About last night …

PrustGionta celebrate

That was the good news after a nervous but hugely entertaining 5-3 win over the not-as-lousy-as-you-think-they-are Columbus Blue Jackets:

The Canadiens announced Max-Pac has a strained hamstring. He will be out of the  lineup for three weeks.

It could have been worse. When Pacioretty went down on his sixth shift of the first period in Winnipeg, it looked like a knee or groin injury that might jeopardize his season.

Beginning with Nashville’s visit to the Bell Centre on Saturday, the Canadiens will play 10 games before Pacioretty’s projected return to action. Six will be on home ice, and the only game against a division rival is the Nov. 7 visit to Ottawa.

So we’re probably spared a Simon Gagné signing.

Pacioretty is the Canadiens’ premier power forward. And that’s a somewhat misleading description, because Max-Pac relies more on speed, skill and finesse than on Lucicesque rockin’ and sockin’.

The Canadiens don’t have a Milan Lucic. Nor, on the evidence of this game, do they have a Boone Jenner and R.J. Umberger. The Canadiens are hoping that first-round draft choice Michael MacCarron becomes a classic power forward, but that mammoth ship won’t be coming in for two or three years.

Columbus erased a 3-0 deficit and nearly spoiled the Canadiens’ welcome home party because the Blue Jackets have several forwards who don’t mind parking themselves in areas where most Canadiens forwards – with the notable exception of wee Brendan Gallagher – fear to tread. While compiling an impressive 5-2 start, your boys have been outhit in all seven games – including a 25-19 advantage for the big, bad Blue Jackets.

(Man, that sounds ridiculous!)

Lars Eller had four hits, one more than Brandon Prust, the indomitable warrior who moved up on LW with Tomas Plekanec and Brian Gionta and ended the game plus-3. Travis Moen and Ryan White each had a couple hits, and eight Canadiens had one each. Six defencemen combined for five hits. Jarred Tinordi had none.

I hate to nit-pick after the Canadiens’ fourth straight win, but the team’s lack of physicality is worrisome.

Price outplayed Bobrovsky and did so with white jerseys crashing his crease all night. The only Canadien who went to Bobrovsky’s net was Brendan Gallagher, and I think he got there by skating between Fedor Tyutin’s legs.

OK, let’s banish the negativity. The cavalry is coming.

Mac-Pac will be back in November, as will Douglas Murray and Alexei Emelin. By the time he gets to The Show, MacCarron will be cheeseburger shy of 250.

Until then, the Canadiens will get their Ws on team speed and great goaltending.

The former quality has been a hallmark of Montreal hockey teams since Red Fisher was Brendan Gallagher’s age. And the team has added another racehorse in rookie Michaël Bournival, whose acceleration terrifies defenders and brings a new dimension to the Canadiens’ fourth line. Call the kid Daniel Paille Lite – and I think Bournival has Top 9 upside.

Bournival had five shots and scored the first goal of his career off a lovely pass by Andrei Markov, who scored his first of the year. The Markov goal and Plekanec’s empty-netter were the Canadiens’ second and third shorties in seven games. Last season’s SHG total: 0.

Markov added an assist. His defence partner had two helpers, lifting his total to eight assists – tops among NHL defencemen. P.K. has points in seven straight games. Does any sane person – Steve Yzerman included – doubt that Subban is Sochi-bound?

P.K. also took two penalties. One was a very dubious elbowing call and raised the question someone posed on Twitter: How come Norris Trophy laureates Chris Pronger and Zdeno Chara always got away with attempted murder while P.K. gets called from borderline crap?

Maybe for the same reason Barack Obama is despised, by some, as a Kenyan Marxist traitor?

I’m just sayin’ …

Where would your Montreal Canadiens be without P.K.?

Hint: Not two points behind Toronto and Detroit in the Atlantic Division, with a game in hand on each.

And where would they be without Carey Price?

I can’t even bring myself to hint …

• Lars Eller and Tomas Plekanec both played 17:50.

• Alex Galchenyuk overhandled the puck a couple times and ended the game at -1 – his first minus night this season.

• Jarred Tinordi played 10:29 and only scared Michel Therrien for about 10:20.

• David Desharnais had no SoG, but I thought he hustled. And DD won five of his nine draws (the only Canadiens centre above .500) and was on to take a crucial D-zone faceoff late in the game.

• The Canadiens plus-12 goal differential is the best in the Eastern Conference and third in the NHL behind San Jose’s ridiculous plus-20 and Colorado’s plus-13.

• The Canadiens were 5-2 after seven last season.







  1. Habsrule1 says:

    Love this team so far. Sure they’re not perfect, but they have some really good parts and many are only getting better.
    PK will win another Norris, despite some mistakes in judgment. I don’t think I’d trade him for any other player in the NHL.

    Go Habs Go!!

    “Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.” – Sam Pollock

    • Plekasuares says:

      Would you trade pk for crosby?


      • Habsrule1 says:

        I might be crazy but I don’t think so. I think we need D more than Crosby right now.
        And I haven’t gotten into the whole concussion issue yet.

        I could probably be swayed, but something tells me PK is more valuable to us than Crosby would be.

        Take your shots…..I can take it!

        Go Habs Go!!

        “Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.” – Sam Pollock

        • J_P says:

          I completely agree actually. I would not trade PK for Crosby straight up. Puck moving defensemen of PK’s caliber are extremely hard to find. What I like most about your post is the who’s more valuable statement. The pens still win without crosby, I dont know how well the habs would fair without PK for prolonged periods of time.

      • Thomas Le Fan says:

        No, non, nay, nyet and everything else that means definitely not.

        There is no crying in baseball, “i” in team or “chuck” in Galchenyuk but … there is fighting in hockey.

  2. krob1000 says:

    Why do teams not mix up their forechecking/defesnvie strategies throughout games more? These are the best palyers in the world…why they cannot shift from aggressive to passive or vary their systems at will and by the shift if necessary does not make sense to me. I think it would really thorw a wrench into other teams gameplans if some coach decided to call with his linechanges different systems every time they went on the ice…or run 2 traps then dump and go 2-1-2 aggressive,etc. Completely mix it up and keep the opposition on their toes and dictate the way the game is going to be played.

    The closest thing you see to it is the change once a comfortable lead is obtained by why can you not switch it up more often witht he best and smartest players in the world?
    I think it may in fact be really good for maintaining pace and concentration…guys would not be able to disappear into a sustained system and would be forced to be in the game at all times. The only downside I see is a possible communication cross up….that happens anyway and puck luck is puck luck…if football teams can get 11 guys working in sync every play why can hockey caoches not get a team varying by shifts of for small stretches more frequently?

    • rljmartin says:

      Good idea Krob. They have the next line on the bench, easy to change the system. Maybe one line is better suited to something else anyway but they are pros and must be able to adapt. Best example of this you see in basketball that often can turn a game completely around.

  3. Phil C says:

    PK acts black? I don’t see it. He seems like such a stereotypical Canadian urban kid from a good middle-class family who grew up playing hockey. He is yappy and plays the game with style and finesse. It’s his personality and talent that draws people’s attention. He could be white, black, purple, doesn’t matter, you would notice him regardless.

  4. Plekasuares says:

    Plekanec is the most valuble player on the canadiens other than Price…wins the defensive zone draw then fakes bob out and scores.

    • Habsrule1 says:

      I’d give that honour to PK, myself.

      Go Habs Go!!

      “Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.” – Sam Pollock

    • Cardiac says:

      PK right now is the Habs MVP. You’re judging Pleks on one game and one play? Nice…

      “There’s genius everywhere, but until they turn pro, it’s like popcorn in the pan. Some pop… some don’t.”
      – Jerry Maguire

      • Plekasuares says:

        See more people look at stats then defensive zone play nice… Nice… No need to rag it was just a comment


        • Habsrule1 says:

          I wan’t looking at stats and I like Pleks but it’s really hard to argue that PK & Price have been the most valuable players on the team….but I respect your opinion as well.

          Go Habs Go!!

          “Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.” – Sam Pollock

          • neumann103 says:

            I am a huge Plekanec fan but in the limited sample size this year, he has not been as big a part of the Habs success. He is still the Habs best forward and does a million things so well. This may be the year that he finally gets eclipsed.

            However there is a difference between:
            1. Best Player
            2. Most Valuable Player
            3. Player whose absence is most critical.

            I think that arguably for much of the past 5 years that Plekanec has been more than one of these. He may not be 1 or 2 anymore but I think he is still 3.

            PK is awesome but last year they found a way to win while he was out being lowballed by Bergevin.

            Price is the real deal but Budaj went 8-1 last year.

            Pacioretty is one of the better wingers in the game.

            But I think an extended Plekabsence would hurt more than any of the above.

            “Et le but!”

    • krob1000 says:

      That used to be the case and I am a huge Pleks fan and have supported him thorugh thick and thin…BUT…..PK Subban may well end up in the Hart Trophy talk this year if early on is any indication.Watching him in armup it is easy to understand why he is so good…he warmsup as if it is a practice…in between drills he does his own drills. Nearly all palyers got hrough the motions…but you see guys like PK, Galchenyuk, PRust …guys that work hard every possible second to improve their skills…..incredible to witness and reaon to expect he will only get better. His stickhandling is other worldly and you combine that with his skating, strength and incredible puck protection skills? virtually unstoppable.

    • rhino514 says:

      The more mind boggling question when thinking about Pleks is:

      How did this team stay competitive when just over a year we did not have Gallagher, Galchenyuk, nor for offensive purposes, Eller.
      And how was it competitive 3 or 4 years ago before Subban was really a factor.
      Think of it; we basically added THREE top six forwards at once without really losing one. Do people realize that kind of improvement can normally take many seasons?
      This is why i laugh at suggestions over the past year that the team is not a real good team, that they should “play for the future as they are nowehere close to being able to win a Cup”.
      You add pieces like we did to a team which was a plus ninety point team and competitve when healthy, you get a real, real good team.
      Sure, it lacks some physicality, but i really believe there may not be a single team in the league as deep offensively as the Montreal Canadiens.
      And after years of boring defensive hockey i am enjoying every minute of it.
      The team´s record last year wasn´t a mirage; they were a heck of a good team which got hit with injuries at eaxctly the wrong time.
      And for those who still think we should “play for the future”, believe me, Gionta, Plekanec, and Markov are NOT going to be easy pieces to replace. I am talking about their leadership and character, not simply their skill set.
      The time to play to win is now. Right now.

      Looking back, guys like Hamrlik, Gill, and even spacek, defensively, may have been quite underrated. Those teams were real tough to play in the playoffs, and the skodas were likely a big part of why.
      Emelin, Tinordi, sure, they bring physicality, but i don´t think they add the veteran poise combined with physicality which a team needs on the back end. Emelin is possibly close; Tiny will take longer. Perhaps a key piece can be added by trade (and i mean someone superior to Murray). Markov is great offensively but just so-so defensively. Subban, of course, needs no commentary, but even he cannot do it alone.
      That´s why i believe we have a real good team, but we still don´t have an A level defence. That´s why we MAY NOT win the big one now, but we sure as heck are good enough to go for it come playoff time.

    • jamman says:

      Lets not get carried away now, Pleks played well last night, I feel he is one of our most well rounded players and good on him for getting the shot off quickly however, the game winner was a little bit of a fluke.

  5. Danno says:

    Everything’s coming up roses!

    Max News Decent

    Canadiens Calm Colombus


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”
    Updates, highlights & great discussions on all things Habs

  6. gmur says:

    Just watched the McLeod hit on Kronwall. I’m not accusing Kronwall of necessarily doing it on purpose, but he turns his back to the oncoming player and puts his head down. If he hadn’t stopped, put his back to McLeod and put his head down…
    In boxing, you protect yourself at all times. In hockey, when you know someone is coming for you from behind, I think the onus is on both players to protect the player on the boards, not just the oncoming player. If Kronwall keeps going with the puck, he simply gets rubbed out.

  7. kalevine says:

    I’m as happy as anyone that Habs are picking up where they left off last regular season, and that Price is playing so well. But I still lament that this is a team built for the regular season. Emelin and Murray should help physically, but they need a bruiser up front. Look at how production is so good even with Briere wasting space, but how much better would things be with an Umberger or a Jenner rather than Briere?

    • Kooch7800 says:

      Jenner is going to be a beast. he uses his size the right way in the dirty areas.

      Briere…no sense beating a dead horse. He may have an injury or at least lets hope but i just don’t see his value

      “Keep your stick on the Ice”

  8. Thomas Le Fan says:

    Another nice win. How about that P.K. Subban? Nifty pass to Bourque, doncha think? Any detractors left? And Price? Hmmmm?

    I’d like to think that my calling out Plekanec got him going. This is what I wanted to see. Great defensive game with offence arising from it. Winning that face off in the last minute and then scoring was perfect.

    As for the refereeing? I’m getting to the point of thinking the league would be better off with just linesmen. Call the majors and let them play hockey. I see way too many calls (going both ways) that are the result of leverage, superior positioning and strength that are called holding or some other stupid thing. Just because someone falls down doesn’t make it a penalty! If the game’s become too fast for them, get rid of them or go back to one for crying out loud.

    Go Habs!

    There is no crying in baseball, “i” in team or “chuck” in Galchenyuk but … there is fighting in hockey.

  9. mrhabby says:

    Boone is correct..the lack of physicality was on display..habs have a hard defending that…

  10. Strummer says:

    Does Subban remind anyone else of Ray Bourque?

    they are roughly the same size-slightly undersized- and like Bourque he is gifted offensively, handles the puck so well, strong skater and is so physically strong that he overcomes a lack of size for a D-Man.

    “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”

    • Adidess says:

      Michel Bergeron made the same comparison during L’Antichambre last night.

    • mrhabby says:

      subban plays with a edge..attitude. Bourque less so.

    • bellcentre hotdog says:

      Speaking of likeness … PK’s spin-o-rama move is very reminiscent of Big Serge and his patented Savardian Spin-o-rama.

      Right now hands down PK is our best player.

      And he keeps getting better!

    • Cal says:

      Bourque was so efficient it was a treat to watch (when he wasn’t playing against the Habs).
      PK is on track to be as good a player as Bourque was.

    • Eddie says:

      I was lucky to see Bourque quite a bit. Ray Bourque is in my top 4 d-men of all time; I include Orr, Robinson and Doug Harvey in that list.

      Subban actually has much better quickness in his foot work and in his hands, and Subban’s speed is more explosive than Bourque.

      Bourque played more like a strong, physical version of Andrei Markov.

      I think Subban’s skating sets him apart – but he needs to play 15 more seasons at this level. hahaha!!

    • neumann103 says:

      No, Chelios.

      There, I said it. (ducks)

      “Et le but!”

  11. 25Stanleycups says:

    I am all for nostalgia, 5 of the 6 original teams, are playing good hockey early on. I also suspect the Rangers will come around once they end this ludicrous 10 game opening season road trip. Ahem, to a home opener of their own against who else, but Les Habitants.

    That game on the 28th happens to also be the only Eastern conference club Montreal meets in the next nine, before November 7ths tilt against the Senators.

    A nine game span that will meet some of the hottest Western clubs no less. Colorado a night after a game in Minny, but not before Anaheim, and San Jose come to town next week. And St Louis, who has beaten the Hawks TWICE, already.

    Sure glad Montreal has a little win streak going now, it will surely help with some confidence when bigger tests come down the line.

    I feel for Pacioretty, hopefully he comes back sooner than later, like when he had his surgery last year. Kids look great again, and Subban is the real deal. Price has played quite well, glad to see him focused, and energised better then ever. I still think Briere will come around, I think we should give him till Christmas to really see what he can offer, and if Emelin is skating already, maybe will see him back sooner then later also.

    And oh yeah, Prust is a beast also, and enough credit is never given to Plex. He is our Datsyuk no question. Always smart, effective, and very clutch at times, love that GW last night, his head is always in the game.

    Still think we can see improvement from our Captain also, but maybe like DD, the rest of the team will help pick them up in time.


  12. habs001 says:

    I have not seen too many players that take as many draws as Plecks lose so many so clean…But the good news is that while this happens many times in the d zone the opposition hardly ever scores…

  13. habs001 says:

    Columbus forwards gave the Habs d problems last night…but they have very limited goal scorers…Teams like Ottawa,Boston etc have forwards that cause the same chaos but their firepower is much higher..If the Habs make the playoffs i am sure the starting d will not be the same as last night because i dont believe the same 6 starting d from last night could beat Ottawa,Boston in a playoff series.

    • Cal says:

      Columbus missed Horton and Gaborik last night. They are going to be threat to score a lot, that team.

      • Kooch7800 says:

        Columbus isn’t a bad team. They almost made it last year and if it was a full year they would have made the playoffs. They are a physical fast team. I didn’t like them running Gallagher so much. The habs played decent last night but they need to play a bit more physical than they did. They were too soft. Murray and Emelin will help that when they return

        “Keep your stick on the Ice”

        • Cal says:

          Being tough enough is going to matter once the games head into November and beyond. Habs aren’t tough enough for the post season.
          Still, it’s good that the Habs have started well.

  14. frankcasting says:

    Dear Danny Briere: Please, take the high road. Retire. Now. Or make a quiet, sweet buyout deal. I’d really rather see Beaulieu on the wing. Even he would have got that 2 on 1 shot on goal, or made a decent pass. To have that shot blocked, at your age, says volumes about how many mental steps you’ve lost. It’s truly time to go.

    Thank you.

    Loving the Habs since 1965

    • Cal says:

      So, his playing hurt with a probable groin pull isn’t endearing you to him? Need a target after every win? Ridiculous.

    • Habsrule1 says:

      This is a small example of why players don’t come to Montreal as much as they should.
      SOME of the fans are complete idiots (no offense) and dump on their own players again & again & again. Briere hasn’t been very good, I agree, but the season is far from over. Why not lend support when someone is struggling instead of bashing them?

      Will never understand this mentality.

      Go Habs Go!!

      “Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.” – Sam Pollock

  15. Mattyleg says:

    We’ve got to try to keep our intensity level through three periods.
    I think the problem is that we come out flying and playing so hard in the first period that we can’t maintain that level, so we dial it back a bit.

    Problem is, we dial it back too far, and then have trouble ramping it back up again.

    The funny thing last night was that after the BJs scored their 3rd, we just took over; took the puck from them, and didn’t give it back unti we scored again.

    Why didn’t we do that earlier?? my friends and I wondered loudly.

    It’s a long season, and we’re not going to play all games the same way, but it would be good to see the sweet stuff more evenly-spread.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

    • DipsyDoodler says:

      Another reason: the Jackets are good.

    • DAVE. N says:

      I was wondering the same thing, and tried to find stats on whether MT shortened the bench or shifts after the 2nd goal, as Columbus just ramped up. Tried figuring out what changed; no injuries, fights, etc. I believe teams go through periods of intensity changing, but that was quite an extreme change. Give Columbus credit though…no giving up.

    • habs-fan-84 says:

      It was unbelievable Matty. Like you said, after Columbus tied it up the Habs just took over again.

    • rljmartin says:

      If memory serves me correctly…. Did the HABS not suffer similar woes in the second period last year?

    • krob1000 says:

      I was going to post something about this. Witht eh aggressive forecheck the Canadiens play it is taxing. IT puts a ton of pressure on the other teams d and results in sustained pressure and tons of chances early. You are right though it is difficult to play that style all game. I know many are not a fan of it but once we got that 3 goal lead it may have been time to get a little rest….play more conservative with a 5 man neutral zone trap and ride it to the W.

      IF nothing else the team should mae the neutral zone and HAbs bleuline more difficult to gain because once in the end the team is a mess. They are doing the collapse thing as a rule and I don’t think I agree witht he panic that is causes. There are times that it works but if you do it every time it means teams run aroudn the outside with all the time in the world untila chance arises…they then have the advantage to rebounds,etc as they are moving towards the puck and the Canadiens are truning around.

      The other issue is it forces the team to win one on one battles …something the team as a while is not so proficient at (oddly enough they seem fine in the other end). The Habs seem realy good when they are the guy on the boards but not as the guy doing the pinning (obviously this is a blanket statement…they all have diff’t skills but too many guys are losing those in our end).

      I love the forecheck…but I do not like the collapse as automatic….you can even see sometimes instinctively move towards a puck and then back off into their collapse formation.

  16. DAVE. N says:

    In other news….

    Cody Mccloud on Kronwall was a vicious hit…wonder how many games?
    Sharks lose to Dallas!
    Av’s lose first game!

  17. Ian Cobb says:

    Subban is five times the man of the bigots my friend. He has dealt with the prejudice all his life and it rolls off his back like water off a duck, and he just smiles.

    New article below.
    Summit game tickets, News, Pictures and comments

  18. AceTen says:

    So as of right now PK is tied for second in points among ALL skaters with:

    Zetterberg, Stamkos, Datsyuk, St Louis and Henrik Sedin… Only Sidney Crosby has more points.

    Get your cheque book ready Mr. Molson

  19. habstrinifan says:

    “How come Norris Trophy laureates Chris Pronger and Zdeno Chara always got away with attempted murder while P.K. gets called from borderline crap?

    Maybe for the same reason Barack Obama is despised, by some, as a Kenyan Marxist traitor?”

    Habstrinifan: “How come Markov et al pinches and Monsieur Michel Therrien does not PUBLICLY accuse them of costing HABS a goal… and P.K Subban pinches and Monsieur Michel Therrien goes out of his way to make sure that everyone knows that P.K cost the HABS a goal?”

    Maybe Monsieur Michel Therrien sees the Kenyan in P.K.

    • Blade says:

      I think the teams and the styles they play have something to do with it though. Pronger and Chara are/were on teams that are described/classified as big, bruising players. Big hits during their games are common place. A big hit by a habs player is much more rare event and then noticed a bit more. Just a theory….

      • gmur says:

        I agree. You’d be sending people to the box all night against Boston. They always get away with muggings, especially in the playoffs. Just watch Toronto when the playoffs start. They will be after anyone with talent after every whistle, and refs will look the other way.

        I also think the way Subban hits is not all that common, so refs may look at it closely. Not too many players have the athletic qualities necessary to move the way Subban does, and his hits are erratic… almost arse-first… He doesn’t really throw the classic hip check; but most players who tried to hit the way he does would end up in the hospital.

    • Mattyleg says:

      I think it’s more about the fact that Markov is a vet and doesn’t need people pointing things out, while PK is still learning.

      I don’t think that Therrien doesn’t like black people.

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

    • The Jackal says:

      Jeez, Trini, I value your posts and your contributions, but these claims about MT, not just yours but also those on MT’s “questionable accountability practices,” are a knee-jerk reactions at best.

      I don’t think MT has anything against PK. He is not being misused or mistreated, and if you don’t have to play him 28 minutes a game, then that’s a good thing – you don’t want to burn him out mid-season. And publicly call out PK? I don’t think that’s what is going on. PK is a great player who is still getting better. But he is also still in the process of refining his game. It’s ok to point out if mistakes are made. They point that out to all players, not just PK.

      Hockey sine stercore tauri.

    • Cal says:

      I think Therrien sees PK as his best player that can get even better. MT is always challenging him PK. In other words, he is coaching him into being an even better player, so it’s not some narrow racist thing that MT is up to.

    • Phil C says:

      I’m sure MT has a picture of PK on his bedside table that he kisses every night before he goes to sleep in his official Habs Subban PJs. PK is every coach’s dream and MT’s meal ticket.

  20. Blade says:

    I agree with Dipsy Doodle down there regarding Therrien and PK. I had a feeling that PK turned it down a notch after the “pinch in” goal and also noticed that he pinched with about 5 second left in the second period which led to a decent scoring chance for Columbus. I think Therrien talked to him and PK dialed it down a bit. That is fine, but be careful….there are much more positives to his game when he is aggressive like that than negatives. He is something to watch. That pass to Bourque at full speed was a beauty!!

  21. third generation haber says:

    Bournival > Briere, White > Desharnais

    j.p. murray

    • DipsyDoodler says:

      4 game winning streak, man.

      And DD is playing well now. Did you see that pass to Bourque in the 3rd?

      • third generation haber says:

        He does deserve some praise for hustling these days; they pay him enough to so.
        I like DD; I just don’t see him as a top 6 forward. Come play-off time, I don’t see him as a starter. Until he starts playing like Gallagher (totally fuckin fearless), I have no use for him (seriously sick of the smurf trend).

        He came in at a time when we had very little depth at center, otherwise I don’t think we’d even know his name.
        j.p. murray

        • DipsyDoodler says:

          1. As I’ve pointed out many times, top 6 centres do not earn $3.5M in this league.

          2. I’m sick of people using “smurf” all the time. It’s witless. It’s unoriginal. Remember the first gen haber cheered on Yvan Cournoyer and the 2nd gen cheered Mats Naslund.

  22. frontenac1 says:

    The leafs get out shot and out chanced every game! Their goal/shot % is off the map. Bernier looks ordinary. Reality will set in soon. It always does.

  23. Ian Cobb says:

    Edit. I was wrong about Ryan White at face offs.

    New article below.
    Summit game tickets, News, Pictures and comments

  24. 123456 says:

    Thie frist period last night was IMO the Habs best period of the season – they dominated the play continually. And I thought Bobski made a few very nice saves to keep his team in the game – he ultimately let in 2 weak goals but he was playing very well at the start of the game.

    Habs were so close to blowing the game – still need to be better in their own end – they seem to get running around too much. So as to not point fingers we all know a couple of the Dmen could be stronger in front of their net.

    So, the point of this was was to mention how great the Habs played in the first – could easily have been 3-0 or even 4-0.

  25. Strummer says:

    This is dedicated to Briere and DD

    “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”

  26. DipsyDoodler says:

    I wasn’t happy with Therrien as coach but I have to admit he’s got the team playing well.

    However last night at his press conference, on two occasions (in both official languages) he criticized Subban for that 2nd goal. This bothers me. First, it was Eller who messed up. Subban pinched knowing that Eller was covering the point. OK you might argue that Eller is still young but I don’t think Subban made an error in judgment. It was still the 2nd period, not the last 5 min of a close game.

    But if you think he made a mistake why not tell him in private rather than criticize him publicly? Besides, Subban was directly responsible for our first 2 goals. Why not emphasize that instead?

    • habs-fan-84 says:

      I don’t know, I wasn’t a huge fan of that pinch when we were already up 3 – 1. I think Subban had confidence in Eller covering for him, but at that point I’m not sure it was the right decision.

      At times PK has looked other worldly and the best player on the ice (by a country mile), but there are times he makes some questionable decisions (see the 3rd period of the game in Winnipeg). Once PK learns to pick his spots better he will be unstoppable.

    • rljmartin says:

      Agree with you 100% DipsyDo.

      Subban did not become Subban by playing safe all his life. Great players are not afraid to go out on a limb. The best in the NHL all get burned but that does not change their status as elite players.

      Easy to criticize Subban after the play… hindsight is 20:20. I say let him loose and let him play. We will all be happy. MT should not reign him in, especially not in public.

      • habs-fan-84 says:

        He wouldn’t say in public what he hasn’t already told him in private. Its not a big deal.

        • rljmartin says:

          No doubt…. So why the need to do it in press conference?

          • habs-fan-84 says:

            I didn’t see the press conference, so I don’t know if Therrien went out of his way to point this out or if he was simply asked about PKs game. If he was simply asked about PKs game, then there’s nothing wrong with being honest and identifying something he didn’t like (as long as it’s fair and balanced – which I assume it was).

            Lastly, with regards to this:

            “I say let him loose and let him play. We will all be happy. MT should not reign him in, especially not in public.”

            This is tantamount to saying “let PK Subban do whatever he wants out there, unlike his teammates he does not need to be held accountable (for his play)”. I hope you realize how ridiculous this sounds.

  27. sCOTT1243 says:

    Just saw that Bernier goal…wow. Wonder where some of you guys would hang him, outside Bell Centre or Old Montreal?

    We won so I ll be positive. PK is ridiculous, but as some said, he needs to know when to play aggressive and when to stay back.

    Agree with the ref comments, to miss a high stick like that on Ghallagher you are either blind or totally ignored it.

    Price won that game with that save at the end…keep it up CP.

  28. 2mins4lookinsooogood says:

    So, can we get a little love here sans harrumphing for the Man from Mount Tofu, the Kale Kid or the dude who calls Siri “Miss”, the one and only …..

    Pierre Gauthier!

    Bourque, Bournival, (Ryan O’Byrne, plugging away in the KHL) Diaz, (Getting Emelin to finally come over) some guy named Eller …

    there’s a reason that he has had a long career in the NHL, and it is time to move forward and remember the legacy.

    “Don’t crush that dwarf Alex Henry, hand me the pliers”

    • third generation haber says:

      I think Gauthier is like Burke; if you make a lot of moves some of them are bound to work-out. But, seriously, nothing can erase the memory of his awful moves. I’m referring to the Gainey/ Gauthier era.

      I think Gauthier’s biggest contribution was getting us Galchenyuk.

      j.p. murray

  29. portle44 says:

    Barack Obama is despised by many because he is a hollow fraud and crude partisan.PK gets called for the marginal stuff because he is a black guy. Just saying

    • Cal says:

      Obama is as much of a fraud as those Tea Party morons. Enough politics.

      • Lwader4 says:

        I’m in the Tea Party. What is moronic about not wanting to spend our children into economic decline, adhere to the constitution and promote free markets? The US is in debt close to $100 trillion; the Government wants us to think it’s only $17 trillion, but they wont’ discuss the unfunded money needed for Social Security, Medicare, and other Government Programs. If you don’t think that will have serious economic implications for the US, Canada and the rest of the world you should go back and brush up on Economics 101. But let’s not let facts get in the way of your opinion.

        I didn’t like PK’s call either, but you can’t change a ref’s mind. Looking forward to the Habs trip to CA next year.

        • Dunboyne Mike says:

          Good to put your cards on the table.
          Here are some of mine — can’t give much credence to a movement that features Sarah Palin. (Maybe you’re post-Sarah Palin?)

    • HabsFanInTampa says:

      Rush Limbaugh, is that you?

    • The Jackal says:

      Oy, tea-bagger, check your inane comments at the door.

      Hockey sine stercore tauri.

  30. frontenac1 says:

    @tophat. Pair them with Physical guys like Murray and Emelin and it might work fine.

  31. frontenac1 says:

    If PK isn’t on Team Canada then Boone is right for sure.

    • rljmartin says:

      Hope that Boone is wrong on that call. Would be interesting to see stats of PIM for other afro-americain/canadian players.

      On the other hand Subban can’t keep throwing that check the way he does. Leaving his feet the way he does is a sure boarding call.

  32. John Q Public says:

    Maurice, give me grace to accept with serenity
    the things that cannot be changed,
    Courage to change the things
    which should be changed,
    and the Wisdom to distinguish
    the one from the other.

    Living one period at a time,
    Enjoying one shift at a time,
    Accepting hardship as a pathway to winning,
    Taking, as The Rocket did,
    This f***ed up world as it is,
    Not as I would have it,
    Trusting that You will make all things right,
    If I surrender to Your game-plan,
    So that I may be reasonably happy this season,
    And supremely happy with You forever in the playoffs.

    Go Habs Go.

  33. JF says:

    P.K. is spectacular, dominant, and outrageously talented. That display of stickhandling, puck control, and deking on the Bournival goal was absolutely dazzling. Highlight of the night.

    As others have pointed out, P.K. is quickly becoming one of the leaders on the team, certainly the most outspoken leader. He showed it in criticizing himself and his team-mates after the Calgary game. He shows it on the ice just about every game, trying to lift the team when they’re down, trying to lead the attack whenever possible. He is forthright, articulate, intelligent.

    I think he should be our next captain. Koivu was a good captain, Gionta certainly leads by example on the ice, but it’s time the Montreal Canadiens, the most storied franchise in the NHL, had a captain with a little more flamboyance, someone with a bit of a larger-than-life quality to them. P.K. has that, along with magnetism, passion, and conviction. He just needs to learn to be a bit more discreet in dealing with the officials, who plainly have it in for him. Maybe he still needs a bit more maturity, but he’s almost there.

  34. Ian Cobb says:

    In this 30 team league, here is how we place today!
    I will post this every Sunday during the year. Starting after our Fan Summit Oct 25th and 26th. see you all there.

    Total Points———10. We are in 8th place.
    Goals For————25. We are in 5th place.
    Goals Against——-13. We are in 4th place.
    Goal Differential–+12. We are in 3rd place.

    New article below.
    Summit game tickets, News, Pictures and comments

  35. frontenac1 says:

    PK-Markov. Don’t break them up! Diaz is Really scary in his own end. I want to see him with Murray. And TU-74 with Gorges. That was nuts in Carey”s paint. And put a minder on the ice with Gally! The abuse he takes behind the play and after whistles is crazy. Saludos!

    • tophab says:

      gorges and diaz =girls hockey.lets hope we somehow get rid of them.

    • I was listening to XM92 yesterday, they had a SJ writer on (or someone like that) they said their great start was credited to moving slowing moving defenseman out. Murray was named and now Imma scared 🙂 when he comes back.

      Shane Oliver
      Twitter @Sholi2000
      Custom Sports Figures
      Summit Member

      • Dunboyne Mike says:

        Hi Sholi.
        Hopefully it’s a case of our needs being different from SJ’s. There’s no way MB failed to notice that Murray is slow, which he indubitably is, and hopefully he took him anyway because we are more in need of bulk in front of CP than of speed.

        And tophab, you and all of us are entitled to express any opinion we like about players, but I’d like to suggest that the implication of your comment is demeaning to something — “girls hockey” — that doesn’t warrant it.

  36. adamkennelly says:

    just in case anyone watched that game with their eyes closed – news flash….Briere is totally fakin useless….his ass needs to be benched – period.

    • jrs10069 says:

      You should have used a capital U…USELESS. You know what he looks like? He looks like a 36 year old small guy playing in a league that has passed him by. He can’t keep up and as a result makes bad decisions (behind the back pass, really, lets focus on passing the puck to the guys on the other team who you can see). Good news is that DD is looking much better, at least he’s flying around the ice. If he learns to get rid of the puck a little faster he’ll do just fine.


    • Phil C says:

      Yes but, but, but…

      No, you you are right, he has been awful, time to sit him. He must be injured because he looks soooooooo slow out there, no pop in his step at all.

      Especially given how well Bournival is playing. What does he have to do to get a shot in the top nine? He produced in the pre-season, he’s producing on the fourth line, he’s playing a 200′ game, blocking shots, probably the fastest forward on the team. How can you not play this guy more, C’mon Man!

      • adamkennelly says:

        Bournival looks like Guy Lafleur compared to Briere..and if you want to play moneyball – factor in the dollar cost per second of useful hockey (I was going to use minute but then Briere would never get to 1) and what you have yourself with is a very easy decision….

  37. Eddie says:

    Before the game on RDS there was a great point made about Subban and his leadership.
    After the Calgary loss, Subban had complained that the team had practiced badly before the game, and he included himself in that statement.
    The team, and Subban, have rallied ever since.
    That is a sign that Subban is beginning to “lead” this team.

    • Cal says:

      He has taken the team in hand since that second period in Calgary.
      PK has kept it up since and is playing great. Is he playing mistake-free hockey? Not at all, because offensive Dmen take risks for high rewards.

    • Walmyr says:

      Eddie…PK Subban is that type of player who won’t need a C on his equipment to be considered a leader…

      and yes, IMO he is one of the leaders already…although I don’t know how the things are internally (dressing room, etc…)…but watching a little of the CH24 we can see how great he is with his comrads…


  38. 123456 says:

    Was it just me or did Pleks intentionally look to his left before he scored the Habs 4th goal. IMO this caused bobski to look for a pass and Pleks fooled him.

    Pleks did this a few years back against Boston – he was at the faceoff dot and looked cross ice like he was passing and instead too a shot that went in.

  39. JUST ME says:

    Yesterday`s game was a typical example on how P.k. really leads that team. Started with an unstoppable appetite and then it got more difficult but still had enough to manage to get the 2 points.
    Not a bad team the Blue Jackets. They have hard working talented players and quite a few of those i would take on my team.

    Let`s hope that we don`t get to talk about who gets the net in the olympics after every game cause it`s already an overtalked topic. Let the best one be chosen and that`s it.

    Quite happy cause this could have been the case of an apparent easy two points lost or a damn 3 points game but ended well
    finaly with the surge our our ever reliable Plecky !

  40. Walmyr says:

    good morning gentlemen…



  41. Eddie says:

    There are many bad refs in the NHL and last night we were “treated” to two of them. Not calling that high stick against Gallagher was outrageous. Unspeakably bad.

    The elbowing call against Subban was blown by these same refs. It had nothing to do with politics. Nothing to do with racism. Nothing to do with Obama. Nothing to do with Kenya. And nothing to do with Marxism.

    NHL refs are the worst officials in pro sports.

    • 123456 says:

      Here is the problem: PK laid out a “good” check but he did make contact to the head with his elbow – isn’t thast the defn of an elbowing penalty? Also PK leaves his feet when he delivers those hard checks – he needs to tone it down. I love big hard clean checks and OK is a clean player but is is playing on a line right now that should not be crossed.

      PS: Mr/ Boone – Obama is dispised not because of any of the traits you mention – it’s because he is an arrogant SOB.

      • Eddie says:

        there was no contact with the elbow – check the video.

        • 123456 says:

          when I watched it life – which is when the ref’s make penalties calls – his arm was up. no it was not severe but it’s looked lik there was contact.

          just like when a player puts there stick into the midsection of another player but does not hook them – you sure look guilty if your stick is in there – just keep it down!

          • HabinBurlington says:

            Watching it live it looked like the elbow came up, especially the angle the ref in our defensive zone had. Only on the replay was it obvious that no elbow made contact. I can understand why that call is made, those big hits PK throws are wild looking compared to most in the league and I think the refs over react in turn, to them.

            I don’t mind those hits on occasion to remind other teams forwards to enter with caution, but they do seem to catch the ire of the zebras. But I agree when I first watched it live, I thought the elbow came up, hard to blame the ref, despite him being wrong.

      • tophab says:

        he made no contact to the head, the check was perfect.

        • dsturge10 says:

          Agreed. Looked clean to me. That area of the ice on both sides of the rink is really becoming PK’s “office.” He’s decked many customers trying to gain our zone there. I remember the first one was on the opposite side of the rink against “Toucan Sam” (Marchand) a few years back.

          “We don’t feel the pressure. We apply the pressure.” – Michel Therrien

          • Dunboyne Mike says:

            I’ve watched the Marchand hit so many times I’ve worn out that bit of youtube on my computer.

            Doesn’t matter — it’s imprinted in my memory so I can enjoy it whenever I want.

  42. Marc10 says:

    Ron Fournier pumping Patteryn’s tyres tonight. Has been getting good reports on the kid. Thinks Tinordi and Beaulieu will both and up back in Ham and that Patteryn might be the 7th man once the big guys return from injury.

    98.5 crew reckons PK has to make the safe plays with time winding down… That high risk gambles will cost him a spot on the Olympic Team in spite of his obvious qualities on the PP.

    • Habfan10912 says:

      You do not leave the best defenceman in the league off your roster unless you prefer silver or bronze to gold.

      • Eddie says:

        Thankfully, the 98.5 “crew” doesn’t choose the team.

        Your Avatar will be hanging from the Bell Center if the Habs sign Subban to the 8 year deal he deserves.

        We have not seen a d-man this dominant in a Habs sweater since Larry Robinson.

    • JUST ME says:

      Ron Fournier is not a reference. He is a clown ,one of those who decades ago played the game and acts in 2013 as they belong. I guess it takes all kind of radio personnalities but he ranks in the bottom of the list when it comes to credibility.

    • DipsyDoodler says:

      I’m cheering for Sweden or Finland if PK is left off the team.

      Which would be convenient as Team Canada has Claude Julien and I want nothing good to happen to that loathsome toad.

  43. Ton says:

    Lets not carried away with PK……..many of you likely don’t remember the greats……firstly I am happy he is on my team but he’s not one of the all time greats……..ask yourself>

    Is he a true leader and captain material?….Not now and maybe never! That me attitude needs to disappear

    Can he complete his rushes……hardly……..he has the ability to gain the zone but often does put himself out of position. Does he look good making those rushes absolutely if that is important!

    I feel sorry for many you who haven’t see Bobby Orr live in action, Brad Park, Serge Savard in his youth, Denis Potvin, Larry Robinson, Paul Coffey, all these players are far better D’s than Subban. Yes he is an assset to our team but don’t overlook that he has a long way to go. In my opinion he did not deserve to be a star yesterday……penalties and he got caught up ice several times. Before our posters go bananas……..Subban is an asset to our team but lets not jump the gun on his greatness quite yet! .

    • All time Greats? Who on earth is calling a 24 year old all time great. Most of us are just really excited to finally have a defenseman as exciting as he is. I mean Markov has been one of our best players for years, and not even he has come to the statistical level as PK could reach.

      Next, never compare players from different eras, it just can’t be done.

      Lastly, as a Habs fan not only should we get carried away with PK, it’s our duty to! 🙂

      Shane Oliver
      Twitter @Sholi2000
      Custom Sports Figures
      Summit Member

    • Cal says:

      I’ve seen Orr, Robinson, Serge, Potvin and Coffey.
      PK is a rare talent who can skate like Orr and hit like Robinson. That “me” attitude you are detecting is far-fetched and very likely illusory (on your part). PK has been speaking “team” since MT’s arrival.
      I feel sorry you don’t appreciate how good PK is and how much better he is since 2011. And, yes, he is captain material. As of right now, he dominates and controls the game. That’s what leaders do.

    • doc359 says:

      How is he not captain material again?
      What “me attitude”? I haven’t seen it at all. In fact, every time someone mentions it, it is never backed up by something he actually does, just a bunch of pundits looking for an excuse to rag on him.

      He rushes when the oppurtunity presents itself and when you have the ability to wheel and deal like PK does, joining that rush is a huge advantage for the Habs. And according to the stats, it doesn’t cost the team that much, since he always has amazing Corsi and Fenwick numbers. Most truly gifted defensemen join the rush, and Subban is fast enough to often get back when in matters to make up for mistakes.

      I’m not saying he is a sure-fire Hall of Famer like the guys you listed, mostly because the dude is 24 years old and has yet to even hit his prime. But did you see his assist on the Bournival goal? That is the stuff that makes other players drool.

      Fact of the matter is, he is one, if not THE, best defensemen in the NHL right now, backed by a Norris and an even better start tot he season than he had last year. Anyone that watches his interviews can see there is no me-first attitude, and anyone that looks at his training program can clearly see he works his butt off to be the best. I don’t know another player in the world I would rather have than PK Subban on my team. And that’s not getting carried away. That’s just looking at the facts

    • Grimmly says:

      Bobby Orr would have had his short career even more short in the new NHL, and all except maybe Robinson , and thats a big maybe, would not have had such a good career if they played today. Goalies stop more, players are bigger, the game is faster. You cant compare a different NHL to one of the past. Ive watched many older games, and Id rather watch todays NHL thank you

    • Savardian Spin-o-rama says:

      I don’t think people are saying he’s an ALL TIME great but rather the cream-of-the-crop among his peers. Let’s wait 10 years before pronouncing him worthy of comparison to the guys you mentioned. I say that have seen all the guys you mention play, although only on TV. You know what? I say PK outshines his contemporaries as much as they did theirs, with the exception of #4 who was…well, let’s just say there’s a reason they call him the greatest to ever play the game.

    • JUST ME says:

      P.K. is just P.K.
      Let`s not make him what he is not. Time will tell where he fits among the players in the NHL but we do not decide that he is great when he actually and hopefully only started his career.
      The only thing that we can say is that this guy can change a game by himself and carry the team forward but also sometimes the habs go as P.K. goes.

      I have seen all the greats you are naming and they all have one thing in common. They cannot be compared to anybody. They have their own style . For what we have seen so far, P.K. seems to be made of the same fabric. Let`s not get carried away or be our usual negative habs kind of fan, let`s just enjoy without expectations.

    • Geezerfan says:

      I am old enough to have see Butch Bouchard Sr. (on TV starting in 1953), and every one of the names you have mentioned in your post, live. I don’t get your lack of recognition for pure talent which PK has as much, if not more, than some of the greats. PK will be a “lifer” with the Habs and his sweater will hang up in the rafters soon after his retirement.

    • neumann103 says:

      I am old enough to have seen all of those guys. I didn’t live in an NHL city growing up so did not see them all play live, however on trips to Montreal in my teen years did see Robinson, Savard and Coffey.

      I don’t know that many people are suggesting PK is already an all time great. I think it is unlikely that he ever passes (in order)
      but maybe a pre-broken leg Savard is not out of the question.

      He is already better than Brad Park.

      “Et le but!”

  44. Cal says:

    Another good to great game for Price, but he can’t bail out bad D every game to allow 2 or less.
    PK is rounding into the best Dman in the game. No respect from the refs yet, but it will come.
    I am glad Bobrovsky whiffed on Pleks’ shot.

    Columbus has some young (and big) talent up front in Atkinson, Johansen and Jenner. They are going to be better pretty soon, unlike the choking Oilers.

    5 and 2. Pretty damned good.

  45. John Q Public says:

    So it seems we need more refs on the ice, maybe 4 of them would do it!
    Really what a farce the NHL has become.
    With 1 ref at least, good or bad you knew how the game would be called.
    Now …………………………………… ???

  46. --Habs-- says:

    My only thought is late in a game and putting DD out on the ice for a faceoff in the defensive zone doesn’t exactly comfort me nor make me feel good about the 5 and 2 record! Thank God the Jackets were missing one of the best power forwards in the league and one of the top forwards in the league.

    Go HABS Go

  47. Habfan10912 says:

    Good morning all. Can Bournival stay in the lineup now, please?

    Funny how this game is sometimes.

    The boys overcame the dreaded 3 goal lead plus the first game back from a long road trip.

    Pleks played probably his best game of the season against Vancouver and you can’t find him on the scoresheet. He had a so-so game last night and he pots 2 goals.

    Josh Gorges is a different player this season.

    DD coming off his best showing in a year was back to his old self last night.

    Although the club was credited with two shorties, it appears that penalty killing may be the weak link with this club once again.

    Oh yeah, PK was once again the best player on the ice last night.

    • Allo JImmy! Would you like some kibbles and bits? Whatda, whoda?

      Pleks was great!

      Desharnais was invisible to me, but that’s a good thing, means he wasn’t making any mistakes.

      PK only played 22:57 last night, I’m afraid TSN can’t put him on the Norris or Sochi just yet. He’s just not that good. I mean he can’t handle puck very well, his shot is all over the place, and his skating is average. 😆

      Thursday is fast approaching…….

      Shane Oliver
      Twitter @Sholi2000
      Custom Sports Figures
      Summit Member

      • Ian Cobb says:

        PK had 4 min in the Box and 2 goals were scored on us, but they were very poor calls calls. He has to stop talking to the reffs during the game, they will get him!

        We were lucky to get two points last night for sure.!

  48. Curtis O Habs says:

    Fortunately for Captain Gionta, no one is talking about his selfish ‘ I can`t take a hit ‘ penalty resulting in Columbus` third goal.

  49. Ian Cobb says:



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    Everything is walking distance, so park your car for the weekend.
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    Summit game tickets, News, Pictures and comments

  50. Maritime Ronn says:

    Re the Subban penalty for elbowing

    Unless Subban recently grew a 3rd elbow protruding from his back, how was that a penalty?
    As clearly seen in the replay at the 55 second mark, the only contact was Subban’s back to the Columbus player’s shoulder.


    Mr. Boone’s effort in trying to link or compare PK/US President as reasons for Subban’s penalties is way off base and complete hogwash.

    Perhaps the last step for Subban to take is to learn to STFU on the ice.
    As for Pronger/Chara, rarely did you see these guys yapping forever on the ice. They rarely ever showed up a ref and when you do that, you sometimes get the benefit of the doubt.

    • zephyr says:

      one of many poor calls & non-calls. how about gallagher getting his teeth flossed & not called? that would have been 4 or 5 mins? might as well get some kids league teenage soccer refs to do the games for $25.

    • Habfan10912 says:

      Morning Ronn. PK has been met with this type of crap the minute he stepped on an NHL rink. I suspect those that watched the young man play Juniors and minor hockey saw it there as well. I’m not one to raise any of these types of issues so I won’t. Boone can defend or not what he chose to write.

      As for Pronger and Chara, they have very had very little to gripe about in their careers, official-wise. In fact one of those players is allowed to break necks without suspension.
      As for the whinning, chirping stuff, the second best player in the league (see what I did here), Crosby, does more chirping then anyone. Where’s his repercussions?

      • Maritime Ronn says:

        Hi Jim

        Points taken, yet do you remember Crosby was given 110 Penalty minutes in his rookie year?
        When he did manage to play a full season, he always had +70 PIMs.

        Does he sometimes get a pass? Of course he does being Bettman’s chosen face for the NHL.

        As for Chara- see Colin Campbell, best buddy of Boston owner

  51. fun police says:

    I don’t know why people get worked up about being out hit, it is just an indication that we have the puck more than the opposition. I’d rather be a puck possession team and win games than a team that has to out hit opponents because we are dumping and chasing all night.

    • zephyr says:

      that’s an interesting comment. I never thought of it that way but ur right. u don’t want it to be very 1-sided but i’d rather have the possession team too.

  52. HabinBurlington says:

    Someone mentioned it yesterday, but there appears to be a bit of a glitch with HI/O. When on the home page, There is an entire paragraph written by Boone for About Last Night that can be read, but, when you click on ALN and open up the complete ALN this paragraph does not appear.

    Just an fyi Stu, Mike, etc….

  53. chemic says:

    sometimes you just know when you witness some true greatness. subban on “full on beast mode” (he is the marshall lynch of the nhl) in the first period was one of those moments.

    that was a blueprint of an exciting hockey game, no stupid fighting, just pure, fast and skilled hockey. gotta give them jackets some credit for keeping it up and not doing some goon bs after going down three goals.

  54. HabsLifer says:

    Ever been wrong and be happy about it? I was wrong with my assumption that Patches had an ACL issue. It looked like something I had had years ago. Well, I’m happy that I was wrong!. Patches to miss only a few weeks! Great news.
    Now back to reality (I hope I’m wrong again). Our Habs will not win the prize this year. Great chemistry, great goaltending, Norris trophy winner, some good young players, decent coach, lots of grit up front. What’s missing? A balance defence. Diaz was scarry last night as he normally is. Tinordi, IMO. still has improvements to make to his game. Gorges, love the guy, gets bounced off the puck too often. Good shot blocker though. Probably his best attribute.
    We have a lot of good young players. Love Bournival, reminds me of a younger Plek. I wished they would have used Beaulieu up front as previously reported. Having said that, the team looks like it has enough horses to make it to the playoffs. How far they go? Not this year.

    Claude Provost Rocked!

  55. Maritime Ronn says:

    The Bournival goal was one of the best displays of puck handling/passing seen in a while.
    Great moves by PK-pass to Markov- and Markov’s great vision found Bournival.

    From here, what was really impressive was exactly how that play started.
    Moen wins a puck battle along the boards. (yea, that Moen)
    Bournival picks up the loose puck.
    He skates towards the corner-sees no room-doesn’t panic-puts on the breaks-passes the puck back to Markov-then moves towards the net to find an open space.

    That type of smarts and poise is rarely seen from a 4 game NHL rookie that was picked 71st overall in the 2010 Draft
    What was also nice to see was the reaction of his teammates on the bench.
    They genuinely looked happy for the youngster.

  56. christophor says:

    As was often repeated last year after similar claims about being out-hit: if you have the puck a lot, you’re likely to get out-hit. The opposite is true for blocked shots: if you’re racking them up, your opponent is probably controlling the game.

  57. HabinBurlington says:

    An important win, if the Habs go on to lose that game last night, all we hear about is how the Habs can’t hold a lead, can’t finish off a game and how this team is prone for collapse. One might even say that perhaps there was some measuring stick involved in last nights game.

    Having said that, I agree with Boone in having some concern about the teams lack of physicality, specifically the way players like Jenner were parked in front of Carey last night. Watching replays of the puck in the Habs end, it was amazing how hard Price was having to work in order to try and follow that puck. This will get more challenging as we play more of our divisional rivals I fear.

    Bournival indeed looked wonderful last night and at the other end of the spectrum Briere continues to appear less than. There was one particular play (first period I think) where Briere had a chance to chase down the puck in the Columbus end. He tried to skate full speed and I couldn’t believe how laborious his skating appeared. I don’t believe this was just age, he looked like a guy nursing a bad groin. If indeed he is not 100% healthy I fail to understand how team medical staff and coaches don’t recognize this. At this point a Charles Hudon I think could provide more, I am not trying to poo poo the signing (despite being less than enamoured by it) but rather if we are to get perks from this signing Briere needs to be healthy.

    Major league shout out to Plex, that goal he scored was something else, while most thought it was deflected, it rather appears he did some kind of head and shoulder fake on Bobo and caught him cheating across the crease. That was huge, and only fitting he picked up the empty netter moments later.

    Good win, but still things to work on.

    Good Morning and CHeers everyone!

    • Captain aHab says:

      When Plex comes across the blue line up the middle and cuts to his left, he almost always shoots to the far post. Bobo got caught but that shot was seeing eye.

      Me skull and crossbones arn’t the only thing I plan on raisin’ tonight.

    • JF says:

      Plekanec scored a goal on Bobrovsky with an almost identical fake a few years ago. He was coming in alone on the wing, looked across at his team-mate on the other side, got Bobrovsky hesitating, and wired it.

    • I just hope that when YummYiN (Emelin for the linguistically challenged) gets back the hitting resumes. Then in a couple years whenever Tinordi is ready for prime time he’ll be a wreaking machine too. When that happens it won’t matter how big or small the offense is. Well it will matter here but what do we know? 🙂

      Shane Oliver
      Twitter @Sholi2000
      Custom Sports Figures
      Summit Member

  58. zephyr says:

    glad it’s not max’s knee & that it’s only 3 weeks. it sure looked like his knee to me. that means it’s only 2 weeks for wolverine.
    the habs played hard until they got a 3-0 lead & then they coasted. I told my son columbus would tie it up. then they went back to work again. we gave up way too many chances (to a team that struggles for offense). price looked very good. hope he keeps it up.
    bournival looks great & should play every nite. pk might be the best defenseman I’ve ever seen. I was always partial to robinson. robinson was intimidating physically & controlled the game but man is pk a force. he looks like a man among boys at times.
    obama is a lousy president. i’m not even sure he’s a good human being but he sure wears sheep’s clothing well. I think all lawyers should be prohibited from being public leaders. plus I like the saying (mark twain?) that politicians are like diapers. they should be changed often & for the same reason.
    oh yeah, the refs were awful again. they missed gallagher getting his teeth flossed despite the blood & pk gets a mystery elbowing call to name only a couple out of many. it looks like the nhl thinks a guy is qualified to be a ref if he can write his name in the sand with a stick.

    • Captain aHab says:

      I sometimes wonder if he doesn’t overtrain….some athletes who were huge on weightlifting realized at some point that losing flexibility hurt their games and ended up easing up on weights. I know he has pros looking after him but he gets an awful lot of injuries.

      Me skull and crossbones arn’t the only thing I plan on raisin’ tonight.

      • zephyr says:

        if you lift properly, then ur stretching right too. lifting doesn’t mean a loss of flexibility unless it’s done improperly. otherwise all those nfl players would be awful. the chara hit was bad luck. max is a power fwd tho & all those guys get banged up no matter how tough they are. even so, I think the only major time he’s missed was the chara injury.

  59. Ah first post of the day, WHAT A FEELING!

    Listen up purple! Purple? Whatda, whoda?

    Oli get off the computer….arg….bif…..bang…..pow!

    That’s better. Good morning fellow Habs brothers, nice to see you all. Yeah that’s right, a little win streak goin on.

    I was at my son’s draft day photo shoot last night so I PVR the game and what a great game to come home to. Well except for the lead and then letting them back in but the Jackets are a good team and we are prone to leads and forgetting the game is still on.

    Diaz! Nice block near the end there.

    PK PK PK I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, players like him have to be let loose. It destroys other team’s systems. He hasn’t been burnt much this season let the cannon loose, and the lets get er on.

    Imagine TSN analysts not even mentioning him as an Olympic defenseman in September.

    Do I have to talk Price, no I don’t.

    TSN Olympic Update.

    1. NO change, Price is Nice!
    2. Reimer out, Luongo in.
    3. Bernier out, Fleury in.
    4. Crawford
    5. Bernier

    Shane Oliver
    Twitter @Sholi2000
    Custom Sports Figures
    Summit Member

    • Maritime Ronn says:

      hi Sholi

      Team Canada Olympic Roster is only due on December 31.
      For just about every team that is the halfway mark or about 40-42 games.
      Lots of hockey to be played….

      I don’t know what happened to MA Fleury over the summer, but he is on fire now:
      6-0-0 Record. .932 SP and 1.82 GAA.
      Kris Letang has not played a single minute this year

      The Gold Medal incumbent goalie Luongo is a notorious slow starter.
      Keep an eye on Josh Harding from Minnesota.

      • My list is a jab at TSN, it changes daily as important goalies win and lose. Last week it was Bernier at the top 😆

        Buds I’m 41, I know there’s lots of hockey, silly sally. Never take me seriously, you’ll see that at the Summit.

        I’ll edit the title so it makes more sense.

        EDIT: Holy Crap, I’m 42!! When did that happen, oh right last 11th haha

        Shane Oliver
        Twitter @Sholi2000
        Custom Sports Figures
        Summit Member

        • Maritime Ronn says:


          TSN had Bernier on top? Are you kidding?

          • HabinBurlington says:

            Ron, what Shane is doing is making a mock list TSN style, and he is making fun of how fickle they are by changing it every single day based on the night before’s results/performances. No TSN didn’t have Bernier on top, but Shane did in his mock list.

            I like when he does this, because listening to the Toronto Sports Network talking heads, he isn’t far off!


          • Maritime Ronn says:

            tks for the heads up burli
            I tuned out TSN a long time ago
            If I want to know about Toronto, I’ll look at their local papers

      • JF says:

        Apparently Fleury consulted a sports psychologist over the summer. He’s been great this season, but will have to convince the Team Canada selection committee that his repetitive meltdowns in the playoffs are a thing of the past. He’s been excellent during the season in each of the last few years since the Penguins won the Cup, horrible in the playoffs.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Top of the Morning to you Shane, less than a week until we’re hoisting pints at Hurley’s!

      CHeers bud!

      • Unlike last year I won’t be pounding back jack the night before Hurley’s. Who knew that after not drinking for a year that you couldn’t sty up until 4am drinking with Montreal’s social elite? 😆 Easy now HIO, by elite I mean whomever I found at the Ye Olde Orchard after closing the place 😆

        Attention Grimjim, after the Ducks game let’s go to Ye Olde Orchard and have one drink. Come on, just one I promise……hehe:)

        Shane Oliver
        Twitter @Sholi2000
        Custom Sports Figures
        Summit Member

  60. holy grail says:

    holy grail

    long time reader first time commenting…..the team looks a lot better since opening night…but i still think they need to be more physical if thats possible….i’d also like to comment on boone’s reference to Obama….he’s not liked because he’s a lousy president…..not because people think he’s from Kenya….

  61. Seps says:

    Subban only has points in 6 straight Boone. Other than that, good read like always.

  62. Dunboyne Mike says:

    Good morning HIO. Based on highlights, this looked like an entertaining home nail-biter that, happily, ended in euphoria when it could so very easily have finished with a debilitating psychological body-blow: a blown three-goal lead. Yikes.

    Great that Bournival opened his account and that Patches will be back so much sooner than expected. Welcome back, Bugs. Was ever an HIO absence so lamented?

    I’ll leave the detailed dissection to the experts (and non- ! Just count me out) and encourage you to watch the nhl.com highlights of the Avs and Red Wings. Looked like a great game, but check out the hilarious Fox commentary on the Avs’ first goal. It illustrates the Sisyphan nature (sorry, doing mythology with Grade 11s this week) of Bettman’s mission.

    Picturing you all sleeping the sleep of the just with little Home-W smiles on your placid and contented faces…. Have a great day.

    • Peter Young says:

      Isn’t the word Sisyphean or are there alternate spellings? Trying to remember 11th grade or maybe in my day we didn’t take up Sisyphus until college. In looking up the word, I found a great quotation: “There is a fine line between the Herculean and the Sisyphean.”

      • Dunboyne Mike says:

        Thanks Peter, and you’re entirely correct.

        So are you of the opinion that Bettman’s American project is in fact SisyphEan? And did you listen to Fox?!


  63. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …well, UCe’s post-game re-cap ain’t ready yet

    …WHAT’s ??? taking You so long Norm !?! 🙁

  64. Bugs says:

    Oh, and by the by,
    Put me down for 75mil for 10yrs for the Soobie-Doo.
    Hell, ain’t MY money…

    Left turn-missin’ L. B. Potter.

  65. J.Ambrose.OBrien says:

    In three weeks, when Patches is back, we’ll face that age old question: where to hide Bergevin’s great error (i.e. D. Briere). Wee Davey is starting to turn his game around, and is a good match with Bourque. Prust’s ceaseless ploughman’s work on that line helps a lot. So that’s 3 good balanced lines, with White, Moen, and Bournival on the 4th (and likely Bournival.getting shifts on the 3rd). So trying to fit Briere in is just destructive.

    God, I hate that signing.

    I remember Dec. 31, 1975

  66. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …a Habs win is ALMOST as good as sex

    …I spilled half a gallon of white latex paint on My tan carpet an hour ago …about 2 to 3 square feet

    …if Our Team lost tonight ? …I would be heard cursing in the next block

    …We won ! …and, I’m singing Bob Marley, and am as glassy-eyed as I would be when I …..

  67. Bugs says:

    ‘Sup with my boy Galchenov (or whatever)?
    Last night, I’m singin his praises, and now this?
    Tree games, man. (forgive the French accent) TREE friggin games, not stealing the show, this guy. Makin me look like a fool. Hell, I can do that MYself. What I need is YOU to steal the dang show!
    It ain’t COMplicated. Steal. The dang. Show.
    Is that askin too MUCH? ‘Course it ain’t.
    Here, come look at this video: “You see dis guy, here? He got da puck. You see what you did, Alex? Recule-lé, Jean-Jacques! Ok. You see what you did? You didn’t take da puck, Alex. You ate hot-dog and made pretty eyes at da girl, dere. Dat’s not how we want you to play on dis team, Alex. You gotta go in dere, Alex. You see? Retrieve dat puck. Just retrieve da puck Alex.
    Den you skate da puck.
    Den you shoot da puck.
    Den Bugs not look like fool.
    Easy game, Alex, ok?
    Ok, ok, next game, Alex, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!”

    Left turn-missin’ L. B. Potter.

  68. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …thank Goodness Tinordi is up …despite the occasional rookie heebie-jeebies, just His physical presense plus mobility alone is enough

    …ask an opponent

  69. Timo says:

    As far as physicality… on D Habs should be ok when Emelin and Murray are in the lineup. Up front, it’s a little tougher. Habs don’t have physical punishing forwards on first 3 lines. And with the trend of signing DD’s and Briere’s who knows when they will be coming. When opposition defensemen going to start looking over their shoulder the way Diaz does when the puck comes near him, then we can say Habs are physical. Right now, even if Habs are dumping a puck, the dmen have no fear going into the corner knowing they will be barely touched.

    • keviathan says:

      Well there’s always Gallagher….

      As much as the speed and style game we can play is fun to watch when it’s working and will hopefully get us into the playoffs, I agree…we’re not going far without 1 or 2 a-hole bruisers who can play on the top 6, crush our enemies and score.

  70. TheDagger says:

    1P 18:10 While Gallagher pleads for a slash call, Tinordi levels Comeau
    I count that as a hit for Tinordi..

  71. habby46 says:

    First!! Finally!!

  72. keviathan says:

    Just want to give Pleks some love here….he may not be flashy or put up huge points year after year but he’s pretty good on the PK and came up with two pretty big goals tonight!

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