About last night …


Clocks get turned back in the wee hours of Sunday morning.
Too bad it’s only hour.
Your Montreal Canadiens might want to turn the calendar back to mid-October, when they won three of four games in western Canada.
The U.S. is not as hospitable.
Venturing out of their time zone for the second time this season, the Canadiens lost back-to-back games in Minnesota and Colorado.

As the second month of the season begins, the Canadiens limp home with an 8-7 record. They are  fifth in the Atlantic Division, second, behind Boston, in the wild-card standings.

It’s way too early in the season to start fretting about playoff seedings. And it’s hard to get a fix on where the Canadiens fit into the Eastern Conference power structure, since 11 of their 15 games have been against teams in the Western Conference.

That’s about to change. The November schedule includes games against Ottawa, the Islanders, Tampa Bay, Columbus, the Rangers, Washington (twice), Pittsburgh, Buffalo and the Leafs.

But before getting into the meat of that schedule, there’s one more game against the West. Tuesday night, St. Louis visits the Bell Centre for the first time since Jan. 12, 2012.

The Blues ran a clinic in that game. The 3-0 score in favour of the visitors flattered the Canadiens, who barely touched the puck all night, rarely troubled Jaro Halak and were held to a measly 19 shots on goal … in their own barn.

It was a different Canadiens team, en route to a last-place finish that sealed the fates of general manager Pierre Gauthier and coach Randy Cunneyworth, who had replaced Jacques Martin.

The lineup included Mike Cammalleri, Chris Campoli, Tomas Kaberle, Andrei Kostitsyn, Mathieu Darche, Erik Cole and Hal Gill.

David Desharnais played 18:29 against the visiting Blues that night.

What’s the over/under on DD’s ice time Tuesday night?

Desharnais played 14:20 in Colorado. He was benched for most of the third period as Michel Therrien juggled his lines in search of an offensive spark.

Alex Galchenyuk was moved to centre, between Brendan Gallagher and Max Pacioretty. I thought they were the Canadiens’ best forwards in the third period, especially once Max-Pac shook off the rust of his eight-game absence.

Lars Eller centred Rene Bourque and Louis Leblanc. Michaël Bournival bounced around a few lines but ended the game back with Tomas Plekanec and Brian Gionta.

The Canadiens had 30 shots on J-S Giguère, but at no point was the Colorado goaltender subjected to sustained pressure – except for some late-game shifts by the Galchenyuk line. The Avalanche has no stars on the blueline – and were second-guessed for not drafting homeboy Seth Jones – but there was enough size and skill to prevent the Canadiens from harassing Giguère.

It was a different story at the other end of the ice. Colorado has used its high draft picks to select gifted young forwards, and Gabriel Landeskog, Matt Duchene, Paul Statstny, Ryan O’Reilly and Nathan MacKinnon won puck battles and wreaked havoc aroudn Peter Budaj for long stretches of the game.

P.K. Subban and Andrei Markov, the Canadiens’ top defence pairing, were each minus-3 on the game, as was Lars Eller. The Subban turnover that became O’Reilly’s goal was a dagger in any hopes for a third-period comeback.

P.K. has been out of sorts in recent games. He hasn’t been strong in the Canadiens’ end, displaying defensive lacuna that bolster the case for leaving a Norris Trophy winner off Canada’s Olympic team.

Perhaps P.K. is nursing an injury. Or chafing under the coaching staff’s efforts to purge spontaneity and energy from his game.

The drop-off from Subban-Markov to the rest of the D is precipitous. Josh Gorges was steady on the weekend road trip, but Raphael Diaz was vulnerable to Minnesota and Colorado’s physical forecheck; while Francis Bouillon and Douglas Murray are willing warriors who, nonetheless, would be seventh or eighth defencemen on elite teams.

Alexei Emelin can’t get back soon enough – but the Russian Tank won’t be back against St. Louis.








  1. CH Marshall says:

    At my last job, I berated a student that worked for me who eventually quit on me, and I realized I had lost my ‘thoroughbred’. Things instantly got tough for me and though I had success at the job, that incident taught me a HUGE lesson about weak leadership. This is what I see happening with PK.

    • Eddie says:

      Weak leadership from the coach is at the heart of this issue. Totally agree.

    • Mattyleg says:

      Except that:
      a) Therrien made the same mistakes you made, but with the Habs first time ’round and the Pens. If you can say that you learned from your mistakes, Therrien can too.
      2) PK hasn’t left because of big, mean Therrien
      iii) Therrien hasn’t berated PK. Maybe in the locker-room, but not to the media.

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

  2. The Jackal says:

    It’s quite silly to see so many posts regarding Therrien’s own character, as if you can determine his personality from some cliche media interviews.

    Conveniently, the anti-MT crowd is forgetting that MT criticizes everyone, not just PK. When Price had bad games last season, he said the goaltending was bad, that it left more to be desired. He has criticized DD, he has criticized Eller, he has been tentative on the Gallys, he has criticized the team as a whole.

    But then again, one other thing you are forgetting, is that he has also praised the team and individual players. He praised PK for taking the next step last season, he has praised Price and Budaj this season for being great, Eller for turning things around and finding another gear, and he has praised the development of our young players.

    So can you really say MT hates PK, that he is holding him back? No, you can’t and it is completely a bullshit idea. That’s why no respectable journalist has actually said anything even suggesting that there is a problem. No disrespect to Brian Wilde, but who the hell is he? Some guy who is inferring from PK’s guarded attitude to REPORTERS (who blow stuff out of proportion routinely) that he is being put down by the team.

    The most reasonable and likely thing that this whole non-issue is, is that MT expects more from PK. PK obviously wants to take on a big role with the team and be the spark-plug it needs, and he does a good job, most of the time. But he also tries to do too much and he has made some bad mistakes because of that. MT probably wants PK to keep developing but is hard on him because he knows he can be better, and he wants him to be better. It’s pretty funny how a guy the coach hates and has apparently no faith in still leads the team in TOI and has a huge role on the PP.

    What best explains PK’s subpar play of late is he is probably a little hurt – he does play a physical, high energy game – and that also makes it sensible to reduce his TOI when possible. And also, he must be trying to do too much – he has not admitted it but he wants to be on Team Canada and he wants to impress, at the same time he is trying very hard not to get called for the BS penalties. This has probably resulted in a little hesitation in his game, which will not last long anyway.

    So please, stop it with the PK-gate, it’s stupid and unwarranted, and it is the kind of crap that journalists with blow up and create a toxic environment for the team.

    Hockey sine stercore tauri.

    • Eddie says:

      He is hurt? If he is hurt, should the coach be critical of his play like Therrien was last night?

    • SmartDog says:

      At the same time as berating people for drawing conclusions based on what they see of MT on tv and in the news, you’re asking us to believe that PK is playing hurt – something you pull out of thin air.
      Give me a break.

      Almost every journalist – people who follow these guys for a living – agree that Therrien is creating an issue with PK. And his famous rants about PK when he was sitting in a tv studio for a living are part of an obvious pattern. Therrien doesn’t praise PK – our best player many games – unless it’s to praise him for taking a step under the great Michel Therrien. And it’s about that specific. Therrien puts cold water on it when others praise him. He doesn’t do that for other players. We see what is there to be seen. It’s pretty obvious.

      Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

  3. Roy_s_WINK says:

    Alright rats, abandon ship! No room for any of your type as we move forward!

    A healthy Habs roster destroys almost every team on the ice right now and you guys are picking apart our best pieces in exchange for garbage (subban for giroux? are you serious?)

    Get your heads checked. I do not identify with 99% of you.

    Gorges will be your captain and you will bow to him as the golden god that he is.

    • chemic says:

      i really like that….ave gorges!

    • habithabs1992 says:

      Royswink you are dreaming, we can’t play with the top teams in the league. It’s only regular season, wait for playoffs if we get there, teams start playing mean, we have the same team as last year, not tough enough for playoff action. GGoerges as capitan, I don’t think he will be around for more than 2 years, he is starting to slip. It will have to be one of our young guys.

  4. A. Berke says:

    I’ve just posted the following as a reply to Ian’s post below, which, I agreed with. However, what I said then is my two cents today, so I’m re-posting it:

    “very well put Ian.

    Seems like the fact that management i.e., MB & MT, are continuously trying to prop up those players that are not contributing (for reasons you’ve rightly pointed out) to the “full court press” is the major factor of our problems. As it is, the team is far from being a contender and IMHO if we can squeak into the playoffs that would be pretty darn lucky.
    I think it’s about time that MB starts taking proactive steps to better the team with potentially right players and MT better wake up and instead of singling out some players for our losses (CYA factor; and that doesn’t help anything), he uses his and the associate coaches experience and knowledge to better direct the team. So far in pretty much all our losses he was out-coached to a degree and the onus is on him (e.g.: giving more TOI to DD than Gally27 and refusing to play (thus prepping) him in his natural position (he finally did that in the 3rd period last nite and it worked well).
    Gally27 and our other young ones are the “assets” of the team but DD or DB are not.
    Sorry but let’s stop drinking the cool-aid to come up with excuses if we, the commentariat as well as the management are serious about the team’s success.”


    Ali B.

  5. The Jackal says:


    I understand your point, but just because he commented on the team’s play, which was uninspiring, does not mean he did not own up to his mistakes behind the gaze of the media.

    This is exactly why is ridiculous to keep speculating on MT’s and PK’s relationship – you have no idea what really goes on, all you get are MT’s comments, and they are not isolated to PK! Everyone knows PK is one of the best players on the team, and thus the coaching staff expects the best from him, that’s probably why MT is a harsh critic, because he knows what he can do, and I bet you PK agrees with that view. PK is excellent, but he is still ironing out the kinks in his game.

    He takes risks and makes a lot of good stuff happen, but he is still prone to some bad plays and that will change over time, but when you want to take the team on your back like PK does, you need to realize that more is expected of you and you must lead by example and part of that is not making bad turnovers.

    Also, one thing that is slightly inferable from what PK said in his team comments is that he may be trying to do to much to get the team going and is forgetting to keep it simple. Maybe his mistakes came from trying to do too much while the team was playing poorly.

    Hockey sine stercore tauri.

    • Eddie says:

      I saw Larry Robinson make the same mistakes, if not worse. I was at the Forum and watched Robinson cut in front of his own net, lose the puck, and watch the opposing team score instantly.

      Every great player makes mistakes.

      A great coach defends his players to the media.

      Coaches like Therrien and Tortorella throw their players under the bus.

      • The Jackal says:

        Right, because stating the obvious means to throw under the bus?
        MT has praised PK in the past, and he won a Norris under his coaching, so something must be working. Or did he really do it in spite of him?

        All coaches are asked the same silly questions in post-game interviews, and they all tell you the obvious stuff – we were not good defensively, the team played poorly, some turnovers led to a goal. Whatever. I’m not a big fan of MT but this whole thing is freaking stupidly being blown out of proportion. Keep going on about it and it may be actually become a distraction that really hurts the team.

        Hockey sine stercore tauri.

        • Eddie says:

          You will never hear a coach like Babcock give the media that kind of story. There are great leaders in this league at the coaching position, and Therrien is certainly not one of them.

      • Mattyleg says:

        Larry Robinson and his fellow players are probably lucky that their coach didn’t have to do mandatory post-game press conferences.

        You think that Scotty Bowman and Dick Irvin would have said, “Ah, it’s a team game, I support my players, everyone makes mistakes…”

        I certainly don’t.

        —Hope Springs Eternal—

        • Eddie says:

          Yes. In fact they were subject to press conferences, but they were not live television. Their answers were quoted in the print media.

          This is a team game. A coach should not isolate one players mistakes like that.

          • Mattyleg says:

            It’s nowhere near the same thing as what we get today.
            And they didn’t give quotes after every game.
            There’s no way that those coaches would have spewed those inanities, Eddie, but good for you for ignoring reality to serve your point.

            —Hope Springs Eternal—

  6. commandant says:

    The Ray Emery assault on Braden Holtby, and how the NHL and maybe even the authorities should be doing more.

    The Leafs/Canucks Rivalry

    Go Habs Go!
    Your 2013 NHL Draft Headquarters, Now Open.

    • Roy_s_WINK says:

      stop…just stop.

      This is why other franchises make fun of our team for being soft, etc…

      Getting the authorities involved show how out of touch you are with the game

      • commandant says:

        The article was written by a Caps fan, first off.

        And points out that Jonathan Roy was charged and pleaded guilty for the same thing.

        The fact that if you look, the majority of articles feel the same sentement (that Emery should at the very least be suspended) says it is you who is out of touch with the game.

        Supporting fighting between two willing combatants is one thing, supporting a beat down by one person on another who has no interest in the fight is quite another, and not part of the game.

        Go Habs Go!
        Your 2013 NHL Draft Headquarters, Now Open.

  7. habithabs1992 says:

    I have to say watching Vancouver run the Lafs out of the rink, was the most enjoyable game this year.

  8. Buzz Lightbeer says:

    I think the decision to not play Price last night was poor.
    Was it a decision to shield him from a high pressure game and a possible shellacking at the hands of the evil Patty Roy? Maybe not, but these are the types of games that we all want to see Price succeed in. Especially if he wants to make a push for Sochi.
    Let your backup play games against teams like the Wild,that’s what they are there for.

    • commandant says:

      Maybe it was a decision that in a back to back including travel you need to use both goalies, and that Budaj has been a loyal soldier who should get a chance to play his former tearm.

      Go Habs Go!
      Your 2013 NHL Draft Headquarters, Now Open.

    • The Jackal says:

      I would have rather seen Price yesterday, but it was a classy move to let Budaj face his old team, and that is all it was.

      Hockey sine stercore tauri.

      • jimmy shaker says:

        It would be great for Price to play all 82 games as some people on this site think, but in reality, the starter needs the rest, not just physically but between the ears as well. Price needs 62 – 63 games, and Budaj the other 19 or 20. That’s a great ratio, and a proven successful one for teams looking to win a stanley cup, with the only exception being Belfour in Dallas and Brodeur in Jersey. But yes to your point…..Classy and at the same time correct on MT part.

        Shaker out!

    • Mattyleg says:

      Back to back games, Budaj used to play for Colorado, and I thought he played extremely well.

      I can’t fault him on any of the goals, and he made some amazing stops under sustained fire.

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

    • HUDSONHAB says:

      Budaj use to play for the Avs. There’s that angle to consider.


  9. habithabs1992 says:

    I would like to know who the 39% are that are voting no to Guy Lapointe. Obviously, they never watched the Guy play. He was fearless, tenacious, very talented, and could change the game with one shift.
    I wish we had one player on the current habs, who could match what Guy brought to every game he played. we don’t. Bunch of tiny fragile players. GM needs to make changes starting with the coach, his time is up. Wait for the blues this week, they will squeeze the piss out of us.

  10. commandant says:

    Anyone ever thought that maybe just maybe, different players react differently to coaching styles.

    While some guys need to be coddled, other players may need a kick in the rear end to play better.

    PK has reacted well over the last year, he could be the type of guy who thrives with the kick in the butt coaching.

    Go Habs Go!
    Your 2013 NHL Draft Headquarters, Now Open.

    • Mattyleg says:

      You ever seen/heard PK’s dad?
      Not the coddling type.

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

    • The Jackal says:

      This is much in the same vein of what I have been saying.

      And it is also quite likely that MT expects more out of his best player – PK and thus pushes him to be better and to not make the kind of mistakes that hurt the team, despite him doing a lot more good than bad.

      Hockey sine stercore tauri.

    • Eddie says:

      Ever think that Subban could react well because he is self motivated, and that is what has gotten him to this elite level?

      In 40 plus years I have seen superstars emerge in several sports.

      They ALL have one thing in common, in that they are self motivators to the extreme.

      What Therrien says in public is meant to satisfy Therriens ego. He finds someone to blame to the media so he can escape their scrutiny.

      The day Therrien steps forward and defends a player who plays badly he will have become the true coach this team needs.

      And that day might never come.

  11. Puck Bard says:

    This is a team that didn’t have any depth to begin with, and now is struggling with injuries. That’s it. If your expectation was that they would beat Colorado you are setting your sights too high.

  12. frontenac1 says:

    I like Boone! Sometimes I think he’s out of his mind but so what? The guy is Real. Can’t ask more than that amigos. Cheers Boone!

  13. chemic says:

    after the Tank-Crowd, now we have the Fire-Squad! All i read is fire that and screw this. all lot of complaining and frustration but no substance when it comes to a actual solution of the “problem”. i really dont expect much rational thinking from passionate sportsfans…..but c`mon guys how about put up or shut up!

    • commandant says:

      Therrien took over a team who was in 15th in the East.

      He took us to 2nd place.

      We are now above 500 and in a playoff spot (and not the artificial above 500 due to OT losses either).

      And given this record people want him out after 60 or so games.

      Nothing like a 2 game losing streak to bring out the chicken little mentality.

      Go Habs Go!
      Your 2013 NHL Draft Headquarters, Now Open.

  14. DipsyDoodler says:

    WHo would replace Therrien?

    I know a guy who won Stanley Cups as player and coach, is doing great things in San Jose, and misses his polo ponies in the West Island.

  15. Ian Cobb says:

    You people can talk all you want about each player if you wish, but the fact is this is a team sport. Part of this team is the GM and head coach.
    Bergevin is responsible in acquiring players that will fit in and gel with the chemistry all ready in the room. The question is, who is not a part of this chemistry and who is holding the team back from all being on the same page and working for each other as one.
    I can name about 6 players on our team that are just not contributing to this full court press, 1st on the puck style of play that coaching is trying to implement. Either they are to long into their careers to change or they lack the compete level of a Gallagher, or just lack the necessary talent to be part of such a chemistry.
    We all can see that some players are making far more mistakes than others. So the ball goes back to the GM and the players he acquires to get the job done. Yes he is a rookie GM, but the puck stops with him. When to move players out is up to him, because results are what keeps the paycheck coming in.

    • A. Berke says:

      very well put Ian.

      Seems like the fact that management i.e., MB & MT, are continuously trying to prop up those players that are not contributing (for reasons you’ve rightly pointed out) to the “full court press” is the major factor of our problems. As it is, the team is far from being a contender and IMHO if we squeak into the playoffs would be pretty darn lucky.
      I think it’s about time that MB starts taking proactive steps to better the team with potentially right players and MT is better wake up and instead of singling out some players for our losses (CYA factor), he uses his and the associate coaches experience and knowledge to better direct the team. So far in pretty much all our losses he was out-coached to a degree and the onus is on him (e.g.: giving more TOI to DD than Gally27 and refusing to play (thus prepping) him in his natural position (he finally did that in the 3rd period last nite and it worked well).
      Gally27 and our other young ones are the “assets” of the team but DD or DB are not.
      Sorry but let’s stop drinking the cool-aid to come up with excuses if we the commentariat as well as the management is serious about the team’s success.


      Ali B.

  16. chilli says:

    Of course, blame Therien.

    Everyone refuses to acknowledge a simple fact that while PK is a great d-man, great, he’s also the least liked in the room.
    I know this to be fact, so don’t bother saying otherwise. I have two friends that played on the team in the last 2 years (no longer) and that makes 3 including a hulking defensemen who used to lie down on the ice and no longer plays. They all said the same thing.
    And I was told the reason Cole was traded was that he wouldn’t put up with PK’s shit.
    No one on the team sticks up for PK in the media – which is the same as many other superstars.
    I live in LA and Kobe has no friends. Jordan had no friends. Roy had no friends. Tiger has no friends. They are winners. Management loves them – but coaches and teammates hate them.

    PK will be tough to manage – but he’s our best player.

    Therien will be gone and hopefully PK will be with us for 10 more years.

    But he’s a pain in the ass to coach and to play with.


  17. rhino514 says:

    Therrien was visibly frustrated after the game. But understandably so.
    For those questioning his handling of PK, I would say I was mildly surprised by PK´s attiute after the game. He just mentioned how the team should have pulled together in the third period, but made no mention of the fact he played a bad game and should have done better himself.
    Remember Price entering the dressing room and apologizing to his teamates last year after letting in a couple of bad goals? I would have liked to see some type of acknowledgement from PK, since in this case the individual mistakes were quite visible.
    Not saying he is not a great defenseman, and those plays happen to everyone, plus he may even be nursing an injury, but a bit of acknowledgement would have been nice to hear.
    I find THAT somewhat curious, moreso than Therrien´s attitude.

    • SmartDog says:

      PK has apologized this year for bad games. Besides, do you hear Diaz apologizing for a bad game? Markov? Deharnais? Gionta?

      Half the games PK is the best player on the ice. For that I don’t need apologies. And if I’m PK, at this point I figure the coach is going to crap on me enough. I can’t go around hanging my head.

      Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

    • Ozmodiar says:

      So PK should have apologized to his teamates in front of the media?

      Perhaps PK’s comments are about the team’s performance because it’s a team sport. Therrien should learn a lesson from PK. Therrien could probably learn a lot from PK. I think Therrien knows this.

    • Mr. Biter says:

      Just read Boone’s live blog from last night and it reads that PK sucked yet many posters are blaming MT for pointing that out to the media. So should Boone also be fired for point the same thing out?
      Perhaps Mt should talk to PK like this:
      MT: PK if you don’t mind perhaps you be more careful when you are on the ice. I don’t want to hurt your ego but would a “Pretty Please” help make you play better.
      These are pro athlete’s and they get paid to play and are not immune from their coach’s rants. If there is anyone out there that thinks the coach’s don’t swear in the dressing room between periods or after a game should go back to Oz.
      PK’s got the hardest “one timer” in hockey right now , but unless he pick’s up the rest of his game and also stop’ the really bad penalties he’ll be watching the Olympics with us in Canada.

      Mr. Biter
      No Guts No Glory

    • Phil C says:

      I also would have preferred it if PK had shown more remorse for letting his teammates down. He may getting too good with the media and maybe he was just giving his normal measured responses. But I hope he was not that way with his teammates.

  18. matt jordan says:

    Liked the lines last night at the end of the game, as Boone mentioned above.

    Desharnais… his production to this point is zero and he should be in the pressbox. Hate to knock a guy when he’s down, but if you can’t score or create offense, you have to play fantastic shutdown defense. As Desharnais is the smallest centre in the league, he physically cannot play shutdown defense.

    Sorry David Desharnais, I admire what you overcame to make the NHL and have some success, but you have been passed on the Habs depth chart. The best players should play.

  19. SmartDog says:

    Over a year ago, when the “new” Michel Therrien showed up last year, all positive and smiles, several journalists maid a wise point. They said “this is great – but let’s see what happens when they hit a skid”. Last year went so well, we didn’t really get to see whether Therrien had changed.

    Now we see it. Michel is the same guy. Like a dry drunk, he’s just been hiding his negativity… now we’re seeing it oozing out from underneath. Passive-aggressive attacks on players. Condescending ‘instructions’. Benching hard working players for mistakes, while giving some terrible favorites enough rope to climb Everest.

    Therrien’s a good tactician. But with his ridiculous biases, his old school mentality, and his using PK as a whipping boy, I’m fully ready to accept a deep slide if it means a coaching change. But does Bergevin see it? If there’s someone with a blind spot for French leadership on the Habs it’s MB.

    Still, what happened in Pits may repeat itself here. We can only hope.

    Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

    • matt jordan says:

      Yes, there has to be a better coach out there. (who also speaks french).

    • rhino514 says:

      do you find Therrien nearly as critical and negative as, say, Tortorella?
      There are boring coaches, like JM, who never say anything of note, and then there are coaches who actually respond honestly and say that a play stunk, when it did.
      Therrien is good with the kids, and yes he can be tough on players as well. I don´t think him mentioning that a couple of plays were unacceptable is a bad thing. There are many coaches in the league who respond in much the same way. It would be unacceptable if Therrien targets one player all the time, but I sincerely don´t think he has done this up to now.
      I would be worried, on the other hand, if PK takes no heed of the remarks and doesn´t make the necessary adjustments in his game. If he is in fact conscious that he will be here long after the coach and takes that attitude, then we are in trouble as a team.
      It´s not easy, but a coach has to know how to be tough on his players but still garner their respect. Time will tell wether Therrien has earned their respect.
      But I would rather have a coach who doesn´t let obvious mistakes slide than one who babies his star players and just keeps them happy at all costs.
      The first method of coaching is tough in this day and age, but I think it is one of integrity.

      • SmartDog says:

        No, but Tortorella is all fire, all the time. It’s his character. And he’s fairly even handed (he craps on anyone who screws up).

        Therrien is worse because a) it’s passive aggressive. It’s not straight up. And b) he craps on players like PK for screwing up while Deharnais screws up all game long. PK is our best player as many games as not. Therrien’s success owes a lot to PK. But that debt is not repaid in praise or support. Instead he’s scewered. Therrien is messsing up here. It will cost him his job.

        Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

      • Mr. Biter says:

        JM to quiet. MT to critical. Next PK’s father?

        Mr. Biter
        No Guts No Glory

    • J.Ambrose.OBrien says:

      Well articulated. And you may well be right.

      I remember Dec. 31, 1975

    • slyCH says:

      Watching 24CH last night there was a clip with MB and MT watching video of a loss, MT left the room in a huff while MB sat dejectedly rubbing his eyes. Now I’m not sold on a coaching change at this point. But MB is no fool, and if and when he feels the need for a change he will act accordingly. Remember, he had limited time after his hire to find a coach. He’s surely putting feelers out since then. When the roof collapses and the time is right, he’ll have someone lined up.

    • CH Marshall says:

      Agree 100%. Couldn’t believe my ears with his not so veiled comment about PK. Even last season I had a gut feeling about this MT despite the “success”. Also agree with Ian above, this team has a few passengers that MB needs to change

  20. JarryPark says:

    Give this a thought and tell me…. What would you do if you were PK after all this perceived negativity by your coach?

    I can tell you what I would do. But I’m not PK

    • EastCoastJoe says:

      I know what you’re getting at, but I think PK has the smarts to know that if he so chooses he will be here long after MT is gone.

      • JarryPark says:

        If he is not signed long term before the end of this season, I would be more worried this time around. It won’t be a holdout but more of a protest.

    • SmartDog says:

      PK is smart enough to know that he holds the real power. He’s due for a $6 million (annual) raise. And by the time he gets it, Therrien will more than likely be gone. Therrien is temporary. PK has 15 years of hockey ahead of him.

      Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

  21. Ian Cobb says:

    This is where we place in a 30team league after 14 games played.

    Total points-16. We are in 16th place. Last week 16 for 11th place.

    Goals For—41. We are in 14th place. Last week 37 for 11th place.

    Goals A—–31. We are in 3rd place. Last week 23 for 4th place.

    Goals Diff +10. We are in 10th place. Last week +14 for 3rd place.

    We are right in the middle of the pack. But our goals against is still amazing! Compared to the other 29 teams. And we can only get better as we get healthier!

    Your Summit pictures are now on this link. Click the photo button.

  22. jimmy shaker says:

    What was all the chatter about MT last night? I can’t find any links anywhere. What exactly did he say?

    Shaker out!

    • topher5468 says:

      he basically said two mistakes by the same defenceman costs the habs the game, a missed coverage and a costly turnover , you can assume the rest

      “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

      • CranbrookEd says:

        . . . actually, scoring only a one goal will more than often result in a loss, regardless of the turnovers/loss of coverage from any one player . . . Why after a win does MT talk about what a team effort it was, but after a loss he berates/blames one or two individuals . . .

        Mr. Beliveau: “Pure Pak mais oui”! . . .

        • JarryPark says:

          Bingo! Tread lightly with PK. He still in not signed to a long term deal. He can’t be replaced.

        • jimmy shaker says:

          Great point! I think MB will need to have a talk one on one with MT and maybe with all three together soon. MT, MB and PK

          Shaker out!

        • rljmartin says:

          MT does not know how to manage players. Calls PK out publicly too many times already this year. has a thoroughbred and treats him like a plow horse. All started when he canned PK-Price celebration.

          As for the system, well any school teacher can tell you that you have to adapt and work with what you have. So MT has to have players doing what they do best and naturally…. Some might call it chemistry… Up to the coach to find that and not force players to play just what suits him. The most obvious example right now is what MT is doing with PK. What a waste and PK looks more wasted each passing game… All started on the 1st trip west.

      • jimmy shaker says:

        That’s a great thing to say about any player let alone your star player. Don’t understand what this guy wants from PK. Seems like he wants to silence PK at every turn. I know he stress’s the team concept, but I think he hates the whole PK persona……the flashy plays, the great quotes, the media attention etc etc. I don’t understand how this guy coached pitts with Crosby, Malkin etc. Not sure if MT understands change and adapt for himself. Pissed off but still optimistic with Emmy, Prusty and hopefully Briere playing centre turning up the heat.

        Shaker out!

        • topher5468 says:

          I don’t understand his methods either. There is no way that this team would be 8-7 without him. He has made a few mistakes, so what, he has almost single handedly made the PP one of the leagues more potent. I don’t hear him saying that. I guess you don’t want the kid having too much confidence, he might show it on the ice.

          “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

  23. jimmy shaker says:

    Question: If that was Price or Budaj getting the snot kicked out of him, almost to a dangerous degree, would you guys want somebody, anybody coming off the bench to help him and feed emery a couple of times to boot knowing that they will soon be suspended for 10 games? When I first saw the clip of the fight, I couldn’t believe that A) nobody came to help him (Holtby) and B) the ref was keeping other players on the ice from getting involved. I was thinking the whole time, when is someone on the Caps going to step in here, and nobody did. As I took a day or two to calm down and revisit the situation, I am still coming to same conclusion. If a teammate, notably my goalie is getting smoked, I don’t care what the fine/suspension or angst my coach might have, I’m coming off the bench and taking care of business. What do you chaps think?

    Shaker out!

    • Eddie says:

      In the old days, that would have triggered a bench clearing brawl. Here’s an irony to think about:
      Baseball does not condone fighting like hockey does. But if you hit the wrong player with a pitch, you can see a bench clearing brawl in baseball, and never in hockey.

    • ooder says:

      maybe not leave the bench, but whoever is on the ice better grab the opposing goalie and crack his orbital bone

    • mksness says:

      it was a joke. the refs should be fined and suspended for letting that happen. lots of head shots their. nhl wants blood so they’ll have it and when a guy doesn’t get up i wonder if it will be an “unfortunate hockey play”.

      fighting has no business in hockey regardless of it’s past history in the game.

  24. mksness says:

    any news on briere?

    • jimmy shaker says:

      He was one hour early for a team meeting this morning because he didn’t set his clocks back last night. No just kidding…..guessing like Parros he will be out at least a month and no news on Prust as well. Prust is a bigger concern as his shoulders have been taking a beating the last two years.

      Shaker out

  25. DipsyDoodler says:

    Speaking of useless players, how about that George Parros? He should’ve gone to Wall St. after Princeton. Would’ve made a lot more money and wouldn’t be facing early dementia.

  26. arctic_hab_fan says:

    when will a journalist ask about Michel Therrien’s Antichambre rants involving PK Subban prior to being hired and how that parlays into his relationship with a franchise d man?

    Montreal needs a New Coach

  27. habcertain says:

    I think a big difference between Roy and Therrien, is Roy puts the pressure on himself and Therrien on the players, as evident by his comment of blaming the 4th line for the loss in Minny. that’s rich, regardless of the stats, and what happened, White and Parros come out of the gate and fight. Therrien needs to realize this isn’t the 60’s anymore. felt bad for George having to respond to Therrien’s comment so soon after an horrific accident.

  28. Strummer says:

    PK is playing for what could potentially be an 8 year $64 million contract.
    He ‘s trying to do it all by himself at times and the opposing coaches have learned how to counter when he does.
    “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”

  29. PrimeTime says:

    Coaches teach systems they feel will win. Then they think of how to improve the system. Players who play play as individuals they break the system. When the system is broken the other players are more prone to make mistakes. That’s the reason after a loss players say “we didn’t play our game”. Every Coach would admonish any player when they do not play the system. Coaches get fired when the system is not working and efforts to improve it fail. Habs are not even close to this point. I would love to see PK to Phily for Giroux!!

  30. Bill says:

    Because I am realistic about Budaj. The guy never plays. I didn’t consider the goals weak in any case.

  31. Bill says:

    Strummer: Team defence is about commitment. Right now Roy had the Avalanche totally busting their asses with all five guys getting back and covering everything.

    It’s working now, but the question for the Avs is whether or not they can sustain that over a long period of time.

    • mksness says:

      i’m confident the habs can sustain their type of play over the span of a season :-p.

      the real test for roy will be how they handle a 2-3 game losing streak. always easy to coach when you’re winning. but i have to say i’m impressed with roy and i really think he’s going to continue to be a great coach in the nhl.

    • Strummer says:

      I agree about Roy getting the best out of his guys.
      We were out-coached last night

      “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”

    • Fransaskois says:

      A combined SV% of above .950 is unsustainable, they’ll come back down to earth.

    • habcertain says:

      they said the same thing about the Devils as they cruised to multiple cups, Roy is a better coach then given credit by a lot on this site, just listen to his players, not hearing the same thing here.

  32. HabFab says:

    Blunden returned to Hamilton.

  33. HUDSONHAB says:

    I don’t know how a lot of you nitwits can call yourselves fans.


  34. Bill says:

    Come on. No one can blame Budaj for that loss.

  35. Strummer says:

    Av’s have such a no-name Defence.
    Yet we couldn’t apply pressure or penetrate.

    “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”

  36. mksness says:

    the speculation on subban being injured is kinda funny. so is this he is being too risky business.

    the schedule has been compressed lately and the guys might be feeling it a lil bit. players tend to make more mistakes when they are getting a bit tired. Pk even with his turn over last night was still one of the better players on the ice. And on his turn over no mention of budaj dropping to his knees wayyy too early and giving up the short side and no mention of markov not trying to get back; he just tried to poke check from 7 feet out instead of skating to the player to help out.

    And the other thing is how funny the -3 rating is. one horrible rebound by budaj and the other one in an empty net(blame the empty net goal on subban by the way…)

    • habcertain says:

      I think he an most of the others are playing tentative hockey for fear of making mistakes and the ensuing wrath, and guess what, tentative play leads to more mistakes, the boys needs to go out and just play their game, won’t happen in this environment.

  37. frontenac1 says:

    Boucher? Didn’t he get run out of Dodge because the players tuned him out after one season? They started laughing at his “angry man” schtick?

  38. jrshabs1 says:

    hate to bring this up again..but size is the issue. The Habs have 1 Gallagher..they don’t need a Gionta, and a DD, up front. The Habs have a Georges..they don’t need a Bouillon and a Diaz on the back end.
    Maybe MB isn’t the saviour we thought he was going to be? Maybe MB has some tricks up his sleeve that will turn this team into something that it is not right now?
    Except for a few guys, is this team any different from BG and the goat’s team?
    Is Ryan White a better 4th line centre than Jeff Halpern?

    Go Habs Go!!

  39. Timo says:

    Forget the Habs. What truly sucks is that the winter is here on Nov 2. 10 or so cm of snow, wind, freaking cold. Yeah, that global warming thing is really hitting us hard.

    • ianism says:

      you clearly don’t travel much, do you? seen the glaciers in the Alps? the crazy winters they’re getting in western Europe? desertification of central Africa? get your head out of your ass

  40. Bill says:

    Habilis, I dislike Therrien perhaps more than most posters on this site, but I can’t say he’s done anything but a good job with this team in 2013.

    Pretty debatable that Boucher could do any better.

    • Timo says:

      Can they still get Robert Gainey behind the bench?

    • Fransaskois says:

      In terms of in-game coaching ability and strategy, Boucher is easily better.
      In terms of motivation and team structure, you’ve got to give it to Therrien.

      I think the team can still benefit from Therrien as a coach, I’m not sure the they’re ready for the change.

    • Habilis says:

      Fair point.

      To be honest, I’m not as concerned with his performance as I am with his apparent dislike for P.K. Subban. I think it’s going to come down to a choice between P.K. and Therrien for MB. The last time a GM had to decide between a player and a coach, Patrick went to Colorado and kept winning Cups. We didn’t fare so well.

      I also think that Boucher would be more inclined to give big minutes to those who deserve it, young or old. That alone would be an improvement, IMO.

      It’s just all very familiar. I’d rather see a coaching change now than endure even the possibility of a PK-MT showdown.

  41. Timo says:

    @Matty… I don’t know. I am not paid to spend my time keeping eye on who is out there and make coaching selection. I hope that Bergevin, who is paid handsomely to do that has an idea.

    From my perspective, Therrien was a stop gap measure, as some put it. So now there is a need to put a stop gap to stop gap. Replace Therrien with someone who will not run PK out of town and use that time to finally find a coach that can actually lead a team to the championship.

  42. DipsyDoodler says:

    Changing the topic, is anyone at all disgusted by the fact that Ray Emery isn’t even facing a disciplinary hearing for basically chasing down and pummeling an unwilling combatant?

    Apparently the NHL even has “rules” governing this situation.

    And according to those “rules” you can only be suspended for pouncing on and pummeling an unwilling opponent, IF IT’S THE THIRD TIME YOU HAVE DONE IT IN ONE SEASON!


    • mksness says:

      it’s good old time tough hockey…. let there be blood. but if i were emery i would be careful. i have a feeling someone will be crashing your net a bit more or maybe giroux might get run.

    • NCRhabsfan says:

      I don’t know why he isn’t facing criminal charges. The guy is an animal. He punched a trainer is Russia and ran a fan off the road in Ottawa. The guy is a certified lunatic. They should have sloped the cuffs on him on the ice.

  43. Habilis says:

    Does anyone else hope that Guy Boucher is locked in some soundproof room somewhere, furiously watching Habs games while concocting a game plan that actually maximizes the lineup’s strengths and minimizes it’s weaknesses?

    It could be true.

  44. Is it wrong to laugh at some of the replies today. Why do I take great satisfaction in others pain? I was like that in the infantry too. The harder it rained and the happier I got. I remember one night we were on a fp, and had to cross a river. It was -1, and we stayed on the other side and watched the front for three hours. Our boots and uniforms caked in ice and we were so cold that you were angry and begged for the sun to come up. Does anyone have any idea where I am going with this………STOP LIVING THROUGH YOUR TEAM and just be satisfied you have one to cheer for. OK OK do what ever you want 🙂



    Shane Oliver
    Twitter @Sholi2000
    Custom Sports Figures
    Summit Member

  45. HardHabits says:

    It’s better to have a weak 1st half of the season and a strong second half than it is to have a strong first half and a weak 2nd.

    The Habs are saving themselves for the play-offs… of the 2015-16 season.

    The good news… the Dogs are winning.

  46. Hobie Hansen says:

    It has gotten so bad that I’m almost going to start cheering for David Desharnais!

    Oh and that goal where Crankshaft lost the puck in his skates for a second and Landeskog jumped over the boards behind him was totally not his fault!

    • Timo says:

      There was enough players around to cover for him. Besides, I thought the shot got slightly redirected by Bouillon’s stick. It doesn’t matter… Colorado wanted it more as a team and they got it. Hard work of the entire team paid off. Hard work of only select few didn’t. Pretty simple.

      • Hobie Hansen says:

        Ya I only saw the highlights but listened to it live and followed Boone’s blog, I was working my last night shift, thank god, at the office. The shot Landeskog scored on wasn’t a clear break or anything, Budaj could have stopped it.

    • christophor says:

      He stepped up, didn’t get the puck, and a 2 on 1 resulted.

      How is he not largely responsible for that goal?

  47. HardHabits says:

    The only game I’ve watched this season has been the Summit San Jose game. I really don’t feel like I am missing much.

  48. homerbowen says:

    No more fathers on these trips!!!!!!!!!!
    Team looked pathetic against the very well prepared and coached Avalanche.
    We are a very long way from being a serious contender for the Cup.
    We made a mistake bypassing Patrick for coach, another one signing DD to an extension and gee another one signing Briere. OK now I feel better!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. sweetmad says:

    Not one mention of the fact, we were playing at altitude last night,on a B/B,that will make anybody a little tired.The Av’s played B/B,but they live and work at the altitude.Ask any athlete,about working out at high altitude,it takes getting used to.

    PK has not been himself for about 5 games,he has been falling over with just the slightest push,and he has been tryin too hard not to take penlties,but anyone who says he is anything but great,is perhaps a fairweather fan,you don’t get the Norris even in a shortened season,if you are not the best,and the length of the season has nothing to do with it.In fact if it’s anything it’s harder,it’s like a sprint instead of a 5,000 metrs,which do you think is the hardest.

    Diaz was the only D last night that was not a minus,yet he played 2nd or 3rd,most minutes,do you think we might be missing something here,or it could be he is more used the altitude thing coming from Switzerland.

    I am glad roy is not here,too much ego and a bully to boot,was never crazy about the MT signing,but I would rather him than roy.

  50. DickandDanny says:

    Time for a trade? Some teams who could be ripe for the picking, Philly, Winnipeg, and Carolina to name a few. Wouldn’t Claude Giroux, or Wayne Simmonds, or both look good in habs colours. How about Andrew Ladd, or Jordan Staal to fill that big centre role. You gotta think there are trades that can be made right now, and we certainly could part with a draft pick, some prospects, as well as any number of roster players to get something better than DD, LL, and BG up front. All three are too small, and it’s painfully clear the time has come to fish or cut bait with this present group. I prefer the latter as the fishing has not gone well.

    “A cannonading blast from the wing, by Lafleur”

    • Fransaskois says:

      We aren’t acquiring any of the players you listed primarily due to the cost involved and the age of the players. Simmonds is the only semi-realistic option and he’s valued very highly in PHI.

      Louis Leblanc and Brendan Gallagher shouldn’t be moved. They’ve both taken pretty important steps in becoming better players. Leblanc is not small and doesn’t play like he’s small. In the games so far, he’s shown himself to be one of the best possession players along the boards and in the corners. Brendan Gallagher is small but is ten times as effective physically as a guy like Bourque. We aren’t struggling to establish a net presence so far this year, we’re struggling to contain big forwards. I’d suggest focusing on the defence rather than our steadily improving forward prospects.

      • mksness says:

        leblanc? unmovable? really? okay

      • DickandDanny says:

        BG. Brian Gionta. Not Brendan Gallagher. Gallagher plays like he’s 6’3″. But back to the question of trades, a good GM will hit a team that’s struggling and offer them something they think they need…how about Tinordi, a high draft pick, DD and something else, a player a pick a prospect for Giroux. You have to think big. Our small minded thinking needs to end (yes pun was intended) Look at the NYI and Buffalo. They weren’t afraid to pull off a big trade. Look at Roy getting Talbot for Downie. Everyone thought both trades were nuts but the teams got what they wanted, and needed.

        “A cannonading blast from the wing, by Lafleur”

    • montreal ace says:

      The Flyers are only 6 points behind the caps, for a playoff berth, with a game in hand.

  51. CH Marshall says:

    Flashback to the 24CH scene of MB driving over the Cartier and he’s telling the camera guy how pleased he is with his recent contract signing for DD. If only he could have waited a few more weeks.

  52. montreal ace says:

    Its always nice to have an injured player come back into the lineup, however it is not always beneficial to the team immediately. The player when returning has to be brought up to speed, which at times can effect the overall performance of everyone. I have felt at times that the teams seems to be a man down. This team is still on the drawing board, as far as I am concerned, as without a full lineup, we don’t have the full picture,

  53. JM says:

    I would like for MT to try these lines tomorrow night!!

    Bournival – Galchenyuk – Gallagher
    Pacioretty – Plekanec – Gionta
    Bourque – Eller – Leblanc
    Blunden – White – Holland

    • TheCos says:

      Love it, maybe with the following changes:
      Pacioretty Galchenyuk Gionta
      Bourque Plekanec Gallagher
      Bournival Eller LeBlanc
      Blunden White Holland
      Spread the wealth, and get rid of some of the dirt, and when the injured come back – Prust for Blunden, Briere????

      Freedom is the right to BE wrong, not the right to DO wrong!

  54. Timo says:

    one thing for sure… habs 4th line doesn’t have a hint of energy.

  55. Strummer says:

    Montreal Impact meltdown while getting eliminated by Houston Dynamo- Impact player kicks Dynamo player in the ass while he’s down


    “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”

  56. Bill says:

    The idea that the Habs are not competitive against good teams is not true. Seven losses, and five were by a single goal.

    They lost by more than that to probably the best two teams in the league, Colorado and San Jose. But they were competitive against San Jose and even Colorado, until some third period gaffes.

    The schedule is going to change with all these western conference road games out of the way. The Habs are getting healthy and will do better within their own conference, where the points matter more.

  57. HabFab says:

    Looking thru the French press I could find no mention of the DD benching and going thru the Montreal press, could find no sympathy for his benching. It seems all are getting weary. Perhaps a visit to Hamilton is in order to attempt to recapture his confidence which has disappeared.

  58. punkster says:

    Who’d have thought Travi was such a key component to this team?

    Chill all…they’ll turn it around.


  59. habsfan0 says:

    Toronto Mayor Rob Ford will address allegations made against him this week today on his weekly radio show.

    On his radio show Rob Ford will make these announcements:
    1)He is not a criminal,and does not consort with them.
    I believe him.

    2)He has never done illicit drugs,the video has been doctored to show him on it.
    I believe him.

    3)The Toronto Maple Leafs will win the Stanley Cup in 2014.
    You know, the man may be a raging lunatic,after all.

  60. topher5468 says:

    I try not to become to disheartened over losses because I have come to accept this team for what they are. I love this organization, however, at this point we are not real cup contenders. That being said, I can really appreciate the effort this team gave during the last 2 tough road opponents. A one goal loss as Pommenville was the recipient of a lucky bounce after a really nice comeback from 2 goals down. And last night, we’ll, it was tied late in the third against a 11-1 team. I’ll take the competitive losses until this team can win those, which I’m supremely confident we will.

    PK Subban is a great player and just because he was a minus last game and made some poor decisions and some risky plays that didn’t work out I’m not going to worry about him. He is a stud and I doubt we’d be 8-7 with out him.

    I didn’t think MT calling him out during the presser was fair but we all know, life isn’t fair. He’s a strong player who will be just fine despite the coach’s criticism.

    “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

  61. jeffhabfan says:

    Guys take it easy lost to a team that does not lose at all this year.It nice to hear that the end my be near for DD.

  62. Strummer says:

    I read this morning that the talk among NHL GM’s is that Habs are willing to trade Day-R-Nay- however that contract is an issue

    “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”

    • Timo says:

      Trying to trade Desharnais is like trying to trade Gomer. Even if there are takes for his pathetic play no-one would pay him the money. Habs will have to swallow most of his contract.

    • B says:

      Gee, was it Garrioch who came up with that major “insider scoop” that no one else ever could have imagined?

      –Go Habs Go!–

    • FlyAngler says:

      How much of his cap hit each team would have to absorb would be even more important than the cash. I bet that the Habs would gladly eat more of the cost of the contract if the other team was going to take the bigger part of the cap hit and there are teams in the smaller markets out there who sometimes actually need to take on more salary to get above the cap floor.

      “Elever le flambeau!…Raise the Torch!”

  63. The Dude says:

    I’ll bet anyone here we get HALAKED next game,takers????

  64. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    The Habs are always going to have problem with teams with large forwards with speed…especially when they’re missing their size (Prust, Emeline, etc.). This is why I did not expect much from the team this year. They are simply “NGE”…not good enough. All I want to see is improvement from the youngsters; especially the D in Hamilton.

    “You’re always, always, always looking to make your team better. Always.”- Marc Bergevin

  65. Strummer says:

    Think bringing the dads along might be a distraction?

    “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”

  66. Timo says:

    I guess it was too good of a dreaming hoping to wake up to the news that Therrien was fired. Sigh.

  67. frontenac1 says:

    @slych. I try to keep things on track late at night but stuff happens. I have learned that just before I post some nonsense with naughty words I flip from RDS to CBC to listen to that Surreal and Melodious voice of Bob Cole. It calms me right down.

  68. Stevie.Ray says:

    I predicted the Habs would start off slow, but it will get better.

    Last night was probably Subban’s worst game of the season. Not just because of the McKinnon and O’Reilly goals though. He made more than a handful “risky” plays that didn’t work out last night. And he led the team in minutes played, but nobody wil bring that up. I have a gut feeling though, that he’ll make sure Tuesday is different.

    And how about that PGG line? There was shift where they absolutely dominated, and a lot of that credit I think goes to Galchenyuk. He is so much more noticeable at center because he can get into the play more. I hope he gets more time there (even though that’s bad news for Eller).

    But alas, he will be stuck on the wing as long as DD is there. Even when he isn’t making mistakes, the other team isn’t scoring when he is on the ice. Even when he is making plays happen, he can’t seem to score. How long into the season last year was it until Cole got traded? I anticipate a move happening soon, but for less in return.

  69. Mattyleg says:

    Front pointed out something that has slipped by many people (including me) in the panic of the catastrophic (note sarcasm, svp) events of the past two days:

    We are still missing key players to injury. Max only started looking like himself in the 3rd period, we are missing our workhorse Prust, and Emelin is going to be back soon, giving Frankie the Bull a well-deserved break.

    We’ve got a pile of rookies trying to adapt to the NHL while battling against the league’s top teams.

    We’ve kept all of our last games close, and everyone who has the rattan cane out for Therrien must at least be able to admit that he has done a good job keeping our team competitive despite being so shorthanded.

    Glad to see him sit DD last night. Apparently Bergevin slammed his hand on the counter when he missed that sitter on Friday; nobody wants to see Li’l Davey perform more than MB does. One way or the other, Bergevin will have learned a valuable lesson about signing players. And.. before you get the tar and feathers out for him, point me in the direction of a GM who hasn’t signed a bad deal so I can heartily shake him by the hand.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

    • The Jackal says:

      Good post Matty.

      And people may want to take note that yesterday was the first time we lost by more than a goal. So it’s not like we were killed in our other losses, we just got the short end of the stick, we were always in the games but you can’t win em all.

      Hockey sine stercore tauri.

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      Hey Matty!

      Thanks for the nice comment in the “older comments” section.

      Things can get heated sometimes and I do my best to push it to the limit without going completely crazy.

      I love debating with you and you do a great job of getting under my skin! You’d cause me to get a 2 minute roughing call late in the game and you’d probably tap in the winning goal while I was in the box!

    • Maritime Ronn says:

      The big one is Emelin
      He moves to the top 4meaning someone in the top 4 now moves to the 3rd pairing meaning that someone playing 5-6 now will be in the pres box

    • JM says:

      Matty – yes we are competitive till we start making mistakes. Last night was a prime example. We have only beaten two good teams so far. except for Emelin we have had all these injured players in the line up and we can still only beat the weaker teams there’s something wrong. The Avalanche don’t have any big stars and they’re doing fine. No there’s something missing here …

  70. Bill says:

    With one assist in fifteen games playing decent minutes with good line mates, and a long term contract at 3.5 million, I think it is safe to say that Desharnais clears waivers.

    • Luke says:

      Or a team like Detroit picks him up, he scores 55-65 points for the next 5 years and everyone here loses it because we quit on such an ‘obvious talent’.

      Don’t overlook that possibility too, Bill!

      Good morning folks, enjoy the sun! (Assuming you have Sun where you are, and that its morning).

      • slyCH says:

        LOL. Yeah, that’s a big possibility. But a smurf is gone, right? I won’t lose it but will be happy for the little guy. I don’t dislike him, just don’t feel he fits with our team needs at the moment.

        I’m in Key West, always sunny here.

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      No joke, I think the majority GMs, fans and anybody who’s ever put on a pair of skates felt that way minutes after the contract was signed last season.

      Five minutes after that deal was signed you wouldn’t find a team willing to take him.

      Our only chance to get rid of Desharnais is if a team is quickly relocated to Quebec city. They’d be the only other ones dumb enough to sign a player because he’s French. Maybe they’d take Briere too?

      • Mattyleg says:

        Desharnais is from Laurier Station, Quebec, not France.

        And I imagine that rather than ‘French Canadian’ (which is what I assume you were trying to say) perhaps you should say ‘local’. It gets the point across without making you seem discriminatory.

        —Hope Springs Eternal—

        • Hobie Hansen says:

          That’s completely the situation with both Briere and Desharnais isn’t it? Bergevin just closed his eyes and crossed his fingers that these guys would turn out so he could please the fan base, no?

          I love French players and people in general. I’m just being blunt. I would have loved Lecavalier at the right price and term.

          I’ve been watching RDS for 20 years now and I’m pretty proud of the level of my spoken French right now too btw! :-).

  71. The Jackal says:

    Looks like the sky is falling once more here at HIO.

    We’ve finally confirmed that Therrien hates PK. The authorities found a video of Therrien smoking crack with Don Cherry and talking about how he tries to play him as little as possible because he is a liability.

    Yeah right. Therrien may be an uninspiring coach by calling players/the team out in his post-game comments, but this is not news and we have no idea, other than pure speculation, whether or not it affects the player to the extent that they abandon their coach.

    But there is evidence to suggest that the team is willing to pay the price, play as a unit, and not quit on the team – which includes the coach. Maybe, what we don’t know is that the players understand that the coach will make remarks to the media, and they accept it. You guys are grossly overreacting – All of MT’s post-game comments are obvious points that don’t need to be spoken to be known – these are points that he will definitely talk about with his players and they are said in the usual vague hockey lingo.

    Honestly, if the players were jumping ship, they would not be blocking shots and never giving up on plays. They have faith in what the coaching staff preaches and they try to stick to the plan. PK is not off because of MT, chances are he has a nagging injury or is playing scared because of the BS phantom calls against him – he is trying to do too much while over-thinking it. And PK lied to us when he said he is not thinking about the Olympics – perhaps he is trying to do too much to impress Stevie Y, maybe its affecting his game a bit.

    Blaming the coach and GM for the state of the team is totally flawed. MT did his best last season and we did not do too shabby – and don’t bring up the playoffs as evidence that he is bad because we were injury-ridden by then, but nonetheless played a hard series that we lost mostly because of terrible luck. Similarly, we’ve had a decent start and a few of our losses were just bad bounces. It has only been 15 games and despite being 8-7 we’ve been strong in our GAA and have lost because we have had some trouble scoring as of late.

    There really is no need to panic.
    Sure, MB made a couple of bad signings, but he did not know some youngsters would make them superfluous – at the time, LL and Bournival had yet to develop and show the promise they do now. But anyhow, Briere can still help the team and we still have yet to get Prust and Emelin.

    The season is long, and we are not doing too badly. And no, MT does not hate Subban, and no, Subban is not playing poorly because of MT. He won a Norris under him FFS. And if it ever did get to the point where it was one of the other, PK would obviously be kept in the organization – that is the case 100% of the time. Forget the Roy trade, that was another era, you can’t look at that and say that it will happen again.

    And lastly, STOP talking about this stupid PK-gate. It is pure speculation and if the media starts to run with it, it will cause problems for the team – that kind of talk is what creates toxic atmospheres and reputations that are undeserved. Remember when PK was holding out and the media took teammates’ comments to mean they did not like him? Yeah, now PK has a rep for not being a team guy. And now if this story runs, PK is gonna be the guy who has trouble fitting in with the coach, etc.
    So stop, you have no idea, and you are just talking about a huge assumption.

    Hockey sine stercore tauri.

    • New says:

      I think the best player on today’s Canadiens will be Galchenyuk. I am reminded that the Habs got Galchenyuk because they were almost the worst team in the league in the 82 game 2012 season. They fired their coach just before a game without a replacement, traded players during a game, fired the GM before the end of the season, and set up a committee to rebuild the office. I am reminded how they burst from the gate in the 2013 48 game season and finished fourth overall, although they were faltering at the end.

      The Canadiens aren’t the worst team in the League, and they aren’t the best. The third center on Colorado is an 18 year old named MacKinnon. He has 9 points. The third center on Montreal is the injured Briere with 3, or the uninjured DD with 1. Can Galchenyuk play center? Probably. Would he be any more a liability at center than MacKinnon? Probably not. Would the Habs be as strong down center as Colorado then? Yes.

      PK is fine. He is an offensive D man. The leading scorer on the team who has the second best shooting % of the D (Gorges is twice as good shooting % wise – go figure) but he isn’t all that hot from the D zone circles on in. His forte is from the circles out. He would make a great winger.

      The Habs are cobbled together and do their best to get by. Some nights they’re pumped but you can’t maintain that over 82 games. Some nights they aren’t really clicking. As pros they won’t do that all season either.

      The media needs stories and started PK Gate. The media decides the Norris and PK fits the bill. Goalies are heros to the media because a red light comes on. Pretty exciting around the net so the media watches and discusses. Likewise a D man cranking shots off opponents, friends, glass, and goalies is exciting. That the leading scorer on the team does not play much PK time (often because he is serving the penalty himself) concerns the media, so they make a story. Why? Because the media voted PK the Norris and if the media asks why PK doesn’t play the PK they can not accept any answer that involves an inference that the media was wrong, that PK was an offensive machine who has not yet perfected his whole game. Karlsson is the same way. The media doesn’t talk about that either.

      The fans just echo what the broadcasts or written media tell them.

    • Habs4LifeInTO says:

      Some good rational thoughts there. Like you, I noticed the sun came up this morning! I am encourage by Bournival’s progress and Louis is looking to be a useful player. We played our back up last night (no disrespect for Peter who is super) and we have a nice core of younguns both in the NHL and on the farm. I think things will be fine in the near future and they are pretty good right now, too. The Habs had their troubles these last two games. Leave them behind and move on.

      24 cups and counting….

  72. Bill says:

    Burly, without the context of knowing the poster’s general frame of mind, basic opinions, level of sanity, and human decency, we’d have a really hard time interpreting the post.

    Lots of times I read a post by someone I don’t recognize, and I have no idea if they are being really dumb or really sarcastic.

  73. JM says:

    The Habs are not as good as they look sometimes. Most of their points they have earned are from weaker teams. Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe we only beat two good teams thus far in the schedule. Anaheim, and Vancouver. Should some of the weaker teams start getting better we’re doomed.
    The Habs are what they are. No matter who you bring up from the Bulldogs. They won’t be any better. The only way this team is gonna get better. Get rid of the Dead wood. Most of the fans on here has pointed this out for years now.
    We have a team that can probably make the playoffs but they won’t make it pass the 1st round with some of the players we presently have. If MB want to make the playoffs and go a couple of rounds Changes has to be made soonest …. Again, Get rid of the Dead wood.

    • The Dude says:

      Lets not forget the 20 + year fact that the Habs usually get worse and fade away as the season progresses while other teams shore up with new faces through trades whilst jockeying for play-off play… I’ll say it again, Marc Bergervin destroyed his name in Habs history by not co-running the team with Patric Roy and because of this the Fans Will Suffer!

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