Game 4 by the numbers

 Some numbers from for stats geeks to pore over while aiting for the puck to drop tonight:

Pertinent numbers from Detroit’s 2-1 victory over Pittsburgh in Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final Saturday night

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Say good night, Sidney

The game ends with Crosby jawing at Henrik Zetterberg.

For all the good it will do him.

Jiri Hudler scored the winner in a tense 2-1 game. The Red Wings

Finally, a series

Who would have picked Adam Hall to score the winner?

It was that kind of game: unpredictable. Sidney Crosby scored twice and played his heart out as Pittsburgh clawed

Penguins – Red Wings II

It's not a must-win for Pittsburgh.

Game 2 is, however, a must-not-play-like-crap for the Penguins, who were pathetic over the last 40 minutes of Game 1.

Nicklas Lidstrom was not

40 minutes of domination

Detroit started slowly, but when they hit their stride, in the second period, Game 1 turned into a laugher.

The Penguins had 12 shots in the first period, four

Penguins – Red Wings I

Just to refresh your memory, hockey is a game played on ice, six to a side. The object is to propel a small disc of vulcanized rubber, called

Are we there yet?

Three more sleeps until the Stanley Cup final begins.

Ridiculous, as Cam Cole writes. The most eagerly anticipated final in years, matching the two best teams in the

Red Wings – Stars VI

Victoria/Patriotes Day is overcast, chilly and damp in  Montreal.

Hockey weather.

Alas, no hockey .... except on TV tonight.

Hands up everyone who thought this series would go to a sixth

Stars – Wings V

Afternoon hockey sucks ... especially when your team isn't playing.

It's an absolutely glorious sunny Saturday morning in Montreal. Forecast calls for clouding over this afternoon, which I'm hoping

Red Wings – Stars IV

Will Dallas win one game, just for pride?

REALLY hard to think about hockey today in Montreal. It's hot, temperature in the mid-20s. All the beautiful people are out