About last night …


Remember when your 2013 Montreal Canadiens were a great first-period team?
Through the first 40 games of their season, the Canadiens opened the scoring 28 times.
Through the last six: Once, against Tampa Bay at the Bell Centre last Thursday, when Alex Galchenyuk put his team on the board four minutes into the game.
On the other five occasions, the Canadiens’ opponent has scored first – most recently, Tuesday night in New Jersey.
And the team trailing early – namely the Canadiens – has lost five times.
The Devils led 2-0 at the end of the first period, and the Canadiens maintained their perfect record: They have not won this season when trailing after 20 minutes.

For all the amazing things the Canadiens have accomplished this season – and their recent travails notwithstanding, let’s not lose sight of the fact they have exceeded the expectations of all but their most delusional fans – this is not a great comeback team.

They are 0-7-1 when trailing after one period, 3-12-1 when trailing after two.

Good starts are crucial for this team. And for the last two weeks, the Canadiens have been starting badly.

At least Carey Price wasn’t the problem in New Jersey. The Canadiens’ beleaguered goaltender had no chance on the Patrik Elias power-play goal that opened the scoring. Nor could you fault him for the Steve Sullivan goal – again on a Devils’ PP – that made it 3-0.

Price was deep in his net and probably down too early on the Jacob Josefson goal from in-close. But compared to his recent nightmarish starts, Price played a decent game.

A more high-scoring team than the Devils – say Pittsburgh, or Washington – would have buried the Canadiens early in this one. As has been the case through the slump, an aggressive forecheck produced disarray in the defensive zone throughout the first period.  New Jersey’s big forwards mauled the Canadiens’ undersized – and, in the case of Andrei Markov – immobile defence. And there was little help from backcheckers.

The swarming, five-skaters-on-the-puck that propelled the Canadiens to unlikely success seems to have deserted the team. Maybe opponents have adjusted … though you have to wonder why it took them 40 games to do so. Or perhaps, as some have suggested, the Michel Therrien system is too demanding for a physically small team.

Whatever the explanation, the Canadiens’ speed and dogged pursuit of the puck have deserted them.

There is solace to be drawn from the comeback that turned a 3-0 deficit into a game in New Jersey. Max Pacioretty had a good game, with five shots on Martin F. Brodeur and a couple of hits. Lars Eller scored and worked well with Rene Bourque, who joined Eller and Alex Galchenyuk when Michel Therrien moved Michael Ryder back to Tomas Plekanec’s line.

On the back end, I thought P.K. Subban played a more controlled and effective game than he had during some recent losses. And Raphael Diaz showed signs of rounding into form.

But man, that D misses the physicality of Alexei Emelin. The defencemen are small, they’re soft and they’re getting mauled. And just wait until the refs put their whistles away for the playoffs.

Brandon Prust, the straw who stirred the drink through the first three months of the season, is playing hurt. Prust had 11 minutes of ice time against the Devils. He had no hits and took two penalties.

Brenden Gallagher looks tired. Ryder didn’t have a SoG against the Devils. Colby Armstrong had one hit.

The Canadiens “won” the second half of the game. But the scoreboard showed yet another loss … and this was the most winnable game of the week.

In Winnipeg on Thursday, the Canadiens will play a Jets team fighting for its postseason life. Then the regular season wraps up in Toronto on Saturday night.

And how’s this for a Hockey Night in Canada dream scenario:

The right combination of losses by the Canadiens and Boston, which is also fading badly, and Toronto wins could have the Leafs moving into the Northeast Division lead on Saturday night.

Wouldn’t that be something to warm the black hearts of all those HNIC Leaf-blowers?

And let’s not even think about what that would do to the battered and bruised psyches of Canadiens fans, who are watching their beloved team stumble and bumble their way to a choke job for the ages.

We’ve all heard the cliché “there’s still a lot of hockey to be played” – a rationalization generally offered in late February by a coach who gets fired two days after saying it.

Well, there isn’t a lot of hockey left. The Canadiens play two more regular-season games – against opponents more potent than a New Jersey team that’s out of the playoffs.

In his postgame remarks, Michel Therrien said Xs and Os constitute 50 per cent of a hockey team’s effort. The rest, the coach said, is “intensity … putting on your workboots.”

Therrien’s team showed signs of recapturing that intensity during the last 30 minutes of the game in New Jersey. The Canadiens will need another 120 minutes of total effort to avoid embarrassment in Winnipeg and Toronto.





  1. Remi says:

    I don’t understand people who suddenly think Price is terrible. A slump is a slump, these things happen. Calm down people!

    • commandant says:

      I don’t understand how people can blame any of the goals last night on a goaltender.

      Go Habs Go!
      Your 2013 NHL Draft Headquarters, Now Open.

      • portle44 says:

        I don’t suddenly think that Price is terrible. I think that he is vastly over rated and always has been, relative to his performance.He isn’t Dryden.He isn’t Roy, and he has not yet demonstrated that he is even Jose Theodore, who won a Vezina, a Hart and actually carried the team through some difficult playoff series before pucks started to look like aspirin tablets to him.He spends more time on his knees than a $20 hooker and that’s why goals one and two beat him last night.

        • Remi says:

          I don’t understand what you mean. Comparing any goaltenders to Roy or Dryden obviously makes no sense. The only goaltender PERHAPS in the same category as those two still playing may be Brodeur because he’s been around so damn long. In the past 5 seasons, Price has had better stats on avg, than Theodore at any point with the Habs with exception to Theodore’s 2001 season. Price is currently in a slump, everybody has off periods.

    • Arrow77 says:

      They didn’t suddenly think that, they always thought that. They just come alive during slumps.

  2. Ian Cobb says:

    Desire as a group to swarm, with all out speed, fore checking and back checking seems to have evaporated for some unknown reason.

  3. alfieturcotte says:

    Whatever happens in the playoffs 3 salary dumps MB must consider are: Price, Markov, Gorges.

    • moggs says:

      Yeah, that makes absolutely no sense. They have all played extremely well all year up until the ENTIRE TEAM crapped the bed a few games ago. A real fan does not give up on their star players this easily.

      Boston has lost like 4 out of their last 5. Should they get rid of Chara, Seidenberg, and Rask?

    • mrhabby says:

      wrong…price stays.
      No to Gorges.
      Who replaces Markov.

      MB does need to do something on the back end via trades or he waits to see if Tinordi can make the club next pre-season. He was to do something i agree.

    • Small_Town_Boy says:

      Speaking of dump Go have one it will relieve the pressure.

      Dat’s wha me tinks

  4. Thomas Le Fan says:

    I see they’ve emptied the asylums. It’s hockey, not life or death. Besides a 15th place team has made the playoffs and it’s not over yet. Apparently, some people’s glasses are always empty.
    Are you guys gambling on these games and losing your shirts? Does that explain the rancor?
    How’d you like to be an Oilers fan? Three straight #1’s and out of the playoffs.
    Devils have gone from Stanley Cup finalists to out of the playoffs. I’m glad some people think this is all easy.

    There is no crying in baseball, “i” in team or “chuck” in Galchenyuk.

    • ont fan says:

      No, I don’t think they are gambling on the games. I think they are wannabes and never wasses. They want everyone traded but no real solutions for replacement.. Everyone looks good on the other teams and our players are paid way to much for their comparable talents. They have very little to back this up, but those are just details. We have 5 coaches and probably another 5 upper management that haven’t thot of any real solutions either. Everybody is just stupid, from M.B. on down. That should sum it up.

  5. Old Bald Bird says:

    Perhaps I have a different perspective because I only saw the last half of the game, but they seemed to be playing with more tempo than recently. However, I know that’s not necessarily saying much. Small steps, folk.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      The team certainly improved its play throughout the game. It was something positive I saw as well. It is vital they carry that small step into the start of the Winnipeg game. I do think a couple of breaks or early goals, and this team can get its confidence back. Whether or not the team is then good enough to make a serious run, that is unknown. But they can definitely be better than the current product being displayed.

    • Luke says:

      I thought Price was good last night. He made some very good saves in the first and was pretty solid. That’s my takeaway. We are in the playoffs, and while I’d prefer the 2nd seed, that’s just gravy.
      I mean, I like gravy. Gravy is freakin’ wicked. But no one wants gravy unless they have the prime rib. A bowl of gravy and a spoon? no thanks. Fries and gravy? Sure.

  6. Ozmodiar says:

    A technical hockey question (I hope this is allowed) ….

    WTF was Bouillon trying to do on that 4 on 4 in the 3rd period?? I can’t really be more specific because I’m taking about his whole shift.

  7. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    MOEN 6’4 245lbs OUT
    DREW 6’3″ 238lbs OUT
    WHITE 6’1″ 210lbs OUT
    R.OBYRNE 6’6″ 245lbs GONE
    BULLDOGS Defence with size GONE

    DIAZ 5’3″ 145lbs IN
    WEBER 5’4 162lbs IN
    GORGES 5’8 128lbs IN
    DD 5’1″ 121lbs IN

    ARMSTRONG = wet noodle not ready to be back in the lineup
    BOURQUE = wet noodle not ready to be back in the lineup



    instant turnaround…

    The N.A.G. (North American Grit) effect is the only path to success…

  8. HabFanSince72 says:

    ” In Winnipeg, frostbite is just a flesh wound. ”

    Elsewhere too.

  9. HabinBurlington says:

    Perhaps the currently play of this team is demonstrating why MB didn’t sacrifice any future of the team for some short term help. Given the current play of entire team, I am not sure 1 – 2 players would have helped.

    • mrhabby says:

      logically…its possible he was thinking this but we will never know. He did say that he was satisfied with the team going forward at trade dealine.

  10. HabinBurlington says:

    Well, that was a dreadful start to the game, the team started to show life later in game. As Boone says, they are running out of time to find their game again.

  11. adamkennelly says:

    I’m still mad…this team will get slaughtered in the playoffs – slaughtered…D is so small, soft and tired – it’s literally embarrassing to watch. with Prust hurt – we have ZERO toughness up front and the team plays with no chutzpah at all.

    they should put “nothing but excuses” on the wall…

    if this continues into the playoffs – MT should be fired. MB screwed up by not seizing the opportunity that was presented to this team by their incredible play to start a shortened season.

    • mrhabby says:

      MT will not be fired after coaching 1 season.

    • Maritime Ron says:

      WHAT opportunity should Bergevin have seized and at what cost? Would that opportunity you speak of won us a 7 game series against the Pens?

      • adamkennelly says:

        what is wrong with you? addressing the gaps this team had and trying to compete with the Penguins are 2 very different things. everyone acts like 2nd round draft picks are gold…same people who’ll be bitching in 10 years about who we didn’t draft with these highly valuable picks…team was doing very well – sure could have used some size and toughness up front and on the back end for a nice little playoff run.

        • Maritime Ron says:

          I see you didn’t answer the question.
          A team makes trade deadline moves and overpays when it feels it has a legitimate shot at winning the Cup. For the other issues, they are best addressed over the summer where assets can be properly used.

          If you don’t believe 2nd round picks can’t become big parts of a team you should go check out the 2nd rounders and later during the past decade.

        • Luke says:

          He’s asking what oppotunities were available and missed.

          It’s easy to say MB should have made trades to improve the team, but you do not know what was offered/pursued and what was requested in return.

          Yes, MB should have added Chris Stewart & Pietrangelo at the deadline. I can’t believe he didn’t do it!!

    • Thomas Le Fan says:

      Whoah! Get a grip lad. MT took a 15th place team a long way and you want him fired? I know he and Bergevin pomised to win the cup in his first year but still … oh wait they didn’t do that, did they? Are you really a Habs fan? Do they allow sharp objects where you live? Sorry I couldn’t help that. It’s only hockey, afterall.

      There is no crying in baseball, “i” in team or “chuck” in Galchenyuk.

      • adamkennelly says:

        don’t insult someone you don’t know buddy..his team has sucked for the last 10 games – at the most important time of the season and he has zero clue what to do about it…that’s pretty telling. and MB missed an opportunity to take an overachieving team on a nice playoff run by choosing to do nothing…lastly – next time you commit a bunch of time, and money to get on a plane to go watch a team you have followed for 30 years – then you can’t comment..no one smart was expecting a cup but this team is pissing away home ice advantage and looking a lot like a team that has no chance of winning a single playoff game.

  12. kirbhabs says:

    Lock out years suck

  13. alfieturcotte says:

    Any chance that Moen can play defense? He’s a big body, plays a decent defensive game, and if he is a strong enough skater, he might actually be an upgrade over some of our softies. Think about it – he can clear the net etc. If Weber and Streit can be both F and D, perhaps Moen might warrant an attempt to make him semi-useful to the team.

  14. Small_Town_Boy says:

    We all know that Pro sports is not the “Real World” so lets get that out of the way.

    So people say we should support our team through good & bad. These players are getting enormous ammounts of $$$ to perform each game. Do the players support the fans? NO! Do they care about the Fans NO?

    The Habs loose a game they forget it move on a live their millonare life styles. The fans talk about it for days & days.

    As far as booing your team, if I am paying hundreds of $$$ to watch a game I will if I want to!

    Dat’s wha me tinks

  15. Ozmodiar says:

    Another stinker last night. I’m starting to get a little worried.

    Sure, they only gave up 3 goals and had the puck for a good part of the 3rd period, but that was all part of the Devils “bend, don’t break” game plan. The Devils got the lead, then sat back.

    It’s always tough to try to use a Devils game as a (cough) measuring stick game. I think we’ll have a better idea of where they are after the Jets game.

  16. Habitoban says:

    Only caught the last 2 periods but here are a few questions/observations: (1) Was that the playoff Gionta last night (hope so!) or the amped up Gionta playing in front of (and against) friends and family? (2) Please, please move Bourque to the DD line and move Gally to the Eller line. DD needs space to be effective and Gally can’t be expected to provide that. (3) The 4th line looked great. It’s been a while since we had a 4th line that looked like it was a threat to score.

    • Steeltown Hab says:

      I’m sure Plekanec, Eller or Galchenyuk would love to play with Pacioretty and Gallagher so if that’s not enough for DD to produce he needs to move to the wing.


      Lars, PK, Galchenyuk, Pac, Emelin – @J_Perez22

  17. PrimeTime says:

    The only interesting reads on the site these days is the in-fighting of the posters. Keep it going but bear in mind none of you are right.

  18. adamkennelly says:

    I’ve tried to remain optimistic but this is a f-ng joke…this team is BAD..in all aspects…I bought a plane ticket, and tickets to games 1 and 2 and ever since then – we look like the Habs of last year. I can’t explain it – tired, fed up with MT, who the hell knows but we got no answers to anything….not even losing to good teams…

    I’m pissed off – frankly – Carey Price and a few of his buddies owe me some cash.

    • GrosBill says:

      Thats the spirit, what have the Habs given us to cheer about this year? I am happy we have had something to cheer about at all this year after last season and some playoffs to watch at all is a big bonus. They arent playing that well atm, is very true, but many on the team have been mailing it in.

    • Luke says:

      So, you are telling us this is all your fault?

  19. mrhabby says:

    Even with Emelin in the line up the defense is still suspect and not able to handle a heavy forecheck most of the time. The regular season and playoffs are different animals.
    If we play the leafs don’t think for 1 minute that the game plan is to pound the habs defense. At this point in time not even sure a Tinordi or Pateryn would help being thrown to the wolfs to speak.

    Sure the team has played well and made good strides this year but how long do we have to look at our players getting pounded.

  20. Maritime Ron says:

    At this point in the game, does it really matter if we finish 2-4-5? In recent years, home ice has not been the advantage it once was, and it may even be better for this Habs version to start on the road.

    That being mentioned, I would like to see both Gorges and Markov take the rest of the week off.
    They are both either burnt out, injured, or some combo of both.
    Why not give them a nice rest before the real war starts?

    Do we really need them to be run at all night by Winnipeg and especially Toronto for games that really mean nothing in the big picture?

    If so, then what would be wrong with this? Each pair would have at least 1 big fella and the young guys would play in some upbeat playoff style hockey. We could also see how they react to the tough stuff.



    • Bim says:

      I’d agree with your choice of defence combos. The others are not contributing anyway and at least you would have some size and nastiness out there.

    • Small_Town_Boy says:

      The way those two are playing as of late they won’t be missed. It would help the team!

      Dat’s wha me tinks

    • Habs_101 says:

      I would like to see some changes too, regarding forwards.

      For the last two games I would love to see MT dress the following;

      Patches – Plek – Gallagher
      Galchenyuk – Eller – Ryder
      Bourque- Desharnais- Gionta

      And play them accordingly, bor,des,gio as third line, the other two taking top two minutes and carrying the offensive load. For the playoffs, ideally we have two effecient scoring lines and two efficient checking lines. Possibly mix up that third line as well to balance three and four…

      Bourque – Halpern – Moen
      Prust – Desharnais – Gionta

      …but let the other two try to develop some chemistry and produce at 15+ mins a night.

      GO HABS GO!

  21. Small_Town_Boy says:

    Darling DD is French. Anymore to say?

    Dat’s wha me tinks

  22. arcosenate says:

    Just a couple of thoughts about last night, for what it’s worth:

    -The Devils are out of the playoffs, i think the habs should have taken the body alot more from start til finish, see how much Jersey really wanted to play spoiler, to that end, Moen should have been in. (And someone should get him a mirror to remind him how big he is)

    -By the time they lobbed the puck from their own end to centre ice in a Hail Mary for the 40th time, as coach, I would have told them it’s not working.

    -The defence needs help, they seem to be ground down, is there noone in the organization to help out? Tinordi, Pateryn did not look bad, they were more physical than anyone on the ice last night.

  23. Bim says:

    Just for once I’d like to hear roll of any Habs players lips something other than “we started slow tonite”. The solution is simple if you don’t want to start slow play better. Come to the rink prepared instead of asleep. After tonite Leafs should be only 2 pts behind. Its looking like Leafs will indeed pass both Habs and Bruins (who also look like their drinking from the same koolaid bottle as Habs). Another Habs-Bruins playoff on horizon? I think so!

  24. John Q Public says:

    Why is there a reluctance to rest a player when he obviously needs it?

    Why is there a reluctance to move a player to wing when others have(even just as a test)?

    Spring has sprung, are Les Canadiens done?

    • Steeltown Hab says:

      It’s pretty obvious no other franchise in the NHL would be handling Desharnais the way we have.


      Lars, PK, Galchenyuk, Pac, Emelin – @J_Perez22

    • Bim says:

      Yes they are done! The only thing saving them is the short schedule. Otherwise they would be right back where they were last year. Its all catching up with them now. Probably the best thing that could ever happen to them now is if they wre indeed to play the Bruins in the opener because they look s bad as Habs.

      • GrosBill says:

        I do not think anyone thought we would win Stanley this year. As far as them being done if this was an 82 game season, I guess anyone can guess. I will suggest this though – MB would still have time to try and fill the void left by Emelin.

        • John Q Public says:

          I did not think Stanley was obtainable but the way we have just collapsed is killing me(literally,figuratively and otherwise).

          How do you play so well for so long and then kaput, crap.

          They teased me and I was excited, but now ………………………..

  25. Thomas Le Fan says:

    In sports, it’s extremely difficult to both develop and win. I think this team is going in the right direction and real fans will show some patience. Have a look at the Oilers. Maybe our mistake was to develop … and win, at least in the short term. There were moments last night when we looked very good indeed.

    There is no crying in baseball, “i” in team or “chuck” in Galchenyuk.

  26. commandant says:

    Josh Morrissey, #15 on the draft board


    Go Habs Go!
    Your 2013 NHL Draft Headquarters, Now Open.

  27. Steeltown Hab says:

    1) Markov and Weber on the penalty kill, enough said. The PK is bad enough, then add the brutal personnel decisions to it and no wonder we can’t climb out of the basement.

    2) Still overusing Markov, another 24. Is JJ Daigneault the PK and Defense coach? Guy needs to give his head a shake.

    3) Eller Galchenyuk need PP time. Everyone other unit get possession and immediately try to fire it back to Subban Markov who are heavily covered. Good players should be taking advantage of the space opened up down low.

    4) Ryder and DD both can’t skate at an NHL, if they’re not producing it’s just an anchor for their line-mates to carry, let’s hope they get going.

    5) Gorges-Subban, Tinordi – Diaz, Markov – Pateryn/Bouillon, Markov should never step foot on the PK.

    6) Thumbs up Rene Bourque


    Lars, PK, Galchenyuk, Pac, Emelin – @J_Perez22

    • Cal says:

      Eller TOI last night: 16:10 2 shots 1 goal
      Chucky TOI last night: 15:28 0 shots 1 assist.
      DD TOI last night: 15:10 1 shot 1 assist.

      Yep, the kids were better.

    • Luke says:

      1) Weber looked lost on that breakaway. Markov was fine.
      2) Who else are you going to play over Markov other than PK? He’s the second best Dman on the team. By a Longshot.
      3) Not sure about the AG/LE not being used on the PP. I do notice they get pinned in their zone often at reg strength. Maybe that’s part of it.
      4) Yes they can. Yes they are. No their not. Yes we do.
      5) What the season has shown us is the lack of depth on D, and the ‘not-quite-ready-for-primetime’ D prospects. That said, play ’em. Put Tinordi/Beaulieu in (just one). Leave Bou in.
      6) Eww. Gross.

  28. RetroMikey says:

    We know what our issues with this team is, we’ve basically “tweaked” this team to get better since those dreadful Gainey years as GM, especially blowing ship on this team in 2009.
    As I have stated, this club will be a work in progress, good and bad times during the regular season but many dreadful years ahead if we don’t have a plan with this club.
    This club will not go anywhere if Bergevin expects speed and skill with a very small and fragile club will go very far int he playoffs.
    Bergevin is not stupid nor his asistant GM Dudley, I see us releasing the weak smaller fragile players and bring in big players who play with grit and although not fast, will bring something to the club.
    I am certain that everyone was surprised we made the playoffs, I it would have been better if we got a top 5 draft pick this year which is supposed to bring a great draft for all those non – playoff teams that pick.
    But for our once mighty Habs, the fans will be happy we made the playoffs and disappointed we exit in the first round to the up and coming Leafs.
    You can’t h ave it both ways fans.
    So enjoy watching our team against a stronger, hard working bunch of Leafs, my prediction….those Leafs in 6.
    Kiss this short season goodbye then and back to year 2 in Septemberl for Bergevin’s rebuilding of this franchise.
    Nice season for the youngsters on this club.

    “We will win the Cup one day only with ? in the nets “

    • ed says:

      after reading a few of your posts I can’t help but come to one final conclusion:

      you, sir, are not a Montreal Canadiens fan.

      • RetroMikey says:

        You don’t know me, others here who know me that I am a big time Montreal Canadiens fan, and others in the memorabilia circle know I am one of the biggest collectors of vintage items the club has produced.
        Critical of the club? Most definitely.
        Do I care if I hurt your feelings or others? No.
        Move forward.

        “We will win the Cup one day only with ? in the nets “

        • ed says:

          you say:

          “But for our once mighty Habs, the fans will be happy we made the playoffs and disappointed we exit in the first round to the up and coming Leafs.
          You can’t h ave it both ways fans.”

          so which way do you have it? if we, the fans, can’t have it “both” ways, which way do YOU see it??

          you seem to separate yourself from the “fans” in your posts; like there are Montreal Canadiens “fans” and then there is YOU.

    • Small_Town_Boy says:

      Funny thing Mickey, you were NO WHERE to been seen when Montreal was winning!

      Dat’s wha me tinks

      • RetroMikey says:

        Ooooooh, that hurt! I have been here even when they win.
        I will be cheering with my family for our Habs in Toronto for games 1 and 2 at the ACC.
        Will try to put on a smiling face when they meet and not be too critical, 🙂

        “We will win the Cup one day only with ? in the nets “

    • mrhabby says:

      mikey ..teams just don’t release players. The players have contracts . The paper has to be dealt with. Trades, demoted etc,etc and proper asset management is required.

  29. Maritime Ron says:

    Eller and Galchenyuk deserve more ice time and no better time than NOW!

    The notion that rookies need to be brought on slowly is so 1960’s. Even the old stoogie NFL is starting to play rookie QBs right out of the draft such as RGIII, Andrew Luck, and Russel Williams to name just a few.

    Why the Habs feel they are so special and smarter than everyone else to go against the recent NHL trend of playing the elite rookies is confusing and detrimental to our team’s performance

    Galchenyuk is an elite player-drafted 3rd, and we had a chance at that spot because were just weren’t good last year.

    Here is a list of some of some Top 5 draft picks that played right away from junior and their minutes in their Rookie Year.

    Galchenyuk 12:19 48 minutes of PP time
    Yakupov 14:21 with 108 PP minutes

    Ryan Nugent-Hopkins 17:36
    Gabriel Landeskog 18:36

    Taylor Hall 18:12
    Tyler Seguin 12:12 but very understandable playing on a legitimate Cup contender and the eventual Cup winner that had great Centers in Bergeron-Krejci along with Peverley and Kelly as Top 9

    John Tavares 18:00
    Matt Duchene 17:43

    As mentioned, if Galchenyuk was behind Crosby/Malkin or Kopitar/Carter duos that would be understandable……but Desharnais? Come on.

    • Steeltown Hab says:



      Lars, PK, Galchenyuk, Pac, Emelin – @J_Perez22

    • Luke says:

      So the only team that had any level of success with the young draft pick was Boston, who won the Cup, and they were the only team that limited the playing time of that young draft pick.

      Not sure what your point is, but right now you’ve clearly illustrated the benefit of bringing along the young guys slowly. Especially if you factor in the Injuries that happened to MD, TH, GL, & RNH.

      RE: NFL – Those players are 5+ years older and playing in pro systems before entering the league. Do you think they’d play an 18yr old on the left side of the O line?

      • Maritime Ron says:

        Boston was a good team to begin with and fluked out on the draft pick because of the Kessel trade.

        The point is that Seguin went to a strong team that was strong down the middle. Are you saying the Habs are so strong down the middle after Plekanec?

        Forwards are much easier to slot in than a Dman.

        As for the NHL, age is irrelevant. The point made was that in the past, there was always an apprenticeship period with very few exceptions. Not today. Not in 2012-13

        • Luke says:

          The point, that you clearly illustrate, is all of those players that did not ‘apprentice’ play for perrenial failures and all except Tavares suffered serious injuries. Some of which seem to be of the lingering variety.
          Galchenyuk already has had major surgery on his knee. He didn’t played a full hockey season last year. Bringing him along methodically is wise.
          He is matching Yak’s scoring output in less time. Perhaps they are playing Yak too much.
          But it’s the Oilers, only Habs fans can compare the Oilers and Habs management stlyes and find the Habs to be wanting.

    • Loonie says:

      Russell Williams is a sexual predator and murderer. Russell Wilson is the Seattle Seahawks’ quarterback.


  30. otisfxu says:

    When I see what is happening in the eastern conference, I wake up in cold sweats in the night,,,,,,,the Laffs could end up in the conference finals,,,,,,,They can smack the Habs right now, can beat the Rangers, Boston, Ottawa, Islanders,,,,,if they finish 4th or better they might not see Wash or Pitt until finals.
    What a turrible turrible thing that scenario would be.

    Washington is scary with Ovi rejuvenated and on a roll. That, Habs fans is the type of player Montreal has not seen for decades – a real superstar and a real goal scorer.
    Pacs, Bourgue, Gionta, Moen, Eller, DD, F’n DD!!!!,,,,,,,,,,,yuck

  31. Small_Town_Boy says:

    Still some nuts calling out Price for last night. Stupidity has no bounds does it?

    I am throwing up in my mouth as I type this, the Leafs will beat the Habs in the 1st round. They have all the luck. It is better to be lucky than good. Just ask Floppy Thomas, James Riemer.

    Dat’s wha me tinks

    • Blade says:

      I agree with small town….hoping against hope that it does not happen, but I just don’t see them beating the Leafs in the first round. And razy as it sounds….it could end up being Boston that we play in the first round….

  32. JUST ME says:

    What about last night ? An o.k. game,40 minutes is just not enough . 60 minutes can barely make it anyway against Martin Brodeur so even if the Devils are not up to par this season, Brodeur can beat us all by himself.

    A wise man once said never too high never too low. Meaning that what we went through earlier ths season was a real pleasure but maybe not the whole picture and as expected le tricolore is going through a different sequence. If earlier on we were learning to win , we now are learning to lose.

    So they played a decent game yesterday but need to step up on more notch to have succes in the playoffs. We must be careful not to judge too fast cause if it was allowed i would say bring me the Bruins ! They too are going through a tough patch of road. But does anybody doubt about them being ready when the playoff will start ?

    So , one day at a time and go Habs go. Is it me or there is no fever around about the playoffs being almost there ?

  33. sabi says:


    Very simple solution, dress 7 defenders

  34. Thomas Le Fan says:

    Let’s see them blame that one on Price. Go Habs!

    There is no crying in baseball, “i” in team or “chuck” in Galchenyuk.

  35. 123456 says:

    I am certainly not the self proclaimed expert as some of you guys are – – but here is a thought . . . it’s only a thought.

    Was (or is) Tinordi being saved for the playoffs? If so I woul dhave expected him in the line-up last night. Thinking here s that he would get more minutes in Hamilton and then called up after their season is over.

    I don’t think the Habs are a championship team and I do think they played over their heads for much of the season. But they were better than a last place team last season as well. It really goes to show you that effort is the key to success…. as well as injuries.

    I’m excited about the playoffs. Regardless of the end of year standings you have to beat good teams to advance. Let’s see how these last few days play out and suppport the team when the second season starts!!!

    • commandant says:

      Tinordi is NOT NHL ready. We saw him up with the team.

      He needs two things

      1) Experience to adjust to the speed of the NHL game.
      2) A lot of muscle on his upper body. Yes he’s big, but he’s very skinny.

      There is no answer to the team’s current issues in Hamilton. You need Gorges to play better.

      Go Habs Go!
      Your 2013 NHL Draft Headquarters, Now Open.

  36. HardHabits says:

    I hope to see DD on the wing and Gakchenyuk at centre for the play-offs, if not for the last two games of the regular season.

    I like DD. Always have. His story is a good one. Fought his way up through all the leagues, where everyone claimed he would fail at the next level, and he proved all the doubters wrong.

    However he has shown lapses in play which, at least in the early parts of this shortened season, had me questioning whether or not he would have a short NHL career.

    His play picked up respectfully… up until he was signed. Like the Habs play since they punched their ticket to the 2nd season. However, DD isn’t a #1 centre, highly doubtful as a 2nd and probably shouldn’t even be a centre at all given that the Habs have Eller and Galchenyuk. Could it be that the Habs really aren’t a top 10 team either? I don’t the Habs or DD are as bad as their last few games. That could change depending on how well the do in the play-offs.

    Again, because I’ve said it before, I believe NHL teams should be able to turn away from contracts during training camp. Players have to be responsible in the off-season and come ready to play and be in shape. As well, a huge contract seems to turn hungry players into players that either coast, phone it in or plain and simply get proportionally worse based on the amount and term of the signing. Do the Moen, Gorges or DD contracts look like deals given their collective play? Can all three of these players earn their worth for the remainder of their contracts?

    You can’t cry foul for athletes, whose job security IMHHO should be based on performance and not seniority. If a player gets cut from a roster and they have anything left in the tank they’ll get signed elsewhere, albeit and probably for less than they were earning. If not they didn’t deserve the contract to begin with.

    • Cal says:

      NHL shouldn’t have guaranteed contracts. Many players have one good season and are rewarded for that by being handed a five year deal. Folly.

      On DD, I think the extension has a lot to do with his performance with the big club, but he is a third line center at best and will run out of space to play the moment Galchenyuk grabs the #2 center spot either next season or, at the latest, the one after that.

  37. JohnBellyful says:

    The Canadiens seemed to be fixated these days on just one part of the team’s motto, the part that talks about “failing hands.” It also appears they’re using a blowtorch on the tail-end of their season. They need to find another way to light a fire under their ass.

  38. Forum Dog says:

    Suddenly the Habs are back to having 2/3 of their d-corps made up of Boullion, Weber, Diaz and Gorges. These are all complementary guys – good when you have Subban, Markov and Emelin taking up the bulk of the minutes, but not so good when they have to play those minutes themselves.

    If you are gonna have suspect defensive play, might as well let it be because of young up-and-comers like Beaulieu and/or Tinordi. Either of those guys would bring more than Weber. Also – WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH GORGES?! I love the guy, but his game is just not very good right now. Sluggish skating, ineffective physically, making bad decisions with and without the puck. Either he is hurting, or he is out of gas.

    Eller and his posse need a bit more ice. Either PP, 5-5, or both. They seem to create chances almost every time they are out there, and they go to the net with size and speed. I will always appreciate Plekanec’s two way play, but he tends to stay on the perimeter and is not very creative with the puck. Plus, he is not a very good faceoff man. I think he needs a winger that can handle the puck and create space for his darting speed.

    Bottom line for me is that this team will not be able to get back what it lost in Emelin, and as a result will need a lot more intensity and jam in the defensive zone from its forwards in order to compensate. Size matters to a point, but a lot of it is just wanting the puck more, or tying up a forward just enough to prevent them from getting a good scoring opportunity. With a better defensive effort, Price will be able to get his mojo back start stealing some games.

  39. ed says:

    when I saw all the blind passes, no look, back hand passes, the Habs were trying last night, it hit me like a ton of bricks what is going on out there.

    if you go watch pro hockey players play a game that doesn’t count for anything, a pick up game, a charity exhibition game, you will see them try these kinds of passes. It’s “show off” time, it’s let’s “play out the string”, “mail it in” time.

    When you see forcheckers who skate just hard enough to arrive right after the defender has cleared or passed the puck, it’s “mail it in” time.

    When you see backcheckers stop moving their feet at our defensive blue line, it’s “play out the string” time.

    Therrien is right when he says too many have stopped working, too many have decided that they will simply turn the engine back on when the playoffs begin. These games are “show off” games for them.

    The coach needs these guys for the playoffs and he is not about to start reprimanding them for their lack of effort – the playoffs are made after all, and it’s a lose-lose situation for the coach to bench someone at this point.

    Gionta is doing his part and trying to lead by example.

    Either the others start moving their feet or we will not play more than 4 playoff games.

    • Phil C says:

      Agree. No one is really hittng or blocking shots or going to the net either, other signs of mailing it in. This will change in the second season, so it’s not concerning at all.

      What is concerning is they still have not found someone to play with Markov. I don’t think Weber is the answer for the 6th D-man. They have to try something else. Thier lack of depth for physical defensive defensemen is being exposed.

    • Led says:

      It sure looks like this. I hope that’s all it is and that they can turn it back on for the playoffs.

  40. JF says:

    I think it’s safe to say that if it hadn’t been for the injuries to Martin Brodeur and Ilya Kovalchuk, the Devils would be in the playoffs. If Philly, who may have found a goaltender, hadn’t had so many injuries on D, they likely would be as well. Which would probably leave the Habs scrambling for one of the last couple of playoff spots – and, based on their recent play, missing out.

    Notice how teams that we beat easily early in the season have turned the tables on us? We hammered Philly and Washington in January; neither of those teams had any trouble dispatching us twice in April. Against neither did we really look competitive. Now on to Winnipeg – another team we’ve beaten twice and who this time will probably show us up as the bubble team we seem to be.

    When Alexei Emelin was injured, I thought his absence would hurt us, but nowhere near as much as it has. Without his physical, intimidating presence, the defence looks woefully small, soft, and ineffective, with no answer to an aggressive cycle and forecheck. Any opponent we face can quickly wear us down and catch us out of position with their cycle game, and a really physical opponent will absolutely hammer us.

    The positive is that Price was much better. He seemed to be reading the play better, his positioning was better, his reactions were faster, and he no longer had that trapped, deer-in-the-headlights look he’s worn since the Leafs game. Any turnaround has to start with goaltending, so that is encouraging. The other positive is that the team fought back and made a game of it, unlike Saturday night against Washington. Maybe the difference is that the goals scored against us last night were not the kind Price has been giving up too often lately.

    But we’re running out of time to right this ship, and fans have to be running out of belief that any such turnaround is still possible. If we start out with the customary two or three goal deficit against a desperate Jets team on Thursday, there will be no coming back.

  41. MrNax says:

    Yeah, we lost. But it was a good loss in a close game. I feel better about our next game now than I did after the win against Tampa. The team seemed to be turning things around. I’m sure they’ll be fine heading into the playoffs. The last game of the season will be the most telling…

  42. habs-hampton says:

    In the third period, I thought the Habs put on a clinic on how to protect a 1-goal deficit. If you happen to recover the puck in your own end, just lob it out to center, do a line change and repeat for 20 minutes.

  43. CharlieHodgeFan says:

    There were a few signs of the real team in the late second, and in bursts of the third. That was good. They may be in better shape than the fans are now. If they build up next game, good. If Price lets in too many early, bad.
    Price needs to get back to being the goalie who stops the shots that should be stopped, and even occasionally snags a shot that is not predictable or easy. That will settle things down. He’s no Brodeur, but neither is Brodeur anymore.
    There signs of a defence, of a transition game and of energy last night. There weren’t enough of them. Price, Gallagher, Ryder and Plekanic looked like they might be getting back on track. In this rebuilding year, they are once again rebuilding, I hope.

  44. Bob_Sacamano says:

    Why is here so little talk about a coaching staff that´s completely incapable of fixing the PK? It´s been crap since the start of the season. Other than having no Hal Gill our players are at least as good as in the last couple of seasons.

    Why don´t we just play a normal box? Who tf thinks it´s a good idea to put Markov and Weber together out there? Absolutely ridiculous.

    And then this whining about being too small. Yes, we should make two or three changes this summer but it´s Therrien´s decision to play Bouillon and Weber. Replace them with Drewiske and Tinordi and never look back.

    Even more important: There´s absolutely no way Subban should play less than 30 minutes in any of our playoff games. Pair him with Gorges and let Markov play with Diaz. That should give us one good pair (if Gorges improves) and another decent one because both player can really move the puck.

    MT also has to find a way to get Dumont back in.

  45. Maritime Ron says:

    Getting sick and tired about not playing our best players when it counts. There seems to be some unearned political and dressing room pecking order for Time on Ice that has not been earned for a long while.

    We needed a goal last night, and Galchenyuk and Eller did not get on the ice during the last 2:41 of play

    Of course when it comes to David Desharnais, there seems like there are a different set of rules in place.
    Since he signed that 4 year extension on March 15, his 19 game performance shows 1 goal-10 assists while playing the 3rd most total minutes and PP time of all Habs forwards this year.

    In last week’s 7-3 loss to Philly, DD played a mind boggling 20:44 including 2:33 of PP time. He had zero points.
    Meanwhile, Galchenyuk scored a 2nd period goal that made the score 4-3, and he was rewarded with 8:58 of playing time.

    If Eller/ Galchenyuk were playing behind Crosby/Malkin or Kopitar Carter that would be understandable, but playing behind DD who would NOT be a Top 6 on ANY other NHL team this year makes absolutely no sense at this point in time.
    Reminds me of last year when Darche was on the PP and Cole was on the bench.

    Like Jerry Seinfeld said to George Costanza.
    “If every instinct you have is wrong, then the opposite would have to be right.”

  46. The Cat says:

    I honestly dont think its the end of the world that the habs are losing like they are, theyre sure of getting in the playoffs, so no sense in them killing themselves for 2 points.

    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  47. pete2528ca says:

    Timo what is your problem? A true fan sticks behind their team no matter what!

  48. LizardKing1967 says:

    OK folks………..take a chill pill……
    Yes, we look bad. But, hey…..

    Bruins have LOST 5 of last 6 !!!!

    How’s them apples??

    Drive for 25. 2012-2013. Max-Pac for Conn Smyth.
    AG27 is the NEW AK27.
    The “Gally” Line: Galchenyuk, Gallagher and the “Gallows”

  49. pmaraw says:

    It is disheartening to say the least that a .875sv% is considered a good game for Price.

  50. thehabs21 says:

    Hate to say it, but i dont think these guys are going to be turning things around. They’ve hit a wall at the worst possible time and Carey Price is giving up 2-0 leads every night.

    “I can’t really hear what Jeremy says, because I’ve got my two Stanley Cup rings plugging my ears”

  51. Dunboyne Mike says:

    Most of the positives to be reflected on this morning occurred in the Boston game:

    1. The Bruins lost
    2. Chara scored an absolute peach
    3. The peach was an OG… from the corner!
    4. Schenn demonstrated how to knock over Lucic.

    Here’s a link to the highlights:


  52. habfanacrossthed says:

    On to the next one. Good Jay Z song, Yes the Habs lost tonight, so do the Bruins. Frankly i don’t worry about the Leafs, they need to win out. Habs win in Winnipeg or force overtime. Making Saturday in Toronto a huge pivotal game. Keep calm and Habs on.

    If anyone wants to come up with a better “keep calm” sentence let me know. If what you said Timo is true about MT playing the 4th line more in a 3rd period 1 goal deficit. Is simply frustrating. Maybe it’s too prove a point. C’mon though, has to be better options then that. Double shift the players that performing better that night. So was Gallagher looking tired tonight?

    GHOD – Go Habs Or Die

  53. Timo says:

    Scott Gomez is going to the playoffs. Watch out, everybody.

  54. Jim Edson says:

    Heard it suggested that this is the point in the season 40+ games where the Habs have traditionally ie in the past 10 years have gone for a swoon and had to scramble to make the playoffs.

    Sounds vaguely true but it still doesn’t account for complacency in looking for positives in defeat after defeat by teams below them in the standings!

    Playing down to level of an opponent was a Hallmark of the BG/JM teams!

    What does the Commissioner of the NHL do?

    In short, a league commissioner is the action man for the Board of Governors.

    They tell him what they want done and he works to make it happen through his subordinates while making sure that individual franchises play by the rules.

    ******** Translated if you haven’t won the Stanley Cup in 40 years your NHL team is becoming irrelevant in a sports mad city long behind MLB, NFL and NBA teams, you just tell the commissioner(who you gave a new contract at 7 plus million per) to make it happen and the rules are bent sufficiently to action the command.

  55. sheds88 says:

    WTF is going on here. if this team is going to make puppies before playoffs in to the playoffs, they should have made puppies all season so i wasn’t running my mouth. Now i will be made a fool of when we are eliminated 4 straight against the leafs

  56. aHabGrowsInBrooklyn says:

    Don’t forget that all of the Habs “enemies” in the standings lost. Caps won, but they can’t catch the Habs or Bruins. Bruins lost., although they still have a game in hand. The only team which could overtake the Habs or Bruins are the Leafs.

    And as other posters have noted throughout these chat rooms — they sure aren’t like any boards I’ve ever read — for the Habs to have even made the playoffs this year after last year’s last place is phenomenal. If the playoff run is shallow this year, MB will work the phones and make some adjustments to the roster. We’ve got some good young players, some old vets, and a bunch of guys in the middle. Edmonton MAY eventually have a winning team, but their fans have endured a lot of horrible hockey and may have to endure even more. Habs fans had one year in the wilderness. Let’s be thankful for what we have enjoyed so far this season, and also for being the fans of the glorious Montréal Canadiens, and not the Leafs or Bruins or Panthers.

    Go Habs!

  57. HammerHab says:



    It’ll always be Habs Inside/Out to me

  58. NLhabsfan says:

    What ticks me off mostly is their not clearing their own zone effetely.Nothing wrong with a set play,or OFF the boards to get it the puck out.Frustrating to see them get caught in their own zone making hurried plays only to loose the puck in their own.Driving me nuts.

  59. ProHabs says:

    Had DD gotten any points at all since signing his contract.

  60. BKAK72 says:

    The current roster remains a reflection of Bob Gainey’s project. He’s the one who designed (or influenced) this small, or play small roster for a league that actually went down the direction of Burke/Murray of Anaheim days: bigger is badder is best.

    MAB has been suggested as a fault by some. IMO we won’t see his imprint on the team for at least another five years (draft, trade). To me this roster has more weakness than strength, let’s all take a deep breath here: we don’t match up to the elite squad in a seven game series (Boston, Pittsburgh, to name two).

    Like another pathetic HABS roster of two, three years ago the only way we’ll see this team play deep is if Carey stands on his head ala Halak. Strangely this site (still) has bloggers who insist HALAK (now, a third rate goalie) should never been traded. That’s a silly point in 2012/13.

    This playoff is all Carey.

  61. Timo says:

    Another thing they say on l’antichambre is that other teams are jumping fast on Habs dmen and exercising aggressive forechecks. They are suggesting that Habs forwards are not properly involved in the defensive zone when habs are trying to get out of their own end. Because I don’t know anything about hockey, I can’t possibly validate that statement. Do all you knowledgeable good folks agree with that assessment?

    • H.Upmann says:

      At one point before the second or third goal, I was surprised to see Gallagher going for Kovy behind the net. DD was in front of the net. Where were the D guys? Could only assume they were pinned along the boards. Didn’t look pretty.

    • moggs says:

      As a D man I can concur. If your forwards are not coming back and getting open or leaving the zone too quickly you have no pass option out of the zone. Therefore it leads to; the d man carrying the puck out, throwing it off the glass, or a turnover then pass to the open man in the slot (that should be covered by the centre man or other d man but whom is not) and a goal from point blank on a goalie that has no chance. Hence what we have been seeing lately.

  62. ProHabs says:

    Does this video remind anyone of PK Subban.


  63. aHabGrowsInBrooklyn says:

    As Therrien says: The team is wearing workboots! When they lace up some skates in the playoffs, they’ll be amazing.

  64. Timo says:

    On l’antichambre they are wondering why the F did Therrien keep throwing the 4th line out there when it was 3-2 and they needed to keep pushing devils for a tie.

    • habsfan0 says:

      Therrien has guaranteed this team will be ready for the playoffs.
      That’s gold to me.

    • moggs says:

      @ Timo

      So whats your deal. You continually bash pretty much every aspect of the Habs. You especially pick on the things which get people the most riled up that are really ridiculous.
      For example, saying Price sucks or that MT and MB should be canned etc. These are obviously asinine statements as this is the first year with MT and MB and anyone with any credibility in the hockey world will tell you that Price is Canadas best goalie when he is on. Furthermore, MT and MB have taken this team to heights that NO ONE predicted.

      My guess is either you are:

      a. The most angry Habs fan on the planet.
      b. A Leafs or Bruins fan with nothing to do but come on here and troll.
      c. Simply ignorant.

      So which is it.

      P.S. My question marks and other punctuation looks like É. If anyone knows what I hit to undo this, please share.


      • HammerHab says:

        click the little keyboard jut to the left of the time in the bottom right of your screen and change it to US


        It’ll always be Habs Inside/Out to me

      • Un Canadien errant says:


      • Clay says:

        So it’s wrong to point out what other commentators (on l’antichambre) say? “Your problem isn’t the problem, it’s your attitude about the problem.” ― Ann Brashares

        ☞ “And yet not choice but habit rules the unreflecting herd.” ~ William Wordsworth ☜

  65. Sportfan says:

    You know who I blame! GOMEZ!

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

  66. Dave Jones says:

    Habs showed some life tonight finally (I did not think that was the case when they stole a win from Tampa). I think there’s still hope for this season, but Therrien seemed right on. The team has got to want it; gotta find intensity right from puck drop.

  67. DLN-CH4Life says:

    I’d get rid of Webber and put Tinordi there.
    I don’t care how young he is.
    We need a hard hitting body taking Dman, Not another puck mover.


    • Dave Jones says:

      I think Tinordi is our best bet too.

      • johnnylarue says:

        As far as maintaining the balance that we had going with the D when Emelin went down, I always thought Tinordi would’ve been a better fit on the roster than Beaulieu, Weber, or Drewiske.

        He’s not yet as punishing a hitter as Emelin (not many are), but he struck me as an effective D man. Shame Therrien didn’t try him on the PK to see what he was really made of. Kinda too late for experiments now.

  68. C-Sword says:

    Who knows? Maybe, the Habs and Bruins are losing on purpose, so they can face each other in round 1 of the playoffs once again.

  69. commandant says:

    As for the Habs tonight.

    The first 30 minutes was what we’ve seen throughout the slump… defensive zone breakdowns, bad PKing, and bleeding goals.

    The last 30 was more of what we saw earlier in the year, and we nearly tied it (yes only 5 shots in the third, but some near misses like the puck that hopped over plek’s stick with the open net, a couple tips just wide, etc…).

    The last 30 wasn’t perfect by any means. But it was an improvement, and this team needs to do that, improve.

    If they throw out a stinker thursday, I’ll be upset. But for now, it looks like they may have turned the corner.

    Go Habs Go!
    Your 2013 NHL Draft Headquarters, Now Open.

  70. commandant says:

    Bozon 2g 2a as the Blazers are beating Portland 5-1 in game 3 of the series. (Winterhawks up 2-0 in series).

    Go Habs Go!
    Your 2013 NHL Draft Headquarters, Now Open.

  71. Sportfan says:

    It will be really funny if the habs win 2+ playoff series and everyone will be like I KNEW THEY’D play like this alll ALONG!

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

    • GrosBill says:

      I may be one of the few on here who is still looking forward to the playoffs. This team (not all players, but most) have been mailing it in. I hold basically the same oponion I have all year for the playoffs. We lack some sandpaper, but are capable of winning a round or two. Agree with a post above where he outlines some of the mail it in plays, there have been many since they clinched, and it is not helping Price atm. Chins up Hab fans, we have had much to cheer about this year.
      When the playoffs are over we can then argue about what is best for the team. At least as opposed to last season, we have had more to discuss on here then who to fire or trade etc.

  72. Mondou6 says:

    It’s not a “choke job for the ages”, since we’re in the playoffs. Choking implies blowing something important that should have been a virtual certainty.

  73. Timo says:

    Therrien will be history by the end of next season. Hopefully so will Bergevin. Rebuild – again.

    Done before second week of May is over.

    • Sportfan says:

      Do you just want us to be terrible for ever? You think MB is doing a bad job?

      Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

      • Timo says:

        I may be on glue, but I think what I see right now is a pretty terrible team in pretty much every aspect of the game. But again… I could simply be on glue.

        • habsfan0 says:

          Habs are deliberately lulling the opposition into a false sense of security.
          Come playoff time,the team we witnessed for the first 40 games of the season will “magically” reappear.

          • Sportfan says:

            I like what you’re thinking and it would be hilarious if that was the case, I do feel (aside Timo’s glue addiction) that MB did kind of drop the ball on getting a big D although no one would have figured that Emelin would have been hurt that way by running into Lucy.

            Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

          • habsfan0 says:

            The way I look at it is this :Were the first 40 games merely a mirage..does Emelin mean EVERYTHING to this team?
            No to both questions.
            Either the Habs are playing possum until the “real season” starts next week,or something happened which caused the team to turn against Therrien…maybe he was discovered with another player’s wife or girlfriend..the same thing essentially happened to Carbo and the team basically quit on him. I prefer to think it’s the former.

        • Fred D says:

          as in “stuck on a theme”?

    • GrosBill says:

      I was less then thrilled about MT 2.0 but for most of the year he has seemed to get production from all (most) players which is about all I can ask I supppose. As for MB, think he deserves more then 48 games to work out the flaws.

  74. The Jackal says:

    Slump ends on Thursday.
    Habs beat Jets and Laffs convincingly, get geared up for playoffs.
    Go Habs Go!

    Good night fans, stay positive.
    The dawn is here.

    Hockey sine stercore tauri.

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