About last night …

Any shrinks or dream interpreters out there?

I had a dream last night in which Alex Kovalev is standing on a downtown street and I’m looking up at him. Overhead, the clear blue sky is filled with exotic kites.

I’m mesmerized. But a certain point, Kovalev, quite annoyed, demands to  know: "What are you staring at?"

Then the focus shifts to Guy Carbonneau’s press scrum. In shirtsleeves and sweating profusely, Carbonneau is asked if his greatest coaching achievement has been successfully motivating Kovalev. Carbo starts to answer, but I woke up.


I have no clue … unless the kites represent the lofty aspirations of Canadiens fans eight days ago. 


That’s when the team easily beat the New York Islanders to move within three points of Ottawa in the Eastern Conference standings.

But a week ago Canadiens lost to the Rangers.

Tuesday they beat the Senators, who were playing without Daniel Alfredsson and Dany Heatley but still mounted a third-period comeback.

Thursday night at the Bell Centre, Canadiens lost ignominiously to one of  the worst team in the NHL.

And then they went to Ottawa.

I’ll not dwell on last night’s  game. It was on RDS and the CBC, so most everyone saw it.

In the wilds of Kanata where no one could hear the screams, Heatley, Alfredsson and Jason Spezza bent our first-place aspirants over a log.

And if you think that metaphor is ugly or inappropriate, you didn’t see the game.

I don’t know why Carbo broke up his best defence pairing. But Mike Komisarek and Francis Bouillon started the game, and ach of them was minus-two before the game was two minutes old.

The Tomas Plekanec line started against Spezza et al –  and that was a mismatch. Ottawa pressured Plekanec all through the game, forcing him to make hasty decisions and errant passes. You can bet that technique will be employed by other teams.

The power play scored once in seven opportunities. The best player on the ice when Canadiens had the man advtantage was Chris Kelly, who plays for Ottawa.

Adding inury to insult,  Wade Redden, pissed-off by all the trade speculation in Ottawa, took itout on Sergei Kostitsyn. 

Glimmers of hope? Not many.

Carey Price was OK. The reunited Saku Koivu line had its moments – but Christopher Higgins is having less luck scoring than I used to on Crescent St. Canadiens hit the goalposts five times. Roman Hamrlik will be back soon.

No need to panic – yet. Teams and their fans survive the long NHL season by not getting too high or too low.

All that talk about first place was too high.

We’ll find out in Florida just how low Canadiens are about to go. 


  1. J.T. says:

    If that was gentle I hope I’m passed out for the banging they’ll get in the playoffs.


  2. Ian G Cobb says:

    Mike Boone. ! That is amazing,! I had a dream last night also. I just have to tell you this one.

    My hab friend, Postie Jim, and I headed to Ottawa yesterday after lunch. We arrived at a local watering hole called Local Heroes. We walk in and to my surprise, we are met by about 12 of our inside out community friends, there was DD,and his son and girl friend,and friends from Ottawa, Tommy B and Dana,from the Hamilton area, Naila in from Mtl. Jason from P.A.and his lovely girl friend, both in from Pittsburg. Anyway the dream went that we all had just the very best of time talking hockey, life in general, eating and having a few.
    The dream also went down that they over the past 6 mo. had become my family, so of coarse there were hugs all around and the very warmest feelings came over us being to gether. Then we boarded a bus and it took us to a hockey rink way out of town. In the dream I think it was called The Scotia Center or something like that.

    We went into this rink that I had never seen before, but I felt somewhat at home. Most of the fans were wearing the Habs colors the same as ours. It took a very long time going up to reach our seats, I was pooped and in my dream I thought I had a nose bleed, being up so high.

    Then we stood for the National anthem, just like we do at a real game. I knew Soon after that I was in a dream because just as the puck was dropped, Bullion fired the puck down the ice and forced a faceoff in our end, and scored on us. The dream became a nightmare 30 seconds later when Begin breaks breaks his stick and they come in on us again.

    Time after time Mtl. bumbled and fumbled the puck away just like 10 year olds do. It was the absolute worse dis play of how to compeat that I have ever seen. We never had the puck on our sticks for more than 10 seconds at a time for the rest of the game. This nightmare continued even after the game as we drove 5 hrs. home in a raging blizzard.

    I was so tired from this horrible dream I slept in until nearly noon to-day

  3. habitual says:

    Thank you Chuck.

    I only saw 1/2 of the first period before mercifully having to go out so I can’t comment on how he played last night. But once again Brisbois is a favourite whipping boy for many posters here. The game was a 6 – 1 whipping. How is this mostly his fault?

    He was not brought in to be a top 4 D man. He was brought in to add some offense to the PP, and because of injuries and inconsistent play by some of the forwards has been getting more ice time than possibly planned. Remember, Dandeneault can play D, and Carbonneau chooses to sit him out rather than play him and sit Brisbois. That says something.

    This is not to say that Brisbois should be exempt from criticism. It is to say that the repeated focusing on Brisbois is both unfair and tiresome.

  4. RH says:

    Wait a minute. You mean THE U has a hockey team?

  5. Mr Wonderful says:

    Has anyone else received an email from this group’s thought police telling them that certain non profane words should not be used? I was asked not to use the word RETARDED anymore. Awe great to see the politically correct crowd is alive and well in Montreal. I would like a list of all non profane words that we can not use so there will be NO chance of hurting anyone’s feelings.

    I will start the list off. One word that hurts my feelings is Liberal. Both capital L and small l. I want to cry every time I think about liberals having any control of my life. :-) Please feel free to add to this list. Have a great day.

    Definition of Retarded:To cause to move or proceed slowly; delay or impede.

    v. intr.
    To be delayed.

    A slowing down or hindering of progress; a delay.
    Music A slackening of tempo.

    A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.
    Sir Winston Churchill

  6. Yeats says:

    Hockey is like beer these days. There is just so much good stuff to consume, you don’t have to put up with a sub-standard product.

  7. Chuck says:

    Interesting… you note that Huet’s ugly start had us down 3-0 before the game was five minutes old, but use most of your post to blame Brisebois for the loss.

    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  8. ZepFan2 says:

    From the article: “If he returns, he’d rather not have a repeat of the emotional aftermath of his second last game in Montreal.

    He was so down Canadiens captain Saku Koivu put an arm around him in the dressing room, consoling him.

    “I wasn’t pleased at losing a game when we scored four goals, and Sak was telling me there would games like that, and you couldn’t let them get you down.””

    More proof Saku IS the Captain of this team.

  9. jew4jah says:

    #1 is a lesson you think they would have learned on thursday against the laffs.
    #2 work ethic doesn’t seem to be a major problem to me, looks more like chemistry.
    #3 & 4 — what’s so special about last night’s loss that you think carbo will stop tinkering or that we won’t see brisebois again? these have been major issues since the season started.

    as for that goal… beauty of a pass by price up the ice & then the brothers K netted it. i thought we worked for it & deserved it.

    the hardest thing about last night’s game was watching it. (with 3 leaf’s fans on my couch – they’re good people aside from this one transgression)

  10. Yeats says:

    I had to leave and go watch the Michigan/Miami game last night. I just couldn’t take it anymore.

  11. Richard says:

    Let’s look at some positives that came out of this game:

    1. It will remind the habs that they are not invincible and can’t EVER take a game for granted.

    2. It will convince the habs to work harder and practice more.

    3. It will put some pressure on Carbo to not tinker with his lines so much. Two good defencemen playing together does not mean that they can make two good defenceman when playing apart.


    I don’t know if anybody else noticed, but Breeze-by was terrible. He couldn’t catch a pass at the point on the PP, and after making defensive mistakes he tried to recover and took penalties leading to #5 and #6. He was awful, and Streit couldn’t play defenceman for two like Hamrlik can, so the Sens took advantage of every little thing he did wrong, and there were plenty.

    I’m not saying that he is responsible for the whole game. Clearly we started poorly and this was an off-night for Huet and an on night for Emery. But Brisebois single-handedly made sure that once we were down 3-0 within five minutes, we would not be able to mount enough sustained pressure to come back.

    i.e. he finally proved how bad he is, and will either be fired, sent down, or sat out for the rest of the year.

    Welcome back O’Byrne!

    Oh, and the worst is that our only goal came on a 5 on 3 that we didn’t deserve: the refs gave it to us like we were poor Toronto who couldn’t stand a chance without a little undeserved help.

    …And I drove through the snow to watch it all live.

  12. Chuck says:

    There was still too much sand in the Vaseline for my liking.


    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  13. The Teacher says:

    You’re missing my point big-time Yeats.

    Posters should be held to the standards of human decency.

  14. Ed says:

    Who needs size. Remember size does not count. Tee! Who would you rather have, RG or JC Petit?

  15. tony d says:

    i think I ran into Gustavas many a night at Kojax, way back when

  16. Yeats says:

    Yea, and they were gentle!

  17. Chuck says:

    On a positive note, it took three guys last night (Heatley, Alfredsson and Spezza) to bend us over a log.

    Ovechkin did it all on his own.


    “All bow down before the Komisaurus Rex!”

  18. Yeats says:

    Posters, by implication, should be held to the standards of responsible journalism? You are really out on a limb on this one. Do you have a degree in Journalism? Did Peter Mansbridge of the CBC administer some sort of oath of journalism to you?

  19. sidhu says:

    You’re right, they don’t, but the players you mention (except for Holik) all provide something that provides the basis for their captaincy (e.g., strong defense, checking, power). Koivu was supposed to be our first-line scoring center.

    Go Habs Go!

  20. ebk says:

    Seems the post I made is either getting misread, misunderstood or misrepresented. I thought I would answer you to clarify and then hopefully we can all let this issue drop.

    I never asked for having that word or any other word banned. I am a firm believer of free speech. It is one of the hallmarks of a truly free society. I never in any way asked anyone to rally against another member of the HIO community. I have never told anyone that they should not post on HIO because I disagree with their choice of words or posts. There are enough people around to do that and I don’t need to add to it.

    I am not perfect and do not expect others to be, I simply posted it last week after something offended me, which last time I checked, I was free to do so. Just the same as the people who posted the words that offended me. By telling of my experiences, I hoped people would think twice before using a word like that but again in no way did I call for a ban of it. This word and a whole number of other words are used to denigrate and dehumanize another individual. I try not to use them but it is a personal choice and one that I in no way have ever tried to impose on another individual.

    The last part of your post left me scratching my head as to your point. Basically what I think you say is that you believe people who have died of cancer would agree with you that trying to ban the use of the word cancer should not be done and that they would further agree with you that any attempt to do so would be seen as manipulative and self-serving.

    The only way I can address this, is to once again state I asked for no word to be banned from this site. I have not, nor will I ever do that. I have no way to dispute your suggestion that people who passed away from cancer would agree with you, as I am not able to channel them to find out. I am not a psychic medium and as such I have no way to confirm or refute your statement. I also would not feel comfortable enough to assume that I could or should speak for them. I only speak for myself.

    If you actually think that the word cancer carries the same negative and derogatory stereotypes as the other word, well again that is your opinion. I find the comparison ludicrous but that is just my opinion.

    This will be my last post on this subject. Yeats is correct, this is not the proper forum for this debate. He has my email address and if you wish to discuss it further, I would suggest that is where we continue it.


  21. Ed says:

    Man, you are too deep for me this morning. This sound like something that Boone would say. Tee!

  22. likehoy says:

    I was talking to a friend about the Future Habs…

    I see the Kostitsyns flanking plekanec as our top line…
    and higgins and latendresse will probably flank the second line…but we’re missing a centre that can really fit into a power game that lats and higs could be playing…the names that come to mind are chipchura, ben maxwell, and ryan white. Does anyone know if any of these guys are gritty enough/skilled enough to play a second line gritty scoring role? I have my reservations over chip cause he didn’t show much hands during his short stint…but I hope he comes out to be like Michael Peca. Another suggestion was to revert higgs back to centre have both lats and pacioretty line up on the sides…which was an idea but can higgs win a faceoff?

  23. Mike Boone says:

    I feel better already!

  24. Ed says:

    It’s only one game, and I like Mathman’s take on it. He was first of the mark this morning, and pointed out that when we beat Boston 8-2, it was not the end for Boston. Everyone should read it, even the most negative among us. We will bounce back. It’s like Boone’s lack of luck on Crescent St. It’s a bad date that happened (or in Boone’s case, maybe not), and we will have to forget about it and move on.

    As for showey47, he brought up about Komisarek having the least amount of ice time for the D men. How that could happen is beyond me. Surely he could not have fallen into the coach’s doghouse last night. He must have been injured or something. The ice time for D men was:
    Markov 25:45
    Streit 21:45
    Gorges 19:19
    Brisebois 17:32
    Bouillon 17:16
    Komisarek 16:34

    Carbonneau has to be concerned about his shutdown line, as they were all minus last night, and he did limit their ice time. Their ice time and +/-‘s were:
    Kostopoulos 7:42; and -3. He is -8 on the year.
    Smolinski 6:47; and -2. He is -5 for the year.
    Begin 6:18; and -2. He is -2 for the year.

    I thought the kid line played well, and they were not on for any goals against. Sergei set up his brother with a beautiful pass, but he has to be more careful who he fights. In fact, I don’t see why he should even have to fight. I loved the way Bouillon pulled the player off him, even while an Ottawa player was holding on to Bouillon. He is obviously very strong.

    I heard one of the announcers on CBC talk about how the Koivu line has all been in Carbo’s dog house, and he called them the dog house line. As for the Plekanec line, they have been our saviours all year, and I am sure they will bounce back. They are too good and creative not to.

  25. The Teacher says:

    I thought I did make my point that not all captains have to be first line scorers ;)

    But I appreciate your candid response and I echo your comments in that we must all say

    Go Habs Go

  26. sidhu says:

    Teach, I always enjoy reading your posts and having our substantive exchanges :) For the most part I think you’re comparing apples and oranges – Foote and Smith are defensive defensemen (like Komi), Moreau and Taylor are checking forwards, Clark is a budding power forward who scored 30 last year, and NJ has a rotating captaincy system. Also note that Clark, Moreau, and Taylor have been injured for the majority or all of the season. That leaves Holik, who supports your argument. The players you mention (save Holik) all have qualities that undergird their captaincy (e.g., defensive grit, power, checking). What of Saku, who was not called upon to provide defense, power, or checking, but was to center our top scoring line.

    In any case, I hope he improves and that whatever is ailing him subsides so the player we have all come to love and support reemerges. I don’t doubt that Koivu has been of great value in the past (e.g., we fell apart once Koivu was knocked out of the playoff series against Carolina).

    Go Habs Go!

  27. Mike Boone says:

    Kojax is still there, serving closing-time souvlaki to the lovelorn losers of downtown Mtl.

  28. ebk says:


    let’s get serious, the massive size of your ego, dictates that you will keep responding to whatever I post. That you would let a chance pass to display your superior intellect is as absurd as most of the conclusions you spout in your post.

    Seriously, I would imagine the size of head needed to house that super computer brain of yours is enormous. Yet, you are still able to jam it so far up your butt that it makes it impossible for you to come up with anything but completely laughable conclusions.

    How can a person as smart as you keep getting everything wrong. You are not really displaying Sherlock Holmes like skills of deduction. Could be that having your head that far implanted in your butt, you are not getting the needed airflow to that super computer. Not to mention that your mind reading skills need a little work as well. A quick phone call to Chris Angel should help you out there.

    I imagine you are well on your way to earning your merit badge for courage as a keyboard commando. I for one can vouch that you sit bravely behind your computer and courageously answer each and every bell. Kudos to you. It is actually quite impressive. Where I come from we have different ways to define courage but this new definition the keyboard commandos have is more inclusive and easier to achieve. It allows a lot more people to get their merit badge for courage. Which is a good thing these days.

    I look forward to your reply and let’s not kid ourselves, your ego dictates another attack. It will be interesting to see if your powers of deduction improve and you can actually get something right. It has to be your powers of deduction that are off because the only other explanation is that you are amazingly intellectually dishonest when you post.

  29. The Teacher says:

    I can only think you are referring to Jack Todd on this one.

  30. MikeMcLaren says:


    1) To dream of flying a kite, denotes a great show of wealth, or business, but with little true soundness to it all.
    2) To see the kite thrown upon the ground, foretells disappointment and failure.
    3) To dream of making a kite, you will speculate largely on small means and seek to win the one you love by misrepresentations.
    4) To see children flying kites, denotes pleasant and light occupation. If the kite ascends beyond the vision high hopes and aspirations will resolve themselves into disappointments and loss.

    Source: 10 000 Dream Interpretations, by Gustavus Hindman Miller


  31. Yeats says:

    He and that line did try last night, but the hole that was dug was just too damn deep. Once a playoff spot is secure, they could platoon other guys as well getting ready for the run. That way, he wouldn’t be the only veteran or key player taking the heat for getting a rest.

  32. Will Longlade says:

    Ottawa outplayed the Habs by a wide margin, but a lot of bounces went their way and the Habs didn’t get any. Otherwise, the game may have been closer than it was. IMO, the game shows more than anything that there is a distinct lack of toughness on this team that has to be addressed. Some posters have said this before, but the Habs need to go out and get a Trent Hunter type player. There’s a reason the Rangers have the Hab’s number this year. They play them physical.

  33. ClaytonM says:

    Well now you’re just being silly if you think the Gazette has standards of journalism :)

  34. Yeats says:

    When it comes to playing on Hockey Day in Canada, the Province of Quebec should just secede temporarily from the Confederation to prevent displays like that in the future.

  35. ebk says:

    So my statement to moey was the equivalent of knocking her eye out. You are kidding right, that is the most ridiculous thing I have heard in a long time. If I thought I owed her an apology, I would have made one.

    Hard to take you seriously, when you make a statement as stupid as that.

    Again, I’m not really into these internet squabbles, so I’ll leave it at that.

    Take Care

  36. tony d says:

    Mike, your reference to less luck scoring on Crescent St. made me laugh and brought back memories.
    After many eves of failing on Crescent St. way back in my 20’s, we’d top the night off with a Souvlaki at Kojax on St. Catherines. A bunch of depressed guys, going over the night, thinking about what we shoulda done etc..
    maybe the Habs are doing the same thing now after their loser nights. But I don’t think Kojax is around anymore.
    As a side note, I’m married now and scoring less….. am I a Habs fan or what?

  37. Yeats says:

    Those are certainly fair points. But Clayton is right, this poor guy is never going to be given his due by certain elements of the Montreal media. The players, not the media, suit up 82 times a season. As Archie Bunker of All in the Family would have said, “Let their minds run rancid.”

  38. ClaytonM says:

    He’s too much of a competitor to take a week off, Yeats. I’m sure he’d see the merits of sitting out a game or two once we have a spot clinched, but there’s no way he’s sitting until then.

    Besides, he happened to be the only player who showed up last night.

  39. The Teacher says:

    Very good post. However, would you not agree that giving him a two week break would expose not only him but also the team to a firestorm of criticism and rumour mongering that would eliminate the benefit of doing so just because of the distraction a move of that like would bring?

  40. Yeats says:

    Unless, the remaining games can get the team into a position to have home-ice advantage in the first round, I would turn those last few games into “dog shows” for lack of a better way of putting it.

  41. The Teacher says:

    I’m sorry, but I wil have to respectfully disagree.

    This page is an extension of the Gazette, and by all accounts holds itself up to the same standards any responsible journalism entity would.

    Mr. Boone is the first one who used the word, and it WAS used in a derogatory manner, even if it was meant as a humourous post.

    There are many people in this world who agree with the fact that we should not say these types of things. The fact that ebk’s son has Down’s syndrome is completely irrelevant.

    The use of this word in that form is hurtful to MANY people (not I) and serve no purpose other than to allow it to remain acceptable dialogue (which it is not). The way to change things is to speak out against it. It is definitely not a matter of being politically correct. Maybe for you it is, but most definitely not for me.

  42. Yeats says:

    While I have been critical of his play and do believe he needed to be sat down after another one of those killer o-zone penalties, I don’t think he should be stripped of the C. That would just be wrong. He was elected captain of the team by his mates at the time over Shayne Corson, I believe. (Wonder what he is up to these days?) Trading him in not a viable option either right now. What would the team get in return that would truely make them better now. As I’ve posted elsewhere, I think the best option may be to give him a rest, a week or two off perhaps. The physical and emotional wear and tear of playing for this team appears to have finally caught up with him. I’d rather see the management of the club do that than continually watch him ground down over the remainder of the season and playoffs.

  43. ClaytonM says:

    Seeing as our last game of the season looks like it will be a meaningless game – the laffs – if I were the coach I’d sit the entire Pleks line. I wouldn’t put it past those classless laffs to take liberties with our top line out of spite.

  44. The Teacher says:

    Asked an answered on MORE than one occasion. You have only 1 person who agrees with you. Maybe you should take some insight from that. ;)

  45. Yeats says:

    When you raise such issues in a public forum such as HIO, you should expect them to be addressed in public as well. I’m not a big fan of throwing a hand grenade on the blog and then saying we’ll just discuss it in private. I may be out of bounds at times, but I stand by what I say. My real identity is right there for all to see. I don’t hide behind my initials. That was the basic problem I had with your apology the other day. It was disgustingly self-serving. Instead of apologizing to the truely aggrieved party Moey, you chose to apologize to Boone. It was the moral equivalent of a kid in Catholic grade school whole shoots a paper clip and knocks out another kid’s eye, but rather than consoling the person he cyclopsed runs up to the teacher and says, “Sr. Mary Veronica, I’m soooo sorry.” Moey, who I have had run-ins with before, may not be the second coming of Scotty Bowman, but she nailed you perfectly boyo. Personally, I have a hell of a lot more respect for her than I have for you.

  46. The Teacher says:

    “C’mon, Teacher, do you really think it’s over? He’s been targeted since earning the C.”

    By people who know absolutely nothing, maybe. 110% people fall into this category.

    IMO this site is for people who are fans of the Habs. It might be a bit immature on my part to think that we should be behind our team 110% (not like those clowns).

    Constructive criticism is GREAT, but mindless picking on players and coaches (and on single plays) despite what has been, by all accounts, a successful year so far is disheartening as a true fan of the Habs.

    The people who say he hasn’t been at the top of his game this year are right, but to trade him, bench him or strip him of his captaincy (the latter being delusional IMO) with terse one liners that do not back up their opinions just drag this site down.

  47. ClaytonM says:

    There may have been a consensus but it is far from unanimous, 24. The fact that some HIO members double as the thought police notwithstanding, I would find it funnier if it weren’t so sad and pathetic that some members here have taken it upon themselves to limit what Habs fans can publish. Who are you/they to say what words are off limits? I read the post being referred to above and I didn’t take it as a slight against someone mentally challenged. It was used as a colloquialism. But because one poster has a son with Down’s Syndrome it’s banished.

    If that’s the case, does that mean I can’t write that Jason Blake is reportedly a cancer in the dressing room? Just because he happens to have cancer, that doesn’t change the fact that he’s reportedly an S.O.B. that no coach wants. Then some HIO poster reads that and takes offense because a loved one of theirs died from cancer and decides the next step is to censor another person? I’m sorry your loved one died, I really am, but publishing a heartfelt message about your experience and getting the rest of the HIO community to rally against another is not just wrong. It’s manipulative and self-serving, and the person who you lost would probably agree.

  48. Yeats says:

    That is why it is so important to cop as many points as you can. Ottawa may be a more talented squad, but you can’t lose to the leafs in your building and say, oh well. The guys above may need and deserve a rest before the playoffs start. The more I think about it, the whole Niedermayer/Selanne thing is just brilliant.

  49. ClaytonM says:

    C’mon, Teacher, do you really think it’s over? He’s been targeted since earning the C. He’ll continue to be treated with contempt until he’s gone. Not even a Stanley Cup will stop some of the people from making these comments.

    By the way, is everyone missing the big picture? There is a law in all sports that what happens in the room stays in the room. If in fact these douchebags on 110% have been speaking with someone on the team to get these stories, then a bigger problem has to be: Who is pushing their own personal agenda?

  50. ClaytonM says:

    Logic would dictate that when they let teams increase their bench they’ll give our key players a night off. Unlike last year we’re not in a playoff race unless the wheels fall off completely. Guys like Koivu, Komisarek, Markov and Hamrlik who get a lot of ice time AND pay a higher price physically should get a rest once we’ve clinched a spot.

  51. frank81 says:


    ^^ Article on Price from the Feb. 9th Hamilton Spectator.

  52. Yeats says:

    He has always been miscast. And, I think the physical toll of the game and playing for this team in particular is finally catching up with him. You wonder if they shouldn’t give him a week or two off to get himself together. In reality, isn’t that what the Ducks have done with Scott Niedermayer and Selanne? Basically, they allowed two talented, but aging players half a season off to prepare for the run to the post season. Given the grueling nature of the sport, you have to wonder if more older players are going to do that as time goes on.

  53. The Teacher says:


    I for one am glad to see this frivolous rumour put to rest.

    Thanks Mr. Boone.

  54. Mike Boone says:

    No, I have not heard of or detected any problem with Saku Koivuin the room.
    Who brought that up? The “expert” eating a banana?
    The room has been a very harmonious place this season.

  55. cournoyer12 says:

    Thats why I wanted Getzlaf a few years ago, we the put Koivu on a second line, and Pleks third. Imagine us down the middle then? Bet Gainey wishes he could have that selection to do over again.

  56. G-Man says:

    Liberal. lIberal. liBeral. libEral. libeRal. liberAl. liberaL. Baaaaa!


  57. Yeats says:

    It’s covered under freedom of speech. How you can have philosophical differences with that just leaves me scratching my head. But then again, I’m an American, not a Canadian.

  58. fun police says:

    if you treat koive like a second line center, behind pleks(which he is), then koivu is one of the most productive second line centers in the league.

  59. The Teacher says:

    I knew your response would be something like that. That’s why I sufficed ;)

    Anyhow, back to hockey.

    P.S. I didn’t know that the amendment included words like tick you off, but ok.

  60. The Teacher says:

    This is for Sidhu (I agree that you are not a frivolous poster) in response to yesterday’s comments.

    NHL Captains that are not scoring machines

    Bobby Holik
    Ethan Moreau
    Adam Foote
    Jamie Langenbrunner
    Jason Smith
    Tim Taylor (IR)
    Chris Clark

    I would think Koivu satisifes more requirements than any of these guys.

    Captainship isn’t about scoring points.

    I understand your points Sidhu, but yes, I agree, everyone expects way too much from Koivu.

    He is not the dynamic offencive threat that he once was (and he was never as good as some people think).

    That is fine with me BTW, we all know he can’t bring us a Cup himself. The management has never given him the proper players to play with. Is that Saku’s fault? Nope! He asked for help at the end of last year. He didn’t get any.

    I fully expect bob to at least get SOMEONE this summer. He won’t overpay at the deadline for a team that is not even close to being expected to win a Cup (at least before the season started).

    If you’ve completely lost faith in Koivu as you have said, I find it a bit sad. I’ll repeat, I have not :)

    I didn’t know Captains were supposed to always dominate.

    But there is something wrong with him. I don’t know what. He looks a bit run down to me.

  61. Yeats says:

    You might not be that familiar with our history, but those last two sentences are essentially the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

  62. jew4jah says:

    i feel soooooo much better.
    espn classic just showed game 2 of the 93 cup finals.
    what a great game to watch to get my habs spirit back after last night.
    if you don’t remember the game…. it’s the mcsorely’s illegal stick penalty with a minute & a half left in the 3rd with the habs down 2-1, and the habs tying it, and the habs winning 3-1 in OT, and all 3 goals were desjardins, and barry melrose’s mullet, and muller & carbo on the ice….
    i’m getting all weepy. because i know those days are soon upon us again, if they aren’t already here.
    watch out vinnie, brad & martin! we’re coming for you on tuesday!

  63. Yeats says:

    Sufferin’ succotash, the Habs really sssssssucked last night!

  64. The Teacher says:

    You pose very good questions.

    As this site is an extension of the Gazette and does get advertised daily in the paper which serves as a reputable news organization. Considering the wide age range of the readers of this particular age site I would have to say there is an interest in keeping things on a lighter tone. You are right when you say that it is not the appropriate venue to settle the great moral issues of the ages.

    It’s not about banning the word retarded, it’s about using it in a derogatory manner which hey, can classify at a hate crime, could it not?

    I’m sure Dave and Mike were hoping for a quality site which they have generally succeeded. This site is different in that many people are repeat customers, so to say and have developed rapports with other members. It is not enjoyable to have a shadow poster who serves solely as an agitator, and does not offer any insightful ideas other than to keep suggesting we should have drafted Getzlaf 1000 out of his last 2000 posts.

    I’m not saying that criticism is not allowed, but it would be wise on everyone’s part to make an effort to offer insightful responses rather than to just say “Brisebois sucks” ten times a day. People will get fed up of reading 500 useless comments, and this site will degenerate into a blog per TSN’s.

    As for your last two sentences, we obviously are going to have philosophical differences, so I’ll leave it at that.

  65. Yeats says:


    I was going to let your post above go without a reply, but then I just said, “Nah!”

    You really missed to flight deck on the point of my response. You may actually want to go back and reread it. As you will see, I did not say equivalent. I said “moral” equivalent. I did not mean that you literally took out Moey’s eye with a paper clip. The point was that instead of apologizing to the injured party, i.e. Moey, you chose to suck up to the person in a perceived position of authority Boone. You may want to consult a 5th grade language arts book on the use of adjectives. They can make quite a difference and clearly did in the case above.

    More importantly though, this is at least the third time in less than a month when you have posted something on HIO and subsequently backed away from it. A few weeks ago you posted something that you thought might annoy me. Upon reflection, you contacted me directly, something no fellow poster has ever done, because you were evidently concerned that I might be upset. During Boone’s blog during the disastrous game against the Senators, you joined in a fray that I was having with another poster, Moey. The next day you thought better of it and penned a half-hearted apology to Boone. Finally, you posted your stepson’s photo on HIO for reasons that are well known by now. The minute a well-regarded poster called you on it, you removed it immediately.

    You do these things and the minute someone goes back at you with any vigor, you collapse faster than the French Army in WWII. “I don’t want to get into a cyber argument, boo hoo hoo.” “I didn’t mean to offend you.” Moose muffins!!! I’m sure someone far more famous than me said it first. The major risk in attempting to be loved by all is that you will be loved by no one.

    Thanks for reading. Have a nice day. Double tee, tee.

    P.S. If you have a decent Thesaurus handy, look up related words under “stupid.” I’m sure even you will get the point.

  66. fun police says:

    Boone, last night on the big debate after the habs game on RDS, one of the panelists made reference to koivu having problems in the dressing room. have you heard anything like this, or is this just another example of the french media hating on koivu?

  67. Yeats says:

    Gosh, I guess in the new PC environment, I should not have posted it from their site without editing. Please strike out the word Indian and substitute Native American. Sorry if I have offended anyone. My bad.

  68. Yeats says:

    That’s a good question. Here’s the answer:

    1809; named for the Miami Indian Tribe that inhabited the area now known as the Miami Valley region of Ohio.

  69. JB says:

    haven’t read thru all the posts – but i wouldn’t get to freaked out. Ottawa had something to prove and this was just a strange game – where the bounces (posts) didn’t go our way. I don’t forsee any tailspins like last yr. Getting Hammer and O’byrne back will help.
    Like the lines the way there were – should be kept in tact – but now it looks like Carbo had to change up the d pairings ..lol
    Can someone please explain to me why he can’t keep things consistent?

  70. Yeats says:

    The problem is who’s standards of human decency should posters be held to, your’s, mine, some arbitrary third party’s? I have no interest in imposing my moral code on others and I wouldn’t allow someone else to impose their’s on me. Some posters bust a vein if you critcize the team, a player or the management. Should they be the arbiters of what is offensive? This is hockey discussion blog, nothing more and nothing less. It is not the appropriate venue to settle the great moral issues of the age. I understand your point, but banning words? What’s next sentences, paragraphs, thoughts? Unfortunately, one of the prices of living in a free society is that others have the right to tick you off from time to time. And, yes, it is a right, as precious as freedom of religion.

  71. 24 Cups says:

    Mr. W – I’m sure you realize that there are many words in the English language that have more than one meaning. Your narrow definition of the word may be true (in that context) but we both know that in our society it also carries another meaning that is quite derogatory, hurtful, and demeaning. You may have missed some previous posts pertaining to this situation but one of them was a personal, heartfelt response from one of our valued fellow posters. There was an unanimous consensus on this site that we would never use that word again and I believe I speak for all of us when I say we will govern ourselves accordingly from now on in that regard. I trust this explains the situation.

    The Original 24 Cups

  72. cournoyer12 says:


  73. likehoy says:


    YES! almost as good as kovy owning tucker.

  74. HabsFanInUSA says:

    No, not the U- Miami University. It’s in Ohio, so where that name came from, I’ve never figured out.

  75. Yeats says:

    Miami of Ohio in Oxford.

  76. MathMan says:

    This game reminded me of the game Montreal won 8-2 in Boston.

    Mike, you were the one to point out that the unsung hero of that game was Cristobal Huet — don’t make that save before Lapierre’s goal and the Bruins go into the second down 3-2 instead of 4-1. Very different game.

    Like that game, this one showed how a game can get out of hand on not very much. The Sens get two goals off favorable deflections and one on a defensive breakdown off of shell-shocked Habs. The Habs have great pressure to head the period but are struck with a case of Habitis — can’t score on breakaways, hit posts, whatever. Emery also has his unsung-hero moments. Then Heatley scores again — batting the puck out of the air, of all things — and it’s game over. And our Canadiens can be forgiven for rolling their eyes and wondering what they did to deserve this at that point; whatever happened after that was garbage time.

    I’ve said Montreal should draft for luck, and that was only partly in jest. I keep believing that more and more. ;) Seriously, I think Montreal’s greatest need for a while now has been an opportunistic scorer who can turn broken plays into goals. Heatley is the epitome of this type of player (I’ve seen him bat rebounds out of the air for goals twice now, and I don’t follow the Sens all that much) but Montreal could stand to add a guy of this ilk. Ideally Latendresse develops in that direction.

    The 8-2 drubbing didn’t mean Boston turned into suck, that Tim Thomas would never win another game, and that Boston were a vastly inferior team to Montreal. And neither, really, does this game.

    It was supposed to be a barometer game… but wailing of fans over the final score aside, I think it ended up not meaning much of anything, except that Montreal really needs to tighten up their D, really quick.

  77. showey47 says:

    I agree 100%. To me if huet stops the second goal, which was shot from a very sharp angle which for some reason gets through him and spezza taps it in, its a new game. I believe this play started by begin breaking his stick on an attempted dump in.

  78. JF says:

    Good post. You are right in pointing out that the score did not really reflect the game. The Senators were very opportunistic, the Habs were about as unlucky as you can get – all those goalposts, goal-mouth scrambles, missed chances. For most of the game we outworked the Senators. However, the defense was a mess, which it isn’t usually; we can certainly do better in that area, and will with Hamrlik back. Hopefully O’Byrne as well; Streit is better as a forward.

    That said, what has been becoming obvious for weeks has happened: shut down the Plekanec line and the Habs are in deep trouble. Plekanec couldn’t do anything last night, and without him the line is ineffective. Koivu, Higgins and Ryder played well together until the game was out of reach. They should stay together, be given time to develop some chemistry and learn (or re-learn) where each other is on the ice. They were a good line last year; they can be again. Carbo’s constant line-juggling destroys stability and chemistry. Leave those guys together and let them figure out how to make it work.

    This was our worst loss of the season. On “Hockey Day in Canada” last year, we also had our worst loss of the season – by 5 goals to Ottawa. Could we ask whoever draws up this crazy schedule not to be matched against Ottawa this time next year? Otherwise, losing by 5 goals to Ottawa on “Hockey Day in Canada” will become a tradition, like our annual loss on 23 December.

  79. RH says:

    Based on that dream you had, I would suggest that, maybe, some stress leave is in order. May I suggest a week at an all inclusive resort on one of the many beautiful Carribean islands, where you can sit by the beach side, sipping Pina Coladas and watching old, sagging, and out of shape European women walk by topless? I would stay away from Mexico for a while though. The whole Canadians-getting-killed-thing, down there has left a sour taste in my mouth.

  80. Mike Boone says:

    I can’t go to the Caribbean while the team is heading south.
    These old, sagging women: Any phone numbers?

  81. showey47 says:

    Oh no we lost 2 consecutive games for the second time all year, better trade everybody and fire the whole coaching staff. We got beat by the best hockey line in the world, plain and simple. If you don’t believe me, the sens scored 6 goals and only 5 sens got on the score sheet,all from one line. Believe it or not we actually outshot and outchanced the sens, out shot them 34 to 29, then add the 5 or 6 posts(hitting posts do not count as a shot on goal) we hit, missing 2 breakaways and the goal mouth scrambles with emery down and out of position, with anything that resembled luck this game should of been alot closer.

    I’m a little concerned about komi getting the least amount of ice time than all Dmen last night,especially in the third. Hopefully hamrlik will be back by tuesday and if bob has any clue he will bring obyrne back up and pair him with the hamr again. The breezer needs to be made the 7th D. Streit can either be moved back to forward on the third or fourth line, or 3rd D pairing.

    This game also shows how much we lack a big center that wins draws, pleky and saku were 55% and 47% respectivly but smokes and laps were 25% and 31%. Team toughness is also shown as an issue, sergei K fighting while the breezer who started the whole things cowers in the corner. Maybe we should be looking at this issue before the top 6 forward problem. I would leave the top 2 lines the way they are for at least the next couple of games.

  82. Norm0770 says:

    Agreed about leaving the top two lines alone for a while. The Koiuv line played better than the Pleks line last night, but neither had much puck luck.

    I also agree with the sentiment to relax. No one is worried about Detroit after they post consecutive losses to LA and Toronto, 2 of the 3 worst teams in the league.

  83. showey47 says:

    To add to my last comment about leaving the koivu line together. I think they should be left together till the rest of the season or at least the trade deadline if ryder gets traded.

  84. Norm0770 says:

    The Sens are one of the most frustrating teams to play against. They cash in on their opportunities every time against the Habs. One of the earlier games in the year the Habs dominated the game for 55 minutes but only scored one goal, in the final 5 minutes the Sens jump on two mistakes which equals a loss. Last night it was the same, the Habs didn’t play that poorly until the Sens scored the 4th goal, but the Sens cashed in on every mistake (3 in the first 4 minutes was too many though).

  85. Cable Guy says:

    It was just one of those games, every team has them. Were now in the sunshine state and are about to play 2 weak teams. Lets get back in it boys.

  86. Mike says:

    I think or greatest need right now is to balance the lines.


  87. showey47 says:

    Hamrlik should be back on tuesday and hopefully obyrne is coming with him.

  88. ebk says:

    The checking line was absolutely horrible last night. The three of them all earned a few nights in the press box. Kostopoulos was a -3 and on the ice for 4 goals. Smolinski was a -3 and on the ice for 3. Begin was -2 and on the ice for 3.

    Hopefully Carbo can now realize these three do not make up a checking line. They got blown off the ice by the Spezza line and blown of the ice by Ovechkin a few games ago. Maybe this is the biggest area Gainey needs to upgrade. Chipchura was doing as good a job as these three, bring him back up and put him in the mix. He can’t do any worse.

    Huet was horrid on the 2nd goal but the other two he had no chance. Price was pretty decent, actually the score could have been a lot worse but the kid made some pretty nice saves.

    Without Emery playing as well as he did, they game also could have been a lot closer. Don’t get me wrong, Ottawa was the better team by quite a bit but Emery made a lot of really good saves that would have at least made the score respectable. The Power Play having an off night was in large part due to the big night Emery had. They had their chances and Emery stoned them with a little help from the goal posts.

    The Kid line played a good game last night. Madd Max played a good games, he was at his annoying best, drawing penalties and worked his butt off. The other two played decent as well. One quick note to Sergei, pick better dance partners, WHL players are not to be messed with. All joking aside, the Kid line was ok.

    So was the Koivu line. They played well and had a lot of chances but they need to start burying some goals. That is what they are paid to do. The season sits with them. If the three of them start producing some offense, the Habs will make some noise.

    14-14-5 with Brisebois in the line-up. Roughly 27 points away from a play-off spot with 26 games to go.

    Thanks for Reading

  89. Proudones says:

    Are you sure you watched the same game?

  90. Norm0770 says:

    Are you serious? So the Habs are 15-4-4 without the Breezer? That’s incredible! Speaks volumes about his defensive coverage!

  91. nightmare_49 says:

    Some good points – True the checking line has two wingers more suited to an energy line but it’s hard to have a checking line with the new rules anyway , it’s not like before the lock out. I must admit Saku’s line played a bit better and moved the puck better and Ryder worked hard and they played as a line rather than individuals so their’s some hope there but i still rather have Sergie on LW with Saku and Ryder. IMO Sergie seems to play better with veteran players , he’s a playmaker. Higgy – Smols – Dandy as checking line , i don’t know , that will leave Lats – Max – Tommy K. on the energy line. Lats is the problem when constructing lines. You might be right that we may have to pick up a defensive forward for the stretch. Also our “D” left a lot to be desired.

  92. RiverviewCanadien says:

    Lets see if O’Byrne can bring Chipy back with him…I would also like to see Koivu scratched and Grabs play…

  93. Cable Guy says:

    why would you wants Grabs to play? the guy did nothing when he was with us earlier this year. I don’t want to see him in the lineup ever again.

  94. RiverviewCanadien says:

    And like the koivu line is doing wonders? How long have they been in a slump now???

  95. showey47 says:

    Yeah i’m sold on grabs either, sure his is fast but lacks both upper and lower body strength. These are things you see in an 18 year old prospect, not a 23 or 24 year old. I watched him play on tv yesterday and he stood out with his speed but was physically manhandled by the marlies defence. I see him as either tradebait or bolting back to russia where he could thrive on the bigger ice, and lack of physical play Russian super league

  96. RiverviewCanadien says:

    how is koivu better than grabs as far as physical play goes…don’t get me wrong, I have always been a koivu fan, but as of late, he just doesn’t seem like he is in the games…Kovalev cannot be the hero for every game folks. Where is perezhogin these days, can we get him back…

  97. nightmare_49 says:

    I won’t comment on Saku being scratched , lol , but just to let you know , Grabs just got back from a long stint on the IR with a upper ankle sprain like Higgy’s injury last year.

  98. ebk says:

    I agree about leaving the Koivu line together. Actually all three except the Smolinski line should be left alone.

  99. mjames says:

    Agree. Once Hammer and O’Byrne are back up then i would move Streit to the fourth. That would really upgrade that line.


  100. tony d says:

    I too had a bad dream last night, the Habs lost 6-1 against Ottawa after coming off an embarrassing loss to the crappy Leafs…. oh noooooooo!!!!! THAT WAS NO DREAM!!!!!!!!
    But there was this one that involved Charlize Theron….. but I can’t go into it now…
    Guys we gotta laugh huh? Otherwise we’ll all be on a gurney in a cardiac wing.
    Here we are scratching our respective heads once again. For those of you who say it’s just one game blah blah… yeah ok, …I also was one of those who didn’t really care if Mtl. inched ahead of Ottawa in the standings. Ist place now means diddly doodly, there’s a lotta games left. After the loss to the Laffs, our boys should have killed, period. Sad to say that last night was yet again another indication that we are not contenders, not yet anyway.
    It isn’t a quick fix either, Bob and Guy have their work cut out for them. We need a strong, goal scoring center NOW!!
    P.S. saw the Leafs- Detroit game ….proof again as to how lucky the Leafs are, the past 2 victories are by no means indicative that they are back or on the road to La Coupe as they seem to believe.

  101. showey47 says:

    No kidding, the laffs are not playing better, the wings and the habs both outplayed the laffs. Toskala stole 2 win for them. Just a side not, if the laffs won all of their remaining games, they would have 105 points. They would have to win at least 85% if their games to have any hope of making the playoffs. Actually i hope they finish 9th or 10th so they don’t get a high pick.

  102. Mike says:

    weve been saying that for weeks ;)


  103. Norm0770 says:

    I’ve been saying it too, I just didn’t know that stat. Last night he got the next shift after the Sens scored while he was in the box, twice. Great message from the coach…take a lazy penalty, no problem.

  104. showey47 says:

    15-4-4 without the breezer and a .500 team with him! Mr.boone is there any chance you could forward this stat to carbo? So essetially we could be anywhere between 6 to 8 points ahead to the sens if carbo would put breezers useless behind in the pressbox?

  105. J.T. says:

    Well, Boone…I think your dream means you look up to Kovalev, but you would have had to be high as a kite to appreciate much about last night. Carbonneau’s sweating is obvious…

    Not much to say about that game today, except I’m glad it’s over. The Florida games are important to help the team get back on track. A couple of good games and some points gained and everything will be okay again. This team is a work in progress. Sometimes things click, sometimes they fall off the rails. I guarantee there will be at least one game before the end of the season in which the Habs look like Cup favourites. And there will be one more in which they look like the defensive orphans they played like last night. Bottom line: it’s a better team than last year and hopefully should make the playoffs. That’s what we should be focussed on now. Dreams of first place are just dreams until the missing pieces are added.


  106. showey47 says:

    Excellent piece on your blog, would you have the confidence to trade huet at this years deadline and have price and halak carry the load? I only ask this question because with huet being a ufa and will get a 3 or 4 year deal either with us or someone else costing somewhere between 14 to 18 million. But do we need huet for 3 or 4 years? What happens if price(or halak) steals the number one job next season? We would be stuck with a big, long term contract which would be essentially untradeable. Thats alot of money invested in a goalie that could be invested in contracts with our core players and into roster spots where we lack like a pure goal scorer.

  107. Ed says:

    Maybe these are some of the same women that you could not score with on Crescent Street. What makes you think you will have any more luck now? :)

  108. showey47 says:

    Also, with huet having something that resembles all-star numbers we could probably get a return in the way of a good roster player or draftpicks/prospects . I have nothing againt huet and he is a good goalie but IMO i just don’t think we need him for another 3 years. It would be a waste because i think halak could be a very good goalie for us and would save us big time in cap space.

  109. showey47 says:

    i agree, huet has never proven anything in the post-season and seems to fall apart in high pressure situations. Price pretty much single-handedly won the calder cup. Huet tends to fail under the pressure when playing on hockey night in canada while price has proven to thrive while the entire hockey nation world is watching(world juniors). I’m sure between halak and price, they can get the job done and get us in the playoffs and after that its a crapshoot. Wasn’t it sometime around now last season when huet got hurt? Another possible reason why we should move him, he can’t play more than 40 games without getting hurt and seems to get tired when plays more than 5 or 6 games in a row.

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