About last night …


Insert resurrection joke here.

Maybe they’ll roll back the rock at the Bell Centre Tuesday night and …

Enough irreverence bordering on blasphemy!

Happy Easter Sunday everybody.

I’m still emotionally drained after watching Game Five. And there’s not a whole lot to add to Quick Hits.

If Scott Gomez, Brian Gionta and Travis Moen had played as well as Lars Eller, Jeff Halpern and Mathieu Darche …

If Andrei Kostitsyn had a better grasp of defensive zone responsibilities  …

If James Wisniewski hadn’t been unavailable for a crucial chunk of the game …

If there weren’t a B-shaped horse shoe wedged firmly up Tim Vézina’s butt …

But hey, that’s playoff hockey.

You can’t say your Montreal Canadiens didn’t play their hearts out last night.

So did the Bruins, and the mutual commitment to winning produced a classic.

I think Future Habs guru SeriousFan09 spotlighted the difference between the teams when he Commented:  “Cammalleri not quite the scoring marvel he was last year (Still solid) factored in with Gomez killing his line each time they play and the writing is on the wall for needed scoring. We have a generation gap in able scorers to come off the farm unfortunately.”

Bruins born in 1988: Milan Lucic and Brad Marchand.

Canadiens born that year: Ryan White and Yannick Weber. Max-Pac would be on the list if he were available.

It’s better on ’89ers: P.K. Subban and Lars Eller vs. No Bruin who has dressed so far in the series.

But let’s leave the roster analysis for post-mortems.

The Canadiens are still alive in the postseason. That’s more than can be said for the Rangers, and the Philthy Flyers may join The Departed in Buffalo this afternoon.

So there’s hope.

And if hope is extinguished in Game Six, let’s acknowledge the Canadiens battled valiantly against a very good team that is healthier.

How would this series be playing out if Andrei Markov, Josh Gorges and Max Pacioretty were available?

And, to be fair, if Marc Savard were playing for the Bruins?

We’ll have a summer to think about that. But summer weather hasn’t started in Montreal, and there’s still some hockey to be played.

No less an authority than my HIO partner Dave Stubbs Tweets: Back to Mtl, looking forward to returning again to Boston. It’s going to happen

Photo of Nathan Horton ending Game Five by Elsa, Getty Images

•  •  •

Some Comments, leading off with my man Andrew Berkshire:

After game 5 last year, Halak had made 123 saves on 135 shots.
-.911 SVP

After game 5 this year, Price has made 165 saves on 176 shots.
-.938 SVP

If you blame the goaltender, at any point, you’re a fracking idiot.

And this from Steven:

DD, Eller and Halpern were something else this game. Price, doesn’t even need to be said. Obviously with any other goalie between the pipes our goose is cooked after 4 or 5.

I thought Kostitsyn was starting to finally come into form but obviously that game left much to be desired, and I hope he can figure it out again. Plekanec seems to have lost his touch since he got injured, and I really can’t figure out what happened. His injury couldn’t have been that bad, could it?

Gomez has and always will suck in the CH jersey, wearing #11 or not. In fact, he was better last year. Slap that 91 on him and pray to God, I say.

Gionta seems to have really lost a step since he got named Captain, even if he did finish with the same goals this year as last. Something seems missing from his game.

Moen? Don’t even get me started. Every time he’s in with the Top 6, I cringe.

I think a rebuild of some sort is in order again. We’re finally finding players that will be our future core and will guide us to the Promised Land(Price, PK, Eller, Patches, Cammy and Pleks when they’re on their game, dare I even say DD and Gionta…). We have to work forward with them and start dropping the chaff off this team(Gomez, Moen, Gomez, Hamrlik, Gomez, Sopel, Gomez, probably AK, and Gomez.) and keep finding the better pieces.

•  •  •

Some cheering words from Life of Brian:


  1. Jdub1985 says:

    Q: What do you get when you play not to lose and listen to a Frenchman who, with no cups, preaches a “play-scared” mentality that allows for very boring hockey as well as no cups in the near future?
    A: Your Montreal Canadiens

    Blake, Bowman … they played to win … they won cups.

  2. KenD29 says:

    Bet the Habs would have liked to have that perverbial horshoe up their backsides last night and in Game # 4 !!

    Thomas with a spectacular save on the 2-1 break with Gionta’s shot.
    Or how about Cammi who had a good portion of the net open only to hit Chara’s leg?!
    And of course Price, who had the horshoe up his backside after almost allowing the puck in the net when trying to stickhandle it?!!

    Tonight we skate with them, Tonight is our night!

    • HotHabs says:

      Most definitely not a spectacular save. Any goal would’ve spread out like that in that situation. The puck didn’t go it cuz Gionta flubbed his shot. All he needed to do was put it in the upper part of the net, but I watched the replay and saw a wobbling puck down low that hit a sprawling Thomas. Gionta didn’t get it all – too bad really cuz that was the game there. But, perhaps that’s the story of this series in some ways – Habs missing too many glorious chances to put their opponents away. Eventually, it comes back to haunt ya…

  3. Jdub1985 says:

    “Not a Must Win” – Boone on Game 4.

    …how’s that panning out for ya Boone?

    • Habtastic says:

      Last I checked we aren’t eliminated, so I think it’s working out just as he planned it. Can HIO put up some poll to show how many people think this is over. Not that we will win the series, not that we will win game 6 or lose in game 7, just one to show how many people actually think we have lost the series. How many times do we have to claw back (in recent history) from elimination to win 2 in a row or 3 or even just win in a game 7? Just cuz it hurts right now and just cuz we’ve missed glorious chances, doesn’t mean we aren’t going to win the next two games.
      The Drive for 25

      • Jdub1985 says:

        I’m sorry … I just thought it was so idiotic to claim that Game 4 was not a must win game… I mean look at the series of events … the road team magically steals 2 right away and then understandably loses 1 overwhelmed at home … so Game 4 comes along, a game AT HOME that if lost would lose everything gained, giving a better team a second life.
        Now you tell me how the hell that’s not considered a “must win” game?!

        That loss may have cost us this series, until proven otherwise.

  4. Habtastic says:

    We all know we could have won each game that we lost. My worries are now that we might be missing Wiz and DD. That would be a huge hole. Either way, this story is developing exactly according to script and not to the one that we never seem to get (quick series win). Down 2 games. Going back to the Bell Center (where our win stat means nothing, seriously, we blew a bad lead last time, we didn’t get outplayed). Win that game and then, well game 7 will be tough as hell to win but somehow the ridiculously lucky bounces are due to go the other way. So, talent and focus in Game 6. Ghosts in Game 7.

    The Drive for 25

  5. This is rich. All season long Price was the Team’s only HART candidate and now the true Halak fans in the Media are at the coming out party. I suppose Red Fisher and Pat Hickey are there too. Unless Price learns to score more, this team is done. They (the habs) had ample opportunities to win and they failed, less one nice save by Thomas. Jaroslav Halak PFT! I hear he’s at Hilton Head Island and a +28.

    Shane Oliver
    Brandon, MB,Canada
    R7B 2R7
    Ph- 204 724 8418

  6. mysterycog says:

    This is the Tightest series I have ever seen..It could not get closer..There is no way this thing is not going 7 games.. it aint over till it’s over..so Habs in 7 Go Habs Go!!

  7. HNS says:

    So effin pissed I’m ready to throw out the baby with the effin bath water.

  8. fffgggfffggg says:

    yes i know is good


  9. Chris says:

    My two cents:

    Montreal had numerous chances to score and simply didn’t get the job done. Give credit to Tim Thomas. Give some credit to the Bruins players, who blocked a significant number of shots including two sure goals: Ryder’s glove save in the first period, Bergeron/defenceman (Seidenberg?) off of Cammalleri. And give some blame to the Habs shooters, who had their chances but simply didn’t get the job done.

    I don’t think Montreal is playing good defensive hockey right now: Price has saved their bacon on numerous opportunities, and the team is giving up too many odd-man rushes (especially on horrific line changes) each game. We can give some thanks that Plekanec’s line has shut down the Bruins most talented line (Krejci, Lucic and Horton), but it has come at the cost of Plekanec’s own offence: 2 points in 5 games is not what the doctor ordered for a Montreal Canadiens team that has trouble scoring.

    Before the series, I said that Tomas Plekanec would be the key. With Gomez’s offensive game AWOL, the Habs could not afford their top scorer to completely sacrifice his own offensive game to keep the Krejci line in check. Unfortunately, he has once again followed last year’s script, but Gionta & Gomez haven’t picked up the slack like they did last year…after combining for 4 points in the Game 1 win, they have combined for 2 assists in the ensuing 4 games.

    By the way, I don’t know what Tim Thomas has to do for respect. In his last 23 playoff games (16 of them against Montreal), he has posted a somewhat mediocre 13-10 record but a phenomenal 2.17 GAA and 0.927 SV%. Thomas has brought his A-game to the playoffs as much as any other elite goalie in the game the past three or four years. As much as I hate the Boston Bruins, I have a hard time disliking Tim Thomas, who plays an ugly style that seems to get the job done.

    If the Habs are getting back into this series, they better start capitalizing on those few glorious scoring chances that they get, because if Thomas gets in a groove, it could be lights out.

    • Trisomy 21 says:

      I like your point about Plekanec.
      His role has changed since the regular season, he’s shadowing their top line, so far he’s kept lucic to 0 points.

      • Chris says:

        I can’t knock Plekanec’s defensive acumen. Last year, he helped shut down Backstrom in the second half of the Washington series, then proceeded to cool off a red-hot Sidney Crosby in the second round. This season, he’s been a major reason that the Krejci line, which many pundits thought would have their way with the smaller Habs, have been kept in check.

        But Montreal can’t afford to pay $5 million of their salary cap to a glorified Guy Carbonneau. Looking over at the Bruin’s roster, we see a guy doing the same job as Plekanec but without sacrificing his offence. Bergeron has the second most points in the series, has absolutely dominated the faceoff circle (63.9%, a huge factor in this series with the Habs starting every shift chasing the puck when his line is on the ice) and has played good defensive hockey as well.

        Plekanec needs to step up. He’s getting his shots, but the Habs need some points from their top scorer.

        • Exit716 says:

          Bergeron makes a similar amount of money.
          Put Bergeron in Plekanec’s shoes where he has to be the top offensive centre plus kill penalties and be the shut down guy.
          Bergeron has a more talented supporting cast around him. You can’t argue that.
          Pleks has to carry the whole team because Gomez is a loser.

          • Chris says:

            Why can’t I argue Bergeron’s supporting talent? I think it is at least debatable whether Krejci, Bergeron, Lucic, Marchand and Recchi are better, at least on paper, than Cammalleri, Kostitsyn, Plekanec, Gomez and Gionta.

            If we’re talking the third and fourth lines, than sure…I can agree that I think Boston is a bit deeper. On the flip side, I think Montreal’s defence corps is deeper than the Bruins, who lean on Chara heavily.

            We can put all the blame on Gomez, but Gomez isn’t the culprit for Plekanec’s lack of scoring.

            And Bergeron had the same number of points as Plekanec, led Bruins forwards in SH ice time this season and has been charged with shutting down the other top line for the Habs (Gomez, Gionta) and has done a good job of it.

            My point about money was the Bergeron is earning his similar money because he’s getting the job done in both zones. Plekanec is getting it done in the defensive zone.

    • RockinRey says:

      Good points. Pleks is what he is. He is performing the same way as he did in the regualar season . Its not enough to say he is a good shut down guy. He has to be able to produce at both ends. If he has the puck he is effectively shutting the other team down.

      The bottom line is the Habs big guns are not opportunistic enough. Everyone is on the Montreal D but they have done an decent job all things considered. A couple of blown assignments, but the difference is Boston is not paying for it.

      Final point on Thomas . As good as he has been he is capable of completely laying an egg. Lets hope he has a rough outing Tuesday.

      • Chris says:

        There is no question Thomas is capable of laying eggs. If I’ve seen anything in the playoffs the past few years, it is that all the goalies can lay eggs now. The definition of a playoff goalie in the past couple of decades, Martin Brodeur, hasn’t been past the second round since 2003 and has a 2.56 GAA over that time period. Lundqvist, Fleury, Luongo, Nabokov, Price…all these guys have played lights out at times, and at other times have laid big, ugly eggs in the playoffs.

    • OneTimer says:

      Good point about Thomas. He’s just about the only Bruin that I like. The rest can rot in hell, with Chara in the lowest Dantean circle.

  10. Trisomy 21 says:

    Why’s everyone hating on Moen? He’s a 3rd liner that’s in way over his head playing top 6, that’s not his fault. I actually like the guy for his role on line 3. Hands of stone, but he keeps the other team on their toes. He’s one guy with grit, which before the playoffs people here were saying we need more of, that the habs need to keep.
    Don’t forget how well he played with AK46 and Eller.

  11. downeast hab says:

    Say what you like, this series is the most enjoyable of the playoffs to watch.It is a series of ups and downs for each team, but we are on the wrong end the last two games.Hope it comes together in the next two games. Because hockey is plainly based on mistakes, for someone the make a brillant play, they have to make a fool of someone causing a mistake on the other team.The aim is to make as few mistakes as possible. GO HABS

  12. CHsam says:

    Classless? Take a look in the mirror. Pretty classy pos.

  13. M.Neil says:

    François Rabelais said it all about the Boston Bruins

    “prattling gabblers, lickorous gluttons, freckled bittors, mangy rascals, shite-a-bed scoundrels, drunken roysters, sly knaves, drowsy loiterers, slapsauce fellows, slabberdegullion druggels, lubberly louts, cozening foxes, ruffian rogues, paltry customers, sycophant-varlets, drawlatch hoydens, flouting milksops, jeering companions, staring clowns, forlorn snakes, ninny lobcocks, scurvy sneaksbies, fondling fops, base loons, saucy coxcombs, idle lusks, scoffing braggarts, noddy meacocks, blockish grutnols, doddipol-joltheads, jobbernol goosecaps, foolish loggerheads, flutch calf-lollies, grouthead gnat-snappers, lob-dotterels, gaping changelings, codshead loobies, woodcock slangams, ninny-hammer flycatchers, noddypeak simpletons, turdy gut, shitten shepherds”

  14. Storm Man says:

    What 3 players does the team not bring back for next year. And what 3 would you like to try and bring to this team.

    • Clay says:


      Better players.

      The only interesting answers are those which destroy the questions. ~Susan Sontag

    • dre1744 says:

      Benny for sure the guy just goes thru the motions on most nights. Waste of talent.

      Hammer hes lost about 3 steps and thank god his contract is done.

      Spacek same as hammer except hes still under contract!!!!!

      maybe we can get Bieksa to replace Hammer

    • Gindan69 says:

      Assuming were going to use logic here and not fantasy, 8 players are UFA/RFA among the forwards and I think you let 4 of them walk (not offering the RFAs qualifiers makes them UFA) and use the cap space to bring in bigger grittier versions of these guys because size is sorely lacking.

      So AK 47, Max Pac, White and DD are RFA and you keep them.
      Pouillot, Pyatt, you let walk. Replace them with Gritty 3rd and 4th liners with size.
      Between Darche and Halpern who are both UFA, you maybe keep one as your insurance policy, but the other has to go and you use that space to bring in a 3rd/4th line winger with size/hands. Just a guy who can finish, doesn’t need to be a 30 goal scorer, but just a guy who can finish what neither Moen, Halpern, Pouillot or Pyatt can. That way you will have size on each line and an ass kicking 4th line.

      So your lines ideally would break down like this:

      Gio/DD/Max Pac
      Big Guy 1/Gomez/Eller
      White/Big Guy 2/Moen
      Darche/Big Guy 3

      That’s how I would do it, but i’m not JM or PG.

  15. B says:

    After game 5 last year, Halak had made 123 saves on 135 shots.
    -.911 SVP

    Slight nit pik correction of that quoted Halak stat from last season:
    game 1: 47 shots 45 saves .957
    game 2: 37 shots 31 saves .838
    game 3: 13 shots 10 saves .769
    game 4: 38 shots 37 saves .974
    game 5: 54 shots 53 saves .981
    total 189 shots 176 saves .931%

    Halak then went on to make 41 saves on 42 shots (.976%) to win game 6. I hope Price has an equally solid game 6 on Tuesday.
    Go Habs Go!

    • Storm Man says:

      Who cares what he did last year….. Price is the better one and will prove that year after year when in 4 years h-word will be in the KHL.

      • Clay says:

        Obviously Andrew cares, or he would not have made the original post.
        Boone must care as well, to put it in ALN.

        The only interesting answers are those which destroy the questions. ~Susan Sontag

      • B says:

        Just pointing out a misquoted stat, I wasn’t the one who brought it up in the first place. Go Habs Go!

        • LL says:

          I believe game 4 was played by Price. If so, maybe you need to recalculate. 😉

          • B says:

            Thanks, Good catch. I was thinking after Halak’s game 5 in order compare both goalies first 5 games. Andrew must have been comparing Price’s first 5 games to Halak’s first 4 games. Either way, both goalies overall kept their teams in the opening series. Hopefully both will end up having won those first round series. Go Habs Go!

      • LA Loyalist says:

        The larger issue than goalie’s save % is why the hell is our goalie facing that amount of shots on a regular basis?

        Has any goalie outside of Moose Jaw seen more rubber this year than Price? It’s ridiculous. Le system is ridiculous. And sitting here debating what 4th liners to keep or lose is ridiculous, it’s not going to change anything.

        Pray to g*d that Markov, Patches and Gorges come back in great form and that Gomez and Spacek retire. Wiz we keep, Weber we keep.

        Oh yeah, and JM spends the summer learning some offensive schemes.

        My problem is I remember when Montreal Canadiens hockey was played in the other team’s end of the rink.

        • Mark C says:

          What are you talking about? Price has faced only 11 more shots than Thomas, 176-165. That’s 35.2 shots per game, which includes almost two extra OT periods.

          Given the results, a team of non-male players, smurfs, old and slow players (50% of the D are Spacek, Hammer, and Sopel); how can you blame the system?

          • Chris says:

            I’ve seen far too many odd-man breaks and stretch passes against the Habs this spring to think that the system is working as intended. Carey Price has bailed the system out on a number of occasions.

            The Bruins seem to have found a weakness in the system, because they seem to be generating a lot of chances off of passing to the front of the net while a cutter knifes through. The fact that Price has stopped almost all those chances doesn’t change the fact that those chances are there.

            I’d take 45 shots per game against the Habs if it meant that more of them were from the perimeter. Right now, a lot of them are great chances (including breakaways or partial breakaways) from right on Price’s doorstep.

    • nova scotia vees says:

      THANK-YOU! Now be prepared to duck as the zingers headed your way “priceless”. And one more thing….while I am at it…not only did Gauthier/Gainey get little in return for Halak, what about D’Agostini. Ryan MCDonagh, Max Lapierre, Latendresse, O’Byrne? As bad as some of them were (and I always liked Dags), are they really worse than Moan, Gomer, Pyatt, Sopel, Spacek, etc.?? Just sayin’

    • theprice_31 says:

      Halak didn’t start game 4 last year Price did….so take them numbers out……
      Game 1 45/47
      Game 2 31/37
      Game 3 10/13
      Game 4 Price started
      Game 5 37/38
      and you get a .911 sv %

      The Price is Right

    • makka83 says:


      You don’t remember that Halak did not start one of the games and it was Price who started it?
      So your game 5 is actually game 6 and what you think is game 6 is actually game 7.
      So Andrew is right.

      If you are going to correct someone’s stats, at least get it right. You just embarrassed yourself.


    • You’ve got your games wrong. Halak didn’t play game 4.

  16. portle44 says:

    “How would this series be playing out if Andrei Markov, Josh Gorges and Max Pacioretty were available?

    And, to be fair, if Marc Savard were playing for the Bruins?”

    I would take that set off in a NY second and so would Martin.The Bruins…..not so much

    • Mark C says:

      Markov alone is a more important player than Savard. Given Savard’s post concussion level of play, a strong case can be made that Max is the better and more important player.

  17. BKAK72 says:

    These are the Hockey Inside/Out rules:

    “Hockey Inside/Out encourages lively debate, but there is a zero-tolerance policy regarding racism, profanity and behaviour that we deem to be offensive.

    We will, without warning, ban those who do not abide by this simple rule, so as to maximize the enjoyment of readers and participants of both sexes and all ages.”

    …looks like the only one that circumvents them is Mr. Boone.

    Last week it was a satirical write-up of The Exodos/Passover, a blasphemous (Jesus) Price and one more insult to all Christians alike on the day of Resurrection.

    What ever happened to hockey talk?

    I am grateful to all the HABS fans on this site that express their passion (and opinion) for our team/roster and don’t instigate insult on our personal value system. Ole Ole Ole to the fan.

    Question and your help needed: what other sites would you (the HABS fan) recommend as a place to go discuss our team and not have to deal with media insults and blatant hypocrisy?


    • Clay says:

      Give it a rest. Religion is a foolish and dying relic of a very uneducated past. The sooner it fades from existence the better.

      Helluva game last night though! Too bad about the ending.

      The only interesting answers are those which destroy the questions. ~Susan Sontag

      • Throw some equations at ‘im. Show him who’s boss!

        • Clay says:

          Translational motion x = x 0 + v 0 t + 1/2at2
          Uniform circular motion Fc = mac = mv2 /r

          The only interesting answers are those which destroy the questions.

          • That’s it! Let him chew on that while downing spring spheres, i.e. Easter eggs!

          • Clay says:

            All the while waiting for the return of the zombie-king while participating in ritual cannibalism. Gotta love religion. 😉

            The only interesting answers are those which destroy the questions. ~Susan Sontag

      • adam76 says:

        Someone truly educated would have enough respect to not crap over a different belief system.

      • Chris says:

        I’ve always found it amusing how confidently people can assert that religion is foolish and a dying relic. Religion has survived since the dawn of humanity, and I rather suspect it will continue to survive for many generations to come.

        And no, I am not religious in any way, shape or form. I just continue to wonder at some people’s certainty that they are necessarily right.

        • RCAF425 says:

          Agreed Chris, nothing wrong with beliefs! As much as I know we have to let these guys have their anti-religion rants on a hockey site, I know that there are no atheists in fox holes as the say. It bugs me as well when they question the intelligence of people who think differently as has been mentioned on this site. Besides, We certainly could use a little faith and help now.

          I just want the Habs to win and if not, get better for next year. I have airmen who are deployed overseas who take the time to bug me when the Habs lose and I want to be able to not get their comments from so far LOL!

    • mss88 says:

      Mr.Boone is a troll Homer Hab fan… you see the commercial for this site… it says it is a place for all Hockey Fans but it is truly a Montreal Hub for insanity and all other Hockey fans will be ridiculed and judged.

      A joke of a site.

    • Fansincebirth says:

      The Habs are my religion!

      Carey Price is my Saver!


    • DLS HAB says:

      I totally agree! The habs are a Hockey team, not God(s). I for one aknowledge what Jesus has done for us by dying and rising again. When I start thinking of my team as a deity of some sort over the real thing, I believe I can offend (Blaspheme) my creator. Methinks I will ask for forgiveness and start to pray harder for my team.

    • ZepFan2 says:

      who loves religion?

      Welcome to the newer NHL: The National Head-shots League.

    • OneTimer says:

      Relax buddy.

  18. Gindan69 says:

    The “system” is not flexible enough. You can’t make mistakes because your practically playing man to man rather then zone, you cant take chances, it’s predicated on a tie or up a goal scenario. There are no blow outs, all games are tight. It may seem low risk, but to me it’s extremely high risk. One mistake and your cooked. That’s just too much pressure to carry for a full season and playoffs. JM is a good coach, but this crew isn’t built for that system. JM will never change but they need a coach who syncs with his players abilities.

  19. mss88 says:

    All i have to say is that why does every hab fan have to make excuses for every game Montreal Loses, they lost 3 in a row and are about to lose the series. No need to blame JM, Gauthier, Price and also bring up the past like Halak this, Halak that , Camelieri this Plekanecs that, Gomez this, PK that. Stop making excuses, they lost simple as that!! Bruins did get some bounces there way and Montreal got some bounces last year…. whatever….

    And to the person saying Thomas save on gionta was lucky…cmon wake the F*** up how many saves has Price had this year that could of been lucky….


    • dre1744 says:

      wow that was insightful….. I think most teams fans make excuses when there teams lose. Bruin fans Boo there team when there PP isn’t working why is that!!!!!!

    • Storm Man says:

      You would think Boston fans would be happy and be doing something better today… Anyone can be a troll and come on here and call us Habs fans cry babies. When has Boston won anything again? BOSTON FANS= NOTHING.

    • HabitantQuebec says:

      I’m not sure if you know anything about hockey goaltending, but there is a thing called technique. Price is known for his, Thomas doesnt have it – he mostly looks like a lost brumble bee when he is goaltending and the luck is simply because hé is out of position and Then just throws himselft like a flying canon ball – and yes its called luck when a such is hitting the puck ón its way…!

    • jrshabs1 says:

      I never liked this new site anyway…but now idiots like mss88 have infested this Habs sanctuary. We know..Habs suck and your team is better…. BTW..I’m a Hab fan and have not made 1 excuse for last nights loss. The cherry on the cake is I bet mss88 is a leaf fan..which makes ms88 even more of a moron.

      Go Habs Go!!

    • Fansincebirth says:

      What were your excuses after the first two losses, sheepdip?

      I read some pretty interesting things on the Boston Globe after those games…

      Win this for Max!

  20. Ian Cobb says:

    That game last night is the reason I love hockey! That entertainment last night was pure and honest competition by two equal teams. “one hurting more than the other”.

    Only one emotion better in life than the continuous draining thrills we experienced last night, making “love” but never 5 continuous periods.

    This season is not over just yet, we will experience another game 7 in Boston next week.

    But one of the most important factors for this organisation this year is to witness how and who stepped up to play when 4 of our best went down injured, 3 for the season.

    With our injured returning in the fall, we will have an overabundance of players trying to make the roster. We now have seen under fire in playoff action, the very best that Hamilton has developed. There will be some moves over this summer to be sure.

    Some of our older players will be moving on, and their spots will be filled by younger and faster players, both forwards and defence. Even if this season were to end soon, a lot of decisions by management were made easier by watching the fill in players under fire.

    Happy Easter to all my friends, including all faiths of my brothers and sisters on this planet!!

  21. Canada will be without a Stanley Cup winner for an 18th straight year. Gary Bettman says, “Thank you, Habs and Canucks!”

    • observer says:

      gauthier is bettman’s man. he brought him to anaheim to dismantle that team and after doing the job ridding them of selanne and kariya bettman sent him to his new owner gillette’s team along with gainey who worked for the fraud tom hicks in dallas. wakey wakey – hicks was gillett’s partner. he also held the position jacobs now holds on the nhl board of governors.

      if molson does not clean house of these conmen – boivin and son, gainey and gauthier this habs team will never win another championship.

  22. Tony McLean says:

    Price played great, what a terrific bounceback effort. No reason at all CH can’t win the next one and then back to Been Town. That was anybody’s game last night, there is no need to panic. Gio had the game on his stick, oh man. VERY impressed with Desharnais, White and Eller. Spacek was much better too. And that was Halpern’s best game in a Habs uni.

    “Where there is life there is hope.”

  23. HabFanSince72 says:

    Bruins beating the Habs in the first round and a Harper majority.

  24. J_P says:

    Classless habs?

    Doesnt get much more classless than Andrew Ference. He’s a bruin by the way.

  25. NLhabsfan says:

    Let’s face it guys they gave it their best shot last night. I hate to say it but the b’s play a suffocating brand of hockey.Dumping it in is not our style. It is starting to kill our speed in the process.Little interference here ,little hold here with out getting caught by the refs has it’s toll on our teams energy.

  26. ZepFan2 says:

    Looks like the Habs are going for bookend wins.

    Win the first two and the last two.

    Go Habs Go!!

    Welcome to the newer NHL: The National Head-shots League.

  27. dre1744 says:

    Why do our guys constently miss the net. Cammy latelt comes down the wing cuts to the middle and has thomas going the wrong way and misses the net. Gionta usually shoots at Thomas. Subban misses the net alot as well. Hammer and Spacek usually hit the charging opposing player with the puck. These guys are pros shouldn’t they be able to pick corners at will. Maybe they all need shooting practice

  28. _Habsoloutly_ says:

    Alexandra – Poster girl for fat, ugly Boston chicks.

  29. HaloHabsFan says:

    Brad Marchand – the poster boy for… wait a minute, I wouldn’t put that ugly mug on anything that had to be published!

    • Bob_Sacamano says:

      You could add Chara, Lucic, Ference and a few of the others but why bother replying to another boring Bruins fan? Soon they will run out of luck and we don´t have to read from them for a long time.

    • dre1744 says:

      Don’t Forget SPacek he has to be one of the ugliest looking people in the NHL

      • dre1744 says:

        but then again Hockey is no Beuaty contest last time i checked if your good looking you don’t win games. Maybe thats Cammy’s problem he don’t go to the tough areas cause he don’t want to hurt his pretty mug!!!!!

  30. dallyd31 says:

    Thought for the morning: With the last two games going to OT, in which it’s anyones game, they series could be 4-1 Habs instead of 3-2 .

    Habs deserved better last night. The missed open nets and incredibly lucky bounces in the B’s favor our could have been 3-4 goals for the Habs…and would most likely have been in most games.

    But that the playoffs for you….

    Bright spots: DD and Eller were great. Price..goes without say. Played awesome.


      Jacques Martin is a loser;has won nothing,and will never win anything.EXPUNGE THE LOSERS!

      • smiler2729 says:

        He’s not a loser, he’s a more than competent coach but I’d rather someone a little more engaging…

        “My second favourite team is whoever plays the Leafs”

      • Habfan4lfe says:

        Always was a loser. Fired from every team he coached. Sits Desharnais and White. Smart move. Probably the most effective players in the game and he sits them in favour of that useless pos Gomez. The only right thing he did was sit Moen who sucks cat nuts.

    • Caballero says:

      I wish I could think this way. Bottom line, the Bruins were ready to be beaten in both of our home games and we didn’t make it happen. I refuse to believe that it’s just luck, in a best of 7 the better team usually wins, unless you outwork the opponent like crazy or have a hot goalie who is in the zone. We have neither of those, not to slam Price who has carried this team on his shoulders for the entire season. This it could have gone either way mentality just bothers me though, there are no excuses. We have lost 3 games straight, and if we lose the next game it will be rather humiliating especially after everything that has happened vs Boston and their yahoo fans this season.

  31. nova scotia vees says:

    For all of you who get ticked off when someone mentions Halak…well i get equally annoyed when someone (Berkshire) puts him down. After game 5 last year we trailed the #1 team in hockey (league play) 3-2. His brilliance really took over from that point on. Remember we beat both Washington and the defending Cup champs..Pittsburgh. Price was great last night, but horrid in games 3 and 4. Inconsistency is the reason I don’t trust him in goal. But whatever…don’t put Halak down just because you are a Price-lover.
    And Wizniewski…how can anyone praise his play on two key goals. A key goal in game 4…he was way up at the blueline, and last night on the winner…again way-up at the blueline. HE’S A DEFENSEMAN…GET BACK TO THE NET!

    • HaloHabsFan says:

      Perhaps he is not putting down Halak, perhaps he is putting down the homers who still choose to live in the past. What’s next, suggesting Lafleur would have put in one of those open net opportunities we couldn’t bury last night?

      Move along kids, time to live in the present.

    • Old Bald Bird says:

      I don’t see that posting that stat was a putdown?? To me, he was saying that Carey deserves just as much praise as Halak did last year. There are a lot of people quick to jump on Price (and I wasn’t happy with a few of the goals in games three and four) but not too quick to give credit when it’s due.

      • dre1744 says:

        We should be lucky to have Carey we could always have a bum like Neimi or maybe Robbie Lou or Fluery hey goalies are human right they ain’t gonna play shut out hockey every night. Well except us hab fans think price should

    • Caballero says:

      He won’t be back.

    • Bob Barker says:

      All he did was point out both goaltenders stats through 5 games, effectively highlighting how well Price has been playing.

      If you’re going to say Price was horrid in games 3 and 4 then you should probably mention Halak got lit up in games 2 and 3 last year. Neither is accurate. If a team doesn’t play solid defense, doesn’t matter how good the goalie is.

    • olematelot says:

      Horrid!!!!!! you’ve got to be kidding, give your head a shake

  32. CHsam says:

    Im at a loss bout what to say regarding Gomez. I mean for the amount he makes, it’s troubling that one could question how much heart he has into it. CBC showed a part of 1st period where Gomez’s wingers went off for a line change, and Gomez thought they were going in to support him- he gets to the bench and then let’s his teammates have it. I thought, that’s pretty rich from a guy hasn’t delivered the goods all season long and is not scoring at all this series. I bet even his teammates are sick of him. No wonder why Gionta doesn’t look like himself, he knows he’s stuck with playing with Scottie for the rest of his life LOL….

    But seriously, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Gauthier needs to get rid of Gomez…. DD and Eller are playing way above Gomez’s output right now. Trade him to some team that needs to meet capspace minimum or something. UGH. So sick of seeing Gomez #11 out there.

  33. gerrybell says:

    lets B honest here – the Bruins have no business still playing hockey this season. tim thomas is an aweful goalie. the guy is outta position on almost every shot. he is like a road hockey goalie who purposefully leaves half the net empty on the off chance he can dive across to make a save.

    dissecting this more, how many fluky toe saves did he make last night when he didnt even know where the puck was?

    how many saves did the bruin players need to make last night as thomas was crawling around on the ice? at least twice i can remember [ryder glove save and bergeron/chara save]

    and lets not forget the chance late in period 3 when thomas was hugging the post off a canadiens faceoff win back to the point. i cant recall if it was darche or gill who had a wide open net, only to slap it off thomas who was still crouched in the right corner of the net.

    and the damn two on one when gionta rather than fire it in the open net shoots it right into thomas’ chest for crying out loud.

    oh well, it is not like the habs arent the lowest scoring team to have made the playoffs.

    when you start to the count the months between goals [gomez, DD and pouliott] you have a major problem.

    i wish wiz had stayed hurt the whole game — at least then he wouldnt have left hammrlik to cover both horton and lucis on the winning goal.

    JM is a fool when it comes to line combos. he knows in the back of his mind to put his top offensive players together — only he doesnt do it all season until they are at the brink of losing.

    to scott gomez — bye bye montreal, hello hamilton!


    • kwayze says:

      I totally agree with gerrybell, but i don’t understand where the team that came out in game 1 & 2 went. that team came with intensity, 2 on the forecheck, creating turn overs to a team that is sitting back even when they do not have a lead. from games 3 & 4, didn’t JM learn a thing, that they cannot sit back in the playoffs, even with a lead. As for Scott “the turnover” Gomez, WTF? i saw one point where he actually showed he cared. When he had the puck, and about to go into the bruins zone, everyone went to change, they probably thought he would have turned it over anyways. As for Carey Price, nothing to say, only that the defense have to be more aware around him. Tim Thomas has a horseshoe up his butt, maybe they should put mike ryder in goal. In conclusion, a message to the habs if they read any of this, please find the intensity that was there in games 1&2. Screw JM if he tells you to sit back and play defensive, you guys are an offensive team that have some skill, use it…..

    • Mike Boone says:

      The awful (my eccentric spelling) goaltender had a GAA of 2.00 and a save percentage of 93.8 this season. Thomas isn’t elegant, but he gets the job done; and any suggestion he’s incompetent is ignorant.

      Mike Boone
      Hockey Inside/Out blogger
      Gazette City columnist

      • gerrybell says:

        i guess it is a little too early to state that he ‘gets the job’ since the series is not yet over and for the that matter the Stanley cup playoffs as well. even the most intelligent people completely disregard regular season statistics when it comes to the playoffs as they mean nothing. it remains to be seen if a goalie who flops around and leaves the net wide open several times a game can win a cup.

        sure, he is getting the job done so far in this series against the lowest scoring team in the playoffs but nobody has said that thomas has stolen a game. perhaps in the end he will be on the winning side of this series if ryder, chara and bergeron continue to make key saves.

  34. BKAK72 says:

    If you are to win a series and Cup then your third and fourth line must break b*lls and score a clutch goal hear/there.

    We saw a glimpse of that last night however it’s been missing all series. I think its clear the HABS miss the (pest) LAPPS and effective work at the face-off circle and back-checking of D. MOORE.

    • smiler2729 says:

      I said when Dominic Moore wasn’t re-signed that the Habs were making a huge mistake.

      As for Lapierre, he was such a douche, the fact that he’s on his third team of the season speaks volumes.

      “My second favourite team is whoever plays the Leafs”

  35. TPlow says:

    Habs are still going to win this. Boston got all the bounces in the last two games. It’s our turn now. Keep the faith!

  36. Keith says:

    Happy Easter to everyone! Hey, things are not so bad! The sun still rose this morning here in Freddy Beach. The team played light’s out fantastic last night, unfortunately in OT anything can happen and every little mistake can cost you the game, plus Boston was EXTREMELY LUCKY last night. We will win Game 6 in Montreal and send it back to Boston for a Game 7. You heard it here first! GO HABS GO!!!

  37. LeeFree says:

    For those of you who are STILL bringing up Halak’s name, go watch Manchester United because you’re certainly no fan of this club!

  38. smiler2729 says:

    Anybody else here just about HAD IT with that weasel Marchand? I wish someone on the Habs would just clean his clock and wipe the ice with that ugly mug.

    Geez, the Bruins are the ugliest team since the ’89 Flames (Tim Hunter, Jim Peplinki and Mike Vernon, the Dogfaced Boy amongst others). Is Tomas Kaberle the spawn of Mr. Bean?

    “My second favourite team is whoever plays the Leafs”

  39. You know, what ever happens this week, I’m some Happy we have a franchise goalie. What a breath of fresh air when ever the rest of the team isn’t scoring. Carey Price, sign him long term now!

    Bring on game 6 and 7!

    Shane Oliver
    Brandon, MB,Canada
    R7B 2R7
    Ph- 204 724 8418

  40. BKAK72 says:

    Like any HABS fan(atic) last night’s loss was a bitter pill to swallow. I really don’t find anything that compelling about a healthy BRUINS lineup vs. HABS at full strength – both are “good” teams (not great) that can live off the fan emotion for another game, or series. If you happen to be going on Tuesday be LOUD, very LOUD…and drive the BRUINS nuts. I think it helps.

  41. Fansincebirth says:

    Find me another team who can lose their top 2 d-men and a top scorer in the year and still be where we are in the playoffs please.

    The boys battled hard last night, came close on many occasions but came up on the wrong side of the score card. So be it, on to game 6 and hopefully, game 7.

    Inconsistency from some, zero from others and a touch of bad luck and the game is won. If we had scored on all our great chances, if Wiz hadn’t been hurt, if Hammer had taken the man instead of trying to find the puck…..if, if, if.

    Yes, we’re down 3-2 and we’ve lost the last three games but they have all been close, no blowout (Vancouver, Pittsburgh) here folks. They’ve battled like madmen to be only down one game to a team whom ‘the experts’ predicted would wipe us all over the rink.

    They haven’t and the last three games could just have easily been our’s, not theirs.

    Back to Montreal on Tuesday and hopefully a win.

    Carey Price is my Saver!

  42. Lafrich says:

    To all you Gauthier, Martin, or whomever haters, GET A GRIP. ONE GOAL – ONE LOUSY GOAL, and you would be singing their praises? Or at least not as hard on them, correct? I mean, come on. Let’s put this into perspective please.

    Each team has scored 12 goals. Bruins are outshooting the Habs by an average of 35.2 to 33. A bounce here and a bounce there. This series is not a blow out. It is an extremely close series that could go either way.

    There are 3 possible series endings:
    Bruins in 6
    Bruins in 7
    Habs in 7

    Would ANYONE here be shocked if any of the above came true over the other?

    Give it a break, and enjoy the next (and hope fully next TWO) games. These guys have battled a tough team, and have looked easily as good, if not better.


  43. 4m3y2j says:

    Montreal Athiest

    Without a doubt you are the biggest idiot on this site.Did you not read the stats on Price vs Halak after 5 games,staggeringly different.Stop living in the past moron.Price gives them a chance every game so go spew your negativity somewhere else you ignorant fool.

  44. 365fan says:

    I actually feel more optimistic after last night than the game before. It kind of reminds me of the situation after game 5 of the Pittsburgh series last year.

    Also, I believe that last night we saw a glimpse into the future with DD and Eller. They probably played the best games of their careers and the fact that they could do it in an environment such as that bodes well.

    I continue to be very impressed by Wiz.

    At the risk of beating a dead horse, I think the outcome of game 6 will depend on how JM handles the Gomez situation. There simply is no more time to allow him to find his game. I am not suggesting sitting him out but his role should be commensurate with his play so far this season. Put him on the 3rd or 4th line with instructions to not screw up defensively and allow Gionta to play with DD and/or Eller, guys who are derving of more minutes. The time to distort the top 6 forwards to accomodate Gomez has to be over. He hasn’t played as such this year and at some point his teammates have to be noticing this and be asking “why?”. Perhaps the reduced role might even result in softening his hands a bit and some kind of production.

    On defence JM should really be able to benefit from the ability to protect Spatch, Hamr, and Sopel. Play the heck out of PK, Gill,and Wiz and hope for the best.

    Also, is it just my imagination or does Chara not look right?

  45. HabsFanInTampa says:

    Happy Easter to everybody. Intense game to watch last night. Playoff hockey has always, and will always be, the most exciting of the 4 major sports’ post seasons. The speed and skill we have on our team is not debateable. This season is far from over and hopefully we can take the next two games and go to the next round. What we lack is size and a forward to crash, or head directly to the net with the puck. We have Pleks, Gomez and AK driving into the Bruins zone, but on the outside perimeter. All we really need for next season is a gritty, above 6″ 200lbs Centerman and a Winger with the same physicality to skate directly to the opponent’s net. I think this can be done without a severe overhaul of our team and chemistry. We have all the pieces for a championship team, except the size.

  46. habsguy says:

    I would say our guys no worse the dead even in play, maybe even a little better than the bruins…Imagine if our guys started every play with the puck. Everyone here says we’re too small and we need size, my thinking would be to get someone who can win a faceoff once in a while !!!!

    • smiler2729 says:

      THAT’S what I was saying!!! Faceoffs, faceoffs, faceoffs, geez, if Plekanec didn’t lose every faceoff when it mattered (on the PK, in our end, in their end).

      Basic fundamental hockey, you win the faceoff and you get to control the puck and dictate the play!

      This faceoff crap has been a problem since Carbo’s tenure and for cryin’ out loud, you’d have thought a coaching staff of great defensive CENTERS in Carbo, Jarvis and Muller could’ve taught these guys how to win faceoffs!!!

      “My second favourite team is whoever plays the Leafs”

      • habsguy says:

        agreed, say what you want about size, I dont think they out hit or out muscled our guys at anytime in the series, when you continually start a play skating backwards, you are in trouble. If we were even 50/50, this would have been over long ago !!!!

      • Coach K says:

        You guys are right on the money. As a coach teaching the game to kids, I always start the beginning of the season with D-zone face-off drills. These drills lead to controlled break outs which in turn, allows the team to generate an attack.

        So many people don’t recognize that the face-off is much more than a game stat. It is by far THE most common play in hockey. It is also by extension, the most important play since, if correctly executed, results in puck possession. A lot of goal scoring stems from that simple face-off play and the resulting puck management. Simply stated, if you don’t control the puck, you can NEVER score. You can still get the puck back if you lose the draw but that usually requires expending a lot of effort. Which is exactly what we are seeing from our Habs.

        That said, its easy to blame the centre for lost face-offs but it’s actually a team effort and coaches who know what they are doing will set the expectation for their players in this regard. A “clean” win is preferred but if the draw is scrambled (as is often the case) then nearest winger is responsible for jumping in and gaining control of the puck. When that doesn’t happen…well we all know how that turns out. With any luck JM and staff will address this weakness will correct it before game 6.

        “Shut up and play against him” – Bob Gainey (2011 Heritage Classic)

  47. smiler2729 says:

    Are some of you really serious???

    Lamenting letting Ryder go, calling for Gauthier’s head, calling for Gainey’s head (pretty neat trick since he’s already a year gone), whine, whine, whine.

    The team’s playing hard and not quitting and other than a couple of chinks in the armour, these guys could very well take game 6 and game 7.

    I do question Gomez’s desire or even his ability to want to play and I can’t help but wonder if Kostitsyn could ever elevate his play into at least being a consistent two-way player if he can’t or won’t be the superscorer he was picked to be.

    Plekanec doesn’t seem to win a faceoff when it matters most and is definitely not worth the money he gets if that and the rest of his playoff performances are the best he can do.

    It’s not like the Bruins are blowing the Habs away, it’s just the Habs are not burying the rare scoring opportunities that Boston are converting.

    If this is the end of our season on Tuesday or Wednesday then so be it, the Habs were never embarrassed like the Phoenix Jets and never looked out of place in the playoffs like the NY Rangers did.

    “My second favourite team is whoever plays the Leafs”

    • Arrow77 says:

      “Are some of you really serious???

      Lamenting letting Ryder go, calling for Gauthier’s head, calling for Gainey’s head (pretty neat trick since he’s already a year gone), whine, whine, whine.”

      In our defense, you really just described one guy…

    • habsguy says:

      Pleks (other than faceoffs) isn’t a problem on this team…he leaves it on the ice every shift..

  48. JohnBellyful says:

    To the hockey gods we beseech you: Forgive us our hubris after winning the first two games of the series. We were wrong to show excess in pride. We meant no offence but were foolish in our exuberance. Is there anything we can do to atone for the sin we have committed, say, wear a hair shirt, sacrifice a HIO virgin, bench Gomez? Give us a sign, show us the way that we can deliver ourselves from the evil we have brought down upon ourselves.
    The H in CH does not stand for hubris, O Mighty Ones, it stands for humility. We’ve learned our lesson. Please answer our prayers.
    Your faithful, humbled servants

  49. J_P says:

    Forget Gorges and Markov, as obviously we would be a far superior team if they were available, but the habs are sorely missing Paccioretty. Ive watched a lot of playoff hockey so far, and its become clearly evident how badly the habs need sizeable wingers that can play. Just look at what a guy like Ryan Clowe brings to the table for the San Jose sharks.

    I have tickets to game 6, hopefully Im not sent home disappointed. Either way, if the habs lose this series its not because they didnt try, its because they just arent good enough to stack up with the better teams in the east in the postseason.

  50. kempie says:

    Tony is in his glory this morning.

  51. LL says:

    Happy Easter to all who are celebrating today.

    While some of us will be with family and friends laughing and stuffing ourselves with good food on this beautiful sunny day, there will be others with a picture of Halak sitting across from them.

    All this ” I told you so’s” are a bit premature. The series is not over yet for our Habs!

  52. observer says:

    10 YEARS AGO Gauthier traded Teemu Selanne away receiving nothing in return. Now 300 regular season and playoff goals LATER Selanne is the leading goal scorer in these playoffs.

    Reason #457 why Pierre Gauthier deserves not to be a GM in this league ESPECIALLY for the most prestigious hockey team in the world – Montreal Canadians

  53. observer says:

    michael ryder, habs leading scorer vs. philly that year. a free agent in july who gainey would not trade at the trade deadline of that year and get something. so the dufus gainey healthy scratches him the entire philly series – flyers eliminate habs 4 games to 1 that year. july 1 habs lose ryder for nothing.

  54. HaloHabsFan says:

    I do have one request. Is it somewhat possible after all these years for the Bs franchise to get the memo on the deep freeze and figure out how to make ice?

    I don’t think it had any affect on the outcome at all and am in no way using it as a scapegoat to blame for the loss (I don’t even think we deserved to make it to OT), but watching that pool out there before the start of the second OT was quite comical.

    Figure it out Bs, you are in the hockey business… ice is essential.

    • savethepuck says:

      Don’t understand your statement that you don’t even think we deserved to make it to OT. At least 3 times last night we had Thomas hung out to dry and we couldn’t get a break. Their regulation goal was the result of a bullshit bounce off a skate to an open man because a guy broke his stick when our keeper was in position to make a sure save ( like he was all night). The Bruins were lucky to win this hockey game. Cammy bouncing it off Bergeron’s ass with an open net, and the puck is still going in but hits the back of Chara’s leg ( neither player was looking at the puck). Give me a break

      • HaloHabsFan says:

        Maybe you are right, but from my perspective I saw a slow, tired, unorganized Habs team who were literally standing around for stretches and hanging on by a thread to stay in the game. Sure we got our chances, but they were the exception to the play as opposed to the norm last night.

        I was absolutely shocked when they tied it up, and still held out hope that maybe just maybe they would steal the game in OT, but they were outplayed and outhustled for most of the night.

  55. observer says:

    In the history of the NHL or any other league the closest any 7 game series could be after 5 games is 3 games to 2. This series ain’t over yet. But it would have been had Markov and Gorges not been out AND since Markov the best d-man was lost for the year early in the season Gauthier doing nothing to replace his money value and talent level on the defense and only after Gorges got hurt and with a far inferior d-man than was out there. Worse yet for another #2 where you build your future and for a guy who isn’t going to be here next year Wisniewski.

    There is a good reason why Gauthier never was with a team who even got to the Cup finals any year of his about 30 years in the league while he was there.

    These teams today are so close in ability, your GM can put you over the hump – Gauthier canNOT!

    • Arrow77 says:

      Saying you’re being unfair to Gauthier would be a powerful understatement. First of all, I’m not even sure what you wanted him to do since I think our defense is pretty amazing for a team that lost his #1 and #2 during the year.

      What do you mean, “replace his money value and talent”? You wanted a higher profile defenseman? Players like Markov aren’t usually available and the highest profile defenseman that moved this year was Kaberle. Unless you saw something I didn’t, that doesn’t look like such a good move for Boston.

      As for the rental aspect of Wisniewski (who might still be back BTW), that’s what you need to do when you’re replacing injured players that will be back next year. And when you don’t have any players to trade, you give draft picks.

  56. Zombie says:

    Way too many turnovers early in the game. What was wrong with PK, was he drunk? He was falling down left right and center, not to mention turning over pucks.

  57. theflower says:

    So here I am in Sunny Spain thanking the gods for slingbox that allows me to watch games albeit at 1 am in the morning:) I have to say this, I have never liked JM and that’s not going to change, he has never won a thing in his career and don’t expect that to change. If Muller or Julien were coaching this team I guarantee the Gomez’s of the world would be riding pine. This playing of older guys who have not earned the ice time is beyond me. He is easily being out coached by a guy who apparently was not good enough to coach Mtl according to some. I have seen some defensive lapses in my time, but seriously in the last 2 games the D has looked completely lost in space at times. At least give Weber or Nash a shot, young legs seem willing to work and older legs well…that’s another story. I think the team as a whole is doing the best with what it has and I hope we can get a few lucky bounces going our way to turn this around and pull out the series, but either way, we are still a B level team, with a very good goalie some talented young bucs and a bunch of older guys that really need to move on. The changes we made a few years back to bring in Gomez, Gionta etc, was IMHO just a reprieve to extend a mediocre team for a few years, but really we will stay a B level team with Jackie Martin as coach and this continued incomplete overhaul of the team. So let’s hope lady luck will smile on us and further let’s hope the great play of all these youngsters leads to a summer reevaluation of the direction we need to go for the future of this team. It’s sad really I have to say losing Boucher, perhaps Muller too and still being stuck with no win, no passion, old school Jackie Martin. I hope the Molson’s decide this mediocrity is not acceptable under their regime and make an effort to bring back the winning history under the Molson’s previous ownership! It’s time, best wishes all from beautiful Espana!

  58. HUDSONHAB says:

    First off, it was a great game.
    The flashbacks I keep having are of the B’s goals where Plakanec and then Hammer turned away from the guy beside the net who scored the goals. They just left them standing there and looked away. Why would they do that?
    On Tuesday Gomez and AK46 have to be better. Period!


  59. PrimeTime says:

    Last night just showed how evenly matched and competitive these 2 teams are against each other. Sure Habs made mistakes but so did the Bruins and their fans point them out…..booing an imeptitude PP for example. Habs came 1 goal short , again, but created changes and maybe a bounce their way and they’re up 3-2. It sure would be easier on the fans if they could play as they themselves do on EA Sports but the real thing and the real world of the NHL is quite a bit more complicated. And to others, sure it’s a better drunk when Habs win but at least you can make ignorantly blame the loss on certain players to reassure yourself that you’re not a loser. Fortunately there is still more hockey to play and for an entertainment value, it doesn’t get much better than our team battling in the playoffs. I wish it to continue for longer than one more game but I won’t live or die by the result. Neither will you. Enjoy!

  60. MontrealAtheist says:

    Bruins in six.

  61. MontrealAtheist says:

    Past statistics are irrelevant, who cares what Bruins teams did decades ago when many in the current roster were not even born yet?

    Even if we win on Tuesday, Price has never been good on consecutive game nights which suggests that he would likely be a no-show on Wednesday for game 7.

    Without Jaro we’re pretty much out of options … What are we gonna do, start game 7 with Auld?

    • kempie says:

      Right. If only we hadn’t traded Jaro Halak, we might still have a chance. My God you are out of your mind.

    • Danno says:

      Price stopped 49 of 51 shots giving him a 0.961 save percentage last night. Goal production is the issue, not goaltending. Let’s just see what happens Tuesday shall we?


      “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

    • savethepuck says:

      Maybe you can take thre time and go through the Bruin’s season stats for us and let us know how Thomas did on back to backs this year so you can compare. I’m thinking you might not find one. My point is, your statement is pointless.

    • Bob Barker says:

      “After game 5 last year, Halak had made 123 saves on 135 shots.
      -.911 SVP

      After game 5 this year, Price has made 165 saves on 176 shots.
      -.938 SVP

      If you blame the goaltender, at any point, you’re a fracking idiot.”

      MontrealAtheist = fracking idiot.

    • 4EverHabsFan says:

      Really- Halak? He would have been our Saviour? Only if Halak score goals… Goaltending is NOT even a question here…

      I believe Montreal has scored 12 goals in 5 games, that is 2.4 a game… And Price has given up 12 goals… That is 2.4 a game…

      Price has stopped 93.8% of shots faced and 42 more than Halak at this point in last seasons series, Other than a hiccup last year, I am sorry Halak lovers, Price is and will be a better goalie and has showed us this all year and these playoffs (with a tiny bump in Game#4… There were a couple I think he should have had… Ryder’s…)

  62. solomio says:

    Here’s who’s left in the prediction ring

    HABZ24 says: bruins in six

    mamacat says:the habs win it in 7.

    pierre lapuck says: the boys will win in 7,

    Marc10 says: Habs in 7.

    tony d says: Habs in 7

    ManApart says: Bruins in 7

    Bill says: Montreal in 7.

    Gormdog says: Habs in 7

    Old Bald Bird says: Habs in 7

    habsindepth says: Montreal in 7

    solomio says: Bruins in 6

  63. kirkiswork says:

    I still believe,
    just need a few bounces to go our way…..

  64. habsfan0 says:

    Boston has NEVER won a playoff series which they’ve trailed 2-0. So…Gomez will score a hat trick in Game 6 and PK Subban will score series winning goal in OT in Game 7.

    • 4EverHabsFan says:

      Sorry- Love the optimism, but if you are relying on GOMEZ to score, we have NO chance!

      Best chance is Eller and DD score early, and in typical JM fashion, get benched for the remainder of the game, as the Habs sit back and “protect” a 2-goal lead… Price will play goal literally on his head and will carry this team back to Boston.

      Gomez, if we are all lucky and the hockey Gods begin to shine a light on us, will sleep through his alarm and miss Game #7 and JM will have no choice but to play either Eller and DD major minutes- and the 2 will respond and the Habs play a solid game #7 and pull out another W.

  65. smiler2729 says:

    I can’t defend Scott Gomez anymore, he didn’t play in New York and he obviously doesn’t want to play here. Finding him a new home next season probably has to be Gauthier’s number one priority.

    Andrei Kostitsyn too…

    And Tomas Plekanec will become the next overpaid whipping boy cuz when it matters, he NEVER wins a faceoff let alone puts the puck in the net.

    This 3-2 series deficit wouldn’t as maddening if the Habs weren’t up 2-0.

    “My second favourite team is whoever plays the Leafs”

    • Bill J says:

      With Gomez – I am leaning towards your thinking.

      With AK46 – he has been one of the hardest working forwards for much of the series.

      For Pleks ? – Never is a mighty big word, and I really do not believe it properly applies to Pleks….

      Keep the faith!!! 🙂 GO Habs Go!

    • ManApart says:

      The number one priority, is to find a new home for Gauthier himself, as well as his buddy Gainey, who btw was the one who so wisely traded for Gomez in the first place. The game has passed those guys by. I wanted them gone 2 years ago. Things could have been so much better. Anyways, we can’t go back, Molson must do the smart thing and ship those guys out!

    • Bob_Sacamano says:

      Kostitsyn? He sometimes just doesn´t know what to do defensively. Yet, he has been one our best wingers offensively and one of the most physical too. Trading him away when we have so many small forwards would be more than stupid. He´s probably also not completely healthy after the blocked shot early in game 1. Still he has two goals while the other guy who makes more than twice as much money has 0.

      We all know by know that you don´t like Andrei. Fair enough, but he is so much more valuable when you take everything into account than the joke Gomez has become. If we lose on tuesday, I´ll be f…ing sad but hopeful that we never have to see him again in a Habs jersey.

  66. JF says:

    When we lost Game 3, people seemed generally philosophical, liking the Habs’ push-back in the third period and arguing that it was “human nature” to relax a little when you got a bit comfortable. But to me, that, and not Game 4, was the pivotal game. At that point, the series was ours to win, and a victory in Game 3 would have made it all but certain. Now we’re the ones on the ropes, and while I think we could take Game 6, I find it hard to imagine us winning Game 7 in Boston.

    But I loved the effort and intensity last night, and if we had managed to bury even one of the half-dozen misses we had, we would have won. But so often hockey is a question of inches and lucky bounces, and in this series most of the inches and luck seem to have been on the Bruins’ side. I think we’ve been the better team for more of the time than the Bruins have, and goaltending has been about even, with Price having the edge in the first two games, Thomas in the second two, and the fifth being even. We could have won any of the three games we lost. If even one of our missing players had been in the lineup, we almost certainly would have.

  67. Habstilidie says:

    I feel much better after sleeping on the loss. It truly could have gone either way, it just didn’t go ours. The boys played their hearts out, and CP31 did what he could to keep us in it. It bodes well for a game 6 back in MTL. I expect the team to keep their hearts in it and we will send this series back to Boston for what should be an epic game 7 showdown. Each and every game of this series, could have gone either way, we are very evenly matched, even though we are down some very vital pieces of our team. I know we as Hab fans have no middle ground. We’re either too high or too low, but now’s when the team needs us to rally around their efforts, and make sure the Bell Center is louder than ever on Tuesday.

    I hope you all enjoy your Sunday, and a couple of days off from the intensity that is a Boston/MTL playoff series.

    I still have faith. I have to. Afterall, I’m with the Habstilidie!

    Go Habs Go!

  68. solomio says:

    Please don’t start trotting out old names like Lapierre. He wasn’t good enuff, could body check & yap but couldn’t back it up with a good fight if needed. He would not make a difference in this series.
    Re Berkshires comments about goaltending… you can produce all the stats you want, and yes Price is the reason we are here without question but as I’ve mentioned before 2 plays by him in games 3 & 4 were directly responsible for 2 goals against which meant the games. Save percnatges will not reflect blunders.
    We all know who are the problems on this team and they will have to be dealt with. Also older age is an important factor and will have to be addressed for next year.
    Needeless to say the Habs injuries this year were devastating.
    This is not a post mortem just aguy crtying in his beer. ( not a quarter to nine in the morning though )

    • ManApart says:

      I agree. Trying to compare what Halak did last season to Price this year is a joke. Halak was pure brilliance. He won games 5,6 and 7 on his own. Stole them from a team that completely dominated the Habs those 3 games. Price was very good last night, but also was a major reason for 2 losses. The Bruins have never dominated like the Caps or Pens did. Halak trancended a team sport, last season, and the game revolved around what he did or did not do. Price is just having an average playoffs, like any other starting goaltender out there. Very good for the most part, not great at times, but he doesn’t come close to trancending the game, like Halak did. I also need to state that the playoffs are not over yet, so saying this is a bit premature.

      • Bob Barker says:

        Yeah Josh Gorges blocking 10-15 shots per game and Cammalleri scoring 12 goals through the first two rounds had nothing to do with the Canadiens winning those series.

        The goaltending is there this year, unfortunately the timely scoring has disappeared.

      • Mark C says:

        If you think Price was a major reason for game 3 and 4 losses, then you must think Halak was a major reason for game 2 and 3 losses vs. the Caps. Game 2 vs. the Caps was much like game 3 in Montreal this year, with Montreal blowing a 4-1 lead in that one. Another thing worth noting is Montreal gave Halak leads in games 5, 6, and 7 last year vs. the Caps. Montreal scored 2 goals in both the 1st periods of games 5 and 6, which are more goals than Montreal scored in almost 6 periods last night.

        Halak was outstanding last year, but saying what he did “transcended a team sport” and what Price is doing as “average” isn’t painting a truthful picture. We’ll see what Price does with the next games, but right now he’s on par or better than Halak was at the same point.

  69. Sal says:

    Three in a row. I still dont get that floppy sieve Thomas making the saves he does. This is NOT a better Bruin team. LUCKY!! They score nothing but crap goals. Look what I found! Both goals, LUCKY CRAP!! Meanwhile Habs blow bonified chances to bury these a-holes, again and again. Soon as the Bruins come up against a team with some finishers, they’re toast. Habs lack finishers. Cammy! No where near where he was last year. Gionta! HAS to bury that late set up from Moen! Pleks! Forget about it! GOMEZ!! Complete flop! Overtime! You know that the team that misses the BEST chances to score in overtime is going to lose, and that is exactly what happened. There, done venting.

    Still in it though. Thanks to Carey. Just hope they can win one for Carey in Montreal It’s not fair that Thomas gets away with the crap he does! Take them back to Bean Town and finish them. If Cammy, Gionta, Gomez, Pleks can’t do it, maybe DD, Eller, Halpern, Subby can. Go Habs!!

    Sal from the Hammer

    • smiler2729 says:

      Timmy didn’t make a “great save” on Gionta in double OT, Gio shot the puck right into him instead of the corner…

      It is what it is eh…

      “My second favourite team is whoever plays the Leafs”

    • CanadienBoy says:

      Gomez,s behind the net and and blind past to the bruins against and against …. sick of it

  70. PeterStone says:

    too many passengers on this bus. Gomez has been useless the entire season … why would we expect him to have any pride now ? AK watches the lucic at the blue line and doesnt even try to get the puck out … dont these guys have any heart at all. How much longer do we have to deal with this in Montreal ?

  71. RockinRey says:

    You dont blame the goaltender but as you alluded to after the previous game Tim Thomas has outplayed Price ( if only slightly) .

    But I would still bet on Price in a critical game 6… as we all know Timmie T can give up the backbreakers.

    Never was a hug DD fan watching him in the Hammer. But this guy has been a pleasant suprise. He just doesn’t produce enough. So in my mind he will be a depth guy, a journeyman and I dont think he makes a long term impact. I could be wrong and I hope I am because the farm is thin.

    The recipe for game 6 is to bore the Bruins to death with JM smothering play and capitalize on a few break downs. They can play it to perfection.

  72. RiverviewCanadien says:

    Why is Halak still brought up on this site?

    Despite Price having a great playoff, but he still comes away with a losing record in the playoffs. Ouch!

    Gomez, I thought he was going to come alive when it mattered…and where in the hell is Cammalleri’s shot (let alone his scoring), but he has no shot anymore.

    Been a great run, but with Chara being able to get away with “murder” on the ice (as Mike Richards would put it), hard to beat the B’s in this series.

    I tried a jinx and played some Dropkick Murphy’s this morning “Time to Go” a song about the Bruins. Great tune, makes me angry, hungry to win.

    Go! Go! Black and gold!
    Old-time hockey, bar the door
    Clear the track it’s all-out war
    Light the lamp, throw a hit
    Black and gold never quit
    The barn is full, our team’s in town
    So put ’em up boys, knock ’em out (knock ’em down)
    Drop the puck, it’s time to go (time to go)

    Bust outta work, it’s quarter-past five
    Time to round up the gang
    and take the Red to the Orange line
    Head for the street and the Causeway crowd
    You can feel it in the air, when the team’s in town

    Go! Go! Black and gold!
    Old-time hockey, bar the door
    Clear the track it’s all-out war
    Light the lamp, throw a hit
    Black and gold never quit
    The barn is full, our team’s in town
    So put ’em up boys, knock ’em out (knock ’em down)
    Drop the puck, it’s time to go (time to go)

    Rancourt’s ready, it’s time to take to the ice
    So tie down the jersey ’cause it could get ugly tonight
    Top corner, five hole, off the post and in
    On a quest for the cup, and we’re ready to win

    Go! Go! Black and gold!
    Old-time hockey, bar the door
    Clear the track it’s all-out war
    Light the lamp, throw a hit
    Black and gold never quit
    The barn is full, our team’s in town
    So put ’em up boys, knock ’em out (knock ’em down)
    Drop the puck, it’s time to go (time to go)

    Go! Go! Black and gold!

    Drop the puck, it’s time to go

  73. Lawrencetown Liquor Pigs says:

    Last nights let down has led to constant bickering between the wife and I this morning. Is their a diagnosis for being manic depressive because of the Canadiens? That’s my issue.

    I suspect an all out bombardment from Boston for game 6, against a deflated and disinterested Canadiens team. But Price will hold them in it, after giving up and early garbage goal to Marchand or Recchi. Then Cammi will score half way through the second, Price will continue to stand on his head, amking 45 saves throughout the game, until Kostitsyn scores the winner with 3 minutes left. 2-1 final, game seven in Boston the next night.

    I’ve got 2 quarts of Appleton wagered on the outcome of this series. I won a quart from a buddy of mine who’s a Boston fan for the season series, then “double or nothinged” it for this series. Felt pretty damn certain after game two, now I’m having a recurring nightmare of the two bottles slipping from my hands and smashing on the NSLC parking lot, with him laughing his ass off at my clumsy ineptitude.

    Get Martin to give them a “win one for the Liquor Pig” speech!

    Sorry for being obnoxious, props for being generous,
    y’all down, we booze hounds, take two drinks and pass.

  74. sailor2963 says:

    Really tough loss, Price played his heart out. As did some others. I think this year’s playoff team is sorely missing Gorges, Gill and Spacek are not having playoffs like last year. This team lacks grit up front, this is where they miss Lapierre. All that said, still feel the Habs have been mostly outplaying the Bruins, they are up against a very lucky goalie…but that’s the playoffs.

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