About last night …

Some morning-after thoughts:

• The Canadiens scored twice at even-strength. This is good.
• The PP went 0-for-6 but generated some chances. That Toskala guy was pretty good last night.
• Cristobal Huet handles the puck like I handled first-year calculus.
• Guy! Guy! Guy! should spend more time in the box – press, not penalty.
• Props to Alec Kovalev. When I thought that line would be a total no-show for the night, he personally kicked them into gear.
• That said, I think Plekanec should replace Grabovski.
• Guy! Guy! Guy! is so slow you could time him with a calendar. And if he looked that sluggish against the Leafs, how will he fare against Pittsburgh?
• The fourth line was on for two Toronto goals, but I liked them anyway. Mathieu Dandenault looks reborn, Steve Bégin banged and battled all night and Bryan Smolinski is a tough and very heady player who consistently gets superb reads on plays as they develop.
• Patrice Brisbois played 17:35, and there were a few flashes of Bad Breezer from yesteryear. Any chance of Josh Gorges in Pittsburgh?
• Even Andrei Markov made a couple bad passes, but Brain Cramp of the Night was Bob Gainey forgetting Jaroslav Halak’s name during the pre-game interview.
• Is there anything more disheartening than watching your favourite team pushed around by a Swede? Really, it’s like being beaten up by a girl – which, depending on what she’s wearing, might not be entirely unpleasant … unless she were bald and ugly, like Sundin.
• The Toronto D sucks out loud – including $15 million worth of McCabe and Kaberle.

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