About last night …

Habis Inside/Out’s wonderful server ate an entire edition of Quick Hits.

Too bad.

It had some good stuff about Carey Price and the Canadiens’ patchwork D.

But the golden prose is lost to the ages, so rather than dwelling on the game, maybe it would be useful to asess where the Canadiens are at after exactly half their schedule.

The team’s 41st game last season was a 4-2 loss to Ottawa in which jaro Halak allowed three gaols on 27 shots. The Canadiens’ first-half record was 19-19-3.

They had scored 105 goals and allowed 114.

Last night’s win – in which Price made 31 saves in regulation and another five in his first Shootout of the season – raised the Canadiens record to 22-16-3 – a six-point improvement.

They’ve scored 102 goals and allowed 97. The plus-5 goal differential is a nice improvment on last season’s minus-9 in the first half.

If the Canadiens second half total matches the first, 94 points should punch a ticket to the postseason dance.

But that’s a big if.

Josh Gorges is gone for the season with torn ligaments in his right knee. He and the similarly hors de combat Andrei Markov are arguably this team’s best defenceman (no argument re Markov), and they find themselves on IR, facing uncertain futures, in their contract years.

With Roman Hamrlik nursing a foot injury, Hal Gill played 26 minutes against his former Pittsburgh teammates last night. The big guy cannot sustain that ToI though 41 more games, and the Canadiens are doomed if he has to.

In his post-game remarks,Jacques Martin talked about the injuries reprresenting an oppiortunity for the Canadiens’ young defencemen. I presume he was mostly alluding to P.K. Subban.

Despite rookie mistakes, like the penalty he took last night, P.K. probably has seen the last of the pressbox. He played 24:52 – though only 33 seconds on the power-play – and we’re probably going to see that utilization, or pretty close to it, down the stretch.

I thought James Wisniewski had an off-night. His first passes were inaccurate – which, granted, didn’t make him unique – and the Penguins did a nice job of either taking away or blocking the Wiz’s point shot during that maddeningly futile 2:29 of 5-on-3.

Martin said another aspect of injuries piling up on D would be increased impetus for the forwards to conscientiously get back and help the beleaguered blueline corps.

We saw that against Pittsburgh: five-man defence, in support of a brilliant effort by Price. It won many games in October, and the martin system will have to be almost hermetic to carry this low-scoring team through the rest of its schedule.

The best forward line last night was the newly created Franco Trio of David Desharnais, Benoit Pouliot (who scored in regulation AND the Shootout) and Mathieu Darche.

Desharnais looks like he might be up for a while, which could mean Lars Eller should start looking for apartments in Hamilton. The puckhandling legerdemain of the diminutive centre is a nice complement to darche’s non-stop motor, and the two of them will continue the heretofore Quixotic quest to get Benny playing up to his talent level.

Through 41 games last season, Michael Cammalleri had 19 goals and 16 assists. He’s matched that assist total, but has only 12 goals to date.

That projects to 24, which would be Cammalleri’s lowest total since he scored 19 (in 63 games) with L.A. three years ago.

Coming off 13 goals in 19 playoff games last spring, Cammalleri was poised for a big season. It hasn’t happened, and theories abound:

• He’s annoyed that Brian Gionta got the C.

• Cammalleri didn’t like being bumped off Tomas Plekanec’s line in order to liberate Gionta from Scott Gomez, temporarily, and get the captain untracked.

• The sniper, more than anyone else on the team, is stifled by Jacques Martin’s system, which obliges Cammalleri to come back deeper and work harder in his own zone than he might like.

Whatever the reason, Cammalleri has to get untracked if the Canadiens are going to scratch and claw and bite and stay in this thing.

The win over Pittsburgh was huge because a loss to the Crosby-less Penguins would have been demoralizing.

As it was, the Canadiens came back from being down for the third game in a row and, for the first time this season, won a game in which they trailed after the first period.

The team has sustained body blows on D. There is no one in the organization who can replace Markov, and the loss of Gorges compounds the problem.

Wiz will help, and P.K. will have to mature in the crucible of late-season pressure.

The most encouraging aspect of last night’s game was the play of Price.

After all his one-on-one difficulties during the team’s slump,who would have suspected Price would stone five Penguins – including ace Kris Letang – in his first Shootout of the season.

The crossed-arms celebratory gesture was conservative by NFL endzone celebration standards, but Price was immensely pleased to make saves that secured a W.

He’ll have to be that good again when the Bruins visit on Saturday … and thereafter.






  1. notbigbird says:

    Just about every site is free. Most work.

  2. 24 Cups says:

    I know for a fact that these server issues are driving Mike Boone around the bend.  (Last night had to be the worst).  He takes it very seriously and is beyond being frustrated.  The fact that he has no control over the (technical) solution only adds to his anguish.  It’s kind of like watching AK46 play hockey from game to game.

  3. 24 Cups says:

    Jane – That’s the exact poiint that I made yesterday afternoon when the news came out about Gorges.

    We’re not a Cup contender with the way things have unfolded so far (even before Gorges went down), so let’s stick with the younger players and see what they can do.

    To go after a real talent to jump start the team is going to mean you’re giving up a high end prospect such as Tinordi or Leblanc.  Going after an over-the-hill veteran might only cost you a player from Hamilton but what’s the point of doing that if the new guy can’t really make a significant difference.  When you examine  al ot of these deadline deals, you find that the new pick-up isn’t that much better than a top prospect in the system.

  4. cautiousoptimist says:
    To the folks complaining about the server issues: come on now, it’s not like you’re paying a subscription fee for the site.  It’s free.  Enjoy it while it’s working, and when it isn’t, just go and do something else for a while.
    1. http://www.flickeringpictures.com – not a hockey site, but still kinda neat
    2. Mike Boone: “With Gainey at my side, I’d walk into any dark alley in the world.”
  5. PeterD says:

    I think AK seeing his little brother success away from Montreal will only encourage AK to play for a trade…I don’y see a lot of happiness in his face when I see him on the TV…maybe it is time to ship him out for whatever the best deal we can get or wait and see if someone makes him an offer sheet this sommuer…then at least we would get os high draft picks back.

  6. Chuck says:

    A cold beer in my hand, Habs on the 52′ HD, and no HI/O to which to follow allow along and post. Last night it was almost like being at the game.

    Centre Hice: A case for Georges Vezina

  7. NoTinFoilCups says:

    It’s curious to see the two camps of thought on HIO regarding AK and Gomez. It seems that those who see AK in a bad light usually see Gomez in a good light and vice versa. We’ve been arguing their shortcomings and merits most of the season.

    How about a simple poll +ve and -ve without any embellishment.

    From my view:

    Gomez +ve

    AK -ve


  8. notbigbird says:

    Looking at the comments below, I am glad we won. Can’t imagine how negative they would be had we lost.

    By the end of the first, I was thinking that this is the kind of game we can win. Carey was on, and the team looked to be playing “their” game well. It’s funny how you sometimes get a premonition … and even funnier that it turns out sometime.

    Speaking of premonitions, from the get go in the shootout, I was chantiing Poolio, Poolio. I was surprised and happy to see him take his turn. I can’t tell you why, but I’ll swear it’s true.

    Speaking of Poolio, give him credit for playing with intensity. There was a sequence late in the game when I was pleasantly surprised by some very intensive and physical work in the D end.

    And Soobie’s standing up of and to Malkin was special — reminded me of his staying with Crosbie’s fancy moves in the playoffs. He’s our only D-man who could do that — the only one who has a physical edge to his game. Emelin-Yemelin where are you? Tinordi, can you please mature really quickly?

    Carey stopped a breakaway early-ish on (I forget when) for one of the few times all season. Then, he stoned them in the shootout. If he continues to play like that, we have a chance in every game.

    Down our three best D-man (maybe), this was a game to feel good about for crying out loud. But don’t worry, there will be more and better opportunity for doom and gloom as they will probably lose one or two more games this year.

    With the server down, I kept track of comments on #Habs on Twitter. Makes this place look saintly. And those Pens fans — spent most of the game crabbing and swearing about Habs fans. I don’t think they get the irony of that. Like when you point your finger at somebody, there’s three pointing back at you.

    All that being said, I really don’t have high expectations for this season, especially now. I hope we don’t trade the future for patches. Let this group develop. Keep DD but get Eller on there too — somewhere, anywhere. We’ll worry about points and top six stuff next year. Give Soobie as many minutes as he can handle.

    Look HIO guys, the server issue has become a total embarrassment. I know the newspapers aren’t rolling in the dough any more, but surely Mr Gazette has enough coins to do better than this. You’ve got the web’s hottest Habs website (in English anyway — don’t know about the other language), so let’s fix it before people move on.





  9. twocents says:


  10. bel33 says:

    I wasn’t saying it did…. just that it’s annoying.

  11. TommyB says:

    The view from my chair:  Great to see that win last night, and great to see Price play very well.  I hate to sound TSN-esque, but no Crosby and a backup goaltender for the Penguins did definitely work in our favour.  But two points are two points regardless of who you beat.  I’m still very concerned about our lack of scoring.  I have a hard time accepting only two goals against this backup goaltender last night.  Pittsburgh is not known for their great D, we face the backup goalie, and we end the night winning a 2-1 hockey game in a shootout?  Something wrong there.  All of the Habs shootout attempts looked quite lame as well.  Almost looked as if they were just going through the motions, including Pouliot’s winner, which somehow happened to elude the goaltender, and even seemed to surprise Benny himself.  Hey, I’ll take it, but there is much to be concerned about.

    Thankfully Price played a great game, and was outstanding in the shootout.  Beating every franco-Penguin Bylsma could throw at him.  Price is going to be so crucial to the remainder of our season.  With both Markov and Gorges out for the duration, and some concern over a Hamrlik injury, I nearly had a heart attack when Spacek ran into that goalpost last night and came out of if clutching his arm.  The clock stood still for me as I waited for him to return to play.  If we lose one more experienced Dman I think the season is toast.  As has been mentioned here, and in other threads, this will give both PK and Weber all the ice time they can handle.  The babtism by fire as it has been labelled.  Personally, I don’t think that is going to be good enough and I think PG will have to pull the trigger on a trade before the deadline.  That is, if he wants to see some playoff action.  And I have to think he does. 

    Adversity has hit the Habs again, as it always seems to do.  If the players have quit on their coach, as many fans here seem to feel, then this adversity gives them an easy out.  They could coast through the remainder of the season and point to the depleted Dcorps, and pressure on the young Dmen, as being too much to overcome.  I don’t think this is the case, and I’ll be watching closely for any of those signs.  If there ever was a time for the forwards to bear down and score some goals in support of their D and their goaltender, this is the time.  Get it done, guys.

  12. mjames says:

    I’ll take the two points but boy we are on shaky ground. It appears that unless Price plays lights out we will lose. Our offense is going or has gone south.  Here are some thought/observations:

    (1) Do you think the team is so preoccupied ( with the exception of Gomez) with getting back under Martin’s system that maybe the offense has suffered? We do take a lot of perimeter shots and then peel off.

    (2) Maybe Martin’s system is just to physically demanding that a team can’t play this style on a consistent basis without the offense suffering. If so is their some middle ground?

    (3) Yes Cammy had an off night last but I saw effort. His role is to shoot. I don’t expect him to create . He is the shooter.

    (4) I saw some posters and a writer take the obligatory jab at AK46. I will admit I am a fan of this guy but I get as frustrated as the next guy over his indifferent play at times. However last night  he again showed that he is the best passer on that line. He is the guy that creates chances. It appears AK’s role on that line is to create.  How Martin plays Darche over AK on the power play is beyond and really tells me that Martin is not an astute judge of hockey talent. Just another example of his inability to get the most out of his players.

    (5)Concerning Pleks, I admire his effort but it appears sometimes he is trying to do everything himself.  

    (6) How come Gomez does not have to back check? Did anyone see Gomez’s passes last night? He was ten times worse than Cammy and Gomez is suppose to create. If I am coaching this team I would bench Gomez and try Eller. That would send a message as opposed to benching Pouliot, Subban or AK. Gomez’s  play is hurting this team. His rushes to “nowhere” are useless. He is weak on the fore-check and back-check and really cannot pass. Most of the time he passes into traffic and we lose the puck.

    (6) God it is painful to watch Pyatt and Moen. They have are absolutely zero offensive ability or so it seems. Having said that it would not surprise me to see Martin play them in an OT game. 

    (7) Why is that every player we trade we first have to beat them into the ground and devalue their worth. This is not only Martin that does this.  It is a trait with this franchise   Was O’Bryne that bad that we could only get a junior prospect? We gave Grabs away and he has 15 goals. SK74 is okay and better than Moen and Pyatt. I know we can all come up with reasons justifying their trade,  dismal or expulsion but for God’s sake can we at least get something in return. We may not have liked Laps but his is better than an career AHL Dman. We are the league patsies when it comes to trades. Everyone wants to trade with us.    What is laughable is that these guys , including Martin, gainey and PG are paid millions for this performance. If you think it about there are several posters on here who could do just as good a job as these three (I do not want to even think about Houle or Tremblay).




  13. avatar_58 says:

    I believe it was always stated Sk74 had a higher ceiling of skill, whereas AK46 had size. Either way who cares, what Sergei does has no bearing on him

  14. bel33 says:

    Not to put some fire on AK 46 but maybe under him… but someone
    should remind him that his little brother has one less point, and as
    many goals as our mysterious winger.  Oh and Sergei is on a four game
    scoring streak.

    Just sayin’…

  15. MikeL says:

    I don’t think it’s necessary to come up with conspiracy theories to explain Cammalleri’s scoring woes. It seems pretty clear to me that he has just lost his confidence in the offensive zone. (And he’s not the only one – Looking at you, Plekanec). It seems everything he does doesn’t work. His decision making is all out of wack. He’s passing up shots way too often (the 2 on 1 with Plekanec in the Atlanta came comes to mind), and he often bobbles the puck or just misses his shot when he gets an opportunity.

    That being said, Cammy is a very very streaky scorer. Yes, he went on that tear in the playoffs. But before the playoffs he was on a big time slump.

    Eventually Cammy will get hot and pot 2 or 3 and his numbers will reach, or come close to, last year’s output.

  16. forskis says:

    I was quite appalled to see many people calling for the team to tank the season after the news about Gorges came out….it is a ridiculous suggestion…would people have suggested the same thing if it is Game #1 or if the Habs were #1 overall or if it was just prior to Game #7 of the Cup Final?  You do not tank a season after 40 games and when the team seems to be getting itself out of its doldrums….the Habs may play badly but they do not give up…that was never in the MO of the team.

    As for last night…an ugly win was needed and some luck was needed, but that is what you need sometimes to get out of a slump.  Any ideas who might be called up for the 7th D-man?  The good thing is that the blueline just got younger, so hopefully JM will play the young guys more and save the older guys for later.

    “I am guilty of using elipses…”

  17. StevieRay says:

    Although I agree with your statement ” the worst goal scoring team ”  .. I am dissapointed that with all the money we have tied up in 4 forwards …and a stifling defensive system that lacks offensive creativity ….that this is what we have become . I refer to last nites 5 on 3 for over 2 minutes and only 1 shot on goal

  18. RetroMikey says:


    If you have watched the game and go to see the Dogs plays in Hamilton, you have seen how Weber makes me nervous playing on D that I cringe.

    And it looks like Eller is coming to Hamilton, as I have said along to develop more his skills with more ice time.

    Keeping him on the big club makes Gauthier look like a genus for all of us to believe.

    “We will win the Cup one day only with ? in the nets “

  19. habs001 says:

    in the overall standings we are 12th…the next lowest scoring team after us is 26th….with goaltending , team d and special teams you can be competitive even when you have one of the worst goal scoring teams in the nhl…

  20. StevieRay says:

    Nice to see my boy Benny break out last nite . JM must be clenching his teeth …. Seriously though the type of game our 3rd and 4th liners are playing IS the new NHL. Grinding , Hitting,  winning puck battles , net presence ..just plain ole fashioned workin’.

    The second line in is a concern as is the chemistry on the 1st line . I also find when watching on TV that there always seems to be 4 Canadiens in the defensive zone … but little or no Gomez . Although last nite he did ” get back ” a few times. Also he needs to go to the net when Gionta/Pacs habve the puck on the perimeter . With what appears to be DD a permanent and Eller who is a big center destines to stay with the team and probably next year get a real shot that a effort should be made to move Gomez to a contender at the trade deadine .

    The 1st line … AK ..?? I’ve always been a big fan of his but ..??? .. with his contract year coming up it’ll be interesting what PG does .

    What gives with the PP … 5 on 3 for a few minutes and 1 shot …cmon man …..let’s show some creativeilty out there ..open up some space … crash the net and take some shots … although Adams made a couple of huge blocks..still 5 on 3 and 1 shot ????

    But back to the present .. a nice win last nite  ..thanks to the 3rd/4th line and Price ..again !

  21. habs001 says:

    an important 2 points yet i am disappointed…we were a rested team playing a team that played the night before missing players…i truly expected our top players plecks,cammi,gion and gomez to come up what a solid effort…but for the most part these players locked terrible…

  22. shootdapuck says:

    5 on 2 is an impossibility by the rules of hockey.




    “The three stars as selected by Red Fisher of the Montreal Star:
    1st star: Henri Richard
    2nd Star: Doug Harvey
    3rd Star: Jacques Plante

    Final score Detroit Red Wings 5 Montreal Canadiens 3″

  23. JF says:

    No point dwelling on the negatives, like the state of our D, the fact we can’t score in two and a half minutes of 5-on-3, the fact we can’t score period…. A win is a win.  And Price’s performance was more than reassuring, particularly during the shootout when one considers how helpless he’s looked recently in one-on-one situations. When he spoke at the end of the road trip, he didn’t sound at all worried and insisted he wasn’t tired, just needed a bit of time to work on adjusting the details of his game.  He got that time by being 45 minutes early for practise the other day, and it seems to have paid off.  I guess that’s the biggest positive from last night. Plus the fact the team worked hard, didn’t quit when they got down early, and managed, for the first time this season, to win a game they were trailing at the end of the first period.  In the last few games, they’ve displayed the kind of push-back we haven’t seen all season, so this is encouraging.

    But with our veteran defencemen going down like ninepins, making the playoffs will be an uphill battle, and, even if we do, what will likely await us will be a date with the Flyers so we can all enjoy the third edition of a series in which we are over-matched physically and our anemic offence struggles to score against either a third-string goalie or a rookie.  Personally, I’d pass on that.  So I hope Gauthier does not mortgage any more of our future for a bandaid solution.  Trade for help with a view to next season; otherwise stand pat and let the kids play.  No draft picks or prospects for aging veterans who will walk at the end of the season.

  24. topher5468 says:

    This web site is beginning to SUCK, it’s as bad as Webbers coverage on Asham on Pitts first goal.It’s as bad as Cammy during well, the whole game. Yes I still followed because I really like Boones’ take during the game but c’mon HIO, get it together. 

    “It’s not an obsession, It’s a way of life..”

  25. keepthefaith says:

    Is there any base to the rumors of Cammy being mad about something or is this pure heresay? He is not the player of last year yet. I think he just needs target practice. Actually the whole team does. And PK needs PP time.

    And in Halak knews he let in 4 goals on 19 shots and was pulled against the Leafs.

  26. SeriousFan09 says:

    PK Subban seems quite comfortable these days I’d say. Less high-risk play but still adding some of those exciting offensive drives. Look forward to the Boston game on Saturday, he scored his first NHL goal against them in his first meeting with them, on his second he swung the momentum of a game with a hit that Marchand is still seeing in his nightmares, can’t wait to see what he brings to meeting number 3.


    - I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  27. Mr.Hazard says:

    LOVED Price last night. Confidence, swagger, calmness, and most importantly: puck-stoppedness.

    Benny’s move in the SO was a sweet finishing touch. I realized after how much my mood is affected by whether we win or lose. I’ve been so used to the team losing lately, it was refreshing to retire to bed last night with memories of a W and a solid outing by Price & Co.

    Glad we finally broke away from that 0-for record after trailing after the first. It was kind of scary.

    Bruins game should be interesting.

  28. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …I had a great laugh reading HH’s comment in another thread, …”I think I hear something rumbling in the distance”
    …one thing certain of being a Montreal Canadiens Fan, against the backdrop of the imposing great legacy of Our Team …is the consistent DRAMA We as Fans live through on an annual-basis …nay !, strike THAT ! …DAILY basis !
    …whether We are wetting Our bed, or climbing, again, close to the pinnacle …over-coming all the odds, observing revelations, wallowing in self-pity, coming to grips with Our frailties, wistfully lingering on sweet long-ago memories …We never seem to go very long without Shakespeareian-level drama
    …My thought on Boone’s potential Cammaleri reasons for His underachievement and possible discontent …first, a professional hockey player …especially One as intelligent as Cammi, would NOT let the fact not being selected Captain eat at Him this long …THAT being said, I felt during the past intense debate among Our Fans as to Whom would make the better Captain …It was My opinion, there was no One, single, straightforward choice …for varied reasons
    …first, We had, for the first-time in many years, last season, A Real Team …rather than a Real Leader, We had A Leadership Corps …including Markov, Pleks, Gionta, Cammalerri, Gorges, and a host of Others of Whom Themselves were character-people
    …I thought, if any was chosen as the “C”, …that it appropriately should have been an ‘original’ Canadien, like Markov or Pleks
    …mostly I felt Our Team was working and playing well as A Team, with 3 “As” …and no One singled-out as the “C”
    …I like Gionta very much …but His choice of Captain may have resulted in the lessening of Team Camaraderie …which rhymes with Camalleri …IF I am not mistaken
    …seriously-speaking, I thought at the time, We were tinkering with the chemistry of the Team by choosing from 5 or 6 pretty closely parity Guys, and was better to each be allowed to feel within Themselves validated as A/The Leader or A/The “C”
    …Gionta’s mediocre-play also has not helped as far as a sense of lack of leadership ‘expected’ from the “C”

  29. Norcal Habsfan says:

    Cammalleri’s game is off to be sure but I just don’t see the ” jealous of the C theory” that Boone threw out as a plausible one. He’s not that guy. Playing within a defensive system is testament to the fact that he’s a team player. This guy displays heart and grit every time he steps on the ice. This is the same Hab that went toe with the taller and larger Krejci when PK was reluctant to drop the gloves. This guy exemplifies the team first philosophy. I’ve just never seen any play on the ice or any interview to suggest a frail jealous ego.

    C’mon Boone. This isn’t the housewives of St. Catherine St.

  30. Kristopher7 says:

    Price tied for league leading Wins! Woohoo!

  31. Rob D says:

    Cammi really has me worried. Not impressed with him losing every puck battle, his erratic (to say the very least) passing, and his propensity to put those one timers into the glass and damn near into the netting on an alarming number of occasions. I think he has one of those Dino Ciccarelli sticks..great for the getting the puck up in the air in close quarters but not exactly what you want for …errr..just about any other puck handling you can name. Dump the nine iron and get a real stick…lol..

    We’ll have to see but right now my amateur theory is the team’s greatest moment was last year’s playoffs. A lot of these guys are really labouring to resemble competent NHL players (Gill, Spacek, Gomer, Gionta and I might add Cammi) and failing pretty miserably so far. I appreciate what they did and still can do in a 7 game series and I am not trying to diss them. It’s just that they aren’t producing right now and I am wondering when they kick into gear. This month? Next month? In May? I await their resurgence of course. But I am not laying any bets.

    That PP was instructive. I dont’ think they would have scored with a 5 on 2 advantage..lol…Seriously. Pathetic. The Wis putting both shots from the point into the D-mans legs was almost hilarious.

    I am in a quandary, I like many of these players..they are hard working for the most part, good pro’s , respected in the league etc. but I guess its the lack of young talent with obvious upside that wears me down. Apart from Price and Subban the cupboard looks to be full of almost over the hill oldsters and never weres like Pouliot who I don’t think is any kind of answer. I am done with Kostitsyn. He’s the brooding hockey child of The Artist. I watched him take that shootout opportunity and it looked like he’d rather be anywhere else in the world instead. Sleepy eyed lethargy doesn’t inspire anyone, AK. Where’s the fire to play this game? WE need to find players under 30 who have that.

    Sorry for the longish rant. IF I didn’t share my thoughts here I’d be on a ledge somewhere..with my tattered Guy jersey..contemplating the abyss. And we can’t have that….lol





  32. CHsam says:

    Did JM tell PG to trade OB?

  33. mbplekfan says:

    Lets guess who takes AK’s spot if he isnt resigned. Do you have any ideas? The guy is good for 25 goals per year and is a former first rounder.

    Pouliot has size and skill. Do you give up on that? Who takes his spot?

    We have lots of 3rd and 4th liners in the system but precious few players that can fill these positions.

  34. Norcal Habsfan says:

    Yeah ..I felt the same relief with him not making the all-star team. I guess I am superstitious.

    Sorry Carey. I mean you deserve a medal for your season thus far but if it’s all the same to you , I think I’d rather you see you riding a bull during the all-star break.

  35. SUMO says:

    Thanks as always Mike for the great work you do every game with the blog, QH and ALN.

    Just one request is maybe a PODCAST to commemorate the mid-season mark? Some topics;

    - Surprises and disappointments?

    - Mid-season MVP (Price, Hamrlik, Pleks?)

    - Maybe hv Pat Hickey give us some updates on the prospects in Hamilton and elsewhere and who could come up to replace Gorges? Or waiver or trade for someone? 

    - What our D will look like NEXT year? Emelin? Will Markov & Gorges be re-signed?

    - Pacioretty going to make Benny or AK46 expendable?

    - Eller, what to do AHL or 3rd-line centre?

    - Trevor Timmons, has he done enough to keep his job?

    Just some ideas on topics

  36. Bill says:

    I remember that too, from the TBay game two years ago … At least this year we don’t have the All Star jinx to worry about. I’m glad to see him having fun in there.

  37. Bill says:

    Maybe I need to get a life, but this server is ruining the life I have. This experience roughly correlates with the most recent “server upgrade”. What is going on and when will it be remedied?

    Carey Price … What can you say? Fantastic game. Loved the pose.

  38. mbplekfan says:

    It was a big win tonight but its an uphill battle for the playoffs now.

    The defence is too old, too young, and too small.

    DD looks like a good player but how will he fare against he bigger teams like Boston and Philadelphia?

    The loss of Gorges is a huge blow but really takes the pressure off of Martin. This team should be shifting to developing youngsters for next year.

    I hope they can deal Hamrlik and Gill for some prospects at the deadline. We have depth at forward in Hamilton and maybe we can move Halpern and Moen for something good.

    Lapierre got us junk, which is about what he was worth but now the OB for a Q-leauge junior is looking terrible.

  39. Norcal Habsfan says:

    I like Price’s confidence. I do… but the last time he displayed that kind of bravado after a shootout win two years ago, things started to go south. I’m not superstitious but it made me nervous.

  40. Rob D says:

    I was exaggerating for effect. Of course.



  41. Mr.Hazard says:

    I would rephrase: Just about every site works. Most are free.

    HI/O is by far the WORST site I’ve ever experienced,”logistically” speaking.

  42. notbigbird says:

    I don’t suppose anybody not named Pyatt is too thrilled to be playing for The Count.

  43. EricInStL says:

    Is ANYONE amazed to see the server is DOWN ?

    This site has jumped the shark.


    It’s easy when you’re on Mount Pious.

  44. itpf says:

    In regards to the server problems….

    You know those ever increasing site visit and page view stats? they’ll take a big hit if the server issues aren’t resolved. Maybe it’s time to switch servers, again.

  45. The Teacher says:

    Man, I can totally imagine how frustrated Boone must be. He must have felt like someone punched him in the gut, and still managed to put forth the effort for a decent segment, which I have not read yet, but will.


    I know what he feels like, having had something similar happen to me, as most of us probably have.



  46. SHUTTemDOWN says:

     JM always looks like he needs to pinch one. I liked him when he was w/ Ottawa, but for some reason now, his approach seems to restrictive on certain players. Yes defense wins titles… blah, blah blah… but a tight-assed bench boss who’s never won a cup is another. No respect when u can’t relate w/ all involved; TEAM means all must comprimise incl. the HEAD.

    Cammi’s cool and needs a looser leash…AK reminds me of Jason(kill-kill) without the mask, when he throws himself around he’s effective…leave all the line shuffling for the Shuffle Demons(shout-out)… instill some confidence…and take a dump already Jacques.

    Then again, it never seems as easy as it sounds.

  47. Timo says:

    Gees, let’s face it. HIO is no facebook in terms of visits. Any modern decent dedicated server should be able to manage the amount of traffic. Or well…go big guys, buy a SECOND server. Our IT department is getting rid of some… for a small commission fee I can hook you up.

  48. Shiloh says:

    Exactly – how many gazillions of websites are running just fine while HIO collapses every game? It’s got to be hard to find a server that rotten.

  49. rogieshan says:

    To add to the boundless theories on Cammalleri: His jealousy over Subban becoming a darling of the media, especially in Toronto (re: The Fan and TSN). Don’t think it was coincidence that PK found the bench a day after he did an interview with Landesburg on OTR in which he poked fun at a few of his veteran teammates, and in the Edmonton game where Cammalleri was aloof all night and quit on the winning goal.        

  50. MikeL says:

    Gimme a break.

  51. Mats Naslund says:


  52. Morenz7 says:

    Wiz’s night was worse than off, IMO: he was guilty of a couple of MAB-esque giveaways, and shooting into the same block, twice in row, on a 5-3 is kind of embarrassing. Where’s the guy who ate the Habs alive while playing for Long Island?

  53. wild flower says:

    Careful, everyone’s favorite: PK only gets about one out 5 shots through to the net. I think Wiz can teach PK a few things about shooting from the point.

  54. Psycho29 says:

    Nothing worse than frozen carrier pigeons…


  55. Dave Stubbs says:

    What my good friend Michael isn’t saying is that we’re going to do what our colleague R. Fisher (who’s having a chuckle at our Interweb woes) does: crank the sheet into the Underwood, bang away and hand our prose to the telegraph operator for dispatch to the rewrite desk.

    Dave Stubbs
    Habs Inside/Out
    Sports Columnist/Feature Writer, Montreal Gazette
    • On Twitter: twitter.com/habsinsideout1

  56. Max_a_million says:

    That’s what people always say when they lose such things.  Sorry about that for you, and for me.  I wanted to read it.

  57. habsruleworld says:

    I also believe AK should be outa here!, this guy’s defensive play is attrocious, alwyas has been, and makes key blunders that generally lead directly to a goal against us.

    It’s too bad, but he has been given every chance in the world, I am rather certain other teams would love to get this guy because of his potential to make habs look bad in the future by his performance etc.

    But I still maintain, deal him away, for someone who gives a consistent effort and gets more involved.

    Glad to see Carey display some attitude and CONFIDENCE!

  58. notbigbird says:

    Kills me. Get rid of this guy because he’s no good, but he’s so good that I’m sure other teams would love to have him.

  59. mjames says:

    Like maybe Moen and Pyatt.

    Incidentally if you watched the games you will see that Ak is no where near the worst defensive forward. You do know that he leads the team in +/- at +9.  Our “do no wrong” allstars such as Gomez are -6. You did not know these things because (1) you do not understand hockey, (2) do not follow the team or (3) believe everything Mike Boone says about AK.



  60. PeterD says:

    AK is like a Pine tree in an Apple orchard…fills a hole in the row and may look good at times but is very unproductive to the Orchard owner if it doesn’t produce apples.

    Time to thin our the orchard a bit Pierre G. and plant another producing apple tree…Of course if you put a few balls on the pine tree you could use it as a Christmas tree…

    Just a metaphor but I kind of liked it.

  61. Mr.Hazard says:

    BTW. Pittsburgh had a depleted line-up, but so did we.

    No Markie, no Gorges, no Hammer.

  62. Timo says:

    I am afraid this wasn’t Wiz’s night off. I think tonight was the real Wiz we’ll be seeing for most of the rest of the season. It was a good win because like Boone says… loss would just be too demoralizing. But this win was hardly convincing. I guess you have to start somewhere though, right?

    Agreed about Cammilleri… he’s been terrible and looks like a total bum.

  63. HugeHabFan says:

    totally agree about Cammalleri… He was completely useless tonight. I did not see one positive shift for him all night…But I am sure he enjoys his 6 mill a year….

  64. keepthefaith says:

    When you are missing 3 of your top 4 D  a win is a win.  This team is not in position to hand down convincing wins right now . 

  65. HugeHabFan says:

    in all honesty, did anyone see Cammallerri complete even one pass tonight, let alone shoot the puck with any kind of effort. 2 and 3 foot passes were wide by over 2 to 3 feet, a seemingly impossible task…

  66. Shiloh says:

    I liked Desharnais – he seems dangerous. Even if we get a half dozen good games from him, it all adds up. I think Gomer should be the one in Hamilton, and that the centres of th etop three lines should be Pleks, Eller and Deshaenais. Gomez rarely makes a good play.

  67. HugeHabFan says:

    If this was the old West, Cammallerri would be tarred and feathered, and sent out of town on a wooden pole. Who cares who plays centre, when the wingers play like Camm has this season… He got suspended the first game and has played like crap ever since…Guess he does not want to check anyone and potentially lose any of his 6 mill a year..

  68. Norcal Habsfan says:

    I loved PK’s physical play against Malkin tonight. It’s an understandable Canadian double standard but I don’t think we’ll be hearing too many critics about PK chirping at Malkin.

    I’d like to imagine PK said something like this when he put Malkin was on his rear…

    ” ..that’s for the juniors B!#@#.”

  69. HugeHabFan says:

    maybe, but he probably said something like, “Oh Crap, I hope I dont get yet another stupid penalty that will crush this team”

  70. amvanimere says:

    Boone, you’re well aware of these server problems, and yet you don’t, say, write something like Quick Hits or About Last Night… in a document somewhere, anywhere, on your computer and then copy and paste it?

  71. HugeHabFan says:

    cannot delete duplicates entries?

  72. HugeHabFan says:

    or, get another server.

  73. Aybara says:

    Agree, all work should be written in an external place before being posted on a website with server issues..

    What needs to stop though is the server issues themselves. If they continue the site is going to lose readers plain and simple. I find the more that this occurs the more likely I am to find a website with a decent community that actually plays hard for the whole 3 periods instead of taking the second and third off. Sound familiar?

    Get these issues fixed!! This site is terrific, but it’s beginning to be too much work to participate. With the plethora of choices for Canadiens content online you’d think the Gazette would be willing to get a half-decent server to stay competitive.


  74. Mike Boone says:

    From now on …

  75. Max_a_million says:

    I realize how difficult it would be to maintain a big physical presence all season long, when you are the only player capable of it.  That being said, I didn’t even notice Travis Moen played tonight.  

  76. Max_a_million says:

    At least the stupid penalties are cut in half without Maxime being called for diving every few minutes.

  77. Vid says:

    Makes you almost wish OByrne wasn’t traded…so thank goodness habs got wiz.

    If his play with the islanders is any indication I think Wiz plays well when he’s the second or third best Dman and not the number 1 go to guy.

  78. Bill says:

    Maybe I need to get a life, but this server is ruining the life I have. This experience roughly correlates with the most recent “server upgrade”. What is going on and when will it be remedied?

    Carey Price … What can you say? Fantastic game. Loved the pose.

  79. amvanimere says:

    Cammalleri, like pretty much every sniper in the league, is streaky. Yes, he’s struggled through the bulk of the season (and I use the term struggled loosely, he is, after all, second on the team in points). He also put up almost a goal per game through the first two rounds of the playoffs, and lead the league in playoff goal scoring despite only playing 3 rounds. He’s not as bad as his slump suggests nor as good as his hot streak suggests. If he’s going to struggle, I’d rather it be now than in the playoffs. He’s shown he can bring his “A” game when it truly matters for the Habs, and as a result I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

  80. amvanimere says:

    What I don’t understand is that they clearly track the usage on the site. Every month we get an update on how much their viewership/readership (I’m not sure what the right word is, I guess it’s kind of both) has grown. It should be clear that the servers should be adjusted accordingly. Habs Inside/Out does a great job of covering the Habs, and is definitely my go-to source for news, updates, analysis, etc. It’s a shame that something as simple as, what I understand to be, a very fixable problem (getting a proper server), derails what is otherwise an excellent website.

  81. ooder says:

    i was at the game…

    i think it was a game that was more exciting to watch on tv but nonetheless the shootout was sick!!!!

    also.. from above uc an really see the system JM is trying to implement and it hink it worked wonders considernig we were mising half our defencemen


    88 is the new 23

  82. PeterD says:

    Living all my life in the West, I have long wished for a trip to the home of the Habs…broke my heart I never had a chance to go to the Forum…maybe someday I will make the journey to the Bell…

    I envy anyone that has the great fortune to sit in the seat of a Habs home game…

  83. Shiloh says:

    Oh no – a rational Fact-based argument. The AK46 haters won’t like you for that!

  84. redgorf says:
















    I enjoyed the work of Pouliot Darche Dagenais, Pou accurate passing Dar front of netting Dag’s grind ,but AK shoothing at the net without looking and missing it shows  he wants out did Moen play and many more are indicating that JM’s time is up. If you remove PDD’s work its a loss, nobody seems motivated. The captaincy should have been elected not nominated by JM.






  85. NoTinFoilCups says:

    Thanks for pointing out the obvious. It seems lost on many here. And we played like crap (except for Price) and won!

    This game was not a recipe for continued success. Hope they get back to the intensity they showed for the previous two games.

  86. Norcal Habsfan says:

    Too bad we have this lack of depth on the D end. If we had a healthy D core, I could see moving Hammer to a bubble team for some prospects at the deadline. I just don’t see that happening given the current standings and I don’t don’t see them resigning, at least not for anything near his current salary. I don’t see a deadline move with Gill either but I can see resigning him. He’s too integral on the PK.


  87. PeterD says:

    Two things…

    Josh Gorges is a “God”…to play the past 7 years with a torn or damaged ACL is incredible considering what he has been able to do in that time..all the best to him and his recovery…Well done dude…as fans we will be here when you are healthy and ready to return.

    Cammi I think is in a slump because Plex plays too much time on the PK…we need our first and second line centers focusing on offense…we need our 3rd and 4th line centers playing the PK more…I am not saying don’t play Plex on the PK at all…but just limit some of his time there so he isn’t burnt out when it comes to turning on the offense…Cammi and AK need a fresh energized Plex to do what they need…set them up for the goals…this is tough for me to say cause Plex is amazing on the PK…so commited and so fast and smart…but I want to see him in the o-zone more focused on offense with his wingers…

    Oh, I gues a third thing…I really liked the second PP unit last night with Desharnais, and Plex on the point…not enought time on ice to really see what they could produce ubut they had some moments of great control and options out there…

  88. wild flower says:

    Ya, and the league is chalk full of guys with his skill level. People are ridiculous, every team has talented guys (AK has talent – not many can snap off shots like he can) who do not always produce. When he is on another team popping in 30+, the same people will be bitching about the stifling coach and inept GM. Maybe people want a team of hard working plumbers. 

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