About last night …

With two games to play before Dec. 25, it might be too early to dust off the hoary “Christmas came early” cliché.
But you had to think that a fat guy with a white beard made a pre-emptive stop in Washington last night.
Your Montreal Canadiens scored on their 5th, 6th and 8th shots. By the time the chost Capitals built a 22-8 shots advantage, Canadiens led 3-1.
Good goaltending, a few lucky bounces and what the heck, the road trip starts with a W.
Last season’t holiday road trip produced one win in four games. The season before it was one in five.
So to be 1-0 heading to Atlanta … hey, we’ll take it.

And there were some positives. Cristobal Huet came back very strong after a seven-game absence. Guillaume Latendresse had two goals and worked hard all night. Sergei Kostitsyn got the first goal of what should be a really good NHL career. Maxim Lapierre played another strong skating game.

It’s a young team. Every win is a character-building exercise. So is every loss.
But as bad as things were in early December, maybe a Christmas swoon can be avoided this season.

Canadiens are sitting in fifth place in the Eastern Conference, one back of those amazing Boston Bruins. With the exception of Ottawa, no one looks capable of pulling away.
That early Christmas gift – two points Canadiens didn’t deserve last night – could be crucial in early April.


  1. Habs Suck... Less says:

    I agree that the Habs are hanging in there with the team they have. But, just remember that the “experts” predictions were for the season finish, not Christmas. This team, especially after stealing a W last night after a very poor performance (with the exception of a few guys), still needs a lot of work and are not a shoe-in to the playoffs. So, those experts’ predictions could still come to pass and haunt us. Just something to consider…

  2. Odie Clegorn says:

    Let’s wait and see how this trip turns out. Tomorrow night’s games is critical as it’s the beginning of a back to back weekened and then that dreadful trip to the sunny south. We stole one last night; we need to earn one now.

  3. sidhu says:

    Here is what the Caps’ owner, Ted Leonsis had to say about last night’s game:

    Did That Feel Like a 5-2 Loss to You?

    Yuck. Second period – 2 shots on goal – 2 goals scored by Montreal.

    Weird game. We dominate in every aspect yet on the scoreboard it looks like we got blown out.

    We no longer care about effort or optics; we just need points and results. We took a step backwards last night.


  4. Blitzen says:

    Oh and I won’t hold my breath for big trades. Not gonna happen and we’ll be working with the team we have as long as it plays the way it has. Now if it falters seriously and looks to get out of contention, then maybe…

  5. Blitzen says:

    I mean Timmins has been drafting speed guys for years so why would you now bring in a system that absolutely doesn’t maximise that speed? Weird….

  6. Blitzen says:

    I like the way the team is going. The kids are learning while making mistakes and the Habs are doing better than the experts predicted.

    Look at Chips last night…made a bad play that led to a goal and then got it together and made a good play that resulted in a goal on our side. I think if we can get through the mid part of the season, that team will have seasoned and could surprise. My only wish, oh Santa, is that they forecheck more with two men deep. Everytime they do it, the other teams get in trouble but for some reason, they seem to back off for long stretches during games, which allows the other teams to make line changes, then hit the neutral zone with speed. I don’t understand why that isn’t obvious to coaches. That team is better suited for speed not the trap.

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