About last night …


Make that About tonight …
I can’t sleep on the Canadiens’ latest ignominious loss.
It will give me nightmares.

Two more troubled sleeps until Save-the-Coach’s-Job Night in Canada.
A tad hysterical?
The Canadiens are 1-4-1.
They started 0-5 in 1995, and …

After a 2-0 loss to the Islanders in New York, General manager Serge Savard and coach Jacques Demers were fired and replaced by Mario Tremblay and Réjean Houle.

The Canadiens reeled off six straight wins for Tremblay.

Then very bad things ensued.

OK, Geoff Molson is not going to panic like Ronald Corey.

And no matter what happens, Carey Price won’t be traded to Colorado.

But make no mistake: if the Canadiens play a nationally-televised game against the Leafs the way they did in Pittsburgh, they will lose to the Leafs.

And Molson won’t wait until Monday morning to start asking some very pointed questions in the seventh-floor executive offices of your Montreal Canadiens.

Pierre Gauthier would be well-advised to prepare some answers, just in case.

A word to the wise: “Injuries” won’t cut is as an explanation of the woeful start to the Canadiens season.

The National Hockey League is an experiment in brutal Darwinism. It’s survival of the fittest – and the luckiest.

Everyone has injuries.

Pittsburgh, for example.

Until a goal with 96 seconds and a flurry (no pun intended) of garbage-time pressure, the Canadiens couldn’t muster anything resembling a challenge against a team missing the greatest hockey player in the world, another player who’s in the world’s Top 10 and  defenceman who will be part of Norris Trophy discussions when the season is over.

By which time the Canadiens will have scored another power-play goal … maybe.

The PP took yet another 0-for. The Canadiens have scored twice on 26 man advantages this season (oddly, never 5-on-4).

But a pop-gun power play wasn’t the problem in Pittsburgh.

Lacking three of their best, the Penguins sucked it up and blew it out, all over the hapless team in white jerseys.

Did a Canadien win a puck battle or a foot race all night?

Not that I noticed.

Hits aren’t always a reliable indicator of the flow of play, but they offer a pretty good take on intensity.

The Canadiens, who had 27 hits at the Bell Centre against Buffalo, mustered 15 in Pittsburgh. Mathieu Darche, a player of limited gifts who knows he has to work hard, led the hit parade with four in a shade over 13 minutes of ice time. And three of those minutes were on the power-play.

Erik Cole, signed as a free agent to bolster the Canadiens at power forward, had one hit  – and one shot on goal.

The Penguins had 26 hits. Deryk Engelland and Ben Lovejoy had 10 between them, and Craig Adams added four.

They say hockey is a game of emotion and intensity.

The Canadiens displayed neither against the Penguins, and it made for a grim spectacle.

There’s no point dwelling on individual performances in the loss.

The whole team sucked – with the exception of Carey Price, who’s getting no help in his quest for a 100th NHL win.

Maybe he’ll get it after the Deecember trade to Vancouver.


But this stumbling, bumbling, fumbling season start is no laughing matter.

The Canadiens and Winnipeg, the only team they’ve defeated this season, are tied for fewest points in the Eastern Division.

No, the playoffs don’t start in early November.

But if the Canadiens continue to fall behind the Conference’s top eight, they will need a winning streak to get back in the hunt.

Does this team strike you as one capable of reeling off a string of Ws?

And check out the rest of this month’s schedule.

After playing host to Toronto in what is sure to be a Saturday Night Passion Play, the Canadiens have improved Florida at the Bell Centre Monday night, then Philadelphia visits on Wednesday, followed by a visit to Boston the next night and the Bruins at the Bell on the 29th.

When October ends, the Canadiens will have played seven of their first 11 games at home – where they are still in pursuit of  their first W since April 26 … and that streak of ineptitude includes the preseason.

After the loss to Buffalo, Jacques Martin praised his team’s performance. If the Canadiens played that way in every game, the coach said, they’d win more often than lose.

They didn’t play that way in Pittsburgh.

And if they play this way against Toronto … well, there will be more than a few pundits and fans suggesting Geoff Molson pull a Ron Corey.

Just remember what happened in 1995 – and for too many years thereafter.


  1. slychard says:

    7:30 and still no new thread. Poor Boone, probably suicidal after this poor start. Hang in there Boone!

  2. Chrisadiens says:

    Greetings from St Martin! So we still suck huh? Sounds to me like JM needs to go, but who can replace him? Marc Crawford is the only name that I can think of, and he doesn’t exactly get me excited.

    What would it take to get Kirk back? Would the team (preds I think) allow us to speak about a contract with him?

    Chrisadiens and HabFan10912, one of the few father son tandems on HIO.

    • The Cat says:

      I think people are giving Kirk Muller way too much importance. I guess he helped in the way of being not as anal as JM.

      [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Hey Chris, hope your holiday is going well. Latest rumour has Andrei in St. Martin Parasailing, would be good if you could check on that.

      • Chrisadiens says:

        I just saw him, he was actually water skiing on one leg, holding his paycheck and cackling like a mad man! 🙂

        If you’ve never been to St Martin, you need to go. Its just beautiful here. And many beaches are filled with women, missing certain parts of their swimwear.

        Chrisadiens and HabFan10912, one of the few father son tandems on HIO.

  3. petefleet says:

    Here’s the view from my rec room couch in order of impact on the team performance:
    1. Erik Cole sucks….power forward? Darche is twice the PF as Cole. If the team in general thought this guy was somehow going to help them, they much be collectively very disappointed.
    2. Emelin…not exactly Andre Markov. This guy is out of shape, slow and doesn’t really look interested. His spot on the roster should already be lost to someone in Hamilton
    3. Gionta…the captain is not leading this team. Gionta has been invisible in the first 5 games. Last year he could be counted on to get the team going during rough times, not so far this season.
    4. Gomez…what more can be said about his lack of effort and production?
    5. Price is making the rest of them look better than they are. I don’t think Budaj will ever get a start at this rate.
    6. Kirk Muller…who would have thought that an assistant coach loss would have such an impact on the ‘room’. The Randy’s are not getting the job done.
    7. The bright spots in all of this: Price, Max Pac, Diaz, DD, Eller, and Pleks.

    For the sake of the team, I hope Molson does not panic. The tools to fix this season are in that room, he has to put pressure of the right people to make them start working together. Who it’s going to be that gets this group going is anyones guess. JM? Maybe, maybe not.

    Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.

    ***Habs Forever***

    • Bob_Sacamano says:

      I hope it was the first time you saw Emelin. He was pretty good in the first three games. Doesn´t look interested? That´s complete bs.

      • petefleet says:

        So you missed last night’s game? From “my” perspective, he doesn’t look like he’s playing with any intensity. If you read all the scouting reports on him before he showed up, he was supposed to be a hard hitting, good first pass ‘D’ man. I haven’t seen it yet. I guess you agree with all the other stuff in my post. That’s good.

        Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.

        ***Habs Forever***

        • Bob_Sacamano says:

          With most of the rest actually yes. I just agree with the hard hitting when it comes to Emelin. Might have something to do with the coaching. His passing isn´t bad, he has drawn three penalties, Gionta would not have scored without Emelin going hard to the boards and so forth. Emelin as well as Diaz and also Weber are much less responsible for the bad start to this season than most of the other players.

  4. LTHF says:

    Based on their current play, the Habs will finish Oct with one win. I think it now beginning to show what Muller meant to the team .Could have had 2 good young coaches in Muller and Boucher, but management saw otherwise, Has to be changes at the top.

    • bleedhabs81 says:

      Based on their current play? Current as in last night, you mean? Tuesday (also very current) was exceptional in all aspects except Miller having a fantastic night.

      I am still not going to panic, but it seems that we should expect a very similar team as last year. They will be streaky. One night they will dominate and other nights they will be dominated.

      Let’s just hope they get a win streak going soon.

      On a side note, even I was getting frustrated with the line juggling last night…. I couldn’t keep it all straight.

  5. timothy13 says:

    1995 has a nice ring to it. Sure some of the Habs are worth keeping because they look good on paper! Ha. Ha. But seriously under the current coach this squad is soft and inconsistent @ best. This current team can not get out of their funk without changes and the Maples Leafs will no doubt hammer home many goals against this hopeless group that call themselves a team. I am sorry because the disappointment lingers too much and for too long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. CharlieHodgeFan says:

    I saw flat and unmotivated players who may be trying to take down a coach. I don’t know why else you would make it to this level and play like that. JM is a good technical coach, but he’s never struck me as a motivator. That being said, I never again want to see a coach like Tremblay. Now that was traumatic.
    It’s out of our hands – no one reads/listens to us.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Very strange how team provides good effort in Buffalo then mails this one in. Does make you wonder.

    • The Cat says:

      I dont watch the other teams as often as the habs but it seems the habs of the last 5 years or so have more than their share of flat outings.

      [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

    • Just a Habs Fan says:

      I don’t think you’d like the results if the management of Montreal listened to this forum. I mean read over the comments….they range from absolutely bizzare to thoughtful. Two wins in a row will swing this forum back to the positive side. I am a habs fan and have been for decades. I think the team, last night, got beat by a team that employs a similar system as Montreal and they just beat them to the puck in almost every opportunity. Quick short passes and hard skating along with finishing the check. Somehow they will overcome this hole I am hopeful to confident ( prayers everyone ) Probably if you think carefully you’ll remember games over the past several years like last night that Montreal won due to brilliant goaltending and timely powerplay goals…..not that Carey wasn’t great last night but the powerplay isn’t doing much at all. If they were at the 20% + rate as usual they’d have a couple more wins for sure…3 would look good right now.

      • CharlieHodgeFan says:

        They’re perched right on the edge of if.

        I don’t quite understand the flatness, and it may just be a simple lethargic start. I’ve been one of the few who hasn’t thought JM was bad for the Habs. For one thing, this franchise was in desperate need of stability, and the players had too much power faced with the coaching (and possibly the same level of judgement as many HIO posters).
        Price was back on form last night, and almost everyone else went flat. Go figure, they were on fire in Buffalo, and maybe this was a hangover from that loss. Dunno.
        BTW – I’m glad no one listens to most of us. I think some posters just have to keep that in mind…

  7. HabinBurlington says:

    Just a reminder the world does end today. Speaking as a passionate Hab fan, I’m not sure this news is all that bad.

  8. Clay says:

    There are some good players on Montreal, but this is a pathetic team.
    Time to fire the coach and demote Gomez to Hamilton, or try to win the draft lottery.
    Personally, I would rather they win the lottery at this point, because this ‘team’ won’t go anywhere in the playoffs even if they manage to squeak in.

    Anyway, I’ve never been captain in 16 years in the NHL. But that didn’t stop me being a leader in my own way.
    Guy Lafleur

  9. JF says:

    I gave up on the game after the first 10 minutes. The Habs looked as though they were skating in molasses. They couldn’t win a faceoff or a puck battle, couldn’t make a good pass, couldn’t get anywhere near the net, and looked as though they didn’t care. Given their lowly position in the standings, it is not only disgraceful, it is incomprehensible. Are they really as bad a team as they look on the ice? Or have they quit on Jacques Martin? On paper they’re a good team, better than last year. They should score more goals, special teams should be good, Price is among the best in the League…. How did what looked like a promising season turn so quickly to nightmare?

    The Habs have played six games, and in half of them they haven’t bothered to show up. This is simply unacceptable. If this sorry spectacle repeats itself on Saturday night, something will have to give. The kneejerk reaction of teams in the Habs’ situation is to fire the coaching staff. That could happen, but there aren’t many French-speaking candidates out there. Marc Crawford? Michel Therrien? Guy Carbonneau? Bob Hartley? And what about the GM? Gauthier put this team together – should he also be fired?

    Yesterday Steve Kerley warned against the dangers of a panic move. Teams that panic are very vulnerable to being exploited or to making poor decisions by looking at the short term rather than the long term. The Habs need to be careful over this mess. There are worse things than a bad season – like a decade and a half of futility.

    • nbsjfan says:

      Most definitively PG should be let go. He had only one job this year – prepare a team to confront the 2011-2012 season. He missed the boat and shouldn’t be given a second chance to screw it up further.

  10. G-Man says:

    That game was for all those who want Gomez in Hamilton. That is exactly what it would look like. Happy now?

    • Clay says:

      If you think Gomez is the answer, you’re asking the wrong questions…

      Anyway, I’ve never been captain in 16 years in the NHL. But that didn’t stop me being a leader in my own way.
      Guy Lafleur

    • 100HABS says:

      Let’s be reasonable, that wasn’t even one full game. Plus we were short one forward. Put Palushaj back in, have JM set his lines in advance (instead of shuffling at every shift) and I think it is actually possible that we may be a better team without him.

      Our youth seems to be holding it’s own. Both DD and Eller have looked better that Gomez at centre and Engquvist (sp?) can handle 4th line minutes.

      If Gomez is out 3 games then we can comment.

  11. HabFanSince72 says:

    Yannick Weber states that his mentor in hockey is Mark Streit. They speak frequently and Streit has helped him a lot.

    Streit has 105 pts these last two years and is the Captain of the Islanders.

    This season he has 4 pts in 5 games and is a +2. This would put him tops on the Habs D, just ahead of … Yannick Weber.

    Number 12 on the list of Gainey/Gauthier’s biggest blunders.


  12. Jdub1985 says:

    What was a worse move?

    Spending money on Gomez
    Spending money on Markov

    Both of them haven’t played any hockey for a few years…

    • oldrrty says:

      Okay I understand that you do not like the Markov signing but it is not hurting the team at all. Yes they have to pay him but since is he is under 35 (i believe that is the age) and on the IR means that they do not have to count the money against the cap. So really it was a win win situation. Yes you get him back and if he is out longer it costs you nothing cap wise. Also look up what happened to Serge Savard early in his career. After two very serious leg injuries, he was able to come back and play. He had to change his game a bit but he was still able to be a part of arguably the best blueline combo in the game.

      I don’t care who wins as long as Toronto doesn’t!

    • HabFanSince72 says:


    • Bob_Sacamano says:

      Markov has been with the Habs his whole career. He has been the best player for many teams. He has been a great player. So he absolutely had to be resigned. PG had no other option and at the time he did it, it was the right thing even if it turns out…

      Oh and please, not this Wisniewski bs again…

      Acquiring Gomez was a mistake all the way. A horribly overpaid player with declining production, great! Even worse: To throw in a prospect that was draftet just two years prior to the trade.

      Another point I often have to think about: We all know people like to bitch about the Kostitsyn draft. Well, Anze Kopitar has 10 points in 6 games. I´d personally rather have Halak and Kopitar than Price and Gomez even if Carey´s the better goaltender.

      • Man Dingga says:

        Gomez and Price are two totally different situations and you stating you’d keep Halak over Price is hilarious. Fact is we drafted Price over Kopitar and you can try to disect the reasons why but the fact is both are great players and barring injury both will have great careers. That Gomez trade has been a disaster and McDonaugh has really developed into a good D-man. Same can be said about O’Bryne, he been good for the Avs. How many more prospects are we going to ship out? To ship Price out would be disasterous!

        • Bob_Sacamano says:

          Can you read? I never stated I would have kept Halak over Price. I just think we now would be in a better situation had we draftet Kopitar. Imagine having Kopitar – Plekanec and Desharnais as our Top 3 centers.

          Maybe you get it this way: I give Price 8.5 out of 10 points, Halak 7, Kopitar 9 and Gomez 3 when it comes to skill/salary, etc. So 7 and 9 are 16 while 8.5 and 3 are only 11.5. Understood?

          In the last ten years several teams with average goalies have won the Stanley Cup. Among them just one team without a top center…

          • Man Dingga says:

            Keep playing the what if game all you want Bob! Are you forgetting we had a decent prospect at centre in Grabovski and shipped him out. Him and SK couldn’t get along so they shipped Grabo out then shipped SK out. Funny thing is they are now playing well. Whats that say about us as an organization?

  13. Jdub1985 says:

    1 – 5
    worst start in over a decade

    Its not the talent, its clear they refuse to play for a french coach.
    And that Markov signing is looking fantastic!

  14. an_star says:

    can we maybe start to admit maybe losing kirk muller was a bigger loss than most people were expecting?

  15. Say Ash says:

    Very impressed by Gomez tonight. Even after leaving for the dressing room, his production didn’t miss a beat.

  16. jimmy shaker says:

    I wonder if Bowman ever came up to molson and said “I want to coach this team” what he would do?


    • slychard says:

      Bowman was groomed to be GM by the great Sam Pollock but was passed over for that chump Irving Grudman. No. Bowman would never do it. Unfortunately.

    • The Cat says:

      Its hypothetical cause Bowman wouldnt, he only went to teams already on the cusp of winning it all. Average team with average effort and Ted Nolan is your man.

      [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  17. slychard says:

    Let’s face it, the hockey Gods are angry! There is a shift in the global axis. Not only have stars and planets aligned but galaxies, black holes and Ted Danson’s toupee also aligned with his receding hairline. The 2012 Mayan calender apocalypse will coincide with TML scoring the Sturley cup clincher during a game 7 tied game against the blackhawks as time expires, literally, instantly collapsing this planet within itself like a dying sun and forming it’s own black hole ( confusing Carl Sagan and Einstein who angrily turn on God perched upon their respective heavenly cloud ) The collapse of the planet will be so instant that the Leaf fans will not have time to experience one iota of joy from seeing their team reaching ‘champiandumship’…or other… sending all leaf fans to the depths of the nether worlds’ darkest region…their sin of rooting for the ‘anti-Christ’ of hockey teams justly rewarded. Some will scream for merci, rejecting their evil ways, even cheering for the Habs, but alas. They are all doomed. As for all the Hab fans of this great ‘collapsed’ earth? A new beginning. Where this planet’s collapse will transport it to a parallel universe, where the competition will still be fierce for their beloved team in the NHL but there will be no JM or PG to squash their hopes and dreams. Thus a level playing field. In other words, utopia.

  18. jimmy shaker says:

    Since the team is stuck with that whole french canadian only stance for the head coach and gm, and not the best hockey mind/candidate for the job…by the way, the team has done great the last 15+ years, pidgeon holing themselves based on a stupid order of business, don’t ya think? So since they follow this outrageous protocol, the only sensible replacement for jm is marc crawford.


  19. sackabooboo says:

    Gomez is a boat anchor to this franchise. Ryan McDonagh Roman Hamrlik Ryan O’Byrne, Grabovski and Higgins all have more goals than Gomez does in the last 42 games. And I am confident that all of these guys don’t make as much as Gomez. The trade may be the worst trade in Habs history. And we have to eat this next year too…cause no one will take the guy. I still can’t beleive we did.

  20. SlovakHab says:

    And to add insult to injury:

    Ryan McDonagh scores again, this time it’s a super clutch goal to win it for the Rangers in OT.
    Roman Hamrlik pots one.

    Ryan O’Byrne, Grabovski and Higgins also scored tonight, but I don’t really think they would make much difference here.

  21. HabFanSince72 says:

    The only competent member of the management team is Trevor Timmins.

    Does anyone think he could be GM?

    • Da Hema says:

      I am not trying to be contrary or rude, but why does everyone think Trevor Timmins is so good? It’s not like the Canadiens have an abundance of great talent in the pipeline. I see a bunch of smallish forwards on the horizon, and two or three defencemen that may or may not pan out. That’s not much of a drafting track record in my opinion. Unfortunately, and sadly, the only part of the Canadiens’ organization that is competent is the one we all should care less about–its marketing department.

  22. Marc10 says:

    Yakubov ,eh…

    It’s a long way until the trade deadline…. to be fair… the Sens and the Jets are very, very weak… but if we play with the lack of commitment and creativity we showed tonight… I think it’s very do-able.

    And I was eagerly awaiting the season… Not anymore. Saturday is going to be D-Day.

  23. I’m not hitting that panic button after six games, including two good ones.


    I don’t think Martin is the man to coach the Canadiens, and I never did. He’s good at what he does. Coaching a roster full of defensive-minded players, I’m sure he’d be excellent. But coaching offensive players like Cammalleri, Gionta, Subban, Kostitsyn, Cole, Pacioretty and even Gomez, he just doesn’t know what to do.

    He hammers round pegs into square holes, and tries to turn flashy snipers and razzle-dazzle guys into defensive stalwarts in a defensive system. He takes 25- and 30-goal guys and forces them to play a style that dramatically reduces their offensive output, and that’s just not them. When a guy like Cammalleri, who scored 39 goals on a so-so Calgary team the year before he got here, scores 26 and then 18 the next two years, while still in his prime, there’s a problem. You get a 39-goal guy on your team, you tell him to do what he needs to do to score goals. You don’t stick him on a line with Travis Moen and hope for the best.

    And how many offense-first players have the Habs given up on, only to see them pot 20-30 goals elsewhere? And if Kostitsyn walks next summer, or gets dealt away, how many of us will bet against him potting 30 goals the following year?

    You can’t blame Gauthier — his record of drafting, signing and trading for players is really quite good, and he has a real knack for picking up the right piece at the right time for a reasonable price. But he tends to pick offense-first players — he’s an offense-first GM.

    You can’t blame the offensive players for not fitting well into a defensive system. On paper, our roster is excellent — this is an offense-first bunch of players.

    You can’t even really blame Martin, or expect him to be something he’s not. He coaches the only way he knows how — he’s a defense-first coach.

    But the mentalities of the players, the GM and the coach need to coincide in order to generate success, and the one element that’s out of step here is the coach. Until that changes — either with a different man behind the bench or a different mindset in the same man — it’s going to be more of the same: round pegs, square holes, and a lot of frustrating hockey.

    Mike Boone: “With Gainey at my side, I’d walk into any dark alley in the world.”

  24. habstrinifan says:

    Finally…. maybe.
    HIO is waking up. Boone is waking up.

    There were of course people like Ian who stood up long ago and spoke up… refusing to buy into the crap this management was selling us… because we owe it to the ‘heroes’ who have playerd their hearts out and the coaches and GM’s.. all who built this great franchise.

    We saw the writing on the wall from DAY 1 OF 2011-2012…and pleaded for everyone to see. What did we get… DUMPED ON!!! Why dont you just stop beaing a fan someone said to me? It’s only PRE-SEASON many… many .. yelled! How do you know what’s going on in thedressing room that you can ‘see’ malaise among the players? How can you criticise JM…look at the past two playoffs they said…

    I am just as depressed and angry as all the fans here… but I see a gliimer of hope that something WILL be done and EVERYONE, including the fans here, WILL STOP FOOLING THEMSELVES.

  25. chilli says:

    “Fail for Nail”!
    The problem is that I game in and game out, I don’t really expect Gionta, Gomez or Big Tits to do all that much – although I do like Big Tits every now and then – but I now sit and hope DD, Eller and Max Pax create magic for our offense. That is asking a lot since they are so young. As well as our young and inexperienced D.

    We can build around these guys.
    ….and go for Nail.

    I have seen nothing in these first 5 games to make me think this team will be any good this year.


  26. NCRhabsfan says:

    The Habs weren’t ready to play again tonight. It’s the coach’s job to get the team ready to compete. You may still lose even with a great effort if the other team is better or luckier, but there is no excuse for not be ready to play. I’m not a JM hater like some, and I’ve never advocated that he be fired, but this team is showing up for about one in three games, and an NHL coach has to do better than that.

  27. HabFanSince72 says:

    You think we have problems?

    Apparently the Australian PM caused a furore today by meeting the Queen without wearing a hat.

    “To top off the curtsying controversy, the prime minister was also criticised for her decision not to wear a hat to the Queen’s official welcome. ”


  28. The_Franchise31 says:

    If we could go back in time I’m sure they wouldn’t make the trade but everyone on here make it seem like w traded a stud dman for a useless center that makes to much money…. Ok it’s like that now but 2 years ago it looked like a good deal

  29. slychard says:

    Ok Martin has obviously lost the attention of the players. What do we do? Can the whole enchilada and start from scratch? We’ve been there done that as we all know. So keep the GM and can the Count. Now what. Let’s look at our options.
    Cunneyworth; He coached in the NHL and did well in Hamilton. But he’s unfortunately tied in to the Count and he’s english so the fan’s won’t stand for that.
    Pearn; same thing.
    Muller; He just took a gig in the AHL so why would he take this “temporary” gig.
    Robinson; where is he now, I don’t know. Still in the devils organization I believe? Apparently he and Gainey don’t get along and since Gainey is still with the Habs as a consultant we can kiss that one goodbye.
    Lemaire; He would never.
    Carbonneau; hum, that could be interesting. He might have learned a thing or two about leadership since his last firing. He knows the players. He has experience. The big knock on him was that he failed to communicate with the players. Once removed from the fire you reflect and see how you can do things differently. And I beleive he’d be hard pressed not to take the gig as an interim just to get his foot back into the door. Plus he was the last coach to lead us to a conference title. Think about it.
    Last but not least…
    Gainey; ok,ok, so the last time he stepped in (after firing said above) his playoff bid came out quite flat as we all know. But the man is rested and available. He was a great coach. He’s under contract still. He really knows the players. So why not????? That can get us through the season and possibly saving face.
    What we need is someone to step in as smoothly as possible. Someone with respect. And hope the barge doesn’t sink completely.
    Or let’s hope we win the lottery for the first round pick.

  30. HabFanSince72 says:

    Nail Yakupov (born October 6, 1993) is a Russian junior ice hockey right winger currently playing for the Sarnia Sting of the Ontario Hockey League (OHL).

    Besides being the consensus early favorite for top pick in the 2012 NHL Entry Draft,[1] Yakupov, an ethnic Tatar[2], also represents the first potential breakout hockey star from predominantly Muslim Tatarstan, a federal subject of Russia located 500 miles east of Moscow.[1]

    Yakupov was selected second overall by the Sarnia Sting in the 2010 Canadian Hockey League (CHL) Import Draft.[3] Prior to this, he played in the Russian Minor Hockey League (MHL) for his hometown team, the Reaktor Nizhnekamsk,[4] but thought that trying to join the Ontario Hockey League (OHL) would be a quicker path to his dream to play in the National Hockey League (NHL).[3]

  31. ifitwasnt4kovalev says:

    2012 free agents we MUST sign for at least 8 mil a season……….ryan smyth, stephen gionta, raitis ivanans, sean avery and mikhail grabovski?

  32. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Nice column Mike, I totally agree with you. Leaves one thing left for the Molsons to do. Can both Gauthier & Martin. Do it now.

    “Hate Bruins like a sickness”

  33. The_Franchise31 says:

    People act like Gomez is the only thing wrong with this team. He is by far not the only problem. And when we traded him McDonough was playing awful and looked like a bust a pick. And with the way we develop first round picks he probably wouldn’t doing as good as he is in ny

  34. NightRyder says:

    It’s time.

    Say it with me.

    Patrick Roy.

    From ice (JM) to fire.

    Someone with some juice make it happen. I’ve had enough of the current shyte to last a lifetime. At least with Patty things would be entertaining.

  35. immortalhab says:

    Math question:

    Gomez’s salary divided by goals he scored last year = pretty expensive goals.

  36. PureGuava says:

    McDonagh with the gwg….

    he gets better every game.

  37. ifitwasnt4kovalev says:

    i cant wait for DD to take on chara, battle of the beasts…..beast

  38. HabsFanInVictoria says:

    Eller played well I thought.

  39. chilli says:

    Moen on the first line is indicative of our reality – but so far Moen is the Cole we thought we were getting. Cole sucks. Worst guy on the team.
    And “My Knee is Fine” Markov hurts us.

    No more excuses, we just got hammered by a bunch of 3rd liners in Pitts.

    It does seem like they have stopped playing for Martin.

    If we lose on Saturday, changes a comin’


  40. PeterStone says:

    I think everyone can agree that JM coaching style leaves much to be desired, but to blame him for the start is a little far-fetched. Hes not helping, but he isnt receiving any help from above either. Dont get me wrong … i dont understand him .. but, he fits right in with the trinity of gainey and gauthier.

    This is a team that has been mismanaged for 2 decades. I am stunned that an NHL team that really thinks it has a chance , has an Enqvist , and a Darche and a Desharnais to go along with a Dee with not 1, or 2 but all three of Diaz, Weber AND Emelin. Not that any of those wouldnt be great as a # 5 or 6 .. but to have all three on your starting rotation , wow, stunning. Gomez .. well, what else can be said that hasnt been uttered for 3 years. When this team went into the season without burying him in Hamilton, it was clear, they didnt care that much about winning … Palushaj on the 4th line … he’s an AHLer.

    Look at this team. There hasnt been a true #1 center on this team since Vinny D … there hasnt been a knock you on your ass, crosscheck you in the mouth DeeMan since Chelios, there is no grit on any line, what happened to guys like Keane and Skrudland ? This is a team that once had Nilan AND Kordic , now ? No one.

    We were embarrassed last season by the B’s , and what was management’s response … silence. Do these guy’s watch ANY hockey ?

    Every fan in Montreal … hell, every hockey fan knows all of this … but not the guys that run this “Professional” hockey team.

    Alright … venting helps very little … and another little russian hockey player, no matter how good he is will help very little too.

  41. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …Mario Tremblay GM & Patrick Roy Head Coach 🙂 ?
    …well, Our suckitude is surreal at the moment
    …might as well be consistent

    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

  42. Mr. Biter says:

    Problems started after season ended in fact after the “beatdown in Beantown”.
    1) we never bought up or signed a “tough guy” for the next game vs. Bruins and MaxPac was done in by Chara. In the old days Chara might not have had to pay But the Nilan’s & Ferguson’s would have made some Broons pay dearly for that hit and what happened in Baeantown.
    2) Never signed a Tough Guy for this season and here we go again.
    3) No contract for Halpren our best face off man
    4) Signing AM and not Wiz. PP sucks now and Who knows when or if AM returns and how he will play or how long he will last on the ice.
    5) signing 3 Europeans to 1 way contracts (I may be wrong here so please correct if I am) without seeing them play in the NHL. Stupid move.
    6) Letting KM go
    Now I don’t know if JM or PG get together and discuss what players should go and stay but if PG got rid of Wiz and JH without JM’s approval I’m Quite sure JM was hitting the Crown Royal after he found out.
    Anyone who follow’s my posts knows I believe we need a “tough Guy” to protect our skill players but I guess PG and JM want to see how much pain can be inflicted on our skill players. If by chance we get a big lead vs. the Broons don’t think our players will have it in the back of their minds what happened to them last year in the regular season(playoffs don’t count in this type of battle) when down or ahead of the Broons and we know what the Broons will do. PG should get the ambulance infront of the Bell Centre ala “Slap Shot”
    cause “there will be Blood” and unfortunatly it will be Habs blood.
    And I was going to do a small post but go carried away.
    Mr. Biter

    • NCRhabsfan says:

      What skill players? To whom are you referring? the Habs went two full games between getting a goal from a forward. Our skilled offence was a rookie Swiss Dman (and perhaps MaxPax). They would need a tough guy less if they had a wicked power play; small players AND a popgun power play add up to teams taking liberties!

      • Mr. Biter says:

        See above regarding AM and Wiz. With Wiz on PP we were deadly and Wiz was also tough. I do agree about the last 2 games with only 1 goal from a forward, but vs Sabres we should have won that one but since I did not see tonights game I have no idea how the forwards played.

        Mr. Biter

  43. ifitwasnt4kovalev says:


    just saying…..for less than 7.5mil, it could have been nash, iginla, and do yourself a favor dont look at the full list, you’ll get sick by the end of it……..next on the list after gomez’s 7.5mil this season comes pronger, staal, zetterberg, hossa, thornton, keith, heatly, spezza, chara….ovechkin, malkin, crosby..(tears)…

    take that last bit and put gomez in the middle, see if it sticks out like sore thumb….no im not blaming it all on gomez, i just like to think what if…..

  44. Neutral says:

    all the teams ahead of the Habs in the standings with the exception of a couple have improved in the off season while PG was busy making the Habs weaker. that’s why we are where we are in the standings and don’t expect an upward trend anytime soon…

  45. Say Ash says:

    Somebody, please go check for me. Is there white smoke rising from the Bell Centre yet?

  46. immortalhab says:

    Gaddaffi’s chicks are now unemployed. Maybe we could hire them to stick up for Price. I am so frustrated with our D for letting everyone push us around all over the ice.

  47. Matt. says:

    what a dog does when he wants something from the table

  48. PeterD says:

    I believe it is very simple.

    J. Martin has lost the room and does not know how to get it back or how to motivate his players.

    The team has the horses to play in this league and this conference, wha they are so sorely lacking is a coach that has a renewed vision for the game and the ability to get his players to play hockey. For too long JM has forced the players to play his “system”.

    It is clearly time ofr a coaching change…but not the tired old choices we always dragged up from the past. How about something fresh and new like a Dan Bylsma clone…the coach is out there, just not on the radar yet…so Pierre, start looking.

    This team needs to be arranged such that the players can gell and form line chemistry with some possible hope of them staying together more than one game or even one period.

    So tell me, why should we put up with the salary of $7.5 M any longer when the player is not contributing as a top line plane. It is clearly time to let Gomez go. Maybe if a trade is not possible they send him to Hamilton. While you’re at it how about sending Engqvist down as well…maybe bring up Trotter to inject some energy into the bottom 6 players.

    For every game we suck through and lose we fall two points farther back of a play-off spot…I know, the play-offs aren’t until April…but seriously in the parity era of this league the Habs cannot afford to not win games to keep pace with the other teams in our conference…the others are just too good to hope we can pull off a sustained string of win to not only catch them but to beat them out for a play-off spot.

    The clock is already ticking on this season and the way the Habs are playing since the start of training camp it is either going to be a very long and frustrating season leading us to a high draft pick in June or some big bold moves will take place and this team will correct it’s course and begin to compete and win significantly more games than they lose.

    • HabsChris says:

      How about Kirk Muller?

    • Mr. Biter says:

      Everone wants to send Gomer down to the Dogs (and I’m unfortunaatly beginning to lean that way to) but only if his cap goes with him and I’m not sure it does. Also does he not have to clear waviers and if picked up by another team we would probably have to eat part of his contract, but before we get rid of him who do we have or can we get to replace him?

      Mr. Biter

  49. TheMock780 says:

    JM should get canned, but PG shouldn’t (not a popular view I know). GM’s should get at least 5 years (and 2 coaches) to show progress. The last thing the Habs need to do is have a mid-season house cleaning. As Boone pointed out, that’s how we ended up with Tremblay and Houle. If you start hiring and firing GM’s after 2 to 3 years then you’ll constantly be changning programs and directions and then you end up like Florida or Columbus.

    The bottom line is that PG should not be fired…..yet. He should get till at least the end of the Gomez/Cammy/Gionta/Markov contracts to implement his program. If the Habs aren’t showing progress by then, Molson will have a large enough sample size to decide to move in another direction. Hopefully by that point if the move does have to be made, there will be a legitamate candidate to replace him, cause I don’t see one out there right now (the Habs, like the Leafs, are a team that need an experienced GM. Inexperienced GM’s get eaten alive in this situation, ie. Houle, John Furgeson Jr., etc.)

    • Tony McLean says:

      Gandhi Gauthier sucks, he’s an arrogant lesser version of Boob Gainey. Send Gauthier (and Gainey) away.

      I suggest Scotty Bowman as President/adviser to the Molsons, Lemaire as GM, Robinson as head coach. Get another power forward and two irascible defencemen – and a backup goalie.

      I want to see the team win again before 2093.

      • TheMock780 says:

        Scotty Bowman isn’t leaving his cushy job working with his son in Chicago, Jacques Lemaire has no experience as a GM and retired cause he isn’t interested in working a 24/7 job like GM or coach and while I think Robinson would make a great assistant coach, he quit being coach of the NEW JERSEY DEVILS due to the pressure! Let alone the Habs

    • kempie says:

      I’m down with this. Excellent post.

  50. immortalhab says:

    I myself am a French-Canadien and consider the team’s history as a part of my heritage. But to make the language a coach speaks a top criteria for the job?? What next, only hire training staff that looks good in corduroy jeans?? For fucks sakes.

    • slychard says:

      Gadhafi hired chique chicks in high heels as body guards… why don’t we go that route.

    • JayBee says:

      Same here. The language thing is KILLING this franchise. Seriously…just think of the amount of talent out there that we will never consider just cuz they don’t speak French.

      Think about it. If Gauthier did not speak French…he would not be our current GM. The language is more important than resume.

      Makes me sick

    • MontrealAtheist says:

      That’s how the ball rolls in Montreal … Skills are secondary when it comes to awarding coaching jobs in Montreal. Language and personal friendship are what matters around here (that’s how we ended up Carbo).

  51. Neutral says:

    I don’t know why everyone is so upsit. we have very little up front and PK on “D” do you expect miracles? it’s not gonna happen. we are worst than last year and a trip to the playoffs 2012 not looking good. oh by the way savethepuck how does 6 games 3 points look, I didn’t forget your smart remark today.

  52. PrimeTime says:

    @HH. I would really hate for Habs to close the store and renovate again without somebody with a proven record to be the architect. We have some decent merchandise from which to work with but the oldler goods need to go. I don’t think a “tank” is required but certainly a fresh mind would be refreshing!

    • HardHabits says:

      I wish it were not the case but as I stated below the Habs are locked into Cole, Cammy, Gomez, Gionta, Markov and Plekanec for the next 3 years. None of those players are getting better and by all accounts are going to decline steadily.

      The only two I’d keep are Cammy and Plex but they are the only trade-able assets among the bunch. Unless Markov comes back strong but that is still uncertain.

      Earlier I pointed out that Detroit won the Cup with 10 of their top 15 scorers drafted and developed in house.

      Its on this page –> http://www.hockeyinsideout.com/boone/maybe-the-canadiens-are-road-warriors/comment-page-1#comments

      I concluded with:

      Looking at the premises here. I see a few possible conclusions. Drafting high is desirable. Drafting well in late rounds is desirable. Teams that can employ both tactics IMO will have the greatest success. High picks wont necessarily ice it as there are more teams that get them that fail than succeed. However there are far fewer examples of teams that do succeed without high draft picks on their rosters. The only two examples of teams I can think of who succeeded without this strategy in that time frame are the ’93 Habs and the Lidström captained Red Wings.

      Bottom line and IMO this is the gist of Boone’s article, champions are built via the draft. More teams succeed with high draft picks than not. The Habs don’t get high draft picks because the always make the play-offs.

      Pierre Gauthier, whose background is in scouting, has said unless a draft pool is particularly deep, any pick after the 10th is pretty much a second-rounder.

      Unless you’re Håkan Andersson.


      I appreciate your answering me respectfully as I know my ideas are anathema to you. Thank-you.

  53. MasterHab says:

    Even if Martin does get fired and even if Gauthier is swept out with him, this crap won’t end because of the franchise’s idiotic and phoney “obligation” to the market (i.e. the Francophone media jackals) to hire a coach and GM who speak the language of Moliere. As long as this team is not able to hire the best man for the job and instead has to settle for the next Francophone in line the mediocrity will continue.

    Bob Hartley, anyone?

    • nickster13 says:

      Agree, consider hiring an anglo, seriously, there are so many brilliant hockey minds out there and we had to settle for the 2 guys that speak french perfectly. Next time, we better hire based on merit or i don’t know what i’ll do. But who am i kidding, we will hire Jodoin as head coach and some rookie french GM just because he was the only french applicant.
      I have nothing against the french as my ancestry is all that, but honestly…stupidest thing ever that is hindering our team

  54. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …has anyOne been keeping tabs on the playing ‘style’ of Kirk Muller’s Admirals team ? …I know, so far, they have a winning record, but would appreciate to learn if it’s D-first hockey, or O
    …would like to get a feel what Kirk has been doing as a Head Coach
    …I don’t only want a ‘winning’ Team, …I want a Team that is also FUN ! to watch
    …WIN ! first !, but ENTERTAIN Me ! a very close second !

    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

  55. rogieshan says:

    This fumbling start pretty much confirms the widely-held opinion among fans and media that Kirk Muller held a bigger role running the team the last two years than it was publicly acknowledged by the front office. No offense to Cunneyworth, but as far as I can see, there appears to be little spark between him and the players on the bench. Without a strong communicator/motivator at his side, Martin flounders with the in-game adjustments. Granted, he is hamstrung by having to play essentially three rookies on defense (Weber, Diaz, Emelin), and his franchise goalie has been hot and cold out of the gate. But, at some point, accountability lies squarely with him as the Head Coach who laid out his system for the players to execute. Accentuating the positives is fine and dandy if you’re in a rebuilding phase (like the Ottawa Senators), but I don’t believe that to be the case here. The pressure on Martin will only mount with each successive loss. The only question is whether the eject button will be pushed by the GM or the owner himself.

    • The Dude says:

      Muller smuller,look this team has gone to the magic top hat way to many times and never gets the effing trick right.This team is made up of a bunch of soft as kitty’s ,Keebler Elves whom also are skating accidents waiting too happen.The D is too small ,the Vets are a joke ,the up and comers ARE JUST THAT …UP AND COMERS FCS!And we have a Goalie who is shell shocked ” thats 2 goalies now ,Halak and Price”.We have a Coach who hasn’t won eff all,EVER! A g.m WHO IS French ? is that all he does ? I think he’s the Biggest egotistical loser in Hockey and couldn’t tell his arse from his Tofu! And then we have the Molson boys who think they’ve bought the Globe Trotters?
      And this is the for the Fans who still have Rose coloured glasses.HA!!! So I don’t know what I’ve been talking bout all these years ,hey Willis?Rite back at you …now we all see it now!

      • Tony McLean says:

        How was Halak “shellshocked?” He saved Price and the Canadiens’ bacon, beat the two best teams in the league in the 2010 playoffs, Washington and Pittsburgh and stoned the two best players in the league Ovechkin and Crosby. What are you smoking???

        Incredibly strange how many people show their gratitude to Halak by shi**ing on him. Class.

  56. TOEmastro says:

    Homer Simpson watched the game too… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARITnC80VhE

  57. sampson12 says:

    Sleep on it, people. Every team has their rough times. It just so happens the habs are going through their’s at the beginning of the season, as opposed to mid-December. At least that’s what I will tell myself so that I sleep easy.

    • ProHabs says:

      It might only be the beginning of the season but with the parity in the league, the 3 point games and the number of teams between the Habs and a playoff spot, the Habs might just be a week or two away from it being impossible for them to make the playoffs.

      The statistics since the lockout are really remarkable that if you are even 6-8 points out of a playoff spot in November, the chances of you making the playoffs are slim to none.

  58. SHUTTemDOWN says:

    Go Jacques Go!Go Jacques GO!

    “The sh*t is CHESS!NOT CHECKERS.”

  59. DadidolizedDougHarvey says:

    Jacques Martin is the Bill Virdon of hockey coaches.

  60. PrimeTime says:

    Tonight was as bad as the TOR game…..worse if you take Price’s play out. The other games had better efforts but the PP and lack of a natural goal scorer is killing ’em. Even so, a couple of goals here or there may have them 500 record. Not good enough! Expectations with the teams additions should have a better record than the previous few years. I think the watershed moment this season will be after the b2b games with BOS. Until then JM is safe. If they don’t rack up a few wins – ba-bye!

  61. habsgod says:

    we need a major house cleaning! from gauthier on down!!geoff molson, lou lamariello is going to be available at season’s end! hire him as your g.m.(he will bring the best scout with him david conte),we will also keep trevor timmins, and he will also hire larry robinson as the head coach

  62. NLhabsfan says:

    I would say if we loose in Toronto.. It will be curtains for the coach.Someone has to go in that dressing room and kick ass.

  63. HardHabits says:

    Look at it this way. The Habs are downloading their entire DVD collection on a dial-up connection.

  64. immortalhab says:

    Why do we even bother with training camp?? We tried out all these kids in the preseason and took two that didn’t even look that good. Gallagher and Dumont were so fun to watch.

  65. HABSsince92 says:

    1. What happens first a Habs victory or JM gets fired?

    2. Over/under on the Habs winning another game in October? (To, Florida, Philly, Boston, Boston) They might be able to beat Florida but who knows.

    3. Of the 8 Eastern playoff teams last year only 1 had a losing record in October (Sabres 4-8-2)

    4. In order to get above 500 on the season (including the OTL) the Habs will have to win 5 straight games……..how many times did they have a 5 game winning streak last season? ONCE!

    5. I HATE that October is not over yet and I can pretty much be 90% sure that the Habs will not make the playoffs.

    The Scott Gomez line………..where wingers go to die.

  66. immortalhab says:

    I hate to join the legions of negativity, but aside from some commendable talent on the team, I think the whole Hab nation is in agreement that management is paralyzed from the neck up. Drastic changes need to take place. As a guy that gets down when Mtl loses, I’ve found myself hoping they lose so that something has to occur. As long as we win enough to be in a playoff race, we’ll be saddled with JM and PG forever. God, I wish Carbo had the f’king carte blanche these guys have to fck up all over the place without their jobs being on the line. It’s an effort just to follow the team this year.

    • Ehabs9 says:

      Agree 100%, well maybe not 100 I think Carbo had to go when he did, but everything else is spot on. If we’re gonna lose we might as well get something out of it.

  67. DearyLeary says:

    Yakupov, Yakupov!

  68. avatar_58 says:

    Funny to think we could have had Stevie Y (maybe, if he accepted) and Muller.

    Naming Gauthier the GM without waiting till the off-season for potential candidates was a mistake. At best he should have been a temp

    • Ehabs9 says:

      I read a lot of places that Stevie Y wanted the job in Montreal, a lot of places said it was his first choice. But we left PG there….

      • Habziefan09 says:

        If we had Steve Y, we would have Muller.. and if I may point out, Bowman just may have come as a Consultant… imagine that possibility..

        however right now, Lowel and Hardy show has got to go!

        Twitter: Habziefan09

        Confucius says: “Baseball has it all wrong, Man with 4 balls cannot walk!”


      • showey47 says:

        Then why is it when i do a massive internet search i can’t find one article that says stevie Y wanted the habs job? All i can find is that he turned down the minnesota job because he knew there was interest in tampa. Mainly because he felt it was a better fit for him due to the star power they had. The same reason boucher turned down the columbus job to take the coaching job in tampa.

  69. Un Canadien errant says:

    It was my contention this summer that the Canadiens don’t have a Stanley Cup-worthy lineup yet, that this year should be devoted to developing our young players instead of spending assets to cobble together a playoff roster. Tonight’s game is a textbook example: the Canadiens get outplayed by a Penguins team missing Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin and Kris Letang.

    Scott Gomez being hurt once again prevented any forward line stability or continuity. I wonder how much of Erik Cole’s struggles can be attributed to this. I also wonder if the Canadiens will play better with David Desharnais and Lars Eller having more icetime at centre. In any case, it was time for the Whistler Marmots, who are tearing up the HIO Memorial Fantasy League right now, to drop Mr. Gomez from their lineup, and they did. Five games with only one assist was enough of a trial period for him. The Hail Mary fell incomplete out of bounds.

    I noticed Alexei Yemelin get flattened by the Reverend Lovejoy. I imagine he’s still being surprised by the strength and speed of NHL’ers. He may not have expected a defenceman to step up in the neutral zone and lay a hit on him. We were dreaming of him being a tank on our blueline this summer, it may yet happen with more exposure to our game and more confidence, but we’ll need to be patient with him.

    The powerplay was anemic, but what was unforgiveable was how it played without passion or determination. The Canadiens seemed lifeless during the game, and during the man advantage seemed to be wondering how in the heck they would ever score, instead of passing and shooting the puck with authority and playing like it was just a matter of time. Again I wonder if Mathieu Darche should be on the powerplay when Erik Cole is on the bench. We need to get that guy going, he has a lethal shot and is a better option than Mr. Darche.

    Andreas Engqvist took a punch to the mouth on the play in which Brian Gionta crashed into Marc-André Fleury. He was standing near the crease and a Penguin popped him good, his intentions I imagine being partly to create space after the whistle, as is unfortunately too often seen in the NHL, with rarely a penalty called. I suspect there was also a desire for retribution after Mr. Fleury was run over. In any case, neither Mr. Engqvist or a teammate stood up to this affront, he meekly skated to the bench and got his bloody nose fixed. Word is rapidly spreading that the Canadiens are an easy target, with no consequence for transgressors.

    How about it NHL? No fighting, just hockey?


  70. HardHabits says:

    Habs have to hold the course and suck it up. They will only get worse with this line-up in the next few years but they will be far worse for much much longer if they try to remedy this situation with a knee jerk panic reaction. The Habs will be awful for the next few years. Well into 2014. Time to suck it up as Habs fans and realize that the only reward for making the play-offs every year is no Cup. The reward for finishing last for a few years is a Cup.

    It’s so stupid even a child can understand it. Sadly, grumpy old men haven’t a clue what’s going on in today’s world.

    Present company excepted.

    • Propwash says:

      The major flaw is, the general public will not accept the team going that route, and I don’t blame them.


      • HardHabits says:

        Give me an effin’ break. You make it sound like the Habs losing a season or two is equal to totalitarian dictatorship. Habs fans need to get over their false sense of entitlement.

        Go have another beer.

        • Propwash says:

          It is what it is HH. The reality of your tanking plan is it will not be tolerated. Damn right the fans have a sense of entitlement, they’re used to having a winning team.

          “go have another beer”
          Really, you wanna go there?


          • HardHabits says:

            You’re drunk. Go to bed.

            The Habs haven’t won since 1993. Before that 1986. Before that 1979. Were you even born in 1979?

            Tell me WTF are Habs fans going to do? Nothing.

            Habs fans are used to eating whatever BS is fed them.

            Anyways happy hangover. Yours is going to be a double.

          • Propwash says:

            Im not drunk, not in the least.

            That is a veiled jab at me, and I recall you bellyaching on how people would insult you and so on and so forth and that you are leaving HIO. Yet, you go and make a statement like that. When you returned, I posted a “welcome back HH”.
            I’ve never taken jabs at you, all I said was your idea will not fly with Habs fans. I didn’t make it personal.
            I was born in 1979.
            I watched the Habs win the cup in 1993, and it was terrific, I was even at the parade.
            Habs fans have zero control of the operations of the team, except not buying tickets, which will not happen because the city loves hockey, and for better or for worse, loves the team. So they are not going to tolerate “tanking” it just will not fly. Maybe in your head, but not in the grand scheme of things.

            You’re grumpy, go to bed.


          • HardHabits says:

            I thought you said you were going to Mad Hatters and then later said you were gloriously tanked. If you’re not drunk you should be ashamed of yourself. I would be if I went to MH’s. I wouldn’t exclaim I was tanked if I wasn’t. So your own fault for misleading me. If not inebriated it makes no difference. I was not being insulting.

            It still doesn’t change the fact that fans can’t change the inevitable. The only people who can change it are the players and coaching staff.

            I don’t believe the Habs have the team to make the play-offs and if by some miracle they make them they don’t have the horses to go far in them. The Habs are locked into Cole, Markov, Plekanec, Gionta, Gomez and Cammy for the next 3 years. That is half the Habs cap space. All players getting older. That is a losing formula.

            I am not making the Habs tank any more than you can stop them.

            The difference is am am aware and you are naive.

          • Propwash says:

            I was making a play on words with “Tank for glory.” I had to drive home, my co-worker on the other hand, poor bastige was lit up bigtime, and he has to train it back to 2 Mo. I know my limit, especially when I gotta go to work the next day. For the record, it was dollar beer night. Comes in shotglass size plastic cups, and I had four “beginner beer” Coors Light cause it was the only thing they had on tap that wasn’t flat, and some friggin’ HORRENDOUS nachos. Can’t spell barfood without barf.

            Habssince92 mentioned bottom dwellers below, and the only ones who have gone the distance was Pittsburgh and Tampa. And Pittsburgh had one the 1st round picks who worked out to be Crosby on a lottery after the lockout iirc. I just don’t see how a team would tank on purpose, players want to win games, that’s their jobs.
            To me, the major underlying issue is that the NHL is saturated with too many teams, which leads to an influx of sub-par players. On paper, the Habs have a pretty respectable lineup of guys, but with hockey, on paper doesn’t generally translate to real life due to a squillion variables that makes the game what it is.
            I don’t want to watch a team lose, especially intentionally just to get a draft pick who may or may not work out. And I’m pretty sure the majority of fans would agree on that, call it naive if you want.

            Anyway, it’s past the witching hour, and in about 4 hours my infant alarm clock will be sounding, so, cheers.


    • Say Ash says:

      It’s not a good business model.

      • HardHabits says:

        What business model? Hiking prices on a product who’s best before date has passed? I have some snake oil all you “so-called” real Habs fans should be interested in.

        Not good business. Hilarious. Like the business model being used now is so awesome. It amounts to lies.

        Habs fans are mooches.

        MOOCH – A term that telemarketers use to describe a victim, particularly a naive customer who is easily influenced and manipulated by the sales rep when closing the sale.

        • Matt. says:

          Someone who wants something for free .. someone who takes and takes but doesn’t give back.

          • HardHabits says:

            That is not the definition of mooch I am using. It’s a telemarketing term and it is very derogatory. There’s a sucker born every minute comes to mind.

            They are called mooches because they buy pens or magnets at inflated prices thinking they are going to get this amazing gift as compensation. They aren’t really buying the pens or the magnets but the supposed gift that they think they’ve been selected for. Hence the term. The gift is always crap. Look up the term loader.

            Habs fans buy tickets and merchandise thinking the team is going to win the Cup but bail on the team or like Propwash and his band of revolutionaries threaten to not accept failure.

            Hey look. The Habs could start winning again and make it to 8th place and lose in the 1st round and everybody will be happy again. Everybody except me.

          • Matt. says:


            A scab or freeloader who comes to your house uninvited and overstays his welcome (For more than about 3 days) and proceeds to eat all your food, stink up your bathroom

        • Say Ash says:

          HH, consistently getting a whiff of the post-season right through to the end of the regular season keeps the seats full, keeps everybody watching at home, and keeps selling car flags. And getting a playoff round or two every year is pure gravy. What for-profit organization would’t strive to achieve that steady income?

          • HardHabits says:

            Because we live in the information age. The gig will be up sooner or later. It’s just a matter of time.

            Boone lobbed the first salvo with his article today. Soon the l’anti-chambre pundits will be saying it too. Habs wont win a Cup unless they do it built upon strong consecutive draft selections including one or two lottery picks not named Carey Price.

            Business models fail too.

    • HABSsince92 says:

      Totally agree……Pitt., NYI, Oilers, Lightning, Caps have been (in the case of Pitt. and Washington) and will be dominating the league for the next 10 years easy because of sucking throughout the late 90s and early 00s

      The Scott Gomez line………..where wingers go to die.

  71. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …Kirk Muller doesn’t speak French ? …well, this potentially may be the ‘moment’ Molson shows His gonads and leadership as the Owner of Our Team
    …there is no currently unemployed French-speaking coach out there that rates to be considered to replace JM, if necessary
    …to Me, there are 2 that are first to be considered …Patrick Roy, and Kirk Muller
    …Patrick Roy has been defining His coaching experience with the Remparts, but I don’t think Patrick’s fiery, sometimes irrational personality is a wise fit with the type of Players We have today …after a few months I think We would be looking back regretfully that We let JM go
    …going to Kirk Muller for a mid-season change makes the most sense, for continuity and familiarity and respect He owns already from Our core-Players

    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

  72. habaholic68NJ says:

    JM and PG must go. What can be clearer?

    *Listen to my instrumental tribute entitled “Habs at War” at http://web.me.com/ptolias/Music/OtherOriginalMusic.html

  73. avatar_58 says:

    The only ones injured are White and Spacek, so what’s the excuse? Sorry but Markov is NOT an excuse anymore. Not one I am going to accept

  74. Propwash says:

    The Habs started to play in the final minute of the third. That ain’t gonna cut it.


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