About last night …

It will be said that Carey Price plays with the poise of a veteran, but I think his composure is a reflection of the goalie’s tender years.
Price is 20. He’s in the "whatever" generation.
One-goal lead? Whatever.
Two-man disadvantage? Whatever.
Forwards crashing the crease? Whatever.
Contrast his sangfroid to the jittery play of a David Aebischer.
The kid is beyond cool.
He’s … I don’t know, maybe "chilly"?
What words do young people use these days to describe excellence?

Age: 20
NHL experience: 5 games
Potential: Unlimited
Value to this franchise: Priceless

And would you trade the Canadiens’ young talent base for anyone’s … except MAYBE Pittsburgh’s …. and only if you could keep the defencemen and have Price instead of Fleury.

• Fearless prediction: Barring injury, Tomas Plekanec will centre Alex Kovalev and Andrei Kostitsyn for the rest of the season.

• Each successive game underscores the value of Tom the Bomb Non-stopolis.
Need a big hit to wake up the bench and the crowd: Tom the Bomb.
Need some high-energy ang good skating on the PK? Tom the Bomb
Need a defensive forward on the top line late in a one-goal game? Tom the Bomb
Need someone to dance with the other team’s thug? Tom the Bomb
What a great acquisition.

• How about Pierre McGuire singing the praises of Guy Carbonneau late in the game? And as usual, McGuire was bang-on. The kindly old coach (whom I was happily firing a couple weeks ago) is a very quick study. Carbo learns from his mistakes, and he’s making all the right moves – including astute in-game adjustments.

• They didn’t score last night, but the Koivu line was buzzing. Christopher Higgins had six shots, the Captain might have scored iif he hadn’t been wiped out (no penalty!) in the slot, and Michael Ryder is working his butt off.

• The defence corps has become a team strength. Contrast Andrei Markov and Co. to the D in Boston or Toronto. Roman Hamrlik is a rock, Mike Komisarek is a monster, Mark Streit is as reliable as a Japanese watch, Francis Bouillon is hitting, Patrice Brisebois is a revelation and Markov is earning every cent of his team-high salary.

• Extra practice on faceoffs today for Plekanec and Kyle Chipchura, who were 3-8 and 3-9 respectively. Bruins had a 29-42 edge.

• That Ward injury was scary, coming on the day of Patrice Bergeron’s press conference. And RDS ran a post-game interview with Normand Leveillé. Too painful to watch.

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