Subban’s much improved although quieter game. But some of the vets need to step up, and I include the captain among those. And we’d better hope Spacek is not out for long.

    More positives: we’re a point further ahead of Carolina, and we gained a point on Tampa, both of whom lost in regulation. We’re a point out of eighth place, which is the closest we’ve been to a playoff spot all season. Markov is practicing with the team; knowing he’s close to returning should motivate the guys to keep winning and not lose ground. And with the situation being so desperate, it seems to me we’re seeing fewer half-hearted efforts than we saw last season. The team competes hard just about every night. They’re not always going to win, and they’re not always going to be able to protect a lead. But they’re winning more than they’re losing and, as long as this is the case, firing Jacques Martin will be the last thing on Geoff Molson’s mind.

    • Ian Cobb says:

      JF, Very nice to look for the silver lining Jane, but I have been around this game long enough to know where the virus is. And it is not the players my friend!

      • JF says:

        Ian – I think your rants against JM are without foundation and totally unreasonable. There is no “virus” on this team. There is no evidence that the players have quit on JM or that he is not doing his utmost to win games. The team is playing hard, and most of our losses have been by a goal (not counting empty netters). Yet we have not had a healthy roster since Markov went down about a year ago (in fact, JM said at some point that since joining the Canadiens, he has had a healthy roster for five games).

        There is a very good post at the bottom of the newer thread that sums up the position very well (HabFanSince72). I’m not a fan of Jacques Martin, but I think he’s doing a decent job. I also think that at the moment, there’s no one else out there, even without the French language requirement, who could step in and get more out of the team than he is doing.

  28. twocents says:

    DD is now out-pointing Crapovski with the same amount of games played.

    Which bunch of you were telling me I am nuts to suggest that DD was the better all-around player?

    • HardHabits says:

      5G – 5A – 10PTS +2 versus 3G – 8A – 11PTS -1

      5 goals beats 8 assists in this league.

      I like DD. Grabovski is still a decent player. I don’t get your point but it sounds like you are grasping at straws here.

      In fact both players are very similar. In ice time, FO%, etc.

      Now ask yourself this. Put Grabs with PAx and Cole. How many more points does he get.

      Grabs is better than Gomez. I’d rather Grabs and DD and no Gomez.

      • Tony McLean says:

        5 beats 8 ROTFLMAO

        Newsy, Hainsworth, Mantha, Cleghorn, Toe, Bouchard, Rocket, Harvey, Beliveau, Pocket, Cournoyer, Gainey, Carbo, Damphousse.

    • Ian Cobb says:

      I love the guy Eric. small, but I will take him in a heart beat. Reminds me of Cournoyer when he came in the league.

  29. HabinBurlington says:

    Didn’t get to see the game, but based on reading, I am guessing Gomez shot both Buffalo goals into our own net again?

    So many people have been divided on the issue of Emelin’s playing time. One of the reasons I have hoped for some type of rotation was in order to give him regular ice team thus improving communication with other players and more confidence in general. We know this D Corps gets injuries, it is right there with Death and Taxes. So when Emelin only gets in the lineup after injuries, and then when the veteran he is paired with gets injured suddenly he is expected to be ready to play like he has been in the lineup all season, yah that is reasonable.

    I realize JM is never going to healthy scratch Gill/Spacek/Gorges or PK as part of this rotation. But had there been a rotation between Weber/Diaz/Emelin it could only help them all remain comfortable and create some healthy competition.

    As for DD, watching the highlights, good on him. I have my doubts in the little fellow, but he clearly has an innate offensive ability and whether he is favoured or not to have the linemates he does, he is producing with them.

    Obviously this team misses the pair of Cammy/AK in order to give the other lines equal fire power. Give DD the wingers our other centre’s are working with and tell me how he would be producing then.

    While we are getting less production out of Gomez/Eller does anyone see a forward playing with them that appears to be a constant threat around the opposing net?

    Finally, keep healing Markov, and while many criticize Gill for being slow etc.. etc… we see how his presence is missed in our zone. Spacek as well, but there is zero surprise from this poster that he gets hurt. Seems like his body can no longer take any checks and he no longer is able to avoid them.

    And oh yah, whatever happened to Paul Mara?

    • Ian Cobb says:

      Wysnewski, MAB as well. Even Brisbois on the power play was much better.

      • Tony McLean says:

        Should have signed Souray as a #6 d and PP specialist.

        Newsy, Hainsworth, Mantha, Cleghorn, Toe, Bouchard, Rocket, Harvey, Beliveau, Pocket, Cournoyer, Gainey, Carbo, Damphousse.

    • habbernack says:

      Dumb comments on DD’s wingers. What did gomez do with all the wingers he had last year ..37pts. so it must have been his wingers that caused his lack of production. You want to know why he’s playing with who he’s with . THEY ARE PUTTING PTS ON BOARD..

      ability is what you’re capable of doing.
      attitude determines how you do it

  30. RGM says:

    It’s sometimes challenging to look for the positives after a gut-wrenching loss where the team blows a 2-0 third period lead…again. The utter lack of compete level in the third period was disheartening, all the moreso because the first two periods were so enjoyable to watch (power play woes aside) as our team had its best players playing like its best players.
    The good:
    Erik Cole is in fine form. He’s hitting, he’s going to the net, he’s creating opportunities nearly every time he touches the puck. He is the un-Gomez of the Montreal forwards.
    Max Pacioretty – someone out in the Internet (perhaps Friedeman) said at the start of the year that Max was going to be known for much more than being the guy that Chara nearly killed. He has been amazing and is absolutely 100%
    Little David Desharnais – he will have struggles out there simply by being overmatched in terms of size. But the old adage “a good big man will always beat a good little man” doesn’t seem to apply here. He’s creative, he’s got wheels, and he has been great setting up his much larger linemates and contributing to their hot streaks.

    So we’ve got that one good line to look at.

    The negatives have already been pointed out and I won’t rehash them just now. I’m as mad as Carey about the loss, and here’s hoping that the team will channel that outburst and realize that collectively there’s a lot of room for improvement.
    GO HABS GO! 2011-12 is our year!
    RGM’s Movember page: http://mobro.co/RGM81

  31. The Cat says:

    Well, I hate to toot my horn but it looks like this scum-slicked member of the commentariat wasnt too off the mark when I said DD had the best hands/best playmaking skills on the habs and that putting Cole with him was a great idea ^_^. Wingers really like playing with him I think.

    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  32. The Cat says:

    Another d-man goes down…Michel Bergeron brought up a good point that Montreal D gets hit way too much and JM refuses to acknowledge this.

    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  33. The_Franchise31 says:

    Lines sound great but no way is Martin gonna play cam gio gom 12 min a game, and I still think cammys gonna go on a hot streak

  34. Gardenhose says:

    Would really enjoy some feed back on my proposal…

    Patches-DD-Cole= Near perfection and should not be toyed with.

    Ak-Pleks-Eller= Eller gets the minutes most of us want him to get. Pleks gets some skill to compliment his, while giving him bigger bodies on the wing to dig the puck out (I get the felling he wouldn’t mind having DD’s linemates. Who pictured anyone but Pleks centering the first line?)

    Cammy-Gomez-Gio= The underachievers of the team so far this year, who might benefit from some old chemistry (although it’ll be a very undersized line)… Should be good enough defensively to a certain extent, seeing as how JM plays them all on the PK.

    Darche-Nokelainen-Moen= A real fourth line with grit, size and even some speed. Moen doesn’t deserve the demotion but I’ll just say that I’ve always pictured him on the fourth line, same can be said for Darche.

    I’m aware certain players in my line up are injured but HIO has always had a taste of fantasy hockey. AK and Cammy should be back soon anyways.

    I’d like to see some example of what the D pairings should be when Markov returns, for his FIRST game back (With a healthy Spacek)

    Might I suggest…



    I’ll add that I am one of the people who really want Emelin in the line up, although I did not include him.

    • Sprague and Odie says:

      Ruff deserves credit for getting his guys to focus on the 3 points. Once Spacek went down the clock was ticking and Buffalo has the snipers in their lineup to pull off a SO win.

      I think JM and the team deserve credit for holding the fort for over a year now based on spit and glue and dedication while the troops, one after another, keep falling. I have never seen a team go down with injuries to so many key players yet stay competitive like the Habs 2010 – 2011.

      The key to this group is a defence corps that plays a great transition game. When you’re down to one vet who’s on the small side you’ll have a very tough time getting the puck out of your zone and that’s what happened in the 3rd.

      This was a bad one to lose but looking down the road it’s not going to get any easier. We need healthy vets to return so we can get back to playing our transition game. Without the vets the best we can do is tread water. So we’ll see.

      All the calls for JM’s head aren’t going to happen. The man can coach and coach well. He was a goaltender away from a cup in Ottawa and I think he’s done a great job in survival mode for over a year.

      SO choices when you only have 1/3 of your snipers in the lineup was a crap shoot but he went with his vets. Price is a sieve in the SO but he’s not getting a lot of practice from his own guys (2/3 snipers are injured) let alone Buffalo’s.

      The spotlight is on PK, Weber, Emelin and Diaz. That’s where this team lives or dies at the moment.

      Get healthy. Cammy needs to stop hitting the posts and we’ll be fine as long as we can eke out .500 hockey over the short term.

      Message to the commentariat – Patrick Roy will never coach or manage the Habs. Gionta is our captain and deserves respect. Price is “the” goalie.

      The only thing that drives me nuts about the Habs and it’s been a concern for years is our inability to win faceoffs. I had a chance to ask Carbo about that a couple of years ago – I asked him why we were so bad at it when we had himself, Jarvis and Muller to teach and he said ” we did concentrate on it and teach in practice, but to me it comes down to who wants it more”. Well boys, I want us to win more faceoffs. It’ll make life easier for you as players and us as fans.

      I was told that there was an award ceremony in Boston to honour Don Cherry – I thought about that for a brief moment and I replied: “For what? Too many men on the ice?”

  35. montreal ace says:

    The day started off with me thinking Lucic would be suspended, and I was so sure I would have given odds in a bet. My next prediction was the Sabres had no reason to take out what happen in Boston to the Habs. I dont think that one worked out well either. Then to finish off the day my last post was about JM doing a good job with the players he had for the most part. I can see I did not have my fingers on the pulse of what most people think of him around here, lol. My only consolation in tonights game was it was a 3 point game and did no favors to the bruins.

  36. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …just My thought on post-game media scrums
    …from My viewpoint as A Fan, or putting Myself in the penny-loafers of a media hack/hag …these almost immediate-access post-game sessions are entertaining and do magnificently whet Our voracious appetites for instant gratification understanding ‘what’s goin’-on’ inside the heads of Our Players
    …BUT, if I put Myself inside the skates of Our Heroes, I would feel VERY impatient and angry I could not get My emotions and thoughts together post-game as well the opportunity to undress with dignity before addressing the insipid schools of media-piranhas that is the reality in markets like Montreal, New York and Trawnna
    …the tiresome, hyper-ventilated post-game bullshit would really BURN ME OUT
    …I mean which one of Us would appreciate such crap after a hard-day in any other profession …no amount of money can soften the emotional wear and tear this has …no matter how much you loved what You do or where You work
    …can’t the hacks & hags be held outside the dressing room door for a more reasonable ‘cooling-off’ period post-game ?
    …to Me, the hordes in Your faces immediately post-game, while in Your underwear, whether with lady-journalists getting Their jollies in the midst of sweating hormones or potential-gay journalists, just seems unreasonable
    …would have Me looking for a quick trade to Phoenix sooner than later
    …doing Carey’s F_______ ! one step further

    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

  37. Matt. says:

    The Gomez trade is making the Patrick Roy trade look like an absolute steal for the Canadiens.

    • SUMO says:

      I was thinking the same thing.

      Everyone always ridicules Glen Sather to signing Gomez to that insane contract BUT why does Bob Gainey get a free pass on this? Yes, Sather made an error but he was able to dump him off to an even bigger sucker and got a blue-ship prospect, Ryan McDonagh, in the larceny. Sorry Hab Fans but Sather may be an idiot but he found an even bigger idiot to accept his mistake. We can not have it both ways.

      It pains me to write this as I’ve always been a big Gainey supporter but the Gomez trade is an absolute albatross for his legacy and the franchise.

      • Matt. says:

        I concur. He had brought a measure of respectability back to this franchise. Telling fans who booed the Breeze to F— Off was an important moment for that team…

        But yes the Gomez deal…. a joke from the beginning. I hope Gomez starts next season in Hamilton

  38. Matt. says:

    Ok, I’ll take the bait Boone.
    Why, OH WHY, is Eller playing less than Gomez?!?! Is Martin seeing something that I (and everyone else) am not?

    Why is Gomez on the powerplay? To stop his forty something game goalless drought? I realize he can carry the puck into the offensive zone, but his decision making afterwords sucks. he gives it away or puts a peewee level flick shot in on goal.

    The goals against in Nashville was 99% Gomez’s fault. He gave it away on the PP (surprise) resulting in a chance for Nashville on the PK. JM refused to put out a centreman to take the faceoff (duh), the Habs lose the faceoff cleanly, Gomez skates out to the wrong d-man at the point and Shea Weber is allowed to step into one.

    Basically Eller is a superior player than Gomez in every way now. Yes Eller has work to do and he is far from reaching his full potential. Bue Eller should be playing the as the third line centre now and every game. At least sixteen minutes per game against one of the opponents top lines with PK duties… and especially more time than Gomez on the PP. From what I can see, Eller cares and his improvement from last season at this point to now is exponential.

  39. V says:

    Lot’s of JM hate here today – not too different than most days I guess. But a very good record in the past 10 games – with a depleted roster most nights – and very few blowouts. Most losses tough one-goal losses.

    And you can’t give credit to the team for building up a 2 goal lead last night and then blame JM for losing it. JM also contributed to the 2 goal lead and good play over 40 minutes.

    I just don’t see the evidence this guy is so bad. And for getting rid of him… without a deep, sustained losing streak, forget about it. With a lot of good players rejoining the roster – I just don’t see that coming close to happening. And even with a deep, sustained losing streak, I think he gets a full year.

    Love him or hate him, he’s here for the mid-term baby. Might as well start trying to find something you like about it.

  40. Feraco says:

    Is anyone else getting sick of Gomez’s 18 min vs Eller’s 11?

    • Da Hema says:

      I grew up and watched the Montreal Canadiens play when a player like Scott Gomez would not even have been the water boy. I still struggle to accept what has happened to this once-proud institution called the Montreal Canadiens.

  41. Da Hema says:

    My question, for everyone calling for Martin’s head on a stick, is: replace him with whom? I don’t think Martin is a particularly good coach, but how many quality coaches are there ready to replace him? And, I might add, quality coaches who are French Canadian?

    Honestly, I am not certain Martin will be replaced any time soon. While his decisions are usually of the head-scratching (and often bottle-throwing) variety, the fact is Martin is clever enough not to alienate the veterans on this team (which also is my response to why Scott Gomez played 18:25 minutes whereas Lars Eller played 11:00). So Martin may be here for a while yet.

    If the veterans on this team really wanted Martin gone, they could quite easily facilitate that — but I am not sure they even want him to leave. After all, Gionta, Gomez, and Cammalleri — the highest-paid players on this team — will all get their ice time by Martin despite the fact they are the three players who have let this organization down. So long as Martin doesn’t alienate these three “leaders,” he can put one of the flag kids on the point of the power play and his job will be secure.

    • V says:

      For those who have been wondering why JM is hard on rookies and softer on vets, you raise a great point… lose the vets you lose your job. But you can’t fire him for that. That is the golden rule and every coach in the league knows it and does it.

      But there is at least one other good reason to favor vets – you have a better chance of getting what you expect out of them night in and night out. Coaches greatly value consistency and vets will usually give you more consistency than younger players.

    • Habitant in Surrey says:

      …from one of, if not The, original advocate(s) for Boucher to replace JM in HIO before He walked …gotta 100 % agree with You now, Hippo 🙂

      Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

  42. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …We lost a 3-2 game in over-time to a very good offensive team like Buffalo
    …We recently won some very tight games against other better-than average teams as well
    …My opinion is We have to be very impressed with Our younger D-men like Diaz, Weber, PK and even Emelin …Whom have been very impressive filling-in for inordinate injuries
    …’youthful mistakes’ ? …well ya ! …only to be expected
    …but, not like We have been blown-out of any games so far this season by a dysfunctional lack of talent on Our D
    …inexperienced, yup …but these young guns on Our D will be prized NHL talent sooner rather than later !

    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

  43. shakey says:

    F————–!!! is right. As in F———–ing frustrating. The power play is killing us. Why is plekanec still at the point? – the idea is a disaster. Something has to change with that, and it really doesn’t matter what – it can’t get any worse. Was Muller really that much of a difference?

    Lots of injuries, but bad decisions at bad times are also killing us. I think the theme this year is Not Good Enough. And I worry we will be saying that when the playoffs come close. So far this year they have not been good enough in any phase of the game. And only Cole and Price have been good enough as an individuals. The rest: Not. Good. Enough.

    • V says:

      Your free to state your opinion, but I just don’t see how they are ‘not good enough in any phase of the game’.

      I think they have been fine in a number of areas – 5 on 5 play in particular has been strong. I think they have outshot teams most nights – not last night, but teams almost always get outshot quite badly in the third when they enter the period with a two goal lead.

      Goaltending has been very solid – defensively we have been pretty strong missing 2 veteran starters most nights (and on many nights we have been missing 3 vets – Spacek (long injury), Markov and Campoli). Penalty kill has been pretty darn good since Pearn left.

      I think there have been only been two areas where they have not been good enough – powerplay. Our PP from last 4 years pots one last night and it’s game over. Veteran scoring – I think we need more from Gionta, Cammalleri and Gomez.

      But on balance, that’s not bad and they are trending up.

      • BMO HAB says:

        More”More veteran scoring” and you include Gomez??? Are you a comedian or something? I could see it if you said AK or Plex or Moen or even Darche. But Gomez…christ he has scored in what 60 games. That’s a black hole there my friend.

        Just so you know….in the 6 games this month so far…..we’ve scored a grand total of 13 goals! Yah, so much for the 2 man foreckek….JM has us sitting back on our asses. Of the 6 games this month…4 are 1 goal games…the other 2 are 2 goal games.

        Trending up….2 games in six with 3 goals in nothing to be proud of for “trending up”. Sorry, I don’t buy it.

        “I reject your reality and substitute my own”.

        – Adam Savage

        • V says:

          That’s why I included Gomez. He needs to get more points. So do the other vets I mentioned. Don’t include AK as he is going fine and the others are not called on for scoring.

          Team is not scoring lots of goals but they are getting lots of shots/chances – goals will come. And over last 9 games they have very strong record – 6-2-1 I believe. That’s what I meant by trending up.

  44. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …killing Me watching Gomez crossing the blueline with speed …and veering towards the corner
    …I have no way at this time of measuring whether Cole or Gomez is the faster of the 2, but ‘something’ in The Gomer’s $ 7.2 Mil consciousness MUST identify what Cole’s example of acceleration around slower D-men veering towards the goaltender creates much greater odds of a scoring opportunity than bailing-out into the refuge of a corner
    …KILLING Me ! …that a hard-working improving skilled-centre with a more robust physical presence (Eller) plays 11 minutes to a consistently unproductive centre’s (Gomer) 18:25 minutes

    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

  45. clubdehockey says:

    This was an incredibly negative ALN, and while last night’s win was heartbreaking to say the least, we did outplay the other team quite formidably for 66% of the game.

    We’re also currently only 1 point out of a playoff spot (though tied with another team with 2 games in hand).

    There’s at least a bit of positive to build on here, no?

  46. Jim Edson says:

    JM blames the youth?

    Well that’s in character, same as he nails a “non-vet” in his criteria to the bench whenever they take a penalty, are on the ice for a goal or give away the puck regardless of outcome!

    Vets are held harmless in JM’s world!

    Offense is the best defense in JM’s world – now that is almost funny!

    JM’s line matching and lack of in-game adjustment are a joke!

    Time to go, back to Rockland JM……..and stay there!

    …..My empire is crumbling, my international sponsors are deserting me, my authority is questioned, I am held in contempt wherever I go.

    Who am I: Barak Obama or Gary Bettman.

  47. V says:

    You knew Buffalo were going to come on hard in the third.

    Just humiliated by the Bruins, 99% of teams will lay back with a 2-0 lead in the third and we did have youth on defense… 2 raw rookies, one who has played half his games from the press box. It’s a recipe for a strong push back and it worked.

    But let’s not lose sight of the fact we played a pretty good 40 minutes. And we are pulling out of that early season funk. Points in three straight games with a lot of very good players set to rejoin the team. It could be a lot worse.

    • Matt. says:

      6-2-1 in their last nine… alright i guess

      seriously lacking some size and toughness on this team, in the form of big defensemen and toughness on the fourth line.

      • BMO HAB says:

        We have one of those big , tough defensement….he actually played 16 mins tonite. But he’ll probably be back in the pressbox on Wednesday….oh I forgot Spacek is hurt….guess he’ll skate another day.

        “I reject your reality and substitute my own”.

        – Adam Savage

  48. Da Hema says:

    I wonder to which eight-letter F word Boone refers?


    Oh, f*ck this….

  49. Renegade says:

    Can’t wait for the ‘JM fired’ announcement. It might not be today, or even this year, but it sure does feel like it’s coming.

    • Jim Edson says:


      …..My empire is crumbling, my international sponsors are deserting me, my authority is questioned, I am held in contempt wherever I go.

      Who am I: Barak Obama or Gary Bettman.

    • V says:

      I would be very surprised if you get your wish as long as team is winning. And I think they are going to win.

      We’ll see.

  50. Chuck says:

    The frustrating part is that the team seems to lack that killer instinct: that get-’em-down-and-stomp-on-their-jugular-with-your skate mentality.

    Granted though, we’ve yet to see the team play one game healthy, and the 5 defensemen that finished the game are hardly grizzled veterans.

  51. Marc10 says:

    JM is right about the D. It’s not like we can throw Rick Green and Craig Ludwig out there, so don’t expect miracles. But yeah, that game should have been in the bag… Again…

  52. Timo says:

    JM is a scumbag. He is blaming this all on the “youth” now? Right… cause Gomez and Gionta have contributed so much to this game. I am so sick of that former Devils duo. They are brutal, but there is no reason to talk about change unless PG and JM are gone.

    This team stinks. Top to bottom. A very few promising players that we do have will eventually succumb to the rot that the rest of the organization is.

    • Matt. says:

      Gionta can at least contribute a point on occasion .
      Gomez cannot.

      And neither can JM apparently, because continues to use his top centreman on the point on the powerplay, which doesn’t make sense as it hasn’t worked and is still not working.

  53. habsfan0 says:

    November 15, 1976. Something significant happened on this date in Quebec..but can’t seem to recall what it was..wait! It was Jacques Martin’s Bar Mitzvah!

    • Sprague and Odie says:

      I was there, that was the night Serge Savard did a pirouette at centre ice following a PA announcement.

      I was told that there was an award ceremony in Boston to honour Don Cherry – I thought about that for a brief moment and I replied: “For what? Too many men on the ice?”

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