About last night …

As usual, Dany Dubé offered cogent post-game analysis on CKAC.

He said the Canadiens were, oddly, victims of the Bruins game.

They beat Boston 7-4. They had 52 shots. There was skating, fights.

It was everything a fan could want. But it wasn’t Montreal Canadiens hockey.

They tried to run and gun with Ottawa, and the Canadiens got run over and gunned down. They’re simply not good enough to play wide-open hockey aginst a team as skilled as the league-leading Senators.


It was disappointing that the Canadiens couldn’t offer a better
defensive showing on Larry Robinson night. Andrei Markov and Mike
Komisarek were each minus-two, even rock-steady Roman Hamrlik made some
errant passes under Ottawa’s forechecking pressure. Cristobal Huet made
some big stops but also yielded the kind of fat, juicy rebounds that
Carey Price never seems to give up.

The Canadiens had 36 shots, but not many of them were dangerous. The
forwards should have done more to obstruct the vision and mess with the
concentration of Martin Gerber, a physically small goaltender who saw
everything and stopped almost everything, except for shots by Guillaume
Latendresse and Christopher Higgins.

Everyone remembers him being bombed out of the Carolina nets in the
playoffs two years ago, but in seven regularseason games against the
Canadiens Gerber has won six times.

Guy! Guy! Guy! played one of his better games last night. He fought off
massive Christof Schubert to score his goal. Michael Ryder continues to
work hard and hit. The Tomas Plekanec line had its moments.

There was a total-domination sequence in the first period when Ottawa didn’t touch the puck for a good 90 seconds.

But in the end, the better team won.

• • •

• Bryan Smolinski is struggling. I hope it’s just a bad spell and not an indication that an older player is fading fast.

• Mikhail Grabovski is not ready for the NHL. And at that size, he may never be.

• Josh Gorges might have helped last night.

• Ominous word from Hamilton: no one stands out as ready to help the big club.


On to Long Island – for a game that’s going to be really tough.


  1. Lee Hayes says:

    Wow, for thirteen months old you’ve really got your s#!& down tight!

    Go Habs Go

  2. Bouleau noir says:

    Like dan23 said… “the Isles are looking pretty big in the rear view mirror”,…. I am ready for a change and I am looking forward to see the Habs playing against a team outside our division,… specially one of the better one.

    Those challenges bring new elements and are significant to the fans that are still grasping to know what makes their teams thick,… as we are closing in on the first 20 games of the season.

    One of our problem last season was that we played an out-dated conservative defensive type of game that didn’t capitalised on our ultimate forte….. our power play.

    We had the best PP efficiency in the league last season…. yet there is no benefit about having such if teams are not taking penaltys when they play against you,… thats what happen last year…. the CH 5 on 5 play last year couldn’t generate PP opportunities… they were practically dead last in the number of PP opportunities as a result.

    So althought I believe about playing good defence I also believe that the CH wont be winning as they ought to unless they keep forcing the play in the offensive zone and so as to keep provoking the other teams into fouling…. if they dont, we will, like last year, waste away the advantage of having the most efficient PP in the league.

  3. Moey says:

    I agree too, Price is not a superstar, yet. He gets the job done but he’s not ready to take over # 1. In Montral, you’re only as good as your last game it seems. If Price gets blown out one of these days, then Huet will become the greatest thing since sliced bread for the next game and so on. Patience is key, Bob & Guy have a plan and they know best.

  4. Moey says:

    Hey Plekster,

    I think in and around 20 games now gives us all a license to chirp. Someone pointed it out to me a few months back about the team losing confidence if the goaltending becomes suspect. It makes sense, if you feel no-one has your back, you would start to get panicky and change your style of play. I agree with you 100%.

  5. Bouleau noir says:

    Hall of Fame post here from Krob1000.

    By the way, Larry’s evening last night was just great…..the guy was and still remains awesome.

    I enjoyed the game also, specially on how the CH managed to peppered Gerber in the first… the game plan of getting the lead first was right and we came darned close to do it as Gerber couldn’t control the rebounds even thought he made all the saves.
    OTT was opportunistic but I like the run and gun type of game that our team played afterward…. I mean when you are short of two goals all night long anything else would just be too silly….. they played to win so they did the wright thing… but Kovalev’s ice time of 16 minutes seems totaly innapropriate in a game were we had to made up for a two goal defecit from the first period onward…. a well…

  6. ebk says:

    I agree with what you, the notion of turning over the #1 job to Price seems more like run away expectations than actual performance. That is not to knock Price, he has played well.

    Huet since the Toronto game has played very well. He was the biggest reason why they beat the Sabres 2-0. He almost stole them a game against the Senators but got beat by a couple of late goals. The last two games he’s giving up 4 goals in each game. Without him playing the way he is, the scores could have and should have been much worse. Shots aside, Buffalo and Ottawa controlled those games.

    The juicy rebounds are a reflection of the type of chance the teams are getting in the first place. He’s making the first save on some excellent scoring chance and after scrambling to make that save, rebound control is the last thing he’s worrying about. When the defense tightens up and stops giving up such good scoring chances, I would think his rebound control will greatly improve.

  7. krob1000 says:

    Agreed……Nolan’s Islanders just walked into MSG and beat the hottest team in the NHL over the last ten games (9-1) before that loss. THey are far from pushovers and are actually probably going to be the favourites as far as professional betting lines go givent he game is in their building.

  8. Dan23 says:

    Price is playing well, but I would not say that he’s playing better than Huet. I would say that the Habs seem to score more goals for Price than they do for Huey.

    Smolinski and Dandenault have been a little more invisible of late, which is a bit disconcerting because they’ve made important contributions this season, particularly when the team is winning.

    Defensively, players missed some critical assignments last night which directly contributed to goals. Our penalty killing continues to be below average, and Ottawa has the firepower to take advantage of that.

    I keep getting frustrated with all the missed passes and chippy plays that seem to be infiltrating the Habs play over the past 5 games – Ottawa beat them to the puck all night, and that’s going to be murder on your overall puck possession.

    Hopefully the team takes a collective breath and gets back to what has worked for them in the past: solid defence, taking advantage of power plays, and great goaltending.

    Ted Nolan’s Islanders are no pushovers, and they’re looking pretty big in the rearview mirror…

  9. Plek-Andrew says:

    Turns out Huet is in nets on wednesday.

    Oh and I don’t understand why people think Grabovski isn;t ready for the NHL. Did you see him FLY and create so many chances during the game? He had good chances himself and had some amazing dekes that people couldn’t capitalize on. I’ve been a Grabovski fan since day one and that’s not gonna change. Keep giving him a chance.

    Look at Kostitsyn. Everyone was asking why he was on the roster and when they put him on the second line and KEPT HIM THERE, he had 3 goals in 4 games and some amazing plays with my boy Pleky.

    Grabovski needs to find himself on a line where he can score. the 3rd or 4th is not necessarily the best idea but he does need to play with Latendresse who can toss bodies around and lure two players to him against the boards as Grabovski gets open for a shot or a pass. That’s the way I see it.

    He will shine soon enough. Plek-Andrew said it first.

  10. Naila Jinnah says:

    Parts of the ceremony is available on RDS’s Zone Video. You can watch the intro/ovation, the speech, and the banner being raised.

  11. christophurrr says:

    agreed 100%

  12. krob1000 says:

    I don’t know if I believe Price will be in nets on Wednesday. I think they wil go with Huet and start Price on Friday in Buffalo. Huet was not responsible for that loss in any shape or form. Momentary lapses against a team that thrives on even the smallest of mistakes is what cost us.

    I know this won’t be popluar on here as everyone seems to be calling for Jesus Price our saviour to take over but I don’t think he is ready yet. Yes he has played fairly strong and he is does have the potential to excel….he is not a better goalie than Huet right now and to suggest so is foolish in my opinion. As for the confidence thing suggested by Plek-Andrew I agree on the importance of confidence but I don’t believe that you can honestly say that the 20 guys on the bench have more confidence in Price right now than Huet. I don’t think a statement like that makes sense or perhaps we should have our guys undergo some sort of mental evaluation. All-Star goalie vs. Rookie……who would your confidence be in??? The simple fact is that the players need confidence in themselves and each other and the goalied (whichever it may be) needs confidence in himself and from the team and management (which both have).

    Price has let far more “softies” in than Huet and that is to be expected…he is a rookie. If we are to act upon 7 or 8 starts than why don’t we trade for Pascal Leclaire or Dany Sabourin….or give the no. 1 to Halak after all he was great for his first ten or so games.

    We are jumping the gun here and I don’t think you are going to see Gainey rush along his organizations no. 1 asset. He is a patient man with no regard for the ridiculous expectations that the Montreal media and fans place upon whoever the lucky Canadiens netminder du jour is. Huet’s save percentage and goals against are both better than Price’s and I think the reality of the situation is that guys may in fact be playing better in front of Price…..not because they are more confident…..probably because they need to at this stage.

    They are both good goalies (Huet is as mentioned above a top ten goalie right now). Price will be better than that ….as long as he is not rushed and handed too much responsibility too early. I fully believe that Price could probably fill the role of a no. 1 right now but it is still not the right thing to do…..yet. Look at Theodore, Fleury, Dipietro….goaltending is about confidence as Plek Andrew stated and yes Price has a very calm demeanour but I disagree that Huet doesn’t. Last year when Huet was turning heads across the league his claim to fame was his “cool demanour” now it is supposedly gone….I doubt it.

    Rejoice folks we have two (arguably three) great goalies in our organization……who are both confident and calm….lets keep it that way.

  13. christophurrr says:


    i know what you mean about losing confidence and nothing seems to go right from there… been there a few too many times

  14. Plek-Andrew says:

    Oh and guys, the Habs have played 20 games and are now 11-6-3.

    People pointed out earlier in the season that after 20 games, we should give our analysis.

    Just wanted to throw it out there. Now’s the time, folks!

  15. Cable Guy says:

    I couldn’t agree more with Plek-Andrew….

  16. likehoy says:

    I don’t think Price should play against the Islanders, in fact, he shouldn’t be in the building.

    It’d be a bad omen to have Price watch Dipietro play, a young touted goaltender going top pick, then sucking for a few years until now. We don’t Price to follow the same path. Lets hope he doesn’t pick up anything from Dipietro, (except maybe the 15 year contract…in fact…Gainey better be working on that 15 year contract with Price).

  17. Will Longlade says:

    I tend to agree with other posters who have commented that Price should be given the opportunity to play more, including back to back games. Although Montreal’s defensive zone coverage left much to be desired last night and they were clearly outchanced by the Senators, the team was undeservedly in the game until their momentum was seized by the juicy rebound Huet gave up on Ottawa’s fourth goal. Although Price has let in his share of soft ones recently, he seems to be able to make the saves when the game is on the line. IMO, his win/loss record is not a fluke. It’s a reflection of his talent and competitive spirit. As for Huet, maybe he needs to play more frequently to keep his game primed. If that’s the case, Montreal’s plan to ease Price into the starting role by splitting the goaltending duties may not be ideal.

    Even though the Hab’s lost to Ottawa for the third straight time this year, there were many positives that can be drawn from last night’s tilt:

    1. The continued strong play of Kovy (who Ottawa were clearly targeting all night) who is endearing himself to Hab’s fans with his rejuvenated play, but alas, is still not a referee favourite. They allowed the Sens to take liberties with him all night.

    2. Ryder is beginning to find his old groove (the second straight game that he has been his old self by my count),as is Lats.

    3. The guys on the team continue to look out for each other. Volenchenko was made to pay big time for his cheap shot on Ryder.

    Here’s to the Habs bouncing back against the Isles.

  18. Plek-Andrew says:

    Alright guys here are my two cents.

    I was starting to post yesterday before the game but ended up closing the browser cuz I was writing a novel since I haven’t posted here in close to two weeks.

    The way I see it, YES it was a disappointing loss. Again. To the Ottawa F. Senators (credit to Boone i CRY everytime I read those names). And I would say it was rather close… Let me explain.

    So we lost by 2 goals against the best (arguably) team in the league. True. But every single goal they scored was a pretty shitty goal. Here’s what I mean.

    Needless to say, we didn’t play defense last night but on offense, we still managed 38 shots and Gerber made the saves look easy, especially with his newfound confidence this season. So it’s not to say they were non-threatening, Gerber played an amazing positional game, that’s all. We scored two goals, they scored only 2 more WHEN WE WEREN’T PLAYING DFENSE. If you compare this loss to the Bruins’ loss, they are not the same at all. We completely dominated Boston and beat them 7-4 (Price let in 2 weak goals I wanted to point that out earlier but it doesn’t matter in a 7-4 win). We lost 4-2 against Ottawa and they really, REALLY didn’t dominate us. In fact, they were pretty horrible. All 4 goals were basically 2 on 1’s. seeing as how we didn’t cover the pass on defense. So no, it wasn’t a horrible loss. Once again, as it has been against Ottawa this year, all 3 losses have been promising losses.

    Huet… Well… I was gonna say last night how I feel the team has overall better confidence with Price before the game started. I’ll explain why. On Sunday night, I played my worst goaltending ever. Practically every shot went in, I’m not kidding. What happens? The people in front of you lose confidence in you, and even Plek-Andrew starts second-guessing himself. What happens then? Everyone panics. And the moment the goalie (most important position in hockey) panics, everyone else does and makes careless mistakes. My D would try to block the shots for me instead of taking the pass on 2 on 1’s, almost everytime SCREENING me.

    My theory is very simple. Price does not panic. Huet TENDS to (not all the time though) and has been a bit shaky since his loss in Toronto.

    Price is obviously gonna be in nets on wednesday and Carbo is gonna stop this rotating nonesense and go with the hot hand. If Huet (God knows he’s a top 10 goalie in this league right now) Has a bad game, he doesn’t DESERVE the right to goaltend if Price wins the next one. Price does. And seeing Price succeed will make Huet work twice as hard to earn his spot again.

    It’s called competition.

  19. christophurrr says:

    ugh, boone et al, i just posted anonymously by accident, don’t worry about it.

    basically the gist of it was:

    yes, huet gave up some big rebounds, but the d should be there to clear them away. i think only one of the goals was off a rebound, but even at that, the sens guy outhustled the habs dman to the puck (sorry for sounding like cole and neale). on prettymuch every other goal there was an open sen in the slot. where the hell was the d?

    to jamesb33: yeah, price may have done better… if he had the sens d playing in front of him instead of ours

    but anyways, thankfully it seems like it was just an off night for the defence, and not a regular occurance.

  20. jamesb33 says:

    Guy21 – you are right. simply outworked/hustled/played. That’s bottom line.

    although…scorers can be had on any team. Ryder is streaky, just hasn’t found his timing yet (*hopefully he will soon) kovy is playing very good all around hockey, bothways (most of the time) which is excellent. but we need higgins and pleks to start hitting the stride with G’s and big plays soon. that all comes from where? HARDWORK – Legs moving – brains on standby and play the way they know how!


  21. likehoy says:

    Just want to mention that Grabs was told to get an apartment, he won’t be sent down.

    IF he does get sent down, expect him to be playing in europe next year, this is the last year of his contract, and Russian teams want him just like they wanted Perezhogin.

    but on side notes, Huet/Price have both been great, and there is no clear hot hand and the rotation has worked so far, except that Huet is constantly put underfire cuz of weak goals.

    and there are no bonafide power forwards available, if you think of the ones that are proven, they’ve been signed to long term contracts, (e.g. penner, cole, bertuzzi, iginla) and the ones that are unproven are just about as far in their development as latendresse is (like bernier), in fact, i think the NHL has a shortage of power forwards at the moment.

    though a player that acts like a powerforward but not that big, dustin brown, would be a player we could trade for. LA needs a goalie, we have a couple of them. Mind you, brown just signed a long term contract, but he’s top 10 in hits in the NHL.

  22. Guy21 says:

    Grabovski is a boy-he doesn’t even shave-why would Gainey tell him to get an apartment??Lapierre was much better.Latendresse scores a fluke goal-falls down again-maybe he needs double blades on his skates.We need a forward who can play and be strong-like Corson or Muller or Gainey…..there must be someone like that in the NHL today isn’t there?There must have been a sign that said ‘OPEN” in front of the goal because any Ottawa player that felt like skating there could do so untouched.No wonder I saw Larry leaving early-you would not stand around in front of the net when he played-you would be laying in front of the net because he would flatten you.
    Great way to say thanks Larry….we’ll play like you didn’t…..Soft D— lazy forwards….did you ever notice that Ottawa never coasts-their feet are always moving and usually quite quickly.Our D coasts into the corner to get the puck and then make a blind pass….I’m really disappointed with the last couple of games……

  23. jamesb33 says:

    Anyone think Price would have fared any better in this contest. (here nor there, but makes for good debate).

    Hope the habs can pick up the trails of the defense and put it together. it’s there, but they are not focused; like Pat said, they are not able to run-and-gun with these guys (Sens).


  24. saskhab says:

    I missed the ceremony and the first period (I trust the ceremony will be available online somewhere to watch at my leisure), but I can say this, Huet is not at fault at all on the last 2 goals which were just shoddy own-zone coverage and a lot of standing around.

    It is simply unacceptable to let Dany Heatley walk to the front of the net without even having to make one clever move to get open. Komisarek & Dandenault had bad communication on that one as Komi went behind the net (to make 2 d-men below the goal line) and everyone was watching the puck. The final Ottawa goal saw about 4 Montreal defenders within the slot, but not one of them seeking Ottawa players to guard making that rebound an easy one for Ottawa to pick up.

    Montreal outplayed Ottawa in terms of possession in the final two periods, but Ottawa was airtight in front of their net in allowing the Habs to get close in chances. Before a Hab could get set with the puck, there was a man on him, forcing the Hab to turn his back to the net to try and make a play and protect the puck. You can even see this on Latendresse’s PP goal, which he threw blindly at the goal and luckily snuck it in 5-hole (which Lats couldn’t see or aim at).

    It seemed one team knew how Robinson played and the other didn’t. You can guess which one was which, it was pretty self-evident.

  25. DYCSoccer17 says:

    Huet never really seemed like he was in the game. He didn’t make and big saves. Ottawa’s early PPG really set the tone and Montreal could never catch up.

    Montreal did fine in the run ‘n gun game. They just kept hitting Gerber in the crest with their shots and Huet’s head was never in this game.

    Another observation is that the Habs had a TON of shots towards goal, but it seems like Ottawa got a stick on all many of their shots and many of their passes.

    Hopefully they bounce back.

  26. krob1000 says:

    You people are sneaky….always hiding out in Boone’s blog here. I just figured it out.

    The Senators have been dominant for years….we are just not as good as them….yet. That is not to say we can’t be but we need a full roster effort where as they can coast along on Alfie, Spezza and Heatley. I thought the first period was fantastic and the 2-0 score was not a reflection of that period. We had chances but when they got a chacnce it was a beauty and they capitalize. On another day we come out of that period being up 2-0.

    People are asking guys to shoot the puck and then criticizing them when they do. Yes there were several shots from different angles….so what….if a rebound is surrendered from an off angle shot the goalie will be out of position. I thought Gerber and the Sens just did an efficent job and didn’t allow rebounds or rebounds to be retrieved by us.

    Someone else mentioned the down low coverage in our end and short passes in front of our net and our inability it seems to defend these. The first Spezza pass to Niel was just bum luck as it was not a nice saucer pass….in fact if our defenseman hadn’t touched it the puck would have been eight inches in the air and a goal would not have resulted…..tough break. We do have difficulty as was pointed out by the commentators on Sportsnet covering the Senators in our own end in trying to contain them. They would play on the perimeter….bring us to a halt on defence and then someone would dive into open space for an instant and they would find them. They also used pseudo pick plays and resembled a basketball team trying to play for one quality shot…..it worked. Even on our power plays the Sens did not defend like this instead they forced us to try and play inside so as to insure that they were never flat footed and at the same time it forced quicker decisions by us.

    Huet did not play poorly yet at the same time he did not play outstanding. None of the goals were really soft and he would have had to make fantastic saves to stop them…he didn’t.

    I thought Kovalev could have tied the game in the third with his missed semi-breakaway and when he was hit from behind into the net (should have been a penalty). We outshot them and we outhit them…..I would even go as far to say we outworked them……they outthought us and outscored us.

    I do see a major fault right now that has been recently exposed with our guys (in my opinio anyway) and that is the ease with which we allow our confidence to be deflated early on. You could see the frustration and confidence disappearing after being down 2-0 despite playing pretty well. I thought the same thing happened in the Buffalo game. Guys have to stay up and realize the game is long and hard work eventually pays off. As bad as the second period (last half) and early third period were Kovalev almost tied the darn game. Positivity and confidence are one in the same and very contagious…..as are frustration and negativity.

    It is a long season and we are a young team so reading to much into our performances against the Senators is not the best idea to instill confidence. They are the class of the league and responsible for three of our losses….keep your chins up fellas…you’ve done us proud.

  27. MathMan says:

    About the Habs’ lack of a scorer — I agree that an elite finisher would be a great luxury. But it wouldn’t be to take Montreal to offensive respectability — it would be to take Montreal’s offense over the top.

    People do not seem to realize that Montreal is one of the highest-scoring teams in the league already. Yes, a lot of those goals are on the power play, but they all count. Montreal is currently sixth in goals for per game, and that’s despite having no big names on offense.

    Adding an elite guy, a 30 or 40 goal game-breaker, or for Higgins and/or Ryder to become that 30/40 goal guy again would make Montreal an extremely dangerous team. What’s really needed though is a guy who can generate more offense 5-on-5.

  28. FastRonnie says:

    Bottom line: Ottawa is a very strong team who played a slightly above average team in Mtl.

    Some observations:

    -while I’m no fan of him, Lats did play a really good game and showed some promise. Can we expect to see more of that intensity on Wed. vs. Isles and for the remainder of the season? My gut says no, but more power to him if he can help the team like he did last night.

    -I agree that even with great speed, Grabs isn’t NHL stuff. I don’t want to be difficult, but I don’t think he’s got the stuff even if he were playing on the top 2 lines. He gets pushed off the puck too easily and hasn’t shown much flash or finish. Granted, he hasn’t had many games to prove his worth, but I think he’ll be Hamilton bound soon.

    -I do think that either S. Kostitsyn or M. d’Agostini should be given a shot at the big game. They had good pre-season camps with the Habs and so far are having good a season in Hamilton. LaPierre had some really good games last season, but seemed to fade into the woodwork after a while. Maybe he wasn’t ready? Is he now? He also is having a very strong start to the season in Hamilton. But are these guys the missing piece to our scoring puzzle? NO, although they could bump the stats a bit.

    -Huet had a decent game, but I think Price needs a chance to play back-to-back games. Should Carbo play the hot hand until it cools? I think so. Both seem capable of playing as #1, but Price has yet to earn his stripes. Give him a chance to string a few W’s together.

    -Ottawa had a 3rd pass in our zone all night and it usually ended up in the slot. The D had a nice first row seat to the game, but they need to play with more intensity and grit in front of Huet. I don’t care how skilled the Sens are, our D didn’t give them a lot of trouble. I noticed they were soft in front of the crease after Huet made a save, as if to say “nice shot, sir. now would you kindly vacate the blue ice?” What should have been displayed was more of a “get the hell out of here, and next time you come round you’ll have to pay the ferryman” approach.

    -nice to see Ryder posing a threat to the opposition again. He’s been shooting and you can see his confidence creeping back. His stick handling and passes have drastically improved. Let’s hope he can play like that consistently.

    -we need a bonafide power forward that strikes fear in our opponents. We have Kovy who has great hands and always creates a stir, but we need a #1 line guy who can do that and more! A trade has to be in the works soon, but for who I don’t know…

  29. likehoy says:

    Bring back Perezhogin.

    He can skate, works hard and can take a hit. (and also give one, he ended keith primeau’s career).

    We should trade Grabovski as part of at deal for a star player…maybe like Jagr. We jipped the Rangers once before, we can do it again! Besides, look at the history of Jagr trades, all the players he’s been traded for don’t even play in the NHL anymore…except Anson Carter. http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/teams/players/bio/?id=343&hubname=nhl-rangers

    But really, Grabs has to play on a line that is either so fast that they don’t have time to hit him, or on a line where his two wingers are so big that they’re going to cause enough trouble that grabs will have more room. The former seems more possible than the latter on our team, and hopefully we find a way to realize his potential, but it’s not looking good.

    Do you think anyone in Hamilton sees a roster spot available and would try to step up their game??

  30. The Ian Cobb says:

    Mike Boone– To bad you did not get your 400. A couple of things, 1 Maybe # the posts as before, 2 Go back to regular time clock. It is much simpler for simpletons like me to follow and partisapate!

  31. fun police says:

    Does anyone else feel that maybe it’s time to let price play a few games in a row. It’s not that huet played bad, but he didn’t play great either. that first goal squeezed right through him. also, carbo should put one of those toddler wrist bands with the cords on him, this way he can’t roam to far from the crease. i also think that huets lack of ability to play the puck hurts us when teams dump it in.
    my biggest complaint about last nights game is that kovy only played 16 minutes when i thought that everytime he was on the ice he created chances. with eight minutes left in the game, carbo was still rolling four lines. dandy, begin, chips are not going to bring us back from a two goal deficit.

  32. OldGrover says:

    Some thoughts :

    * Lats showed last night why they are keeping him around – I thought he played his best game and was physically dominant. He scored that goal with a big ape hanging off him and there were a couple of times he fought with two Sens players and did well. He made some good moves, he was tough and he generally showed what I was hoping he would show – that he can be a good, strong power forward in this league. Hope he keeps it up

    * Defensive zone coverage SUCKED. Big time. Sad on a night when one of the best had their jersey retired. Damn that was bad coverage

    * Huet played well, but not great – he didn’t rob anyone and he would have had to to keep them in it.

    * The second line still looks dangerous – they had a number of chances

    * Koivu’s line is looking better offensively

    * I thought there were a number of non-calls on the Sens, which really ticked me off that they called a lame call on Montreal in the last few minutes. Yeah, you call the game the same the whole way through, but if you just missed calls…

    * Overall, we COULD have won the game, had the bounces gone our way, but the better team did win. I agree that the shots flattered Montreal, but they did have a number of close in chances that they just couldn’t capitalize on

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