About last night…


A beat-up team missing nine regulars played its third game in four nights against a rested team fighting for its playoff life.

Predictable result.

End of story.

Let’s not panic unless/until your Montreal Canadiens dial up another stinkeroo in Minnesota tomorrow afternoon/evening.

(What’s the team’s record in 5 p.m. local time games?)

It was 1-1 when Brandon Dubinsky beat Scott Gomez in the corner and set up Ryan Callahan for goal that triggered three in 67 seconds.

Gomez and Roman Hamrlik both played heavy-duty minutes in the shootout win over Tampa Bay and looked tired last night.

Lars Eller took a bad penalty just after Brian Gionta had scored to make it, briefly, an interesting game.

In the most sophisticated city in America (sorry, Boston, Chicago and San Francisco), the crowd chanted “USA!”

And the Rangers moved within five points of the Canadiens.

I said everything I had to say in Quick Hits except this:

File it and forget it.

The sun came up this morning, and I clicked on my computer to see this.

I’m the Rodney Dangerfield of hockey blogging.

No respect.

Hey, any shrinks or dream analysts out there?

Last night I dreamed I was looking out my window and saw Carey Price asleep in a hammock that was precariously suspended from the balcony of a high-rise.

My subconscious opinion of the goaltender left defenceless by an injury ravaged defence corps?

Or maybe I shouldn’t have had that post-game snack while watching L’Antichambre.

• • •

Guest Comments:

From MathMan:

Blowouts are the least meaningful games there are anyway. Sometimes one team gets all the breaks, or the goalie has a bad night, and boom, they get five goals on seven scoring chances, the other team goes one-in-six, and the game is over after 20. It’s not even necessarily the case that the team that is losing is playing badly or that the winning team is playing well. Sometimes, in a percentage game like hockey, you just keep rolling boxcars.

It’s hockey, this stuff happens, it means nothing, it doesn’t generate “momentum”, and if the two teams meet two weeks later the reverse could very well happen.

‘Sides, here’s a beat-up, tired team going on the road to face a rested team. I didn’t expect much.

From Bill:

I missed the first period, and I assumed Price had an off-night. And he did … by his standards. Meaning, he didn’t make some impossible saves to keep the Habs in a game they didn’t deserve to be in at that point. Those first five goals … I can’t believe this, but I find it hard to blame any on him.

I feel bad for Gomez. He can’t feel too good having such a crap year. When I was at the game vs Carolina (have I mentioned it before, haha) I was impressed at how he worked the crowd during warm-ups, throwing pucks to kids and involving the fans. But he was still booed in the introductions.

It’s getting poisonous for him right now. Think Brisebois poisonous. In the off-season, you have to think he’d request a trade … but HAHAHA, it’s not going to happen.

It’s stupid to bash anyone else on the team though. They’re all playing hard, playing hurt, and keeping their heads above water despite the ridiculous injuries that should have crippled this team long ago. I’m so impressed, even my Jacques Martin allergy has cleared up!

And from longtimehabsfan:

Wasn’t expecting much before the game because of the schedule, the injuries and the tough game last night. My key moments of the game:

The Hammer comes back into the play after his penalty is up and promptly collapses on the d when he should have been covering the point man. That led to a goal.

Then there was the fluky pop up goal. After that, the Habs defense was getting caught pinching and the rout was on.

Don’t know why JM started Price when Auld’s record against the Rangers is good and Price is playing his 3rd game in 4 nights. Still JM is the coach and I can’t fault him for the job he’s done with this team.


  1. Danno says:



    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  2. Danno says:



    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”


  3. Nina76 says:

    Have to get used to this site.FUNNY AT FIRST…Great game they sure are humming to-nite………GO MY HABS GO!!!!!!!

  4. 44har48 says:

    I’m going to give them some time to get it going, I know how it is to deploy a project to production. Preliminarily, I am not a fan of the new site and I love change just to change.

  5. Jdub1985 says:

    wow … this site is confusing … not a fan

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