About last night …

Not much to say about the game.

Commenting on the Charge of the Light Brigade, Marshal Canrobert said: "C’est magnifique, mais ce n’est pas la guerre.”

The game was fun, but it wasn’t hockey.

All-Star weekend, however, was a chance for Montreal to manifest its love affair with hockey.

Michael Farber wrote about it in Sports Illustrated. So did Lynn Zinser in the New York Times and Sean Gordon in the Globe and Mail.

The players raved about what a great time they had. Alexander Ovechkin heaped praise on Montreal, saying the All-Star game should be here every year.

This is his kind of town, Moscow-on-the-St. Lawrence. Just as cold as the Russian capital – but we have more Marxists.

Again, the game was a joke.

But everyone had fun, and I’m all for anything that showcases Montreal as the best place in the world to play hockey.

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From J.T., who was watching the game on the tube:

My favourite moment of the entire game was when Price called Kovy’s shot on the breakaway goal in the second.  Freidman was interviewing Price on the bench when the breakaway happened.  Friedman said, "Quick, what’s he going to do?"  Price nochalantly said, "Backhand, shelf."  A split second later, that’s exactly what Kovalev did.  Friedman started to laugh and Price deadpanned, "Yeah, he does that a lot."  Brilliant!

•  •  •

And finally, a clip that captures the essence of All-Star Weekend: Ovechkin and Vinny checking out Montreal honeys on the scoreboard. 

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