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As is customary after wins this season, your Montreal Canadiens gathered at centre ice to salute their Bell Centre fans after the final horn sounded.
The players raised their sticks to acknowledge a 3-0 conquest of the hapless Rangers, but there was something else worth celebrating, something that transcended the 10th home win of this remarkable season.
The Canadiens have exorcised the ghost of Scott Gomez.

After Rangers general manager Glen Sather unloaded his worst contract on Bob Gainey, Montreal fans endured three miserable seasons of Gomez.

With an annual salary cap hit of $7.4 million, Gomez scored 12 goals and added 47 assists during his first season in blue-blanc-rouge. He had another two goals and 12 assists during the team’s miraculous 2010 playoff run.

That was the high-water mark. In his second season in Montreal, Gomez’s totals slipped to seven goals and 31 assists. A year ago, it was two goals and nine assists.

And then he was gone. But even after new GM Marc Bergevin sent Gomez packing, the bitter memories lingered.

With Gomez’s salary off their books, the Rangers signed Marian Gaborik. They added Brad Richards and, this season, Rick Nash. The rising star of their defence was Ryan McDonagh, a former Canadiens’ first-round draft choice who was a throw-in in the Gomez deal.

Last season, the Rangers topped the Eastern Conference with 109 points. Their goal differential was plus-39.

And the team Scott Gomez was playing for finished dead last with a differential of minus-14.

A year later, however, the Rangers are clinging to eighth place in the Eastern Conference. Their differential is minus-6, and they have scored fewer goals than any other team in the NHL.

The Canadiens played the Rangers three times this season. They won every game – two by Carey Price shutouts.

The Canadiens owned those Broadway Blue asses. And while the dominance doesn’t compensate for three miserable seasons of Gomez, it does feel good to see Sather’s team stuck with another overpaid, under-producing “star”.

Marian Gaborik’s cap hit is $7.5 million. He’s on the Rangers’ fourth line.

Brad Richards, with a cap hit of $6.7 million, is slow and ineffective. Nash – the Rangers’ $7.8 million man – had one shot on goal against the Canadiens.

Brendan Gallagher is making a prorated $870,000 this season. He got his 11th goal against the Rangers and busted his butt on every shift. Gallagher is restoring honour to jersey number 11, worn with distinction by Saku Koivu before the powers that be allowed the escutcheon to be tarnished by letting Gomez have number 11.

Let’s review: The new number 11 has scored 11 … and counting. Gomez is number 23 in San Jose, and the days may be numbered for Sather in New York.

The Rangers were prepared to play a good game Saturday. They fired 17 shots at Price during the first period. He stopped them all, while Michael Ryder and Tomas Plekanec were beating Martin Biron.

The visitors were held to eight shots in the second period, nine in the third. The Canadiens played smart, disciplined – and, truth be told, frequently boring – hockey to solidify their hold on first place in the Northeast Division.

The only penalty was a first-period interference minor to P.K. Subban. With their best defenceman in the box, the Canadiens held the Rangers power play to three shots on goal. Fresh out of the box, P.K. broke 2-on-1 with Plekanec and watched his teammate beat Biron with a 30-foot rocket.

I thought Plekanec and Gallagher were the Canadiens’ best forwards. P.K. led the D, as usual, with three assists and three SoG.

Nathan Beaulieu, the latest rookie defenceman into the revolving door created by Raphael Diaz’s injury, outshone his predecessors, Greg Pateryn and Jarred Tinordi. Beaulieu played 17:17, including 1:04 on the power-play. There were some jitters, but Beaulieu was paired with wise old vet Francis Bouillon, who’s been running a Dman daycare since Diaz went down.

Beaulieu was drafted in the first round of the 2011 draft. At 17th overall, he was the Canadiens’ highest defenceman pick since 2007.

That was the year the Canadiens used the 12th overall pick to take – wait for it – Ryan McDonagh – 10 picks ahead of Max Pacioretty, 31 spots ahead of P.K. Subban.

In the 1998 draft, the 27th and final pick of the first round was Scott Gomez, who had 19 goals and 70 points with New Jersey – rookie numbers good enough to win Gomez the Calder Trophy.

In the 2010 draft, 146 players were picked ahead of Brendan Gallagher.

You just never know.






  1. doogie says:

    That was one of the finest Mike Boone articles ever written! Take the rest of the day off sir.

  2. calvee123 says:

    Man it sure feels good to wake up each day and have good news of our Montreal Canadiens. I am so happy this shortened season of what they have done so far. I am really looking forward to the playoffs.

    I hope TSN gets to broadcast their playoff games, as they do such a great broadcast of Montreal games.

  3. Timo says:

    Another report that Booins are trying to get Clowe now that they’ve lost Iginla.


  4. Ref Subban and the Norris

    Plus he missed the first how many games? Where would he be in points totals? CRazy numbers!

    I say he has a shot at the Norris!

    And like HH said last night, there a few other Habs that could win awards this summer, could be the first time where the Habs sweep up in Vegas!

    But that’s this summer and we know it won’t happen.

    Let’s concentrate on this week!

    Budaj gets the Canes and Jet? Or just the Jets?

    Shane Oliver
    Twitter @Sholi2000
    Custom Sports Figures

    • Mr_MacDougall says:

      Hey Shilo,

      He absolutely deserves to be nominated. The arguments from SN and TSN media is that “he is not ready” and “Norris winners typically play much more than PK (overlooking that he’s played over 26 minutes in each of the past 10-15 games)”

      PK has been doing it all, and I would say he is becoming The best D in the Eastern Conference.. I dont watch the West enough to comment…

  5. habsfan0 says:

    Kudos to Carey Price who brought his “A” game to the Bell Centre last night and fully deserved the shutout.

  6. HabinBurlington says:

    A very interesting read on the St. Louis Blues. Perhaps Chris Stewart could be wooed out of their system.


  7. Ian Cobb says:

    Weekly report on where we place in this 30 team race to the cup, compared to last week.

    Points——49, We are in 4th place. Last week 4th place with 45.

    Goals For-107, We are in 4th place. Last week 5th place with 98.

    Goals A—–83, We are in 4th place. Last week 7th place with 77.

    Goal Diff–+24, we are in 3rd place. Last week +21 for 5th place.

    Therrien has this club getting better every week, we will peak at just the right time this year, and are going to make a great noise.

    They have finally RISEN boys and girls!

  8. sheds88 says:

    Curious question…..

    With having Trevor Timmins on our camp and his great ability to recognize talent, are we in a better position to trade our first rounder than other teams ??

    • I’d say yes, but considering where we draft in 2013, does it really matter if the Habs let him go? I say no but the player they let him go for better help win the Cup or he’ll be the whipping boy for years.

      Only one player I would trade LL, and our 2013 1st round pick for, he plays defense with Phoenix….if only to keep him away from being a Nordiques when they move this summer!

      Shane Oliver
      Twitter @Sholi2000
      Custom Sports Figures

    • Phil C says:

      You could argue that Timmins could do even better in the first round with more talent to choose from. Despite the success in later rounds, statistically speaking you are much more likely to find an NHLer in the first round. Even with a good scout, there is a lot of uncertainty drafting 18 year olds. Better to have the odds in your favour.

  9. … and one last thing… why is it that we get manhandled by Buffalo and the Islanders (I won’t even get into the HNIC lovefest with the Leafs) and can go toe to toe with everyone else?

    Promote the Youth, Support From The Veterans and Remember the Heritage!

  10. In case you young’uns don’t know the Bobby Clarke grin, here it is;

    Promote the Youth, Support From The Veterans and Remember the Heritage!

  11. Thomas Le Fan says:

    Alrightee then. Shall we Carey on? Go Habs!

    There is no crying in baseball, “i” in team or “chuck” in Galchenyuk.

  12. JohnBellyful says:

    Re: injury to Sydney Crosby (and another player hurt recently when puck hit him in face not protected by visor): Are there not shields that are visor top half, and cage bottom half? If not, wouldn’t seem that hard to design one.

  13. HabFab says:

    Bulldog stats after 66 games, they have 12 left to play;

    They set at the very bottom of the league re standings. Too many injuries, kids and poor goaltending.

    • Meyer didn’t look good the other night… Is that on him or our young D?

      Promote the Youth, Support From The Veterans and Remember the Heritage!

    • Sportfan says:

      I feel bad for them in Hamilton cause they really love the Dogs and its usually a great team, just injuries and youth go in the way. It is a minor league team though so it happens.


    • Habfan17 says:

      No big deal. They are the youngest team in the AHL and it a transition year for them. What is more important than the standings, is the development and the prrof is in the pudding with the call ups. They are doing a great job developing the kids.


    • JUST ME says:

      When we look at the great season the Habs have we tend to forget that in Hamilton, the treasure chest is empty . So when we talk about giving a draft choice for a goon we must think twice about it. I`d rather let Bergevin and gang rebuild with the best draft choices possible , go with what we have in Mtl ,hope for the best and build for the future unstead of sacrificing what we do not have in Hamilton.

  14. Yeah, yeah… I know. If we have a chance at the cup, we have to make every effort to go for it, but do we do that by sacrificing any of the upcoming years? I say no. If Bork, Bork, Bork is out for the rest of the year and Diaz is too, then bring along the rookies rather than wasting pics. We don’t have much in the way of big scoring forwards in the hopper. D-men, yes, so focus on that.

    Promote the Youth, Support From The Veterans and Remember the Heritage!

  15. HabFab says:

    14 games left;
    2 against Winnipeg, Washington, Philly and Toronto
    1 against Carolina, Pittsburgh, Boston, Buffalo, Tampa and Jersey

  16. jrshabs1 says:

    why dump on Gomez all the time..when he was wearing # 11 the Habs went farther in the playoffs than they ever did while captain # 11 was playing for them. Gomez is gone..why keep bringing his ghost back?

    Go Habs Go!!

    • Just smudging the house. So much negative energy was left by that trade and the ghost after-all… let’s see, did I do the closets?

      Promote the Youth, Support From The Veterans and Remember the Heritage!

    • JUST ME says:

      Unfortunately his name will be brought back by habs fans for ages. So is Mcdonaugh`s Leclair,Ribeiro,Niniima, Roy, Latendresse , Kostytsyn and so on and so on.
      For a reason i cannot quite grasp we just cannot get over it and turn the page …

  17. As for Ryder, why wouldn’t we sign him right now? He may not hit, he may be soft, but he reminds me of a Cammy with size and patience. If you remember 2010 post season, Cammy was always set-up, taking one knee lasers into the top corners. Loved when I saw that from Ryder in Boston. Rather than a costly rental, why not focus on what we have?

    Promote the Youth, Support From The Veterans and Remember the Heritage!

    • showey47 says:

      IMO both ryder and budaj shoud be getting contract extensions from MB.

    • LizardKing12 says:

      Not all deadline moves are necessarily rentals. Bergevin might pick someone up that has a few years left on their contracts and are in the long term plans for the Habs, or he could pick up a guy like Ryane Clowe with every intention of extending his contract after the season is over.

      The habs have a full cupboard of prospects and 6 picks in the first three rounds of this years draft. There is an abundance of assets and we can afford to part with a mid level prospect or two along with one or two draft picks to improve the team for a potential cup run. Right now Bourque and Diaz are major question marks and may not rejoin the team. If one of our dmen get hurt do you really think we’d go anywhere in the playoffs with a both Tinordi and Beaulieu in the lineup? What would the lines look like if Pacioretty or Ryder got hurt in the playoffs? We’d be forced to call up Dumont and rely on Eller or Galchenyuk on the wing in the top 6? Opportunities to win the cup don’t come around every year and this team has shown that it can go toe to toe with the best teams in the east. Nothing wrong with adding some depth if you feel like you have a chance to do something special.

  18. Captain aHab says:

    I think if Bergevin gets anything, it’ll be a d-man. And I doubt he’ll get that, considering how well the callups have done. I think they’ll ride this team into the playoffs, play with the cards they currently have and wait until they can add more cards to the deck through the draft. In a year or two, he might go after rentals.

    I might see him trade Weber for a draft pick as he doesn’t seem to be in the plans anymore. Maybe he’ll find a way to unload Kabs through a trade but I doubt that very much.

    I think our kids need to experience pressure to grow and some are at a stage where the NHL is where they need to experience that pressure.

    Keep grooming the kids MB/MT, keep grooming the kids.

    Me skull and crossbones arn’t the only thing I plan on raisin’ tonight.

    • ffenliv says:

      To me, putting Kabs on waivers felt like making a roster spot for a trade more than hoping someone would take him.

      That said, I’m a librarian, and not an NHL GM, so what the heck do I know?

    • showey47 says:

      I think MB will get a dman for sure.Kaberle probably won’t see another shift in mtl and with both diaz and weber injured the habs are 1 top 4 injury away from being in big trouble on defence. IMO the timing of putting kaberle on waivers to open up a roster spot and some cap flexability gives me the impression something is pretty imminent.

    • LizardKing12 says:

      Not bringing in a dman would be a big mistake IMO. I’m not sure why so many people think trading away a prospect and a 2nd round pick for a decent dman is suddenly going to mean the cupboards are bare and we won’t be a good team in the future. We have 7-8 good to very good defensive prospects, 4-5 good forward prospects and 6 picks in the first 3 rounds of a deep draft. Not to mention 8 current roster players are 26 years old or younger. We have an abundance of youth and can more than afford to make some moves.

      Kaberle was clearly put on waivers to free up a roster spot. Bergevin is looking to improve this team because he sees the potential for a cup run. Right now if the Habs were to suffer an injury on defence they would be stuck with Beaulieu and Tinordi in the lineup, two guys with less than 20 games played at the NHL level. Not quite a recipe for success. Why should we ruin an amazing season by not being prepared to deal with injuries.

  19. Skeptical says:

    Ratings for overall performance Eastern conference Teams in a playoff position.

    Pittsburgh, Toronto, Montreal, Boston, Ottawa, Winnipeg, New Jersey, New York Rangers.

  20. Curious question… Kristo is a little guy, has skills, but why not trade him since we really do need some size up front. I read down below some comments about a Prust-Gally-DD line, so it wouldn’t be 2 1/2 men, it would be 1 plus two halves. I’d rather stick with Nathan and I’m worried that BG will be trading for a rental. We should focus on our own drafted players and those in the system.

    Promote the Youth, Support From The Veterans and Remember the Heritage!

  21. Shackles says:

    I don’t want to play the part of Debbie Downer, but didn’t Jagr give us the shaft a couple of years ago simply using us as leverage to get more cash from Dallas?

    As far as the Clowe addition, are we all hoping that a change of scenery gives him some sort of spark to help him find his edge again?

    • ffenliv says:

      Even in a worst-case scenario, I think Clowe is a substantial upgrade over Armstrong. However, when we’re talking about trading prospects/picks for playoff upgrades, the real question is: are we going to go for it this year?

      I suppose, though, that even if they don’t go for it this year, and have another good year next season, the picks/prospects they deal might not have had an impact.

      Building ‘for the future’ is always a fine idea, but in today’s NHL, you realistically have to sell assets at some point.

  22. 24 Cups says:

    What about Ryder/Pleks/Gionta, MaxPac/DD/Gallagher and Prust/Eller/Jagr for the playoffs? Moen/Halpern/Armstrong could be the 4th line with Galchenyuk and White as depth players.

  23. ClutchNGrab says:

    Happy Easter.

    This post is all about fantasy. The Predators are 1 point out of playoff with a minus 9 goal differencial. The contract the Flyers offered to Shea Weber is a 14 years 110 millions front loaded contract, which makes me think if they don’t make the playoff for just a few years they won’t be able to pay for that contract.

    The original offer sheet was compensating Nashville with 4 first round picks. With the new cba limiting the lenght of contracts to seven and the cap being reduced next year the contract seems all more ridiculous, but if we’re talking first round for Ryan Clowe, ridicule has been visited before and I would go for it.

    Questions are how much Nashville wants and how much the Canadiens would be willing to give.

  24. HabFab says:

    TSNBobMcKenzie – Now that UND’s season/Danny Kristo’s college career are over, MTL will work to get him signed. No one seems to anticipate any issues. MTL wants him, Kristo appears keen to sign. Kristo could go UFA by waiting til Aug but if that was his aim, could’ve done it last summer. Like J Schultz, Kristo could’ve quit school a yr ago, gone UFA. Not to say he’ll be in Hab lineup any day now but both sides goal is to sign

    • twilighthours says:

      Saw that. Encouraging

    • Chris says:

      I think Kristo will sign.

      But McKenzie leaves out a rather important variable, the almost certainty of a labour dispute last summer that would have seen Kristo end up in the AHL playing for peanuts. Kristo has said the NHL strike was a major factor in his decision to stay at North Dakota, as was the chance to try to bring a championship to UND.

  25. Skeptical says:

    Where would we fit Clowe in. It would be a slap in the face to any player on the team that got this team where they are right now. someone would have to go or give up ice time. If we have a chance at winning a cup. We’ll win with what we have right now. Clowe will not make that much of a difference. Plus giving up some of our future. No way go with what we have …..

    If our Goal tending can keep us in games. We’ll give any team out there a run for their money. Goal tending will be the difference.

  26. HabFab says:

    Don’t get me wrong because I like the guy and appreciate what he did for us BUT Cole seemed to come out of the Lock Out in a very negative funk. So much so that my gut tells me that is a reason why he is no longer with us. My b!tch is with the way he left his 4 closest friends on the team. Patchs, DD, Gorges and Moen. I sincerely hope I’m wrong, but food for thought amigos!

  27. likehoy says:

    I’d only agree to any trade as long as we’re not giving up any roster players at the moment.. it’s too late in the season to start messing with the dressing room by subtracting a likeable teammate.

  28. The Juice says:

    Did Gomez choose 23 because that was his 3 year cumulative goal total in Montreal? Or is that just a sad coincidence…


    “To you from failing hands we throw the torch, be yours to hold it high!”

  29. JF says:

    Winning the division suddenly looks a lot more possible than it did a few weeks ago. At that point, the Bruins were three points behind us with four games in hand. All they’ve done since then is use up three of those four games while going 4-5-1 over the last ten. As the Antichambre crew were suggesting the other night, something seems to be wrong with them. Maybe they have locker room issues, maybe they’re sick of Julien’s whining after every loss. Whatever, I think we can top them.

    • 24 Cups says:

      Jane – I had always hoped that there might be an outside chance that the Habs could win their division. However, in the back of my mind I realistically thought our best Plan B would be 6th place and a round with the SE “champs”. Now it appears that Plan A is back on the table. As for the Bruins, most teams slump at some point in time and I think that might be what is ailing Boston right now. We’ll know better on Wednesday afternoon.

  30. Marc10 says:

    If they want a first rounder for Jagr, that pretty much guarantees it won’t happen in Montreal… Unless they consider one of our second rounders a first-light…

    The roster player the Stars would want could be Moen. Long contract, serviceable… I’d say no. Moen is coming around (finally) and he’s a playoff grinder.

    In any event, that’s mad! Jagr is a pure rental. Just a first rounder is plenty.

    • habstrinifan says:

      Wouldnt give a first round. Good prospect (Le Blanc/Pateyrn for instance and 3rd(2nd if I am pushed). I would also only pay that high if I get Jagr and am also adding another piece to D. In other words really ‘shopping for the Cup’.

    • kerrgte says:

      That Kaberle is on waivers sets the stage for a deal to be made before wednesday. There are 2 sides to every deal so we’ll have to wait and see what we can swing.

      Any deal that comes will be from the west.

      A 1st rounder doesn’t mean as much as it seems – Gallagher was a 5th as was Markov. this year, our first will be around 25 or later. In recent drafts, Leblanc was a first and he’s going nowhere.

    • terrygain says:

      Jagr is worth no more than a 3rd rounder.

  31. Mike D says:

    So according to TSN, SJ wants a 1st round pick and a good young asset in return for Clowe who is having a miserable season, is potentially playing hurt, and is a UFA this summer. Some sources/sites say that SJ even wants a roster player in addition to that.

    Ok. If that’s the asking price for players on trade deadline day, why don’t we announce that Moen is available for three 1st round picks and a good prospect or two. Relative to Clowe it seems fair. Moen is signed for a few more years at less than 2mil, has a cup ring, is big and can play physical, can play on the bottom 6 and can move up to 2nd line temporarily if needed, and despite having a lousy season of his own is still an excellent PK’er and very sound defensively.

    It would be funny if it weren’t an actual fair comparison to the expected return for Clowe. As it is though, it’s just sad. And crazy.

    – Honestly yours
    Twitter: @de_benny

  32. habstrinifan says:

    Habitant in Surrey posted the link below on March 31, 2013 at 12:53.

    Thanks Habitant-in-Surrey!
    I am reposting here cause I want everyone to read it. Amazing!!!!!


  33. What I don’t understand is this (Norris).

    Galley (I’ve got no time for him) said that PK isn’t in Norris competition yet because he doesn’t handle Norris ice time.

    What about the fact that PK Subban is doing more with less ice time? That seems incredible to me!

    Letang who was the leader in points and ice time has been missing and the Pens keep rolling along.

    Montreal without PK I am guessing would suffer greatly…..well maybe not considering he was missing at the start and the Habs were fine.

    But you get my point.

    Off Topic- Happy Easter everyone. Here is a pic that I had blown up and is now framed on my wall. Last summer I took my two little ones home to PEI for the summer. Everyone knows I love my goalies, so lil Meagan has heard me talk about Bunny more than once in her 9 years.


    Shane Oliver
    Twitter @Sholi2000
    Custom Sports Figures

    • Danno says:

      That’s so sweet Shane! Happy Easter to you as well 🙂


      “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”
      Updates, highlights & great discussions on all things Habs

    • deuce6 says:

      Gary Galley has no idea what the Norris is or what it takes to win it..Give him a break …..

      Brandon Prust doesn’t have hair on his testicles, because hair does not grow on steel….

    • Viruk42 says:

      If you look at PK’s average TOI, he’s quite a bit lower than most other top Dmen. But he missed pre-season and was brought back into the fold slowly.

      Ignoring last night (because he oddly played less than 20min), in the 12 games beforehand (from March 3rd vs Boston to Mar 27th vs Boston) he averaged 26:19. Of the Dmen in the top 30 ranked by points, only 2 averaged more than that (Suter and Campbell), and overall only 5 Dmen average more than 26:19 (add in Karlsson pre-injury, Doughty and Johnson).

      Simply put, he averaged just 20:08 in his first 15 games, recording 10pts. Since then, he has played 13 games, averaging 25:32 and 17 points. So he did well with low minutes, and has been amazing with high minutes.

      Dear Galley: How is he not handling Norris ice time again?

  34. kerrgte says:

    With T Kaberle on waivers, a roster spot is available. Let’s see what deal can be struck. I’m hoping for a d’man or Jagr at a reasonable price. Clowe doesn’t score.

    In the east, Pitts looks very strong – Vokoun has been rejuvenated and is on a mission. It pains me to say that Toronto also looks tough – Lupul adds so much to that club.


    What a great season !!

    • Mike D says:

      Apparently Dallas wants a 1st round pick for Jagr. The prices for rentals these days are absolutely ridiculous.

      – Honestly yours
      Twitter: @de_benny

      • habstrinifan says:

        WOW! A ridiculous price. That’s why I say go and grab B.J Crombeen from Tampa before everyone wakes up and lesser guys get more costly… unless of course his day to day is serious. I would like Raffi Torres or Max Talbot but I think even they have become ‘too costly’. Gotta sneak in under the radar and grab someone.

        And I think Crombeen will help Max Pac like Cole did. I know I know not same level but….

      • kerrgte says:

        For Jagr, a unique talent …

        our 1st round pick will likely be number 25 or later in the first round. Let’s see now – Brendan Gallagher was selected in the 5th round, as was Markov, so I have to question the real value of a 1st rounder.-

        As for a roster player too. Well, Armstrong, White, and one or two other easily replaceable parts come to mind.

    • At 41(Jagr) I wouldn’t give up too much…not even a third rounder, he’s no Iginla 😆

      Shane Oliver
      Twitter @Sholi2000
      Custom Sports Figures

      • kerrgte says:

        But he is deadly in the offensive zone – his Dallas stats prove that


      • 24 Cups says:

        I’d give Dallas’ 3rd rounder back to them for Jagr. That would make it Cole for Ryder and Jagr. Two rentals for a guy that has really started to struggle. The bonus being not having to pay any of the three players 4.5M during the next two years. It would also allow the team the option of not having to play Galchenyuk on a regular basis in the playoffs.

  35. Al aboo says:

    d-man daycare…..ha

  36. NL Hab says:

    Hopefully Bergevin will approach Kristo in the next day or 2 to get a feel for what his plans are. He seems like a good kid so hopefully he will be honest with us and let us know if he is going to sign with us or go the UFA route. At least that way we can package him in a trade if he has no intention of signing with us.

    Et Le But

  37. terrygain says:

    Last season, the Rangers topped the Eastern Conference with 109 points. Their goal differential was plus-39.
    And the team Scott Gomez was playing for finished dead last with a differential of minus-14.

    The negative sign or dash, or whatever it is, serves no useful purpose. Please stop using this goofy method of discussing plus and minus. It mars what is otherwise a very good article which includes this excellent observation about FB 55, whose play has been inspired, if somewhat unappreciated. I marvel at just how cool Francis is with the puck, almost always making the best play and doing so quickly and effortlessly. He is really seeing the ice and knows just how much time he has to make a play.

    And I agree that Beaulieu is further along the road in his development than Pateryn and Tinordi, both of whom who played very well when called up.

    Nathan Beaulieu, the latest rookie defenceman into the revolving door created by Raphael Diaz’s injury, outshone his predecessors, Greg Pateryn and Jarred Tinordi. Beaulieu played 17:17, including 1:04 on the power-play. There were some jitters, but Beaulieu was paired with wise old vet Francis Bouillon, who’s been running a Dman daycare since Diaz went down.

  38. Boston in Buffalo tonight, I see another loss in the Bruins column and then overpaying for the shake-up!

    Shane Oliver
    Twitter @Sholi2000
    Custom Sports Figures

    • kerrgte says:

      Such a dumb Holmgren move to trade Van Riensdyk for Schenn, a marginal d’man. I’m surprised Holmgren still has his job.

      Almost as poor a move as Murray made when he kept Redden and dealt Chara. Or the Gomer move, for that matter.

  39. JarryPark says:

    Bos vs Phi
    Schenn vs Chara

    Our buddy Jack Edwards “Does Schenn have a death wish?”

    What a tool.

  40. Psycho29 says:

    Good Morning, Happy Easter and Happy Passover to everyone at HI/O.

    It’s a wonderful time to be a Habs’ fan….especially if you think back to the fiasco of just a year ago….

  41. NL Hab says:

    I am a huge Ryane Clowe fan and I was hoping they would land him several weeks ago. Now rumor has it that SJ has approached him to waive his no trade deal. It appears that Montreal and Boston are the front runners to land him as SJ has scouted both of these teams quite a bit over the past 2 weeks or so.

    However, Boston is desperate and will overpay for him. Iginla screwed the B’s over and now they feel that they have to compete with the moves Pitts has done. I’d say that Bergevin stay in it as long as he can just to drive the asking price up.

    Apparently the asking price is a 1st rounder, roster player and prospect. This varies depending on which rumor mill you hit. This is obviously a bit much for a player of his calibre. The most I would give for a rental of his caliber is a 2nd and a 3rd and make one of them conditional on him resigning with the Habs or reching the Cup finals or something like that. It sounds like a deal is imminent so we will all find out soon enough I guess.

    On another note, lets hope some GM lost his mind yesterday and put in a waiver claim on Kaberle. One can only dream.

    Et Le But

      • FTF: Not to draw up a narrative based on shaky evidence (allow me to proceed by doing just that) but Ryane Clowe simply hasn’t been the same player since sustaining a ferocious bodycheck at the hands of Niklas Kronwall in the 2011 playoffs. Particularly in the regular season prior to that hit, Clowe was one of the most effective players along the boards in the NHL, consistently winning one-on-one puck battles to help the Sharks sustain possession and create scoring chances.

        Would make me not trade for him right off the bat.

        I’ve changed my tune over the last week. I once stated I wanted a 20 goal scorer, and one more big defense (not like Murray, my lord he’s slow and unless you get tagged by him does nothing back there).

        Now I just one shut down defenseman with middle offense (age 23-27). I don’t know who is out there for that and will take the time today to look for him.

        Really really interested in Danny Kristo! So excited, all these young players, the team is playing well for Therrien.

        Shane Oliver
        Twitter @Sholi2000
        Custom Sports Figures

      • NL Hab says:

        Yeah I read that article a couple of days ago. Sounds like a bitter fan more than anything. I have watched quite a few Sharks games this year and the whole team just looks like a mess, not just Clowe. I watched a game a few days ago and he hit 3 posts and got robbed on 2 other occasions. Hopefully a change in scenery would be a good thing for him. Unless he goes to Boston, then I hope he continues his poor play.

        Et Le But

        • deuce6 says:

          Ryane Clowe has played the game his whole life….I doubt a body check would have that kind of impact on a player’s ability…Where do people come up with this stuff?

          Has Pacioretty regressed since the Chara incident? He was a 35 goal scorer when he came back..

          Brandon Prust doesn’t have hair on his testicles, because hair does not grow on steel….

      • Mike D says:

        Good article, Steve. I like Clowe but considering the year he’s having I can’t fathom why SJ is asking/expecting so much in return for him. Now, whether those are their GM’s real expectations, or whether he’s just “putting it out there” to drive up the price and increase his asset-take in a trade is debatable, but still. For a guy playing for his next contract, you’d expect his production to increase relative to his average as opposed to decrease. Not to mention there is speculation that he is injured.

        If SJ gets anywhere close to what they’re asking in return for Clowe, I sincerely hope it’s not from the Habs. Let’s the B’s pay that high price and dip into their prospect/pick stock. That would work out better for us in the long-term anyway.

        – Honestly yours
        Twitter: @de_benny

    • WindsorHab-10 says:


    • Habfan17 says:

      If Bergevin is looking at making a trade, with what the Sharks want for Clowe and in looking at his stats the last two years and age, I would rather he trade for Stewart, If indeed, The Blues would move him. He fits more with what it appears Bergevin is doing, building for the long term.


      • NL Hab says:

        Exactly. I would have no issues with giving up a 1st, and top prospect for Stewart. He is an RFA after this year so he would be in the long term plans. I would hate to give up a player and a pick(s) for a player like Clowe and have them walk this summer. I hope Bergevin feels the same way. I don’t think he will give up a 1st for a rental. We will all know within a few days I guess.

        Et Le But

  42. Habfan17 says:

    @ un canadien errant – Two things with regards to Desharnais. I think not having Cole has hurt him more than he helped his linemates. Teams don’t give him time now since they know what he can do. I agree with you, I don’t think it is the contract. I think it comes down to, as talented as he is, and as hard as he tries, he is not at the level of St. Louis and he should not be a first line centre. I think his place is on the 3rd line. There, he would be able to thrive. Still a great accomplishment for an undrafted player.


  43. WindsorHab-10 says:

    I criticize Price now & then but man you gotta give him kudos for his leadership, maturity & team first attitude when he waved off Subban from going after Nash. That was Priceless.

  44. Curtis O Habs says:

    I have to think Budaj played a major role in last nights victory. His performance in relief of Price in Boston spurned Carey to his performance against New York.

  45. Chris says:

    This opposing turnarounds for the Montreal Canadiens and New York Rangers this season are a great example of why it is so dangerous to write a team off completely or why adding a superstar to the mix can be disastrous.

    Last season’s Montreal Canadiens were simply not as bad as they appeared. They had a terrible start, they suffered some key injuries, and they finally quit on Jacques Martin. Once they had dug so deep a hole, no amount of positive thinking was going to get them out and they knew it. You could see it in their body language.

    Last season’s New York Rangers were probably not as good as they appeared. They had a good mix and were getting goals up and down their lineup. This season, they can’t buy a goal and their body language is all wrong.

    I wouldn’t hesitate to call for a Rangers bounce-back next season. They have an all-world goaltender, they have one of the best young defence corps in the NHL and they have some talent up front. But they learned (yet again) the heavy price you can pay by going after a superstar.

    Montreal is scoring by committee and they are having everything go right this season. I don’t doubt for a minute that there will be many calls this summer to go after a true superstar to take them to the next rung. But the Rangers’ example is an excellent cautionary note: the price of a star player, both in assets (Erixon and Anisimov) and indirect losses through cap issues (Prust, Fedotenko) is often not worth the gain.

    Nor would I be surprised to see the Habs regress in a big way next season if they suffer a couple of key injuries. My big hope is that Bergevin is a more patient man than Gainey and many Habs fans, who were so eager to throw away everything in the summer of 2009 after a disastrous season of our own.

    Chicago is the better model. The won the Stanley Cup and then had to endure the humiliation of scraping into the playoffs the following season. They didn’t throw a hissy fit, but allowed their team to re-build back into a Stanley Cup contender over a two year period.

  46. Marc10 says:

    More random thoughts…

    1) Nash is a dick. I loved seeing him get drilled by Yemmy and Beaulieu. Price was smart to tell PK to lay off, but I look forward to seeing the big man get the Full Subban one day. It’s going to hurt.

    2) There’s bad body language with Max. He’s in a funk and a bit out of sorts. That being said, you know that dam is about to burst and he’ll be on another scoring streak soon. Gally has been awesome at taking care of business in the meantime. What a rookie!

    3) Prust will re-ignite Eller and Chucky. There’s no denying the beard!

    4) Pleks is our best forward and Ryder could score blindfolded.

    5) Price made it look easy tonight and PK is a God among men. PK’s every bit as good as Letang and the Big Ape.

    6) Nathan Beaulieu is going to be a very good NHL Dman. Wow! That’s some serious poise in your first game against Dick Nash and co.

    7) I love the Cube. He hits like a mule. (And tip of the hat to Yemmy… Just when I thought he hadn’t levelled a guy in a long while, he nearly sent Nash into orbit. Not many people can do that…)

    8) I would fire Torts and replace him with Guy Boucher (not kidding). This team needs and injection of passion and commitment, but they’ll likely go the Lindy Ruff route or replace Torts with his assistant and probably too late at that. Too bad… Still doesn’t make up for Gomez though.

    • Rugger says:

      Would prefer they do not fire Torts until after the Rangers are safely out of the play-offs.

    • Stuck_in_To. says:

      1.) Nash is a putz, eh.

      2.) Max’s slump suggests our roster is not perfectly balanced. I worry that DD and B.G. on the same line is not working.

      3.) I liked Boone’s suggestion of resting A.G. to reboot him.

      8.) Doubt NY makes any move while holding a playoff spot … and I do not want to see them getting better. Think they benefit from enough league favouritism.

  47. JF says:

    Most seasons there is a game every two or three weeks when I resignedly turn off the TV after about ten minutes because the Habs didn’t bother showing up so there’s no point watching, games where they can’t complete a pass, can’t win a faceoff or a puck battle, and don’t get anywhere near the opposing net. Not this season. Even in the 6-0 beatdown against the Leafs, it was not so much as if they didn’t show up but more as if they had just encountered each other in the locker room before the game. Every other game, they’re ready to play and they play as though they believe they can win. Even when the game gets away from them, they don’t quit. It’s so great to see after all the listless performances we had to suffer through last year.

    But it was Price’s performance in the first period that set the tone for this one. All season people have been complaining that he doesn’t steal games, doesn’t make clutch saves, doesn’t have the necessary fire in the belly to win. Last night Price did to the Rangers in the first period what goaltenders like Ryan Miller have often done to us. The Rangers played a good first period, outshooting us and often dominating us, but they couldn’t buy a goal. Meanwhile, we got two, one the result of a lucky bounce off the end boards. Unfortunately for the Rangers, they shot their bolt in that first period (as has often happened to us).

    Brendan Gallagher deserves the Calder Trophy. Whatever the actual point totals, there’s no arguing with the huge impact he’s had on the team and the contribution he’s made. He plays the same way every game, battling around the net and along the boards, not giving an inch to bigger and nastier players. He is always to be found in the dirty areas and often at the bottom of a scrum. Unlike most rookies, he’s had no period when he seemed lost, ineffectual, or uncertain.

    As for P.K., he deserves at least to be in the running for the Norris. He is less flamboyant than last year but so much more effective. However, it might be better if he did not win the award this year, both because, as another poster pointed out a couple of weeks ago, it would make his big contract even bigger, and because it might put pressure on a player who is still pretty young. P.K. is going to get even better and will no doubt win the Norris at some point.

    Nathan Beaulieu had a good start despite a couple of nervous moments. His puck-moving skills compensate in part for the absence of Raphael Diaz, but it’s probably asking too much to hope that his defensive game would hold up during a long playoff run. All the Hamilton defencemen who have “auditioned” in recent weeks have done OK, but their time is not yet, although Beaulieu and Tinordi both seem closer than Pateryn. But I think Bergevin still needs to get us some help on the blueline. Stéphane Robidas, whose name was mentioned yesterday, would be good.

    • Habfan10912 says:

      Simply put, PK has been the best player on the ice on most every night. Just a joy to watch.

    • habstrinifan says:

      Good post with one blaring bit of inaneness.

      Let’s say you were assigned the job of tutoring an HIO poster. Would you progress him to a cartain level but then curtail his learning so that he falls short of outstanding HIO acclaim and win our coveted ‘John Bellyful Award’ because you fear he could rise beyond your pay scale and could could cross that threshold of brilliance beyond which you yourself get weak in the knees?

      • JF says:

        I really don’t think the parallel is at all apposite (I could even say it’s inane). Nor am I suggesting P.K.’s learning curve should be curtailed so he doesn’t win the Norris. Just pointing out that it’ll cost us a lot if he does. I could also point out that young players who get big contracts or awards one year often struggle the next. P.K. is doing fine; let him continue to do so, for now, more or less under the NHL award committee’s radar.

        • habstrinifan says:

          You said..”did not win the award this year, ..because.. it would make his big contract even bigger”.

          You said…” and because it might put pressure on a player who is still pretty young.”

          Shouldnt excel enough to win cause will end up above our comfortable pay scale.
          Shouldnt excel enough to win cause pressure will end up above his comfort zone.

          Again…. you said it. I just extrapolated appositely.

          • JF says:

            You’re reading your own meaning into my words. I’m not saying he shouldn’t excel enough to win – in point of fact, I think he already has excelled enough to win. I just think it would be better both for him and for the Habs if he didn’t. And as far as I know, he’s not even in the conversation. It seems the NHL in general is reluctant to recognize his merit – and that’s fine with me. That’s all. Don’t nitpick!

  48. Cal says:

    Love beating the Rangers. Tortorella in his press conference sounded like a man who has accepted his fate. PK was dominant. See what a little coaching can do when a player has a boatload of talent?
    Beaulieu was ok last night and didn’t really stick out except for the time he was walloped in the 2nd period. He didn’t make any obvious errors. Was he better than Tinordi? No, but that doesn’t make him that good or that bad. Beaulieu needs a lot more meat on his bones or he’ll just be another lightweight puck mover.


  49. Cape Breton says:

    Gerard Gallant coached Beaulieu in St. John N.B. and won the Q league title last season.

  50. Danno says:

    I knew they’d win and I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because this team is SO FREAKING GOOD THIS YEAR.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”
    Updates, highlights & great discussions on all things Habs

  51. JohnBellyful says:

    Ooh, ooh, Jim! Jim! You awake? Unh? You awake?
    I’ve got a great idea to turn your new bait business into a real money-maker: pierced worms!
    Yeah, me too, I’m surprised no one’s thought of it before.
    Let’s face it, who likes putting worms on hooks? I don’t, and I know lots of others who feel the same way, some of them men.
    Worms are repulsive. They’re not exactly touchy-feely creatures. They’re more touchy-feely-eeewwwy.
    Even Field and Stream, the outdoors bible, says: “They’re squishy, they’re squirmy, they’re yuckky!”
    But baiting a hook would be a snap with pierced worms.
    Novice anglers would have no problem slipping a hook through a wriggler’s ready-made hole.
    No fuss, no muss.
    I see one tiny problem: finding those little nippers’ ears to pierce.
    To tell you the truth I didn’t even know night crawlers had them until I went on the Internet and found a whole bunch of stuff about worm ears – or was it earworms? – with plenty of examples like this one
    Now I know piercing worms can be labour intensive but it’s not like you’re going to be doing anything else while watching the Habs play, Jim. So sit back, enjoy the game, and build your inventory.
    One more thing, I’d suggest changing the name of the business to:
    Ace Earthworms – A Hole in One with Every Purchase!

    P.S. I’ve included a pic of the miniature instrument you’ll use to ventilate the little guys. Just place the worm in the cradle, and pull the trigger – slowly, gently – to insert the stud. The stud keeps the hole – the fishing hole – from filling in.

    P.S.S. Maybe you can get these guys to do a TV commercial for you.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Very good suggestion JB, I expect this could be prove fruitful for Jim. He may need you to be a Special Advisor to his corporation. Perhaps not unlike Brian Burke and his Special Consultant Contract with the Leafs.

      • JohnBellyful says:

        As long as Jim doesn’t think I’m trying to worm myself into a lucrative position that comes with six weeks vacation and plenty of benefits.
        (Between you and me, that’s what I want, I just don’t want him to think it. I got my pride to think of.)

    • Habfan10912 says:

      JB, brilliant idea. Now that’s the kind of thinking we at “Jim has worms” is looking for. Let me have our HR Department contact you to set up an interview. Perhaps you can run our new worm piercing department. You’re the best!
      CHeers bud.

      • JohnBellyful says:

        Sorry, Jim, I have to decline. I’m an idea man, not a I-skewer guy.

      • Izzy says:

        I DONT KNOW…I’m feeling bad for the worms here. Instead of a stud to keep the fishing hole from closing in, could you not consider actual worm ear rings? Imagine the moral of these little guys with actual bling? The earings could also have a little loop on the end that attaches to the fishing line saving time and……wait thats a fishing hook again huh…jeez…this marketing stuff is harder than I thought…

        After Emelin hits you, you get coloring books for christmas……

    • Cal says:

      Vermiforming? I’d bet those worms will form a union and go on strike. I can see them all there on the moistened asphalt, holding up tiny placards declaring the injustice of it all.
      There aren’t any holes in your argument, JB. Happy Holiday!

    • habstrinifan says:

      Nice enjoyable read on a casual Sunday John. I caution though that the virgin fisherman will still fumble with his spool and rod even with a welcoming hole provided.

  52. Habfan10912 says:

    As most of you here I watch a tremendous amount of hockey games throughout the league. One thing I’ve noticed is the Habs puck support is as good as any in the league. The team seems to be able to maintain possession and many times gets a solid scoring opportunity from it. What is striking to me is this was the teams weakness (among many) last season. Most of the players are the same. Must be the system, eh?

    • Marc10 says:

      Indeed. The 5-guy swarm is very effective. You can get away dressing guys that aren’t too big if they compete and skate. Of course the playoffs are a different animal altogether. It will be interesting to see how they fare against bigger teams (that’d be nearly all of them) come the real season… but so far so good.

      At this stage, I wouldn’t bet against this team. They compete, they’re well coached… and when Carey Price makes it look this easy, well then you know they are going to be handful with their ridiculously fast transition game.

      Oh and while my mind is wandering… Just watching Halpern tonight, I was shocked that NYR would let him go. He wins faceoffs, is never out of position, a good skater who makes smart plays… Nice pick up MB!

  53. Habfan10912 says:

    To my HIO friends who celebrate, Happy Easter and to those who don’t, have a wonderful day. CHeers.

  54. VancouverHab says:

    I admire Mr. Boone, and am grateful for the work that he does making this site possible and thereby improving my Habs fan experience.

    But singling out Scott Gomez as the sufficient (or even a significant contributory) cause for the team malaise is, in my view, not ennobling
    behavior, and (if I’m being mean myself) a type of ad populum psychopathology.

    Nothing in Scott Gomez’s playing history suggests laziness or negativity (on the contrary, he is Calder Cup winner, a multiple Stanley Cup winner, a universally-acknowledged moral asset, and a highly-respectable career points total–indeed, up to the start of last season he had a total equivalent to H. Sedin, without the advantage of a sheltered-starts career coddled with a twin brother.

    The putative laziness of Scott Gomez is as nothing compared with the journalistic laziness common in Montreal where Gomez is concerned.

    To quote our GM, as a financial decision compelled a buyout: “I respect Scott Gomez”

    For shame!


    • Clay says:

      The only 2 worse trades than the one that brought Gomez here were the Patrick Roy trade (December 6, 1995), and the Chris Chelios trade (June 29, 1990). But the Gomez trade has one thing the others were lacking – it happened in the era of the salary cap. This, my friend, was the real killer. A washed up player taking up such a large portion of the cap is a serious bane for the organization.
      I will never understand your love for Gomez, but I will tell you one thing – you are in the serious minority in thinking him a good player for the Habs; I have to admit that I respect you not being swayed by the facts or the majority opinion, and standing your ground. In fact, your staunch defence of him causes me to recall a Bill Clinton quote: “I like that about the Republicans; the evidence does not faze them, they are not bothered at all by the facts.”
      Personally, I think his tenure here was the low point of this organization in my lifetime.

      ☞ The first principle is that you must not fool yourself, and you are the easiest person to fool. ~ Richard Feynman ☜

      • Aybara says:

        He is neither saying he loves Gomez, nor that he played well for Montreal. All that well written post says, is that attributing the Habs lack of success last year to Gomez is lazy.
        Gomez was part of the problem, but the whole team wasn’t playing well too.

        • twilighthours says:

          It would be easier to agree with him if he didn’t have such a long history of gomezism. In the past, his posts have exlusively been in praise Gomez or to dump on DD.

          Maybe he has broadened his outlook, I don’t know.

          He does post some beauties over on EOTP that would make you chuckle.

          • topher5468 says:

            Very well said , History of Gomezism, haha,

            “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

          • Aybara says:

            Point taken. In a vacuum though, this post makes a lot of sense.

          • VancouverHab says:

            Which counterbalances your (and others’) Gomophobia ;–)

            Actually, the same (at best) journalistic laziness that overemphasises Gomez’s troubles puffs up DD and ignores his obvious massive limitations & weaknesses. (Gomez is no way a softer backchecker than DD, for example. And Gomez has a New Jersey Devils’ Stanley Cup to prove it.)

            My focus on DD is the result of this unfairness, not because I have any especial animus again DD per se — as a third-line utility player, DD is fine.

        • Stuck_in_To. says:

          Ever heard the term “purple prose’? In a nut shell, it describes the use of over-writing the point to hide the lack of substance.

          You could almost describe Gomez’s game that way.

          And whatever was wrong upstairs and behind the bench with the organization, Gomez typified the on-ice issue: apparent skills, intelligent, but not a team player, not a guy buying-in.

          MB & MT came in to build a solid and accountable team and pretty much shipped Gomez out at the first opportunity. That says it all for me.

          Lay on Boone!

        • 24 Cups says:

          You have to understand that there are a few dickheads from the Vancouver area that visit this site on a regular basis who just love to take shots at Mike Boone. Freedom of speech always comes at a price.

    • twilighthours says:

      In your attempt at writing this flowery attack, you forgot a parenthesis.

      Couldn’t read.

    • Marc10 says:

      50+ sec shifts. That’s the Gomer in his last year and a half.

      He was being selfish and lazy and MB’s best move was to send him packing.

      Long gone was the Gomer we saw in NJ…

      • Habfan10912 says:

        That was the Gomez we saw last season. Not sure if it was the spoils of riches or something else but the man just lost confidence and seemed to lose his hockey sense. The smiles in the face of defeat after defeat were really hard for most of us to take.

        • Marc10 says:

          I think bad habits crept into his game. Those long shifts made him less effective and he should have been reeled in. But by then it was too late and the country club atmosphere on the team, with veterans steering the ships, was way out of control… and the results were predictable.

          This year the ship is being led by the GM and the coach (who are both on song). The players to their credit have bought into the system… and the results speak for themselves.

    • wildwilly says:

      I don’t think anyone blames Gomez for the futility the Canadiens experienced over the years he was here but he was a prime example of what was wrong with the Habs. A day after the trade, I remember someone asked Trevor Timmins if MacDonough’s stock had fallen and if he agreed with the trade. Timmins replied “Why cut off your right arm for a third leg?”

      Boone was just pointing out the three-legged pants are no longer part of the wardrobe and the new-look Habs are a handsome sight.

    • Izzy says:

      ennoble [ɪˈnəʊbəl]
      vb (tr)
      1. to make noble, honourable, or excellent; dignify; exalt
      2. to raise to a noble rank; confer a title of nobility upon
      ennoblement n

      …just sayin…

      After Emelin hits you, you get coloring books for christmas……

    • Pfthfft! Gomez sucked ostrich eggs! I waited almost a year to get free chicken wings before he scored and that’s definitely on him!

      Promote the Youth, Support From The Veterans and Remember the Heritage!

  55. Marc10 says:

    Another great game. We are the Rangers’ “bête noire”…

    It’s amazing how no matter what team they ice, our boys will beat them. I’d feel sorry for Glen Sather and the Fonz, but Sather has to pay for past crimes (getting the best of Bob Gainey to such a degree as to forever tarnish #23 in many fans’ eyes) and Torts, well… he’s an arse and deserves nothing less than a season sweep.

    What can you say about Pricey, PK, Gally, Pleks and Ryder that hasn’t already been said…? They’re pulling the wagon most nights and dragging us into the playoffs and into a high seed.

    Someone has to figure out what is up with Max. He is well off his game and it’s not normal that his two diminutive linemates have to do all the hard work of fishing pucks out from behind the net while he plays the low margin perimeter game. MT needs to make some adjustments there. Time for that oft-mentioned Eller/DD shake up to get both lines going.

    Still, this is a winning lineup. Yes, we could use additional parts on the backend and in the big and nasty department, but at least we’re not the Rangers or the Flyers or the Lightning. Go Habs Go!

  56. awesomerino says:

    I have a couple questions for all the brilliant geniuses who swore the Habs were better off without PK:

    1.) Would you rather be paying him $5M/yr in 2015, or the $7M+ he’ll surely earn and deserve?

    2.) Just how stupid ARE you?

  57. Dunboyne Mike says:

    Happy Easter Boone, Gaz boys and one and all a HIO from Ireland.

    Great win.

    The stars were shining, but you also have to love Cube and Halpern and the like. And exciting to see Beaulieu not out of place in his NHL debut — just give him a few games….

    Boone, love Bouillon Day Care!

    And Sholi: those shutout stats you posted on the LiveBolg! Wow! Re-post please for those who missed them to read as they tuck into their chocolate bunnies.

    (Or their pink slip if you’re Fonzie).

  58. JUST ME says:

    More than ever i find that you cannot buy a Stanley cup. The Rangers are proving this fact more than ever this year. They chose to go with so called big names and thought that guys like Prust and Dubinsky had less importance than the Gaboriks anf Nashs of this world. It takes a bit of everything to make a team .

    Great game yesterday by everyone. I guess this is not the time to say Carey stole one ? It never is cause he has such a solid and calm style that he does not look in danger. So when other goalers have to be physically involved in the action he does not.

    That P.K. guy is a gem . Another solid dominating performance that looked so easy. Liked what i saw from Nathan Beaulieu also. In the Q you could see that his big quality is to not get rid of the puck very often. We saw that yesterday and although this is only a beginning he was really calm and composed.

    I like the team we have and am skeptical about bringing any changes to the team spirit . Trade deadline is fast approching and we must not forget that to get anything worth while we have to give away something. I would be very surprised that the other g.m.s would give us their gems for what we consider our garbages.

  59. Peter Young says:

    Yes, Gomez was the Canadiens’ albatross (defined in Wikipedia as a metaphor used to refer to a psychological burden that feels like a curse). It wasn’t just the cap burden he imposed. He embodied and symbolized everything that was wrong with the Canadiens last season. Remember those rink-length rushes that looked pretty impressive but nearly always went nowhere and those chirpy interviews he gave that were so upbeat, as if things were going great, when actually he literally dragged the team down–all the way to bottom place. Gomez represented the spirit of defeatism that enveloped the team last season (and that now, thank goodness, has been eradicated and replaced by determination and confidence tempered by discipline). Even so, I wish him well as long as he never comes near the Canadiens.

  60. Un Canadien errant says:

    -So, less than a minute into the game, Michael Ryder scores an easy goal, and I don’t know who John Tortorella will strangle during the first intermission as a result, whether substitute goalie Martin Biron, the defence pairing of Roman Hamrlik and Ryan McDonagh, or all the ineffectual Rangers who were on the ice.

    -Are fans at the New Forum booing Ryan McDonagh? Isn’t that completely uncalled for? He didn’t ask to be traded in one of the most mind-boggling trades in Canadiens history.

    -What a great support of the attack by P.K., and he gets the assist on the Tomas Plekanec goal. Canadiens increase the lead after killing off a penalty, 2-0.

    -Carey Price is sharp tonight. Maybe the secret is to not block too many shots, let him get bombarded and in the game. 17 shots in the first period only.

    -Marc Denis commenting that P.K.’s shot is so powerful you expect he’ll score every time. He causes Biron to give a rebound on the powerplay, David Desharnais whacks at it, then Brendan Gallagher buries it. 3-0

    -Love the way P.K. is handling the puck in the opposition zone. Good puck skills, but he doesn’t try to do too much, makes the safe play and puts the puck deep in the corner.

    So tonight was the P.K and Carey show. The two pillars upon which we expect to build the next dynasty and win consecutive Cups with. Things are as they should be. Michael Ryder is providing offence and a steady presence on the Tomas Plekanec line. The Markov-Emelin pairing settled down after a rough outing in Boston. Nathan Beaulieu gave us the offensive leanings and skating exhibition we were expecting, with the rough patches we were also expecting, but he didn’t kill us. Joy.

    If we want to look for warts, we can start with last year’s #1 line pairing of David Desharnais and Max Pacioretty. Those guys aren’t not trying, but they’re not getting results. It would be fine if they were playing well but the puck just wasn’t going in, but it’s more worrisome than that. They look disjointed, ineffectual. They’re chasing the puck, always a step behind, instead of anticipating the play as they did last season. People are starting to point at David’s new contract, but I don’t see a satisfied player taking his foot off the gas, a guy who’s not trying. I see a guy who last year would guess right, would win puck battles with smarts and a quick stick but this season is having more difficulty. Time for Michel Therrien to pull one of his personnel moves/line switches that always work out.

    We could say that we won this one because the Rangers have given up on their coach and their season, but it doesn’t do justice to this team, that rolls along and fights and has everyone contributing, and expects to win despite the opposition. Last season we were surprised to win, whereas this year, we’re all business, and if everyone does his job, good things unfailingly happen.

    Marc Bergevin’s preferred course of action at the trade deadline is getting harder and harder to figure out. Do we try to improve the team with a couple of judicious additions? Does that upset the apple cart though? Do we instead stand pat and let this team do its thing, and hope that once healthy this roster measures up to any team this side of Pittsburgh? It will be interesting to find out what he decides.



    • Stevie.Ray says:

      Booing mcdonagh helps to ease the pain.

      If p.k’s shot gets through, it’s an instant scoring chance

    • Da Hema says:

      Why are fans booing McDonagh? Because he was a dirty, chippy snot playing us until Max put him in his place a few weeks ago. Nothing wrong with booing him.

    • deuce6 says:

      I agree with the Pacioretty/Desharnais shake up…

      Switch Prust with Pacioretty and you got something, IMO..


      Brandon Prust doesn’t have hair on his testicles, because hair does not grow on steel….

    • Habfan17 says:

      Two things with regards to Desharnais. I think not having Cole has hurt him more than he helped his linemates. Teams don’t give him time now since they know what he can do. I agree with you, I don’t think it is the contract. I think it comes down to, as talented as he is, and as hard as he tries, he is not at the level of St. Louis and he should not be a first line centre. I think his place is on the 3rd line. There, he would be able to thrive.


    • habstrinifan says:

      Would like to get your impression on a little nugget that impressed me but was subtle. The P.K assist on Plekanec goal. I thought Plekanec as he picked up speed ‘lost the puck’ and P.K’s alert response to not ‘coral’ the puck but flick it quickly back to Plekanec while he remained in full stride was a determinant factor in keeping the Rangers off guard. It was not a clean 2-1 as there were many blueshirts around but that continuity made it impossible for them to set. The closeness of Pleks and Subban as they broke was also a factor. I think it is much harder to defend a ‘2-1’ when the players start of almost touching each other than say when they are on their wings.

      Forgive me manners: Nice recap!

  61. deuce6 says:

    Was looking at Ryane Clowe’s stats and I find it really odd that he hasn’t scored yet, this season until I did a little more research…Can you see the reason? It is in this quote:

    “Sometimes it can give me a little more room when you’re not playing against the top D as much, the top lines,” Clowe said. “It might be beneficial getting more confidence and scoring chances. I don’t know. I think with me, Gomez and Shep – it’s a pretty good offensive line if we can get going.”

    Gomez, eh?

    Brandon Prust doesn’t have hair on his testicles, because hair does not grow on steel….

  62. Stevie.Ray says:

    Fearless prediction:
    Hemsky will be traded to the New Jersey Devils
    Yandle will go to Boston
    Bouwmeester will go to Detroit
    Ribiero will go to Anaheim
    Streit will go to Chicago
    Regehr will go to Ottawa
    And Jagr will join the Habs

  63. Stevie.Ray says:

    So how long until Kristo signs? There is only 9 games remaining for the Dogs, and Danny probably wants to finish his four year recreation and tourism studies degree, whatever the hell that is.

    • Da Hema says:

      That’s the degree conferred on most collegiate athletes in the US. The athlete-“scholars” are pretty much guaranteed a C average for their courses — despite the fact they never attend class, never submit assignments, and never write exams.

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      Even without being skeptical, it’s common for US College players who turn pro in the spring to be allowed to return in the summer to finish up assignments and write exams, so that shouldn’t factor into his decision too much. Hockey is going to be his career, he’ll focus on that.

      If he was pre-med I’d be more worried about him wanting to finish the semester.

  64. Exit716 says:

    In 2007, 16 defensemen were selected ahead of PK Subban. Elite scouting organizations such as Detroit, Pittsburgh and Boston passed on him. In fact, the Bruins had two chances to grab Subban before the Habs. The fact the Habs stole him at that position speaks volumes to the job the scouting staff has done. Source…www.hockeydb.com

  65. Habondarock says:

    D-man daycare……love it!

  66. jimmy shaker says:

    Looks like the sharks have asked clowe to wave his no trade…..with a deal coming as early as today sometime. Boston, the rags and us have the inside track, but a first rounder and a prospect seem an unlikely fit for MB as per the fourth period.com.

    Shaker out!

    • Stevie.Ray says:

      John Ferguson Jr was in both Boston and Montreal today, as it looks like they are the two leading contenders to acquire him. Boston appears to be more willing to dish out valuable assets though, so I wouldn’t be surprised to hear Boston got him… Only to lose him to Pitt

  67. NickDags says:

    Lots of guys in award contention:

    Gallagher – Calder
    Subban – Norris
    Markov – Masterson
    Price – Vezina (long shot)
    Therien – Jack Adams
    Bergevin – Best GM

  68. HardHabits says:

    The New York Rangers. Where overpriced veteran contracts are sent to die. It’s like every player that gets a huge pay check from Sather regresses into a bona fide AHLer.

    Scott Gomez 7.357
    Chris Drury 7.05
    Wade Redden 6.5
    Marian Gaborik 7.5
    Brad Richards 6.667
    Rick Nash 7.8

    Maybe it’s a curse. Ever since the Rags won the Cup they’ve been trying to buy a Cup a la New York Yankees and all they’ve proven is that no matter how much money you spend in the NHL, you can’t build a winner via free agency.

    • jols101 says:

      HH, agree on everything except for adding Nash to your list. He has 28 points in 30 games – still too soon to put him on the “veterans bust” list.

    • deuce6 says:

      Great hockey teams aren’t built with money…Great hockey teams are built on chemistry..

      Brandon Prust doesn’t have hair on his testicles, because hair does not grow on steel….

    • blu3chip says:

      Nash is doing fine, although 7.8 mil is still insane..

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      Glen Sather said in an interview a couple years ago that he didn’t want to spend big on free agents, he wanted to build through the draft like he did in Edmonton, but the Dolans thought that wasn’t glitzy enough for New York, they wanted stars, big names, so he had to go along with that. He continued that the free agent frenzy was over, now they’d build around their young core of Callaghan, Del Zotto, etc. But sure enough, two years in a row now they land Brad Richards, then Rick Nash, at the cost of picks and prospects, and you have to wonder if it’s really all James Dolan’s fault.

  69. Sportfan says:

    Great Game that was the Price we know and love unstoppable! I really hope Prust isn’t hurt from that blocked shot! Also PK all the way love this team!


  70. Habitant in Surrey says:


    “ This is my favorite place to play by a mile. I love it. You have that feeling of hockey the second you step in the building. ”

    – Brad Richards
    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

    Campaign to Retire Toe Blake’s Number 6 !!!

  71. Bill says:

    Gallagher is continuing a proud tradition among Habs who wore #11.

    Yvon Lambert. Kirk Muller. Saku Koivu. Brendan Gallagher. Yeah, I think he’s that kind of player.

    I can’t think of a single player who wore #11 for the Habs who was bad or lame. Not one.

    Full Breezer 4 Life

    • Steven says:

      Except for a certain Scott Gomez, of course? 😛

    • AliHaba says:

      What about Claude Larose?

    • filmnoir2012 says:

      Here is a list of every player who has worn #11 for the Canadiens:

      Calum MacKay (1951-1955)
      Gene Achtymichuk (1952)
      Paul Masnick (1952-1953)
      Lorne Davis (1952)
      Bob Turner (1956-1961)
      Jean Gauthier (1962-1970)
      Claude Larose (1964-1968)
      Wayne Hicks (1964)
      Ted Harris (1964)
      Garry Monahan (1969)
      Jude Drouin (1969)
      Bobby Sheehan (1970)
      Phil Roberto (1970) Queen Elizabeth’s favourite player
      Rejean Houle (1970)
      Marc Tardif (1970-1973)
      Yvon Lambert (1974-1981)
      Ryan Walter (1983-1991)
      Kirk Muller (1992-1995)
      Saku Koivu (1996-2009)
      Scott Gomez (2011-2012)
      Brendan Gallagher (2013)

      • otter649 says:

        Your list of who has worn #11 for The Habs is very incomplete as the first player to wear #11 is Clayton Frechette going back to 1912-1913 & is one of the most used numbers in franchise history since the number has not been retired……

    • habstrinifan says:

      WOW Bill … great post. I forgot Lambert wore number 11.

      I think HABS can start drafting (in special cases) with specific players in mind. So draft a #11 or a #10 or a #19. They can’t go wrong. I know I may sound stooopid but I think it is valid. It focuses your needs with a cartain prototype skill/personality set.

      To expand..let us say you were at the table on the Wickenheiser/Savard draft year.

      You ask of Wickenheiser..”is he a number 10?” Of course the answer will be NO, despite his rankings etc. So if you focus on having a number 10… then you pass up on Wickenheiser.. maybe ‘trade down’ to get Savard and obtain another asset too.

  72. AliHaba says:

    Before I sit back and read your comments of tonight’s game I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the enjoyment you have provided me through this site. Happy Easter Booner

  73. Steven says:

    Two gaosl? That’s quite the typo there, Boone 😉

    Well written article though. I agree on all of it. The reminder of Gomez makes me a bit sick to my stomach but it’s also a great reminder that he’s not around anymore and everything is just roses.

  74. Bill says:

    First this time?

    Edit: that’s more like it.

    Full Breezer 4 Life

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