3-2 in a shootout … again

Déja vu all over again.

Except this time, Canadiens deserved to win their game against Atlanta. Unlike the 3-2 Thrashers win at the Bell Centre – also decided in a shootout – Canadiens outshot the home team and outplayed them for long stretches of the game.

The shootout, however, was a wipeout. Marian Hossa and Slava Kozlov beat Cristobal Huet easily, while Keri Lehtonen stopped Saku Koivu and – a curious choice for the SO – Sergei Kostitsyn.

Goals allowed in shootouts ths season: five on eight shots by Huet, four on 19 by Carey Price. 

But Canadiens get a point. Three of a possible four in two games on the road, and on to Dallas.


  1. The Teacher says:

    That’s what I’m hoping for also Yeats :)

  2. zamboni says:

    I wouldn’t go as far as calling it great, but we did play better than the opposition.
    For most games that should translate to a win, but we saw what happened in Washington.
    I’d like to see more scoring chances, and a confident Huet (which he hasn’t been tonight).

  3. sidhu says:

    Smoke and BreezeBy should do the honorable thing and retire due to “chronic injuries” or something like that. They save their dignity, it would free up roster slots, and would free up salary cap room.

  4. sidhu says:

    Even though it’s tied, we played a great period.

  5. Yeats says:

    Why was he down again???

  6. JB_15 says:

    Not in the slightest.

  7. Yeats says:

    OB does move very well.

  8. linp says:

    It seems that Huet is a bit gun shy of Kovalchuk’s shot.

  9. Exit716 says:

    What genius in our pro scouting organization earlier this year said there was no one in Hamilton that could help?
    Does anyone care if we ever see Smolinski, Ryder or Brisebois back in the lineup this century?

  10. Yeats says:

    The younger brother’s play could force the older one to step it up.

  11. sidhu says:

    Much, much better start for us compared to Washington.

    Nice recovery by O’Byrne on the last Atlanta rush – guy can skate for a big man.

  12. zamboni says:

    Huet is looking very shaky tonight.

  13. JB_15 says:

    Mark Recchi can still move pretty quick for an 80 year old.

    PS Huet looks a little shakey.

  14. Keith says:

    YEAH! The younger scores :-)

  15. zamboni says:

    Fearless prediction, this kid will be better than his older brother.
    He has a knack of being in the right place, I wish i could say the same about the senior K.

  16. Yeats says:

    Go to the net, good things will happen!

  17. DYCSoccer17 says:

    We’re gonna be just fine tonight if we keep this incessant forechecking up.

  18. whitecat says:

    est le but !!! that was beautiful

  19. Yeats says:

    Nice work there!!!

  20. JB_15 says:


  21. Mike says:

    anyone watching game online? sopcast isnt working for me.

  22. Mike says:

    anyone watching game online? sopcast isnt working for me.

  23. The Teacher says:

    I know, the blue makes me think they are a soft team.

  24. JB_15 says:

    Kovalev looks really bored. Sitting on the bench, hands kinda folded over one another, sorta biting the inside of his lip with a far off look on his face.


  25. DYCSoccer17 says:

    Hammer is all over the place out there.

    Quietest crowd in the history of the NHL.

  26. zamboni says:

    That was close for Kosty Senior

  27. Yeats says:

    Why was Huet down? Stand up for God’s sake!

  28. zamboni says:

    What a crap

  29. Naila Jinnah says:

    Atlanta looks weird in Blue. So counter-intuitive!

  30. yathehabsrule says:

    that anthem singer was brutal…both anthems!

  31. Keith says:

    Time to sit back with a few pints and hopefully enjoy two wins in two saturday nights in a row. NO turnovers PLEASE! I’m stuffed already. GO HABS GO!!!

  32. sidhu says:

    Going after Hossa at or before the trade deadline would be a very smart move — not only will he help us for the remainder of the season, but it would also give Hossa a sense of what it would be like to play for the Canadiens and in Montreal. He will be a UFA after the season is over, and I would think we’d have a big advantage on other interested teams if he experiences Montreal. Moreover, we’d have the opportunity to sign him after the season but before free agency starts.

    We can worry about that at another time. For now, Go Habs Go!

  33. P St. Pierre says:

    Hmmm…interesting comments by Markov regarding both Ovechkin and the tax situation.

  34. The Teacher says:

    Well, duhhhhh..Taxes are ridiculous for the crappy services that we get in this province.

  35. Higgins21 says:

    Irritated as in another gold-digging writer asking another gold-digging question. ‘Nuff said.

  36. Mike Boone says:

    What do you mean by “gold-digging”? Like having breast augmentation surgery and dating an 85-year-old millionaire?

  37. Ed says:

    Mike, are you sure that Markov made those comments? It does not sound like something that he would say, but it does give several of the reasons why some players won’t play in Montreal. As for Ovechkin playing in Montreal, that is just a pipe dream. The NHL brass would sooner see him in Washington, New York, or any US city. They don’t need to sell the game in Canada.

  38. Mike Boone says:

    I wasn’t there. But François Gagnon reported it in La Presse, and he’s The Man.

  39. RGM says:

    If Ryder does sit this one out, how much longer until he requests a trade? It makes no sense to be paying him what he’s getting paid to be up in the pressbox, it certainly won’t help him get out of his season-long funk, and it kills off any potential future value he’d have, either as trade bait or in his first UFA contract. The writing’s clearly on the wall for him: he’s not playing now and he won’t be back next season, so it’s better to lance the boil and make a move that benefits all parties as soon as possible. Ryder’s a good player and a good person, and he doesn’t deserve to spend the majority of the rest of the season wondering if he’ll even get to dress to play hockey.

  40. Mattee. says:

    Like you said, “make a move that benefits all parties.” Gainey knows what Ryder can do and he doesn’t want to get the short end of the stick this time. Ryder’s value has dropped significantly and Gainey can’t seem to find a dance partner. Meanwhile, we’re not playing him so his value is dropping by the minute. I’m still not sure if he should be in the line-up or not though.

  41. Habs Suck... Less says:

    I’ll add that Gainey would rather spend the money and see his team play hard every game with a possibility of making the playoffs than to see all that dough do nothing on the ice when another young player could prove himself to be worthy to stay in the lineup and earn the extra ice time to get better!

  42. Moey says:

    LOL, I was scratching my head over that comment myself.

  43. Higgins21 says:

    Something like that. Controversy sells papers. More papers sold, writers get richer. See my point.

  44. Higgins21 says:

    Well Mike, I was waiting for a comeback but obviously you were tongue-tied. My point is that if the writers are true Habs fans then they would back off a potentially explosive story and let management work at improving the team rather than putting in type every little possibility and sending the best laid plans into a spin.
    Be a fan. Help the Habs.

  45. Mike Boone says:

    Writers are not supposed to be fans. They are journalists. Big difference.

  46. Higgins21 says:

    And their job is to undermine the home team’s objectives?

  47. Yeats says:

    I never knew you press guys got a cut of the circulation revenues?

  48. Yeats says:

    Come clean, Mike. You’re a “fifth” columnist!

  49. Exit716 says:

    Mr. Boone, you’ve never read the Ottawa Sun then I take it.

  50. Michael N. says:

    The answer to Markov’s question is that Ovechkin would probably make more money than him, and would be the answer to Montreal’s super star scoring forward problem. He would be well taken care of here in Montreal if Carbo doesn’t turn him into some kind of defensive player.

  51. Bill says:

    I think the appropriate answer to Markov’s question is another question, specifically, why did YOU sign in Montreal if the taxes are so bad?


  52. Mattee. says:

    I don’t pretend to know too much about Quebecois politics so I thought one you more knowledgeable on the suject matter could give me a hand. This 52% tax situation…. is it going to change? Ever?

  53. tleblanc says:

    Yes but hell has to freeze first. Oh and once you’ve paid the 52% you then have to py 15% GST PST out of the money you have left over and then settle your property taxes. Any tax adviser worth his grain hired by an NHL player is going to provide some fairly direct advice about the situation. The only chance Gainey has is by increaing his offers to UFA etc by about 30% above everyone else or do what he is doing. Get young talent and get them to think of the place as home and hope they don’t hire astute accontants

  54. showey47 says:

    My buddy who lives in montreal and works for the alouettes was here in sudbury last night(home for christmas) was also saying the same thing. Especially the lack of snow removal.

  55. yathehabsrule says:

    Who’d be the better bet?

    Hossa as a UFA or Ovechkin (RFA)

    CJAD’s pre game mentioning the Sens are reportedly interested in getting Hossa by trade deadline…

  56. Blitzen says:

    What would they need to give for Hossa? Heatley? I think he has a better chance to leave Atlanta through UFA status than trade.

  57. Blitzen says:

    I think if the Habs lose tonight, Ryder will play the next game. But he won’t because they’ll win.

    Go Habs Go!!!!

  58. Ed says:

    I can’t argue with The Man. Thanks Mike.

  59. likehoy says:

    hossa? gainey should be on that!! marcel was a flop, but gainey didn’t draft him!

    ovechkin? gainey should be on that too.

    both? i’d love it

    Markov on Ovechkin? I think those are some hollow comments. Why would Markov get mad? when was the last time Markov was pissed off talking to the media?? i can’t even remember. I think he’s upset because Ovechkin probably asked about Montreal, and Markov doesn’t want to stir the pot and have the team and media distracted if Markov said OV was interested. I think it was a bold move and the right one if my speculation is half true. He’s just trying to put the rumors stray, as he said “Why would OV want to play here with 52% taxes?” which raises the question, “why would markov want to play here with 52% taxes?” same question to markov…markov would answer cause he loves the city and loves the fans and loves the organization…

  60. yathehabsrule says:

    no they already did that trade (hossa for Heatley)…Besides, Sens have their big 3 up front signed long term…In all likelihood Redden would be sent packing for Hossa to return to the Sens..

  61. linp says:

    We are lucky that Atlanta is playing Carbo’s system. They didn’t forecheck in our zone.

  62. Yeats says:

    Carbo’s system will be Atlanta’s undoing.

  63. Habs-Kat says:

    Lots of chances, but there are still 40 minutes left to be played. Still a 1-1 game.

  64. The Teacher says:

    Hey, that guy (can’t remember your name) who always bemoans the Habs for never winning after being down after the first period and provides stats to back it up.

    What is their record after being tied at the end of period one?

  65. gmd says:

    Off topic but, I have just witnessed the dumbest segment of Coach’s Corner.

  66. Bill says:

    Just don’t forget about Baby Jesus’ birthday, okay?

    If it seemed really stupid, remember, HNIC is aimed at Leafs fans.


  67. Yeats says:

    Great suit though!

  68. Bill says:

    Pardon me for this frequently asked question, but could somebody tell me if RDS HD is available on Rogers cable? I’m trying to locate it right now on the channel guide and cannot. Yes, I have the HD package and all that jazz.


  69. JB_15 says:

    RDS HD is NOT available on Rogers.
    There have been petitions to no avail.
    I hate it, but I have the HD box too and package but have to watch in standard def.

  70. sidhu says:

    Don Cherry was in rare form, starting off his segment with that secular message (kidding) and then angrily saying “I’m out” to end everything.

  71. The Teacher says:

    Dang, I missed it. What was he ranting about this time?

  72. The Teacher says:

    The fact that we are 8 and 3 on faceoffs is good. Shows the low quality of Atlanta’s center-men.

  73. JB_15 says:

    A la Une:
    RDS guys making fun of Aaron Downey in the context of his fighting against George Laraques. ALain called Downey “Le meilleur patate dans LNH”.


  74. The Teacher says:

    Boyes has 21 goals! Didn’t both the Laughs and The Boo-ins give him up?

  75. Mike says:

    hey, is the game online. comcast and sopcast arent workinh

  76. gmd says:

    Well he started out by reminding us that Santa is great, but don’t forget “December 25th is baby Jesus’ birthday”. Then he was going to defend Chris Simon, then he got into an argument with Don about First Nations people, Chris Simon, Ted Nolan etc. Then he reminded us to support our troops.

    It was like a bad debate on CNN or something.

  77. The Teacher says:

    Ayiyi, now I want to see a replay lol. Thanks btw!

    Happy holidays everyone :)

  78. Bill says:

    Those villains! Wonder how long it takes to switch to Bell? (Thanks for clearing that up.)


  79. JB_15 says:

    Yeah I’ve always hated rogers, I am not even sure why I use them. I guess its cause all my services are on one bill and I am too lazy to make the change and go for a period of time w/out cable, return the boxes, etc….

  80. JB_15 says:

    Also, I really dig your blogspot site. Very cool.

  81. Bill says:

    Thanks, clearly I have too much time on my hands!


  82. The Teacher says:

    I must say I did like the excellent movement on this powerplay

  83. The Teacher says:


    WHAT A HIP CHECK BY KOMI!!!!!!!!!1

  84. sidhu says:

    Nice hit by Komi

  85. The Teacher says:

    I saw that one coming the whooole way!!!!

  86. DYCSoccer17 says:

    Awesome hip check by Komisarek.

  87. Girth says:

    The following are a few of the gifts santa plans to hand to the HABS.

    Francis Bouillon: 2 inch lifts.
    Michael Ryder: A soccer net.
    Andrei Markov: “Searching for Bobby Orr” by Steven Brunt.
    Mike Komisarek: Darcey Tucker with his head down.
    Christopher Higgins: 2 highly trained dobermann pinschers, Zeus and Apollo (A.K.A. “The Lads”).
    Tom Kostopoulos: A weekend with Bob Probert.
    Andrei Kostitsyn: An invitation to Paul Maurice’s house.
    Maxim Lapierre: A double wide “tempo” for his Hummer. (St-Leonard style).
    Sergei Kostitsyn: A fake ID card.
    Saku Koivu: Subscription to the Journal de Montreal.
    Patrice Brisebois: Already got his present… (Christmas was in July for Pat this year!)
    Carey Price: 2 cases of REDBULL!

    Guy Carbonneau: A perpetual road trip.
    Doug Jarvis: A day off. (FINALLY!)
    Bob Gainey: Alexander Ovechkin… or a win on Dec 23.

    The rest get a $10 gift certificate to the Barfly.

  88. Naila Jinnah says:

    Did you see Chipper just stand in that Thrasher’s way? Not allowing himself to be pushed around… Good boy :)

  89. zamboni says:

    What the F kosty, how could he miss that?

  90. JB_15 says:

    AK46 is missing a whole lot of easy opportunities, what’s with him.

  91. The Teacher says:

    rds…”aKost is sleeping…dang, how did he miss that?

  92. The Teacher says:

    Guess you didn’t see the giveaway he just had..but I’m not knocking him..He’s young 😉

  93. The Teacher says:

    What the heck is the ref watching? the fans or high sticks?

  94. Girth says:

    Here’s a theory I’m contemplating to explain Ryder’s lack of production:

    Could it be that not having Souray’s big shot on the PP has increased the ability of opponents to focus a little more on defending against the other 4 players. Thus, restricting the amount of time and space available for Ryder to capitalize on his opportunities. In short, he simply has less time.

    Am I crazy to consider this as a contributing factor?

  95. The Teacher says:

    No, you’re not crazy.

  96. DYCSoccer17 says:

    High Sticks are no longer called. There are too many bitches like Crosby who snap their heads back trying to buy a call. Now the refs are scared to call legit high sticks because of all the actresses out there.

  97. The Teacher says:

    Gorges is playing great tonight. More than a few good defensive plays made already.

  98. Keith says:

    RDS just showed the high stick on Dandy the ref was in a perfect position to make the call but he lets it go, brutal.

  99. DYCSoccer17 says:

    I love how the PA announcer tells the fans what the call is after every whistle. How long has Atlanta had an NHL franchise? 15 years?

  100. DYCSoccer17 says:

    This camera-operator for Turner Sports South is absolutely TERRIBLE. I wish I could get RDS down here in California…

  101. Girth says:

    Happy holidays… to everyone.


    Lest we forget.

  102. NLhabsfan says:

    The refs see what they want to see.

  103. The Teacher says:

    😉 I just didn’t have any more to say as the topic has been covered a lot. I’m a supporter of Ryder who feels he hasn’t been playing all that bad. Actually done what management wanted of him. Not getting same ice-time or opportunities in good situations either, so seems like the die has been cast for him in Montreal. Sad to see.

  104. yathehabsrule says:

    Mike: Yes a Thrasher is a bird… I beleive it is the state bird….

  105. The Teacher says:

    This is one area where the NFL is miles ahead of the NHL. A penalty is a penalty, no matter who you are or when you do it. That is fair. NHL isn’t, more of a joke than anything.

  106. DYCSoccer17 says:

    Latendresse-Lapierre-Dandeneault = French Connection II? 😛

  107. Keg says:

    I’ll trade you RDS for your weather.

  108. The Teacher says:


    Why was he so lackadaisical on that one?

  109. DYCSoccer17 says:

    Is Koivu playing tonight?

  110. The Teacher says:

    yeah, playing pretty well too…

  111. NLhabsfan says:

    Ryder is in a sad situation….but we don’t know what going on behind the scenes.Obviously Ryder has ticked off someone that makes a defference.I would sooner see him traded( except Toronto) than having him sit useless to anyone.He is doing the smart thing in keeping his mouth shut.

  112. Bill says:

    He played the shot and didn’t have time to react. That was a great pass by Hossa, just beautiful.


  113. RH says:

    The NFL is miles ahead in terms of penalty calls? Are you serious? How arbitrary are the holding calls? If they called holding on every offensive lineman, the game would never end. And what about pass interference? You’re telling me that every time a flag is thrown, it goes against the right team?

  114. KamiDave says:

    I was just going to post that. What a terrifying looking bird!

  115. doug says:

    don’t usually name a line consisting of an aging d-man who is now playing offense and a couple of borderline nhlers

  116. Girth says:

    You’re right about the way he’s handled it… I actually believe he’ll come back.

  117. The Teacher says:

    Agreed. Really impressed with him.

  118. Yeats says:

    He could never get away with that on network TV in the States.

  119. Keg says:

    How do you figure? Fox does it every day.

  120. Yeats says:

    I meant major non-cable network, i.e. ABC, NBC and CBS.

  121. Yeats says:

    That’s the way for a captain to lead!!! Another candy ass penalty at the wrong time by Koivu. Come on Saks, suprsied us, throttle someone for a change!

  122. Ian Cobb says:

    O good dinner company just left. Turned on cjad, its 2 to 1 how do we look people??

  123. Yeats says:

    We’ve had the better of play and possession, but they have capitalized on their chances.

  124. doug says:

    we’ve looked very good. . . in my opinion.

    huet extremelyl solid, kovalev on fire, koivu solid (except for early penalty in this period), sergei kostitsyn with our goal, lats back to his pre-capitals game self, ak46 having an off game

  125. Yeats says:

    Pass the damn puck Higgins!!!

  126. Ian Cobb says:

    Yeats- watching on RDS, are you??

  127. Yeats says:

    Turner South. It’s either hockey, or Gone with the Wind!

  128. Ian Cobb says:

    Thanks Doug

  129. doug says:

    no problem, ian. nice to have you here.

  130. Yeats says:

    Frankly Carbo, I don’t give a damn!

  131. Yeats says:

    Need one here folks.

  132. zamboni says:

    What a shot

  133. Ian Cobb says:

    Hope someone tells the bench that im back listening. Min left in penilty, lets put one in NOW!

  134. The Teacher says:

    Kovy!! Nice windup haha!

  135. doug says:

    he’s just amazing. he’s just unstoppable when he’s on.

    canadiens mvp for first 35 games of this season. never this good before as a hab.

  136. Ian Cobb says:

    So someone told the bench.!!!

  137. yathehabsrule says:

    Did he really break Lehtonen’s trapper as CJAD says he did!?

  138. KamiDave says:

    Goal!! Too bad I’m not watching this.. audio definately better than nothing though.

  139. doug says:

    a win here tonight would be one of the bigger wins of the year because of boone’s note that they’ve never come back when down after 40 minutes.

    they’ve really played the better game tonight and deserve the two points. what a difference a road game makes. i’m proud of them.

  140. The Teacher says:

    More praise for Lats coming from me. After he gets nailed! He gets up and goes to the net..I like…

  141. doug says:

    hard to tell, but he was fixing his glove afterwards and did something to it. announcers on fox south said he did as well.

  142. The Teacher says:

    Yeah Ian,

    we’ve looked good, carried most of the play tonight. One miscoverage got them their second goal.

  143. Mattee. says:

    can someone give a televisionless working brother a play-by-play on the goal!!! Was it typical, kovy along the boards one timer from hmm… Markov? anyone anyone?

  144. doug says:

    nice job by lapierre on that clear

  145. The Teacher says:

    Typical that he was on the boards to the right side of the goalie..He just looked around and then wound up and blasted it low glove side.

  146. Yeats says:

    If you can bench Henri Richard in the Stanley Cup Finals against the Blackhawks, you can certainly bench Koivu!

  147. doug says:

    and on that clear as well!

  148. The Teacher says:

    Good hustle by Chipper on that clear

  149. Ian Cobb says:

    What is with Koivu, Takes way to many penilties the last bunch of games. I’m not watching but he must not be moving his feet. Getting lazy or what??

  150. Mike says:

    just pointing out, phili has two shorthanded goals agaisnt buffalo

  151. Yeats says:

    Please, he takes more bullshit penalties than anyone else on the team. I’d sit his ass down now. Crap, if you’re going to take a penalty, show some malice for God’s sake.

  152. RS says:

    Well it won the cup, but it also got the “incompetent” coach fired.

  153. doug says:

    not a one timer, though. he literally moved in slowly and wound up as if he was going to fire a slap shot. . . and held it for about two seconds like that, but seemed like an eternity. . . and he just fired it after absolutely broadcasting that that was what he was going to do and he still scored. that’s what made it so impressive. . . everyone knew what he was going to do, goalie had time to position, there was no screen. . . and he literally blew it three lehtinen’s glove.

  154. The Teacher says:


  155. doug says:

    great job by lapierre again. . . almost scored.

    for those on radio, pleks just left ice straight to dressing room with some sort of injury. hard to tell if serious.

  156. Yeats says:

    I still remember Lemaire’s shot from center ice. How about you?

  157. The Teacher says:


  158. doug says:

    played a great game except the penalties in the third. didn’t see anyone comment on the amazing play he made to keep the puck in the zone on a power play in the second when he skated back and whipped it along the blueline to the other player.

    count me as a fan.

  159. doug says:

    just saw the replay, it was not from behind i don’t think. . . he was facing the player until last second.

  160. The Teacher says:

    k guys, i was under the impression that saying B***S*** was not allowed..

    I don’t say it in the classroom..given that there are kids here like mike and Dave say, please tone the rhetoric down :)

    happy holidays

  161. Yeats says:

    That wasn’t the best example, but he’s been taking BS, candy ass penalties all year. That’s no way for a captain to lead.

  162. Mattee. says:

    haha just beautiful. I am never working an evening shift on game nights again until they let me stream the games.

  163. Yeats says:

    Moose muffins!

  164. the_vipah says:

    Yeah he was hit from behind…well sorta.

    He needs to lay on the ice longer like and pretend hes dead if he wants a call. Seems to be the way to do it.

  165. doug says:

    pleks back on the ice

  166. The Teacher says:

    Thanks 😛

  167. doug says:

    power play for atlanta with 1:24 left in regulation.

  168. The Teacher says:

    I agree, he has been taking crappy penalties, but today the call was just weak.

  169. Ian Cobb says:

    Lets take our 1 point and another point in overtime. Penilty what!!!

  170. Blitzen says:

    We are getting jobbed by the refs tonight

  171. The Teacher says:

    The thought DID cross my mind, sad to say.

  172. Mattee. says:

    “3P 3:00: Komisarek passes right to Kozlov … who shoots wide.”

    um, why is Komi passing to Kozlov?

  173. The Teacher says:

    anything new there?

  174. doug says:

    before that many close calls for atlanta. . .

    trivia question on fox south:

    who holds the record for goals by a canadiens rookie? i’ll give answer in a sec. yeats – stay quiet!

  175. the_vipah says:

    Another brutal call.

    I guess you gotta sell hockey in the states somehow.

  176. Yeats says:

    BTW, Mike Boone has used far more desciptive language in refering to the Bruins recently. We may have to take a look at George Carlin’s list.

  177. Infanteer says:

    Apart from the lapses in discipline, this has been a solid effort. You could almost say that it is deserving of a win . . .

  178. The Teacher says:

    Man, how much has our PK percentage gone up with Lappy the last 10 games?

  179. Mattee. says:

    um Stephane Richer?

  180. doug says:

    who made that huge clear for the canadiens with about 30 seconds left?

    we’re heading for o.t.

  181. The Teacher says:

    Sergei Zholtok? LMAO

  182. doug says:

    great, great point. he’s really been a star in that area (and others)

  183. Blitzen says:

    They do deserve to win this one. Huet gave up a softy and the Refs…well…

  184. doug says:

    only word i’d change from your post is to remove “almost”

  185. doug says:

    kjell dahlin – 32 goals in 85-86!

  186. The Teacher says:

    He seems to be more aggressive when PK’ing…not passive like we were earlier in the year.

  187. doug says:

    think he played for a bunch of other teams (ottawa among them?) before us. . . loved him as a hab during the dark days. terrible to think that he’s dead already. . .

  188. The Teacher says:

    Yeah I liked him for a bit also. He died young. RIP

  189. NLhabsfan says:

    BONEHEAD call by the refs.Lets hope we can keep them out in OT.

  190. Infanteer says:

    Does Jim M ever visit anymore?

  191. doug says:

    yeah; i miss him

  192. teamplayer says:

    leafs won in OT.

  193. The Teacher says:

    Laughs suck. We talk Habs here 😛

  194. Infanteer says:

    Wish I could flag this as “offensive.”

  195. Ian Cobb says:

    Dont tell me, it hurts!

  196. Blitzen says:

    Hamrlik just got hooked and no call.

  197. The Teacher says:

    Booly just got held up and no call either..NHL is a joke.

  198. Ian Cobb says:

    OK Boys, lets get that other point!

  199. Infanteer says:

    S Kosy has incredible talent. Are we looking at the Sedins?

  200. doug says:

    what about jay from pa? he organized the summit. . . does he have a new handle?

  201. The Teacher says:

    I’m wondering that also. A lot of guys from last year aren’t back…

  202. Yeats says:

    What do you guys think about putting Price in for the shootout?

  203. Mike says:

    hes cold. that would be stupid i think.

  204. Infanteer says:

    I would this it a horrible decision. Huet brought them here, let him finish.

    Putting Price in?!? What message would this send to the younger players?

  205. doug says:

    i’m assuming this is a joke, yeats.

  206. teamplayer says:

    never a fan of switching goalies just for shootouts. coming in cold for a shootout is asking for an injury and kovalchuk would prob just snipe it top cheese on him

  207. The Teacher says:

    NO NO NO NO NO NO NO..totally illogical in my view! Can’t believe people keep suggesting it…makes no sense whatsoever. You get no warmup time and no shots..how do you expect a goalie to stop anything?

  208. Ian Cobb says:

    I don’t think cold will work very well yeats.

  209. doug says:

    my shootout players:

    and (the first shooter) sergei kotstitsyn

  210. Blitzen says:

    Go with Kovalev, SKoz, and Pleks

  211. doug says:

    pleks makes the same move every time and has horrible shootout numbers, i think. he has the talent but doesn’t mix it up enough.

  212. NLhabsfan says:

    More worried with what they can put up

  213. Keith says:

    Great effort, like the shot totals and the one on one battles. We deserve to win this game with this kind of effort. GO HABS GO!!!

  214. DYCSoccer17 says:

    tits, tits, higgy

  215. The Teacher says:

    put three players who won’t make the same move!

  216. The Teacher says:

    koiovu’s gonna deke right and stuff left

  217. DYCSoccer17 says:

    Huet is HORRIBLE when it comes to penalty shots. He’s only 50%

  218. The Teacher says:

    and miss like 90 percent of the time..same move 3 shootouts in a row..cant do that man

  219. DYCSoccer17 says:

    good call.

  220. Y says:

    Fark…should’ve put Lehtonen in on my Fantasy Squad

  221. Yeats says:

    He sucks on breakaways. You might as well put in the inflatable Gumby.

  222. The Teacher says:

    SK74 tried to lift it, just ran out of room to do so…same move as koivu tho..same side also…can’t keep doing it….sheesh

  223. doug says:

    both atlanta shootout goals were gorgeous.

    oh well. we got a point. we deserved better but we got a point and they shouldn’t hang their heads.

  224. Infanteer says:

    Too bad. It was a fine effort.

  225. Cable Guy says:

    Huet is the worst on a shootout!! The guy never wins on a shootout….ugh!!!!!

  226. Yeats says:

    Any of you guys want a do-over on the goalie change idea?

  227. doug says:

    i think he has highest percentage on the team, doesn’t he? like 45%

  228. DYCSoccer17 says:

    2 points we deserved.

    Sometimes I wish Carbo would chance Price getting injured for the shootout. Huet is about as good as a 6 year-old shooter-tutor in net for shootouts.

  229. the_vipah says:

    Uhhg hate losing to these 3rd string goalies.

    Huet needed to stop Kozlov. Brutal goal.

  230. Cable Guy says:

    Price should definately be put in for the shootout, Huet blows at it.

  231. Yeats says:

    I did suggest it, but the crowd voted no!

  232. The Teacher says:

    Huet sucks in shootout I agree, but changing goalie’s is not a very smart move…

    Reality is..you need to end the game before the shootout.

  233. DYCSoccer17 says:

    Lehtonen is NOT a 3rd string goalie. He’s a high first round draft pick. If he was on a team that had some decent defensemen, he would be regarded as one of the best in the NHL.

  234. The Teacher says:

    not me..Can we pull him and get an extra shooter instead? (without putting Price in :P)

  235. DYCSoccer17 says:

    I agree about not putting a cold goalie in. It just kills me how inept and uninterested Huet is when it comes to shootouts. Maybe we could put Price in at the start of Overtime to let him get warmed up a little bit? 😛

  236. the_vipah says:

    Record for this year.

    4-6-0 gaa: 3.46 sv%: .898

    Yeah you are right, he probably wouldn’t even be in the top 3 in the Montreal system.

    He is known as a poorly conditioned goalie, he’s always hurting his groin because of it. In a word, he is not a number one, or for us, even a number two.

  237. The Teacher says:

    3rd string??? uhh no..

    but check out The Leaf’s opponents goalies..I think they’ve played the opposing team’s first stringer maybe 8 times all year or something.

  238. JB_15 says:

    This goes back to my idea of having a warmup area in the dressing room so that the backups dont have to go in cold.

    Huet is brutal, he is so small and has horrible positioning. For those big fast forwards its a joke. I am sick of carbo not putting AK27 in the shootout, thats just dumb. And sergei kostitsyn, wow, not a good call.

  239. Blitzen says:

    1) Price will be in the net tomorrow
    2) I hope Komi plasters Ribeiro
    3) What is the statute of limitations on refs having it in for Carbo? 5 years?

  240. Ian Cobb says:

    That is how to pull a groin, putting a goaler in cold.

    I do not like the selection order for shooters.

    But 3 out of 4 points i will take.

    Good night every one and for those who wont be around the site for a couple of days, Have a very merry time with family and friends. For those who have neather, you got me for a friend anytime! Good NIGHT ALL

  241. DYCSoccer17 says:

    Two of Lehtonen’s most severe groin injuries occurred because the opposition ran him over. It has absolutely nothing to do with his conditioning.

  242. Yeats says:

    Huet is just laughable when it comes to shootouts. The average guy I face at pickup is better on breakaways. You might as well put in a shooter tutor.

  243. the_vipah says:


    The Atlanta media and coaching staff seem to think its because he is lazy and poorly conditioned. Wierd.

    Either way. He stinks.

  244. Yeats says:

    All the best Ian! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I’ll be here tomorrow night praying for two points. All the best, Brian

  245. The Teacher says:

    I dunno about that. I’d be really surprised if it was anywhere close to 45 percent.

  246. the_vipah says:

    Ahh Ribeiro. A guy who is on pace for 40 goals and ~90 points. Traded for nothing. Zero. Zilch.

    When was the last time we stole a 20..30…40 goal scorer from anyone for nothing?

    The guy may have been a cancer in the dressing room HERE. But we messed up huge just giving him away.

  247. Blitzen says:

    When is the last time one of our guys took a shot instead of deeking in shootouts? Souray last year?

  248. teamplayer says:

    during all the shootouts at the start of the season all we were doing is shooting on shootouts, the only guy who wasnt shooting on shootouts was ryder when he shouldve been shooting

  249. The Teacher says:

    Every time we lose, people start harping on someone..it’s kinda pathetic..but I’m used to it now..

  250. Yeats says:

    Just get to the hash marks between the circles and pick a corner.

  251. Yeats says:

    He’s not great on breakaways, but it was not his fault. Our offense is still challenged to say the least. If the kicker can hold the opposition to less than three goals in regulation, you should win if you have adequate forwards. We still don’t have a set of guys up front that can break a game open. Also, we continue to play up or down to the level of our opponents.

  252. Blitzen says:

    He didn’t lose the game for us but he wasn’t as solid as he was against Washington. With two games in a row and a tough road trip, I’m guessing Price will be in tomorrow.

    I think the refs did us in tonight. Habs were playing very well and then the no-call on the four-minute penalty that should’ve been may have taken a goal from us the way our PP has played.

  253. doug says:

    it was 46.7% before tonight’s game (for his career).

  254. The Teacher says:

    Yeah I’m really getting tired of all this over-reaction and blame-placing…

  255. The Teacher says:

    Please show me the link…I’m not believing it!

  256. Blitzen says:

    Few goalies would look sharp against that Kovalchuk shot.

    I think we played a very solid road game tonight.

    I disagree with people who say that SKoz shouldn’t have been on the SO. The guy is known as a sniper so let him snipe away. It should’ve been Kovy first then him second. How about Lats third? He’s got a pretty good shot.

  257. Higgins21 says:

    So Mike, you’re cheering for the Habs?

    I thought you were a journalist.

  258. doug says:

    still seems like a dumb idea to me, and while he’s been historically bad, both of the goals tonight were very hard to stop.

  259. doug says:

    is huet small? he looks big in the net. honest question.

  260. The Teacher says:

    pfttt, he didn’t even move on the first one..and stands still in his net..never heard of moving out and then going back I guess….

    but yeah..still not a smart idea.

  261. JF says:

    It’s true we deserved 2 points, but considering the chances we missed, the fact that Huet did not look confident and is terrible in shootouts, and the penalty in the last 1:30, I’m happy we got a point. And Boston lost, so we’re even with them (in points; they’ve got one more victory).

    But why didn’t Carbonneau use Kovalev as his first shooter? If he had scored, that might have changed things. Koivu has only one move, which all the goaltenders must be familiar with, and Sergei Kostitsyn has no experience of shootouts in the NHL.

    Still, a point is a point, and if we can get one tomorrow, we won’t be doing badly in comparison with last year’s Christmas road trip.

  262. doug says:

    i repeat from below – koivu, one move or not, is at 45% career wise in the shootout. may be our best stats wise. it’s one move but he shoots at different points. i think lehtinen may have known the move based on his poke check response, though.

  263. doug says:

    i repeat from below – koivu, one move or not, is at 45% career wise in the shootout. may be our best stats wise. it’s one move but he shoots at different points. i think lehtinen may have known the move based on his poke check response, though.

  264. The Teacher says:

    SKOST74 I’m sure has had many many many breakaways in his career. not much of a difference whether it’s the NHL…I don’t think.

  265. doug says:

    i agree. . . my choices were koivu, kovalev, and skots (i will never call either kotstitsyn “tits”. . .)

  266. ebk says:

    I agree with your assessment of Huet during shootouts. Over the game, he seems more than adequate.

    Have a good Christmas, yeats

  267. Moey says:

    I only saw the shootout, but this is a dumb question, can you switch goalies, I would have thought you had to play whoever finished the game. Can you clarify this for me?

  268. Yeats says:

    No, you can switch goaltenders to the best on my knowledge.

  269. Yeats says:

    You are spot on! They don’t move and make mistakes. I hate shooting on those when one of the kickers fails to make it to pickup. The shooter tutor reveals those that can really score and those that can’t!

  270. Yeats says:

    Merry Christmas to you and your family as well. And, my you have a very Happy New Year! All the best, Brian

  271. Moey says:

    Okay, this will be my first time ever rag on Carbo, duhhh..

  272. Yeats says:

    Hey, he could have tried a defenseman. The net is the only place where we don’t dress a d-man these days. Might have been worth a try tonight considering how dreadful Huet is on breakaways.

  273. Mike Boone says:

    No, I’m a blogger. Different rules.

  274. Yeats says:

    That first one, Huet was so deep in the net it was pathetic. You or I could have stopped that one.

  275. doug says:

    this whole line of reasoning is insane, as is blaming huet for anything other than playing incredibly well for a second straight game.

    price is overrated (in 2007-08) and huet way underrated.

  276. nightmare_49 says:

    Yes you can change goalie’s for the shootout , as a matter of fact the team we just played did it last year but it didn’t work.

  277. Yeats says:

    Just thinking outside the box and stirring the pot. I wanted to see the reaction!

  278. doug says:

    having said that if he’s chosen i’m his biggest supporter!

  279. Moey says:

    Mr. Boone,

    Can you switch goalies in a shootout?

    Happy holidays to you and your family, you’ve kept me entertained the past eight months. Laughter is truly the best medicine.

  280. Mike Boone says:

    Yes, I believe you can switch goalies.
    Happy holidays back at you

  281. Norm0770 says:

    As Mike said you can switch goalies in the shootout, but it would be a good way to get your back up hurt without any warm-up

  282. Yeats says:

    Considering that he can score on a breakaway under pressure, why didn’t Carbo put Komisarek on the line?

  283. doug says:

    what are you DRINKING tonight, yeats? i want some.

  284. Moey says:

    Should have been Komi & Kovy, I guess he has his reasons.

  285. Yeats says:

    What he did against the Leafs to win that game wasn’t a fluke. How many breakaways have you taken over the last month? I’ve actually had several. And, while I am a natural left wing, I often play D just to get the extra ice time. A good shooter should score 2/3 of the time IMO. Forgive me, but our “gifted” forwards sort of suck at them. Also, by deking all the time, you have become predictable and give up your advantage to the other team’s goalie.

  286. Yeats says:

    He has no more reasons than you or I. Watching Koivu in shootouts is just painful. And, then he looks at the ATL kicker like it’s his fault he didn’t score. Go hook someone in the offensive zone, please!

  287. Moey says:

    I agree about Koivu too he’s crap on the shootout, Carbo can’t be the dullest knife in the drawer, I wonder how he makes his picks.

  288. sidhu says:

    I don’t know what’s worse, two penalties in the third or the weak shootout attempt – if he had his head up, he would have been able to change things up instead of continue on with his predictable forehand slider along the ice

  289. Kevin says:

    Kovalev was fantastic tonight. Too bad his linemates couldn’t finnish his plays.

  290. Plek-Andrew says:

    It’s really simple…
    if Carbo switched the goalies up, you guys would be bitching about carbo and how switching goalies is a “rookie” mistake or how nobody does that in the league.

    Don’t propose stuff you guys wouldn’t believe in yourselves.

  291. Wamsley01 says:

    2005-06 – 1-2 (3 goals/9 shots)
    2006-07 – 2-3 (8 goals/14 shots)
    2007-08 – 0-3 (5 goals/8 shots)

    Huet is 3-8 with 16 goals in 31 shots. That is ugly.

    No blame. Just posting the horrid numbers

  292. Will Longlade says:

    I think Carbo should have put his best players on the ice in OT. Kovalev was hot all game but was used sparingly in OT. IMO, Streit is not the player you want to see on the ice in OT. Seems Carbo’s M.O. is to play not to lose, rather than to play to win.

  293. Bouleau noir says:

    Hi Will, I wrote the post above yours probably while you were actually writing yours,.. its just funny that our mind were conscerned with the same matter.
    Is this baby yours ? damned this baby is beautifull !

  294. Bouleau noir says:

    Good entertaining game with some good skating and good plays as part of the show,.. I needed that and !’ll take the point as well.

    Koivu seemed to enjoy the new elements Sergei has brought to the line, the speed and playmaking hability of that line is a big notch above any preceding combinations that came across this season,… a little more time together and incredible plays will become routine for that line…. please let me indulged in exageration here… yet the potential is there.

    Big Kovy was in top form tonight and lol and behold even Carbo couldn’t resist him and gaved him a little extra ice time,… 20 minutes,.. not bad Carbo.. keep it up.

    My sole disapointemt was to see Carbo using Lapierre and Lats for one shift in overtime,… those 5 minutes should be owned by our 3 best pair of forwards an rolled until they put the puck in…. I mean who in his right mind wants to go in a shoot-out against Atlanta…. they did it to Price, to Huet and anyone else… come on Carbo… top guns only during 4-on-4 overtime.. please.

    I have heard that tapes from our early going of this season were watched lately,… it seems apparent that they did as reflected by the way they played in 3 of our last 5 games… less dumping, faster pace and improved transition were at time significantly better over what we saw in our “dark” period of late…. keep it up boys.

  295. howtathor says:

    Interesting to learn that our old friend Justin Williams will be out 4-6 months with a knee injury. Could it be bad Karma coming back to bite him in the a**? At the same time I know of a right winger who is just champing at the bit to get in on some action. What could we get in return?

  296. JF says:

    After the shootout win in Pittsburgh Price was asked what he thought about a goaltender coming in just for the shootout. He said that coming in cold off the bench the goalie would probably be lousy. So if Huet is in goal and the game goes to OT, we have to win it then.

  297. RiverviewCanadien says:

    Why has Kovalev not been played in the shootouts the last couple of times?

  298. von says:

    Like I was telling my dad, Carbo should have put in Price for the shootout… All the shooters have to do is get him to go down (which isn’t very hard) and the red light is going on. Would be interesting to see.

    And would please, someone for the love of god, tell Koivu to get a new move for the shootout!!! Everyone in the universe knows what he’s gonna do.

  299. von says:

    That’s what I was thinking too. Kind of bizarre, even though sometimes Kovy has been hit and miss. No more then Koivu tho so I don’t know what gives.

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