On the site outage

As you likely noticed, a misconfiguration on the server resulted in an hour-long meltdown. Sysadmins with our hosting service have since fixed the problem, and things should be (relatively) speedy from now on. Thanks for your patience.

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Server notes: help us help you

Soon begins the day that strikes fear into the hearts of sysadmins for hockey-related websites everywhere. The day when a significant proportion of the global population of Habs

Testing liveblog

A technical note: logging in

Some folks have reported problems logging in with Internet Explorer 7. We're working on accomodating IE7's particular tastes when it comes to security settings, and everything should be

Technical Update

Just a quick update from the tech department. We moved to a bigger, better server today, and the move was rushed a bit due to the pounding that

Technical difficulties earlier today

Due in part to the popularity of the new site, our web server was offline for a little while this morning and early afternoon.

To keep this from happening

Just a brief test

Just working out some kinks. Sorry for the