About last night …

Never a dull day in Habsland.

Depending on Scott Gomez’s condition, Jacques Martin has some decisions to make as the Canadiens begin preparing for a tough back-to-backer: the mighty Wings in Detroit on Friday, then a quick zip up to Toronto for an HNIC special against the Leafs.

Gomez is not having the kind of season that justifies his salary, but he will be difficult to replace.

Who centres Mike Cammalleri and Travis Moen?

It was Jeff Halpern last night and probably will be in Detroit. But with all due respect to the winner of the Walmart Trophy (if there were one) as the NHL’s Bargain of the Year, Cammalleri needs a more adept playmaker.

Lars Eller?

That would break up a line that hasn’t played a bad shift since they were put together: Eller, Benoit Pouliot and Mathieu Darche.

Gomez will also be missed on the Canadiens’ league-leading penalty-kill and on the second wave of the power play.

As we saw during that painful five-minute PP last night, there was no one capable of rushing the puck through the neutral zone to gain the blueline and start a set-up.

Gomez is good at that … as is Darren Pang’s favourite 21-year-old defenceman.

Would a Gomez injury mean P.K. Subban’s penance is over?

Among Martin’s options is dressing seven defencemen. I’d be reluctant to move Yannick Weber up front, now that he’s putting together a string of good performances on the back end. Has Subban ever played forward?

Martin could stick with his winning lineup, adding Dustin Boyd, who’s well rested. Or the team could call up a Bulldog, Max Pacioretty (with Maxim Lapierre moving to centre) or David Desharnais.

Decisions, decisions … but not as difficult as the ones Bryan Murray has to make before his Senators fade out of playoff contention.

Man, Ottawa was bad last night. I was sure they’d get a huge lift from killing off a five-minute PP; but with the exceptions of Jason Spezza and Nick Foligno, no Senator presented much of a challenge to Carey Price. The Canadiens’ defensive system is good, but Daniel F., Kovy, Mike Fisher and Milan Michalek were practically invisible. Even Chris Neil and Jarkko Ruutu weren’t their usual annoying selves.

And that D!

Josh Gorges talked about the cumulative effect of sound hockey: getting pucks deep on a consistent basis forces Dmen to spend a lot of time with their backs to onrushing forwards, and they become tired and worn down by the third period. That certainly seemed to be the case last night with Chris Phillips et al.

Speaking of fatigue on the back end, is Roman Hamrlik going to play 25 minutes against Detroit AND Toronto?

You can get a pretty good Abbott and Costello Who’s on First? routine going with Eddie Olczyk and the Old Czechs. But since Andrei Markov went down, Hamrlik and Jaro Spacek have played superb hockey against the opposition’s best forwards. Hamrlik, in particular, has looked like the player who was the NHL’s first overall draft choice (by Tampa Bay) in 1992.

He may have lost a step or two, but Hamrlik compensates with outstanding hockey smarts. He’s rock-solid in his own end and shows some zip in the O-zone when the opportunities present themselves.

Can he and Spatch play killer minutes for the rest of the season? They may not have to, depending on the degree to which Weber/Alexandre Picard/P.K. can step up.

•  •  •

If I get out of the Bell Centre early enough on game nights, I’m able to enjoy the 11:30 wrap-up on CKAC, featuring Dany Dubé’s brilliant analysis.

Last night Dubé talked about Jeff Halpern. The veteran centre is a neighbour of Lars Eller (whom Halpern calls “Larry”), and they usually share a ride to and from practices.

Dubé says Eller has learned a lot from Halpern during their commuting conversations. And it is a tribute to the team spiritedness of the veteran centre that he’s willing to befriend and teach a young player whose development will cut into his own ice time.

The Team Above All concept, which evolved during the playoffs last spring, runs right through the Canadiens’ room.

And I think a propensity to talk, rather than listen, is a big part of the problem with P.K.

•  •  •

Last season, the Canadiens won their 18th game on Dec. 23. A 5-1 pounding of the Hurricanes in Carolina raised their record to 18-18-3 and was the third in a streak of four Ws.

This team is 18-8-2 and riding three in a row, headed into Motown.

•  •  •

Speaking of numbers, Carey Price is on pace to win 50 games.

This would break the 48 W record Martin F. set in the 2006-’07 season.




  1. Chorske says:

    Fully agree.

    I was so sick of the nonsense with the Saku-Kovy era Habs that, as sad and surprised as I was to see them go, I was also excited about the team, and its team-first philosophy, than I had been in a long while.

    Full credit to Gainey for recognizing that his team needed a major personality overhaul.

  2. Chorske says:

    Such a gracious guest.

  3. Willy the bum says:

    Is there a sense Subban should dress as a forward? I always see him coming up on the opposition zone with the puck sometimes, so would it be possible?

  4. habsruleworld says:

    lol,,, Mike komisarek is the best passer, (to the other team) I have ever seen!

    The Monster Gustavson, is smashing up his goalie sticks tonight!

    After Pitts goes up 3-0 nothing, Wilson puts Orr,rosehill, etc,..

    Pitts immediately scores another goal, what a brain dead move by Wilson!


    Loving it.  Habs will be the ones that ends Sindys point streak.

  5. Danno says:

    I just drew a black — uhhh blank — reading your comment.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  6. _Habsoloutly_ says:

    Great memories. God I miss Montreal.

  7. petefleet says:

    Don’t take offense Mr. Boone.  I personally was looking for what was behind your comments.  Most of what we read / hear is of positive nature when it comes to PK.  If you and other media have this kind of info, why not share it.  I got the impression that PK was given more than one chance to change his attitude / behaviour and I posted as much days ago.  The thing is, there has been very little hard evidence to support what you posted in your story. 

    Thanx for responding and clarifying your position.  I too believe that PK will be a great Canadien someday….soon I hope. 

    ”’Price is a pleasant suprise”’

  8. VancouverHab says:

    Isn’t there an argument to be made that this is to Bob Gainey’s credit rather than discredit?

    We make a plan based on sound principles and set it in motion — it doesn’t work out in practice. Most people keep going and try harder and faster and more and….keep on going the wrong way.

    Isn’t it rare for someonw to say “I was wrong: it needs a total rethink” and goes back to first principles?

    After all “the best laid plans of mice and men aft gang agly.”

  9. VancouverHab says:

    Thank-you, Mr. Boone: that is usefully informative.

    My response re. the slur here on Don Cherry is that however so carefully one “parses” exactly what Don Cherry said, he said just what is being said here and no more.

    Don Cherry is anti-French (and discreditably so) and anti-European, but the evidence in regards to his attitude to other races (e.g. Iginla, Kadri, etc.) is very much in his favour.

  10. otter649 says:

    And Carlyle is his coach now…..

  11. Chris says:

    You were correct, Steve…White has been hampered by injuries after a slow start.  The article was from September 30, which was before the season started. 

    I was just trying to point out to people that some of this “news” that some fans are getting so bent out of shape over is basically part of the scouting reports on some of these guys that has followed them for more more than a year.

  12. Kappy says:

    Yeah right.  Smoke another one!  Buffalo would have to play with 10 players to fit Gomer’s contract into their budget.  Gomez is un-tradable.

  13. RetroMikey says:

    Rumour Gomez traded to Buffalo?

    CKAC mentions something according to 25stanley.com

    “We will win the Cup one day only with ? in the nets “

  14. krob1000 says:

    When I Red Darren Pang Blue it and made the comment I knew it was an honest mistake.  Let’s all Mauve on and Black away from this topic …Orange you aware you are fuelling the fire.  Yell-ow you want in your own living room but posting on here and Pinking on a good guy like Panger is not White. Disagree if you like but Green with me that Panger made an honest mistake would be Grey-t.

  15. Mr.Hazard says:

    Speaking of numbers, Carey Price is on pace to win 50 games.

    This would break the 48 W record Martin F. set in the 2006-’07 season.


    Holy crap!!

  16. andrewberkshire says:

    White struggled to start the season after an excellent camp and is now out with a knee injury.

  17. Ayan_SB says:

    You mean “white”.

  18. petefleet says:

    OK Boone.  You have been called out by several posters for your comments on PK and haven’t responded yet.  I submit that you were trying to create a controversy that doesn’t exist and got caught.  Your reputation is on the line here.  Time to eat some crow and fess-up.  Don’t leave us waiting.

    ”’Price is a pleasant suprise”’

  19. Dintrox says:

    Boone have you been drinking “Cherry” kool aid? Next you will be laying into pinkos, endorsing right wing politicos, and continue to talk everything Maple Leaf.

  20. Rad says:

    “And I think a propensity to talk, rather than listen, is a big part of the problem with P.K.”

    — I think there is evidence that Subban likes to talk. But is there any evidence that he LACKS a propensity to listen? I am not aware of any “problem” in that area. He doesn’t “listen” to any flak from opponents, but my sense is that he does listen reasonably well to his own teammates and coaches. For all his potential, he is not going to play like an all-star every single game at age 21. He’s a good kid, still learning, still improving. The benching was a good idea, but not because of any character flaws. It was a good coaching move, good teaching strategy.

  21. TommyB says:

    Just because fans are discussing the issue, (none of us know anything, really, about what the issue between PK and his coaches is), doesn’t mean we are no longer in his corner.  I think most of us are just plain curious, and it’s damn near impossible not to be curious when one of the bright lights on this team is not playing, and he is not injured.  I for one feel that the whole thing is no big deal, and just as JM has stated, is part of the learning process.  But I can still be curious.

  22. Kingofswing74 says:

    yeah seriously the kid was a revelation on every account until 2 or 3 games ago. now we’re looking in the rearview mirror trying to find problems with him? ill tell you what his problems are, he played badly vs. edmonton. dutin penner scored. we only got one point. were 18-8-2. we can handle an over time loss. get him back in the lineup.

  23. DearyLeary says:

    I’m in complete agreement.

  24. Kingofswing74 says:

    do NOT bring our hockey pool into this. i’m so pissed. when i looked at your picks a few months ago. i laughed. out loud. then patrick sharp and chris stewart started to play like sidney crosby and alex ovechkin. WTH?

  25. DearyLeary says:

    Again, hearsay and innuendo.  I have seen no evidence that PK doesn’t play within the system, or is unwilling to learn, or communicate (communication necessitates listening) with his teammates.   Please, provide some evidence because this argument is beginning to get tired.

  26. Hammer says:

    I took offense with the same statement you did. All of a sudden those that were in his corner are now making observations that they would not have ever done when he was playing. My question to Boone, if this is not speculation and is based on  “facts”, lets put it out there. if not, it is just more unsubstantiated text, used to fuel the fire.

  27. matmacat says:

    I think we can all agree that the real trouble is Travis Moen playing with Mike Cammalleri. Moen probably dreads every game because he knows he’s not playing his role.

  28. Mats Naslund says:

    I was also very confuse by PM last night regarding the larceny of Jaro. No doubt Jaro is fantastic, but Eller is 25 games into his pro career and has stepped up his game, displaying incredible skill and grit over the past 10. Not to mention trading Jaro meant keeping our leading scorer and starting goaltender who is one of the 2 best goalies in the league… Yeah PM I think you need to grab your webster’s and take a second lok at the definition of larceny.

    No slag on Jaro who is still dear to my heart.

  29. matmacat says:

    maybe you should focus on how you’re going to catch up the 58 points you’re lagging…

  30. Mats Naslund says:

    Please refrain from sane comments. The sky is falling.

  31. Mats Naslund says:

    I love the play of Weber, but I have to agree with you. PK sat. Message delivered. Its like a couple brain cramps and everyone forgets how unbelievable this kid is. We’ve waited and waited for the emergence of kids from our system! We finally get one and everyone wants to find problems with him!  

  32. Timo says:

    Lets place PK at center. A dman playing forward never gets old. Besides, I am eager to see how many more points PK will get playing middle than Gomez in the span of the next 3 games.

  33. Mats Naslund says:

    Mr Boone I almost always agree with you on most things CH, but there is one line that I’m hung up on this morning:

    And I think a propensity to talk, rather than listen, is a big part of the problem with P.K.”

    I can understand that everyone can see how vocal and confident PK Subban is. As a 21 year old it is exceptionally rare to have the sort of swagger that PK has. Some people see it as cockyness.. Mike Richards certainly does. But Mike Richards doesn’t know PK from poop.

    In fact ALL of the speculation and rampant innuendo surrounding PK right now is largely devoid of any first hand knowledge of the young man. Is perception necessarily reality? By all accounts PK is well liked in the room, and certainly didn’t become an elite prospect by ignoring the coaching that he has had along the way. 

    We’ve taken a bad game in his young kid’s career and blown it into a situation where it is generally accepted that there is something WRONG with PK Subban because he made a rookie error. He’s a 21 year old who has averaged around 20 minutes a night! How are we not astounded that he has played like such a veteran?

    Until I hear from one of his coaches or teammates that PK talks too much to be able to listen to his coaches, I’m calling shenanigans on all the talk of “the problem with PK”. It seems to me his biggest problem is that he has 2-5 Million coaches, GM’s, and Psychiatrists in this country who think they know him better than the people who actually do.

  34. Kingofswing74 says:

    this whole p.k. thing is crazy! “I think a propensity to talk, rather than listen, is a big part of the problem with P.K.”. All the kid ever has to say when he’s interviewed is how much there is to learn and how much he has already learned. P.K. is a young player who is very aware of how far he has to come before being considered and elite defenseman. I’m sure weber gets it too, he’s playing well and he’s learning…yadda yadda yadda. But putting Subban at forward???!??? Are we going to even pretend for a second that weber’s “NHL ready” defensive playing merits him a consistent spot over P.K. on D? P.K.? The rookie who came into a playoff series against the defending stanley cup champion pittsburgh penguins, and gave life to a defense corps that had just lost Andrei Markov? A rookie not 3 games into his career, thrown into the hottest fires of the NHL and was used more than 20 minutes a game due to his DEFENSIVE savvy as well as offensive flair? We have been watching P.K. all season and we all know we have seen P.K. make just as many great defensive plays than offensive ones. I’m not upset with the scratching, at all. But 2 games is long enough, especially for a kid who has shown such great class, team smarts and passion for this team and his teammates, as P.K. has, abundantly, in his short career. Lesson learned, no harm done, now put our future all star defenceman back in the line up and everyone stop pretending yannick weber is half the player p.k. subban is.

  35. Norm0770 says:

    I agree that McGuire is an idiot, and that goes for almost everything he says.  I don’t know what game he was watching but he kept talking about how great Ottawa was playing through the whole game.  Even when they were being outshot 9-1.

    With regard to Halak keeping the Blues above the playoff line, the western conference is so tight…  7 points separate 1st to 12th place and 2 points from 4th to 12th with a 5 way tie for 8th place.  1 win could make a team jump 8 places in the standings.  It is going to be a great race all year long to the playoffs in the West.

  36. nick says:

    Montreal got Eller and Schultz in the Halak trade. Eller has played what… 25 games with the Habs, Schultz 0? Both kids will need to get a few seasons in the NHL under their belt before ANYONE can comment on the trade.

  37. Da Hema says:

    I do not interpret this entire Subban issue as Boone or Stubbs creating controversy. They are simply reporting on a topic that is newsworthy from a sports perspective. Subban is a gregarious and promising young player whose overall play nonetheless deteriorated culminating in an objectively bad game against Edmonton. Subban has a fan base that wants to know the reasons for his pressbox vantage point, and Boone offered a viewpoint (one I might add obviously will be quite informed given his vantage point). I see no evidence at all that Boone and Stubbs are generating any controversy at all. They have provided a forum for fans to contribute, and if anything it is some fans and posters here who are grossly overracting.


    An important announcement from the Government of Canada:

    Health Canada is reminding Canadians that consumption of the Toronto Maple Leafs has led to vomiting, fever, bloody diarrhea, dementia, and penile dysfunction.

  38. 24 Cups says:

    I stand corrected, but I was under the impression that neither White nor Schultz were doing anything special so far.  They both could be back in Hamilton next year for more seasoning.

  39. Da Hema says:

    Oh the memories. Dave Van Horne and Duke Snyder, and then he and Kenny Singleton. So smooth, so engaging, and always so entertaining (my brother and I used to laugh when something amusing was said or would happen on the field, and then Kenny would giggle in his unique, understated manner).

    A well-deserved honour!


    An important announcement from the Government of Canada:

    Health Canada is reminding Canadians that consumption of the Toronto Maple Leafs has led to vomiting, fever, bloody diarrhea, dementia, and penile dysfunction.

  40. Les-Habitants says:

    Dress 7 d-men I think is the best option.  Playing Hammer and Spacek 22-25 min a game is a HEAVY workload, and adding the extra d-man into the rotation will allow them to spread out the time much move evenly.  Add to the fact the (I believe) Gorges is playing injured, having 7 guys to share the work would be an asset.



  41. thebigguy says:

    Lol, his professional rep is on the line. Methinks you take HIO a bit too seriously.

  42. keepthefaith says:

    Please no Weber as a forward. I think its pathetic dressing a D up front.

  43. keepthefaith says:

    Exactly. How many times have Gomez and Cammy had something going and Moen mess it up?  Its not his fault its not his position. Moen is not a top six forward.

  44. keepthefaith says:

    So you are saying Mike Richards was right?

  45. Hammer says:

    Yes we should all prescibe  to the Douglas Mcgregor Theory X style of management. If that does not work, we could always advance to Fredrick Taylor for some advice.

  46. Chris says:

    Well-deserved honour for Dave Van Horne.  I spent many an evening listening to Montreal Expos games on AM radio (CJBQ out of Belleville), so he was the voice that I often ended up falling asleep to.  Great announcer and a classy guy.

    Canadian baseball fans were quite fortunate when you think about it…the Expos had Van Horne and Jacques Doucet as play-by-play announcers while the Blue Jays had Tom Cheek, another strong play-by-play announcer that knew how to call a game.  Too bad they couldn’t all go in together…I hope that Doucet and Cheek both get honoured someday as well.

  47. Chris says:

    Something I thought was a little amusing based on the righteous furor we’re seeing in Montreal Canadiens’ message boards of late.

    From September 30, 2010, I’ve pulled out some Habs-relevant excerpts (in bold below) from Elliote Friedman’s post titled “Farm favourites:  A list of AHL impact players” where Friedman polled 10 AHL/NHL coaches/executives about which AHL players were ready to make an impact in the NHL.  Here are the comments about Habs players:

    Under “The Five-Star Locks”

    P.K. Subban – “Not exactly a shocker. Several referred to him as “The best player in the AHL last season”…’Has size and skill and knows where to be defensively.” There was only one complaint and, interestingly, it used to be a major criticism of Dion Phaneuf in Calgary. “He likes to talk but rarely [never] backs it up.” He’s certainly vocal.” 

    My two cents:  if you’re complaining about Richards and Cherry being all over Subban, please note that he has earned a bit of a reputation coming up through the ranks.  He talks a lot, and it grates on people’s nerves sometimes.  Note that this article was back in September, before the negative comments that everybody is so up in arms about ever appeared.  I have zero doubt that Subban will turn out fine, but getting called out a little for his motor-mouth might not be the worst thing that ever happens to him. 

    Under “Mixed Results”

    Lars Eller (Montreal). The good: “Very smart, good puck mover, deceptive skater”…”Has great skill and it might be better for him on the wing.” The big debate about Eller is, “Where is he going to play?”…”It’ll be easier for him to make the transition as a winger because the D-zone responsibilities aren’t as difficult.” One AHL coach raved about him, while another said, “He’s definitely a Top 9 forward. Are his skills good enough to be Top 6? Not sure.”

    My two cents:  I love Eller…how could I not?  I’m of Danish background, so anytime I see a Danish player playing for the Montreal Canadiens, he’s going to be my favourite player.  But I see people are blasting Pierre McGuire (who I don’t particularly like either) for questioning Eller’s long-term potential.  Again, note that some people who watched the AHL for a living last season shared those doubts.  I like a lot of what Eller brings, but there isn’t a person in this world that knows if we’re seeing the blossoming of a true top-6 forward or if we’re seeing a guy who could become a modern day Radek Bonk, a good but not great two-way player who can still be a very valuable asset and have a long, successful career in the NHL. 

    Nor do I question the trade…I personally liked Halak more than Price as a player, but felt that either goalie was largely interchangeable.  To be honest, I still feel that way, so take my opinions with a grain of salt.  But I liked the trade when it was made:  we had one starting goalie too many, and Eller represents a lot of potential.  Even as a third line center, if that is his maximum achievement, he could become a very important piece of the puzzle.

    Under “Stock Rising”

    Ryan White (Montreal). May not win your hockey pool, but he’s getting noticed.

    That one surprised me.  I think White would be a very interesting player, but he’s losing out because of the numbers game.  He’s a 4th line player at best.  That means he either takes the place of Pyatt, who is an excellent penalty killer and saves our top-6 from having to play that exhausting role) or Lapierre, who I don’t really like as a player but he does play the pest role well and can contribute when he wants to.  Neither of those guys is going anywhere unless injured, so White is going to have to wait a bit.

  48. TheMostCupsPeriod says:

    By far your best post ever!!

  49. TommyB says:

    Great story, thanks.

  50. TheMostCupsPeriod says:

    Agreed, but the sign of a good leader is a willingness to recognize and correct errors within one’s control. I wasn’t so much praising BG, just  using an example of how someone connected with the team knew more than the HIO crowd who said he was lost…..

  51. bwoar says:

    Bingo.  Red Fisher would not even speak to a rookie with the team, to hear him tell it.  I think the youth culture in the NHL, and the tendency to lean on younger and younger stars to sell the game, has clouded a lot of perception towards rookies.  Not that I think Mike Richards has anything useful to say about it, but the fanbase ought to consider the time-honoured tradition of apprenticeship as having continued significance in the league.  Just another part of the least understood process in hockey, player development.

    Most of us do know one friend or another who is just that one notch too loud, who always finds a way to cross one step over the line and has to apologize sheepishly before doing it again minutes later…. it’s not disrespectful but it’s too much for a professional setting.  Usually those types need a big galoot to tell ’em to knock it off and turn it down from time to time.  But they’re great people to keep things moving as they never lose the sense of humour that makes that loud quality valuable.

    You simply can’t ruin a guy like that by sitting him down.  He’s gonna get back up and he’s gonna be gregarious.  But he’ll do it much more carefully in the room, which I think will translate to a more mature outlook on the ice, too.

    As I’m from Winnipeg, and had the pleasure of watching Teemu Selanne play another fine game last night, here is my favorite rookie anecdote: As a rookie with the Jets, Selanne couldn’t wear his beloved number 8, which at the time belonged to surly vet Randy Carlyle.  (There was a pylon in the room with #8 written on it, too, someone oughta ask Craig Heisinger about that.)  Teemu wants to wear his #8, so the kid actually goes up to Carlyle and asks to BUY it from him.

    Carlyle glowers at him, “You don’t make that kind of money, kid.”  We know what Selanne went on to do that year: 76 goals, 132 points, rookie records.  But it all started with one guy putting him in his place, making sure the hot shot kid wasn’t taking up more than his fair share of the puny Jets dressing room.

  52. 24 Cups says:

    I’m not here to stir the pot, but I always find it interesting when people praise Bob Gainey for “remolding a rotten locker room”.  I give him credit for doing so, but also point out that it was basically a locker room that he personally built during the first go round that eventually turned ‘rotten’.  Just sayin’.

  53. Rad says:

    The Henri Richard story is classic old school. Thanks for sharing.

  54. TheMostCupsPeriod says:

    Mr. Boone,

    What a shame you even have to respond to this drivel…

    Everytime I come on here it’s obvious that the posters have a far superior knowledge of hockey than those that are actually part of the team. I always assume that what you say here on HIO is insightful to us who no longer live in mtl and want a daily Habs fix. I also assume that you have insight and knowledge unavailable to the everyday Joe, except for those guys whose friend’s cousin heard that someone saw this or that…

    Win or Lose, this place can really turn into a zoo. Some are never happy, some say the same thing over and over again, and perhaps worst of all, those of us who come on here to cheer on our beloved Habs, get ridiculed for being “TRUE” fans.

    I stopped posting regularly last season when I was labelled a Price “fanboy” for thinking this kid was having some bad luck, and no goal support. The same “fans” who attacked me, keep telling me Halak’s numbers are great in St. Louis, he’s not getting support.

    BG remolded a rotten locker room into one where the team comes first, as it was in the glory days, and as it should be in the future. Gone are the cliques, the artiste and the guys who played when they felt like it, instead we have a hard working, well coached team that is 10 games above .500…

    But what do I know, Mr. Boone, what do you really know? I await the great Timo’s response so I can feel enlightened…..

  55. nova scotia vees says:

    Hey…easy on the Al McNeil comments.  Al was thrown into the volatile French/English situation when it was even tougher to be an unilingual coach behind the Habs bench.  As G.M. and Coach in Halifax, he was well respected by the likes of Larry Robinson, Pierre Mondou, Yvon Lambert and others.  I know this because I was a reporter covering the team at the time. He is a fine gentlemen and no buffoon.   He probably wasn’t ready to coach the Habs at that point in his career, and while  Henri Richard called him “the worst coach he ever played for”, he then retracted that statement after they beat Chicago on Richard’s 2 goals (game 7).

    As for Weber….he is no P.K.

  56. JasonM says:

    Let’s call up Leblanc, he’s ready for the NHL! 😀


    I kid though Boone, what is up with the assumptions that Subban doesn’t listen? I would kindly ask you to provide fact on that one.

  57. Mike Boone says:

    It’s Mr. Boone to you.

    No one will go on the record saying so, but if you parse some of their comments, read between the lines and listen to broadcasters close to the team, you get the unmistakeable impression that P.K. is consuming more room oxygen than is normally allotted to rookies.

    This is not a thinly-veiled Don Cherry racist put-down, nor a Panger malapropism.

    There’s a tradition on this team that young players should be seen and not heard.

    There’s a famous Toe Blake anecdote: When Henri Richard joined the club, someone asked the coach if the younger brother of the team’s star could speak English. “For the first six months,” Blake replied, “I didn’t know if he could speak French.”

    Did anyone catch the Cedrick Desjardins interview on CKAC yesterday. The essence of it: P.K. is P.K., a good guy whose irrepressible personality can be “overwheming” and who occasionally has to be called to order, a function that Alex Henry performed in Hamilton.

    It wil work out, and P.K. will be a great player. But learning to march to the prevailing drumbeat in a very tight room takes a while.

  58. Rad says:

    Great idea! He may be that elusive BIG CENTER that the Habs have been searching for, the past millennium or so. And that way, next time the Habs play the Flyers, at center PK could then go head to head against Mike Richards and have an entertaining discussion on the meaning of the word “respect.”

  59. krob1000 says:

    It’s paining, it’s boring ……the other teams are snoring..  It must be soooo frustrating playing against the Habs right now …so stingy, so disciplined and so fast. 

  60. Fred D says:

    It is  a trend, since the Canadiens came on television in the 50s, that fans think that the team is playing a bad game, until they start to win the game. Even then,they should have won by a bigger spread.

    It seems like we want to be ahead of the “losing curve” by having announced some comment early in the game that shows our prescient abilities….easily forgotton if we win and displayed in “triumph” if our comment proved accurate. (Refer comments after the early periods of yesterday’s game)

    I can remember the years when the Habs won alomost all the time, and hearing my Dad complain about a sloppy pass or a missed opportunity and saying  that the team was in trouble.

    Admittedly, as a fan also, I was not excited about the early part of yesterday’s game. The knot in my stomach went away later,even as I asked if we had won by sheer exellence or because the Senators weren’t up to the mark. (Probably a mix of both)

    In this league, anyone can win or anyone can lose, in any given game. We seem to be adjusting as games go on, to find a way to win, which bodes well for the season’s outcome!!



  61. joeybarrie says:

    Don’t really understand why McGuire decided to make that comment yesterday. MAYBE if Halak had been keeping his team above the playoff line, and maybe if Halak had better numbers it would make sense to bring something like that up. However, Halak’s numbers being nothing special, and St. Louis dropping points, it really makes no sense to say the Blues got a away with larceny trading Eller, a rookie, who has 4 points in his 4 last games…

    Not only does it make McGuire sound like an IDIOT, your exactly right, it makes you wonder why he said it. That’s something you say when the Blues are playing. Maybe McGuire isn’t paying attention to the Blues.

    There may be other teams, but only ONE Club De Hockey…

  62. Clay4bc says:

    Something to consider…

    Pitttsburg has won 10 in a row..and we are only 2 points back – with a game on hand.



    The only interesting answers are those which destroy the questions. ~Susan Sontag

  63. mrhabby says:

    a nice efficient , bit boring , defensive win last night. PK has to come back if not in Detroit for sure in TO as all his family will be in the stands…surely Martin will not keep him out.

    I hardly ever see odd man rushes. The overall execution of jacks plan is excellent. its boring but damn it works well.

    That being said its only the regular season. Were still 2 or 3 impact players away from being a top contender. Iam still in the group where some more size is needed and how is the markov issue going to be dealt with.Hammer and Spacek will be run into the ground by the time March-April comes around. Not sold on Weber/Picard as long term replacements. Team should be buyers soon.

  64. rwparent says:

    McGuire is an idiot. Eller has “top prospect”  all over him. He has the hands, wheels and smarts.

    It was very annoying to listen to goofy Pierre insult a smart management decision by PG.


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