YouTube’s most boring video ever?

No talking with Ottawa Senators’ Alex Kovalev after morning skate today at the Bell Centre. He’ll only speak to the media after tonight’s game vs. the Canadiens. But Kovalev was first on the ice this morning and had his usual fun with the puck bef

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Kovy comes to town out of uniform

For the Alex Kovalev fans out there in Montreal, and there are more than a few of you:

Former  Canadien Alex Kovalev shows off the latest designs from Envers

Kovy speaks

But he doesn't say much after the Senators' morning skate.

He likes playing with Cheechoo.

He wishes he could play all of Ottawa's six pre-season games.

He's not still living in

Kovalev on his heart in Montreal, and more

With great thanks to Andie Bennett of the Team 990, here are a few clips of Alex Kovalev speaking at his charity golf tournament, stitched together

Kovy at the Games?

Alex Kovalev is back in the good graces of the Russian hockey federation.

Kovy has been invited to Russia's Olympic summer tryout camp which will take place Aug.

Conflicting details in Kovalev’s departure

Alex Kovalev wears a Bob Gainey jersey during pregame warmup on Feb. 23, 2008, the night Gainey's number was retired by the Canadiens.
Phillip MacCallum, Getty Images

The popular

Nothing personal, Kovalev says

Former Canadien Alex Kovalev, now an Ottawa Senator, was just on a conference call from Russia. It was over in 7:48 after three reporters โ€“ Marc Antoine Godin

L’Artiste is a Senator

Ottawa is a bilingual(ish) city, so maybe Alex Kovalev gets to keep the nickname conferred upon him, with no small degree of irony, by Montreal's French media.

Oh, he

“I’m trying to do my best every year”

Alex Kovalev after a scuffle during a game last March. Kovy never lacked for confidence, and he was brimming with it as training camp opened last fall.

No Kovalev comment expected today

According to the Ottawa Senators, Alex Kovalev is in Russia โ€“ no wonder he wasn't at the Bell Centre rally yesterday! โ€“ and will be unavailable to comment